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Sunday, June 29, 2014


Malia Cohen the Black District 10 Supervisor has NO clue what so ever about Superfund sites and more about very contaminated sites - such as the old Schlage Lock company - where right now some poor quality housing units are planned. They say 1700 - but the owner want 2200 housing units - is this contaminated area - all high density.

Malia Cohen and her side kick Fran Martin do not represent the best interest on any community. This two evil women are backing this project. The community has not given anyone permission - and the time has come to send a signal - to those that are espousing to run for office - and think all will be well.

 Both seek ill fame as you see from them reading - prepared remarks. Nothing, that they truly believe in - building 1700 units on a toxic dump - is not what anyone wants from the community at large. Not on very contaminated land. 

Malia Cohen and Fran Martin - an odd couple -  despicable and totally uninformed on issues - have not studied less read the Maher Ordinance.

More the expanded Maher Ordinance - that explains clearly the soil characteristics - of this very polluted area.

It is very clear from the Maher Ordinance and more the Precautionary Principle - that no life - should be adversely impacted - and Malia Cohen and Fran Martin - simply do not get it. Putting innocent people in harms way with intent.

While anyone that has some sense. Those that believe in standards - believe in giving people opportunity to live in areas that are clean, fully abated and mitigated. There is nothing wrong with that - but to build housing units - and fast track the progress - because of GREED - is something - totally uncalled for.

The Unions are kept out of this project - and while our City has Local Hiring and other mandates - the dump SF Board of Supervisors and back this project - without understanding the evil designs of those backing this - project. The project owners want to keep the UNIONS out. This will not happen.

No one in their right mind will endorse decent human being living in an environment that is so contaminated, has high levels of dangerous particulates, chemicals from chrome plating operations, other very toxic chemicals that the Department of Toxic and Substances Control (DTSC) is full aware off. Land that is severely prone to liquefaction and flooding.

Lack of sound transportation, has no parking, it surrounded by toxins with readings at very high level. Right now the air is foul.

The project has a rail line with trains passing - less than hundred feet from this proposed complex - creating all sorts of high level noises. How will the project deal with this.

To make matter worse - some land that does not belong to the Project and belong to the Joint Powers - has been incorporated into the Project Area - illegally. What the f*** is happening with this project?

The Brisbane Petroleum tanks less than an eight of a mile - the Mid-Way housing complex that has a cluster of cancer victims, and a host of other very serious issues - none of which have been studied in detail.

This project is funded by a man from Taiwan from stole over $800 million and has taken refuge in Mainland China.

Those in the know - know about this fact - but not Fran Martin and Malia Cohen - who are pandering to core Zionists that are behind this project.

The erstwhile San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - did NOT grandfather this project.

These two stupid women Malia Cohen who has never lived in District 10 for an extended period of time - and more does not understand environmental issues - and less putting innocent people in harms way.

It is the same with Fran Martin - all her prepared remarks - are about what she has done with her garden projects - that have profited her - living in the Visitation Valley - her failed attempt at one time editing Visitation Valley Grapevine - that folded years ago.

The Visitation Valley constituents do not respect Fran Martin. She must know this - she is now - forcing people to look at her ploys and machinations - unfriendly and uncouth to say the least.

The Chinese immigrants are being hoodwinked and the few Chinese who will be rallied to endorse this project - are far removed - to do live in the area - and are on the take.

Much the same when Lennar Urban - contributed to Malia Cohen campaign - this Project Sponsor will contribute to Malia Cohen - in the up coming election campaign - which Malia Cohen - will LOSE.

Malia Cohen gravitates towards money - and has NOT represented the community.

Her disdain for the poor was well revealed with the Mother Brown's Project - where California State funding - can provide 100 beds for the indigent - but Malia Cohen is fighting this project - even at this late date.

Malia Cohen illegally fast tracked rezoning many blocks to help create a Wellness Center - for children.

In an area that is contaminated - millions of vehicles spewing particulates - in and and around 3450 Third Street - by Cargo Way. 

The stench from the near by Phelps Raw Sewage unbearable - yet our children and their parents - are forced now to go to this despicable Wellness Center. Our SF Health Department back her and one other woman Nadine Burke.

There is nothing normal, decent, ethical, moral, nothing wholesome about Malia Cohen.

Lacking sound education, less being educated on issues - having no experience about Land Use, less Planning, even less environmental issues - she is defying those that do. 

Malia Cohen will fail - nothing good will happen at the old Schlage Lock company - the land is contaminated - and the entire water shed polluted.

Unlike the water shed in the Western portion of our City - the water shed in this area - was the former Bay.

All poor landfill - very contaminated - and not regulated - that was before the Environmental Protection Agency - was established - and first started regulating in the early 1980s.

The poor landfill in this area - was created from the early 1950s until the late 1980s. The records are there for us to see - but idiots who have no clue - will not do the right thing - when they have made up their minds - to build on very contaminated sites.

The Maher Ordinance prohibits building on such a contaminate site - prone to severe liquefaction and flooding. The surround air is very polluted - millions of vehicles heading to San Francisco - and in the other direction to the South - San Jose and further.

The project was fact tracked before the San Francisco Planning Department, the Land Use and the only place it was stalled was at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - where Malia Cohen did not appear - because I was there and so was Dr Espanola Jackson.

The matter continued after being stalled for two weeks. More lies were told after the two weeks - and a reason was given - that there was more to be addressed - and that those requirements would be addressed - but this is a LIE.

Fran Martin in all the years she was on the Citizens Advisory Committee with the SF County Transportation Authority has not represent the community.

The Third Street Light Rail is a mess - from 4th and King the middle of no where Visitation Valley.

Fran Martin, as I said will gravitate where she can make some money - and lie through her teeth.

She could not do this when she was on a Committee at Executive Park - more astute constituents like Shirley Jones and Espanola Jackson - told Fran Martin a thing or two - and she quit.

Fran Martin is now on the Brisbane - Citizens Advisory Committee having no sound and qualified experience with transportation issues.

The Southeast Sector more the area from Geneva Avenue to Harney Way is not fully developed.  Lack viable and sustainable infrastructure.

The private roads by the Baylands Processing Soil for example  - are in very bad shape. What has Malia Cohen and Fran Martin done about this road? Nothing. What do you think they know about this area - nothing? What does the Mayor know about this area - nothing in detail and substantial.

What Malia Cohen and before that Sophie Maxwell both Blacks; both corrupt - and both Supervisors - are looking for an opportunity to rake in the money.

Forcing developers from the Executive Park area - to pay for Community Benefits - when the area around Executive Park needs a Recreation Center, a Community Center, a Gym, a Health Center, Super Market, a play clean play ground, a Center for Child Care, a Swimming Pool and so on.

Why should Executive Park clear across the rail line - a known demarcation - pay for the urchins who live in the Visitation Area?

Why cannot Visitation Valley with all their connections with the Zionists who have ruined our economy - pay for your own needs?

Address the violence and killing - that we at Executive Park are helping you all - without you knowing - because you are so F****** dumb and nonchalant.

Right now the SF Board of Supervisors - failing to study the issues at hand - voted to give $2 million dollars to spend on some transportation issues at this late date.

The SF Transportation Authority prepared some remarks that Malia Cohen read - she did not even comprehend what she was saying - the land is prone to liquefaction - and one has just to go and look at the roads - bordering Brisbane and San Francisco.

The soil is so unstable in this area - that the roads have to be constantly repaired. It is the same with the exit heading north - when you make the exit to come to Executive Park - when there is high tide - the entire road is flooded.

There is talk about building a Causeway - across Yosemite Slough to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - again such projects have NOT been vetted.

Crooks are working behind the scene - to seek job opportunities. Much as has been going on at Candlestick Point - and heading this project - guess who - Lennar Urban.

Trucks moving in and out - with no covers - carrying contaminated soil -  many of them failing to abide by the speed  limits endangering those that happen to be in the area.

Most of the truckers from outside San Francisco - and all this under the watch of Mayor Edwin Lee - who is backing Lennar Urban and not the community at large.

The near by - the very first Urban State Park in San Francisco - that will be demolished, graded, to satisfy the needs of Lennar Urban, a Rogue Developer that Malia Cohen is in bed with.

It is all about money - that this Black woman needs to satisfy her needs - the more she gets the more she wants.

She use to live at Executive Park - had a condominium - but she went under. Her future will be worse - she will fall flat on her face - you heard it here. Malia now live on Potrero Hill surrounded by Whites and her mentality serves this move.

No one can harm innocent people and more innocent children - and think for a second they will have peace of mind and good health. Malia Cohen lives a double life - and can never, ever be trusted.

Malia Cohen is doomed - and she does not even have a clue. 

Lying through her teeth - reading prepared remarks. Her parents must be ashamed of such a person that has no ethics, no morals, and absolutely no standards. Pathetic.

Right now we have no public transportation by Executive Park worth the salt - private shuttles - provide some succor during peak times for those that live and work at Executive Park - very close to this proposed project at Arleta and old Bayshore. 

Fran Martin and Malia - all the same want those living at Executive Park and Little Hollywood to - sacrifice and fund this project - that has NOT had one single detail meaningful meeting - incorporating the folks at Executive Park. 

Meetings are announced and cancelled. The objectives of the meeting - that were held at 400 Tunnel - had a moving target.

Then for a long time no meetings at all. Now, suddenly this project that was DEAD - has been resurrected.

It is being fast tracked. The only place it stalled was at the SF Public Utilities Commission - where none of the issues were resolved.

Fully knowing that the land is contaminated - plans are afoot to FAST TRACK this project in San Francisco.

In San Francisco - where we have no many so called environmentalist - Foundations that give grants to Environmentalists - more to  build 1700 units - on very contaminated ground. Where are the environmentalist on this project? Where are the environmentalist on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard? Or on Candlestick Point - or even on Mission Bay that is prone to liquefaction and flooding?

Who is implementing the Maher Ordinance or do you idiots know that is it exists?

Though the owner in Mainland China - who is on a respirator - wants 2200 units. His son takes orders remote control  and is in Los Angeles.

Some Zionists the likes of Fran Martin - pushing the envelop - the same Pacific Heights Mafia - they have their operatives - all over in the Southeast Sector and at City Hall. Even the Bayview Opera House - has a Zionist in charge - can you imagine?

The decimation of the Black Population - this divisiveness is created by folks like Malia Cohen, Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, Lola Whittle, Sophie Maxwell, Dwayne Jones, Linda Richardson, Doris Vincent, the Tabernacle Group - all Blacks - selling out the community.

There are others that on reading the names above - know they are party to these ploys and machinations - we have their names and will be revealing them at the appropriate time. 

All over the Southeast Sector - ploys and machinations - mostly Blacks - evil to the core - selling their community - harming our children and seniors - other poor innocent people - for some stale - bread crumbs. Shame on them.

This my warning - if any of you harm our innocent children - children who cannot defend themselves - and this with intent - you will fall - flat on your face with utter - disgrace.

All in this life time.  Aho.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


It is that time again - when the magic wand and the tricksters create a scenario that looks and sounds good - but the under lying factor of the policy makers needs - scrutiny. More how can the present results be evaluated on the long, run.

Our youth and young adults in this digital world can gather information - all sorts of information. In keeping with the present technology - we need to provide training - in keeping with innovation - and more so that our young, our youth - have good jobs - career jobs.

What is important to note is the ability to "discern" - an ability - a virtue that our policy makers do not have.

Less those in authority - cannot imbibe and act on any level - helping and giving what our youth and young adults - need in term of offering opportunity first, skills that ultimately lead to career opportunities.

Having two and three temporary jobs is not good for anyone.
Stressing people to work until they cannot enjoy anything much - is much like slavery - today there are NO plantations - but many use people much the same - and slave them.

Giving temporary jobs with benefits - is a crime in today's world.

Even though much in made about Obama care - of  the Affordable Care Act - when it comes to the indigent - there is a lot of tweaking to do. When it comes to women and children - more - and when it comes to chronic diseases - God help you.

More and more our youth and young adults are becoming suicidal - and those in power - do not care - and must be removed from office for being so nonchalant.

We have young people that have the ability in them to succeed - but at every corner - there they sit and stand and wait - for opportunities. More Blacks in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

In some hot spots 30% in other 40% unemployment.The Mayor switches his moustache and brags that our unemployment is a mere 4.5%. Who is on to believe?

Our City does not have a centralized system to address jobs in a thorough and holistic manner.

Organizations like City Build and others - are tied into our Local Hire Ordinance - in a loose manner. It is true City Build has allowed channels to give it money for so called vague training. There is no statistics no empirical data - that proves in clear terms that City Build - delivers CAREER jobs.

There is no vetted blue print linked to sound Workforce - no thorough evaluation of the many programs - and less empirical data that can be analyzed, tweaked - that leads us and those that we train - attain sound skills - to a better, place.

Rhonda Simmons is still there - earning a fat salary - and no one really knows - what she has achieved in all the years she moved from Oregon to San Francisco - to head Workforce.

She is playing with fire all these years - shuns the limelight - because every time she says something - it makes no sense. Why do we tolerate such "pathetic" folks - good for nothing.

The entire make up of the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce has changed. 

New folks with no proven leadership - pushing the envelop and always favoring the "developers".

The Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Work Force - is now sending direct signals that are dubious in nature - sent to them from Room 200 - to rubber stamp projects and fast track them.

Rubber stamping - a disease that must be addressed and attacked on a "war footing".

Rubber stamping and denying the citizens their Constitutional Rights - is prevalent at San Francisco City Hall  too.

Once you were right given 3 minutes for Public Comment - no more - that has been reduced to 2 minutes. And when the devils see me - one minute.

It is the same with transparency and accountability - public records shredded - and convoluted methods uses - to keep the public at bay.

No one wants sunshine - sunshine that shed light where there is abject darkness.

No one wants to enforce rules and regulations - when standards are abused - and morals, ethics, and plain decency is devoid.

We must shed light where there is abject darkness. The Brown Act - sunshine - transparency and accountability - help aids any decent process. The crooks do not believe in process - they believe in doing what they desire - always taking short cuts - and always breaking the law.

Our young people need to be exposed to the running of good and sound "government".

More - so that they know how it is run in the best possible way.

Our youth and young adults must learn how - to stop - the bleeding, the utter corruption, and the constant interference by those that do not want the public to know and participate in the work of the people at large that takes all to a better place.

Our young people - our youth - must learn to defend those that cannot defend themselves. Among them children - who are defenseless - have no one to take a stand - are left to wither in circumstances that are not becoming.

We need our young people - more those that are savvy to work with foundations like the "CORO Foundation" .

Other Foundations - to learn - the role of the corrupt, the MACHINE, study the role of corrupt folks like Willie L. Brown Jr. the former Mayor of San Francisco and his side kick Rose Park.

Other corrupt SF Board of Supervisors like Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, and David Chiu.

The SF Democratic County Committee - that must represent - has now been tainted with abject corruption.

We do have some who want to do right on the Committee - but there are those behind the scenes - in the majority who prefer ploys and machinations.

Again Real Estate entities with their very corrupt ways - are influencing a body that must represent and stand for the truth - but. with intent has chosen - the opposite.

Youth and young adults are influenced easily and once influenced and hurt - it is difficult to turn them around.

We must be careful not to hurt the youth and our young adults in ways that they are hurt and scared for life. Sufficient to say today - life is hard - on most levels - and many families find it difficult to makes end meet.

The 2008 spiraling of the economy took a heavy toll - more on those who were just making ends meet. Now, we still have people who lost their homes, lost their savings - living on the streets of San Francisco - facing element weather.

The situation is all the more serious - when children are part of the equation - as many as 10,000 people have no roof over their head - "crash" in places that are not suitable for decent human beings to live.

We have to have a viable and sustainable Blue Print that works - take our children, our youth, and our young adults to a better - place.

It must be done - and it can be done - our youth have to play a role that matters - and only by those who have a clear blue print - have sound character - can lead by example.

We are fortunate to have folks like Mitchell Salazar and John Nauer - others like minded folks - who work hard to make good things happen. Folks like Simi Iulio and his sister Nana who have stepped up - and work hard - to put a smile of the faces of many in the Southeast Sector.

There are others - all working as a team - but finding it difficult - as some who have no clue - keep putting hurdles in our way.

The world over young people are doing well.

One way to gauge how well we are doing in California and San Francisco is to evaluate our educational scores - middle school, high school and so on.

Nationwide we are right down there at the bottom - and world wide - 38th of so among all the Nations.

You just have to watch the long winded discussion at our San Francisco Unified School District - round and round in circles they speak - spewing diatribe - while our youth and young adults suffer.

It does not make it easy when corrupt folks the likes of Richard Blum who is the husband of Senator Diane Feinstien - is behind the take over of City College.

Our local politicians were fast asleep - and when we wrote and spoke up - it took many more years for the corrupt politicians at our SF City Hall - to wake up. 

This recovery at City College will be long.

The student admission has been slow - while some core support - from the public at large and other City College supporters - have done well to keep City College a float.

It has taken a very heavy toll  - on those who are representing and want City College to prosper. One of them Shannel Williams a student who is a Trustee - who has toiled for months now - to keep City College open, working, and enrolling new students.

Soon our City and County that has a budget of over $8.6 Billion will implement and seek ways to increase the City's Full Time Employment (FTEs) positions from 27,000 to 29,000. 

We need an infusion of young adults - who are trained well - and we have to get rid of the chaff - the many useless employees who do not perform and have not been evaluated - for years.

In the San Francisco Health Department there is a cancer - where mostly minorities who work hard are targeted.

The Unions who must step up - and are not doing so - and those managers who target those that work hard - must be taken to task.

At the SF General Hospital and other agencies that report to Barbara Garcia - these managers are White - and of an ilk that love to target Blacks in particular.

More those that deal with the mentally challenged, foster children, parents that are stressed out and need - attention in the Bayview.

The Mayor keeps talking about the private sector and the tech sector when it comes to investments.

 However, the City right now - and mostly upper management - is ripe with corruption. 60% of the City employees would not be there - if they worked for any sound - Private entity or corporation.

Many so called top managers - are stuck with their old habits - they have not moved to the digital age.

They lack the ability to be innovative. Most of them paper pushers - in this digital world of timely, progress and holistic - solutions.

San Francisco has a population of about 805,000 that increases in the day time - to 1,500,000 million.

Right now there are about 27,000 City employees - but as I said that is a proposal to increase that to 29,000. 

The SF City Unions have not stepped up to create Career Jobs - what the UNIONS have done - is participate in corruption.

These UNIONS - contribute to those political candidates who promise the world to the UNIONS - but once in the position - the politicians look the other way - the politicians continue to shaft the UNIONS - in San Francisco.

We know that the Laborers' Union 261 has a cozy relationship with the Mayor and his operations.

We know of other Unions like those that represent MUNI workers first listened to the MTA Management and now are at logger heads.

Many decent MUNI drivers are at a loss  - how to deal with those that pay their UNION dues and get nothing much in return.

When Eric Williams speaks to the SF Municipal Transportation Agency Board - those who resort and spew diatribe otherwise - have nothing to say.

The recent strike sent a salvo that was heard - loud and clear - but there is more to be done in this area.

City Hall is recent years has nothing much to offer but corruption of the highest order.

The ribbon cutting fake shows that SFGOV takes pains to portray with the Mayor and his side-kicks - are nothing but fluff. 

No thorough analysis has been done linked to the "tax breaks" our City has given to some to these "Tech Companies" - the likes of TWITTER. 

It is simply wrong for our City to cater to those that can generate millions and have generated millions - and starve the common person who pays taxes.

Over 8,000 businesses in the Southeast Sector pay taxes, the San Bruno Avenue businesses pay taxes, there are other corridors -  that do the same - but they get little in return.

This game playing the rich against those who are not organized cannot go on for long.

We see the Pacific Heights Mafia and their ilk placed - here, there, everywhere - to influence and give their kind the clout that is needed to make changes - to favor the very - few.

City Hall is not respected anymore - it is a den of thieves.

This Summer and all the Summers to come - we want to know how many CAREER JOBS were created.

How many youth and young adults - were prepared to lead our City and our Nation to a better - place?

All the other stuff is - FLUFF.

Friday, June 27, 2014


In recent years - more the last five years - it has become fashionable to brag about our skyline that is beginning to look ugly.

Anyone can brag about the skyline, anyone can fake the other statistics - but no one can fail to recognize the congestion on the City roads in San Francisco.

Poor people - who cannot make ends meet - lack the funds to buy food come the 5th day of the month.

Like the Third World countries - irking out a living - creating bazars - to sell donated goods -  food cans, cheese, milk, fruits - anything that will help them live for tomorrow - buy selling what they really need to survive.

The mentally challenged roam our streets and with that the many pedophiles that we know about - but care not to do anything about.

 2 SF Police Officers - in charge of this malady - and the Mayor and his advisers - care little - know little - and continue to paint a rosy picture - about the skyline - while daily trashing Quality of Life issues.

Our roads kill pedestrians - and our traffic jams are now comparable to Los Angeles.

One single accident - if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time - like what happened two days along - at the 5th Street off ramp - you linger in the traffic - and no one - cares.

The skyscrapers bring with them - all the issues linked to ugly density - crowding, bad air, traffic - is short compromising Quality of Life issues.

You just have to go to New York to see the madness in the Bronx - people are fed up - there.

Here in San Francisco the transplants from New York - Jane Kim the Korean American - with no roots in San Francisco - loves the ribbon cutting - and raking in the thousands to fill her campaign - coffers. The many new projects in her District - the Tenderloin begging for services - mid-market - making things difficult for those that have lived there for decades.

Jane Kim was behind giving TWITTER large breaks - for which she got her clap moist and her tongue wagging praises - for a company that has gone Public - but has not contributed anything viable and sustainable to our City's economy.

RightHealth360 is an organization that has taken over what Weldon House use to pretend to do.

It is large and the City has been outsourcing many of the Safety Program - what once was Community Response Network managed - other work which the Bayview Foundation - tried to address and failed.

Right off the back - we few that we there when Community Response Network was first established - more from the experience in the Mission - a long time ago RAP and then the good work of John Torres and others.

We thought in good faith that the City would appreciate our concerns - that was when there was a Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice that worked. 

We now have a Mayor Office of Criminal Injustice. Yes, Injustice.

We do have serious concerns with killings, shooting, lack of proper housing for the indigent, sick people so many - that often times when you go to Third Street you see zombies - the 'living dead".No one seems to care about this segment of the population.

Hot spots with 30% - 40% people out of work - some one brags that we have unemployment in the low 4.5% - but is this true all over the City?

Is it true in those areas the City has the Sewage Treatment Plant, the aggregate and concrete, the industrial area, the Produce Market.

The Main Post Office, the Main Maintenance Operation linked the Department of Public Works - in short the engine of the City - that Room 200 fails to acknowledge - because the morons therein - are NOT educated on issues.

Prostitution, crack-heads that thrive on crack cocaine. Children from dysfunction families - poor but still God's children that we must defend and take care of in the poorer areas of our City - more the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

The children, the youth, the young adult talk to me and they tell me what they would not tell the Mayor of San Francisco that I know - who name is Edwin Lee. Photo opportunities and bragging on Television is one thing - the result are not there - no empirical data to back the FLUFF.

These children mostly of color would not confide in Malia Cohen - a Black woman - who is the District 10 Supervisor.

The pathetic woman - who has no clue what is happening in her District. She is so removed - wearing fake wigs, putting on a fake smile - she is the personification - of everything FAKE.

Our SF City Planning Commission continues to rubber stamp projects. Projects more in the Southeast Sector that will adversely impact the constituents. Recently the proposed Schlage Lock project that is going to be built on contaminated soil.

Does not want to help our Union Workers get union jobs on its project - but, some City agencies are bending backwards to help this project - the SF Public Utilities Commission is one of them. Never mind the Maher Ordinance has not been enforced. The Precautionary Principle on our books - not adhered to. 

One must first build the infrastructure - consult the City Engineer, consult those constituents that care for our City and County of San Francisco - today it is business as usual.

The City keeps hoodwinking - let us see far the developers will go - more the rogue ones - like Lennar. Evan Brother, others like Cahill and Webcore.

The big Primes like AECOM, Belfour, Jacobs, URS - and others too many to name and all crooked to the bone.

The Department of Building Inspection - fast asleep in the cockpit. There is no meaningful - enforcement.

The  Contract Monitoring Division - its compliance officers - their hands tied, their mouth duct taped - one call from a crooked politician - like Willie L. Brown Jr - and most anything goes full speed ahead. Time will tell and has revealed more than that. 

Our Department of Health has no TOXICOLOGIST on its pay roll.

Dr Rajiv Bhatia was fired - and the Maher Act - with all that it was once worth - now with an expanded area - where there must be monitoring and enforcement - there is none - all, thrown to the wind.

It is the same with the Precautionary Principle - there is NO - enforcement.

Much has been made of our transportation - but anyway you look at it the old transportation GRID - does not work.

In the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - there is no good planning linked to anything viable and sustainable - lack of affordable housing - more low and no income housing.

Those that cannot defend themselves, those that need help - thrown to the wind.

The roads in the Southeast are bad and there is no sound transportation.

The infrastructure for clean drinking water pipes, sewer pipes on land prone to liquefaction and flooding - is being investigated - and those in charge - are pulling their hair and their teeth.
A Causeway is planned - with no meaningful input from the constituents that matter.

Lennar the rogue developer has nothing to offer - but MISERY.

Right now by Candlestick trucks plying moving dirt and no one monitoring the traffic.

Hundreds of trucks in the vicinity - in and out of Baylands Processing Soil - located in Brisbane - but on our border - the roads in the vicinity in very, very bad - shape.

$700 million plus was expanded on the T-Light rail system that is poor operated - trains late.

The buses in the vicinity MUNI 56 - always late - and the private shuttles that operate - badly managed. This is the situation now - now, imagine what will happen when the population is fifty time what it is now?

20,000 housing units are planned for the area. Some one must be crazy - so crazy bordering on the madness of NERO from Rome - more Caligula.

In Room 200 at City Hall. How can anyone talk such nonsense - when there is no sound infrastructure in place - right now.

The killings, shootings, muggings, home break-ins, car theft - all those Quality of Life issues - paramount to good living - are out the door into the cesspool of the City's creation.

The Mayor's folks Steva Kava, Christine Flavey, others - spewing diatribe - hot air - it will come to a boiling halt - soon, suddenly, and hit these morons - like a lighting bolt.

In the interim HealthRight360 is taking more charge of issues - with supposedly less funding - looking for space - and cannot finding anything decent. Time will tell.

The blind leading the blind - our sourcing is "evil" - and the City is playing with - "fire". Out sourcing to save benefits and other amenities that foster Quality of Life issues.

No one can do good work - working from premises that are dirty, stinking, in a place where there is no parking - no standard amenities to work - the decision makers - are as pathetic as they can be - a slum is what they have in mind.

People who work and do good work - I mean real good work - need good surroundings.

I tried to help the City - but it does not work. They bite the hand that feeds them. The Community Response Network we first envisioned - has gone down the drain.

We rallied the Polynesians - since they can go to areas - with some authority - share the common values of day to day living with the Blacks - and carried on a "food program" for the last 9 months. While doing a lot to reduce crime and what comes with it.

It was working - but now all that is coming to a grinding halt.

We were tweaking the operation - but, suddenly - someone is putting the breaks.

It is time Mayor Edwin Lee visits my office - much like he did over a year and half ago. 

The same with the Chief of Police - Gregory Suhr - what is happening to our City - we have we lost it - or has someone forgotten to take their - Prosac?

Our nurses, our teachers, our law enforcement, our doctors, anyone that does professional work involving the public require health and holistic amenities, good facilities, an environment that is uplifting.

I tried to help the City when it came to a situation no one would step up and fulfill.

No one seems to care.

When it comes to rents someone has to fork out - but, it is not fare for me to delve into my savings - to help the City - when the City has a $8.6 Billion budget.

Has now decided to help some non-profits - but there is no boiler plate application - to make this happen. It is who you know - and how many times you have been in bed - with the corrupt - that works.

Eric Mar is the only one talking about cultural competency - with the artists that are small and contribute better than those bigger entities.

Those - that have contacts - are in bed with the Arts Commission and have been raking in the money -all these many years.

The City Administrator Naomi Kelly has no clue about Safety issues - how they affect children, parents, others when they have no food at home.

She know me and I know her - but I am not into begging - but I will say to the City you screw the children - and screw them bad - and BLOOD in on your hands.

In the Southeast Sector more Districts 9, 10, and 11 - the children are many - the sustainable amenities less.

The City talks the talk - but does little. The ones in the game - getting all the money  - some 15 entities will get the money - set aside for non-profits.

We talk about Cultural Competency but no one really implements it.

Those Whites in charge of the programs - have no guilt to give the Jewish Center what they want and more. Other organizations that I can name - what they want - Maria Su needs no justification - one call from the Mayor - will do that.

The rest of us must beg - but someone of us will not beg - we care for our City - and the time has come for those that care like I do - to get rid of the chaff, the rubbish, the corrupt, those that are worse than excreta.

The politics and the fucking corruption in our City is too much - after all it our tax payers - money. We the people must take charge of our destiny - even if it means sacrificing - to get rid to of the fucking - chaff.

Any takers - let us debate this in public and SFGOV can host the program and share it with out 805,000 San Franciscan - that are shafted - each and every day - when it comes to Quality of Life issues. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has had its share of "corruption".

Leading the pack Juliet Ellis - it share of criticism for "very poor leadership" - standing out like a festering sore - no accountability and even less - transparency.

The recently found fissures at Calavares is NOT a joke - and one SF Public Utilities Commissioner - Commissioner Caen was asking the poignant questions. 

When will the Calavares be resolved - what time frame? The answers were all over the place. Good for Commissioner Caen who does not tolerate - nonsense.

Blatant lies were told and the main culprit URS that thought it could hoodwink the public - by doing a shoddy job - less boring and carrying out a thorough investigation with the soil - the characteristics - got caught up with the short cuts - the many on going ploys and machinations at Calavares.

When the time came to face reality - no one wanted to take the responsibility.

No one had the balls to call on "URS" and penalize them - who do you think would take on Diane Feintein and her husband Richard Blum - who has large stakes in this project?

Even the General Manager had to put his head down - and wonder what is happening here?

BASWA asked the right question - they represent - they have a stake for the $2 Billion they doled out. Much as we San Franciscans have a bigger stake - in the $2.6 we doled out.

In San Francisco I am the only one asking the questions - and I have the empirical data - and they lie to me - most of the time.

When the Big One strikes - the dam gives way - fingers will be pointing in all direction - except those that must take - responsibility.

For too long - we, the tax payers have allowed the Primes the likes of Belfour, URS, Jacobs and the list goes on - all controlled by Platinum Consultants.

You go pay the money up front - and you get the contract - on a platter.

Long before the Calavares Project was discussed and known well - I wrote about it.

The - then, Project manager Julie Labonte - did not like when I questioned her about the soil characteristics.

Julie Labonte was always on the defensive - and the SFPUC allowed her - to give her long winded presentations - that never, ever evaluated the Primes and more the many consultants.

When we have a Big One -  Calavares Dam is compromised - there is no Emergency back up - no Blue print - all HELL will break loose.

I wrote this before and I will state it again - Fremont will be flooded - and who do you think will be blamed - SFPU Commissioners - who are taking a nonchalant attitude on this very important - matter.

It is imperative that a letter be addressed to the Primes by the President of SF Public Utilities Commission - and sent to URS and they be put on notice.

The many consultants who have been given too much power.

The many Project managers who work for the Primes - that do not pay the smaller contractors on time.

Even though the Contract Managing Division - has in writing and mandates what has to be done.

We have a Contract Monitoring Division that comes under the City Administrator Naomi Kelly - it does not work - when it comes to paying the contractors on time.

Hundreds of small contractors have folded - that is gone under - that is declared bankruptcy.

Some Project Managers that work for the City pride that they have to take down some small contractors - as part of the game where they gain point. Milking the contractors and forcing them to sue to get their money. It happens all too frequently - this is becoming the - "devil's workshop" - at the SFPUC.

We failed on the $4.6 Billion dollar project the Water System Improvement Project - when it comes to the small - contractors.
Anyone can huff and puff - and nothing is done - Job Order Contracts (JOCs) are those contractors that fare the worse.

What do you think will happen with the $7 Billion Sewer System Improvement Project?

So far nothing much - it will take 18 months to just design and plan the $2.6 Digesters Project - and little if nothing to show - in terms of real work.

Except those on the inside - we brought the Project Managers together - tons of diatribe and hot air - no action. Not one penny!

The small contractors put their own money up front - abide by the bid elements - and are shafted - ninety five percent of the time.

Where is the tax payers money going to? What has Ivy Fine to say about this - I see her hovering, making deals, doing what she does best - convoluted. 

What is this woman Ivy Fine - who has a lot to do with the shenanigans doing?  A reorganization that was done to create more ploys and machinations. We are watching Ivy Fine - like a hawk. Make no bones about that.

She once worked for Tetra Tech - another crooked company.

She is in Contracting but now works closely with the Infrastructure Department that comes under Emilio Cruz.

We want to know what is happening - and we can connect the dots - because we have empirical data.

There has been too much "hog wash" with the Calavares Project.

It is the same with Mountain Tunnel - so close to the Hetch Hetchy reservoir.

What are these "idiots" telling us - we thought all was well - but now find out that - Mountain Tunnel has major flaws.

Do you know what you are saying - what happens to Mountain Tunnel - if it is compromised?

We, San Franciscans paid into the Bond Measure to raise $2.6 Billion.

The extended Bay Area paid another $2 Billion - in total $4.6 Billion.

So now where is the transparency and accountability on Mountain Tunnel that is giving us headaches - and Calavares Project - which is giving us major migraine - headaches - daily.

In the presentations and that holds true for the Sewer System Improvement Project - these so called consultants - dime a dozen - who are given space at 525 Golden Gate Avenue - are hoodwinking us.

The mere mention of the "RICO ACT" - makes them jump - they know they are crooked - and when I ask them questions - they do not want to say anything - much.

A very poor job is done by the External Affairs and I saw Radika Fox - foxy - taking notes - yes, you can take notes - but you are part of the corruption.

More, with Juliet Ellis and the rest of you - who have no clue what is happening.

 Why? You have no history, less engineering expertise - and now Daniel Wade and someone like Surjeet Singh - have to deal with the realities. These two are good men - but who do you think - created this on going mess if not Julie Labonte?

Now a project on which many crooks milked the titty - that was suppose to complete in the year 2016 - will go well into 2022 and beyond.

But, this is the problem - if there is a big one - that Earthquake waiting to happen - that is imminent - the entire Fremont Area - will be compromised.

I kid you not - I wrote that 8 years ago, again 4 years ago, again 2 years and again one year ago - recently and now.

Our City and County that bears the responsibility does not have the capacity nor a Blue Print to deal with such a major - catalytic fiasco of gigantic proportions - thousands of lives in peril - and billions in losses.

Michael Carlin, Richie, others too many to name cannot operate in this manner - you all screwed up on these two projects - big time - and you two and others are responsible.

Do not pull the fast one as you do with Lake Merced.

Trying to infuse grey water into our clean drinking water.

Making deals with properties, having some grandiose plans trying to build a Campus - at 1800 Oakdale - when it took you all 3 years to build the Contracting Center - that was my plan - umpteen hurdles for no reason at all.

Another idea and plan with details and handed to SFPUC on a platter. I call the Raparian Project - after 3 and half years - is still making its way - and make have taken the wrong route over and down the precipice.

I cannot fucking believe these jack asses - what I can do in two weeks a month at the most - these guys take 3 to four years.

 Consultants and idiots hired - try to do a shoddy job - with our tax payers - money.

Many of them making their abode at 525 Golden Gate Avenue - the State of Art Leed building - with evil people - carrying on "evil designs".

Yesterday, June 24, 2014 at the SFPU Commission meeting - $400,000 over a period of three years - given to entities to take our children 5 years and older  to contaminated sites.

Never mind this is on Port Property, has serious issues with the Living Classroom since it was build by Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) and one Dana Lanza - who wasted thousands and has taken refuge in New York.

Heron's Head Park has severe  " Rat Infestation" as reported in the Main Media.

The characteristic of soil at Pier 98 - dubious - and mostly White folks behind the scenes - raking in the money - preying on innocent children.  How much worse can it get - under Juliet Ellis - who had no clue what she is doing.

Our children cannot defend themselves - we have to take great measures to take our children to clean places - holistic and wholesome places.

The devils have been given a rein to do as they please. Fully endorsed with no clout by the SFPUC that gives out the grants - but has no way to monitor the programs. We see this again, and again, and again under Juliet Ellis - shallow, inept and very convoluted.

What is happening to the SF Public Utilities Commission - where in recent weeks there is talk - about cutting jobs - when those at the top make in access of $250,000 with benefits - have no morals, less ethics, and for sure no standards - make hay while the sun shines.

People that are qualified, are sincere, know their job - are kept and given temporary, status. Kept and used like a rag - then when the time comes they are thrown away - to fend for themselves. Happens all the time at the SF Public Utilities Commission.

Promised and not given a permanent job.

This rampant corruption - in your face corruption - is prevalent  at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and must be stopped on a war footing.

In the interim small business - that much is made about by the SFPUC as part of the fake marketing - are suffering. These contractors come to me - as a last resort - and there is only so much I can do. It is amazing how these CROOKS - get away with murder in broad - daylight.

These small businesses -  after they do the job and are not paid on time. Have to wait for months to be paid. Time to have a real - truly a real - reality check.