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Sunday, December 30, 2012


America is the land of opportunity and we do have a population of about 311 million and growing - and among them our foster children. 

About 70,000 of them in our California system and over 850,000 Nationwide.

We have some statistics and they reveal some information - but the more deeper you delve into them - the sadder the picture.

In the United States - we are a caring people - and even though we we have so many of our own in foster care - we adopt children from far and wide.

Recently, when the Russian President Putin decided to pass some laws - not to permit foster children lingering in the many Russian  Institutions to be adopted by Americans - there was an uproar - be it a small storm in the tea cup.

In the past we have had incidents and one glaring one - of a Russian child adopted in the United States - and left to die in a car - on a hot day - without much ventilation. This one case started it all - Russian and other investigators delving into the treatment of foster care - found more glaring examples - where foster children were adversely impacted.

19 more cases were found where children were mistreated - some sexually abused - and it is here that the line must be drawn.

It is a fact that our foster children in the United States - are not treated well. May be; they do receive better amenities than most countries - but, all things being equal - most foster children in our institutions - do not get the respect and treatment - that they should.

One factor to study and further study the implications of 70% of the biological parental rights permanently terminated - linked to our foster children in the United States.

In San Francisco we have some groups that have worked hard to receive foster children in their homes - and fight for the rights of foster children.

There is still a lingering stigma attached to one stating in the open that they are foster children. This is something we must stop - and we can only embrace foster children - if we are educated on issues.

Recently the Uninterrupted Scholarship Act was passed - further giving clout to Title IV-E of the Social Security Act requiring welfare agencies to maintain children's educational records. In the case of the foster children's; case plans and access educational stability for foster children as the move from placement to placement while in foster care.

As might be accepted one important tool a foster child has to contribute and be accepted in society is education.

For any child to learn that after being placed in a foster home, transferred to a learning educational facility - come to a realization - that the child's education records are not available to the educational system - and to be penalized is - deplorable.

Yet, this happens again and again - and for all the talk there is little walk in this - arena. 

Our foster children in the United States need to be assured that they are protected - much like any other child - our representatives in Congress and the Senate - have just been awoken up.

The few brave representatives with fortitude - in the midst of the Fiscal Cliff crises - have given voice to the foster children.

It is now left to those that fight for foster children and foster children who today contribute to society - to give voice and stand firm for the right of foster children - improve their condition - more since foster children are in the news - but the Main Media as usual failing to do any worthwhile - investigative reporting.

Dos the Main Media think that foster children are expandable?

My fight has been providing jobs and assuring those that give foster children jobs - that we have a system in place but it has not be working. Working with and many time around the system - to make things work for foster children and young adults - who are thrown into the world once they can no longer remain in foster care - 18 years.

Much like our Veterans we praise them for putting their lives on the line, say all the nice things that sound pleasing to the ear.

When it comes to action - giving our Veterans good jobs, housing, caring for their families, and the list goes on and on - we are lacking. Long on the talk and very short on the walk.

American are a moral people and we have standards - make no bones about it - the constitution and the Founding Fathers - states this - in very clear terms.

We are a moral nation with standards and those that represent - must vouch for their constituency and exercise moral concepts and standards.

Sad to say lies, cheating, immoral behavior, greed of the worst type, unethical behavior is now condoned in the highest places - when one of two are caught with the hand in the cookie jar - we make a big deal.

The behavior I have describe above is everywhere - and few take a stand - to speak about ethics and standards.

Once you kill your conscience and you do as you please - factors that govern compassion - such as the issue of the - foster children and their special needs - are relegated to the back burner.

Before you know it - it is out the door - and into the waster paper basket.

This is not only here in the United States - it is with Nations such as India - where some men in a bus - took it upon themselves to beat the man that was with this woman - and rape the women and abuse her - and what is more physically harm her.

Then the low down behavior not becoming a human being - throw her out the bus - with law enforcement and the Indian Authorities covering the issue - until the populace woke up and threatened to take all concerned to task.

Today, this one case has awoken many from their slumber - it happens in many countries - where men think that they can do as they please and treat women in the year 2012 as chattel - and this nonsense must stop.

There is no faith or religion on Earth that gives direction to abuse women - if so most decent men would not love their mothers. It is as simple as that.

But let us get on track with our foster children - they must be cared - first here at home in the United States of America.

If we dare bring children from other countries - we must track the treatment and progress of the children - as least for a period of 15 years - with yearly reports available.

We have no way, no model, no standards in place today - that deems fit that we monitor those that adopt - and we do not check on the progress of the child.

If the foster parents do indeed - treat the adopted children with love,with respect, and allow the child to be given the tools to develop as best she or he can - to contribute to society.

The custom now is that once a child is adopted - no one in the United States - has any records about the how the child has adapted.

If the child's mental needs are met, how culturally; the child has been introduced to our way of life.

The many aspects that are too complicated more dealing with the psychological aspects - that I cannot go into detail - as they will side track the purpose of this article.

Kudos to representatives - George Miller, Karen Bass, Tom Marino, Jim McDermott, Michelle Bachman, Mary Landrieu, Charles Grassley, Mark Begish, Roy Blunt, Barbara Boxer, Al Franken, Amy Klouchar, RJ Sloke an intern with the Congressional Coaliation of Adoption for sharing her story bounced through 13 high schools and repeating the 9th grade three times and other foster children for testifying and bringing this issue to the attention of this Nation - in a manner and with fortitude where it could be addressed and acted upon.

We are a nation of morals and ethics - in our humanity as Americans we care for those that need help most - our seniors, our children, those physically and mentally challenged - because of the unfair practices exercised on our foster children - our Nation's foster children and more.

We cannot go to a better place unless - we fine tune our moral compass - a scar has been left - which is deep and lingering - who will rise up and act - take our dear loved foster children - from the institutions of despair to a better place - share our love and compass - as we must as Americans.

God Bless America.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Politics of utter confusion and pandemonium in the United States of America.

Over the last 300 years our Congress and Senate have initiated various forms of checks and balances - more, to govern better and best to represent.

Our Founding Fathers had the best interests of the then constituency - but, over the years - greed, a nonchalant attitude, lobbyists with ulterior motives, corrupt Congress persons and Senators - have now put a gun to the head of the constituents.

The - "fiscal cliff" is the latest in the line of many shenanigans that innocent, hard working tax paying constituents - have to suffer - just because some morons - think they can use their power to do so and create this - confusion. Pathetic.

Look at it any way - the tax payers - who pay their taxes; must have true, representation.

If you study at the tax system now - the filthy rich do not pay sufficient taxes. They have thousands of loop holes written - so that many of them - pay no taxes at all.

They use various ploys Capitol Investment, other types of investments, may make millions, tens of millions abroad - and pay no taxes at all.

The average tax payer works hard and pays her or his taxes. Many of us assume the rich - pay their taxes they do not.

They can contribute thousands and millions to Political Action Committees (PACs) - and take a write off. Such large amount - encourage - blatant corruption of the worst order.

It does not help that the Supreme Court has declared Corporations - as persons. Further adding confusion and hurting the average tax payer - and encouraging large sums of money to hurt the democratic process.

While millions were suffering - the two parties saw no harm - wasting billions of dollars - on Television advertisements - spewing diatribe and lies.

The people had no choice - but to choose the lesser of two evils. Nothing much has changed today - except those in power - many corrupt the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein - continue deceiving the people at large.

The last time around in the year 2008 - when our economic system - tanked.

Low and behold the average tax payers had to bail out the - "money changers" - the larger financial institution - the likes J.P. Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, other very evil financial institutions - that have turned their backs on the - people.

The United States Government - that is Congress and the Senate permitted the President to do that - bail out the large financial institution - and the average tax payer had no say.

The reason - the so called representatives - took upon themselves to use their power - invested by the people - for good reason and to be used in a just and fair manner - to accomplish this.

Far from it the power has been abused - again and again.

Now, the average American is hurting - many thrown out of their homes - foreclosures, lack of  jobs, lack of health and food, other hurdles brought about because of the lack of growth in our economy and lack of representation from those in Congress and the Senate.

The large financial institutions, the banks directly and indirectly are sitting on billions of dollars - totaled trillions of dollars.

Daily, even with the present dire economic climate - over $10 billion are pouring in from all over the world - invested in the United States - with Wall Street playing a role - and nothing much has changed. The U.S. dollar still rules as some form of unifying monetary symbol and significance of worth.   

The banks that were given tax payers money - to bail them out in 2008 - are sitting on billions - and will not loan the money as they did before.

Prior to this spiraling of the economy - if you visited any U.S. Bank the larger ones in the years 2005-2008 and requested a loan of say $10,000 you were enticed to take a loan for $50,000 and more - no questions asked. 

Many fell for this trap - especially those that had no clue about balloon payments, other devious language in fine print that trapped the naive person that took the loan. 

It was the same with the Credit Card mongers - who if you failed to pay one single payment - they raised the interest rates from  16% and 18% to over 25% - in some States the interest cap is 35% - and you could do nothing about it.

It is a crying shame that today we see millions - families with children - that have no home to go to.

They prefer sleeping in the cars - rather than sleep in noisy, dirty shelters.

Single mothers and children have no choice and live in these shelters - that do more harm than good - when it comes to having sound sleep, clean toilets, and offer solace and compassion.

Our children and women do not have to go through these dire times.

Considering we spend billions fighting - wars that are NOT our business - light of what is truly going on in the United States.

The on going wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and poking our nose in places that we must stay away - Yemen, Pakistan and a host of other - places.

Our so called representatives in the Congress and Senate have lost it - and are far removed from what is going on in the rest of the world.

They lack the cultural competence, do not have the ability to speak and understand the many languages required to get a better understanding. Take position that they are told to take - by so called experts that have no experience and cannot visit and gather empirical data at - ground zero.

These representative and politicians - bet on the drab reports they get from so called - experts - who themselves are not educated on issues.

I have met many of them before - when I had the opportunity to meet and discuss things round the world - when, they realized there goes more into learning about countries - then, just taking a position that the United States is a Super Power - gloating about some inferiority complex.

What Super Power worth the salt - treats their seniors with disrespect and now wants to cut the benefits that the seniors have worked and invested in a trust fund with their own - contribution.

Some nasty, evil - so called representatives - want to turn their backs on the Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) - as a means to increase benefits.

Create their own gimmicks - some form of capping - without one single meaningful meeting - with the retired and disable seniors and those involved with their invested - Trust Funds - what is called - and know better as - Social Security.

The present politics of utter confusion and pandemonium keeps on getting worse - and what bothers most sane and decent folks - is the manner these women and men in Congress and Senate - conduct themselves. 

As I said before - it is time to kick these bums out - and replace them with better educated folks - that can deal and move with the times.

Decent people who have some spirituality, morals, work hard, represent right - and live decently.

The present ones we have - talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

Again and again the representatives - who have it good - many of them have hoarded millions - use their power to wheel and deal - and have no compassion - absolutely no compassion - and less feeling - for those millions that are suffering.

No one worth the salt can take anyone to a better place without fine tuning their moral compass. Ask the average politician about their - moral compass - and see if they can look you in the eye and answer - right?

Friday, December 28, 2012


Our clowns still cannot make up their mind - about the "fiscal cliff".

Time is running out - while many citizens here in California once the fifth largest economy in the world - deal with foreclosures on their homes.

Millions out of work, millions on food stamps, children living with their parents in cars and Recreation Vehicles.

Wake up you so called - representatives.

This "fiscal cliff" is not a joke.

While the market has shown clearly - people are holding back and not spending.

Nations all over the world are watching in trepidation - while our so called - representatives are having fun - laughing the matter - off. The domino affect will take place and the repercussions will be very serious.

We already have millions suffering from the economic spiraling that took place in the year - 2008.

This time around - the joke will be on the representatives.

Seriously; the people have had it - and those in Congress and the Senate - cannot fathom the gravity of the situation at hand. They will in the next few - days.

The Corporations are cozy - sitting on billions of dollars - money accumulated from off shore accounts.

The many years of profits - from "outsourcing" jobs - in the many countries - that too are now - suffering from stagnation.

Hundreds of factories in China for example are now moving to Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, even India - trying to ride the wave and the limited time they have - before those countries too - stop growing and the workforce - start demanding - higher salaries.

It is a dog eat dog that started with the feudal system with some lee way and consideration. 

hen the Industrial Revolution - bring about drastic changes - and creating the divide in classes.

World War II bringing America in the picture and bring prosperity to America - with good wages - and building the Middle Class. Creating a monetary system - and tying it to the Almighty - now sinking dollar.

As I have stated before - America was kind enough to use the MacArthur Plan and other plans and help those countries that needed help. Countries like Germany and Japan.

America cannot do it anymore - the U.S. dollar that once was worth something - is now worth less than 4 cents.

While most every one is focused on the "Fiscal Cliff" which is impending - there is another Tsunami waiting to crash.

The  United States - "debt ceiling" - come December 31, 2012 - it will reach its ceiling - and no one is really paying attention to this - pertinent - factor.

The Federal Reserve Bank which is in reality a private bank - most people do not know this. The U.S. Treasury works closely with the U.S. Federal Bank - and these two entities are now discussing with the President of the United States- trying their best at short notice - to put some blue print in place.

Some drastic - contingencies - that will severely impact the millions of poor people - and those many that live pay check to pay check.

We have the filthy rich the one percent and we have the ninety nine percent who are living pay check to pay check. We in the United States have a population of a little over than 311 million.

Thank God we do not have the population of China and India in the billions - or even countries like Indonesia and some others in the millions.

One in three seniors in the United States have no food - and go to bed hungry on most days.

One is four children have no food - and to to bed hungry - in the United States of America - on most days.

Some schools offer good breakfast and that is the saving grace for many of our children in the United States. 

Can you imagine - if there are cuts - this money available and given by the Federal Government to the States - will not be there - and our children will suffer from many of the good amenities the now enjoy. Should we even go there - when we can avoid such - a catastrophe.

What is happening to the world - the economists have failed - miserably.

None of them predicted the shenanigans and ploys - linked to the sub-primes loans; which are there sitting and are worthless.

The derivatives; ploys to deceive, the many other machinations brought forth by the larger financial institution like J.P Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Citi Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo - all these banking entities - have tried all the dirty tricks in the bag - and are now grouping, faltering - falling on their face in the dark.

The hedge funds other types of ploys are not working.

My friends keep calling me - what is going to happen?

Well; whatever happens - we have to survive - and it is not the end of the world. The human being and the mind of those that can find solutions - happens when we are forced to find - solutions. This has always been the case - and it will be the case this time.

The world was suppose to end - December 21, 2012 - according to some interpreting the Mayan Calendar.

We are here and we will be here - but what we can do - more, the brighter more enlightened human beings - all over the world - is find simple solutions - to FIX the mess we have created.

We must learn to be self- sufficient - have access to clean water and land. Grow our own crops and learn to spend less and economize. Simple habits - difficult to adhere and even more difficult to practice. But, we must survive and we - will. 

Here in America some studies found out that this year people did not spend too much.

Taking the last three years together and evaluating their spending habits  - people bought less this year.

Many did not buy anything significant - during the Holiday Season. That is a good sign - people getting back on track. I made every effort - not to spend too much.

Those that are educated on issues - now, is the time to enlighten others - with sound information - that is education. Many of you have that ability. Write and put on a play. Create a video. Write a song and sing it. Write an essay and challenge yourself but more the world. There is an audience - more in this digital world. God bless you all. Be creative. Where there are artists - there is soul.

There is a lot of garbage out their in cyber space - the ability to filter, to discern, is what is required - this comes through sound - education. The ability to chose the best - trash the rest - so to speak.

The youth are fascinated when you teach them facts that the teachers in the school cannot fathom.

Our history as human beings is long one - be it ten thousands years - travelling and trying to make sense of living and surviving.

I have not seen too many people addressing the "fiscal cliff" and the related issues - putting too much in our economists who have screwed up the situation at hand. Listing to pundit who have no common sense. Common sense - is rare - and if you blessed - use it.

Other devious organization like the Bilderberg Group - and other groups - that you must study to know - who is behind the behind - and who truly controls the fiscal wheeling and dealing - all over the world.

In the mean time; we see thousands sleep in the cars and recreational vehicles.

Most of those suffering our children and the seniors - those that cannot defend themselves.

We have the many living - and the living dead.

Then you have the corrupt - politician - taking from both sides of his or her mouth. Go figure!


The Nation is waiting anxiously for some news while Wall Street fluctuates at any whimper that emits; from sources close to the leaders, who should have made some decisions - but are  procrastinating - pretending to have the best interests of the tax payers - but favor their own - selfish interests.

At the eleventh hour some decision will be made - that is just how - these brats behave - playing in a dirty sand box - and  pretending not to  know what is really at stake - the destiny of this Nation and repercussions world wide.

Some years ago; Moodys and the other decision makers - lowered our Nations credit rating.

This time around - they will be forced to lower it still.

This important fact and other adverse factors - do not seem to bother the two parties - both parties have served their purpose - and the time has come to throw these bums - out.

Our Bay area is represented by two hags Senator Diane Feinstein and Congressperson Nancy Pelosi. One worse than the other.

These hags have amassed large sums of money and properties. The husbands of these two involved in nefarious activities.

One in Samoa milking the economic - by not paying fair wages to the Polynesian workers. Dabbling in real estates, credit card investments - all of which have been brought before the authorities - who look the other way.

The other; also involved in Real Estate deals, recently trying to make a fast buck selling excess Post Office Facilities - previously - involved in Department of Defense contracts - shameless to the core - both wives pretending to represent - while filling their campaign coffers; fostering rampant corruption.

With the passing of Proposition 30 in California; and the access of State taxes that California sends to Washington DC - California stands to suffer. This fiscal cliff - if not settled before the end of 2012 - will hit California - like a Tsunami. Make no bones about it.

Corruption both in the Congress and Senate has reached a all time high.

No one cares about the constituents - and when it comes to taxes - none of these representatives will be touched personally - the perks for these so called - representatives - are many.

Deals made on the side - and favor done money known to us lay folks - bribes.

Our on going debt linked to our trade defict with other nations - continues to increase - more with China.

Borrowing money from a nation like China - knows no bounds - our representatives - should be ashamed of themselves.

The representatives do not seem to mind - that they present crisis is affecting the constituents and stressing them out.

In fact the representatives have figured out -behind the scenes - that the best way to intimidate the constituents - is to stress them out - make these critical decisions at the last moment.

Remember the 2008 fiscal debacle - that is when Capitalism as we all know it - DIED.

In the year 2008 - " we the people " - we the tax payers bailed out the banks, the large financial institutions.

When the constituents were hit with foreclosures - the same banks let the taxpayers down. Today millions of people have lost their homes.

One in three seniors in America go to bed hungry. One in four children in America - go to bed hungry. We have the audacity to call ourselves a Super Power.

In previous fiscal cycles our Nation had the resources to stay afloat and during World War II to seize the moment - and create a surplus - but that era was unique - and today we are in deep, deep - debt.

After World War II our Nation - the United States of America - was able to use its surplus to help Germany and Japan and other Nations - who were adversely impacted by World War II.

Our Nation was so generous that over 70% of our resources -were used to help these Nations. 

Then, without consulting the constituents - our Nation decided to buy the products that we helped these Nations produce - and bought so much - that we created the present debt - trade debt - deficit. That is putting it simply.

In the early 1980s through 2000 - we "outsourced" - sent whatever we could do cheaply - to other - countries.

Again and again some of us wrote - other warned the Nation's authority - but the so called nation's economists. Political savvy experts like Henry Kissinger and Paul Volcker former Chair of the Federal Reserve bank - and others; deemed fit that our Nation - could strive on a economic policy - that has now fallen flat on its face. The deemed reversing the economy by trading more with other nations - while expanding our greed to buy more - foster - materialism. Today, that policy has fallen flat on its face.

It has fallen prey to sub-prime loans, derivatives, other dubious models - where Wall Street saw the Billions that other Nations invested in Wall Street.

The pension and other precious savings - Americans invested in good faith in Wall Street - gambled away. Someone - most the "money changers" fleeced the innocent. History always repeats - itself.

Simultaneously around 1990 we saw Corporations moving away from Managerial Decision Making and focusing on Stocks and Shares as a hub for all decision making.

Those of us who followed the happening - noticed fancy names like Chief Executive Officer - and salaries in the millions - annually.

It was not uncommon for those heading these large companies to make $300 million a year - some $500 million - with more perks and bonuses - in the pipe line.

We learned about off shore accounts and all the time our Nation - looked the other way - and destroyed the middle class.

In the  late 1990s and after we noticed our Nation; hardly produce anything - most everything was made in China. Much like the trinkets we saw in the 1960s and 1970s made in Japan.

Today we cannot find much made in USA - few shoes, few clothes, and the only saving grace are our cars - where we, the tax payers - took a stand to float our Car Manufactures - and it paid good dividends.

Our two parties have lost their senses - and this impending "fiscal cliff" - if it is not resolved will leave deep scars on our economy and what is more bring grief to millions - here and abroad.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


During this holiday season - 2012, going into 2013 let us vouch to help our children.

Support our children and help them to contribute to society.

Keep our children away from violence, greed, and immoral behavior - that adults should know - should not - be exhibited in front of their children. Such as nudity and sexual acts.

Giving gifts and having dishes with a sugar high - are temporary experiences that favor materialism and gluttony - we must keep good children away from such mundane - practices.

What is more enduring is giving our children the best education, telling them every opportunity we get that we love them.

Most important listening to them.

Never shouting and hitting them - even, when they make some mistake - that does not warrant such punishment - even in extreme cases.

Many a time I am on the bus while taking public transportation -  the parents or one parent is shouting and screaming at the children. With the parents permission I try - and with determined, soft voice - the children listen - quell the confusion and the pandemonium.

The parents are surprised but the children intuitively understand - what soothes them.

I tried this when visiting many schools - all over San Francisco.

Always, catching the attention of the youth and children - by relating something that is dear to them. Allowing the children 
 to participate - by allowing them to ask a question or two - making them feel that their participation was vital to the discussion and benefits - the subject at hand and humanity.

Jesus was a revolutionary and no where in all he did and said did he endorse greed, materialism, and wanton commercialism.

That is exactly what the money changers - have had us believe.

The latest fashions, the latest shoes costing hundreds of dollars, the latest technological gadgets, the latest everything and more.

We know that is pays to practice some proven, simple ways of living - but we forget them - rather quickly.

We know it is right to feed our mind with good reading, learning, discerning and choosing the best from the tons of stuff that is floating our there. Sound education - that will stand us in good stead for life.

We know that the best foods for our body are not preservatives - and fast foods, and the many drinks - sodas - that are full of preservatives. The increase in cancers of all sorts - can be traced to poor eating - but also to the contamination in the environment.

As human beings over thousands of years - we eat and drank - what was naturally good. Fresh vegetables, fruits, fresh meat, clean water - we know it - but we do not practice what is sound - knowledge and proven.

We do not want to cook - preferring someone to prepare a meal for us and pay for it - when we know that - it may not be what it is - poisoning our bodies. Think about this and please change your eating and drinking habits. More do not encourage our children - to poison their bodies and minds.

Most important to all human beings - is our soul. We must nurture our soul with solace and good actions.

We must fight for what is right - without permitting those who do evil and perpetuate evil - to influence us with money and bribes.

We must pray and hold at bay -  those forces that are evil - make sure they stay away from children - the like of pedophiles and those that harm other human beings with intent - thugs and murderers.

I have taken a stand for children in the Bayview Hunters Point - much as I have taken a stand for single mothers, our grandmothers, our mothers and fathers - who tend to our children and do their best.

In all my endeavors - I have learned a lot from children - even little children as small as 4 years old. No one can bluff children - they can see through you  and have a sense who stands for good and who does not have their better - interest.

In the last 15 years - we now learn over 80,000 families - fathers, mothers, children have left - San Francisco.

These great families  have taken with them generations of experiences - valuable contributions to our fair City and County of - San Francisco.

More and more mundane, single life style, often immoral - are invading all sections of San Francisco.

It is one thing to embrace decent human beings irrespective of their life style. 

It is another to endure - immoral acts - lack of morality in general - that invade and tarnishes good behavior and taints good manners and etiquette.

What good comes from mostly old men - nude - hovering around children and think it is all fine? Children find it difficult to comprehend such behavior. Many adults do not have the guts to speak out and defend our children.

Also, when in schools some teachers encourage children - who are young -  putting thoughts in their mind - that it is fine to love and encourage sexual advances - from the same sex - individuals.

San Francisco seems to be leading the Nation in this area - and that is totally - wrong. City Hall seems to think such immoral behavior is permitted - encouraging behavior that perverts - favor.

In the poorer sections of San Francisco - we have contamination - that adversely impacts all - but, more our children. Our City and our San Francisco Health Department has failed our children.

Plans are afoot to build a Wellness Center with the help of California Pacific Medical Center - a Black doctor and a Black Representative from District 10 at Third Street and Cargo Way in the Bayview.

A Wellness Center - to treat our children. The Wellness Center - in stark middle - in the center - of a very, very contaminated area. 

Again and again our politicians think that treating our children with disrespect, using them as pawns, abusing their intelligence - is right - it is WRONG.

If any one has the BLOOD of children on their hands - that is the worst curse that carries with you - for the rest of your life.

If with intent - anyone of you - who are warned NOT to harm our children - but you do it with intent - you will endure the worst - wrath - make no bones about it.

This holiday season 2012 - going into 2013 - let us protect our children.

Plan to contribute to the welfare of our children in San Francisco - and support our families - straight families - father, mother, and children. Aho.

Monday, December 24, 2012


Politicians more those that stay far way from children and do not care about children - are the worst ones - hypocrites.

After the Newtown massacre  you would have thought our politicians would speak for our children - and how this City and County of San Francisco - would stop putting our children more those going to Middle School and High School at risk.

Daily our children - mostly those who take Public Transportation - travel to school crossing two, three, four turfs.

Turfs are areas controlled by gangs - who monitor those those that they consider rivals - and if they want it - it could mean anyone - even someone who is innocent - in the wrong place - when the knuckle heads are around trying to do their mischief.

Often times; I have had the occasion to intervene when some youth are in trouble on the bus.

A lot of youth knew me; from the days when they were young - going to the Boys and Girls Club, at the many gyms - and so on.

Many of their parents know me - and since I work with the community - and represent at City Hall they know me - more.

At times I have saved lives - just because I could intervene.

Our politicians really do not care about our youth.

They care about making some statement - like Malia Cohen projecting herself to bring about some legislation - that she will not craft - but others will do it for her - just to say that something is being done - to curb military style weapons and bullets that can pierce body amour - teflon bullets - that civilians normally should not have access to.

On the local and state level something must be done - but, more must be mandated and legislated on the federal level. We know this - but politicians always stay away from doing right - and are afraid taking on the National Rifle Association.

An important element to note - is to focus on our children - especially children who are vulnerable - and those prone to and victim of " turf wars". Many of our children have died - caught in the turf wars - even though they had nothing to do with it.

Folks like District 10 Malia Cohen - has no clue about - turf wars - but, she will lie and state in public that she visits the victims - she will look at you in the eye and lie - and do that without blinking an eye.

Malia Cohen is now trying to throw in her name in the hat - to run for President,of the San Francisco Board Of Supervisors - big, big, big mistake.

Famous for grinning and shedding crocodile tears - this woman is a joke - and far from representing San Francisco - and District 10 - a disgrace to anything - decent.

She loves taking junkets to Ireland, Israel, China - any place where she can use her charms - to benefit herself.

But what has she done lately to curb the many thefts, home invasion, assaults, the shootings and rampant killings - in District 10 - nothing.

What has she done to come to the aid of those in Public Housing - especially those at Hunterview - nothing.

What has she done to improve Transportation in the Bayview Hunters Point - nothing.

I had to fight to erect two bus shelters at Third and Palou - with the help of Ed Reiskin.

What has Malia Cohen done to those that are low income and no income - providing decent housing - mostly Elders - nothing.

Malia Cohen could have passed legislation to help our Elders - but she has chosen to pander.

Third Street is going from bad to worse - we do not have one decent restaurant - and the few that stay afloat are having a difficult time.

When the Third Street Light Rail was built - from 4th and King Street to middle of no where Visitation Valley - at a cost of over $700 million - we never heard of Malia Cohen - who lived with her parents in District 9.

Ninety percent of the businesses during the construction of the Third Street Light Rail - went under - why?

Malia Cohen worked for Mayor Gavin Newsom the same Mayor who favored Lennar, a Rogue Developer. Lennar who bombarded the community with toxic dust, removed batteries from monitors registering asbestos and toxic dust.

Lennar who was fined $515,000 by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Malia Cohen has no clue what the community has suffered.

Now she is working closely with the crooks Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein - two hags - that should be at home - or seek office away from Washington DC.

Recently; when the Newtown episode took place - these two hags - Diane and Nancy - did not have a word to say about the "safety of our children" in San Francisco.

Nancy and Diane want to attempt to take on the National Rifle Association - who should have been check mated - in President Barack Hussein Obama - first term - what happened?

The President promised to do something - but as luck would have it - forgot to take concrete action. Now, suddenly he feels he ought to do something - but, there is no concrete language, no concrete legislation - on military style guns and ammunition - in all the talk.

Suffice it to say the United States is one of the world's biggest suppliers of Military Arms and ammunition. We supply bombs, aircraft, and other deadly weapons to Israel for example. 

Some years ago Israel dropped  "cluster bombs" made in the United States - on Lebanon - killing and maiming hundreds. In other countries be it Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen - weapons we the United States supply - for one purpose are used for another.

We have a population of about 311 million in the United States and over 58 million - about 20 percent of our population - suffer from mental  problems - many need hospitalization.

More they need home care and support given to their families. Mental illness is considered a stigma - and our Nation has done little to remove the "stigma" - and put in place models and systems - that help the mentally - challenged.

Mentally challenged folks sleep under our bridges, door ways, anywhere; where they can take shelter from the elements. In the past few days it has been raining and very cold; I visit some to the poor and mentally challenged - and you would not like to read what they think of those in our City - who should be providing - shelter.

Our shelters are noisy - where thugs rule. We have places that offer you a chair to sit - all nigh long - and no no cares if you drop - dead.

Try get sleep on a chair - sitting on nigh long - with noise and other adverse elements. Our City know about these inhuman conditions - and gives money to these institution - who treat people - human beings - more who are ill - like chattel.

In San Francisco our mental patients many coming from the Bayview Hunters Point - receive the best treatment in the San Francisco County Jail. Malia Cohen would not know that.

We have too many functioning mental patients - who do not take their medication in San Francisco - come from dysfunctional families where they have no peace of mind - shooting and killings further traumatize them - but, Malia Cohen would not know - that - either.

After staying for a long time with her parents in District 9 she now lives on Potrero Hill  - where the make up of the community  is mostly White - that is the type of company she loves to keep.

She says she is Black - her style of doing things - as a sell out - favors the "House Negro". Pandering to forces that favor - gentrification. I challenge her to debate me - where I can reveal a long rap sheet.

Most people are afraid to say that - but that is exactly what she is. I left her alone for over a year - hoping against hope that she would better herself - but her pathetic self cannot be helped - she has created a "cesspool" and loves to swim in it.

The politicians must focus on our children - all aspects of our children - childcare, nutrition, health services, transportation, safety, domestic violence, child abuse, sound education and more - Malia Cohen would not know that - less as a closeted - lesbian - pretending to be - straight.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


It is simply mind boggling; to hear so called Representatives the likes of Malia Cohen -  who have no clue about the constituents they represent. Less - about affordable housing - less still housing for low income and no income.

Again and again promises have been made - and again and again - with the help of mostly Blacks at the helm - minorities have been take for a - ride.

Malia Cohen herself - was foolish to buy a condominium at Executive Park - only to go under.

She was not wise enough to know better - and greedy enough to get caught in the net of greed - linked to sub-primes loans and fell prey to the balloon - payments.

Today, Malia Cohen - immoral as she is - is busy working with Lennar and other dubious entities to rake in the money.

While all the time putting down - mostly Blacks - who are suffering in the Bayview Hunters Point. She is what the common Black refers to as a House Negro - who does the White man's dirty work. Malia is always pandering - she does not have a stand - she wants to come out but somehow lingers - and stays in that dark - closet.

If you visit the Department of  Elections and ask who was the proponent of Proposition F as opposed to Lennar's Proposition G - you will find that the two proponents - were Jim Queen and Francisco Da Costa. That was in the year 2004.

The Zionist tried to tarnish our image - but, we stood our ground - and will stand our ground - as dubious entities - try to build Market Value Housing - on Hunters Point - even with the backing of China Development Bank.

The Hunters Point Project - be it Phase I or Phase II - will fall - FLAT - on its face.

We have thousands of units at Potrero Hill, Huntersview and Kiska Road, Oakdale Public Housing, Alice Griffith Public Houisng and Sunnydale Public Housing.

These units should accommodate moderate, low and no income. There should be no Market Value priced units - NOT ONE SINGLE UNIT.

When we thought about Proposition F - we mandated 50% Market Value housing, 30 percent Affordable Housing, and the rest low and no income housing.

Some of us wanted NO Market Value - not as much as 50% - but we had many groups - and had to build consensus - we had to fight the Rogue Developer Lennar , the Zionist who came out of the dark to fight us - others mostly Black the likes of Aurelious Walker, Lola Whittle, Calvin Jones, Doris Vincent, Willie B. Kennedy, Dwayne Jones - all Blacks and there were more - who sold out the community and sided with - Lennar.

Lennar who opposed us with Proposition G - raised their affordable housing - to 33 percent and spent $10 million in advertisements to defeat  - " we the people " who spent a measly $5 thousand.

History should remember we put our Measure F on the Ballot. Never ever in the history of San Francisco was a Ballot Measure put on with so short a time - with all the required signatures.

First they said we did not have the signatures. So we challenged them - and they forced us to witness the counting of all the signatures - and we formed teams - to stay vigilant and witness the counting. In the end they said - we had the signatures.

Then we had to go through the process of the Ballot Measure - fine tuning the language - and we will never, ever forgot our allies the likes of Dough Comstock, the Nation of Islam, Grace Tabernacle Church, Archbishop Franzo King, so many others - to many to name - but I was there - and I will forever - remember.

Then Market went down -  caught in the spiraling economy - the sub-prime loans, the derivatives - the other dubious wheeling and dealing - that crashed the Market and had millions of people - lose their savings.

Behind all these schemes the ZIONISTS - the like of Goldman Sahs, JP Morgan Chase and so on. All this happened in the year 2008 - and it about to happen again - with the impending - Fiscal Cliff - in the year 2012.

The Mayor's Office of Community Development and the SF Planning Department is working on some new models - to apply the (Median Household Income) AMI - studying the Regional Model with has a bit higher level - looking at the local AMI linked to San Francisco - which is lower - to qualify.

Looking at affordable housing - on site and off site - linked to so called affordable housing.

Most off site affordable housing - has been built on contaminated sites - better known as Brown Fields - Aurelious Walker and Calvin Jones - took advantaged of - off site affordable units - built on Brown Fields - that does not help the community.

The City has a glut of Market Price housing units - and of course we have the filthy rich - but, they too in recent years - do not want to spend their money.

Affordable Housing is way back - there is back log - and when the numbers are produced - the explanation - given is so convoluted. " We want these units to be there to be bought - but since the market is not there - we are looking at renting these units. We are waiting for the Market to pick up - to sell the units".

Such talk is just hot air - the reality is that there are very few rental units for moderate income folks - who cannot available themselves of the San Francisco AMI - or the Regional AMI - as they make more and do not qualify - but they are the Middle Class.

Representatives like Malia Cohen from District 10 - the Bayview - and Scott Wiener from District 8 the Castro - are pushing for Big Developers to have their way - fostering Market Value Housing.

Scott Wiener has some drab legislation - to build 150 square feet match box units - who will live in these drab units - is any one's guess?

For sure - these match box units cannot and will not accommodate families.

Both Scott Wiener and Malia Cohen - do not have the better interests of families - and both of them are Queer - Scott Wiener open and Malia Chone a closeted one.

The San Francisco Planning Department is now determining how to make some money - through fees - over $9.5 Billion is planned in development and in the pipe-line - development slated in the Southeast Sector.

The SF Planning Department is filling their coffers with permit fees and so is the Department of Building Inspection.

With the Department of Building Inspection - as was stated by a Whistle Blower in public; at the last Department of Building Inspection, Commission meeting - a convoluted route has been established to route the money to the Mayor's Office.

Petty cash that the Mayor's Office can spend. It may sound nonchalant - but this matter has been brought to me - complete with documentation - over twenty times - in the last three months. Corruption of the worst - order.

In the mean time Big Developers and large Property Managers - all Whites and very corrupt - the likes of Mercy Housing at Sunnydale, the John Stewart Company now at Huntersview - soon at Kiska Road, Bridge Developers at Potrero Hill - want to build Market Price Housing - with some so called - affordable housing - for people that supposedly must have very good credit.

To those living in Public Housing now - affordable housing is promised - cliches like one on one housing are mentioned - whatever that means. The curve ball and the rod up your ass - is when these evil folks, demand - good credit.

 Poor folks like to trust - the White folks - have learned nothing much -  from the days of the " infamous Plantation" - in recent times - Geneva Towers - the John Stewart Company ran that ruckus. How blind can we be - and why are we not taking a stand - now?

Senator Diane Feinstein, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, the other SF Board of Supervisors - who worship the MACHINE - do not care for the poor.

All this hog wash about gun buy outs - ban on bullets - teflon bullets - other bullets - and the loud talk about them - is just a ploy - to divert the minds of the people. 

The City cannot afford to fill in the promised 3 Full Time Employment (FTE) - linked to the Community Response Network. Millions are spend on other nefarious activities.

In the interim - hundreds of minorities continue to die - Black on Black violence - spurred by forces - some Black other White with an ulterior motive - it is part of the on going - gentrification.

It started with - "Gang Injunctions" - then the "gun buy outs" - but for every gun bought in these schemes - there are 500 guns in the many household - more than 300,000 guns - and mostly owned by Whites - who is fooling - whom.

The last frontier - some want to build - but first they want to remove the minorities - much as they did in the Fillmore - and this time around we have Malia Cohen doing the dirty work for the CROOKS.

It does not take require that you be a rocket scientist - to understand the removable of minorities - it has happened already - the last push - are policies to wipe out the unwanted - by hook or by crook.

Perhaps the only element that stopped this is the 2008 Economic Downfall - it has bought us some time - and during the INTERIM period - instead of being - vigilant - most of us are - fast asleep at the wheel.

We have the living and the living dead. This situation is our fault - we have the option to be alive and fight for what is right - or look dumb, stay dumb, frozen and stagnant - stay and remain, defeated - as all losers do.

We have more  those that continue to spew hot air - that talk the talk and fewer still that walk the walk.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.