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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pandemonium prevails at the Bayview Opera House at meeting to address shooting of a Black man who failed to pay his fare.

The Representative of District 10 said that the meeting: "was a low point in democracy". This low point in democracy was brought about by poor leadership and very poor representing - these many months and years.

Daily it is critical to bring all constituents together to address common issues.

The killing and the after affects is just the tip of the iceberg.

Even before the meeting was held - I predicted who would take over the meeting and make loud noises.

We have had over 600 shootings and killings in the last 12 years - and in all these time - these drastic and traumatic events took place - the leadership, in the Bayview Hunters Point - has been non-existent.

What great difference does this one incident make - from the many that preceded this one incident? How many Black on Black shootings have we had - and looked the other way? 

Right from the start of the meeting - without setting the tone - there was finger pointing and blaming - at the July 20, 2011 meeting held at the Bayview Opera House on Third Street.

This is the way - those that deem themselves leaders - feel is the proper way to conduct a meeting. In fact when you conduct a meeting is such a way - it is a recipe for - disaster and fiasco of the highest, order.

Times are changing - and if those that want to lead - first do not drastically change their mentality - again and again - if you create a "cesspool" - you will swim in the cesspool.

The Spiritual element is critical - that has been the back bone of the Civil Rights Movement - and movement - worth the salt.

Of course the local media have journalists that are not in tuned with the community at large in the Bayview Hunters Point.

This incident is a result of some one from another State - Washington State coming into the community - and getting involved with the SF Police Department - and following some events - leading to a shooting - that ultimately led to the victim's - demise.

No one has claimed that this man involved in raping a fourteen year girl, a suspect in some shooting in Washington State, has anything to do worthwhile - in our community?

The meeting at the Bayview Opera House though highlighting this event - was more to vent and spew out - most of the very frustrating issues - the people of the Bayview Hunters Point - have to deal with - daily in their mostly drab lives on the streets of Third Street - right there on Palou Street.

The Police Chief - Greg Suhr - perhaps for the first time - truly saw the frustration of the community.

Even though he may mean well - there are a few in every audience that will Mau Mau any meeting - thinking, that this method - brings about some - little resolution - and the matter of fact is - that they are dead - wrong.

The demographics of the Bayview Hunters Point has changed - drastically. The Polynesian, the Asians, the Native American, the Whites, others were not present in numbers at the meeting - why?

Of course those most impacted by searches, harassment, and other police involvement are Blacks - those that appear to be doing nothing - wasting their time - selling MUNI tickets, drugs, trying to make a fast buck - to survive.

For years these men mostly have been given NO opportunities.

They mean well - when they think doing illegal things - will help them survive. That is when considering they have nothing but the things they do to survive. This in one of the richest cities in America - San Francisco!

As you explain - what is legal and what is not - something dawns on these men and women - who have been caught up in the rut - with the drugs, wheeling and dealing, and petty crime - to survive. Look at them in the eye - and you see the - frustration.

There is forty percent unemployment and more in some hot spots in the Bayview. I have reported about this - our Mayor knows about this, our Police Chief knows about this, our Representative from district 10 knows about it - but, what do these folks do about it? Our SF Board of Supervisors know about this fact - but choose not to do anything.

 So, some journalist should try fending for herself or himself in the community without any money. May be begging, asking, and doing what is takes to survive.

We do not have in San Francisco any journalist that can do through - investigative reporting. When is the last time you read a through report on the underlining factor that foster crime and other adverse impacts - and come under Safety.

The one report about the meeting held at the Bayview Opera House - in the SF Chronicle is full of generalities. Tone it down and so on. A report written remote control.

The community is frustrated because our Mayors, our SF Board of Supervisors, the local leadership has turned their back on the people.

The Third Street Lightrail does not work. This is not the first time I have said this. We do not see SF Police in China Town - asking MUNI bus passengers for their fare - but, you see all the time at the hubs from Williams to Evans - asking mostly poor people for their fare - why? It is called harassment - discrimination - abject looking down on people - because of the color of their skin.

The poor who live in some areas have over fifty percent unemployment. In many homes the money runs out - the 5th day of the month. If some one is a single mother and has two or three children - let the so called economists - figure out the details - of being poor, destitution, frustration, totally break-down, and so on.

There are drugs the type that give you a "hit" for as little as $10. The hit keeps - those addicted going for a while - and then you desire another "hit". One can judge this situation - remote control as do the shallow journalists - or one can address the situation - head on and do something about it.

Who is it that brings the drugs and the guns into the community?

Way back in 2002 - at the Bayview Opera House we organized a Crime Prevention Conference. Our theme "Peace in the Streets - It requires mutual responsibility. It demands mutual respect."

Over the years we have fought for money for the Bayview much before the Community Response Network was created. Money that we fought and got for the Bayview - was given to Visitation Valley that comes under the Captain from District 11. It is such type of doings - when Federal and State money - meant for the Bayview - has been not been spent in the Bayview -  the Bayview neglected - and money diverted. 

The Gang Injunction, the over 800 shootings and killings in the last 15 years - have been borne by the constituents of the Bayview constituents - stoically.

We have over 60 Churches in the Bayview Hunters Point - the Churches do little if nothing to provide - the resources, the spiritual healing.

The pastors are there with an open hand - if they hear money is involved. We saw what Lennar, a Rogue Developer did to our community - using the "thugs" and the Pastors as conduits.

No one entity can bring about peace and restore peace - when the underlining factors are still festering. The cancer has to be removed. Who will do it? Who will bring hope? Who will make the dream of Doctor Martin Luther King happen? Who will stand up like Frederick Douglas? Who will think and speak up like Malcolm X?

We have NOT one leader who is educated on issues. I meet them all the time - and they all have a hidden agenda. Poor fools.

Leading the charge and making loud noises - leaders who are on the payroll, former "jail birds" trying to impress, others who have no contact with people and entities that matter. 

Community Based Organization (CBOs) on the take.

Hence, when you have a meeting like the one that was held at the Bayview Opera House at 6 pm on July 20, 2011 - all you hear, see, and witness is pandemonium.

Some local leader from the community must set the tone - not the wanna bees that want some attention for themselves.