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Thursday, March 31, 2016


The people united - will , never be defeated.

What is trending today - is that Edwin M. Lee is being - likened to Waldo - he prefers to lie under his desk in Room 200 - wheeling and dealing - with his tail - between his legs. Pathetic.

A Mayor is one - who interacts with the people - listens to the people - and more has compassion and finds solutions.

Talk is cheap - and those that talk the talk - and do not walk the walk - are like chaff - you blow and it falls by the way side.

Even former Mayor Willie L Brown Jr - has something to say about Edwin M. Lee.  " A Mayor must be in the streets - reacting with the people " - for sure Edwin M. Lee has lost his title as the Mayor - he is now well known - as the " lap dog " - that is.

In recent years - the homeless have increased - and those of us who have lived in San Francisco and care - are fed up with City Hall.

The vague and empty promises made by Edwin M. Lee - who makes his abode in Room 200 - have ticked the people - " no one worth the salt - respects him. The coward has chosen to stay under the radar " - and much like a fugitive - escapes from place  to place - under very tight - security.

This is Ohlone land - to be precise Muwekma Ohlone land.

 We must not take it for granted - that the " thieves " who stole the land - know better. 

The " thief " always has a big mouth - talks with vanity - always arrogant -  his or her time will come.

San Francisco - named after Saint Francis of Assisi - in the past - the decent San Franciscans leading the charge - with intent to be a " compassionate City ".

We have stellar institutions that feed the poor - clothe the poor - and do what they can. - to succor the people at large - who need help.

Saint Anthony's, Martin de Pores, Glide Memorial, hundreds of other smaller institutions - do what they can do - without a whimper and less fun fare.

In recent years - we see advocates wanting to participate in the deliberation linked to Land Use, Planning, Housing,  Congestion, Climate Change, Sea Level Rise, Transportation, Health issues, Childcare,  Youth Truancy, Homelessness, Senior ill treatment, Domestic Violence - an increasing arrogance from the current politicians - who speak from both sides of their mouth.

San Francisco must not pander to the " developers ". We do not want all of our land developed - no one mandated such policy.

We do not want a segment of the population to push out those that have contributed so much to San Francisco for decades.

Our neighborhoods are unique - and more and more drab individuals - transplants who  have nothing to offer in terms of culture - are pushing out genuine, decent, hard working, tax paying - San Franciscans.

In the last 5 years we have lost 40, 000 families - who will never, ever return to San Francisco. Something is drastically wrong with this picture.

The KKK once held their ceremonies 
right inside City Hall - it is the same
Rotunda you see - this one in 1938.

The Rotunda today - it looks pristine -
but the scars of a time past - still smell of sulphur.

Today we advocates are prohibited from taking a banner
and displaying it in the " Rotunda ". Why?
Once on this same site - KKK ceremonies were held -
our House Negroes have no clue - how they being had -
Landon Breed and Malia Cohen - the many other sell outs
too many to name.

It was not uncommon to have the KKK once control all the decision making in San Francisco - at one time.

At will the KKK had their ceremonies at City Hall - we have the empirical data to prove that - and those that are surprised - and think and feel that this is not the TRUTH - are out of their mind.

People of color could be killed no questions asked - more the Native American until 1927 for sure - but further into 1940s too.

By until 1924 - one could kill a Native American - and fetch $5 for a scalp. These facts are there for us to know - and more to act on. Stop selling out the community - and if you cannot serve the community - please - get out of the way.

The Irish in San Francisco too - had their share of "discrimination ". Many were lynched in San Francisco - and the City and County knows the sites. One of them by " Irish Hill " - on Third - closer to 18th Street and there are more sites - all documented.

Today some of them - have forgotten those days - choosing to listen and work - with the contemporary " Zionists " - who have ruined San Francisco.

In recent months the Zionists are quiet - their quietness has coincided with that of Edwin M. Lee - who thought - he could do as he wanted - but now - does not know - what awaits him.

We will follow him at all his public events - and shame him - even with " air tight " security. All public events are open to all the public - and the law encourages - public deliberations - as long as you do not break the law.

Edwin M. Lee - much like a coward - he has chosen to hide and drown in in sordid - silence of sorts.

 His advisors will soon jump ship - because they cannot predict and less deal with Edwin M. Lee - who is a disgrace to the human race. The man has no balls, less a spine, and for sure no morals, less ethics, and absolutely no standards worth the salt. Aho.

Today is Cesar Chavez day - he was born today - March 31 in 1927. A man who did much for all - followed the principles of Mahatma Gandhi - respected by leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King - he helped the laborers more those who labored in the farm fields - working long hours and living in despicable conditions.

Few have read about all that he achieved - and less pay attention to the events of today - where immigrants and the poor are worse off - than they were some years ago. 

Many of the benefits Cesar Chavez fought for have been eroded - and we think nothing of them - because of all the lying and bluffing - if Cesar Chaves visited San Francisco today - he would be shocked and confounded.

We have our work cut out - and we ought to do what we do best - have compassion - and remember there can be no love with sacrifice and hard work.

God Bless you all.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


The rampant homelessness -
too many homeless families - on the streets of San Francisco -
Mayor Edwin M. Lee is now cowered in Room 200 -
he cannot even face his own shadow - " ground hog ".

It has been cold - and the inclement weather - has adversely impacted many - even those who have shelter - a roof over their head - in San Francisco. Add to that the heavy rain - El Nino.

Now, imagine the homeless - the poor and the indigent - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is playing with fire. Always making fake promises - but never, ever taking charge of the situation.

The suffering has reached - a saturation point - and we the people - demand - action - action where decent people are helped.

More,  given decent housing - have the basic necessities - that are well known and stated - by local, state, and national laws. International laws - the United Nations.

San Francisco has always led other cities and in many cases Nations - when it comes to innovation and changes for good.

We fail to comprehend - that the United Nations - first met in San Francisco after World War II - to address the many issues facing humanity.

The United States led the  world to bring Europe into the fold - offering assistance - the many programs - many of them originated in San Francisco. The MacArthur Plan and other well laid out plans - that brought succor to millions the world over.

Now, in San Francisco for the first time - Edwin M. Lee has chosen to side with the rich. The billionaires and millionaires - that are feeding off the power - the one percent - that is leaching on others - just because they are poor.

Edwin M. Lee has failed San Franciscans. 

In the last 5 years - we find out - that over 40, 000 families have left San Francisco - after contributing so much to make - what San Francisco is known for - our unique neighborhoods.

This time around our Brown and Black leadership - will NOT take anything sitting down. Those days are over - and Edwin M. Lee a lap dog - now has to dish out what he has to offer - in record time. 

He will be adjudicated by the people - and he knows that time is running out - he must face the people - and this hide and seek - cannot last forever. The man has no balls - and less intelligence to bring about change and more solutions that work.

Once we had Candlestick Stadium - no more.

Now we have protest and will have more of them.
The people united - will never, ever be defeated.

We are not going to listen to him - fibbing and telling us tall tales - the man is  a JOKE. This is no time to JOKE - we want action and we want it now. Slowly but surely - innocent people are dying on the streets of San Francisco.

His advisors including Steve Kawa - who has been in and around Room 200 - since the 1996 - has been trying his old tricks - but these old tricks - will not work anymore.

With " direct action " comes sound leadership - and we have NO leadership at City Hall. 

This time around - you will witness actions - that are far remote from City Hall - and they are working. 

City Hall will be shut down - without ever stepping into City Hall - this is the "digital world " - and " dumb City Hall " - is not only lagging behind - but the folks leading have no balls and pathetic to say the least - when it comes to finding - solutions.

We do not need any of these sky scrapers -
we really do not need to invite more people to San Francisco -
just for the sake of inviting them.  More, to push  -
decent San Franciscans out of San Francisco.

Edwin M. Lee is one of those jerks - who does not have any training when it comes to " capacity building ".

Poor Edwin M. Lee - the pariah -  has no clue how put together - and to have a " comprehensive  " Blue Print " -  follow it to completion. Never done it before.

Edwin M. Lee is a lap dog - always listening to consultants, taking years to implement any sound plan - those who have witnessed his sordid ways - he makes his decision - know what I am talking about.

Today - the divisiveness in San Francisco has reached saturation point. His decision to make his bed with Amos Brown a sell out  - is a big case in point. 

His decision to take on Supervisor David Campos and openly lie and state that Edwin M. Lee was totally responsible - to open the first shelter called a - " Navigation Center " - when in fact - all the spade work was done by Bevan Dufty and more David Campos - is another case that begs the questions and exposes - this dumb guy.

I met Edwin M. Lee on his terms - in his sordid office - and  gave him a doze of his own medication. I found out quickly when it comes to facts, empirical - what really happens at " ground zero " this man is oblivion to his surroundings - the man lives on another - planet.

Edwin Lee dared to tell me - that whatever his administration does - meaning Bevan Dufty or say Mohammed Nuru - that he is responsible for their actions - that may be true - but the man himself - cannot come out with innovative actions - 
he fact he does not know - where his nose is. Disgraceful!

Where Candlestick one stood - there is now graded land -
prone to liquefaction and flooding - 
of course when the Big One strikes all that is build on this 
land - more contaminated land - will come tumbling down.
The Muwekma Ohlone exercised their Right of First Refusal
way back in 1991 - Edwin M. Lee - better know about this fact.

It is NOT the prerogative of Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - to take whatever land there is in San Francisco - working with the Zionists - more from Florida, Miami - to develop sky scrapers - to make changes to the height limits - from 80 feet to 120 feet plus.

San Francisco is already saturated with " techies " - who are using their money - to forcefully - push out decent families. 

Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - think that we will take their nonsense - sitting down.

The last time around - we went to City Hall - and visited Room 200 - no one came out to talk to us.

We, wanted to see the Mayor and find out what he thought about the situation at hand. His lackeys who advice him - were no where to be found  either - anyone that mattered - Missing In Action.

Now, even his security is afraid - of the situation at hand.

We all know the divide between the rich and the poor - has reached a stage - where San Francisco ranks low on income equality. Lower than Rwanda - a third world nation - in Central Africa.

Edwin M. Lee does not get it - his lackeys do not get it - shame on those who makes over $200, 000 annually - working for our City and County of San Francisco.

Making so much money and  more - and failing to represent the constituents of San Francisco.

This is Ohlone land - and Edwin M. Lee - better understand this fact - and take the Muwekma Ohlone - seriously.

We have decent, hard work, tax paying constituents in San Francisco - stressed out - the rents are very high - as much as $3800 now for a one bed room unit.

The food price are increasing - there a fewer permanent jobs offering benefits - health benefits for example - and more temporary jobs - many work three and four temporary jobs - to put bread and butter on the table.

The homeless populations growing by leaps and bounds.

It is a disgrace that three and four families - now have to share - a unit - this is not how it should be - in the interim - the rich have access to three and four bed rooms - and Market Price Condominiums sit empty and have been sitting - empty.

Wait until the " bubble burst " - and you will see Edwin M. Lee flee - that is just how cowards behave - make hay while the sun shines.

Edwin M. Lee - the clown.

Our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults,  elders, those with compromised health - are all looking for answers - most of them are totally - stressed out.

Edwin M. Lee the joker - thinks - all this and more is funny.

The latest ethics charges - by the San Francisco Ethics Commission - are very serious.

We can start with an audit of his campaign coffers - then move to his off shore accounts.

 Then move to all his ' pay to play " deals - within San Francisco  - further with - AECOM,  Webcor,  Cahill,  Nibbi,  very corrupt Tutor Perini,  Flores,  Obayashi,  Twitter,  Zynga . Local 261- and so on.

We have people ready to come forward and reveal more - the City and County is complicit  - encouraging illegal dealings - the Human Service Department, the City Administrator, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - others - too many to name - crooks of the first order.

The time has come to take these crooks to task - it may not be easy - but is it possible - more with the empirical data that we have in hand. Bring it on.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Mayor Edwin M. Lee - the Joker!

At no time in recent years - does the stench of " sulphur " fill the air - so much that it adversely impact so many -  at San Francisco City Hall - suffocating the just and impacting thousands of decent human beings - constituents of San Francisco   - for sure  in recent years.

More - since Mayor Edwin M. Lee - took his oath to represent - and has failed in all the time - he has been in room 200 at City Hall. Fostering ploys, machinations and shenanigans.

The many instances of " pay to play " are well known and recorded - but the man who is a chronic liar - denies he ever took money illegally - when he does it - all the time - and smiles with - glee.

For sure he has taken money from Lennar Urban, he has from AECOM, he has from Local Union 261, he has from AirB&B - but as much as you tell him to his face - he will deny this fact.

We have seen - trucks belonging to the City and County of San Francisco - taking part in campaigns - orchestrated by Local Union 261 - money that have gone to fill the campaign coffers of Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

The world knows the breaks given by Mayor Edwin M. Lee to Twitter, Zynga, AirB&B,  many corrupt  developers - who offer perks to all those who benefit from deals cut linked to the many sky scrapers built - all over San Francisco.

The San Francisco Planning Department and the San Francisco Planning Commission - should be ashamed of itself - pandering to the Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

The last three Housing Elements - that guide the City and County of San Francisco - linked to Affordable Housing, Child care, other Quality of Life issues - have fake information - and each of these Housing Elements - are in our Courts - pending adjudication.

While the Courts play " ping pong " on the adjuration of these cases - linked to the Housing Element and related issues - Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys are making hay while the sun shines.

We do not need these macho symbols
   in the air - that have no esthetics -
and speak more to greed.

The many deals with Salesforce, Webcor, Nibbi, Cahill, Obayashi, others - are well known. No one get the permits - unless they  fork out millions of dollars to " pay to play ".

We have said this again and again to no avail - so when the media announces - the misdeeds of those participants the likes of Zulu Jones - who has a track record of being corrupt.

The many consultants and for sure Platinum Consultants that has been fined in New York - but has folks like Dwayne Jones still - messing with things in and around in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Ethics Commission was slow to order an audit - on the campaign finances of Edwin M. Lee - linked to the last Mayoral elections.

 Mayor Edwin M. Lee - had no competition - and all the more - we the people want to know - why did he spend over one and half millions dollars - in that one sordid election -  to carry on the many nefarious activities - that some of us know took place.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has " corruption " written all over his face - and again he sends orders - to those that he wants to surround him - at his many fake Press Conferences.

 Always trying to make " his point " - the corruption reeks with sulphur - fill the air with contamination of the worst order -  City Hall and more Room 200.

Suffocates those that are decent, want to do right , pay their taxes - work hard - contribute to the best interests of our City and County of San Francisco.

We the people are fed up and disgusted with the many nefarious activities. This nonsense must STOP  - now.

The many protests - will grow - and has been alluded  - in the Media and among some circles - more in some drab discussion of sorts - the Over Time - given to the San Francisco Police Department -  has reached - this years in February, 2016 - to over $7.9 millions dollars - it as less than $2 million last year and the year before that.

Well, most think we have a Police Department that looks good - generally speaking  - if you take a closer look - our San Francisco Police Department -  looks more like a well oiled - para-military force - in many areas.

We have seen armored truck - with San Francisco Police Officers - - hanging from the sides of these armored trucks - armed with weapons as if they are going to battle in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Seeing is believing - sending chills to the people - who are already traumatized. All the preparation and an exercise in futility to capture and take down  - some single individual - in Public Housing.

Incidents like this are part of gentrification - and those that have no idea of para-military tactics- have no clue - what is happening in our neighborhoods.

Developers put money to rid of people they do want to see and deal with. It is called " gentrification ". The pay to play - helps manifest these sordid actions - so we must audit the crooks who facilitate these actions - that adversely impact those that pay their taxes- contribute to San Francisco - only to get - SHAFTED.

The corruption has reached saturation point - and yet our San Francisco Ethics Commission with its new Director - are slow to adjudicate and audit those that must be audited.

 Shooting arrows in the air - talking about " process " - there has been no focused and meaningful process - linked to the San Francisco Ethics Commission - in the last - ten years - as far as I know - and it was stated by other too - those that care for our great City and County of San Francisco.

San Francisco City Hall -
the stairs leading to the den of crooks -
corruption has reach saturation point.

We have had clear cases - with the Fair Political Action Committee - the San Francisco Sunshine Task Force - send cases to the San Francisco Ethics Commission - clear cut  for adjudication.

The Fair Political Action Committee - already adjudicating the case - the case of Juliet Ellis - sending it for further adjudication - only for the San Francisco Ethics Commission - to cow down to nefarious entities - and listen to the pleas of Room 200.

Juliet Ellis a very corrupt individual who still works for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - she is the Assistant General Manager for External Affairs.

Juliet Ellis -  has no clue about her duties - except participate in the many nefarious activities - wheeling and dealing.

Juliet Ellis with intent - sent over $200, 000 to Green For All - an organization in the East Bay - a non-profit that she worked for before joining the SF Public Utilities Commission - an Enterprise Department - know for its corruption. 

The Fair Political Action Committee fined Juliet Ellis and ordered her to return the money. - that she illegally send to Green For All - a non-profit that Juliet Ellis once headed - and from which she should have divested herself from. Juliet Ellis choose with intent - to do wrong - and shamed all of San Francisco and more San Franciscans.

While the case was sent to the San Francisco Ethics Commission before it was sent to the Fair Political Action Committee - the Fair Political Action Committee - adjudicated the case - first.

When the case came before the San Francisco Ethics Commission - under pressure from Mayor Edwin M. Lee and "rowdy friends of Juliet Ellis " - who came in large numbers from the East Bay - the SF Ethics Commission cowed down - and failed to adjudicate the case in a fair and just manner.

At a minimum Juliet Ellis who still works for the San Francisco Public Commission - should have been fired.

Juliet Ellis recently - using her staff - contributed over 2000 slots for the Mayor's Summer Job Program - each slot costing thousands of dollars - to boost the prestige of Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who lacks leadership and less morals, ethics, and standards.

The money comes from the Community Benefits - costing millions - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project - linked more to the Southeast Sector - an area that has been treated with disdain. The foul smell from the Sewage Treatment Plant fills the air - each and every day - and has been growing worse - from the early 1970s.

I have been fighting for Quality of Life issues - the Mayor has visited my office - but has not lifted a finger - to help the community that is suffering. 

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard a Superfund Site - that has NOT been abated, mitigated - and the Mayor brags he will build 10, 000 homes.

20, 000 homes at Candlestick Point that is contaminated too and in closer proximity to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

All the development linked to the future development in the Candlestick Point area - the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - land prone to liquefaction and flooding - more a Superfund Site - needs attention. From the San Francisco Ethics Commission - the Department of Building Inspection, the District Attorney, the City Attorney, the State Attorney General, the Fair Action Political Committee and of course the lack luster - San Francisco Ethics Commission of sorts.

The Grand Jury has reports and adjudicated the nefarious activities - that are taking place on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - over 1000 acres - including parcel F which is the Bay and contaminated. Hot spots with high levels of reading - Radioactive elements - plutonium, radium, cesium - a site where Depleted Uranium was tested in the 1950s.

The San Francisco Ethics Commission - has not reviewed - less comprehends - and less cares to adjudicate. Again and again the pleas of the constituents of San Fransisco - are thrown to the wind. 

A recent NBC Investigative report - revealed how contaminated dirt was buried - instead of leaving the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - Class One very contaminated dirt - the manifest manipulated and and the dirty deed done.

The District 10 Supervisors Malia Cohen pretend she knows nothing - about the contamination - while receiving bribes all the time. Time will tell.

San Francisco were open to the appointment of the new Director to the SF Ethics Commission.

San Franciscans believed this new much need change - would bring some meaningful change.

We hope  - the cobwebs that fill the room - would be aired - the room cleaned and sanitized.

The constituents of San Francisco - given HOPE - we are not seeing the need change - and if there is change - it is moving at a snail pace.

Millions of dollars from the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) the Community Benefits Fund  - are being diverted to corrupt  individuals - the likes of Young Community Developers - other dubious entities pretending they know about Work Force when they know - nothing at all - these entities  are given money - to carry shady programs - these nefarious entities - should be audited. All of them linked to Dwayne Jones.

Some of us are fed up with the San Francisco Ethics Commission - yesterday - March 28, 2016 at City Hall - we listened to the advocates speak up and make their case. 

Only for the SF Ethics Commission - to take cover - under the guise - that " process " - is high on the SF Ethics Commission priority list. The SF Ethics Commission felt - they need more time - with more time - the corrupt get bold and more devious.

Power to the people -
the People united will never, ever be Defeated.

I have not noticed that in the many years - I use to attend the San Francisco Ethics Commission meetings - the San Francisco Ethics Commission has failed San Franciscans.

The hard working tax payers - and more our infants, children, youth, young adult, Elders and those with compromised health.

The corruption at San Francisco City Hall - more in Room 200 - adversely impacting us all - and the time to audit and adjudicate Mayor Edwin M. Lee and others - in NOW.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has failed us all - and the least we can expect taking place immediately -  is this audit - it is nothing much -  but,  we must begin - somewhere.