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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Community Policing in the Bayview Hunters Point and sound opportunities for all youth.

The recent episodes dividing the community and bringing out the worse from all sides of the community in the Bayview Hunters Point - point to the signs of the times.

Over $400,000 was spent to create a document linked to  "Community Policing" by the SF Police Department. 

When the time came to implement the model - the Excelsior or District 11 was chosen under then Captain Lazar - a few months went by - and the ball was dropped. Why?

In the Bayview Hunters Point - community leaders created a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and after  producing  their own document - vetted in with the San Francisco Police Department - under, then Chief Heather Fong.

Who let down the community?

Today, the Bayview has been assaulted from all sides - Lennar a Rogue Developer has bombarded our community with toxic dirt, Asbestos, radioactive elements and dangerous particulates.

Our elders and children mostly have been the victims.

A gang injunction was implemented without consulting the community.

In the past 12 years under Sophie Maxwell the District 10 past Supervisors over 600 constituents have been shot at and killed - mostly young people.

Lennar has divided the community - putting the Poverty Pimp Pastor on their pay roll. Today, these pastors - come up to speak - and instead of speaking for the community speak with fork tongues.

There is over 40% unemployment in the community.

The so called leadership of the past years - that use to Mau Mau at meetings - today, are caught up with the present - and mostly NOT being educated on issues - cannot speak to the point.

Meetings are held in the community and the speakers cannot offer solutions.

They talk about things and have no strategy - no vision - and most of all no love for the community.

Most talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

The police must work with the community  - we pay them their salaries.

Any life is precious. We must not permit anyone to take away a life - and all precautions must be taken to maintain law and order.

But to kill - is not one option that must be given to anyone - not in our jails and not on our streets.

A meeting will be held at the Bayview Opera House. 

In the 1960s a riot took place and some of the those that took part in the riot - took refuge at the Opera House - build in 1888. At that time the Bayview was called South San Francisco. The Free Masons built the Opera House.

In 1888 there was not one Black living in the area - now, known as Bayview Hunters Point. Times have changed - after commanding large numbers in past years - daily the Black population is dwindling.

The Black leaders in the past brought about the Human Rights Commission with the headquarters in the Bayview. Several other major policies were initiated by Blacks from the Bayview.

Once Blacks could not work at places that sold cars - protest were led and that changed. The Civil Rights brought more rights - but the opportunities were short lived and taken away.

Today, the Bayview Hunters Point is decimated - by entities that have been brought in from the outside - elements and more particularly one past - Black Mayor of San Francisco.

Today, we have no leadership that cares for our youth.

If we did our youth - would be taking charge of these meetings and setting the agenda.

Take it - from me the mostly Black Pastors have sold out and cannot lead.

 They simply cannot lead. All the want is your money.

The diversity of the Bayview and the demographics have changed.

We have Samoans, the Latinos, Asians the Native American, the decent Black, the decent Whites, and they are NOT represented.

Who is making the calls?

A Black was shot and killed. A life was lost.

A life was lost - and we all must have a say - why such a drastic deed was committed and under what dire circumstances if ever?

Do we care about life? Or are we going to be remembered as sell outs who continue to take - blood money!

Where is the community policing in our community?
Where is the focused concern for our youth and our future? Where is the vision?

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way!