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Monday, August 1, 2011

It is all about compromise and finding the common denominator to sit down and settle the issue at hand.

The recent "debt ceiling" debacle is one that has shown this Nation - that it is all about sitting down, participating , finding out the common denominators, compromise - and settling the issues at hand.

Perhaps for the first time those that were totally out of touch with the wheeling and dealing in Washington DC  realized that it was time to act.

Never before, did the House that is the Congress and the Senate - receive so many emails and other types of communications from the American People.

Mostly Seniors organized groups played an important part - held the feet of the "policy makers" to the fire.

That one question to the head of the military - " will we receive our military pay?" set the tone - and woke up those that talk the talk but cannot walk the walk - in recent days.

It is one think to go to war and waste billions of dollars.

It is quiet another thing - to be asked what are you doing for the troops - and fail to get an answer. Well, that issue has been settled for now. We must be vigilant at home - and not take the lives of our military for granted.

Not all is well on the Western Front.

We, as a Nation - now, have to tighten our "spending belts" - and this must be done with a bi-partisan task force - 6 Republicans and 6 Democrats.

This bi-partisan task force - who can and should set the tone; truly representing the Nation - linked to our fiduciary and fiscal - responsibilities.

The Nation must not be held hostage.

The drama could not have been played in a better manner. The President stepping up to the podium - minutes before the Asian Markets opened - and stating that the United States Congress and Senate - has reached an agreement.

This is before - any sign document is in place. Which shows the world the power of the President of the United States of America.

This could not be done by the Europeans who are having severe problems in Greece, Italy, France, Portugal, and Spain. Germany is trying to prop up some but its day is approaching.

Here at home - we have three major factors that are in our favor.

Our population some 311 million is small and powerful, poised, controllable - compared - to the population of say China and India in the billion - plus.

We have a land mass that has vast resources and we are blessed in this land that belongs to the Native Americans and must NOT forget that, ever - Aho.

Thirdly, and mostly important - our human resources are critical to the world. It is here that our tax reform is pertinent - to change the tax codes and foster more Research and Development. Return billions back to the United States with tax initiatives - that can create jobs and focused investment.

Our oil companies and companies like General Electric that do not pay their fare share - must step up - the loop holes closed - once and for all.

Our Congress and Senators must now focus on our people. Those Seniors and others that must be respected. This segment of the population will speak loud and clear - in the coming elections - not only on the National level - but on the local level - too.

Our Educational system revamped to meet world - needs. Most major countries that are doing well with their economies - are investing in education - not so here in the United States.

Tuition and other vital resources to many students are at a premium and students are suffering - especially those that are - poor.

We the people, bailed our banks and we have not forgotten the machinations linked to sub-prime loans, derivatives, and so on.

The U.S. Banks and the Credit Card companies - must be put on notice on - to make the necessary loans without harassing the customers and constituents first - who are really the ones to whom the money belongs. We bailed the suckers out!

Banks are sitting on trillions of dollars. 

On another level - the larger financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan are are positioning themselves to take over assets in Europe.

This chess game has been going on for years - but the details will be revealed soon.

These money mongers full of "greed" have learned nothing much - from past mistakes. Some of them are so bold - that they are openly preying on victims - in Europe and here in the United States. Nothing much has changed - not even with Congressional hearings.

It does not help that the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank too - have models that do not work.

Those that do not have equity - simply do not stand a chance. And if you are a Nation like the many European Nations and African Nations - and do not play by the rules that favor the IMF and World Bank - then you fall - prey. They control your assets and put a choke hold on you.

Spain for example does not want to have anything with both these fiduciary, dubious world organizations the World bank and the IMF.

Not all has been settled here at home in the United States.

In the short and long run - we must be vigilant - our fiscal woes will have to  be resolved - by spending less and tightening our belts.

It is wrong to have one dollar in our pocket and spend a million. That is what our Nation has done - with inept folks like George W. Bush Jr. - in recent times.

To be fair the last Stimulus Package did not help. Our true unemployment rate they say is 9% but it is more like 20%. Those millions that have not worked in three years - are not counted.

There are lots of temporary jobs without benefits. No real jobs with benefits - more career jobs that really count. 

In the final analysis we must gauge our Nation's progress by the Middle Class that counts - our educational standard - we must be educated on issues.

We failed this time - miserably not comprehending the "debt ceiling" - because the first time around - we permitted ploys like - derivatives, sub-prime loans to rein us in and do us in.

Did not check our Congress persons and Senators - those that have been in power for too long - making tons of money - and doing us in.

These so called Representative must not have more then two terms - we must replace them - and send to Congress and the Senate - fresh blood, people who can work hard and represent better.

Not folks like the Tea Party who are a disgrace to humanity and this Nation. Trust no one that hold the Nation hostage - there must be a way to send these folks to jail - for a long, long time.

We the American People must be consulted - and we must not allow drab, shallow, inept - so called Representatives to use the words and think for a moment that using the words " American People " as a cliche - will fool all the people - all the time. Aho.