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Saturday, December 31, 2016


Here is San Francisco we pride ourselves - as advocates - even bragging that - we are in the known - to tackle anything and everything  - and we do.

Kudos to our women - for being on the front lines - all over this Nation - more at Standing Rock Reservation - in North Dakota - we were present at the Oceti Sakowin Camp - and what we saw - all good.

We embarked on this one unique " spiritual journey " and we learned a lot - the Great Spirit sees all - and guides and protects those that must be cared for - we can say - our journey and the memories from our journey - will last with us - all the days of our life. Aho

2017 is here - staring at us - is has begun with the sun rising down under at dawn - and announcing itself with brightness.

Tonight there will be fireworks - in San Francisco - at sunset - and then we must - join the proven leadership - to act - and shine light where there is abject darkness.

Talk is cheap and I have decided - not to attend meetings and waste my time - especially those meetings - that do not follow the agenda - and one or two - engage in diatribe more and sense - less.

 At my age - I have things to do - and people to help - that is what I do best. I cannot and will NOT sit down - and waste my time - it takes a heavy toll of my being - I have to be positive and stay - positive.

The tent that all saw and appreciated -
at Oceti Sakowin Camp - Cannon Ball Reservation -
North Dakota.

We all have been involved here in San Francisco - dealing with the corrupt politicians - the liked of  Malia Cohen, London Breed, the Mayor Edwin M. Lee, the many sell outs more in the Bayview  and Western Addition - Sophina Maxwell, Al Williams, Derf Butler, Linda Richardson, Dr. Churchwell,  - Amos Brown, Cheryl Davis,  Angelo King, Veronica Hunnicutt - Doris Vincent - Tiffany Bohee - and the list goes on and on.

2017 is when we will see fireworks of a different kind - and we must be prepared to work and act. More to save the community that is in - peril.  San Franciscans - addressing issues that are dear to us and near to us.

We do not mind - getting help from those that live outside San Francisco - but truly speaking - if you live in San Francisco - one is vested and those are the ones - I want to pay attention to and work with.

The Grandmothers need to be respected - they have done so much - and we saw this more on the Reservations - as we see it in reality in San Francisco and the neighboring areas.

Too many Grandmothers are looking after, nurturing, and saving the young ones - and for too long - we have neglected to - to pay keen attention to - this one singular and pertinent  fact.

 So very  important - to those segments of the population - adversely impacted - linked to " gentrification.

We must pay attention and address the adverse impacts - on a War Footing - as part of Cultural Competency - and saving one's culture kept alive and progressive.

As a leading environmentalist - Mother Earth is dear to me - and I have been monitoring - all the various adverse impacts in San Francisco - complete with empirical data - that those that talk the talk cannot walk the walk - because they have no proven and vetted - " empirical data ".

No one can attain much without working as a team - good team work makes sound progress and do not get stuck in the muck - dealing with mundane issues.

For sure - I am not one to get stuck in the muck.

Life has been good to me - and I thank each and every one from the bottom of my heart - who have been of assistance to me - many of you who pray for me - even though you all live far away.

At one time I touched some and helped some - and they are always grateful for meeting me on my life's journey.

As one grows older - one grows wiser - wisdom does not come easy - the ability to discern to filter and chose the best choices - to dwell of the best information - is education.

Let me wish you all the very best in 2017 - I want you all to embark on our journey - armed with fortitude and tenacity.

 Strong in your spiritual values - respecting those that love you - caring for Mother Earth.

Making smart choices - always leading those you care most - to a better place. May the Great Spirit be with you all - all the days of your life.

This is Ohlone land - more Muwekma Ohlone land.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone in San Francisco. 

This is your land - and if you live here - care to respect Mother Earth - you have the blessings of the Great Spirit - who will be with you.  Aho.

Friday, December 30, 2016


San Francisco's City Hall entrance
to all things - corruption and more crookedness.

San Francisco use to be a City that many loved to visit and more love to extend their stay - no more.

Today the records show that we arrived at our 58th homicide on the streets on San Francisco.  But there is more to ponder - which we should improve - upon.

More dying on the streets of San Francisco - our poor - from the extreme cold - slowly dying and no one truly concerned about this very - human issue.

This after all is the City named after Saint Francisco of Assisi - that the Mayor knows about -  but - has not focused his resources to do something about - those who are slowly - dying.

Any FOOL - can say we are a First Class City - but are we - with all the filthy streets - the congestion - the increase in junkies shooting on our streets and more.

More close  to City Hall - more by the Bill Graham Auditorium - the Recreation and Park open space - right in front of City Hall - for all the world to see. Go Figure.

This is Christmas Season - and San Franciscans are doling out money and gifts - blankets and warm clothes - for those that need them - toys for children the few we have in our City - we do have more dogs.

Christmas is a day - more important to many to shop and waste billions - rake up their Credit Cards and pay them - years after they have spent money - mostly on mundane things.

The younger generation is taking another look - and soon this so called festive season - will have to curtail the billions spent - on a festival complete with its fake celebration is so - artificial - with NO historical nor empirical data - linked to the birth of Jesus.

For sure we know Jesus was not born during Winter - the skies were clear - more summer - and the Magi saw the skies and the pointers the led them to Jesus. 

December 22 - the Festival of Lights -  a winter happening - was substituted for Christmas.

A pagan festival - where young maidens were sacrificed to the pagan gods - we know some - we better know more.

It is not to late - to stop wasting money - and fake merriment  - avarice and gluttony -  takes us away from humanity and the serious human woes of today - all because of utter -  ignorance.

Our humanity on the streets - stare at those many - carting their gifts in laden bags - to their cars.

Some boarding - on to MUNI - and there and now and then someone will feel guilt

Stop to  spare some change - some even offer a gift they think may please the " indigent " and life goes on on the streets of San Francisco.

It never used to be like that - years ago - those few remember - people dressed well -  down town.

Those that went downtown - felt a sense of normalcy and appreciation of humanity - in the old days - people were kind and wished each other - most made eye contact and smiled and it made your day.

Today it is the hustle and the bustle - people walking by you - they dress some as if they were dressed for the Holiday Season - but they are rushing somewhere - and always in a hurry.

The Holiday Season is more about compassion, smiling, being good, and sharing the spirit of so called Christmas.

Yesterday - I spent time with the Controller of San Francisco - and we touched on many issues - important to Quality of Life issues - the our City has failed to address.

We are working hard - and will always thrive to represent our City.

I took some time to sit down and break bread with Bishop Ernest Jackson of the Grace Tabernacle Community Church - and we spoke about my spiritual journey to Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota - the sovereign land of the Lakota Sioux Nation.

We spoke about San Francisco - more the issues we have discussed above. As I said - we have good people in San Francisco that care - so there is always HOPE - and where there is HOPE - there is progress and goodness.

I represent the First People - the Muwekma Ohlone and my responsibility towards justice and fair play - is critical to my sound - representation.

Infants, children, youth, young adults, our seniors, our physically and mentally challenged - those with compromised health - are my concern and take much of my time.

On our streets of San Francisco this year killings tallies to 58th homicides.

It is actually more - something close to 8o plus - but it is how - the homicides are calculated.

It is always - convoluted - what really configures into the matrix -  who is in charge - and what factors truly - create the circumstances to call it a - HOMICIDE.

It is getting rough on the streets of San Francisco - in recent years -  in our neighborhoods - two and three families living - and the " stress levels hit high " - and all hell breaks loose.

The opportunities for those that are not skilled are few - so those that dabble with drugs and making fast money - land themselves in situations - where most killings and shootings - occur.

Again it comes to Quality of Life issues - which the Mayor - Edwin M Lee and his lackeys - fail to comprehend less understand - more spending their time - wheeling and dealing in Room 200 - at City Hall in San Francisco.

Imagine living in an apartment - and day and night - disturbed by noise.

All sorts of traffic in the apartment - people taking turns to crash - then getting up to work - most work two jobs - but really to survive they have to work three - on some days - if not all 5 days.

Those poor working 3 jobs - are lucky to make $45, 000 you really need a $100, 000 to make it.

If you pay $3500 for a one bed room - and $5800 for a two bed room - our Mayor talks the talk but has failed to address - affordable housing - the congestion on our roads, severe health issues affecting those with compromised health, lack of sound opportunity more career jobs.

It is difficult  for those making below $80, 000 and  for sure not making - more than $40, 000 - to survive.

As an advocate I am on the front line - and can look the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - in the eye - the crooks and corrupt - the likes of Malia Cohen and London breed - two House Negros who are chronic - sellouts.

Our other SF Supervisors - have their hands tied - except those who are with the Mayor - the likes of Katy Tang, Mark Farrell, London Breed, Malia Cohen - the worse  one among them - is going away Scott Wiener - good riddance of very bad - rubbish.

2017 is here - and our work is cut out for us all - it is all about spirituality - we have to be strong - more because for those of us who are indigenous - we have to follow and adhere to the standards of our ancestors.

If you live as those live who love to be " greedy " - are mundane - despise those who are poor - and have NO compassion - you are like some cardboard - bland and of no value.

Human beings must be compassion -  giving and sharing - and more respect humans beings and Mother Earth.

San Franciscans are one of a kind - we have patience - and we love San Francisco.

Our politicians have let us down - we know this will change - a lot with the new administration - the Democrats have taken us down the drain - into a cesspool of their own - creation.

Anyway - you view the situation - we must survive - and we must be united - to bring change - we the people are in charge of our destiny. 

2017 should bring us better opportunities to do good - and there are good people -  who never give up.

We must help our less fortunate - we few who are drawn towards compassion and love for humanity - must do what we can - and God will bless us.

All the very best in 2017 - smile, share, and be respectful - and all will be well. Aho.

Thursday, December 29, 2016


San Francisco City Hall.

For the last 38 years I have had a good understanding of our San Francisco Police Department - have known the last 8 San Francisco Police Chiefs - personally - and more the Command Groups - who worked of this City and County of San Francisco -
most of them - trying to represent.

In recent years - we have seen - divisiveness - the community do not trust the " SF Police Department " -because a few SF Police Officers have - decided to matters into their won hands - and have thus compromised - the many good things in place.

This trend to shoot first and ask questions - after the fact - adversely impacted - many community all over this Nation - here - is San Francisco - we can do better - and cannot because our leadership - is nonchalant - and too many panderers - who rubber stamp.

The key person who has failed San Francisco - is Mayor Edwin M. Le - he has no vision - less leadership -  he has taken San Francisco down the drain - more compromising - Quality of Life issues.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - 
a young man playing pocket billiards .

During all that time Mayor Edwin M. Lee - was a peon - the man did nothing much  - when it was head of the Human Rights Commission.

Before that is offered some help the community - organizing and fight for affordable housing - today - affordable housing - is at its worst.

Once Public Housing provided some succor - no more - 90% of these that lived in Public Housing - have been moved around - others paid money to leave San Francisco.

Most of this housing - was built by the Department of Defense (DoD) - it was handed over to the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to turned it over the the SF City and County of San Francisco - who turned it all to SF Housing Authority - that screwed things up - today - things in Public Housing are - pathetic to say the least.

Tracts of Public Housing turned over to the notorious John Stewart Company - what is a White Property Management doing with people of color. Today nearly 60% of Public Housing is being controlled by the nefarious - John Stewart Company.

Then you have Mercy Housing another White Property Management - and lurking  in the dark - Bridge Developers.

The Mayor Office of Housing has been wheeling and dealing with these sordid entities above. Not to mention the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (OCII) - Tiffany Bohee another corrupt person in charge.

Following the Mayor he worked  at SF Department of Public Works - he is a Civil Right lawyer - or so he says - so you can surmise what this man achieved at the Department of Public Works - having NO engineering degree and less qualified - experience.

Then Mayor Edwin M. Lee - screwed up at the SF Contracting Department and still has pending law suits against his sordid deals.

 The current Mayor - did nothing much - was a " puppet " as the City Administrator - following Bill Lee - who is watching all the ploys and machinations.

I know all these guys - and they all know me.

Then when Gavin Newsom - the SF  Metrosexual Mayor - who rubber stamped and  was in bed with the corrupt Big developers like Lennar Urban -  when Mayor Gavin Newsom - decided  - to anoint Edwin M. Lee as the Mayor of San Francisco.

Backed by Senator Diane Feinstein, Rose Park, and others - we who followed this good for nothing piece of S*** - knew - that San Francisco was in keep trouble.

It did not help that Air&B, Google, Twitter, Salesforce, Webcor, Cahill, Nibbi,  Obayashi,  Lennar Urban aka Five Points Holdings LLC, AECOM, URS,  Black & Vetch,  URS,  Jacobs - other dubious and nefarious entities - having been paying to play - and raking in millions.

All of the above and more - who - " pay to play " - hovering behind the scene  making things happen offering contracts on a platter -Platinum Consultants.

Willie Brown Jr. the former Black Mayor of San Francisco - having his finger - in every pie - raking in millions to this very day.

Steve Kawa - who has been the key advisor to the last three Mayors - continues to play his failed cards - in recent years - he is not doing well - fumbling - the old dog does not have the ability to learn - new tricks .

Steve can do less now - more, when Donald Trump - deals with the City and County of San Francisco - after reviewing the dossiers.

The dossiers - that will reveal - truly what is happening with millions of dollars of Federal money - channeled to the City and County of San Francisco - wasted on project and programs - most of them linked to the SF Health Department.

Controlled tacitly - by Diane Feinstein and her husband Richard Blum - other corrupt politicians - and their lackeys - most of them Democrats.

Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul Pelosi - other so called Democrats that have failed the tax payers who work two and three jobs - and are treated with disdain by these - " fat cats ".

We once were proud to be a Union City - Union Workers who made good money and had standards - no more. We know have scum bags - all over the place - and the Unions - and I will NOT name them - failing the constituents of San Francisco.

The recent decision to bring in a Police Officer from Los Angeles - to lead San Francisco - is totally out of sync with reality. San Franciscans must control their own destiny - and such a ploy - further erodes the little good will - left.

More - when the practical and sensible constituents of San Francisco and decent tax payers - what to bring about understanding and healing - in San Francisco.

This is Muwekma Ohlone Land -
we all must know this and more remember this -
I represent the Muwekma Ohlone .

San Francisco is Muwekma Ohlone Land - all the land was stolen. 

This SF City and County of San Francisco - does not have one single document - proving that the land was sold - it was stolen - every square inch - of the land.

Our SF Board of Supervisors have heard the Muwekma Chairperson - the only person that truly counts in San Francisco  - when it comes to Mother Earth.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land  - Sacred land contaminated by those that have NO respect for  the land  - the Mayor of course knows about it - but prefers to remain - ignorant. 

The Mayor - Edwin M. Lee  has not said a word about the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The Mayor does not know how to address the sinking Millennium Tower  too - in the financial district of San Francisco.

He is fully aware - that his Department of Building Inspection is an utter failure - failed to inspect skyscrapers and in deep trouble.

The Congestion of the roads is a mess in San Francisco - totally ignored by those who have to protect and maintain the good quality of our air - now totally -polluted.

 Our watershed is contaminated -  our Bay once pristine is contaminated - our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors, those with compromised health all suffering - more the mentally and physically - challenged.

Presenting the hog face -
Mayor Edwin M. Lee - 
a far cry from the days of his youth -
pig out before you are oblivious.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a disgrace to the human race.

We know that we have to deal with the SF Police Officers Association.

They SF POA have been in place - for many years - and control the authorities - that must control the SF POA - not the other way around.

The SF POA does this because they have millions at their disposal - to expend and in recent days - have gone to court - to buy time and cause problems.

 On pertinent issues that were already worked out - shooting at moving vehicles rules governed  by General Orders - that must be followed by all police officers. 

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee for all his talk - cannot get the better of the SF Police Officers Association (POA).

He cannot even control his own administration - one of them the Department of Building Inspection - the other the SF Health Department - not to mention City Departments that generate their own money - Enterprise Departments.

The Mayor loves  talking in circles and has absolutely, nothing - innovative to offer in matters linked to - sound policing.

On matters lined to Education,  Safety in general,  Housing, Transportation - any factor that fosters - Quality of Life issues.

Even in the Chinese community - the Mayor being an outsider from Oregon - is not respected.

No Community Chinese Association - NO Tong - respects Mayor Edwin M. Lee - I know so - because I have been in touch with the Tongs - for years. 

Tongs are Community Associations - bearing family names and associating with the villages and towns back in China - here connected to businesses, financial help giving to those that belong to the Associations - more welfare association and programs. 

Powerful Tongs take care of their folks - better than does the City and County of San Francisco.

China Town survives in all its glory - because of the Tongs.

In fact for decades the Mayor in the previous positions he has been holding - has broken the law - and the many court cases against him - pending in the Courts - are evidenced of this facts.

When it comes to Safety and related issues - all over our City and County more Street Violence and Intervention - his two lackeys - Paul Henderson and Diane Aroche - are two misfits.

Both - have no clue what so ever - what is happening with the many crimes that have inundated our neighborhoods - killings and shooting, assaults of all types.

Home burglaries, car break-ins, rapes,  an increase in white crimes and more.

 The Mayor Edwin M. Lee, Paul Henderson, and Diane Aroche circumvent the empirical data - that they NO idea about - do not study at all - less comprehend this critical data  - the keep lying to the public - and this hoodwinking must STOP - now.

Gentrification - the skyscrapers - the increase in rents - gentrification on the increase - have  adversely impacted  more than 80, 000 families - all of them have moved away from San Francisco - never to return again.

Many of these families contributed to our unique neighborhood - that today are becoming "drab ".

Techies - bland and with a  gaze far beyond - their eyes glued on their iPads and iPhones - locked in cyber space and the iCloud.

Failing to contribute to real time practical issues and movements that matter - the use the neighborhood for their needs - and walk away from contributing anything positive to the growth of the many unique - neighborhoods in San Francisco.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - continue to make fake promises - to the tax payers of San Francisco.

The patience of San Franciscans  - has reached  saturation point -  we are fed up with these scum bags.

The many incidents involving the rogue SF Police Officers - shooting first and asking question later - Amilcar Perez Lopez Alex Nieto,  Jessica Williams, Mario Woods, Gongara Luis Pat - others too many to mention - are the result of the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - not comprehending - how to address such murders - and more finding solution - working with the community.

The United States Department of Justice -
Loretta Lynch - good for nothing -
the sooner she goes away - the better.

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has been having a field day - they have yet to send and declare publicly that they have sent that entity - that  Team that deals with Racial Discrimination and Civil Rights issues.

The DOJ -  have sent are the Community Oriented Police Services - (COPS) an entity that has NO authority - to investigate and less to adjudicate. I have been saying this from day one - going back 4 years ago and more.

COPS are consultants - the make a lot of money - wasting time - and producing large document - you simply get tired and fed up - reading them - produced every six months - each investigation take 18 month - many two years - and some three years.

No parent, no loved one, no supporters can wait for years - to bring closure to the many rogue police killings.

The long drawn out - questions and answers - notes taken and written down - most of these issues we all know about - they keep reinventing the wheel - buying time - and kicking the can down the street.

We want adjudication - the rogue police officers - charged.

 This is not happening - and if this does not happen - the people revolt and you see that happening - all over the Nation - riots, cars been burnt - businesses pillaged and destroyed and so on.

We know about the Police Bill of Rights - but we also know that this Bill of Rights - are hurdles - that STOP justice in its tracks - favoring those that have a Bill of Rights - that is an impediment. 

San Francisco could have had a Congressional Hearing a statement - I made publicly at City Hall in front of the community and the SF Board of Supervisors - years ago.

The authorities be it - the Mayor and his lackeys, the District Attorney George Gascon, the Supervisors the likes of Malia Cohen and London Breed - the two House Negros - have been kicking the can down the street. 

More, because they are NOT educated on issues - and continue to wheel and deal - behind the scenes with nefarious characters.

The SF Board of Supervisors - more Malia Cohen and London Breed are now working to destroy some community led movements - and the details of the ploys and machinations - are there - meaning we have the empirical data.

We have to come to some consensus - to reveal the happenings.

Sad to say -  nothing new - to the Black community - Blacks selling out Blacks - much like the Black on Black - prevailing violence.

In the meanwhile " gentrification " is going on full speed ahead  in San Francisco - the Black community that use to be 25% in the City and County of San Francisco is now - a meagre 2 %.

If you go to the jails - over 45% are Blacks - many lingering in jail for years and most for months - because they cannot make bail. The majority of the cases - not felony charges - petty crimes.

The Public Defender and some other groups - more lawyers - I hope not liars - keep saying stuff - general statements - talking the talk but have failed to walk the walk.

Young Black women and men - incarcerated for months - on issues like a traffic stop - where six or seven charges are added - charges like disrespecting a Police Office - when that is not the case.

 At times assault without any proof,  charged with running a red light - when that is not the case - and I have witnessed such incidents myself - and am paralyzed to do anything - but take a digital photograph for records.

My experience working for Sixth U. S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco - inter-acting with the Military Police - one many issues.

The National Park Service inter-acting with the Rangers   more in the Federal jurisdiction - and finally before retiring the United States Park Police a federal entity - established in 1882 - specializing in Incident Reports and all sorts of crimes.

The police - any police have their origins as " slave catchers ".

You have to read history - and most police officers - you cannot generalize have " implicit bias " - many  white police officers - having great difficulty treating - people of color with dignity and less respect.

After 35 years of studying cases - inter-acting with Law Enforcement - I know what I am talking about.

Diane Aroche is a panderer - she use to cry before the SF Board of Supervisor -  pleading with them she needs a home - with a back yard so that her children can play and enjoy quality of life.

She has got that and more - making over $200, 000 plus benefits and selling out the community.

Her husband makes more working for the SF District Attorney's office and I have seen Diane Aroche at 850 Bryant - at odd times - and know - what she is doing there - selling out the community.

Paul Henderson lost his chance to be a judge - he fought well to win the seat - but he lost - he is a panderer.

 In the sense he has come out  with a Blue Print that stops the on going harassment of Blacks in the Bayview and Western Addition - with a short term and along term - goal.  

The Mayor and his lackeys have  seen the protests - and we have shut down City Hall - more than 4 times.

 Always with the SF Police Department and the Sheriff's Department - knowing what is going to happen - more when Ross Mirkarimi was Sheriff and Greg Suhr the Chief of Police.

Things are screwed up today - we have the current Sheriff who rubber stamps - and we have a SF Police Department - today that is totally dysfunctional.

The Command Group is floating in the air - and no one expects - with an outsider - who will take years to understand the happenings - that just saying " he will lead by example " that things will fall in place.

That is NOT going to happen in San Francisco. 

It does not help we have folks like Joe Marshall giving drab commentaries and failing to represent San Franciscans. He is a lackey of the Mayor - Edwin M. Lee.

Some of advocates are fed up - we do go to the SF Police Commission - because we need to be there to connect the dots - we know - who is behind the behind.

Things are worse today - on every level at City Hall - because of very poor leadership.

No one can do way with proven  institutional memory and experience - and expect to fill it - with less than stellar talent .

We know of course proven experience - that we have with intent - let go.

 The decision coming from our Mayor - his lackeys surrounding him  - who are wheeling and dealing - in Room 200 at City Hall.

Bring is on - if you want - we have it all the dossiers - that will  be published on the Internet - at a moment's - notice.

 Complete with time - locations - amounts - what for - and who are the accomplices.