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Saturday, December 28, 2013


The last frontier India Basin, and before that China Basin, and before that Mission Bay and now they want to build 30,000 units by Candlestick Point and the most contaminated area in San Francisco, a Superfund site - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Lennar a Rogue Developer that we forced to spend $10 million in 2004 - our Proposition F and their Proposition G.

Lennar the Rogue Developers - is now using its Credit Card - and trying to entice developers to come and join them - but the developers will NOT be fooled. The people will not be fooled. 

No one can fool all the people - all the time.

No one wants to invest on land that is prone to liquefaction and flooding. On any rainy day in minutes - if there was heavy rain -even an much as an inch and a half - four, five inches of water would  gather in puddles - all around the roads and in the Parking Lot - by Candlestick Stadium.

Lennar the Rogue Developer wants to build a Mall at Candlestick Point with homes and thinks that it can pull off the trick.

As I have been saying so many times - "Lennar will fall flat on its face".

Willie L. Brown Jr. will hear about it but unfortunately will not be able to witness it. Willie L. Brown Jr. is on his last leg - and as much as he wants to be a player - he has been making a "fool" of himself.

Remember all this started way back in 1998 when Lennar registered itself in Sacramento - it has changed its name four times - and now has its registration in "Delaware" - the place where the "devil" makes his abode - the land of "Credit Cards.

Soon we will be in 2014 and nothing much has changed - this time around - Lennar will have to resort to 'Land Banking" - and when it does that - our City will be the biggest - loser.

Gentrification is on the rise and the folks that brought out the first document on this subject, the - " Unfinished Agenda" had it right.

Then the sell outs mostly Blacks tried their hand and brought out a fake documents named the " Out Migration" document - the got it wrong.

The sell outs forget to read the first document - that spelled it all out.

Those Blacks that took part - reviewing and analyzing the empirical data - the first time around - did well. We must all read that first document and you can find it on the Internet.

The second time around the sell outs that joined the Bandwagon - the mostly Black sell outs - who speak from both sides of their mouth. Many of them not from San Francisco - Fred Blackwell and others who really were not bothered about Blacks in San Francisco. Fred is now the Assistant City Administrator in Oakland. He was the former Director of the SF Redevelopment Agency.

These sordid sell outs have sold out our Black children, our Black single mothers, most importantly our Black grandmothers - who have done so much - and received, nothing in return.

Unlike other cities - from the inception of the founding of the City of San Francisco - Blacks contributed - building churches, warehouses, schools, wash houses, had six newspapers with Black Editors and more. All very well documented.

Today indigent people are sleeping on the streets, under the bushes, under the bridges, in places animals would not crash - but the reality of the day - is that - in inclement weather - and under very harsh conditions - the human spirit wants to stay alive.

Suicides are on the increase and no one wants to talk about it.

Drug over-doses are on the increase and no one wants to talk about it.

Our children are dying from respiratory diseases, cancer, tumors, and no one wants to talk about.

In the poorer neighborhood one in three children go to bed hungry.

We feed families and so we know what is happening. We accept food from companies - who keep the prepared excess food - in containers that are temperature  controlled - and help us feed those that are appreciative of the gesture.

The developers could not care less - they want to come into places the last frontier - open spaces - and cover it with concrete - asphalt as much as they can - and bring in the traffic, the millions of vehicles - bombard and spew the atmosphere, the air, the environment with dangerous particulates and contamination.

The Southeast has a real problem with Methane Gas - naturally occurring - and over 200,000 tons of it - from 4th and King all the way to Midway - on the border of San Francisco and Daly City.

One ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tone of Carbon Dioxide. No one bothers to care about the real Carbon Footprint.

The more buildings we build - the more Carbon Dioxide we generate. The liars play down the numbers - and lie and tell us they are reducing the Carbon Footprint. This is a LIE.

The Greedy Developers are grabbing it all - all the land - lock stock and barrel.

The poor, the indigent, mostly people of color - the worst affected the Black - kicked out of San Francisco - the City and County of San Francisco. One of the richest cities in the world.

The Blacks that hold good jobs - do not care.

If you talk about the situation at hand - they keep silent - they prefer in a way to see their own people - go away at least those that need help. It is dog eat dog world - but that never use to be in San Francisco.

We have over 120,000 dogs in San Francisco. More cats; that population cannot be counted.

Less children in San Francisco. Our population is about 620,000 that is the high end of the count - more like 605,000.

Even now as we speak that are 20,000 homes vacant - the owners prefer to keep them vacant.

We have thousands of units for the rich - $2000 for a studio, $2500 for a single bedroom, $3500 for two bedrooms.

You can purchase homes for cash - the Chinese do it all the time - where is that money coming from? Huge buildings are being bought by the Chinese and there is more to come in San Francisco.

Soon the poor will just have to leave and after some time - "this City will look different but what is worse it will feel different."

Do not say I did not tell you so - you must speak up - you must defend your territory. Do not permit - these vultures to come in and steal the land.

This land of it belongs to the Ohlone. We all must remember that.  The land was stolen by the strangers - they raped the women, killed the children, burned the homes - they had disdain for the First People of the land - the Ohlone.

Today some other strangers - developers - are the same - they want it all - and our City through the San Francisco Planning Department - gives it to them - lock, stock and barrel. Aho.

Friday, December 27, 2013


There is something in the air and for the first time - people are finding that too many things we value - our music, our food, our living spaces, our transportation, our rents, our jobs - factors we hold dear to our hearts - we are concerned they will affect our very stay in San Francisco.

San Franciscans are unique and we are embracing - the new trend in town are he "techies" they are not from some other planet - they are from other States mostly - and find it difficult to contribute to our traditions - the only thing going for them is money - tons of money.

You see them every where very bland, just like cardboard, they are there but they seem to be far away. Always looking at their computers - the small ones, the little ones , and occasionally a regular lap top.

Notice recently all over the place - people forgetting their lap tops - and rewards announced - I saw four the other day - near Costco - what is it that is happening to these folks. The go to a place and soon they are not shopping but engrossed in something else with their computer. I have seen on a couple of occasions folks walk away - only for other to remind them that they left something behind.

They say these techies are smart and in many other ways oblivion to what is going on in the world. The ones from India are most interesting - they look at you - and do not know what to say. But, if you kind of make small talk - they will talk to you - but they really do not fit in society - far removed from what is happen in San Francisco.

It does not help that the rents have shot up in San Francisco. The "techies" the ones higher up the ladder can afford the $3000 single bed rooms units in San Francisco. The ones lower down the ladder go to places where they shack in - four, five, and even six to a room. They are being noticed recently as being a pest in the suburbs.

So what really is happening to good old San Francisco?  They say even our creative restaurant chefs - do not want to stay and live here in San Francisco - the cannot any more. Not if you make less than $30,000 a year and have to pay $2500 a month for a one bed room?

What if you have a wife and two children or even one child? What is happening to San Francisco?

The policy makers who have been sleeping with the developers - and feeling the pain in their butts - party time is over - and reality check time - is on hand. Who will do right?

We have 38 cranes in the air - 38 large developments - all mostly market rate units for the rich.

Nothing for those that want moderate priced units - forget about affordable housing in the price range of $2000 for a one bed room apartment. What is really happening to San Francisco?

We all know in many parts of our City - couches are for rent.

Yes, they are for rent. No one wants to go the filthy shelters - noisy, foul smell, bed bugs, and a lot of commotion - twenty four seven.

How much of these development can San Francisco take?

Are we going to be the next Tokyo or are even trying to via with being the most "dense" city in the world?

This great City with its rolling hills is losing out to crazy folks who have lost their mind. I see them in person - they gaze is far away and what the fuck will you do with all the money you have stacked aside. Shove it up your ass?

It is sad, pathetic to see children sleep on the streets of San Francisco. This has never happened before. The last weeks have been cold, the inclement weather has taken heavy toll of the poor, the indigent, those that have mental problems.

No one seem to care - more so the "techies" - who are NOT welcomed in our City. The attacks on the Google Buses will increase - there is only so much of this on going nonsense that anyone can take.

These buses are everywhere and they park in MUNI zones - and on the freeway they think they own the entire lane. So feel and see these snobs - and they are NOT welcome in San Francisco.

For most decent San Franciscans - it is the roof under the head that matters.

For most decent San Franciscans - our children matter - and their education and general welfare matters.

These techies could not care less - they dress bad, smell bad, and have a gaze that is beyond anyone can figure - they are from here but seem to be from some other planet.

Well San Francisco treasure their tradition. We love eating out - meeting nice people - of course the "techies" are not interesting in communicating - they are just interested in looking down and immersed in stuff - far remote from reality.

Time for City Hall to take another look - and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - what they have really done to our City.

Friday, December 20, 2013


It is amazing how greed pushes everyone to look the other side and carry out activities that in today's world - we would never, ever tolerate.

I will reveal to you all - some of the many secrets of the United States Navy - actions taken that adversely impacted all of San Francisco.

How the U.S. Navy sold - highly toxic and contaminated sand - the sand gathered from the "Sand Blasting" that was  sold and taken  to the many clean water and sewer pipe - trenches and used as fill - clean water drinking pipes and sewage pipes.

What is disturbing is that this sand - a product of the sand blasting of the many ships that took place in the Bikini islands - the early Atomic experiments towed back to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco - to be clean up - the method used - "Sand Blasting".

The ships were towed to Pier 70 and at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and sand blasted.

A lot of the sand landed in the Bay where it remains today - a fact we do not pay attention to - but the Bay parcel F about 400 acres - needs cleaning - more abatement and mitigation.

But what I want to state clearly is the nonchalant manner in which the U.S. Navy sold the sandblast - the contaminated sand - to Pacific Gas and Electric, to the Department of Public Works, to other entities to be used as fill. All this in the early 1960s and 1970s.

We know for sure the sandblast residue was contaminated and very toxic. Imagine the ships enduring the many Atomic Blasts - then the ships towed all the way to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Pier 70 - where a robust shipbuilding operation was in place.
Bethlehem Steel known very well during the World War II operations - had  it headquarters at Pier 70.

Added to this on these ships were large animals - they were positioned in such a manner - as to receive the maximum impact from the radiation. Many of these large animals died - they were brought to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco - and buried all over the place.

The U.S. Navy to this day - thinks it can spin some yarns - as you will see that the end of this article. We will display a presentation - full of Lies and more Lies.

Some twenty years ago I had a talk with one of my friends who deals with moving dirt and he told me he had access to the manifests - the records - that tell you the type of soil - clean or contaminated that is trucked from place to place.

In this case it was Mission Bay and how the contaminated soil was moved from the Higher Ground around 4th and King - to the lower ground - where the new U.C. San Francisco buildings  makes its abode - but the basements of these buildings - are full of toxic gases and fungi.

It does not help that the water table is just a few feet below - fostering a toxic soup - while everyone is busy praising the Biotech Companies, the many laboratories that they say - are doing good work - but, all in a very toxic environment.

The entire area is prone to liquefaction and flooding. Climate Change is upon us - and we know - that a few feet of sea level rise - with play havoc. We pray that we have the resources to deal with the issues at hand.

The conversation then moved to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Pier 70 - where many of the old owners who owned trucks and ran companies that move dirt - clean and otherwise.

Many of them are alive today - who revealed to me - about the contaminated sandblast - the residue - the contaminated sand - that was trucked all over San Francisco - and used as "sand fill".

Water pipes were laid - sewer pipes were laid - and this very contaminated sand - more laden with atomic waste - was used as landfill. 

No one gave a second thought about the contamination - no one gave a second thought - about our drinking water - or for that matter the sewer pipes - the secondary effluents landing in the Bay and polluting the Bay.

We know the Bay is polluted by the run off of the Mercury mines - we know the Bay is polluted by PCBs, lead, paint thinner, other industrial waste, but what we do not know - is the large amount of radioactive elements in high levels - daily leeching into the Bay - from Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and at places like Pier 70.

Once in the Bay the shores of many areas and contaminated - be it in Marin County or elsewhere - are bombarded with radioactive elements in high doses.

Ever wonder why so many women in Marin County suffer from breast and other cancers? Children and men too?

We all know some about the Farallones Islands visible on a clear day - from the shores of San Francisco - Ocean Beach.

The Farallones Islands purporting as a Bird Sanctuary - do you know the U.S. Navy dumped over 1000 barrels of atomic waste - without giving a second thought?

The U.S. Navy did that just off Pier 96 and when the barrels would not sink - shot at the barrels and let them sink.

Years later the Corps of Engineers decide to deepen the area around Pier 96 and Pier 98 - now know as Heron Head's Park.

The toxic sludge was dumped on Pier 98 - giving it a shape of the Heron Head - the former Piers - worn out - providing some foundation - to keep the toxic dirt in place - and forming the shape of the Heron's Head.

Here is a fake presentation given by the United States Navy on December 18, 2013 - at the YMCA on Lane Street - in the Bayview:

Thursday, December 19, 2013


The United States Navy has to understand clearly; the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point - San Franciscans in the know - are fed up with the ploys and machinations of the U.S. Navy on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The window of opportunity is very narrow and the time to act and do right - is now. The U.S. Navy has a tendency to play with fire - and this time - if they do not take the necessary steps - the fire that they play with - will play - havoc.

The U.S. Navy contaminated large areas over 900 acres at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard all of which comes under their jurisdiction - except Parcel A which is now controlled by the Rogue Developer - LENNAR.

The U.S. Navy also has jurisdiction of the Bay bordering its many toxic and contaminated parcels - the Bay named Parcel F - and has full responsibility to do the clean up - abatement, mitigation - and bringing the entire Shipyard ideally to Residential Standards.

Way back in the year 2000 we the constituents of San Francisco - through a Ballot Measure demanded and mandated that the U.S. Navy clean up the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Bring the entire area to residential standards.

87% of the voting constituents voted in favor of that Proposition P - and we must adhere to that Proposition - and abide with the voice of the people.

The U.S. Navy has been dilly dallying and today continues to bluff, hoodwink, lie, and thinks that the U.S. Navy and one Mr Keith Forman in charge of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Project -  can fool all the people all the time. This will never happen.

He operates from San Diego, California and comes here - now and then to take us on - and we fed up with the constant lies and bluffing - do not want the confrontation - but he forces the worst i us advocates and other well meaning citizens - and has done our Bayview Hunters Point community - great harm.

The officials higher up should take charge of this situation - and please do not do disservice to the already - suffering populace adversely affected by the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and the populace living around the 5 mile area.

Our City and Count of San Francisco has the Precautionary Principal on its books.

If for any reason - however small we the constituents of San Francisco feel because of a valid cause - any life will be adversely impacted - we can STOP any project.

The U.S. Navy has again and again failed the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point, San Francisco, the Bay Area, all of California and the Nation.

Remember atomic bombs left Hunters Point Naval Shipyard during World War II - bombs dropped on Japan - that led to the killings of millions. Karma.

Depleted Uranium and other very hazardous experiments - more leaving high levels of radioactive elements - are found on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - adversely impacting thousands - and the U.S. Navy continues to look the other way - and has NOT done due diligence.

The U.S. Navy demolished two hills containing the remains of the Ohlone and with the dirt and the remains - without blinking an eye spread the dirt and the remains - all over the entire Shipyard.

Parcel E2 is a reminder that the U.S. Navy took upon itself with intent to contaminate, pollute, and leave a toxic dump.

Now it is time for abatement, mitigation, and the people; the majority of the people want the contents of Parcel E2 removed - contained safely and RAILED to a safe place outside California - so that the contents can be dealt with - once and for all.

Enough is enough.

Not one square inch has been surveyed to meet decency and deal with the Native American Grave Protection and Rehabilitation Act (NAGPRA).

The U.S. Navy and now our City and County of San Francisco - want Lennar to have it all - Lennar that let us down on Parcel A.
Bombarded our community  - harmed our children and elders - Lennar the Rogue Developer that will never, ever succeed.

Using John Scott a sell out and others who take money from the U.S. Navy who are not from the community. John had the audacity to tell me he is a consultant - he is a sell out.

Trying to facilitate a meeting - he is not from our community - and as I said a sell out - he must stay out of our business. Telling us what to do - coming into our living rooms - to rearrange the furniture - without our tacit - permission.

These sell outs do not live in our community - and think - we will tolerate them. 

You are put on notice. Yesterday we were polite - do not take our kindness for a given. You are put on notice.

If you Black sell outs take the money from the U.S. Navy to facilitate, do some FAKE outreach - you have BLOOD on your hands. Because with intent the U.S. Navy is harming our community and has harmed our community in the past.

As a representative of the Muwekma Ohlone on Base Closure and Infrastructure Issue - I have stated clearly - for the last 30 years plus: " No good will ever come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard".

Lennar will fail and fall flat on its face.

I stood and won with Proposition F.

Lennar confronted us with Proposition G and spent $10 million - we spent $5 thousand.

Today Lennar is reeling in the cesspool of its own making - making no headway - exposing workers to high level of Asbestos Structures.

Failing to abide with standards - set by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - (BAAQMD). Failing to use large amounts of water to keep the Asbestos Structures down - if done properly - millions of gallons have to be used - and this is not done - because the developer and the builders - are on a shoe-string budget.

Mr Jack Broadbent who is the head of BAAQMD must issue the necessary Notice of Violations - and shut the on going operations - slowly killing the workers who are working without -
being told that they are exposed to very high levels of Asbestos Structures.

On three occasions just the readings by the Trailer that records - has be found to malfunction - reminding us of the on going shenanigans in 2004. At this time Lennar removed the batteries from the Monitoring Devices - and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - failed to do dues diligence.

It was only after the community protested for months - that Lennar was fined the largest fine ever - $515,000 and paid the fine - for bombarding the community with Asbestos Structures and adversely impacting thousands.

To this day thousands are suffering. Now the U.S. Navy and Keith Forman who is NOR doing due diligence - continues to adversely impact the community.

Parcel A does not belong to the U.S. Navy it now is Lennar's - but Lennar has no control over the wind and the Asbestos that flies wherever the wind take the Asbestos Structures - 40 and 50 miles per hour winds - and sometimes - greater.

More so when the other Parcels B, C, D, E, E2, UC 1 - others are next door - just a few feet from the contaminated Parcel A - that most in authority are looking the other way.

I want Jack Broadbent, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Congress to have a hearing. Our failing representative Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein. I will bring this to the attention of our President Barack Hussein Obama.

The Department of Defense has spent $500 Billion - yes BILLION on the wars - in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in other areas - on bombs, missiles, tanks, planes, infrastructure - bringing great harm to our Nation and continuing to harm thousands of innocent - tax payers.

Thousands of our soldiers and their families have been adversely impacted and will be impacted - for decades.

The U.S. Navy says it has no money to do the clean up.

Yet, it has the money to shoot and drop $5 million, $10 million powerful missiles, bombs, and use weapons to kill - enter a Nation to seek Weapons of Mass Destruction and find nothing at all.

Here is San Francisco we are fast, fast asleep the U.S. Navy continues to act in a nonchalant manner - and we must now act - and stop the shenanigans, ploys, and machinations - with a Court Order.

The U.S. Navy must not and cannot transport millions of toxic dirt through our streets and adversely impact our constituents.

The U.S. must rail the content and can rail the contents.

More; the U.S. Navy must remove all the contamination on Parcel E2.

This is a mandate from the people - most decent San Franciscans.

The U.S. Navy led by Keith Forman must stop the bluffing game - get a reality check - and do the right thing. If not he will have BLOOD on his hands.

The poor characterization of the entire Parcel E and E2 must be exposed in its totality.

Stop using the chocolate cookie concept - picking this and that and thinking all is well. Remove the entire toxic contents wherever it is found in and out of Parcel E2 - and stop the contents going into as it seeps now and will be absorbed b the Bay - when Climate Change does its dirty - deed.

Climate Change is upon us - and the entire 900 acres plus -  now known Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and surrounding area - all landfill, prone to liquefaction and flooding - will be inundated with  sea water.

There is NO doubt about that this event will take place soon - we now have empirical data - of the rising sea level - and its adverse affects all over the world.

The Bay Area authorities have been warned - and we cannot ignore the data that is before our eyes. The Superfund Site that is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is too close to a large residential area.

Thousands of homes are planned for the future - as many as 30,000 a little further away at Candlestick Point and so on. A Causeway connecting the homes - and grandiose plans - and here we have a " Time Bomb" - wait to detonate - what is happening to our dumb, idiotic, policy makers and planners.

 The entire contents that now the U.S. Navy wants to cap will be swept out into the Bay - and this "disaster" can be avoided - if the entire contents are - removed and railed to a far away safe site.

Now is the time to deal with the removal on all the dangerous contents - on Parcel E and Parcel E 2.

Stop the shenanigans, the ploys, the machinations - and more the LIES. Aho.

Learn more about the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and questions the United States Navy - for continuing to stalled the total cleanup of the very toxic and contaminated - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard:

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


This is NO time to be a politician - especially those politicians who speak from both sides of their mouth. They talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. We have them is San Francisco - galore.

This land all of it belongs to the Ohlone - this land we call San Francisco and more the entire Bay Area. Only the Ohlone are natives the rest - strangers. You may not want to believe it - but that is the TRUTH.

The land was stolen from the First People the Ohlone. Our shameless politicians, our City Planners, others who purport to know something - know nothing. Simply because spiritually they are bankrupt. So, when they see something, have no regard for the Sacred - they destroy - almost, everything.

At one time hundreds of Shellmounds kept our land holistic - these Shellmound acted as points - sacred points - that kept our land SACRED and still does. Shellmounds contain the Sacred Remains of the Ohlone - the First People of our Bay Area and more.

People who have no sense about such things are ignorant and remain ignorant - and what is true today - the politicians steeped in GREED - are mainly responsible for lack of ethics, morals, and standards.

All that was once good is now a concrete jungle, all that was  pristine has been contaminated. 

Lacking plain good manners and etiquette - they roam the Earth - saturated with greed on their minds and hearts. 

We are Americans and our Founding Fathers with great thought, deliberation, prayer, debate, endless hours of thought and gathering facts - in consensus - brought about a document that is respected - all over the world.

Today's politicians be it the Congress, be it the Senate, be it even our local political - charlatans - are making a fool of themselves - speaking from both sides of their mouth. They do NOT serve the people - the lie to the people - fabricate stories and constantly erode the standards that should be in place to uplift - everyone.

Today in order to survive one has to hold two or three jobs in San Francisco.

Most of the temporary jobs offer no benefits.

The rents have key rocketed and our local San Francisco Board of Supervisors (BOS) - being not educated on issues - have FAILED to represent.

The SF BOS love to hold hearings - and at these hearing - they allow the people who gather to vent - that is all - no action, no solutions - nothing what so ever - and they think they can fool all the people all the time. Time to boot them out - all of them.

There are NO career jobs  for most hardworking people in San Francisco - meaning where one can work for some years and get good benefits.

Even the City and County of San Francisco that has over 28,000 City workers on its payroll - has failed San Franciscans who number about 820,000. Most of the jobs going to people who live  our side our City of San Francisco.

These workers really do not care about San Francisco - they do care about the pay check that they spend - our the borders of our City of San Francisco.

For every one San Franciscan we have one City worker - a very high proportion - and many of them making over $100,000 and Management positions - upwards of $175,000 with benefits.

Our homeless population is increasing - with families now living in places that they ought not to live.

Our tourists are asking questions - and the truth be told - they are wondering who is in charge.

This increase in the homeless population is a SAD reflection on the policy makers.

Mostly ignorant, transplants who think that technology can address all problems but these idiots cannot find solutions to human beings - lacking humanity and humility - themselves.

Most of them know little about compassion, still little about love - they themselves soak themselves with lust - and love things - including drugs that give them an instant high.

They are fake - and fluff, chaff - and diatribe and such things - are closer to their hears than humility, sacrifice, and genuine love.

Droves of such "techies" and others have invaded our City and County of San Francisco - and the politicians flock to them - to understand what they have to offer - but these newbies have nothing to offer - but hot air.

San Francisco named after Saint Francis of Assisi - San Franciscans are looking around them and find that the standards we adhered to for years are waning away - quickly.

The customs and traditions we adhered to cannot be learned instantly - it takes years to develop and endure, more years to practice - and in the end we have something too difficult to describe in words.

We now have the filthy rich and the very poor. More of the filthy rich with nothing viable to offer - except hot air.

The very poor come to me and we try to help them.

We have some who listen to us and they know who they are - but there is only so much they can do. The do help but their hands are tied.

While Ellis Evictions make headlines.

Thousands others are evicted and many paid under the table - and there is no whimper about such actions.

The Representatives - more our San Francisco Board of Supervisors - leading the charge Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, Scott Weiner, London Breed - good for nothing - spewing diatribe - they all must be BOOTED out of office.

We are disgusted - so do not think we are machines - we can endure only so much of the rampant dissatisfaction.

We can endure only so much of the suffering - we can only do so much - and believe me I am surrounded by angels who work hard for our City and County of San Francisco as volunteers.

Recently I met Mayor Edwin Lee and told him to his face that in my writings I have to speak to the TRUTH - be they "tirades" or whatever.

I have to rock the boat and I do it - and this is not easy - not for a person that works hard to get things done. My only saving grace the Internet the the attorneys who protect me.

The politicians will steal your idea, your concepts, your work and give idiots credit.

They do it all the time - because they think if they spend the money - tax payers money - they have the right to take credit.

It was amazing to see this happen at the opening of the Contractors Assistance Center at Executive Park, 5 Thomas Mellon Circle, Suit 108 in San Francisco, California 94134.

We are watching these good for nothing folks who cannot attain anything; be it a program or project and bring it to a completion on time.

Endless meeting, endless convoluted ploys and machinations. Purchase Orders that take forever to be processed and more time to pay vendors who do their work on time - the worst culprit the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

They breed in the organization some folks who take pride vying for other peoples' position.

Divert thousands to organization like Green For All - and are still in office.

Gang up and force people to get  nervous break down.

And of course take credit - big credit for work that others have done and shameless forget that they did little but use the tax payers money.

These are the same people who think little about the poor - because tax payers pay them in excess of $250,000 and some get over $300,000 with benefits - all in our City and County of San Francisco. Aho.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Nothing ever happens in our City quickly - even when you give the City detail plans.

Walk them step by step - the City literally crawls like a snail. In this case the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

 So, when the Contractors'  Assistance Center that I like to call "hub" - was opened with much fun fare - Monday - December 16, 2013 - I thought I would dress myself  up- much to the chagrin of my good friends - who attended the event.

Some 3 years ago; some of us were fed up with the crooks in the community who were given free plans where contractors could have gone and used the plans and benefited the community at large.

On the contrary when contractors and others interested went to these crooked individuals they charged them for the plans.

The City heads of department knew about this - but did nothing about them. Some to this day still receive the plans - and some still abuse the system. No accountability and less transparency.

At that time some of us saw the utter failure of the Water System Improvement Project and how over $1 million was wasted when it came to Benefits to the community.

We spoke up and told ourselves when it came to the Sewer System Improvement Project - we could and we would do better. 

Hence the initial seeds were planted to create a Contractors' Hub - with tons of information - more digital - and training for our youth and young adults - leading to CAREER JOBS.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has a way with fluff - and can wiggle itself from any situation - by expressing itself with half truths and facts that do not match - any standards.

Over the years we have learned to read between the lines - and clear the good seeds from the chaff. Recently the Green For All fiasco - stunned many but not some of us - who know of the inherent corruption, bullying, and vying for positions within the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC).

Three Primes shared the Benefits Program - reinventing the Program - linked to the Water System Improvement Project - and each time failing to do due diligence.

So when it came to the Sewer System Improvement Project - we started working with then Assistant General Manager  for Infrastructure Harlan Kelly and explained to him our plan.

I knew Harlan Kelly from the days of Pat Martel and before - had never visited his office. Did not have any solid reason to do so.

I did that two years ago to explain to him - how vital a Contractors' Assistance Center was needed in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco. More to offer our youth and young adults - both men and women career jobs.

Since we already had an office at Executive Park, 5 Thomas Mellon Circle - and since we knew the owner - we drew up a detail plan to make it easy for Harlan Kelly and those he chose to work with us. The process took us a long, long, long - time.

After over two years the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission signed a two year lease with the owner of 5 Thomas Mellon Circle.

Recently; the building was sold to Ocean Landing LLC and we really do not know what their intention is - short term or long term - because these folks are not from San Francisco and for sure not from the community.

The soft opening for the Contractors' Assistance Center which was the official name chosen some months ago - had its Soft Opening in August, 2013.

Then on December 16, 2013 - it finally had its official hard opening - or whatever folks like to call it. Over 250 people were in attendance - a very good turn out.

Those of us behind the concept to open and have a Contractors' Hub - that I prefer to call it - the primary goal was to accommodate the Primes who already have got the billion dollar contracts. Work with them to provide good training, offer good jobs, more career jobs and address Quality of Life issues.

Brown and Caldwell who are designing the Digestors - that will hold the millions of gallons of treated sewage - known as secondary effluents - and flush it down the newer sewage pipes and into the Bay - and busy doing just that - working with experts to design a State of the Art - in sync with contemporary technology - a one of a kind - Disgestor system that we are all looking forward, to.

AECOM who have received billions as a PRIME in contracts linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP)  must provide training - leading to Career Jobs in our community. So far we have seen little of such actions - and we will prod, and cajole and may be see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Phase 1 with the Digestors - will take 18 months but really speaking about 20 months.

The design process really started  four months ago.

The Design and Planning stage is just that - the experts involved with state of the art - engineering and design concepts.

If all goes well the newer - state of the art Digestors - will last us 100 years.

The ones we have now are Smithsonian - foul smelling - and have adversely impacted the community for over 60 years.

With Climate Change knocking at our doors - and salt water making its way into our treatment plant in the Southeast Sector on Phelps Street - if that calamity happens - the entire plant - will shut down - and there will be very, very - serious consequences.

The Contractors' Hub was initially conceived by advocates and others who wanted to give the Community especially the Bayview Community career jobs.

Address the mitigation and abatement factors - and bring about holistic changes. San Francisco Public Utilities Commission had failed the community - favoring the proposition to address the Water System Improvement Project and shunning the Sewer System Improvement Project. Time would tell.

We the community - who attend the many SF Public Utilities Commission meetings - have not seen an iota of enthusiasm putting in place training right now -  training that leads to Career Jobs.

So that when the time comes - those that were NOT given opportunities - get opportunities with skills in hand - but the training must begin and begin in earnest.

The remarks made at the opening of the Contractors' Assistance Center - were far fetched.

 I felt I was on another planet - with talk and diatribe that did not meet standards - and had very little to do with what the original  plans and standards the founders of this Contractors' Hub had in mind.

None of the original founders worked for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission  -  what they initiated took months to sell - and finally when it was sold - took years more years to implement. 

Since the Contractors' Hub has opened its doors LENNAR a rouge developer has invaded the Contractors' Hub and had three  workshops and two meetings - that have nothing to do with what we envisioned - and absolutely nothing to do with the SSIP  for FREE.

Two workshops have been held - relevant to what we had in mind - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project.

The Contractors' Hub now comes under Emilio Cruz - the new Assistant General Manager of Infrastructure - who has a team who are trying their best to fulfill some aspirations.

The two employed at the HUB - are not from the community but are striving to learn as best they can - more as the days turn to weeks and to months.

We the community from the Southeast want this Contractors' Assistance Center to succeed - not with fluff - but very high standards.

You cannot have standards without a viable Blue Print that has been vetted by the community at large.

Some focused outreach has been done and some focused community meetings held. One general meeting was held with the General Manager - Harlan Kelly with key stakeholders - present. 

Another with Karen Kubick the Project Manager - and the key personnel working on this Contractors' Assistance Center - some working for SF Public Utilities Commission and the many so called consultants - many of who are given free access to anything they want.

Southeast Sector Community Development Corporation invested hundreds of volunteer hours - for which we never asked any compensation. 

We continue to help those at the Contractors' Assistance Centers when they need help and on occasion have guided them in the right direction.

I Francisco Da Costa listened to the remarks made by Mayor Edwin Lee and General Manager Harlan Kelly.

At some point we need to revisit the original Blue Print and the standards we had set. 

We the community should benefit from the Sewer System Improvement Project  (SSIP) - this is a given - and we are watching the "fluff deliberations" - like a hawk.

We the community want our women and men to have career jobs.

We want upward mobility at the Phelps Sewage Treatment Plant - and are looking to invite the Department of Labor and other Regulatory Agencies to investigate - why there is so much stagnation when it comes to upward - mobility.

"Your #2 is my #1" is a fitting description of the Management now - with pride such slogans seem to enthuse those that have got caught in the sludge - in the shenanigans of the moment.

Much like I heard a sub contractor at the opening - who does not have a stellar record.

Has accused others who have helped him before - who himself has a record that is dubious in nature - make remarks that will come to haunt the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

I wonder why Miguel Galarza was missing in action - who runs Yerba Buena - whose company was given millions of dollars of contracts and still has many in the pipe-line.

We the community will be watching the Contract Monitoring Committee where for the longest time Miguel Galarza sat and guided the folks around him.

This committee substituted what once the Human Right Commission - use to do.

Here is the paradox the compliance officers working for the Human Rights Commission - has a policy making making entity in charge - the Human Rights Commissioners.

The new Contract Monitoring Committee - by itself is everything - who is fooling whom? The have no Commission no "policy making" entity worth the salt.

We look forward to the Contract Monitoring Committee playing a key role at the Contractors' Assistance Center - in the near future - after it get some legal validity.

We look forward to future focused meetings with the community  - with focus on "upward mobility" and career jobs.

We look forward to a vetted Blue Print that meets standards - where the many years that the community suffered from - is addressed in a holistic manner.

We look forward to the Mayor Edwin Lee - providing assistance to Community Engagement where decisions are made to benefit the community - all segments of the community.

We look forward to harmony and addressing Quality of Life issues.

Right now we are addressing Violence Prevention and Intervention on a shoe string budget. We have reduced crime in some areas - using the best aspects of Community Policing.

We aspire to have contractors both Primes and sub-contractors work in an environment where they do not have to deal with killings and shootings.

The San Francisco Public Utilities in miles away from understanding this one fact - there is only so much fluff that can one can tolerate.

The many tirades come from those that are fed up - with the many shenanigans, ploys, and machinations.

We know what Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Al Williams, Doris Vincent, Angelo King, James Bryant and others have done to our community and continue to do.

We know those entities that will go unnamed who get contracts to do outreach - whatever that means but do not live in our community.

We are watching every single move - like the eternal hawk.

As the Mayor walked out - I approached the Mayor and asked him to visit George Yerby who is ailing - just sold 5 Thomas Mellon Circle.

The Mayor complied - he has a heart - and I know that.

That was a singular moment of the event - in that room where for over 30 years George Yerby - tried to do something but fell prey to the economy.

The few in the room understood what really was happening here - the passing of the torch - to outsiders - who will dictate to us - citizens of  the United States - what they want to dictate - not comprehending our Founding Fathers and the values we stand for in the United States of America.

Mary Dalton who served as the Property Manager for over 22 years was terminated. People got a shock. Mary was told that she could no long work - but could be invited now and then to act as a consultant  - she refused.

With a heavy heart some of us gave her a farewell - much like we are concerned about our future.

The tax payers pay for everything - including the people we pay high salaries over $300,000 to oversee and do right - and they do wrong because they are not educated on issues.

I met many including Kay Fernandez we exchanged greetings - and she knows where I come from.

I do not tolerate  corruption and less arrogance that abounds in some areas at 525 Golden Gate Avenue.

It took us 3 years to bring to fruition the Contractors' Assistance Center - that SFPUC signed a contract for two years. One year has gone by - and soon the next will.

Our community has over 10,000 small businesses - we are surrounded by an industrial zone - in a three miles zone surrounding the Contractors' Assistant Center - Production, Development, Repair  designation or whatever fancy name - the SF Planning conjures.

Our window of opportunity for the community is narrow - in 8 years over $8 Billion will be expanded.

The present Mayor will have been long gone - others making big money and talking fluff - will have long gone - the community will be holding the empty bag - if the goods are not delivered.

For too long have we been led astray - the sell outs that I have named and must name for others to know.

They all have done us harm with intent. 

Lennar poisoned our children and continues to invade our safe havens - when they have done nothing for our community.

Other sell outs visit the Contractors' Assistance Center not to help but to seek favors.

Always favor - always been the perennial leech - sucking whatever the get - that pariah dog with fleas - at the expense of the community.

We have one year to go to make the Contractors' Assistance Center work. 

We gave the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission the plan for free - lock, stock and barrel.

 So far - we have get to see the SFPUC produce the training that will produce " Career Jobs".

We are requesting -  the Primes to step up.

We do not see a small sub-contractor with a tarnished record -  like Empire - doing anything much for our community.

We look forward to another niche program in cooperation with Local 261 doing fine things.

More so - now that we have Commissioner Vince Courtney from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - who is the President on board.

That program is just going north - to San Ramon - so says the little bird on the tree. We work hard, and hope - but waiting for Godot - that irks us all. Aho.

Contract Assistance offered by the SFPUC: