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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The world is shrinking and most of us in this digital age are fully aware of it.

Yet with all the technology and supposedly better way of improving our lives worldwide - we see poverty, trauma, stress, and literally - wherever we live the divide between the haves and those that have it less - is poles apart.

To know is to feel and when you travel with an open mind, a heart that embraces, looks in the eyes of your fellow women, children, and men - what you see today on the streets - is something that is akin to a drastic change waiting to explode.

The 2008 economic downfall has left deep scars and even in the United States - as much as our failed political system wants to sugarcoat its progress - all we see and witness are failed promises - and a HOPE that is full of hot air.

As human beings we are supposed to understand, exercise compassion, and take our aspirations, hopes, actions to a better place.

Where is the leadership and who has the holistic vision?

This short tour of Europe has been an eyeopener and thousands of Europeans - finding no HOPE in their own countries - have fled to seek refuge and make some living - only to encounter - often very stressful and tragic circumstances.

Once the so called cradle of civilization - touted by many and documented by so called great leaders - movements have arisen in Europe to influence the entire world. No more - to down trodden and looking for someone - somewhere to rescue Europe and bring it closer to the shadow of its past glory - one more last time - before it cast its last glance - and it all passes away.

It the the same today - in most other countries - in various degrees - the same factors - the only difference is those is charge and in the middle of a fiscal turbulence - and in this tsunami - everyone trying to make some sense - and truly speaking - no one really knows what they are talking about.

Looking in this tall hay stack for a tiny needle - when it is not there in the first place.

I have met many people - intelligent people - and the deeper I pry into - "quality of life issues" - the deeper the scars of years of hardship, fighting against odds, poverty and starvation - braving the worst of times - trying one's best - as most strong human have been known to endure and brought themselves out - from the depth of despair to some light at the end of the tunnel.

These men and women know that that America had a hand - something JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, the other greedy financial institution will not admit.

Citi Bank, and the many other larger financial institutions that do not feel ashamed that today they have put a - "lean" - on monuments, museums, and anything worth the salt.

The very essence that brought and reminds us of a once thriving and progressive civilization - be it Spain, Portugal,Italy, France Greece - we read it - the circumstances some what vaguely in America.

Listening to the people at ground zero - sends shills up the spine and makes your hair stand - even as you begin to understand the scars of the times. Witness the dignity of fellow human being thrown to the wind.

The world is shrinking and the divide between people makes it easier to acknowledge, feel, realize, and act on factors that before would take years.

It takes resources to create solutions - and the greedy are holding the human race - hostage.

Those that have been the authors of this fiasco - deepening of the scars - are looking the other way and  it seems they rejoice - in this calamity of sorts. This cannot go on for too long - and this time around the French Revolution and the actions taken then - will pale in comparison - the light has been focused - and if no one pays attention - it is on them.

Imagine 9000 families - entities - controlling trillions in America. We say the one percent on one side the filthy rich and the 99 percent the poor - at the tail end.

It is more like one quarter percent - the filthy rich and the rest drowning - the middle class evaporating in front of our eyes.

Civilization - monuments - the makings of human beings - now controlled by evil entities.

The tools they use in money - mostly paper money - and transactions - digital transactions - that are often transaction filled with deceit, meaningless - destroying what little integrity is left of our human race.

Who will bring some solace - create some equity - enforce sustainability - and bring about some harmony?

Thursday, September 6, 2012


It is a shame when California declares its representation of more than 600 plus votes - representing California - you had on the fore ground Richard Blum, his aged wife Diane Feinstein, to her side wrinkled Barbara Boxer - and that weasel of them all - Nancy Pelosi - smiling with glee.

We saw the delegations from other States and the representation was diverse - and younger. I always think that is what California stands for - rejuvenation, astuteness, vibrancy, fortitude, sincerity, accountability and transparency.

Our Representation says a lot and judging from the demeanor of those Representing - we saw a flash from the past - corruption of the highest order - and a smattering of deep Zionist ambiance. 

California once the 5th largest Economy is spiraling down - and our State has reach a state of pandemonium and utter confusion.
California is broke - and this is difficult to fathom - but it is a fact.

When it comes to the health of our children and Seniors - we have issues that do not offer succor and needed benefits.

When it comes to education - our students are told to bear with larger classes and higher tuition. California once boast a sound educational system - not any more.

When it comes to Quality of Life issues - our air, our water, our land - we have serious issues to address - more here in the Bay Area - with a large Carbon Footprint, the worst particulates - and toxic hot spots on our land - that need to be abated and mitigated.

The Democrats in California have wasted resources - and Nancy and Diane and Barbara and may I add George Miller and others; all Democrats - have been having good time - representing less - and squandering our vital resources.

With inferior face lifts - and decked with pearls from their ill-gotten wealth - these three women Barbara, Diane, and Nancy made a fool of themselves - representing the past - and failing to put their best foot forward.

These conventions are only as good - as SPIN and perhaps the only person that had something to say - in general and with many of his facts straight - was former President Bill Clinton.

We have yet to state in very clear terms - how are we going to aid the Middle Class. How are we going to permit this segment of the population to play a vital role - and increase that segment of the population to produce, benefit, and contribute - the Middle Class.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Will this Nation - the United States of America - stand tall and save the middle class? Will San Francisco stand tall and make good stuff happen - save the Middle Class and take us to a better - place?

The National Democratic Convention is trying to impress us and play on the people's emotions.

While emotions can be played upon - the matter of fact - when all is said and done - the reality of day - is to ask one straight up; front question - is my life and that of my family and loved ones - better off or worse off?

The First Lady Michelle Obama put her best foot forward as only she knows.

She laid bare the family life she had - and that is good for those that are not well read - and know little about her - but the First Lady must know - in real life; too many people have gone backwards, lost their homes, lost their savings, lost their respect.

The many who are sleeping in shelters, standing day after day in long lines at soup kitchens - caught in this madness Seniors who cannot fend for themselves - but, today have to struggle to make ends meet.

Seniors and decent families with children -  who do not have a roof that they can call their own - and all this in the United States of America. America a Super Power of sorts.

The President Barack Hussein Obama has NOT reined in on the many corrupt - banks.

The President has not reined in on the Credit Card companies - who are raking in billions - while most of America is suffering. The credit card scams are many - well published - but no one with clout - is taking the rascals to task. The United States Government is giving the Credit Card companies - a free pass and this is TOTALLY - wrong.

No credit card company should charge double digits - and think for a second that is right. They borrow large sums of money at very low interests rate - below 3 % for sure.

The U.S Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank brought down the interest rates to a single digit - when it comes to borrowing - but the large Financial Institutions and Credit Cards - are using the low interest rates - to prey on victims.

This is a crime. I want to hear the President talk about this fact today - and how Credit Cards have ruined many a student, a decent worker, some one in need and made false promises by the Credit Card company. Very much like the sub-prime ploys and machinations.

The Credit Card Companies are having a gala time - preying on those that need money - Discover, Visa, Master, Chase, Citi, the other Credit Card companies - raking in the millions from those that need the money to barely survive - but must pay a pound of flesh.

The Middle Class is evaporating before our eyes.

The Supreme Court has called a Corporation People.

The Koch Brothers and others - can at a moment's notice - dump millions - using Political Action Groups as conduits.

They are doing it right now with both the Political Parties. 

There is NO transparency and for sure NO accountability.

There is a lot of hot air - and there is only so much of the emotional play on those that are not educated on issues - that will ferry this Nation - we still have to have sound - leadership.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

There is NO doubt - it is just a matter of time - when the people will NOT be able to take it any more.

People are flocking to California - from all over - just to survive.

They will take any job - just to survive. We see this in San Francisco - we, the few who are at ground zero - who cannot be bought and doing our best to address the situation at hand.

The local government of San Francisco is nonchalant - they have no real clue as to what is happening. True they have a $7.6 Billion dollar budget - but the local government has done nothing for the Middle Class.

Not with drab representation from District 8, 10, 5, 6 - folks who cannot truly represent - and really do not know what they are doing at City Hall. Messing with proven methods and destroying institution that shed light - where there is - utter and abject - darkness.

On the National level Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein have failed San Franciscans and California.

These two aged women - past their prime - have raked in millions - and really do not care about the people who they must serve and represent.

The Democratic Party has failed San Franciscans - for one simple reason - it has NO leadership worth the salt.

The San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee is  a JOKE.

It has always been a JOKE - endorsing candidates on their sordid SLATE - most of whom have not proven to be good leaders - more panderers.

The President of the United States will speak today - and he will make promises - but truly speaking in many areas - he has NOT helped the Middle Class - it does not mean that he has not kept this Nation afloat - but he could and should do better.

We owe an obligation to take care of our Veterans and their families.

We owe an obligation to take care of our Seniors and those that cannot defend themselves.

We owe an obligation to mandate the financial institutions to get on track and serve the people - and stop in these dire economic times - charging very high double digit interest rates.

The U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank that is a private entity - seem NOT to care what the banks are doing.

The President initiated the Stimulus Package - and the analysis done on the huge sum - in the billions invested - show - large gaps - and waste of money - in many areas.

We need to stop importing as much as we continue to import - and start investing and promoting - Made in America. 

It is disgraceful - when we cannot manufacture an American Flag, pins bearing our sacred logo, shoes, clothes and other domestic needs - everything is stamped - Made in China. 

Our Unions have not united - and have allowed billions of dollars of production work to go abroad - the UNION once had a sound track record - no more.

Here is San Francisco there is no enforcement - even though we have a local hire ordinance.

The corrupt and the local government - very sad to say - look the other way and Nibbi, Webcor, Cahill, Swinerton, Turner and Turner, Belfour, and the others - do as they please - when it comes to employment.

It starts in our back yard and our local leadership is all talk and less concrete action.

The same in Washington DC - it is business as usual and our Representatives from the Bay Area Barbara Boxer, George Miller, Jackie Spier, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein - and the many others that can help us - are busy filling their campaign coffers - and making a personal fortune.

San Francisco use to be a Blue Collar town - no more.

We use to have some decency no more.

In a couple of weeks - we will turn our attention to lynching our elected Sheriff - Ross Mirkarimi. No one seems to care that we have other important things to attend to - Quality of Life issues that impacts thousands.

San Francisco has a $7.6 Billion dollar budget. Our population is a measly - 805,000. We have 28,000 City workers - one  City Worker for every 26 constituents - that lives in our City of San Francisco. 

Over 25% of our City workers make over $175,000 with benefits.

We have employees when they retire - who make more than when they were working for our City and County of San Francisco.

Over 50% of our aging population in San Francisco are Seniors - and most of them make below $30,000.

We have the indigent population growing by leaps and bounds - and our City allows this to happen - looks, the other way and has not been addressing the real the critical - issues.

Killings and violence are on the increase - the fake Black pastors make a lot of noise.

The NAACP with Amos Brown in charge - barks a lot - it has no clout. 

Quality of Life issues in San Francisco have withered - and our fair City is losing its grace.

The politicians seem not to care - especially Scott Wiener who has used his ploys to stop the Sunshine Task Force in its track - the only body that shines light on issues - that - "we the people bring before the Sunshine Task Force".

Where is the justice in San Francisco? Who is truly serving the best interests of our fair City - the City and County of San Francisco - named after Saint Francis Assisi.

Will this City of San Francisco and the Nation stand tall and save the Middle Class - the segment of the population that really makes Democracy tick?

The Middle Class some pertinent information:

Monday, September 3, 2012


Often times when this great Nation nears Election Time - we forget the obvious - facts and mandates that made this Nation great.

What is it that truly - this, great Nation - represents, who REPRESENTS this nation - and to whom does this Nation really - belong to?

When President Barack Hussein Obama took office - he knew behind his mind that this great Nation - belongs to the Native Americans - I call them the First Nation - and knowing this - he chose with intent - to do little about it. Why?

There is much made about the $1 Trillion dollars debt President Obama inherited - and all the fuss about Wall Street - and the many corrupt financial institutions - that had little enforcement - Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citi bank, and the other many financial institutions.

These financial institution took us over the precipice and down into the cesspool - from which we will take years to recover - in the mean time the Middle Class which has suffered the most - has yet to be put on track. Promises made and promises not kept.

Derivatives, Hedge Funds, algorithms, all sorts of ploys and machinations were galore much before 2008 - and many astute folks spoke about it - but, our Nation was asleep more Congress and for sure the Senate.

There was and is today - no stringent - enforcement - more talk - hot air - and no true - enforcement. The very corrupt so called experts that manage our finance - Wall Street - and U.S. Treasury and the private - Federal Reserve Bank - carry on business as usual - only they know - what they are doing!

Our Nation - did not have to go to War and waste billions - in recent years. We did not have to bring about this sordid - waste and accrue trillions of dollars in debt. We did not have to kill folks in far off places - many of them innocent.

We did not have to bury our soldiers - thousands of them - and thousands more today and in the future will keep suffering - from the trauma inflicted on them - our beloved - soldiers.

Sorrow to their families and loved ones  - and this Nation constantly finding itself - trying to explain these horrid actions - tongue in cheek - and with a guilty and hurting - conscience.

Nothing much has changed in Iraq - it is worse off today - than it was when Saddam Hussein was in power.

When Hussein was in power the people of Iraq had good, clean running water and electricity. With the billions spent - the people of Iraq still have no amenities that we enjoy in this country - and take for granted.

Resources that were kept clean by the First Nations - that is until some one with an ugly head showed up - killed the Buffalo in the thousands for their skin, felled the giant Redwood trees, raped the land - killed the Native American - with no conscience.

All that has come to the fore -  it now reaping the sins of their fathers, grand-fathers, and grand-grand fathers. Karma.

It is the same in Afghanistan - and the sooner we come home the better. And when we come home - we must take care on our soldiers and their families. If we do not there will be more - Karma.

We must remember early on in this Elections 2012 - that we are not the policeman of the world.

We must remember our VOTE is IMPORTANT and do not thrown pearls before the hogs - the many politicians of today.

We may call ourselves a Superpower but that means nothing - when daily we pay millions if not billions to - balance our over $5 trillion dollars - growing debt.

Shamelessly, we have these dealings - pay our debt to China. This on going saga - has not been mentioned at the Republican Convention and I challenge President Barack Hussein Obama to address it at his convention - " we the people" - want to hear the T R U T H .

The Main Media with its spin - misinformation and disinformation - will NOT explain in simple terms - what the $5 trillion dollars truly does to our economy.

The many pertinent adverse affects  - how it affects the middle class; more importantly how it has divided our nation - the filthy rich and the very, very poor.

How it demeans the poor and those who are indigent.

For the first time in ages those over 60 years of age - are forced to work to make a living and survive in America. Many lost most of what they saved in the year 2008 - and nothing much has been said of this fact and the many Seniors who make it - pay check to pay check.

More, the drastic consequences faced daily in the the lives of millions of Americans -  ordinary people who worked hard and lost most of their savings - our Nation's population is about 311 million.

In terms of  drastic cuts, the on going sacrifice for so many years before 2008, and the countless adverse impacts. No one in the United States government - wants to go there.

The Election guru paint a picture as if all is well - and these two Parties - which are the same - when it comes to NOT having the interests of the common person. Less in said of the COMMONS and more is massaged - about GREED.

The paradox is that in these election - the Election of 2012 - on both sides - millions will be spent before, during, and after the Convention. In all the spending there will be no trickle down economy - we saw it already it at the Republican Convention - and it will be the same at the Democratic Convention.

Where the money is coming from - pouring in the millions - is any one guess.

But this madness - in the midst - when millions are suffering so deep - to continue to lavishly spend millions close to a billion - in this sordid elections - without priorities - with no accountability and transparency is - despicable - to say the least.

With so many home foreclosures - and the economy in peril - it sends the worst messages - ever - to all Americans and to the people suffering and dying as we speak - all over the world.

Especially those caught in by war and famine and looking at us - for solace and help.

The Koch Brothers and others will use anything in their gear - to target anyone and spend - hundreds of millions of dollars.

It is all fair game. The Supreme Court declared - Corporations are Persons - and the layman has no clue what that means.

The clout of Political Action Committees is unchallenged - that can raise millions overnight - and have a field day.

Spewing diatribe and lies in the Main Media - $10,000 plus a pop for each ad - time sixty or seventy time a day - and the Television Stations - are having a field day. This must come to an end.

President Barack Hussein Obama had one chance and he blew it - and it does not help having cronies like Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - old as they are - with no gumption, no vision, no inspiration, no leadership, no morals - to bring about decent change - lost in their world of false pride and greed. Pathetic.

This election will be close - very close - and it really does not matter who will win.

The damage done to the Nation is dire - and it will take more than 4 full terms - by as many Presidents that will become Presidents - to put this Nation - back on track.

In the bargain our educational system is in a mess - some 25th in the world.

I know of no decent Nation that calls itself a Superpower - while holding the 25th place in education in the world - this is a JOKE. Wake up America.

It is the same with Nuclear Arms - that so many Nations have in their arsenals  - that all it takes is for one Nation to start using Nuclear Weapons - and we all will blow ourselves to smithereens.

Only the fool - could perceive taking this drastic route and survive.

The challenge for President Hussein Obama is to bring this world together - and before that he has one single chance - to recognize the First People the indigenous people of the world and America - and make his peace.

All the tribes in America must be recognized and put on the Federal Register. We must begin in our backyard. Do not treat the Native Americans like second class citizens.

The thieves stole the land - all of it - be it back East or here in California.

Some dare call themselves stakeholders - that bloody stake that cannot stand the light of truth. Thieves are what they are and continue to be - with blood on their - hands.

It is criminal for 1200 entities to control 90% of the wealth in America.

That is what is boils down in simple terms - a few - the very corrupt holding and controlling more than they should ever - have. The rich getting rich and the poor - poorer.

These folks control trillions of dollars - and the paradox is that most of it is floating somewhere - in foreign accounts -  off shore accounts - hidden accounts - with the knowledge of our Government who has indirectly by our corrupt laws - permitted these vultures - to ruin the Nation - lock, stock and barrel.

Where is the middle class  on this front of the economic going under - anyone may ask? No where to be found; when it comes to benefits - the middle class - the back bone of any democracy - has been eroded - and going down hill as we speak.

The politicians running in this race - do not give a damn about the Middle Class and so they must NOT receive our votes without something in writing, some mandate - some decent platform - worth its salt.

No one should get our votes just because they LIE. That is simply not how it is done - when there is some decency - some true light.

We once had great Presidents no more.

Today; we have so called Presidents more like Caligula - who say one thing and do another - and have wasted billions - and have set this Nation on fire.

Yet, we the people allow them to spend more millions daily as Election time nears - lying, spewing hot air - trying to divide our Nation - and in doing so - bringing disgrace to America - better known by the wise as Turtle Island.

Anyone way you look at it - they stole the land - and continue to contaminate, pollute, and destroy all that was good. Most of the politicians are consumed with GREED - and what is more - have no moral and standards. More those representing the Bay Area - Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein.

Here is California - our huge delegation that goes here and there - has not vouched for the Redwood Trees especially the old growth. Most do not care about the First People - and Karma waits them all.

Our rivers are polluted. Our once pristine watershed contaminated. Our air in some places - so horrible that respiratory diseases affect all - no one cares about our children and life - all they want is to make money.

California does not have one single Representative worth the salt. Even Jerry Brown has become a grouch and is now targeting the health and education of our children.

California once the fifth largest economic in the world - is tethering - cannot pay its bills - the State Assembly and the Senate - each vying to bluff one another - and in the process - making a fool of themselves.

In the mean time the political gurus keep bluffing the populace - predicting how the red states will vote for the Republicans and the Blue states for the Democrats.

This is exactly the type to crap that has ruined our Nation - everything is a "chance" - a "bet" - "a competition of sorts" - with no "standards", "no morals", "no ethics" -people make speeches with - " no empirical data" - flat out LIE - and then say they can  - lead.

Who are you leading - some hogs - over the precipice into the cesspool of the worst type of sordid corruption - we have never seen in ages - such type of blatant and utter - corruption.

We have millions of decent, hard working, Americans who have lost their homes. More people of color. No one care - the banks make a mockery of the situation. The politicians avoid the situation - all together.

We have millions of Seniors that have lost their savings - and President Barack Hussein Obama bailed the banks at the tax payers expense.

Today, the banks are siting on trillions of dollars - still charging folks double digits interest rates - when they got the money for less then one percent. What sense does that make?

The Government can directly give loans to the people - if it wants - favor the Credit Unions and send the corrupt banks Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citi Bank, Chase and others - packing away - and demand the "people's money" back - now.

These banks with intent favored sub-prime loans - it other words they cheated the people.

Instead of going to jail - the President of the United States; Congress and the Senate; the United States Treasury, the Federal Reserve Bank - bailed them out. Makes no sense.

These coming elections is our time to hold the feet of those that did us wrong - to the fire.

Never mind what they say - never mind how it sounds - what really counts are the right actions that offer succor to the people - that is what really - matters.

Voting patterns in the United States:

Obama political assets and liabilities - take it with a pinch of salt:

Sunday, September 2, 2012


There is simply no why that San Francisco can continue to do business - pretending that "LOCAL HIRE" works when all sorts of folks - from as far as NEW YORK - come over here to San Francisco and have it - good.

Locals deprived of good jobs - and that is simply not fair.

The Chinese from China are having a good time - and the "thugs" raking in the millions. Notice "Swinerton" they are all over the place in San Francisco - the Chinese have bought them - lock, stock, and barrel.

The Primes from outside San Francisco and California - simple do not care - they have it good on the large City Contracts - be it the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Department of Public Works, the San Francisco Port Authority, the San Francisco Airport - the Primes have it good - and to hell with - the local hire ordinance - they say.

It is the same at TranBay with Supervisor Jane Kim - who has no clue what she is talking about - when she pretends to say that all the well. The same with Maria Ayerdi - she will tow any line that Willie L. Brown Jr. her mentor is attached to.

 It is despicable how these folks that work for the MACHINE operate. The only redeeming factor that brought these crooks to their knees - was the 2008 economic crash - woke them up - and they still are shaken up with all their plans thrown - asunder.

The John Stewart Company - after raking in millions from the State of California with Community Benefit Funds, the SF Mayor's Community Benefit Funds - is now announcing that those with "good credit" - may apply.

The paradox is that the John Stewart Company never has had good credit itself - and from the days when they operated the infamous " Geneva Towers" to today - operating housing for the indigent at Treasure Island - they are NOT to be trusted.

They have created a "Residential Selection Criteria" - asset verification and other machinations and ploys - that if someone of color had to exercise in a White neighborhood - there would be a hue and cry.

Why do we permit - such despicable - good for nothing Property Managers - to come into our community and control our destiny?

The John Stewart already controls the Northridge Properties - in in one clean scoop - will control housing from Middle Point to Kiska Road.

All the while - the people are asleep - with Tessy and others selling out the community.

There are hundreds of jobs but no enforcement - no enforcement what so ever on the job sites.

With the drastic changes and Certification and Compliance - now under the wings of the City Administrator - help from a Especial Project Manager - local hire could easily be enforced.

With jobs filled by local hire which easily could be done - where can we find the statistics linked to enforcement - on some website - that the public can easily access and evaluate? Time is running out - we will NOT just wait and observe. Notice we do not ask for any favors - not from the Mayor not from the City Administrator.

Cahill, Nibbi, Turner and Turner, the Turner Group lurking in the dark, others more despicable are all in fray - coming to San Francisco and screwing San Franciscans - royally.

There are folks talking a lot about jobs - but no action - no action what so ever.

We will NOT tolerate that with the Sewer System Improvement Project - we the people are monitoring and we the people - will take a stand.

Dwayne Jones, folks like Leamon Abrahms, others who say they are consultants but are just leeching on the community.

Outsiders - that have NO clue what they are doing - please be on the watch out. This is just a clarion call. This time around there is no - fooling around.

The mandates linked to "Local Hiring" must be enforced - now.

Right now is the time to put the "model" that will be used.

This time around - it will NOT be like the Water System Improvement Project - San Franciscans did not get the opportunities - and the Project Managers until today - are nonchalant. Consultants and they know who they are - laughing all the way to the bank.

The Sewer System Improvement Project is a $6 Billion plus project that must be first understood.

In understanding the "community benefits" - the main reason - most of it pertains to the community that has been adversely impacted for over 60 years plus.

By the community I mean those that have lived in Zip Codes 94134, 94124, and 94107 - closer to the "stinking digestors", they WEIRS that are in disrepair -  the spewing of "methane gas" and other contaminants and pollutants.

The few sellouts have had it good for a long time - some living a far off from San Francisco and daily pretending they have connection; with the community - when they do not have.

Before, they were tolerated - today is another day.

Over 1000 miles of sewage pipes will have to be addressed - every aspect and much of it technical - not for the faint of heart. What we lay down must hold good for at least 80 years - if not more.

Inferior work must not be a norm - anything shoddy must be totally ruled out - we just cannot screw with our Infrastructure - that is critical - we may have played hooky the last time around - but for sure NOT this time - around.

It is the same with the clean water pipes - more than 1200 miles and all over 80 years old. water leeching into the Watershed and needing urgent upgrade and sound maintenance and operation.

City Build and the other drab Community Based Organizations have no clue about sound infrastructure - and have been pussyfooting with Interns and other gimmicks - not worth the salt - having Workshops to hoodwink others - stop this nonsense.

Folks who have not passed the seven grade - cannot possibly participate in such "workshops" and contribute to society.

I am watching these buffoons and what I see - I do not like.

Let us address "workshops" and "intern education" - in a fair manner - with full transparency and accountability. A mind is a terrible thing to waste - someone said - and I say " enough is enough".

There is over $300 million set aside from a passed Bond Measure to repair our roads.

The water and sewer pipes mostly use the same roads that must be upgraded and asphalted.

No one is looking at the logistics, the standards, the guarantee that is required - if the work does not pass - very high standards - the City must recover the money. No SHODDY work this time - around.

Crooks have made millions - repairing roads in San Francisco - and built haciendas - large mansions - with through bred horses - and lot of mamasitas thrown in for good measure.

The same nonsense - tolerated - and beyond measure - our roads asphalted only to sink, bear deep pot holes - over looked and bringing disgrace to our fair City.

We have jobs with Pacific Gas and Electric hiring red necks and in utter defiance.

Others saying one thing and doing another - even some ignorant Black Folks pretending to fight for jobs - "mau mauing" - with no serious affect on anyone and bringing disgrace on themselves.

Job safety is critical and no one should employ anyone who does not have sound safety training.

This happens all the time - because no notice is given - months ahead to prepare, more to train, and most to have a Blue Print that is holistic - with most everything - well thought out.

The UNION want their money - initiation fees - many have no clue about the history of the community. Once UNIONS were powerful - not any more - today pandering to the politics - they rake in the money from UNION DUES - and fill campaign coffers for favors. This nonsense must S T O P .

Our City leaders at the very top and busy creating pandemonium. Soon the SF Board of Supervisors will come - from their vacation - to embark on trying to address the Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - fiasco.

Waste of money and time - this storm in a tea pot - this fiasco has ruined the fair name of our City and County of San Francisco.

The crooks - the Pacific Heights Mafia - have it good - eating, sleeping, screwing, and spending money as if there is no tomorrow. These skunks have no compassion and the poor who are suffering - least concerns these vermin.

It does not bother them - thousands sleeping in their vehicles, others sit on chairs as beds - and linger through each night - at the many so called shelters that cannot offer a decent bed.

A documentary must be made - how hundreds of folks are offered a chair to rest the whole night long. The world must see this. Surrounded by foul smell, noise, and turmoil that animals would not endure.  What is our Health Department doing about this? What is our District Attorney doing about this? What is our City Attorney doing about this? What is our Mayor doing about this? N O T H I N G .

Good for nothing when it comes to action.

Better still the heads of each City Department - must spend ONE single night - siting on the chair - all night long - and write his or her experience.

On the list as starters - some one like Trent Rhorer - could set the example, Barbara Garcia, Dennis Herrera,Tiffany Bohee, others who look the other way - because they have it good.

Gentrification in the Western Addition and the Bayview Hunters Point is a reality.

Amos Brown and his clowns - constantly attending Press Conferences - talking and spewing hot air - but that is the extent of their contribution to the mundane and useless.

The Mayor must listen to those that deliver - not those that talk and pander.

He must vett those that waste his time - and listen to those that are truly working. Too much time has passed and nothing much is happening - worth the salt.

People are hurting with foreclosures of many homes. Crime and more violence is on the increase - theft of stores and offices, home robberies, assaults, shootings and killings - and those in charge are spewing lies - and have no control of the situation.

If some of us can help create a viable path and bring about peace without the City messing with us - and giving us NO help - why cannot the City and County of San Francisco - with a budget of over $7.6 billion, yes BILLION - not put its best foot forward - and address Quality of Life issues?

The answer is simply - too many dumb folks - that all they want is money - for themselves - greedy to the core - and despicable.

That is a Billion dollar question that some of those panderers must answer - soon - or forever hold your - peace.

A few pertinent stats and there is more you can do with your own research about our Fair City and the opportunities available:,+CA