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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ninety Five percent of Middle Schools in San Francisco Fail the students.


We use to have good Middle Schools and Elementary School in San Francisco - no more.

Check out things for yourself.

Go to this site and then put in the zip code and surf the Middle Schools and other Schools and find out for yourself what the hell is happening:

Thousands of decent straight families are leaving San Francisco.

When these families leave they take their children with them and also a lot of history and contribution to our City and County of San Francisco.

In fact these decent families leave because their children cannot go to good schools and at the bottom of the totem pole - are our middle and elementary schools. Pathetic performance - year after year - after year.

Of course we know in San Francisco we now have more animals - dogs, cats, animals pets then children. An article even appeared in the National Geographic Magazine about San Francisco having 100,000 dogs. Go figure!

The schools are ranked from 1 - 10 - and more then ninety five percent of the Middle and Elementary Schools fail. And when I say fail - they fail miserably. We must ask why?

It is shocking when the fall into the category - Worse Schools! Why?

There is something wrong with our San Francisco Unified School District.

More with the SF Unified School District Board - most of them are not there to serve the children but to build their political - portfolio. You can see them on SFGOV.TV playing to the TV and projecting themselves to be the next SF Board of Supervisor or something else.

These SF Unified School Board members have failed the constituents of San Francisco.

Every year our City bails them out - we bail them out with our tax payers money - the Rainy Day fund - from our City's coffers the General Funds.

The schools come under the State of California - and for years the SF Unified School District (SFUSD) has been wasting money. Yet taking money from our City and County of San Francisco. Taking our City for granted - this nonsense must stop.

The SFUSD do not have a plan to keep good teachers. Year after year the teachers are kept guessing and many of them are laid off. No one will want to work for such an organization.

This is San Francisco and we boasted of good schools. In past years - many parents contributed to the schools - and made their schools look good. No more; our schools under the SFUSD have run down, poorly maintained; with deferred maintenance - and lack of respect for the students, the parents, and of course the tax payers.

The City and County of San Francisco is now pandering to the SFUSD by appoint folks like Hydra Mendonsa who is good for nothing. She talks the talk but cannot walk the walk. The City should not pander to one person.

Our schools are not doing well and those in charge of the SFUSD - must evaluate their performance. Too many them on the SFUS Board are there - as I said to promote themselves - they are looking to become the next - SF Board of Supervisor or something.

Now, this is not representing and we really do not want such public officials - always looking to fill their campaign coffers and promoting their own - agenda. If you are on the SFUSD Board - represent and work for the schools and the student and respect the parents and those that support the many San Francisco Public School - students.

You can spend a lot of time surfing this site and learning a lot about our Public School in San Francisco:

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy