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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wall Street protesters pepper sprayed by NY Police Department - and more women with cause.

Mayor Bloomberg sure talks the talk when he makes a speech and encourages - free speech.

But, then when informed protesters gather outside Wall Street in New York - all hell breaks out.

It was totally wrong for the NY Police Department to have one of its officer pepper spray some defenseless women - and then justify that it was fine to do so.

Do not defend the Wall Street thugs.

More psychopaths according to recent studies - that claim most psychopaths love to work on Wall Street.

The nature of the high stakes betting - given them a high. As to the consequences who loses and who makes money - they could not give a damn.

The love to make money - and they will do anything to make money - even if it means hurting the innocent - investor. All those who lost huge sums of money in the year 2008 - remember the ploys and machinations.

The current state of affairs linked to the financial circus on Wall Street and at other financial hubs all over the world - point to America -  the sub-prime loans and the derivatives - that all originated when Goldman Sachs and like minded "banksters" located in America and more in New York - decided to rule the world and cheat.

Today, millions of people have been affected.

Millions of innocent people have had their saving wiped out - and folks working for JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, others one worse then the other - could not give a rat's ass - when customers are stressed and even commit suicide.

What is the Attorney General's office doing about this situation?

Why are these "bankster thugs" not arrested and put in jail and given the longest - sentences - ever?

Why should the innocent constituents suffer - where are the protections offered - against White Crime?

Now, when some educated courageous women and men gather outside Wall Street to protest - the NY Police Department - tries to push the buttons of the protesters and think they can use force - to cow down the  protesters.

When personal information was posted for all the world to see of the "rogue police officer who pepper sprayed the innocent women" - all hell broke loose - and the NY Police Department was not pleased.

They got a dose of their own medication.

This time the poster or poster went one step further - and revealed information about the NY Police Officer's family.

Now, strictly speaking this was too much - but, in the given circumstances - pepper spraying innocent women was not justified at all - not very prudent - all caught on tape for the world to see.

Protests will increase all over the United States and that includes San Francisco.

Wall Street and the rogue banksters have had it good - for too long. However, their time is coming.

We have large banks here in San Francisco - two come to mind -  Wells Fargo and Bank of America.

These two banks went on a rampage - enticing innocent people to take huge loans - and defrauding time by cheating the innocent customers.

All this - using sub-primes loans and derivatives to ruin many lives.

Wall Street individuals who had the inside scoop and  made their bets and won millions.

The facts are out there but no one wants to take on Wall Street. Wall Street has not been kind to the woman and man on Common Street - and Wall Street - must be taken to task and penalized.

The time for restitution is here.

It is wrong, simply wrong to pepper spray innocent women who are exercising their first amendment rights.

Think for a second and ponder - we - who know our rights - will NOT cow down to "rogue police officers" who should know - better.

Gentrification of an entire neighborhood - by REPRESENTATIVES - more drab politicians who are not worth their salt.

It is just a matter of time before an entire area called Bayview Hunters Point will be inundated by so called REPRESENTATIVES - more drab POLITICIANS that are not worth their salt.

Aiding and abetting them in their nefarious activities - corrupt contractors, more Prime contractors who are busy doing the wrong thing - and harming the workers. This is going on - all the time on all the major projects - in the Bayview Hunters Point.

The present District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen is a JOKE - famous for her grin and her pussyfooting around - speaking in generalities and doing nothing.

Taking every opportunity to visit her many dens - where she feline cohorts make the best of her time - time - that really should be spent on her suffering - constituents.

It was the same with Sophie Maxwell, another black woman who raked in the thousands of dollars  and now passes her time - pandering to mostly Whites.

She wants to sail with the Whites in the coming America's Cup and is on the Committee. I hope she loses some weight - that big bonnet of hers - could take any catamaran down - in the choppy water of the very cold - Bay.

Nothing much - worth the salt is happening in the Bayview Hunters Point and Visitation Valley. One important Recreation Center at Visitation Valley has been closed - and Malia Cohen can do nothing about it - accept - yawn. 

Malia is good following Ed Lee the interim corrupt Mayor - like a lap dog - Malia has put her hopes on corruption and revealed her true colors - like most of these closet - perverts.

The more I dig about this fake Malia Cohen - the more nauseating I and others feel - I recently met one of her class mates. She was the same - and "believe me Francisco she is not from the Bayview". She knows nothing about the people of the Bayview, less about herself, and is a total sell out.

Crime is on the increase and the Bayview Police Station does a good job - releasing the incidents reports - which I doubt the idiotic Malia Cohen - reads, less ponders, and less has the ability to act upon.

Generation after generation has suffered in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Be it the Samoans who have been evicted in droves, the Blacks who share a common history - prone to Welfare and trying to make ends meet.

The predators mostly White come into the community - the Nibbi Brothers, Cahill, the John Stewart Company, Apartment Management Investment Company (AIMCO), the Walgreens linked to Walmart, other dubious entities - pander to idiots like Malia Cohen and make hay while the shine shines.

It was the same with Sophie Maxwell pandering to LENNAR.

Sophie put her faith on LENNAR - rather then support the children and our Elders who were suffering and bombarded with toxic dust and dangerous particulates.

It is the same with the House Negro - Malia Cohen - who has her roots in pandering.

All her drab education - means nothing - she is worthless - most people ask me who is her significant other - and I say - " I do not care" - she is worthless and means nothing to me - excreta.

Since being elected - Malia Cohen has done nothing for the many that thought being young - she is in her thirties - or so I am told.

With her education in Public Policy - as least that is what she says - she should have understood quickly the factors that need to be studied.  Instead she will put her faith in people who are sordid and think like herself.

A disgrace to the human race and anything decent and holistic.

Having worked for that metro-sexual Gavin Newsom, and when she met me once - sat next to me in the MUNI bus - and tried to make small talk. I am not into - folks that are artificial - was cautious - and now she is on my - shit list.

In the interim our children are suffering.

Our elders are suffering.

Crime is on the increase and Third Street is dying before our eyes. No one worth the salt wants to truly live on Third Street.

Some lousy banners are up and they mean nothing. They mean nothing to people that are hungry and have no food. People who are given no - opportunities.

Malia Cohen does not give a damn - taking bribes and pandering to the crooks - she represents less and whores more.

The young men are fed up and often come to me when they are frustrated. What does Malia Cohen have to offer them? Nothing.

Recently, some men were hired for a few weeks on the Hunterview Project and let go. This happens all the time. With vultures who get training money - but, cannot put people to work.

It is the same with the Nibbi Brothers - who are racist and will not hire Blacks on the Mission Bay Projects.

Mitchell Engineering - is White and has his wife who is White - taking and grabbing all the credits of a minority. Bayview is full of them - White women acting as fronts for small businesses and taking advantage of the community - with their Minority Status.

Why should so many White Women compete for contracts in the Bayview - let them go to Pacific Heights and other places. Take their pink assess and leave the people of Bayview alone.

Recently, a Black Brother fully qualified and working for Mitchell Engineering was laid off. His only mistake - bringing to the attention of Mitchell Engineering - their abject disregard for sound safety measures and the impending heavy - traffic.

Imagine providing seven traffic cones - and ordering the Black qualified Brother - to manage very heavy traffic on Folsom Street in San Francisco.

When the Brother brought the facts to the attention of the company - they stopped sending him to job sites - forcing him to go on unemployment benefits.
He has a large family to feed - is a good Brother - and will succeeded with our support.

Such nonsense must come to an end. Now.

This type of discrimination must be addressed by our SF City Attorney, our SF District Attorney, our Interim Mayor who talks a lot, of course the District 10 Supervisor who is busy pussyfooting around.

The Labor Department - if Mitchell Engineering wants to take on labor - they will be in for a big, big - surprise.

We can and will shut - Mitchell Engineering - down.
Make no bones about it. Take your ass out of the community - and into oblivion. 

Just like - we can address the shenanigans of the Nibbi  Brothers and Cahill and the other crooks - like WEBCOR who fail to pay the contractors on time - on jobs linked to the SF General Hospital.

Mitchell Engineering created many fiascoes on Third Street when the Light Rail was being built.

I brought many of their dialectic operations to their attention - but to no avail. 

They have one Fire Hydrant outside my office on Third Street - Third and Palou that has not been connected right - must be addressed - and it has been  seven years and nothing in happening? What the fuck!

They buy their way around with the City and County of San Francisco - and must be put on the debarred list to do business.

Small businesses cannot do business in San Francisco - because the corrupt, greed Primes want it all - and will under-bid, disrespect the workers 0 make money and take it out of San Francisco.

Whatever happened to the Nibbi Brothers and the three Mexican workers who were injured - when a concrete wall that was fresh with poured cement - came crushing down and sent these three workers spiraling down three flights?

Whatever - happened to them? Who is behind this fucking cover up?

Black Brothers, the Samoans are all watching and it is just a matter of time - do not say we did not warn you buffoons. 

The corrupt Nancy Pelosi and her shenanigans at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - with now dead John Murtha helping this very corrupt woman - part of the MACHINE:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fast and Furious the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) - selling dangerous weapons to the Drug Cartels.

Now here is news - real news - about the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearm Agency (ATF) - selling arms to the Mexican Drug Cartel - allowing them to walk away and disappearing into thin air - without any accountability and trace.

Now, why or why would any Government Agency do that?  You ask Law Enforcement, you ask the question to those that know something - and the answer is simple - they are fucking - STUPID.

Thousands of people have been maimed, hundreds killed, by arms that they bought from the ATF that set shop and sold these arms - with no apparent reason - but to stem some violence and create an artificial war zone - to influence some legislation that has yet to find out - why our Government and some Agencies - act - STUPID.

This is not the first time we have encountered such nonsense. President Reagan did it with Iran. Again Reagan did it with Latin America - we all remember Oliver North - "I have no recollection".

Why would - we - the United States of America permit such nonsense?

For sure one Law Enforcement person has been killed and we have traced the guns to Fast and Furious - an operation that will bring down heads - and I hope all of them come tumbling - down.

This method of selling drugs, other prohibited stuff, and making the people walk away - to watch the spread of any adverse consequence is a time tested method but very focus - with precise tracers and sound monitoring.

This time around the walk was for free - the guys disappeared into thin air - the influence and the spread -  not at all monitored - the situation at hand had no accountability.

No dragnet could be cast to catch the culprits - and the ATF made fools of themselves.

However,  every one has heard what has been happening at the Mexican Border more inside the American Border - since this Fast and Furious mishap has taken place - the bad guys are pining down our Law Enforcement and taking pot shot at them.

Our United States ATF Agency has been selling guns, 50 caliber guns at that - that not even our U.S. Law Enforcement have access to - all with the singular purpose - of a nonsense objective - that makes no sense.

It is just a matter of time - that names will be revealed and in the mean time our relations with Mexico will be tarnished for a long, long time.

The Gringo is a Gringo is a Gringo. But this time he has been Fast and Furious - behaving himself worse then a Burro!

Here more for those that have time on their hands:

Incarceration and its impact on the Bayview Hunters Point - development on our Water Front and the lack of participation and jobs for those that need them badly..

Two years ago many of us forgot to give those incarcerated a second chance. Jeff Adachi and others who are now running for higher office helped us.

We got no support from the conservative San Francisco Supervisors and those that work for the MACHINE.

They all speak of JOBS and look at you in the EYE - flowery talk at the TransBay, much as they do at Mission Bay, they talk about Treasure Island, Park Merced, and Hunters Point - mostly talk and no action.

Willie L. Brown a thug Mayor who is now appearing openly with Gavin Newsom and Ed Lee on such appearance as the development of the America's Cup - the development of the San Francisco Waterfront - and other developments - that has nothing to do with Public Trust Land and the rights of all Californians - is trying to hoodwink the public at large.

Under Public Trust Land the 7.5 mile SF Port Authority belongs to all Californians.

This is important to note. The development must be linked with Maritime Uses and strongly favor it. Critical to this process - the meaningful participation of all the citizens of California.

The MACHINE that operates like thugs and the Mafia is seeking to give some entities the power to build high rise building on the water front. This is a no, no.

 Condominiums for the filthy rich - and other favorable deals - at market value prices - that will come to haunt us for a long, long time.

First and foremost we must have our Environmental Impact Studies and Report in. They are in the pipeline and slow coming. Then when they come - they will be rubber stamped by the corrupt SF Planning Department. 

The same SF Planning Commissioner that rubber stamped Park Merced, Treasure Island, and Hunters Point and before that Mission Bay.

 They thugs have not joined and have not come in for naught - and knowing Willie L. Brown Jr. - he is not about process - he is about making it happen his way.

It is for this reason - that term limits came about in Sacramento.

 Willie L. Brown Jr. and his "thug" friends - operated like the Mafia. What they saw they took - what the wanted they grabbed - if the saw any one in their way - they eliminated them.

There has been no real dialog involving our youth and giving them jobs at the Waterfront in connection with the America's Cup.

Things are spoken in generalities and the poor, those need jobs, the rich and filthy that SAIL - do not go hand in hand nor tally with the COMMONS. Time will tell.

Recently, when Willie L. Brown was talking at a event linked to the America's Cup - Willie L.Brown Jr. - Willie narrated and glorified how the America's Cup was held for a long period on the East Coast and brought in revenue and prestige .

Well, this is the West Coast and the current dire economic times do not favor those impact the most.

San Franciscans - in large measure the working class are eroding.

For the poor, the working poor, the Middle Class to - put their trust in " developer thugs" - and the rich who get richer, like billionaire -  Larry Ellison and others is a dream that will fizzle sooner then later.

Willie L. Brown Jr. is there to make money.

He will tell you point blank - if you can help him more - he will help you less. The less is important he will tell you - because he has name - recognition.

Willie L. Brown Jr. and his Platinum Associates have their finger in every pie, every development, every major decision making - private, City controlled, State controlled, and Federal Controlled.

That is how the San Francisco Mafia works - find out who taking control of the parking on the water front in San Francisco. 

Find out who is making their second round for Real Estate, commercial property in down town San Francisco.

Find out who is at the controls - to monitor and fleece each and every major - development. We are watching and we will use the internet much more forcefully - as has been done recently with the Wall Street fiasco in New York - under Mayor Bloomberg.

The man,  Willie L. Brown Jr,  is arrogant , the man who came from a small dirt town in Texas many years ago to San Francisco. He came to join his uncle who was a gambler and a pimp.

It is is such surround that deep impression of how to use human beings for ulterior purposes that has allowed Willie L. Brown - to pimp his way to the top.

He is still legally married to his first wife Alice - yet has several mistresses - a child through one White woman that he cares for and pay for her upkeep and that of his child. He does this with finesse. 

He has a liking for orientals - and has his nectar of consumption on his trips to Macao where he has large casino holdings - and rakes in millions.

Closer to home - in his many suites - through the back door - they come and they service his every need - the orientals. These shenanigans are well know to us that have been monitoring this drab - weasel.

Willie bragging and announcing that he hopes that Ed Lee will be the next Mayor - he will not.

 That Gavin Newsom will be in office for long - he will not.

Even Jerry Brown who is now in office - may not be in office for long - because of health reasons.

And even though Jerry Brown is not as fit as he was - he is still "sharp" when he feels good - and in his last remarks - told Gavin Newsom, Ed Lee, and Willie L. Brown so. Do not count your chickens and do not put them all in one basket.

In all the development closer to the Bayview at Mission Bay, the TransBay, and now the prospects to develop legally hopefully - opportunities linked with the America's Cup - there has been no meaningful dialog - with the pockets of unemployment in the Bayview Hunters Point. Some as high as fifty percent.

Thug Prime Contractors - are employing outsiders and keeping the local journeymen employees, mostly people of color - other that have been trained - out.

There is rampant frustration as there is no accountability by any one, not even the entities that are supposed to monitor the shenanigans.

Ed Lee talks a good talk, Malia Cohen grins - and no one provides real, long term  - jobs.

The Bayview Hunters Point has been shafted and the local District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen has been pussyfooting around - calling the former Supervisor of District 10 her coach - and thinking that by smiling, spewing diatribe, and pussyfooting around - pandering and working for the MACHINE - all is fine.

Despicable to the core - Malia Cohen - slid in the door using the convoluted "Rank Choice Voting" in District 10.

Once in she is close to those that think alike and act alike as a block - David Chiu, Jane Kim, Scott Wiener, Carmen Chu, Sean Elsbernd and I can name others - but suffice to name the core corrupt group - that do not care to support - the San Franciscan at large.

All of the above are controlled by the MACHINE and get big money from DEVELOPERS and think that we are not watching them.

The America's Cup in recent times when it was held in Spain, and in New Zealand - did not bring in the money. There are the empirical facts to prove what I am saying.

I was recently in Auckland, New Zealand and no that for a fact. Infrastructure and other facilities built for the America's Cup and now being used for the World Rugby Cup. Hopefully, Auckland, New Zealand will make some money. As for Spain where it was held too - they are in the deep and sinking.

We, in San Francisco do not have the money.

Yet, we are dreaming much like a conceptual plan that the "legally blind" Mayor Willie L. Brown has no clue for sure.

Conceptual plans sound good but when you wake up they could be your worst nightmare.

Oracle is a "thug" company that has bought up smaller companies and Larry does as he pleases.

Even having his own helipad - for his private helicopter closer to his home. He is a billionaire who does NOT pay his fare share of taxes.

The Bayview has a rich history but the politicians now are gearing up and stepping up the "gentrification" plot.

These politicians vermin to the core - the likes of GRINNING not straight Malia Cohen - are working diligently to rid Blacks and bring in those that can live in "gated communities".

Jobs are touted as bait - where some Black are hired for a few weeks and fired. I see this and know this and I am fully aware of this situation and I am doing something about it.

The same thugs Dwayne Jones, Angelo King, Sophie Maxwell who is some drab consultant on the America's Cup committee, Kimberly Brandon, others who tend to be QUEER - and we are watching them - are plotting whole sale gentrification.

Here is the curve ball. Pay close attention. You will read it here - and hear it today - September 28, 2011. A Tsunami that will bring these "evil people" to their knees. That includes those that think they are invincible.

Remember when I said Lennar will fail. What happened - Lennar failed.

Remember, when I said that no good will happen at Treasure Island and Hunters Point - all the machinations and ploys - are not working. 

Some failed to respect the First People - desecrated the land by spreading the Remains of the First People - the Ohlone. " No good will come at Hunters Point and those that embrace GREED and exploit the POOR will fail - miserably" 

You all will drown in the cesspool of your own making.

It is the same with Young Community Developers.

The same with City Build and as long as Rhonda Simmons is there. You already see people jumping - ship. City Build is hoping but failing - daily, sinking.

You see it with SF Redevelopment.

I said a long time ago it would sink. The Governor Jerry Brown printed my article in his First Newsletter on SF Redevelopment.

Fred Blackwell who is the current SF Redevelopment Director - until October 17, 2011 - will be working for Oakland - closer to home where he makes his abode - and as Assistant City Administrator. Time will tell.

I am in touch with the Brother and he talks to me as a Brother - now, let the begin - begin. Time has come to pass.

This sinful City, complete with its QUEER and sordid thinking - deals behind close doors - will sink and incinerate.

Compounded the evil designs and the harm inflicted on the poor that need jobs and have been starved for no fault of their - own.

We are watching and in the midst of this nonsense and turmoil - with the help of GOD and moral values we stand tall and are in sync with that which can be sustainable and holistic. Aho.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fake ASS Malia Cohen and her gimmicks with legislation that panders to the perverts.

Fake ass Malia Cohen known for her wide grin - her ability to speak in generalities and pander to those that exploit the poor in San Francisco's District 10 - Malia Cohen - works for the MACHINE.

I was recently at City Hall to speak on an agenda item linked to Work Force but could not as Malia Cohen introduce her legislation on false advertisement and abortion.

This agenda item - unwanted took an inordinate time - and I was forced to leave the meeting to attend to other important matters.

The wide grinning District 10 Supervisor has been an utter failure - with crime increasing in District 10, hot spots of unemployment - as much as fifty percent.

"Rogue Developers" exploiting the community, bombarding the community with asbestos particulates at Hunterview and Parcle A, dangerous particulates, and other toxic elements - more at the former Pacific Gas and Electric - site.

Malia Cohen has been pussyfooting with topics such as abortion which attracted many queer folks who seem to have been laid and got pregnant - either when intoxicated, in a state of uncontolled passion - lust knows no norms and penetration occurs as easily as frequent, salivating.

If one googles - " abortion in San Francisco" - the number one find points to a certain agency - I did that several times and got the same result - you can too.

Once there - the few that testified - said they were not told the truth and forced not to have an abortion - when they visited this agency.

The agency stated that was not so - the agency's staff that does not receive local, state, and federal money stated the same. The agency felt strongly the City and County of San Francisco was targeting them.

The many that testified against this agency that they were part of the Conservative Republican thinking - not favoring women's rights and preventing women from getting an abortion.

This is San Francisco - and I know that is San Francisco - women have option. Perhaps, Malia Cohen should open her office doors and have an aide that can help women when they are in trouble and need help.

It would be nice if both men and women practice safe sex, use protection, and be very careful in situation where alcohol and drugs are used. Drugs such as Estacy and so on.

Malia Cohen is as fake as they come - and so are the City Attorneys and the one queer City Attorney who tried to put her best foot forward and shoved her foot up her ass - if as all such a feat could be achieved - helping Malia Cohen write this fake - legislation.

We have in the City many bi -sexuals and others not straight - that want to dabble with sex without protection - get drunk and have unprotected sex - and then seek - abortion.

In certain areas such permissiveness is a norm. Having multiple partners taken for granted - and having anal sex and other such norms for some women - a high of sorts.

These activities mostly come from those that have no spiritual standards, lack morals, and to be frank are found in the "queer" fiefdom in large measure.

When you mention God - then all hell break loose, mention standards that they want that shoved by your ass, mention morals and they go bunkers - speak about being normal - and they act bi-polar.

Malia Cohen seems to favor such folks - and if she is one of them is yet to be determined. And if have at least five on the current SF Board Of Supervisors - as well as the Clerks of of Board - that favor the queer way. Good luck to them all.

I spoke as a man- on the agenda topic - and my main concern is that such legislation should be held with several open forums and people that are well versed with the topic of abortion, women's rights, women' s health, protective sex education, resources for information, and of course help if one wants to carry to term. Help and counseling if one wants to terminate pregnancy.

Several hearing in the various neighborhoods so that this topic can be sounded - and the best solutions found. Of course Malia Cohen would not comprehend that having chosen to be adamant - and follow the advise of those that are narrow minded.

I know for a fact that Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are prevalent in District 10. Mostly, among the African American population in large numbers.

I know for certain that AIDS is prevalent - with a high percentage in District 10 - Malia Cohen's District 10 - and more among straight women.

How is this possible? Well, Malia Cohen has to work with the SF Health Department to find out and address such quality of life - issues.

In recent times the Republican Party has been trying its best to stop funding entities like Plan Parenthood - that make abortion easily available.

There are some States like Mississippi that are introducing "Person Amendments" to prevent all "abortions".

We here in San Francisco already have State legislation that supports - "women's rights" - and helps permit what the woman chooses - based on her personal - decision.

There are several agencies that offer women the choice to make once they are pregnant in San Francisco. None of them are permitted by law - more State Law - to deceive, lie, or force anyone to have an abortion.

A woman could go to San Francisco General Hospital and get all the help she wants - and an abortion if she thinks that is what she wants. Most women know this - but if do not - then Malia Cohen can make resources available and take a pr0-active stance.

Malia Cohen love to talk the talk but hardly can walk the walk. I challenge her to a debate on this topic - complete with by frankness - on the "queer" - topic.

Malia Cohen is making waves - and as usual - pussyfooting around. Favoring mostly queers who testified and made a fool of themselves.

Two Supervisor Sean Elsbernd and John Avalos did not agree with Malia Cohen. Eric Mar seemed to say something in general terms. In the end it was decided to send the agenda item - without any endorsement - to be decided before the SF Full Board.

I know for a fact such a law - if taken to the Court would fail. This points to our queer City Attorney who are not wanted in the private sector - and make hay while the sun shines - making big bucks - faking the legislation, not doing their home work and failing to present San Franciscans - with sound - legislation.

The queer agenda is a narrow agenda and favors the "perverts" by large measure. Meaning the straight constituents favor standards and moral when it come to things - like sex.

Queer folks love having sex with multiple partners. With straight folks that is not the norm. Hence the pussyfooting with "queer" legislators on the SF Board of Supervisors who will come out with - strange legislation.

Not too long ago one came out with nudity and the desire to place some napkin and sit down - when in the nude. San Francisco because of the "queer" influence has a law that encourages - nudity. This is a shame.

We have serious issues where infantile mortality among African American - be they poor or rich is very high.  Spike Lee and his wife are helping address this issues - and right so. What does Malia Cohen know about this issue? Zip.

Malia Cohen could develop some methods with resources to help African American women.

As I said - too may young African American women in District 10 have AIDS and have no resources and less help.

I have mentioned this before - but Malia Cohen has not lifted a finger to help such women - in District 10.

A high proportion of African American women suffer from STDs - not once has Malia Cohen - contacted the San Francisco Health Department to address this issue. Why?

I am told that many lesbians tend to hate men - having been sexually abused, raped, or forced upon. A trauma that makes them hate men.

I was the only one that spoke and state that I was making some statement as a man. I presuppose many knew that I was a straight man at that meeting on Monday, September 19, 2011 in Room 216.

I heard one person who had the appearance of a man - but spoke as if he/she represented all Jewish women. He/she said that we must not bring faith in while discussing abortion. That this was all about Health and Women's Rights.

Well, that is he/she right to say what he/she wants to say - this is America,

I can tell you - such statement does not fly - and such generalities speak of a fickle mind and fake logic. I speak as an American who has rights and will fight for my rights and proven and accepted - standards.

Bottom line Malia Cohen is fake - and now has resorted to fake legislation that will take her over the precipice - and into the cesspool of her own making.

I was leaving Room 216 she shooed at me and others - and I said something that she heard.

She look at me as looked at her - she did not say a word - but, I will repeat it - the next time I meet this fake woman - face to face.

Learn to represent - fight for Quality of Life issues - and stop pandering to your inherent queer tendencies that will take you - no where. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The First People and the development in the Bay Area.

This area that we call the Bay Area - this area that we call San Francisco belongs to the First People that is what I like to call them. Also, known as the Native Americans.

The land all of it was stolen and the time for restitution is now.

If you look around you - look anywhere but more where large tracts of Nature is left somewhat pristine - you understand that at one time when the rivers, the land, the forest, the air was clean and pristine - this land we call San Francisco; the land we call the Bay Area was truly - paradise.

Lewis and Clarke came and report back East it was all pristine, rich is flora, and other natural resources. It was all good that was a little over two hundred years ago.

Then came the stranger and as if he had seen nothing he wanted it all. That is called GREED.

That is what truly distinguishes and is the key difference element - between a decent human being and a one that is not decent.

The greedy human being - wants it all - she or he is materialistic.

The indigenous people take little and practices sustainable principles for thousands of years. They were more civilized and filled with wisdom - then the current "thugs" who have brought economic ruin and despair. Stolen millions from innocent people and are not made accountable for.

In the times I have met the Ohlone, the Pomo, the Miwok, the Piutes, the many other tribes here in our Area - we call the Bay Area - I have made my peace with the many Elders, the leaders and listened to them.

Some I have found to have deep wisdom, some a little bit of spirituality, some a deeper commitment to save the Shellsmounds and other such sane and holistic causes, some a still deeper commitment to save one Sacred Site.

Few with a total sense of Turtle Island and what it really stand for. All spelled out by the HOPI and other tribes with deep wisdom.

Some are committed and some have simply given up.

What truly makes it difficult are the other tribes that were bused here to the Bay Area and to other places  in the fifties.

One brother to Oakland - the sister to Los Angeles. The White Man did everything to hurt the First People. The White Man to this day will not admit certain things that he must admit. He does not think of restitution.

Our Founding Father took a lot of wisdom from the Six Nations, the Iroquois Tribe and imbibed these thoughts and action of wisdom - into the American Constitution. Many of us fail to understand this.

Over the year - America has spat on the constitution - and used convoluted legalese to circumvent time proven - principles. The Great Spirit watches it all.

When large tracts of land millions of acres were pristine in California and the Bay Area - most everything was good.

Animals roamed freely, tons of fruit, birds sang, and there was tons of salmon if one wanted to smoke and eat or eat it any way.

The water was clean, and with acorn, fire and basket weaving and other keen activities - as I said most every thing was in place.

Until that day when the stranger arrived with his gun powder, guns, evil intention and took it all away.

Let me give you an example that will rock your boat. Gold was found in plenty by the shore of the rivers not far from San Francisco. On land - just a few feet below you could see veins of GOLD.

There were other treasures too that the First People knew all about and left it alone.

You cannot harm Mother Earth, strip mine and think for a moment you will not suffer the severe consequences. Today, Gold prices are sky rocketing - but misery, poverty, stress, foreclosure - in everywhere. Think about it.

When you preserve, take only what you want - that is what makes things pristine. That is what gives things balance - when you first and foremost - understand, to treat Mother Earth with RESPECT.

You take only what you need - you do not take too much and let it go to waste.

You do not look at something and desire it all - this lust for things in access, the lust to have it all - is what what brought to this shore " Turtle Island" - the evil stranger - to cause a Tsunami and turmoil on every single front.

To this day things have got worse not better.

I have spent time alone in some truly "pristine Sacred Places" and it is here that I have got the inspiration, the wisdom of what this land is all about.

The ancestors were wise with wisdom that transpired and was kept alive by rituals, straight talk, clean living habits - with respect for Mother Earth.

This went on for tens of thousands of years may be forty thousand years - we may find empirical data of the First People being here on "Turtle Island" for fifty thousand years and more.

It does not matter - my point is they were here, they were alive, and that they left their goodness, their foot print, their essence, their DNA to respect Mother Earth. That is my point.

Let us not think of America - Turtle Island - with the landing of Christopher Columbus - a "thug" and a greedy, vain, pilot of sorts - working for the Queen of Spain for profit.

All of San Francisco belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone:

I represent them on issues of Base Closesure, Infrastructure, revealing the many fake Environmental Impact Report and Studies that are produced linked to the Presidio of San Francisco, Treasure Island, Upper Fort and Lower Fort Mason, the large tracts by Candlestick Point, Executive Park, Hunter Point, Golden Gate Park, Park Merced, Down Town San Francisco, the Outer and Inner Mission,the Outer Sunset, the 7.5 miles of Public Trust Land that comes under the SF Port Authority, all that land that the TransBay Project claims is theirs, AT&T Park - you get my drift.

Now, Sacred Remains have been found in all of the about mentioned sites. Respect is due to the ancestors. You respect - all will be well - you do not - you will suffer the consequences.

On each of the sites - the stranger has hoodwinked the issue  - circumvented paying attention to the Sacred Remains and thinks that all is Right. Well, all is Wrong.

The stranger must understand fully, not partially that they stole the land. This is how is came to be - when the stranger arrived some two hundred and fifty years ago - they were meek and asked for help. They got the help.

Once they got the help they killed, raped, stole, pillaged, did everything in their power to be nasty.

That is the inherent trait - up to this day that we see in the Stranger - smile on your face and stab you in the back.

The laws of the Stranger are convoluted - they go and speak in in circles - simply put they are like the "snake" - hence the saying - do not speak with a "fork tongue".

I must digress - I was born in Nairobi, Kenya when it too was pristine.

I was born when I could speak to the various African tribes that may mean nothing to you all - the Luo, the Wakamba, the Masai, the Kikuyu - I could name twenty but it would do you - no good.

I learnt to seek the tribes and those that had wisdom - I was drawn to them and what was African - the original people of the land. The home of humankind.

Here in the Bay Area I am drawn to the First People - it is the DNA - something hidden that cannot be explained that draws me to a situation - and I will consult with the Elders and play my role.

Recently we won a victory at Glen Cove after months of protest without any violence but tons of intimidation.

We wrote and expressed our concern and rallied folks from all walks of life. The leaders took part and some were steadfast and other fell by the path. 

However the main ones were steady and in their heart they can truly speak - that in numbers and with numbers - you can sway the "stranger" and then using the strangers ploy " money" - money from the compacts in this case - some resolution was reached.
Such are the signs of the times.

I was in the presence of Wounded Knee who is my friend and feel his heart.

I was with Fred Short and always paid my respects to him before talking to most.

I acknowledged Corina Gould and others - Morning Star who I have observed from a distance a shinning - star and my good friend, sister.

It is the same at the San Francisco Peaks - in New Mexico where the "stranger" wants to create artificial snow using treated sewage - known as secondary effluents - to create grounds when strangers and other foolish folks can - ski.

The land is high up the mountain, Sacred where the Medicine Men, the Shamans, the men and women with wisdom only can go - and only they are permitted.

It is where the Great Spirit makes His domain and rules over Mother Earth. Of course the blind and faint of heart would not understand this.

I studied Philosophy and Theology, the other sciences, and have met too many world leaders - women and men - sat with them and discussed matter pertaining to our Earth.

I have written much, spoken much, stood of what I consider right and won many wars.

You can start a battle but winning many battles is wining a WAR.

In all of  these human actions - when you sit with the indigenous people - you sit with the best - the essence of  what make this Earth - tick.

That is the only time - we feel the "heart beat" and we make sense of most everything. That is why the "beat of the drum" is so central to most indigenous people.

Today, in the turmoil of the world, the noise, the clutter, the fast food, rapid disinformation and misinformation world - most people eat wrong, think wrong, are obese, sordid in their thinking, selfish, want it all, love to sue with the evil so called legal laws that are devoid of truth.

We live in this world - far removed from that - that which was pristine and indigenous.

We polluted this Earth.

We did it with intent.

Now, we want to think sustainable in all the wrong ways.

When we talk about the Carbon Footprint - the tracing of the Carbon Footprint- knows no boundary.

We must learn to think about Mother Earth as a whole and stop kidding ourselves.

Let me get to the point - in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - once there were wetlands - they were filled in.

These large tract emit thousands of tons of Methane Gas. You hear people talking about some data linked to down town San Francisco and its Carbon Footprint - which is large enough and needs to be curtailed.

Now check this - over 400 thousands tons of Methane Gas every year from Mission Bay along the shore to Candlestick Point and beyond spews into the air.

One ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide - not once has anyone dared to address this fact.

It is such nonsense that is called misinformation led by silly people who have no clue what they are doing.

Recently it was revealed the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission used tons of Clorax to try to neutralize smell and kill bacteria in their huge digestors - that contain half treated sewage - much of this Clorax - a toxic chemical spewing in the Bay. This went of for years.

The stranger has no clue about treating Mother Earth with respect.

Let me give you another fact for you to remember.

The Municipal Transportation Agency has huge underground tanks that store diesel.

Some years ago one tank carrying over 100,000 gallons of diesel - spilled because the tank was corroded - and the spilled, leaking diesel landed in the Bay by Islais Creek.

In our manholes and polluted our Watershed. Not a word about it to the  public at large by the Municipal Transportation Agency.

I mentioned this fact several times in my writings and before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

These strangers are jokers - they eat wrong, they secrete toxins, dump medicines by the tons down their toilets, dump dog and cat feces that land in the Bay, brought plastic that is found in our Ocean the size of Texas, they polluted the air and depleted the Ozone layer, the love to drive cars and spew particulates - and now suddenly they are talking GREEN when they have polluted and contaminated Mother Earth for so long.

The present Economic Crisis that will HIT the United States within three months - is at our door.

We see it in Europe and we see it in the United States - we have the every rich and the very poor. 

The Middle Class is eroding. Over 40 million are without work. Our Nation's population about 311 million. One in three children go to bed hungry - and we call ourselves a Superpower.

One in four Seniors do not have money after the first week of the month. Many eat "dog food" and we call ourselves a superpower.

Large Financial Institutions are not regulated even after the 2008 financial - crisis.

The Federal Reserve Bank is a Private Bank much like the MAFIA - do some research and learn about its history.

Soon the Euro will be worthless - Europe has no Central Bank to handle the crisis. We have the MAFIA BANK - the Federal Reserve Bank - to print trillions and float the market.

America created the mess with sub-prime loans and derivatives that are "toxic loans".

Some in America the filth rich killed our Buffalo, killed our fish by building large dams, they polluted our land by strip mining, they polluted our air, and now they have corrupted the Bank System and destroy decency in - trading.

Shame on that stranger that goes unchecked - favors slavery, contaminates everything he touches, now he has not only contaminated Mother Earth and its bounty but failed to maintain world - semblance.

If you speak with fork tongue, you will act like a snake, and when you act like a snake - your poison will penetrate  - anything and everything you - touch.

The indigenous people must stay strong and follow the wisdom given to them by the Great Spirit. Aho.