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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The INDEPENDENTS must cease the moment and put the REPUBLICANS out to dry.

It is simply pathetic the way the REPUBLICANS are behaving with the present fiasco and dealing with the Nations - debt ceiling.

Shame on all the past REPUBLICAN headed governments - starting with Nixon, then Ford, then Reagan, Bush Sr. and the worst of them all George W. Bush Jr.

Pathetic, all of them - when it comes to wasting, tax payers money. We have the empirical data to prove that. Ask the General Accounting Office.

The Nation seems to forget rather quickly that we had no problem before with the debt ceiling.

And not too long ago - we were in default for but 10 days and suffered a half percent increase for years - that is our Nation recent history and its affair with the debt ceiling.

Not too long ago - during the Bill Clinton administration we were on the plus side - the last Democratic President in the White House - with a plus favored - our Nation's fiscal status.

Only for George W. Bush Jr to waste billions every month - taking our Nation to war - and invading two foreign Nations - Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thousands of our service men and women are suffering - all because of the fanatical REPUBLICANS and their war mongering mentality.

The mostly fanatical Republicans see nothing in invading foreign countries and killing and maiming innocent people. The repercussions of that mistake - has come to bite our Nation in the BUTT.

It is called KARMA.

Trillions of dollars wasted by the Department of Defense, the CIA, the many Private Armies, pork barrel projects that many Congresspersons and Senators who were used to plotting and getting to waste millions of dollars on home projects - have now come home to roost.

When this Nation dares to challenge the Entitlements of the Seniors, the disabled, those that paid into the system - and now; some dubious, so called REPRESENTATIVES have dipped into, and now want to dip - dipper - enough is enough.

The REPUBLICANS and the fake TEA PARTY aficionada will suffer the back lash - come the next elections.

Once and for all - all the bickering, this back and forth, and putting the lives of the many that honor this Nation and keeping them hostage - will back fire - in a BIGGEST way - possible.

The Main Media has been lying. We saw this with Shock and Awe, lying to the public and not telling the  TRUTH. Well, time for President Barrack Hussein Obama to reveal about 9/11, and a host of secrets that he knows - but has spared the REPUBLICANS - shame.

Tell it as it is - and everything will fall in place. All these ploys and machinations will evaporate in a second. Put the REPUBLICANS on notice - now.

Only a Black President can put the red necks on notice and this is your opportunity. They want to play with fire - well, this is your - opportunity.

We know who made deals with the Iranians to steal the White House from President Carter. We know who made deals with the Supreme Court to steal the White House from Al Gore.

The American people know it all - and the next time at the polls - the REPUBLICANS will bear the brunt of the displeasure from the American People.

You want the American People to speak up - well they are all gearing to vote right - and vote the REPUBLICANS - out.

These two party jerking in public must come to an end.

While millions of Independents now throw in their votes either way - acting as a swing vote - the time has come to REMOVE the scum bags.

Those that keep betraying our Nation - the REPUBLICANS.

Hold the naysayers to the FIRE - and keep them at a distance.

The 50 million members of AARP and thousands of National Association of Retired Federal Employees (NARFE) - must unite with other similar entities and send a strong message to the "thugs" who are holding the Nation - hostage.

Let us start with reducing the pensions and salaries of the Congressperson and Senators by twenty five percent.

Stop all perks - travel and so on - and within minutes a compromise will be arrived.

I dare the REPUBLICANS to touch entitlements of the Seniors and those that are disabled - and not suffer.

As a party the REPUBLICANS will suffer the most severe repercussions - in the history of the doomed REPUBLICAN party.

President Barrack Hussein Obama has been too lenient to the REPUBLICAN party and to the SPEAKER of the house - who pretends he has the better interest of the Nation.

Stop this nonsense - and raise the debt ceiling - now.
The Constitution gives the President a right to deal with the issue. But, this President want to have an open - meeting of the minds and support of all parties to address the better needs of the Nation.

Put this Nation to work - our infrastructure needs to be over hauled.

The off shore businesses should NOT get any tax breaks.

The filthy rich millionaires and billionaires - must pay their fare share.

Billions of dollars wasted by Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, other large financial institutions - must be recovered.

Stop the banks from hoarding money.

Go after the crooks that brought the economic collapse in the year 2008 with the sub-prime loans and fake derivatives.

We know where the loop holes are - but choose to do nothing. Get rid of the Internal Revenue System and over haul the entire tax system.

The American People are Fed Up - with all the stupid - pussyfooting.