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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Senors and Disabled are held hostage while our Representatives fail to comprehend their RESPONSIBILITY to the NATION.

Whenever your hear a Representative say " the American People " - fully analyse the statement the Representative is making.

By bring in the "American People" and pretending to "represent" the - people of America - mostly probably - the Representative is - lying.

So many plans linked to the "debt ceiling" from both sides the Democrats and Republicans - were vetted by the Congressional Budget Office - only to find that - the two parties - needed to go back and reevaluate their figures.

I say this because both parties - spent more time - arguing rather than having their respective aides and committees - producing pertinent and relevant "debt ceiling" models - to serve the needs of our Nation.

Missing, in the "debt ceiling" debate are the various constituents from each and every State that could have come out with better - models. Task forces that could have done a better - job.

However, to do this the Representatives that use our name in vain - must first consult us - before the spend billions of dollars. They spend our money - and then make excuses.

There is NO transparency and absolutely No accountability. Yet, these so called Representatives - have the audacity to use our name " the American People".

Who gave them the permission - and the time has come to tell them to their face -  do not use the phrase: " the American People ".

The American People by far are hard working and honest - not so the Representatives - who should be ashamed of themselves.

It is a fact, that these Representatives spend over eighty percent of their time - collecting money to fill their campaign coffers. Thinking more of their next election and if they will be elected. Less time serving the " American People" as they proclaim in vain.

The short cut these Representative take is by pandering to Political Action Committees )PACs).

They pander to contributors that with latest ruling by the Supreme Court - can receive in dubious ways - millions of dollars. The Supreme Court looks at these contributions - as freedom of speech!

This cliche the "American People" for practical purposes is a JOKE - when used liberally by the Congress persons and Senators.

Many of these Representatives act worst then "thugs" - they have absolutely no sympathy, no compassion, no feeling for those that need help - our Seniors, our disabled, our military women and men, those that need help. Not all of them - but most.

We after all favor Compassion - not thugs from the Tea Party - which is NOT a recognized party - but, a faction with a hidden agenda.

Our Representatives if they do indeed "serve" the American People - which they DO NOT - must act in the better interests of the American People. Action first - walk the walk.

The paradox in all these talking come July 1, 2011 - the Representatives both from the House the Congress and Senate - received their pay checks! 

How about that for lying, deceiving, pretending to work for the better interests - of the American People. These folks all have have their pay check delivered to their bank accounts. Go Figure!

We must start some where - to comprehend this debacle - our run away spending - when President Bill Clinton was there - we had a surplus.

Then came the Republican and money was spent and more wasted - bringing about this predicament.

One President that is responsible in a big way - President George W. Bush Jr.

He saw nothing giving Corporation huge tax breaks - especially Oil Companies. He saw nothing in favor the Corporations who made and continue to make billions - linked to the war machine.

All those companies must be put on notice and investigated.

Dick Chaney's former companies he represented must be investigated - Halliburton -  a company that has its dubious companies - all over the world - raking in billions.

Now, is the time for the real American People to speak up - and send to Congress and the Senate people that can represent. In the interim make known their sentiments. We cannot sit and wait - waiting for Godot!

This is not easy - when most people do not know anything much about the "debt ceiling", less about Representation, still less about our Constitution which mentions the Nation's - fiduciary responsibilities.

The United States President, President Barack Hussein Obama has chosen to permit both parties to contribute to the better interests of the Nation, the American People that matter - but the fact of matter is that the American People - are not really represented.

If they were - they would not be treated like a "dirty rag". Shame on our Representatives.

In the mean time - the damage world wide has already been caused.

The world looks at our Nation - not because of the present Representatives - but because of the "collective representation" of past astute Congress Persons and Senators, Presidents who had the better interest of the people.

George W. Bush Jr. and the Republicans U.S. Presidents who preceded him back to President Nixon - are NOT worth the salt. The deals with Iran by Reagan, the two wars initiated by George W. Bush Jr. and other ploys and machinations in between all recorded - are recorded and we have facts that those in the White House - during the times they were - did not truly represent our Nation. All of them Republicans and all the facts - documented.

Some are calling today "Code Red Day" - I worked for the Department of Defense and comprehend such terminology.

The lay persons - for some strange reason have put their faith - in our shallow, inept, spineless Representatives - not all of them - but most of them.

All of them, who have represented us - the constituents of the United States - must stop using the cliche " the American People ".

These so called Representatives have NOT represented us - hard working, tax payers, and ready to lay our lives for our Nation.

These representatives that pretend to represent - are shallow - and they must be a way to bring them to justice.

No where in our Constitution does it encourage - putting our Nation - in harms way - and the harming our security and economy.

Most importantly the representatives must work for the constituents of the Nation, listen to them, and look for their best interest not their own petty agendas.

Today, these shallow representatives - are putting the entire Nation in jeopardy.