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Friday, November 30, 2018


London Breed

Raised in the hood - inherently engrained deeply - as a hustler -London Breed - sits on the fence and sees which side is green - before positioning her - fat ass. 

It has been months - and all London Breed has down until today - is taken credit for housing projects - that started years ago.

London Breed has failed to produce a Blue Print with time lines and goals - to address homelessness.

The Academy of Art University - bought hundreds of buildings - most of them - " having thousands of rent control units " - then created " dormitories " - to accommodate students from South Korea, other countries - promising good accommodation and housing these students - asking them to pay a lot - for very poor accommodation.

So just like that our City and County of San Francisco - and our SF Planning Department - and the then Zoning Czar Larry Badner ( now fired ) deprived hundreds of decent San Franciscans - of sound " rent control " - units.

Edwin Mah Lee

Never once has the above point that I am making - been taken in the equation -  the issues linked to the Academy of Art Academy - not by Mayors Willie L. Brown, nor Edwin Lee (who has expired ) - Gavin Newsom now acting Governor - nor London Breed - because all of these buffoon - do not do their homework - never ever go to the source of the problem.

For over 20 years - market rate homes and condominium have been built. Right now we have a glut of market rate condominiums.

No one wants to permit - middle class folks from San Francisco - access to these units - they prefer to sell them for $5 million, $10 million, $15 million and more.

Paradoxically we have over 30,000 homes vacant - because the home owners - do not want to rent them - and think that is their prerogative. 

Of course you would not believe me - if I told you - that all that I have stated above - is NOT known by London Breed. That is because she as dumb as they come.

London Breed has always been a hustler and a " thug ". She mentions it all the time - thinking she has come a long way - the fact is once a " thug " - always a " thug" - be that she may be a smiling thug.

All she thinks - every single nano second - is money - infatuated - with dark money. 

That is what made her Mayor of San Francisco - and that is what makes her wet - she salivates when she see money - lot of money - has given her - her famous grin - much like a jackass.

Proposition " C " does one thing - allows those that have a viable and sustainable plan - to address homelessness - which is chronic in San Francisco - to execute.

London Breed was against Prop C - but 70% of the people were for it - registered voters - so just like that - London Breed agreed she was wrong - and now tows the line - more to have access to millions of dollars - not the welfare of the indigent and the poor. Believe you me.

More - once the permits are in place. 

In all the time London Breed - was a Supervisor of District 5 - she did not do anything much.

Nothing what so ever - to address genuine - " affordable housing ". Even today London Breed is just shooting arrows in the air.

For those in the know - we know the ploys and machinations - she played with - crooks like Olson Lee - (now retired ) - from the Mayor's Office of Housing.

Other - nefarious, rogue - Big Developers.

Even met a Federal of Bureau Investigation Agent - to discuss - condominium and housing opportunities.

Willie L Brown Jr. and Malia Cohen -
both smell of Sulphur - one worse than the other.

Malia Cohen who today is hand in glove with London Breed - also met this FBI agent - and the MACHINE led by Nancy Pelosi - came to the rescue to these two professional political whores.

London Breed has had many dealings with Derf Butler -  who is lingering in jail today - those in the "hood" are aware of this and more.

London Breed is not to be trusted - all she does - is talk from both sides of her mouth. Spews hot air and diatribe like a old steam locomotive - that makes a lot of noise.

London Breed - is now ready to pocket as much money - as she can - tax payers money. It is the same with Malia Cohen.

There are some lackeys - in the Western Addition also known as the Fillmore that have received money - $20,000 to $30,000 to promote some events - at the former Yoshi and the neighboring area.

Amos Brown - still pushing his hidden agenda.

Lackeys like Poverty Pimp Pastor - Amos Brown and Cheryl Davis from the Fillmore - have long been known as panderers.

They - leech on the people - and "green" makes them salivate - much like tainted - Kool Aid - we all remember Jim Jones.

Recently Amos Brown was bold to attack a woman candidate who wants to run for District 5

Amos Brown the coward - admonishing her - not to run for office for District 5. 

The young woman - told Amos Brown that she would expose him - this is a clarion call to the Poverty Pimp Pastor - to stay on his track - walk slowly - and please do not play with fire.

In recent years - " dark money " has tarnished the good name of many - mostly corrupt Blacks lacking morals, ethics, less standards - who have chosen to play with fire. 

I have named some of them and will again - leading the charge Malia Cohen, London Breed, Shaman Walton - and backing these crooks like Amos Brown, Aurelious Walker - who should be ashamed of themselves.

London Breed's lackeys - should be careful and cautious - trying to act as her agents - and her mouth piece- politics is a very dirty game.

Money is not everything - I tried to reason - with the up and coming leaders  - even met with some of those that today think - they can get things done - more with " dark money ".

London Breed is bad new - and just like that - come November 2020 - most of you - who do not comprehend how corrupt she is - and more how arrogant she is - you will be shocked - I will stop - there. 

Change your ways and stay away of reeking Sulphur smell.

God sees everything - for many years - the situation linked to homelessness - has been treated in a nonchalant manner.

Thousands of former Bayview Hunters Point area residents - now make their abode in the Tenderloin. 

Once we had stellar leaders in the Bayview Hunters Point - and for over 40 years - many of us - did not sell out to the crooks and the corrupt.

Today the many sell outs are on the pay roll of corrupt folks like Dwayne Jones, Juliet Ellis, others who facilitate ploys and machinations - Veronica Hunnicutt, Oscar James, Eloise Patton, Toye Moses, Linda Richardson - none of them have a conscience - and they think - that can play with FIRE forever.

Time will tell - creating a Legacy Foundation, Benefit Area, sitting on the Southeast Community Facility Commission, heading other bodies - the same people - all of them known - crooks- wheeling and dealing.

Our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our Elders, those with compromised health - more those Mentally Challenged and Physically Challenged - are suffering and slowly dying.

Plans are afoot to build - high density housing - on land that is prone to liquefaction and flooding - more contaminated. 

In some areas - registering high levels of " radio active elements " - what is one to say - to folks who are not educated on issues - ignorant.

Who are on the pay roll of nefarious entities - one leading agency the SF Public Utilities Commission - that is being investigated - I had to do the heavy lifting - to expose the on going nonsense.

As I said there is God - our District Attorney George Gascon is fast asleep at the cockpit. So is City Attorney Dennis Herrera. Hopefully the SF Controller's Office will see light at the end of the tunnel.

Mayor London Breed is a JOKE - her prepared speeches betray her ignorance.

London Breeds supporters have no clue - that this woman is taking San Francisco - into a cesspool - where in a few months - all those surrounding London Breed - will be drowning - with her.

Not long ago - our City woke up to the news - that our SF Housing - the Mayor Office of Housing - former the SF Housing Authority - was in the red - needing $30 million.

It just so happened at her first appearance as the Mayor of San Francisco - before the SF Board of Supervisors - in Room 250 - London Breed - declared the would make up for the $30 million - without due process. 

I bet Olson Lee was aware of that fact too - before he jumped ship and retired - he headed the Mayor's Office of Housing.

Today London Breed and others like her - are bragging that the SF City and County of San Francisco - has $147 million is access money.

There is NO viable and sustainable plan - with time lines and goals - to address sound Quality of Life issues in San Francisco. 

All we hear daily - is London Breed spew diatribe - reading from prepared speeches - and trying to rally constituents to work hard and help themselves. While London Breed sits on the fence and watches the fiasco.

Practically every second day - London Breed goes shopping wasting money in the thousands - she does not give a damn - about the poor and those slowly dying - our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our Elders ( the likes of Ms Canada ) over 100 years.

 Our Mentally and Physically Challenged - any one can talk the talk - very few can walk the walk.

London Breed is obese - much like a heifer - she should loose weight.

 I wonder how her White boy friend  - feels about this situation. Fake as they come - Black woman that she is.

August 10, 2018 some one ambushed and murdered Joseph Taeotui - better known as Jungle - the person who murdered him is roaming the streets - and all the lackeys of Mayor London Breed know about this fact.

On the day - of the funeral both London Breed and Malia Cohen - where busy cutting some sordid ribbon - at Third Street and Yosemite.

Both were at some Cafe - both Malia Cohen from District 10 - where Jungle hails from - and Mayor London Breed who knew Jungle - did not have the decency to pay their respects - the day he was buried.

They both chose to cut some ribbon - and pussyfoot around instead - typically of professional political whores.

Some of us give these vermin a pass -  there are other mostly sell outs - mostly Blacks - who have lost their mind.

For these Blacks - money matters to them - more " dark tainted money ".

Well - there is a God -  the time is coming - much like the Big One that struck Alaska - right now - as I am finishing this blog.

Thursday, November 29, 2018


This conceptual plan - will remain a conceptual plan -
the project planned at 1550 Evans Street -
even as Malia Cohen rubber stamps this project -
that is proposed to be built on land prone
to liquefaction and flooding. All Malia Cohen cares -
is money - money illegally received - she has no ethics.

When  you mix ignorance with abject arrogance - and act like a fool - you are dangerous - more dangerous to yourself - that is what has become of Malia Cohen. Malia Cohen will be termed out soon - decent people cannot wait - to see her go - 
she is diabolical to say the least.

At the eleventh hour she has used her influence - in a bad way - to rush and endorse the project - on contaminated land - prone to liquefaction and flooding - 700 and 900 Innes - not far from a Superfund Site - that is the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Just as she has pushed to approve 1550 Evans Street - at the last moment.

The project at 700 and 900 Innes - proposes high density housing - where right now - people living in the area - suffer from chronic respiratory diseases, cancer, and heart problems.
The segment of the population most affected - our infants, children, and Elders.

No one in the right mind would suggest building homes in this area - at 700 and 900 Innes Street - not far from the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - which is a Superfund Site.

Let alone Open Space -for one simple reason - test the land, air and water - and you will find pollution and contamination - more radiological elements present - that will adverse all - more our infants, children, youth, young adults, Elders, those with compromised health -  our Mentally and Physically challenged.

1800 Oakdale Street - proposed to be demolished -
to build housing - without any meaningful dialog -
this nonsense initiated by Dwayne Jones and Juliet Ellis -
with lackeys from the community - who are on the pay roll -
talk utter garbage and having no idea that they 
are being taken for a wild ride - adversely impacting the 
community at large.

The demographics of the Bayview Hunters Point has drastically changed. Black are in the minority - the only thing - some of the Blacks do well - is go to City Hall - with T-shirts - and talk from both sides of their mouth.

Reception area - 1800 Oakdale -
that once served the community -
only for SFPUC to pander to entities -
to bring down the standard of 1800 Oakdale -
there is a computer lab - that is NOT Used -
computers and software that is antiquated -
some of us are trying serve our Seniors and others -
the process is taking - forever.

1800 Oakdale was built by the constituents - who had to fight for the site, the building and more for concrete - meaningful - the community benefits.

People may not know that - the City Administrator then was Roger Boas, the Mayor Diane Feinstein - the community met and decided who should represent the community - then only could the Mayor address the community at large.

Today  we have sell outs - on some one pay roll - sitting on the Southeast Community Facility Commission - linked to 1800 Oakdale.

Recently the Southeast Community Facility Commission advertised for an opening - the Director for the Southeast Community Facility Commission.

The entire process was convoluted - timelines linked to the position of the Director announced and then cancelled. Then out of the blues - some candidates that met the requirements - and one stellar one from the community were dismissed - and did not meet the standards - of those sitting on the panel - surrounded by the smell of Sulphur. 

They already have their pick - who is fooling - whom?

The Bayview Hunters Point is NOT for sale - and for sure we do not want to see and witness fools - talking from both sides of their mouth - bought by crooked folks - the blind leading the blind - down the cesspool of their own - creation.

No one gave permission to buffoons to represent the community at large - these folks have nothing sensible to say - accept to say - they are in favor of the project - that they have no deep understanding about? 

Give them some money and they will blurt anything that comes from their dirty mouth. These folks are anathema and a disgrace to anything - decent. 

Suffice to say most of them are dysfunctional and will grab anything to salivate for a second.

I had one woman dare to text me - quoting wrongly a text from scripture - that I should not target Dwayne Jones - who is creating confusion in our community.

My advice to her - stay away from me. I have nothing to do with those that smell like Sulphur. 

This Black woman was no where to be seen - when we were fighting in the trenches. Never, ever saw her at the meetings that mattered in the early nineties and early 2000 until 2015 for sure.

Some advocates in the Bayview Hunters Point area - cannot be bought - as those who vouch for anything - when they are offered some money - and promises and will never, ever be fulfilled. 

At one time one - those attending  classes at 1800 Oakdale - could be a qualified restaurant Chef, a certified Registered Nurse, Tailors that were well taught - other certifications linked to career jobs.

All this and more benefited the Community at large - not only Blacks - but other segments of the population.

The Blacks today - who are talking about Community Benefits have NO knowledge - factual knowledge - have NO access to the empirical data.

They wag that  tongue - that has no bone  - they are on the pay roll - doled out by nefarious entities  - and  will be investigated.

As they line up for Public Comment - there are No Latinos, No Asians, No Whites, No Native Americans - and these paid agents - are messing things for the community at large - preying on tax payers dollars. 

1550 Evans from another angle -
land prone to severe flooding and liquefaction.

If 1550 is built - all the Community Benefits linked to 1800 Oakdale will cease to exist.

Now the Community has some power - in the future - if 1550 Evans comes to be - SF Public Utilities Commission - will call the shots. 

The community will have to play second fiddle - SF Public Utilities Commission in recent years - has failed miserably when it comes to transparency and accountability.

In recent months we have seen the exit of the Project Manager linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project - Karen Kubbick. 

The Manager of Phelps Sewage Treatment took early retirement, so did an astute, stellar, a man with institutional memory and experience Tony Flores and many more. Who is fooling whom?

Even at 550 Golden Gate Avenue - the SF Public Utilities Commission Head Quarters  - Surjeet Singh - the head of all the Project Managers - took early retirement - and there is more - to those jumping ship - and running away from the smell of Sulphur. 

At 1550 Evans - plans are a foot without - sound and meaningful dialog to build a Recreation Center and in the future housing.

Never mind on any day - one can smell the stench from the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment plan.

Never mind if one tests the air in the area - it is one of the most toxic hot spots - millions of trips made by vehicle - the entire area from 1550 Evans Street to Cargo Way - adversely impacting thousands - daily.

Malia Cohen when she first arrived on the scene -
today is a  known -professional political whore -
anyone with some decency will agree 
with the above stated statement -
you have just to check the SF Ethics website -
just Google Malia Cohen and corruption -
and read for yourself - more about this pathetic person.

Malia Cohen today -
grinning like a jackass -
she has filled her coffers - with " dark money ".

Again the land is prone to liquefaction and flooding - and these very serious issues and more - does not faze Malia Cohen - who has been bribed in both cases or projects named above.

Money - more tainted money has made Malia Cohen so corrupt that now - she openly defies common sense and decorum.

Malia Cohen - has no morals, less ethics and absolutely No standards.

Bayview Hunters Point deserves better - and we few who are watching the circus - will watch those smelling of saturated Sulphur - wither on the vine - sooner not latter - that is a given.

Finally God sees it all - here is the most important factor to note - we must  - those of us who have our heart in the right place - serve the needs of those that need help most.

In this case our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our Elders - those with compromised health and mostly importantly our Mentally and Physically Challenged.

God sees it all - but to embrace God and spirituality - one cannot play with FIRE - the corruption in the Bayview Hunters Point - has reached saturation point - and those who need help most - are left to die a slow death.

You just have to visit the Bayview Library by Revere Street - and meet our Black Elders - each has a story to tell - trials and tribulations- I listen to them - help them - and encourage them to live a good life.

Paradoxically most of them - once had a home, had a good job, their children for reasons best know to them - forsaken their parents - and the parents are left to fend for themselves.

Once they lived in a home - now they have to find a place to rest their head -  on some door way, under the bushes, anywhere to survive.

In the Bayview Hunters Point area - there is talk about  a Navigation Center - by this good for nothing Shaman Walton - who thinks - he can hoodwink us - much as did Malia Cohen.

Navigation Centers cannot accommodate more than 80 people at a time - the most 100 persons.

We have 12,000 homeless in San Francisco and more than 45% of them once made their abode in the Bayview Hunters Point - now have flooded District 6 - better known as the Tenderloin.

In District 10 which is the Bayview Hunters Point - all the housing at Candlestick Point, Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, 1550 Evans Street, 700 and 900 Innes is prone to liquefaction and flooding- there are maps - that point to these fact.

Shaman Walton thinks his victory - wining the District 10 Supervisor's seat - will help him.

Shaman Walton - does not know that he smells of Sulphur - he is saturated with " dark money " - he did not hesitate to celebrate his victory -  at the Laughing Monk Brewing - the owner Andrew Casteel - joined by his lackeys and crooks of the highest order. 

This celebration as will others - will be short lived.   

No one can fool - all the people - all the time - and people are already waking up - to that state of affairs - that continued to get worse - so call Black leaders - talking from both sides of their mouth. 

London Breed, Malia Cohen and others too many to name - one worse than the other.

Sunday, November 25, 2018


Malia Cohen -
a lobbyist for the Cannabis Moguls -
backing JUUL a e-cigarette company -
taking bribes for favors granted and doors opened.

Here is San Francisco - we are blessed to have so many intelligent women - I do not count Malia Cohen and London Breed among them.

I believe politicians - be it a women or men - must represent the best interests of the tax payer, the constituents, the citizen.

Both London Breed and Malia Cohen - have amassed millions - and they have done that - by pandering - they are as I have describe them before - professional political whores.

They are downing in " dark money " and this and more has tarnished their names.

They are disgrace to the human race.

They have amassed millions and turned their back on those who need help most - our infants, our children, our youth and young adults, our Elders, those with compromised health - more those physically and mentally challenged.

There was a time - when the authorities - began doling Cannabis Club licenses - saturating Cannabis Clubs - six or seven in one small area. 

It took some time for the people to understand the situation at hand. No citizen in their right mind - wants a saturation of Cannabis Clubs - even if one is a weed eater.

The San Francisco Chinese community came in droves and opposed the situation of Cannabis Club - but Malia Cohen and others like her - turned their backs on the constituents.

They also turned their backs - on decent citizens - London Breed and Malia Cohen - as displayed by their actions - are a disgrace to San Franciscans.

At the opportune time - pretending to streamline the process - Malia Cohen has entrenched herself as a Point Person.

Malia Cohen is a lobbyist for the Cannabis Moguls - many of them promise to abide by the law - but paradoxically many of the owners and those back the Cannabis Clubs - have previous - felony charges.

Bottom line -as far as Malia is concerned  -  the bottom line is - Green - a different type of green.

So where was Malia Cohen - when the saturation of Cannabis Clubs sprouted all over the place -  too many in some small targeted areas - locations be it District 6 or District 11 ?

Why is Malia Cohen - so interested in helping the Cannabis Gurus? Why the fake talk that the sale of Cannabis Club will amass over billions by 2020? 

When did she become an expert in " weed"  in so short a time.

Both London Breed and Malia Cohen are products of the Emerge Movement - the Emerge Movement has helped many women get elected to office.

The two worse ones - that Emerge have produce - are London Breed and Malia Cohen. 

These two women are tarnishing the name of  " Emerge " -wallowing in " dark money " and in open defiance to any decent - and holistic principles.

Again and again - I have been approached by many - letting me know who London Breed and Malia Cohen truly are - their nefarious activities. 

Wheeling and dealing with Big Developers - laughing all the way to the bank.

How they dole favors and  favor some women - just because they are women. 

I do not think the  "Me Too Movement " - would approve such tactics or mentality. The " Me Too Movement " - has many decent men - fathers, husbands, loved ones - men - who have supported their mothers, their wives, their sisters, their loved ones women - it takes all - to make good things - happen.

London Breed and Malia Cohen - loved to jump on any band wagon - where they can exploit the situation. The first question they ask - what is it that they can gain - from jumping on the band wagon - mostly at the eleventh hour.

Let me try to enlighten the public a bit - many a time - I am asked if I am a feminist. I say yes.

Why do I say - yes. I say yes - because I strongly believe men as well as women - must be fair - be qualified to do a job - if you can do a job - you earn the respect of all.

As I have explained above - all those with their heart in the right place - women and men - can take anyone and more - to a better place.

I know men who are not feminist - they side always with men - and I oppose them - and have won the hearts and mind of many women - in my life. 

Many women at times - have been targeted by men - because they do to want women to compete with them - or because the women are better educated. 

Then try to convince me and others - that just because they are men - they should be listened to and favored. This is plain - BS.

We have seen this at City Hall - and in the Chambers - and for a slight moment - I will move to Catherine Stefani - she blurted out - that women are the majority - as the SF Board of Supervisors stands now -  and can do a better job. 

Little knowing that stupid comments like that -would come to haunt her ass - especially after the recent mid-term - elections. 

The mid-term elections have brought more men in at SF City Hall and in Room 250.

The SF women Supervisors  - these women who had their majority - in the Chambers - Room 250 are no more able to say that soon. 

I would like to hear - what Catherine Stefani - has to say - about the change in the SF Chambers -  Room 250, now ?

As I said earlier - it is not about men or women - it is about representation. I it  about being fair.

It is about being educated on issues. It is about discerning - making sound choices. 

Now let us turn to London Breed - who has a Chief of Staff who is woman - and has NO clue about Emergency Services.

This woman - making general statements - at a meeting - that address Emergency Services.

No wonder when we experienced two weeks of the worst air - in the world - nothing much came from the Chief of Staff - nor - our inept, ill informed, less discerning - Mayor, London Breed.

London Breed known in many better and informed circles as - " The Loud Mouth ".

During the mid-term elections - London Breed went out of her way - knowing well " dark money " was used by Conway and others - to back one woman candidate from District 4 - who lost miserably.

Two more women candidates - from District 6 - who lost miserably too. 

All three women were groomed by " Emerge " and it is time that  " Emerge "  - take note - and vett candidates who run for office - is a more sensible manner - and avoid - toxic folks like London Breed.

Noticed the right about turn - London Breed made on Proposition C - now she against it - and then when the Proposition C win - she is for it. 

London Breed is like a reed - blowing in the wind - and this willy nilly mentality - must come to an end. London Breed does not have the gumption to lead - she a panderer - more who is confused.

In San Francisco we are blessed with fair women - among them I count Fiona Ma and many others.

These stellar and astute women - took a stand and stood their ground. 

Many of them started at the SF Board of Supervisors - and now hold high, sound and good positions - and yet they serve the people with humility and that is the bottom line - sound representation.

London Breed and Malia Cohen - are so pompous - that each time they open their mouth - lacking sound manners and etiquette.

These two women will neutralize - the role of decent women - which is an important factor to note that has earned  both Malia Cohen and London Breed - earning the unsavory title of  - " professional political whores ".

The saturation of Cannabis Clubs all over San Francisco - much as the proliferation electronic cigarettes - and JUUL a e-cigarette company - situated at Pier 70 - a contaminated place - backed by Malia Cohen.

At Pier 70  now an evil empire has been created by JUUL that is adversely impacting the health of millions of youth. Over 60% of our San Francisco youth - are hood on e-cigarettes - that is adversely impacting their health - across the board schools like Lowell, and Saint Ignatius and others adversely impacted.

Some of us get side tracked when these professional political whores - are shown on SF Public TV - ribbon cutting, doling Commendations and Proclamations - and making small talk - all this and more - does not matter.

It really matters - when innocent infants, children, youth, young adults, our Elder, those with compromised health - more our mentally and physically challenged are slowly dying.

Most anyone will tell you - women have more empathy, compassion, affection, genuine love - bringing memories of our grandmothers, our mothers, those women that have played an important part in the our lives - I am talk as a man.

Both Malia Cohen and London Breed - are saturated with hate for men - distrust - and love wheeling and dealing - and will fall flat of their face.

Now more and more we have some women - acting tough - hating men - putting men down - more Black men - while these two professional political whores - have NO clue the damage they are doing to San Francisco.

Most of the women - who follow London Breed and Malia Cohen - the majority of them Black are under investigation.

They will fall in the trap - and when the Feds - do their job - they will allow the ones - they are monitoring - all the time - as they carry out their nefarious activities - nonchalant - and then nab them - play all their sordid actions - for them to review - complete with the empirical data. 

Mayor London Breed -
better known - " loud mouth ".

Both London Breed and Malia Cohen have been investigated before - today both are involved with " dark money " - both have amassed millions - and they know they are playing with fire. They are NOT to be trusted.

One has just to visit the SF Ethics Commission website - the SF Ethics Commission and the Controller's Office have been slow - focusing on the vast amount of " dark money " that have filled the campaign coffers of both Malia Cohen and London Breed.

On most fronts - linked to our congestion on our roads in San Francisco - both Malia Cohen and London Breed have failed.

Malia Cohen favors building high density homes on land prone to liquefaction and flooding, Malia has no empathy nor compassion linked to the chronic homeless citizens - slowly dying on the streets of San Francisco. 

As SF President of the SF Board of Supervisors - Malia Cohen has disgraced that office - and continues to make a mockery - bagging the gavel - and acting arrogant - all this will come to nought.

Our Senior population go to bed hungry, and so do one in three children in San Francisco. One in four Senior go to bed hungry - past the fifth of every month.

Many cannot afford Health Insurance. What is important to note - people have to work three and four jobs - to rent a one bed room for over $3500 and a two bed room for over $5500. 

These professional political whores - are busy pussyfooting - shopping and spend in access of $5000 each are every shopping spree - and have NO qualms of conscience. 

When we advocates attended the SF Board of Supervisors - we watch the ploys, machinations, and shenanigans. Once were permitted 3 minutes during Public Comment - now a measly two minutes.

We watch the SF Board of Supervisors - and now it is time for the men who will be in the majority - to represent - to remind jackasses like Catherine Stefani - who was anointed - that she has failed in her mentality - to comprehend politics - opened her mouth and shoved her foot in it.

Malia Cohen will be history - and Sacramento are used to handling those that are stupid - cutting them to size in a jiffy.

Malia Cohen can pussyfoot there with another jackass Scott Wiener - who is always coming up with cockeyed legislation - to win some attention - be it for all the wrong reasons.

November 2020 - is round the corner - we do not have an astute Mayor - we have a "loud mouth " at SF City Hall.

More London Breed - cannot think for herself - she is as confused as they come - has chosen a Chief of Staff - that panders to London Breed.

There is only so much ass licking one can do - before falling prey to buffoonery  - be booted out in disgrace.