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Monday, July 25, 2011

The President Has Spoken the TRUTH and the Republicans still continue to LIE.

In the last 200 days the Republicans in the Congress have not initiated one single legislation linked to jobs.

Yet, the Speaker of the House started his speech talking about JOBS and in all the statements he made - the Speaker has taken our Nation further, nearer - very serious consequences.

The American people are NOT stupid.

This time around the Republicans have exposed themselves - we know the Republicans to be liars - having chosen to deceive the American people - publicly.

You can imagine the ploys and machinations they are familiar with and plot - behind close - doors.

If we; as a Nation do not increase the debt ceiling - we as a Nation will suffer.

Interest rates will go up and the Bond Ratings down graded - impacting thousands of major projects - Nationwide.

George W. Bush favored the rich who do not pay taxes and those that do pay a little - do not pay much.

The large corporations are not paying taxes, taking write offs; using off shore accounts - lack of  taxes that have been parked outside the States and  have caused further irreparable damage to our Nation and our Economy.

The Republicans do not give a hoot if they harm our Veterans.

They do not give a damn if they adversely impact those on disability, on Social Security - those that need help and have been getting help - until now.

We are a Nation of compassion.

The Republicans have clearly chosen to adversely impact Entitlements - and the American people will remember them for this; for a long - long time.

President Barrack Hussein Obama did a good job explaining the position of the Democratic Party. The President took a stand for what is right. In the end - whatever the Republicans ploys and machinations - President Obama will WIN.

We have heard from the Republican Speaker of the House - and he lied with his opening statement.

The matter of fact is that the Republicans in the House - in the last 200 days have NOT initiated one single job's bill.

The Republican talk smacks of false pride and these so called representatives - do not have the better interest of hard working, tax paying - Americans.

The American people will not forget any party that is against our Veterans, against our Elderly who need their Social Security, against our disabled that need help. Most importantly against our children and those most vulnerable.