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Saturday, March 31, 2018


Some ten years ago - I received a call from a person in New York who insisted to know more about Dwayne Jones - having read some of my articles - then post on my website:

I asked her why did she decide to contact me and she told me she was vetting Dwayne Jones - and wanted to know more about him - and more about his financials wheeling and dealing. 

She had read my article but failed to remember the opening lines of my article - it simply stated: " Nothing good comes from Dwayne Jones ".

She said that she had read  the entire article - but what had spurred her - a woman from New York - to call me and find out  more about Dwayne Jones?

This call and many other calls - have been directed to me - 
 my answer is simple: " do your own. investigation ".

Today Dwayne Jones is synonymous with corruption in  Francisco.

 More as one linked to Platinum Consultants and an organization called - Young Community Developers.

The paradox is that the very office that Young Community Developers operates from - is the exact same office from which the father of Kevin Williams - operated - the first Black man and his team - to build affordable housing in the Bayview.

Kevin Williams' father - the well known - Mr George Williams was an honorable man - who did not believe in lying, cheating, hoodwinking, bluffing.

Unlike Young Community Developers - Kevin Williams father served the many decent constituents of the Southeast Sector - those in District 10 and so did his wife the well known and admired Ruth Williams. Both left a lasting - legacy.

Today, Young Community Developers is known for being corrupt - many aspects of this sordid organization - will shortly be audited for all the world to see.

Thousands of dollars that were given by Home Depot to YCD through Dwayne Jones - which were not spent for what it was meant.

Then Home Depot decided to sell the permits it had in place to LOWES - again Dwayne Jones interjected and received more money using his firm RDJ - shamelessly asking for more money - to help the community and YCD and pocketing the money. 

The RDJ is full of flowery messages - more like arrows shot in the air  - nothing viable and for not sure nothing - sustainable:

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is out to hoodwink the Public at Large - on many levels.

The delivery of clean drinking water, the increased charges linked to sewer, community benefits - doled out to Girls 2000, the Conservation Corps - other entities - that have NOT helped create - career jobs that matter.

Paradoxically, I was there when the Conservation Corps were created - the headquarters at Upper Fort Mason - and I accommodate them at the Presidio of San Francisco - where I first met John Avalos - the former Supervior of District 11 and a Manager who worked for the SF Conservation Corps.

Even then we encountered problems with discrimination - coming from the Presidio Trust - using our youth of color - and failing to train them towards having - " career Jobs ".

Now Girls 2000 want to rejuvenate the Green Houses at 1800 Oakdale for all the wrong reason. 

That entire area is contaminated and needs to be mitigated. Human beings should not be working in that area - no toilets, no shower rooms, the dirt roads are pathetic and the list goes on and on.

Each of three operators paid $10,000 a year - that is $30,000 will Girls 2000 pay that amount - and if so will that come from the grant - and what real experience has Girls 2000 got in running nurseries of a caliber. The questions are many - stop playing with FIRE.

Juliet Ellis is aware of the above mentioned factors - and more since the three operators who operated the three Green Houses - were paid $100,000 each and have left the area - established themselves elsewhere - and the eviction of these three entities was hostile to say the least.

These types of so called workforce projects - half baked - with ulterior motives - does not reflect the values of our community.

Juliet Ellis, Dwayne Jones have no commitment to serve our community - they have ulterior motives - to make money on the backs of the needy - and think they can fool us.

No one can fool - all the people - all the time - believe you me.

Juliet Ellis does not know anything about Work Force - and has not lifted a finger to help the 1800 Oakdale - the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - so please - think before you are taken to court this time.

Again the entire area is contaminated - the three Green Houses - if the SFPUC decided to evict those three operators - one main reason was the contamination - dirt was planted in boxes - and in container above ground - but all the same the surrounding ground was contaminated. 

The three operators were put in harms way with intent - and they can sue the SF Public Utilities Commission and should.

 I was involved in a way - to mitigate the situation at hand. 

 I know the situation at hand and it will costs millions - just to mitigate and abate the area. More so now that we really know how contaminated the area is.

Why are these jackasses even in our community - Juliet Ellis and Dwayne Jones

 I have never seen them with their significant other in our community - no one knows what they stand for - more values that matter - accept that corruption and evil stuff - oozes from their sordid - pores.

Now that the three Green House are vacant - and have been left vacant - there is no way Girls 2000 or any other decent agency should go near the Green Houses. 

Also it is illegal to give Girls 2000  space at the trailers - close to the Green Houses  - the cozy relationship between Girls 2000 and Juliet Ellis - stinks to high heaven.

Right now there is a Freedom of Information Act enquiry - that wants to know more about who runs RDJ and why are millions of dollars - funneled to this individual - who already is black listed - when it come to projects - in San Francisco.

When a qualified and experience contractor bid for a job and won the job - Dwayne Jones used his influence with the SF Housing Authority when Amos Brown was the Chair - to rebid the contract that was already awarded to the contractor. Who in their right mind would go to such lengths?

Dwayne Jones 

Only for the contractor to take Dwayne Jones to court and win the case -  the contract given back to the contractor that lost his - well bided contract.

 Dwayne Jones and Linda Richardson - two of them - were black listed - and remain so to this day.

Why are we tolerating such abject corruption in San Francisco?

The SF PubLic Utilities Commission is embedded by corruption and crooks of the worst order.

Over 2 billion in mitigation dollars are owed the Bayview Hunters Point Community.

We need a District Supervisor who understands such issues. Not one that panders to SF Public Utilities Commission to Big Developers - to the Warriors who have no clue what is happening at ground - zero.

We need some one from our community - who has worked and fought  hard in the trenches - not outsiders - who dress fancy and their hearts are rotten - crooked to the core - they will be defeated and fall flat on their faces.

The Environmental Protection Agency will be informed about the many ploys and machinations taking place at the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant. 

We need at the cockpit - at the Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - someone that loves the community and works for the community.

 Some one that can share his experience - more institutional wisdom - and if you dare bring outsiders - to hoodwink the community - you all will pay a heavy price.

The Sisters and Brothers are ready - the clarion call has been given - the sellouts - will meet their ire of the people - who are fed up with the wheeling and dealing. STOP before it is too late.

What we have is the empirical data - also thousands that can shut down City Hall without stepping into City Hall.

For sure weed out corrupt crooks - that have been charged - by the courts and well known - to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Make no bones about the quest of those that are decent to leave a sound legacy - devoid of those that stink to high heaven. Aho.

Friday, March 30, 2018


We see tents and take it for granted -
something we did not ten years ago.

San Francisco is a filthy rich city - we have corporations in San Francisco - here, that make BILLIONS and more.

Yet, these corporations and financial institutions - have no compassion and less empathy for the poor.

The indigent, those that have fallen on bad times - the mentally challenged and the physically challenged.

Seniors, that have severe health problems - those is authority are playing with fire.

God is watching them all - others who act as if they have immense power - mere human beings.

God can strike them down - right here in our City and County of San Francisco - they will fall flat on their face.

From time to time I visit the poor - living in tents in places - where there is no clean drinking water, no toilets, many in filthy conditions - and there is more.

Some ten or fifteen years these human beings - lived in homes - now no more. They see me and feel comfortable to tell me their woes, their trials and tribulations - what they tell me is not pretty.

I see no compassion, no empathy, no consideration, no serious commitment - from our SF Board of Supervisors.

They all seem oblivious to the situation and have all these many years. More those who are seeking higher office - and have show NO intention to represent those that they serve.

There is now talk of building small box homes - from shipping containers - doing the minimum for those that for decades paid their taxes - some illness, some bad luck - set them back - and soon they were found on the streets - trying to survive.

There are hundreds of slow deaths on our street. Many bodies lie in the brand new morgue - built in the Bayview Hunters Point near Heron's Head Park - those in the neighborhood have no clue about the morgue.

Can the SF Health Department - post on the internet - in general how many bodies lie in the morgue - those that have died on the streets of San Francisco?

At this time - Easter Time - we must focus on our spiritual values - more have compassion and empathy - have some feeling - good feeling for those that truly need help.

The SF Planning Department - has been giving folks like the Academy of Art - that has now change its name - a pass. Hundreds of buildings - rent control buildings - were bought by the Academy of Art.

These many rent control buildings - converted into dormitories - to accommodate foreign students - who were hoodwinked that there would be living in apartments - charged a lot of money - this empirical data is there for all to see - and we still give the Academy of Art - a pass.

After 15 years - the SF Planning Department - fined the Academy of Art -  back and forth in the courts - while thousands of San Franciscans - were deprived - of decent, rental housing, and that is a crying shame.

Advocates and I am included in that group- again and again voiced our opinion - the many Directors of the SF Planning including the present Director John Rahaim heard us - but truly speaking - the issue has NOT be adjudicated - holistically.

The Ohlone were here for over 13,000 years.
The strangers came - polluted and contaminated all =
that was once pristine and pure. 

Thousands of human beings immigrants, gays, those that felt that San Francisco would give them succor - came here to San Francisco - the land of the Ohlone - more the Muwekma Ohlone - and took refuge.

Soon they saw that most San Franciscans - embraced them -  that was good - but many could not find a nice place to stay and live like human beings.

The lack of rental units, the very expensive rents, cost prohibitive living - have all resulted - creating a state of emergency - that we see today.

There are certain segments of the population seniors who are treated with disdain, gays who suffer from AIDS, sub-acute patients who have been thrown to the streets, the mentally challenged, the physically challenged - and I have helped many of these human beings.

I simply do not see the compassion and empathy from the SF Health Department - who still use Single Residency Occupancy (SROs) - to help the indigent and poor - many of these SROs - in unkempt conditions. 

I am requesting the Director of the SF Health Department - Barbara Garcia to look into these issues - Tomas Aragon who also should do more than just pay lip service.

Many vague and shallow statements have been made - about helping the poor and more those that are very sick - there has been no real action - worth the salt.

Happy Easter to those of you that read my blog - share some love and more compassion - the Great Master said " blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of heaven ". Aho

Thursday, March 29, 2018


Chief Williams Scott -
he is trying and trying -
and he smiles a lot - but there is more ...

For starters - let us start with a teaser - both George Gascon now our District Attorney and Chief Williams Scott are from Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles the Sheriffs play a key role - we all remember the Rodney King case - those of us that follow the key events of the day, week, month -year.

In San Francisco the SF Police Department rule the roost.

So why do we suddenly have this affinity with Los Angeles - when right here in San Francisco - we have allowed the SF Police Commission to be nonchalant and drab. 

Failed to appoint a Chief from San Francisco - with local experience.

Of course we must make cursory mention of the SF Police Commission that leaked out who the final selection of candidates - in the final pursuit to pick a Chief of Police of San Francisco.

The role Mayor Edwin Mah Lee paid - be it a novice role - and more a decision he made - when he found out that - the SF Police Commission that should have respected him - disowned him. He died -  the pandemonium reigns supreme today.

President of the SF POA - 
Martin D. Halloran

It is the sordid politics of San Francisco  - the fire being lit by the Machine that make the calls. The Pacific Heights Mafia - that has screwed San Francisco and keep creating a cesspool - adverse impact all of us.

 Playing the SF Police Officers Association with the public at large - and failing to keep perspective and doing the right thing.

Playing SF Police Commission again the public at large - and these game must STOP.

The Union and the Human Resources Department -  making decision that are convoluted in nature - always belittling the constituents - and failing to address Quality of Life issues.

So many in high places talking too much and doing too little. 

Most of those talking - not educated on issues - less having the ability to discern.

The victim the tax payers - who pay high taxes.

The Office of Citizens Complaints - now under a new name - with a sell out like Paul Henderson in charge - doing the same - kicking the can down the street.

The many SF Police Commissions have become a charade - we have tried expressing ourselves - no one wants to hear the empirical data.

There is too much talk about time and distance - theories about de-escalation - but as I said - most of it talk.

San Francisco politicians - I have met them all - they are so vague about what they want to do - none of them have the education, less experience - but more importantly their heart in the right place - to serve and represent the tax payers.

The two clowns that come to mind London Breed and Malia Cohen.

 None of them have a vision and the only reason they have joined politics - is to make money - and will NOT.

I have known the last 12 Police Chiefs - personally. There is nothing very different that has changed.

 They know how to manage the Budget - get what they want - and they would not reveal easily how many Full Time Employment jobs - the SF Police Department had on its rolls - before. 

You had to pull your teeth and hair - to find out about the budget - more line item -expenses.

In the last 15 years we have had " some rogue SF Police Officers " shoot first and then ask questions - later.

Those of us who have participated in the the many meetings - in preparation of the PERF document - know too much - about deliberation and less about goals and timelines - attained.

When that document was printed - I read it cover to cover - and watch intently what was happening - nothing much - that document sits on the shelves collecting dust.

The Police Executive Research Forum:

In recent years the Police Officers Association (POA) I would say more the last 10 years - the POA have chosen to throw curve balls at the SF Police Commission - once attending a meeting - and completely taking it over - loud mouthing and creating a ruckus.

All Police Officers are sworn to protect the constituents - they are also mandated to follow the law - and of course charge those that break the law. 

Every SF Police Officer belongs to the Police Officers Association (POA) - which is NOT a union. It is an Association.

I have been to many meetings - requesting all parties to follow standards - have the etiquette that should follow decorum and sound representation.

 Much like many of us who are educated - we must learn to be fair -  what is most important have our heart in the right place - exhibit a professionalism - second to none.

Again you learn more when some SF Police Officer is charged when he is innocent.

 If you are part of the advocacy - you learn more - about the various levels of charges - appearing before committees - much like a Parole Board.

It is the same when a citizens is shot and killed - if you have not read the Police Bill of Rights - you know nothing. If you notice the Department of Justice is never called to send the team that deals with Civil Rights.

Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) - is outsourced to come into the community - have many "dog and pony " meetings - interview those that want to interview - and as happened - not long ago propose 272 actions - anyone can do that - but there is NO enforcement.

COPS is no more - Donald Trump decided to get rid of them - at my first meeting in hallways - at City Hall in front of Room 400 - I asked Chief Williams Scott - if he knew that COPS - is not being funded - he knew about it - but was surprised how I knew about it.

Some of the adjudication is on point - many a times some innocent SF Police Office - is taken for a ride.

In the last 5 years - for some reason the SF Police Officers Association - has taken a turn for the worse.

The last public hearing held in Room 250 - at City Hall - was one sided - Malia Cohen talking from both sides of her mouth. As I said she is a political whore - and I will repeat it - she is a political whore.

At public comment - she head a few speak and then took off - leaving Jane Kim to do the honors.

The interim Mayor heard Malia Cohen and London Breed bad mouth the Mayor's office - no one was there -really from the Mayor's office. They keep saying the Mark Farrell the mayor is in bed with the SF Police Officers Association. May be so.

Diane Aroche popped her head for a while - Malia Cohen was quick to recognize her and announced her arrival in the chambers.  She hardly got a chance to warm the wooden bench - and off she went - for sure some one told her to report to the Mayor's office - immediately.

Malia Cohen is not level headed - she is more of a air-head - and she should not be heading the Budget Committee - big mistake.

Then at this same meeting - London Breed tries to insinuate about the Interim Mayor Mark Farrell and one of his advisors - who Malia Cohen and London Breed purport - has deep links with the SF POA. There is no place  for such divisiveness.

Malia Cohen - air-head

London Breed - loud mouth.

Malia Cohen is on her way out - and has done nothing much in all the 8 years - she has been in office - as a SF Supervisor.

Malia Cohen is a panderer - and  has adversely impacted thousands in District 10 and for that matter - San Francisco.

London Breed cannot get over - how the rest of the SF Supervisors ganged up on her - the exception being Malia Cohen - and dethroned her - her, very short term as Interim Mayor.

If you ask me - will London Breed be the next Mayor come June - my answer is NO.

Paradoxically London Breed from District 5 and Malia Cohen from District 10 - have had very serious issues linked to shootings and killings.

All sorts of crimes - plague their districts - home break-ins, car break ins, assaults, other petty crimes - adversely impacting Quality of Life issues.

The SF Police Officers Association - has an opportunity to serve the best interests of our Great City and County of San Francisco.

They know what I mean - I read their monthly newspaper,  I know some key officials - and have stood by many SF Police Officers who were charged - wrongly.

At the meetings - where shooting and killings took place - and crowds gathered to vent - I have been reasonable - and tried to speak truth to power.

In short the SF Police Commission is NOT working.

Paul Henderson is happy that he is sworn - but that is an anointment -  that does not sit well with many - time will tell.

Chief William Scott is from Los Angeles - he may love our City and County of San Francisco - but he has a long way to comprehend the SF Police Officers Association - and more the SF Police Commission - the back and forth - and lack of trust.

Caught in the middle - the constituents of San Francisco - asking for de-escalation - when some SF Police Officers prefer to take pot shots - much like hunting game.

 Time and space practices , underling implicit bias training, comprehending and getting familiar with cultural competency training and execution.

Everyone trying to fast track the education - to address the confusion.

 The blatant mistakes made - shooting first and asking questions later - no standards and falling short - of operational standards.

Career Law Enforcement officers tell me - there is problems with the Chain of Command - many SF Police Officers demoralized.

The issue of those who are mentally challenged, physically challenged, the many who experience language problems.

 The present situation of immigration - those that do not have documents - the many SF Police Officers who will retire and positions to be filled - is open knowledge.

 No one wants to find solutions. No one wants to represent with their heart in the right palace.

Going to court to waste money and by time - to kick the can down the street - is not what is expected from those that are professional - those evil do that - they use the "evil lawyers " to lie , fabricate and even buy judges - we know that - and the outcome is - losing trust and more HOPE.

We have very serious issues to be addressed on a war footing - daily Quality of Life issues are compromised.

Here we are pussyfooting - playing games - trying to hoodwink one another - and most of us in the know - we can do better. 

Our SF Board of Supervisors have let us down - the candidates running for Mayor are many - some unqualified - other egoistical - some other out of date - Smithsonian. Not one of them educated on issues - most making general statement - not of them has a Action Plan incorporate in their Platform that sincerely addresses the situation at hand - in San Francisco.

This is Ohlone land - more Muwekma Ohlone land - and  I represent the Muwekma Ohlone

So why not be brave and do the right thing - those of you that tap into the General Fund - take our money - and give us nothing in return - worth the salt. Aho.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Wheeling and dealing - crooks calling themselves 
consultants - embedded within these walls -
525 Golden Gate Avenue - San Francisco.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is a den of thieves - the consultants - embedded at 525 Golden Gate Avenue - led by evil folks like Juliet Ellis and Ivy Fine - will now be exposed for all that has been on going wheeling and dealing - we have the empirical data - and need some  - be it 10% of the document requested under Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) - to reveal the Truth.

Remember we all have to speak Truth to Power.

The SF Public Utilities Commission - an Enterprise Department formed by a former thug Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. in 1996. 

The most corrupt have been embedded at 525 Golden Gate Avenue -  the decent SFPUC employees are fed up - many have left and provided me with sound information.

Thousands of dollars wastes on crap -
such as the slogan above - another one -
" your number two in our number one ".

Suffice to say - when some years ago Juliet Ellis - now Assistant General Manager for External Affairs - funneled over $200,000 to her former non-profit - Green For All - in the East Bay.

We all were aghast - but not me. I had been attending hundreds of  meetings  -  watched the witch who dwells in the evil hall ways of 525 Golden Gate Avenue and before that 1155 Market Street - wheeling and dealing.

1800 Oakdale Avenue - 
the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building.

The SF Public Utilities Commission who took over 1800  Oakdale - the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - in 1996.

It now wants to demolish the building and build a brand new office building to accommodate the evil functions of the SF Public Utilities Commission - raking in millions on the backs of the poor and indigent - more adversely impacting the Bayview Hunters Point - area. 

There is a God watching all the nonsense and evil going on.

Check  out this video - it lays the scene open for all of us to see - nothing much has changed:

The 1800 Oakdale Street building in the Bayview is in close proximity to the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant.

The Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment plant  - was upgraded as a result of some hard fought mitigation measures - Bayview Hunters Point advocates taking on the Bay Area - Regional Water Board and mitigation orders - endorsed in the 1960s and 1970s by the then SF Broad of Supervisors, the then City Administrator Roger Boas, the then Mayor - but most of all the astute advocates of the Bayview Hunters Point.

The result the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building Commission was formed - the only one of its kind in San Francisco. It still operates be it that its powers are curtailed and often time - it acts like an entity - that rubber stamps.

The advocates of that time - contributed to to the City and County of San Francisco and left a legacy - the Bayview Co-Ordinating Council - from the Bayview Hunters Point organized and formed the first Human Rights Committee.

It fought for equity and equality - which led to the Automobile  Industry not only to sell fancy cars to the Blacks - but now for the first time to hire Black sale persons and more.

It was the same with the MELS Drive-ins that hired Black chefs, waiters - and for the first time.

San Francisco understood they were playing an important role - much before the Civil Rights Movement that Dr Martin Luther King Jr. led, fought and ultimately laid his life in the late 1960s.

The SF General Hospital was upgraded in the 1960s - a brand new hospital built by monies brought in through the advocacy of the Bayview advocates  Model Cities. Also, the neighborhood clinics the Southeast Clinic, the one on Potrero Hill, the one at South of Market for example.

The same stellar and astute advocates helped bring in millions  - visiting Washington DC - Five power women - to build brand new affordable housing on the Hill - at Hunters Point.

As I said - mostly women who had the valor and more the wisdom with their heart in the right place - at that time.

Today we have sell outs - the liked of Shaman Walton who is raking in millions - pandering to the Developers - and he better apologize to the community - for turning back the Propositions we advocates fought for - on height limit at Candlestick Point - and the entire 7.5. miles from Lower Fort Mason all the way closer to Pier 98 - which is now Heron's Head Park.

It is important to state clearly at this juncture - that in the 1960s the advocates fought for mitigation measures - and were promised millions. That fight was a hard fought fight - all documented - we have the documents - and the empirical data - matters.

Those monies that have not been given to benefit the Bayview Community has compounded and is over $2 Billion.

I mentioned this at the last meeting where the General Manager Harlan Kelly was spinning some yarns - and brought with him some young woman who loudly proclaimed our sewer and clean drinking rates - would go up - this year some - more next year - and over 40% in 2019 and 2020.

The Kellys both Naomi Kelly the City Administrator and Harlan Kelly have chosen to work for the Machine. As I said 525 Golden Gate Avenue is a bed of thieves.

 Where wheeling and dealing goes - folks like Susan Leal a former General Manager acts as a consultant for AECOM, Dwayne Jones debarred and black listed - caught red handed - on a bid that a decent contractor won - linked to the SF Housing Authority - the bid was put to bid again only for Dwayne Jones and Linda Richardson - to win. 

The matter was taken to Court - and the decent contractor - won - and the rest is history.

Dwayne Jones the owner of RDJ a know entity that acts as a consultant and rakes in millions. 

Dwayne Jones came into the community in the late 1990s and embedded himself at Young Community Developers - audits done by the SF Controllers Office - which we can publish - will show the reader - the blatant corruption going on at Young Community Developers (YCD).

YCD brags it does training and highlights that it is about Work Force - its track record is pathetic - with few career jobs - and has a track record - putting our youth in harms way - more at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and programs touted as Hazmat - where our youth are trained poorly to do Asbestos abatement  and Lead abatement - and then coming down with all sorts of " respiratory diseases ".

The Bayview Opera House is now being used for economic development - is come under the San Francisco Administrative  Code section 12L. 

Among other pertinent factors - 12L subsection 5 requires nonprofits with gross earnings in excess of $250,000 to be audited by the SF Controller and that has not happened in years of operation - with Director Barbara Ockel at the helm  of affairs.

Barbara Ockel - acting as the Executive Director of the SF Bayview Opera House - a White woman pretending to understand Black culture. 

The SF Bayview Opera House named after Ruth Williams - who directed over 37 plays one of kind - and trained actors - well known and respected the world over -  on of them the famous Danny Glover and others.

Let us take some precious time to listen to the advocates of that time - one of them Mrs Ruth Williams -please pay attention to her words - they are very pertinent and to the point :

Recently we were forced to go before the SF Sunshine Task Force - representing the people the community of the Bayview Hunters Point area - who have been discriminated and abused.

When a Black woman requested Barbara Ockel to rent the SF Bayview Opera House - Barbara Ockel said to this Black woman: " we do not rent the Bayview Opera House to goons and animals ".

Using Guide Star we accessed the IRS 990 forms - and were shocked how the Bayview Opera has access to millions of dollars - but significantly little was done at the SF Bayview Opera House. For sure a double gate was built - reminiscent of San Quentin a famous jail :

The Bayview Opera House -
has this double gate - that debars entry -
and send a message to divisiveness -
we have a Neo-Nazi in charge of the operations -
how much of this nonsense can we endure?

Over $5.6 million - grant money was given to the SF Bayview Opera House Board of Directors.

 We went before the SF Sunshine Task Force - representing the community of the Bayview Hunters Point area - and found that of the 5.6 million the SF Bayview Opera House could account only for $2.2 million. 

Where is the rest of the money?

The SF Bayview has chosen to amend its status from a Public Benefit Corporation to a Business Corporation, (cultivation of the arts to Economic Development ) wherein taxes became due payable to the City and County of San Francisco from the new designation. 

The SF Treasure Jose Cisneros is looking into this matter - surely he can step up and do the right thing.

It took us 7 and 1/2 months at the SF Sunshine Task Force - to reach a verdict - an unanimous vote - that called upon the SF Bayview Opera House to account for the missing money  - more under mandates of sound accounting and transparency.

Under the San Francisco Administrative Code section 12L - under which the SF Bayview Opera must adhere to the rules and regulations -which it has not - it keeps hoodwinking the public at large - in broad daylight. 

The Bayview Hunters Point has long been known for outsiders the likes of Dwayne Jones, Walton Shaman and others - to come into our community - and pander to entities like Lennar Urban, other Big Developers to foster abject - gentrification - while filling their own pockets.

We have approached the SF Controller's Office and provided that office with a sound outline of the corruption going on at the SF Bayview Opera House.

We are awaiting for some documents to check with the empirical data we have - to sync information to deal with the wheeling and dealing at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - and feel confident that many will be exposed - sooner than later.

The Bayview Hunters Point constituents - more tax payers - have over $2 Billion mitigation money coming to them - we could secede and create an added burden to the SF City and County of San Francisco. 

We plan to initiate a Proposition - a citywide Ballot  - so that the tax payers can vote and hopefully bring " restitution " - to the Bayview Hunters Point community - that has suffered immensely at the hand of the SF Public Utilities Commission - its manager each making over $250,000 a year plus benefits.

Who is fooling whom - and for how long can this nonsense go on.

We could ask for a speedy adjudication and jail time - and send some culprits raking in millions - paying no attention to the poor - to spend time to contemplate their sordid ways.

 Culprits who foster " divisiveness " - while the SF City and County brags it is for accountability and transparency - while all the time - fostering ploys, machinations and the worst type of shenanigans. 

Power to the People 

We the people - united - will never, ever be defeated.