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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our Nation's Infrastructure for SALE much as some European nations and some cities in the United States..

It is a shame when any Nation holds a yard sale and put its Infrastructure for sale.

Mostly, because it cannot maintain and has not maintained its infrastructure because of deferred maintenance.

All over the United States our Infrastructure is failing and mostly because of deferred maintenance and lack of planning.

At one time in the early 1960s and in the 1970s - millions of dollars were invested in improving our infrastructure - not any more. Most sound free ways were built during those times.

What is complicating this situation at the present is our dire economic status - which is in a status likened to the doldrums.

The Republicans love to throw stones at glass houses - mostly, have nothing positive to offer - and in the past have spent billions that others saved for the better interest of our Nation.

Today, all they do is bitch and they have nothing to offer. This time around during the coming Elections - they will suffer and suffer badly.

The Tea Party for all the hot air that they spew - can be compared to dangerous particulates - you stay near them and you are contaminated. It is pathetic to see some of their leader - want to run for President - when they are not educated on issues. Palin and Bachman foremost on their front line - making a fool of themselves.

Greece is suffering from its very poor economy and abject failure to govern it constituents and country.

Now, Greece with all its pride - is resorting to selling and leasing its infrastructure.

This is not new method of writing  off Municipal Assets and other assets that  have been leased before - more because the Municipality  can then take a big right off - which it cannot do in normal, circumstances.

Those in the know - are fully aware of this ploy. 

This ploy helps when most things are normal - but not when you have a situation such as we have in Greece and will have in the United States.

If those in power do not allocate the right amount of financing to keep and maintain our already, failing infrastructure - we will create a cesspool of our own making and drown in it.

Here is San Francisco our roads need repairs. Over $400 million is repairs - because of deferred maintenance.

The SF Board of Supervisors is resorting to a Bond Measure - putting the burden on the tax payers. Never mind, here in San Francisco we already - pay very high taxes and get little in quality services for it.

Here is San Francisco some crooks have already started getting control of our playing fields.

Slowly many of our soccer and base ball fields are coming into the hands of private folks that have a hidden agenda.

These private folks first started by saying they will bring improvements. Next you know the natural grass in covered with astro-turf. Never mind if it is laden with lead and other very harmful toxins.

Next, the public is permitted free access on two or three days. On other days - others use the playing fields and pay for it - $60 to $100 for a slot of two or three hours.

At some fields - the ones using it - bring their own  Security. So now, you have to ask permission to watch something and ask permission to enter.

Privatization comes with a price - mostly, those that are rich can afford to pay.

You pay to ride a certain corridor. You pay to cross a bridge both ways. You pay, pay, pay - if you cannot pay you will have some say: " have a good day" - what they really mean is - go away.

Government, cannot always save the constituents and more and more the constituents are taken for a ride - because they do not participate in the day to day deliberations.

Politicians are crooks - meaning they do not have the best interests of the constituents. Go figure.

All of major cities will face drastic budget cuts - some one was not watching Wall Street, the larger financial institution such as Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, others - that even today - with all the scandals linked to sub-prime loans, tricky derivatives, other methods of stealing the patrons.

Today, these large institutions - bailed by the tax payers - do not have anyone monitoring them less regulating them.

The time has come to weed the chaff and bring in the best mind and with it some decency, fair play, with transparency and accountability.

Fifteen percent of the filthy rich in the United States - have so much money - they do not know what to do with it. They invest it on corrupt politicians, just like a racing horse, all the time earning favors and making bets with the help of these crooked - politicians.

If these folks were taxed just fifteen percent - our deficit would go away. Just like that. But, the Republicans want these vermin to fill their campaign coffers and so they do NOT want to tax these - filthy rich folks - making drab excuses for them.

These vermin pay nothing - have off shore bank accounts and laugh all the way to the bank.

Our Internal Revenue System will go after the poor, the middle class, but look the other way - when it comes to the filthy rich.

The crooks at Goldman Sachs, the crooks such as Bernie Madoff  - who fleeced so many and there are more like him - because of our failed system to regulate and monitor.

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy