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Sunday, September 29, 2013


Everyone knows about the San Francisco Arts Commission - those annointed and appointed and how millions of dollars are funneled to dubious entities - while - artists that really need the support - are left to wither on the starving - wine.

In the Bayview dubious folks mostly Black have formed a consortium - much like a Mafia Operation - where these "thugs" meet, discuss, and share the loot among themselves. Feeding on grants - that have been funneled to them - in a convuluted manner.

There is nothing holistic about the San Francisco Arts Commission - accept they are a disgrace to anything - decent. Having inferior and sordid standards - a bunch of crooks of the higest order.

Some months ago the Director of the SF Arts Commission - took junkets to Brazil at tax payers expense - in the end he just got a slap on the wrist.

Where is the accountability and transparency - and why are the City authorities - the Mayor, the City Adminstrator, others - condoning such actions.

Where is the San Francisco Ethics Commission on this one?

Artists are supposed to uphold values, standards, look favorably on ethics and follow rules and regulations.

Throughout civilization artists are revered but not the corrupt artists in San Francisco - who will beg, lie down like a little puppy dog - begging for the lean bone - selling their values and bringing disgrace to San Francisco.


The artists that get any grants in San Francisco  - are the ones who have the political clout backing them - and in San Francisco - "life style" - and who screws whom - counts on that infamous - resume and public stage of adjudication.

Take the San Francisco Sewer System Improvement Project  (SSIP) - 2% of the $ 8 Billion is set aside for art - and the money handled by the SF Art Commission.

Some formula that mandates that 2% of the project above ground - must be set aside for art - managed by the SF Arts Commission - in this case with the SSIP - a total $8 Billion. Think about it.

However, to get the money - a point of contact has been established by the SF Public Utilities Commission - and again the person who is high lighted and comes out as the "facilitor of crooked things done" - is JULIET ELLIS.

2% of $8 Billion is $120 million and again Juliet Ellis and the "thugs" she has surrounded herself are wheeling and dealing - and when the Freedom of Information Act and other California Privacy Act - are put in place - a can of worms will be revealed.

We the community have already experienced the shenanigans with the 5% set aside of the $8 billion - some $300 million - for community benefits - $150 for workforce and training  and the other $150 for community benefits - art and so on.

The buffonery going on with the  above is despicable to say the rest - people submit their grants - and only those that have connections - are favored.

I have openly spoken to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and told them - to get rid of the CANCER not only Juliet Ellis but worse than her Radaka Fox.

The ploys and machinations emiting from these two cancer rods - is disgusting to say the least.

This is San Francisco and not the East Bay - and while most of us educated - have patience - give opportunities to all - embrace all - we have zero tolerance for crooks and those that waste - tax payers money.

For over 70 years the Southeast Sector in San Francisco has been contaminated. Bombarded with particulates, depleted uranium tested at the Hunters Point Shipyard yard, fuel tanks leading and polluting the watershed, over 3000 toxic hot spots out the Shipyard - under the jurisdiction of the City and County of San Francisco - that have not been mitgated, abated, cleaned - to standards where all life is safe.

We have the Precautionary Principle on our books - but, no one follow the law. Most of all the SF Public Utilities Commission does not follow the law.

Recently contaminated soil was transported all the way from the Highway at Ocean Beach - and the contaminated soil brought and stored on SF Public Utilities Commission on Thomas Street - we brought this immediately to the attention of those that could do something. What was done - is astounding - nothing.

 Daily as most of us work hard others use the community like a dirty rug.

That is how you witness - contaminated and abject poverty - one side of the railroad - you see wealth and prosperity and on the other side - lack of opportunities and abject poverty.

In the Bayview Hunters Point area - advocates for many years - have fought for the community - especiallly the poor and the indigent.

We do what we can - but again and again we meet - folks like Juliet Ellis, Radaka Fox, Kay Fernandes, and three others - who form a team - like Ali Baba and the forty thieves.

The Bayview has been on the forefront and created the Human Rights Committee - now the Human Right Commission - that has had its wings clipped and replaced by the Contract Monitoring Committee - that has no Commission - and something stinks in Denmark.

Who makes the policy and with what authority - that the Contract Monitoring Committtee - and be a legal and function committee or sorts?

Ardent artists from the Bayview applied for grants - after all they suffered for over 70 years - and since the early 1950s have tried to put their best foot forward.

The Bayview Opera House a former Masonic Lodge built in the mid 1880s - when that part of town was called South San Francisco - was handed over to the community of Bayview.

It was cared for by community - stellar and ardent individuals like Ruth Williams after which it was named - Ruth Williams was all things to all human beings - she did all she could for the Bayview Hunters Point community - highlighting drama and other cultural forums - at the Bayview Opera House.

In recent years - some one dubious in nature has brought in the SF Art Commission - a bunch of crooks of the worst order.

White folks pretending to understand the community; more the community of color - White folks far removed from reality - and lacking CULTURAL COMPETENCY.

In the Bayview Opera House yard - live chickens roam - and it is this mentality of those in charge. Live chickens at the Bayview Opera House with children touching them - and this could be a health hazard.  Where is the SF Health Department on this one?

Has the Bayview Opera House now become a "Touching Zoo" - and if so where is the permit?

Today; unlike the years long gone less of cultural forums and high quality cutural activites - drama, opera, music, dancing, poetry, debates, stellar key note speakers who should be minorities - who are deprived from sharing the stage.

Again and again we see sell outs - mostly Blacks pandering to the Zonists - other entitites who have a hidden agenda.

At one time in year 2001 the Bayview Opera had no chairs - so I got some good chairs from the Presidio Officers' Club - some 100 chairs. Twenty or so tables. A couch the type you find in some museums - where you can sit and admire art - of which we had some at the Bayview Opera House.

I did what I could and have a letter accepting these gifts - written by the Director at that time - one Ms Bell.

The Bayview Opera House under the authority of the SF Arts Commission - has done more harm than good - and no one wants to lay down the facts - but, I think that day is comming.

We need someone at the Bayview Opera House who represents the community - not a Zionist plant.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation must now look into the grants given to those chosen few in the Bayview and one of the grants given by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to one - Bridgette Le Blanc - stinks to high heaven.

Bridgette Le Blanc is a Commissioner on the Southeast Facility Commission that is linked to the SF Public Utilities Commission - she got a grant - from those that feed her - that is conflict of interest - and she must return the funds.

Some authority must look into this situation and if this is not done quickly with a public apology - we can take this to the highest Law Enforcement and reveal the TRUTH - to the world.

In a couple of weeks Juliert Ellis will be history - but, that is not all.

We plan legal action - because Juliet Ellis and her thugs - continue to interfere in areas that they have no business - having anything to do - with.

Simply put Juliet Ellis cannot manage her own affairs.

Juliet Ellis and her cohorts -  are good at funelling thousands to Green For All and Juliet Ellis admitted to this act - an illegal act.

Juliet Ellis continued receiving remuneration - a pay - for years - from her former Non-Profit - while working for the SF Public Utilities Commission and raking - tax payers money - some $200,000 plus benefits - yearly.

Such type of behavior - mandates the highest adjudication and penalty - Juliet Ellis must be sent to jail - for a long time.

The SF Public Utilities Commission has been trying to place Juliet Ellis and dump her on some Prime Company - the likes of AECOM, URS, JACOBS - no one wants her. She stinks to high heaven - and continues to be TOXIC.

I said before and I say now - she has to go.

And with her Radaka Fox who thinks we are NOT watching her. 

Our tax payers pay her salary - and her behaviors is unwanted and unwarranted.

Want to challenge me - when I have a long rap sheet - just send me the message - and I will ready the posse.

The SF City and County of San Francisco is going to the dogs - with corruption and those in high power - wheeling and dealing.

One of the most corrupt organizations is the San Francisco is the Public Utlities Commission - it does not mean there are no good people - there are some and the General Manager has been notified who they are - and that the must be protected.

However, what the General Manager has failed to comprehend is that the cancer has to be removed - if not the entire San Franisco Public Utilities will fall on its face.

The SF Public Utilities Commission is an Enterprise Department that generates millions.

It is time that the Chief Financil Officer - who is my friend - put measures in place that offer to the general public - Accountability and Transparency.

That thugs like Juliet Ellis are kept at bay - and that her cohorts are sent packing.

Packing - because all of them continue to adversely impact - hard working, decent workers - within the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Who annoints these good for nothing - incompetent - Assitant General Managers like Juliet Ellis.

My simple advice is leave and be gone.

Worse than the devil himself - harming innocent people - while all the time - failing to do your work.

You Juliet Ellis have be found to be corrupt, you were forced to pay back the illegal pay you took and used.

What else is left to say and do - in any other City - you would have been fired, terminated, sent packing - and no one would be able to hire you.

Even now no decent campany, no decent City - will hire you - because you fail to understand on single word  "respect".

I have had a lot of patience with you - you are the worse of the worst - be gone and do not adversely impact the decent, hard working  - people - that many of us who have volunteered - to make good things - happen.

Juliett Ellis you are despicable - and even when you are drowning you want to drown others with you - decent people who do not share your very corrupt - values, and sordid behaviour.

In the interim each and every grant given to those that Juliet Ellis has anything to do with - must be reviewed by a third party - and the Federal Bureau of Investigation must look into the sordid affairs of Juliet Ellis and her cohorts. Aho.

Friday, September 27, 2013


The contruction going on at Parcel A has stirred up the dust and the Asbestos readings have been on the increase.

I know the Bay Area Air Quality and Management District has received the weekly readings - but, has done nothing to warn the residents.

The residents living near by Mariners' Village, Kiska Road, Huntersview - when the winds blow - all is takes is one single Asbestos Fiber to enter one's system and make you a victim of Asbestosis.

Lennar the rogue developer who is going on where - continues to hoodwink the public - portending that the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is - prime land by the Bay. It is NOT.

It is in very simple language the most contaminated land - more containing very high level of Radiological contamination - and over 95% of the land - poor landfill - prone to liquefaction and flooding.


The ploy to encourage the Chinese to pay huge sums of money to buy into Lennar machinations and ploys aided by the former "thug mayor" of San Francisco has failed.

The crook wanted to amass in access of 800 million - sell visas and permit to the Chines - but the Chines no better and will not fall for the ploy.  The crooks have only gather about 40 million - at the most - and now are pulling their hair and teeth.

More the China Railway Contruction Consortium (CRCC) is watching LENNAR and also Rose Park and Willie L Brown Jr. - no one can hoodwink the Chinese - who will play you and do away with you. You are warned.

At a recent event before the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco I clearly heard Mayor Edwin Lee and Kofi Bonner - speak about Hunters Point and the proposed development. Keep on dreaming. No one can fool all the people all the time.

Bothe Ed Lee and Kofi Bonner - can chide themselves, fool themselves, lie to themselves - but they have no clue - what they are talking about - much as they had no clue when they spent over $100 million on Proposition G fighting Proposition F.

I was the proponent of Proposition F - which fought against the crooks and all those who backed Proposition G.

We spend $5 thousands - Lennar and the tugs spent in access of $100 million. Go figure! Guess who won? Guess who is winning? Guess who is right? Guess who will FAIL?

Today, in and around Hunters Point Naval Shipyard the United States Navy that tested Depleted Uranium during the World War II efforts and futher who conducted all sorts of nefarious experiments, more with intent - harmed thousands of mostly minorities. This crime cries to heaven for justice.

The United States Navy - has FAILED to clean up the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

I worked for Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco and I am privy to all the ploys, machinations, and shananigans - and have valid proven documents that can reveal the truth with Empircal Data.

Added, to this - at Hunters Point - more Middle Point - also know as Hunterview - the John Stewart Company has been warned by the Bay Area Air Management District - linked to exposing the resident to Asbestos.

The on going  harm done is permanent to the residents and more to the Seniors - and all those living in the area - will suffer now and in the future.

Those who have participated in this on going crime have BLOOD on their hands.

The entire area by Hunterview contaminated by the Hunters Point Power Plant for over 60 years. 

The recent clean up done by Pacific Gas and Electric - without any detail notice given to the residents.

The John Stewart Company - doing the same - bombarding the residents with toxic dirt, laden with Asbestos strucutres.

The residents should have been removed to a safer area - but were kept in the area - because they were poor and minoriteis and disrespected.

The resident exposed to the most hazardous, toxic, and dangerous particulates - and dangersous Asbestos Structures - recent as high as 20,000 structures per cubic meter.

All it takes is one Asbsestos Structure to kill you down the line - and God forbid anyone suffering from Asbestosis.

The crooks and thugs do not see it that way - and right now the contractors and innocent employees by the Trailer by the Navy Gate are being exposed and do not even know it.

When will the San Francisco Health Department awake from their slumber?

When will Barbara Gracia who purports to the the Director of the San Francisco General Hospital - but acts nonchalant on these matters - act?

When will Mayor Edwin Lee - a former housing advocates - stand for what is right.

When will Naomi Kelly the City Administor full comprehend the conditions meted out to the indigent and those elders who cannot defend themselves. Live is poor condition, filthy condition, raw sewage running in their homes - go to unit 133 at Middle Point - and I challenge anyone to not have a revulsion.

The land all of it belongs to the Ohlone and it was stolen from them.

The stangers and the thives have always been despicable. Before and today - more the Zionists. The likes of the John Stewart Company - he is on the Presidio of San Francisco, at Treasure Island, in the Tenderloin, the Northrige Cooperatives - Huntersview and he wants more.

Most San Franciscans do not even know that land belongs to the Ohlone.

That it was stolen by the thugs who today - exploit the poor - and as the "thug Mayor Willie L Brown Jr." said once with glee" if you do not make $100,000 or more you have no business living in San Francisco".

The audacity of this man who a janitor - who uncle was a gambler and pimp, was helped by many, passed the BAR - joined the Assembly, became the Speaker in Sacramento - was removed with the passing of term limits.

Became the thug mayor of San Francisco, is not respected by decent people, and today has his fingers and toes - in each and every pie - that rakes him millions.

He has assests in casinos in Macao, off shore counts, has been investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and is being watched closely. Time will tell.

Willie the thug mayor brought in Lennar and as long as Lennar is in San Francisco - no good will come of anything.

Never mind if  Kofi Bonner who represent Lennar Urban - tries to act nice and lie.

That will take him no where - Lennar is the devil itself and must be thrown out of San Francisco - lock, stock and barrell. 

Today hunderds of indigent mostly Black are living in despicable conditions.

No one is paying attention to this situation. The Main Media is out of the picture - bragging about other mundane stuff. The entire Southeast Sector has no representation - only crooks who want to make the money - many of them do not live in San Francisco.

This City of San Francisco was named after San Francisco of Assisi. It is known for compassion and embracing all - to do good.

Today we have folks like Malia Cohen, Nadine Burke, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Kathy Perry, Veronica Hunnicut, Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, Lolla Lottle, Doris Vincent, Sophie Maxwell, YCD, BVHP Foundation, YMCA by Lane Street - others who have passed away Willie B. Kennedy - rake in the thousands - sell out the community - and they all think - that there is no one watching.

God sees it all - and your time is comming.

The Poverty Pimp Pastors mostly Black are now working with the biggest crooks that ever came to the Bayview - Ron Batiste - who was suspended by the Human Rights Commission - but now has been re-enstated by the Contracting Monitoring Divison (CMD) - that does not have a Commission - and has failed to monitor and less be in compliance.

Ron Batiste and his evil company Eagle Environmental Construction has joined the Tabernacle Group.

More to do something at Alice Griffith. Another ploy where daily people live in despicable conditions. Raw Sewage flowing on Caroll Street - and people exposed to contamination and serious prospective - out-breaks; of all sorts of diseases.

Wood chips are thrown  over the open sewage spill - from old sewage pipes - that should be replaced - and this nonsense has been going on for over 20 years. Cover up the smell and cover up the on going shenanigans.

49ers fans have been exposed to this hazard and so have those that live in Double Rock - also know as Alice Griffith. The San Francisco Health Department better check into these filthy, despicable - hazardous conditions - and do something about it.

The City Administrator is busy addressing some issues - but it is the above issue that must be looked into - no one can look the other way - and not address the more important issues rightly.

More when you purport to be educated by the Jesuits and the Universtiy of San Francisco. We are good friends but some one must tell the truth.

Yesterday; I attended the first televised San Francisco Housing Authority meeting.

The members appointed and annointed got a mouthful - and will get more as the meetings are now held at City Hall - away from the thugs that hovered in and around at 4444 Turk Street.

4444 Turk a God forsaken site that must be torn down. Thousands of innocent people were adversely impacted by that building - whores and pimps ran it - including the last Director who as fired - Alvarez.

The new President of the Board of the SF Housing Authority  - who replaced the sordid Amos Brown - is trying his best .

Joaquin Torres the new President of the Board - is surrounded by liars, crooks, many steeped in their evil ways - have numbed their conscience - constantly deceiving, cheating, lying, buffing the poor - that must be helped.

There is no transparency and less accountabilty. Some try diatribe - try telling the truth - have no fact rights - and action items - need - public comment. 

You talk, and talk, and talk - and give the public two minutes - at the end? No must be kidding.

Action items require public input. Stop having clandestine meetings - twice you folks were busted. More without meaningful notice and less with sound public - outreach. We are watching -and if do not change - drastically - you will be help accountable.

If you find it hot in the kitchen - get out  - and learn to be humble not pompous - do this and do that to the public - while you all are fake - dumber than dumb - and do not intimidate the public at large - not in San Francisco. If the hat fits you wear it - if the comments hurt - get out of the way.

Blessed are the poor for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.

The crooks who worship Mammon would not know that - more folks like Malia Cohen who was present at the meeting.

Malia who is like a sordid gad fly on the wall - pandering, cheating, amassing illegal wealth - and in the evening the dumb ass Supervisor - walked home with a flower plant in her hand - grining like a jack ass - failing her community and more disgracing all Blacks. 

She spent her entire day - screwing around and pandering. Aho.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The worst thing anyone can endure are those who lack spirituality - will lie, steal, who are spineless - and use the community like a dirty rag - and we have some dime a dozen in the Bayview Hunters Point - and most of them Black.

The paradox is that these individuals and leading the pack Malia Cohen have so called tax payes discreationary money - what exactly that is no one knows - and the beat goes on.

Doling money to crooks while pocketing some of it. Breaking the laws - and this woman was censured by the San Francisco Ethics Commission and more - and is shameless. She has started puting a fake ring on her finger - and now need a ring - on her nose.

The hub of most of the shenanigans the YMCA situated on Lane Street in the Bayview.

It is here - where all sorts of sordid meetings are held - money exhanged - much like a den of thieves.

We have never, ever seen Malia Cohen, Bridget Le Blanc, others that I can name - ever do anything worthwile - when it comes to Violence Prevention.

Yet the District Attorney George Gascon has chosen these parasites - to waste $1 million over three years - to spend on Violence Prevention.

Folks like Malia Cohen and Bridget Le Blanc lack cultural competency and think they can hoodwink the community at large. Time will tell. They are Black all right - but sellouts of the first order and must be ashamed of themselves.

While still serving on the Southeast Commission Bridget Le Blanc managed to get a grant from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission  (SFPUC)- when this was brought to her attention - and more the issue of "conflict of interest" - she now wants to get out of the Southeast Facility Commission - that has very close ties to the SFPUC - but will keep the money.

Violence Prevention in the true sense is not for cowards, those that have no history of the community, those that favor "gang injunctions" in our community, favor divisiveness, have no spirituality, are known sellouts - and use the political system - political whores that they are - mostly Black women - and Poverty Pimp Pastors - who think - all is well - while they conitually do he devil work.

This is a clarion call to the youth and those that care - watch out for the crooks - and do not endorse their evil work and mores. These are the scum of the Earth - these are the ones that smile on your face and stab you in the back.

We once help estabish the COMMUNITY RESPONSE NETWORK - way back in 2002 - again, only for outsiders - who are not culturally competent - to come and create pandemonium in our community. Use millions of tax payers money and waste it - without any meaninful dialog and less accountability and transparency.

Recently, Mayor Edwin Lee has got interested in one model of Violence Prevention.

It is taking too much time - to help those that really need help most - that are  dedicated and doing Violence Prevention on a meager budget.

Decent people putting their lives on the line - while sell outs take money, use money, and make a mockery of our hard work - while all the time using tax payers money.

While jackasses are bragging - never mind if the money comes from our San Francisco District Attorney - who is positioning himself - for higher office - and has NO understanding of the long history in the Bayview, stellar advocacy, and proven ability to deliver - against great - odds.

George Gason and his cronies that he has embraced have just to talk to Dr Espanola Jackson, Francisco Da Costa, Simi Iulio, John Nauer, Mitchell Salazar, Jeff Adachi, Rannon Ross, Veronica Shepherd, Bruce Giron, Daniel Landary, Mark Muhammad, Derrick Toliver, Elder Joseph Kauleve, Jamo Muhammad, Pastor Williams, Joe Muhammad, Ross Mirkarimi, Tony Winniker, Maria Su, the Mayor Edwin Lee - the Chief of Police Gregory Suhr, Deputy Chief Cashman - and I can name hundreds - who do what they have to do - and care less about BLOOD money - and sordid folks that receive the money to do the devil's work.

Again and again we get waves of crooked folks like Cathy Perry, Malia Cohen, Bridget Le Blanc, Millard Larking, outsiders who run Young Community Developers, Nadine Burke who wants to operate the Wellness Center at 3450 Third Street - the most contaminated area in the Bayview - the Director of the YMCA - who portends to know - knows less - and are despicable when it comes to serving the community at large.

No one can fool all the people all the time.

No one can fool - all the people all the time - when the issues are serious and consequences - even more serious.

It has happend before in the Bayview - and it will happen - suddenly and more importantly - with a bang.

In the sixties Army tanks were brought on Third Street to quell he riots and most people - do not know today - their attention span is short - and idiots like Malia Cohen rule the roost - evil to the core - faking it all the time - pandering to the sell outs and selling out the community.

I have informed Mayor Edwin Lee as best as I can about the situation at hand. It is now reaching saturation point - and I am not about to beg - no one should beg - who values his respect and honor. I have served my Nation well and earned the highest commendations - one can get.

We just cannot appoint cronies to the Southeast Commission Facility to rub stamp projects - and run the Bayview like a Mafia operation.

The Hunters Point Parcel A project is going no where - let us be realistic. 

The China Railway Construction Consortium have LENNAR on their SHIT LIST.

Willie L.Brown Jr can hoodwink a few of the stupid folks that listen to him - but the CRCC - will get  his ass and those that fake play with the CRCC.

Quickly and without much funfare - they will meet their fate. Lennar is doomed and they do not even know it.

It is the same when our Economy in San Francisco which is artificially propped up.

Millions of dollars in the hands of the  Chinese money flowing - and the Chinese investing in properties - just like the Japanese did in the 1980s.

Only this time our United States economy will spirial down - and all those real estate investments - will tank too. Time will tell.

San Franciscans are not fools. Chinese buying homes with hard cash all over our great City. Any simple investigation will reveal the hand of some sordid agents. I know what I am talking about.

Look for the Chinese Consulate to be situated at Executive Park - in a gated community - in the near future.

150 Executive Park and 250 Executive Park by Candlestick Park - just needs the thumb print of a man who owns these buildings - but has taken refuge in China.

The Chinese will get the documents ready - remove the respirator on which this aged, thief who stole money from Taiwan now depends for each breath.

He stole the money from Taiwan and fled to Main Land China - in excess of $800 million - and the rest is history.

APEX a Chinese conglomerate headquarted in Oregon has bought 5 Thomas Mellon Circle and is poised to control more - the impending Candlestick Point and more. They have the money and more they have sell outs who do their bidding.

The Chinese will NOT invest on contaminated land for sure - that much I will tell you. The Superfund Site that is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

They consulted me a long time ago - and the Elders and Leaders of San Francisco China Town - know what I speak of. You can consult Pius Lee, talk to Calvin Louie, whisper sweet nothings to William Lee - and seek guidance from those that know - not those that exploit.

The mostly Black sellouts have no vision, have no spirituality, have no back bone - are a disgrace to the human race.

They have no conception about the Civil Right Movement - the rights that have been fought by folks like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and others.  Time will tell.

Those that actively participate in the on going gentrification have a price to pay and we are watching you all - like a hawk. 

Bayview Footprints:

The China Railway Construction Corporation connected to the former erstwhile Army regime - that welds power like no other - including making people disappear - if you are on the wrong side and hurt their feelings:

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Those of us who took the opportunities to visit the Bayview Library in years past - and in recent times - with the opening of the brand new Library built on the old one  -  a better library, a modern library - helping thousands shed light where there is darkness.

We all remember Linda Brooks Burton - her presence - always polite and always lending a helping - hand.

I have know Linda for a long time - and her husband John Burton for a longer time.

Today - thousands feel sad that this lovely Black woman, stellar - compassionate, in most anything she touched.

A strong Black woman who was not only in charge of the Bayview Library - but all the libraries in the Southeast Sector. Well respected by those that she worked for - hundreds in this City and  County of San Francisco.

Linda is no more - she has gone to the other side at the age of 49 years. Linda has gone to a better place - having done better - than most - in their life time time. She worked hard - she serverd, better.

All of us who knew her - are shocked - and must now stand tall and represent.

It is not sufficient for us to feel sorry -  which we mus being human  - we must remember  -  Linda was brave, took a stand, and did what was - right - she did right - all the time.

That is why when she met me on the road on her way to the Library she would wish me - and always, always encourage me to do what I did - fight for the community and do what was - right.

There was a time when we all met at the old library - the conference room - the bigger one -  next to the rest room - and we had no choice but to use this conference room.

At one end - stacked the documents linked to the abatement and remediation of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - a well known Superfund Site. We gathered there and discussed and implemented our plans - most of it not recorded but there are people still alive - who must remember those seeds - were well planted.

Some of the advocates who met  at the library Maurice Campbell, Lynne Brown, Michael Boyd, Francisco Da Costa, Ahimsa Sumchai, Marie Harrison, Espanola Jackson, Willie Ratcliff - others - too many to mention - all brain storming - and always being accommodated by Linda Brooks Burton - who use to give us the permission to use this conference room - and never once refused us - anything.

Her husband and  my good friend John Burton - always coaching the youth - always inquiring what exactly is happening to the community at large - and how he could help the Bayview Community. Both Linda Brooks Burton and John Burton - stellar, strong, well educated, and proud to be Black and represent.

I can say many good things about Linda - but I can say without blinking an eye - she was a Saint.

She had to deal with all sorts of characters - more when she was in charge of the old library.

These characters came in to create confusion - and some of us had to step in to police the situation.

Linda would stand by calmly - and when the confusion was defused - thank us profusely - for our services.

We remember that and more - and felt we had to do it - because we all loved Linda Brooks Burton - as a sister - and those youth that loved her - like her Mother - who we had to keep - safe - more in a library setting.

My last visit to the new Library was some months ago - when the Museum of the African Disapora (MOED) held an enactment of some members of the Bayview who have left a legacy - and it was well done and all co-ordinated by Linda Brooks Burton.

That was the last time I saw her - and I will never, ever forget her smile and her calm demeanor - her soft voice - and the way she carried herself - always in charge and knowing what to do - in a pleasant manner.

She came up the ranks and had over 30 years of experience - a hard worker - and always looking for new ideas and concepts to make the Bayview Library shine among the other libraries. 

She started a collection of old photographs and had members of the Bayview community to come and represent and shed light on the history of her community. A couple of exhibits still stand - all because of her.

Recently a documentary - on the Bayview she constantly wanted the public to know the better aspects of the Bayvew Hunters Point Community. We thank her - more now than ever.

Linda Brooks Burton did herself, her family, more her husband and children proud.

Linda did us all proud - this stellar, well educated, well mannered Black smart woman - and we all will miss - tremendously.

I was shocked when I heard the news - and those knowing me - know I deal with killings, violence, death - a lot. This one news - shocked me - because as an advacote - Linda Brooks Burton - was our silent partner - helping us in ways - no one else - could.

You have left us Linda Brooks Burton - but we still feel your presence.

There is a lot I can write about you - there is a lot I can say about you - but I know words will not do justice - you were the best.

Watch over our community - the library is a place where those that want to learn and educate themselves can gather and in the privicy of their own - read, learn, and shed light where there is abject - darkness.

So many young children - from so many walks of life - went into that library by Revere Street - and once in - if they saw Linda Brooks Burton - felt at ease.

The children knew her - since they were very young. They knew they could go to her for anything - she was such a Saint.

As I said we must hurt and feel sorry as human beings - but, it is our moral duty now - to represent and honor her by good deeds, doing what is right - at all times.

Linda Brooks Burton will lend us a helping hand - she has gone to a better place - and can do more for us now - for our hurting community - suffering from gentrification, discrimination,  divisiveness and blatant - corruption.

Where our leaders - our Bayview Leaders who should and must shine light - and follow the extraordinary example - of Linda Brooks Burton. May your soul rest in peace. Aho.


You Linda Brooks Burton 
Will always be remembered
Deep in our hearts we loved you very much
And now that we see you no more
We will remember more - that smile - that glow

Years from now - we will think of you
As we touch something - borrow some book
We will look around for you - and remember
That smile, that glow - and feel better 
You touched so many - as any mother

There are librarians and there are librarians
You were the best -  few words and compassion
Your demeanor touching so many young and old
Your advice sound - you made us bold
Now is our time - our time to represent for good

Dear Linda Brooks Burton
May the Lord bless your family
You are in a better place
You are full of grace
Farewell - and God Bless

Francisco Da Costa
September 21, 2013

Saturday, September 21, 2013


They say the Rim Fire is contained - those living in the area - talk about hot spots - if it rains - that is when they say - most of these hot spots - could and would be under control.

We have over 295,000 acres directly and indirectly burned - lots of ash in heaps of two, three, four feet and in some case more - the large cavities and crevices that burned the ground - and have left craters deep - many feet deep.

Thousands of trees burned - some will revive themselves - that is how Mother Earth and Nature - has worked all these thousands of years. Others will be felled. Some two hundreds trees are felled daily - according to some reports.

Missing in the discussion - with all the sensational news - more hype and less truth and facts - the adverse impacts to the Native American population - in the area itself. 

It is their land that was stolen. Their women raped, their children killed and taken to boarding schools, their culture curtailed, deprived of the very essence that made them live - in the open, in tune with nature - and not the artificial, mundane, shallow - ways of the soulless - White men.

Here is our challenge today the United States Forest Department and the National Park Service are at the for front - trying to assess the damage - linked to the Rim Fire and more.

So called experts 50 of them - will create a report - and just like that we are supposed to follow their mandate.

There is the BEAR team and they are supposed to know more. Everyone with some clout purports to know more - but there is no concrete action on the ground  and more in the impacted area.

The paradox is that the U.S. Forest Department and to a lesser extend the National Park Service have permitted the under brush, and other time proven methods of "clearance" of brush and bushes and trees - from being removed, burned, utilized for meaningful purposes.

The all Black - Buffalo Soldier managed our Federal Lands - and did a great job. I wonder if the Standard Operating Procedures were even followed. Now is the time for that reality check.

The mess created over the years - was a time bomb waiting to explode - "deferred maintenance".

Those at the fore- front of this Rim Fire - do not know what to make of the lesson - shown them. They are the ones at fault - but there is no mea culpa - from these folks. 

Quickly they turn to experts who in turn will create models that favor others who want to make money - linked to the Rim Fire and the opportunities to rehab and build new.

Big Primes have lined up - and they are willing to participate - more to rake in the millions -  our tax payers money - that the Federal Emergency Management Agency - has set aside for the Emergency Work - millions of dollars.

This is the time to permit the local people under the expertise of those that know how to handle the situation - work and inter-act with Mother Earth. It is a healing process that the First People were part of and must now lead us all.

Not the U.S. Forest Department, not the National Park Service - not the local San Francisco agencies - who are nonchalant and do not really know what to do. They all lack deep spirituality.

It has been weeks now - and even Mayor Ed Lee is a bit disturbed - and all this while I have been suggesting what we can do - in fact we have a team - ready to go into action - complete with Plan A, B, C, D, and E.

There are those that talk the talk and those that walk the walk.

At this hour we need leaders who know the way, show the way and go the way.

We do not need those that sit and talk and talk and have meeting after meeting - cut ribbon at some Water Treatment Plant - that has failed to meet standards - in the area - and have no idea how to set up their priorities.

This is not the time to pat ourselves - especially those that work far away from the Rim Fire - and purport to know a lot.  They know less and are experts at faking. You ask them the right question and they talk in circles.

You must go near the impacted areas - and our recon of hundreds of photographs reveals a lot - and what these photographs - reveal is not very pretty.

Contracts will be put out - and even a large Emergency Contract - needs bonding - $50 million - $100 million - who has that type of money.

Only those Primes that have connections - have amassed wealth - and know how to play the game.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has failed us all on Calavares.

If the details are revealed - they will be shocking.

URS has failed and it will take over $300 million to fix the Calavares dam - some one was asleep at the wheel - and most of those that should have been vigilant at 525 Golden Gate Avenue - were led on.

When FREMONT - floods - that is the town near Sunol - let us  see who says they are fully responsible - for whatever the consequences will be.

The Rim Fire and addressing the issues at hand is not for the faint of heart. 

Only those with proven leadership qualities can address the situation at hand. We have as usual those that talk the talk - have failed again and again to walk the walk.

Mayor Edwin Lee knows me - I know him - and we must do something quickly.

Much like some of us did in 1989 - when the Big One struck.

We went to places that needed help - and made it happen. 

Of course most of those - looking at the Rim Fire today - have no clue what I am talking about.

The Army was there at the Presidio of San Francisco in 1989 - and we had stellar leadership.

We did what we had to do. The City and County of San Francisco had no Office of Emergency Services - in fact they were caught with their pants down.

It is the same today - if you press the question - they have no vision, no plan, and they will talk about money - not so much to do the work - but to pocket the money.

Waiting to make change orders - create fake amendments - grease the pockets of those that have failed us on Calavares and other places - to the detriment of the tax payer. This nonsense must stop - and some of us have been watching these sordid episodes forever.

It is important to remember HISTORY - we - few that speak our mind and tell the TRUTH - we are not beholden to anyone.

We speak the TRUTH because only the TRUTH will set you FREE.

There is freedom and there is license - abuse of freedom is license.

That is what is going on now - the vultures who have been permitted to RUIN our economic - use undue license, undue influence - continue to adversely impact - our economy.

God is watching us all - and we know the evil and their ploys - they are never direct - they talk in circles - while all the time - thousands of innocent people - are adversely impacted.

Where is the leadership?

Is there some one who has the balls to do the right thing quickly, with fortitude -  more with accountability and transparency?

If you are there - come let us sit down and review the Empirical Data that is there for all to see. Aho.

To the First People I say you will not be forsaken. More the Miwoks and the Piutes.

The Great Spirit watches all and the sign of the times are here - if those that do not pay heed quickly and do the right thing - they will perish - quickly and without much fun fare.

Some photographs of the impact of the devastating Rim Fire:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


The war mongers are many - and they all want to go to war.
Those that choose the sword all the time - perish by the sword.
Fighting is easy - creating turmoil - blessed are peace makers - theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Our Republic has certain laws that we must abide by them in toto -  any way one abides by the Constitution of the United States of American - a Republic - there is no reason - to waste millions - and attack Syria. This is not a viable - solution.

I heard the President - Barack Hussein Obama - loud and clear.

He thinks Israel can defend itself and has the ablity to do so - that is not true.

If Israel is attacked more than three neighboring countries will pound Israel. This one attack on Syria will be compounded - bringing disgrace to our Nation - the United States of America.

Do not listen to the Main Media - they talk a lot - but war is ugly - and blood spilled cries to heaven for justice.

This land we call America - Turtle Island - foremost belongs to the Native American. 

It was stolen from them - and this acknowledgement must be made - again and again -  by those who are strangers.

Most Americans are immigrants to this land. Our history less than 300 years old. We must be ashamed that we put our First People, the Native Americans - on Reservations - and treat them worse than second class citizens.

Let us fix our problems here at home - President Barack Hussein Obama.

We must not be hawkish - we must be wise.

While we brag; we Americans are the world's Superpower we failed in Iraq and we failed in Afghanistan.

We just have to review the empirical data of all the wars that have brought America misery - Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and so on and so forth.

Let Russia who is Syria's proxy - do the heavy lifting for once and prove to the world - that it can earn its place in the United Nation as one of the chosen 5 Nations that have Veto Power.

Russia has armed Syria to the teeth - and we just do not know the secret weapons Syria has - and the untold harm it can do - if provoked.

The Syrian people by large measure - want to live in peace.

The dictatorial government of Syria wants full control - and fears that it will be toppled.

Right now the many millions of Syrians who do not have the ability to be free - as we  -comprehend it in the United States - live in fear. Survive day to day - and have for years.

Make belief and pretend that all is well under the dictatorial regime of the Assad family.

The father was ruthless - and the present Assad trained as a dentist in the United Kingdom - use to be mild - but now is a rogue, Hawk.

The President - our President, Barack Hussein Obama - said many things - but, he does not have a Blue Print that has been fully vetted. The unknowns are many - and we really do not have a solution to the existing - problem.

We are not the world's policeman - and we are not the only Nation that can choose and pick our fights.  We did nothing in Sudan, less in Rwanda, we witnessed millions die in Cambodia, we care little about the Palestinians who have been suffering for over 60 years.

At home our seniors need help, our children go to bed hungry - one in four. Millions of refugees all over the world - in Kenya, in Turkey - if we want to help - we must spend money - caring for those that need - help most.

Too many adverse factors can be introduced - and the countries that do not want Israel to exercise its power against the Palestinians - the undue influence the Zionists have in the United States, the billions we spend to prop Israel up - all have to be evaluated, closely.

We, the tax payers - do not have the money to support Israel - more so the Zionists in  Israel - failing to abide by International laws, rules and regulations.

Israel has used "cluster bombs" in Lebanon before - illegally.
Isreal has used "white chemical" against the Palestinians.

The United States too has used undue force and caused untold destruction - 5000 lbs bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Agent Orange in Vietnam - doused innocent people and our own soldiers - by default.

It is useless to state the litany of harm done by the United States - by previous Presidents - in South Ameirica and else where - what is important to note - is that the majority of American Citizens - we who pay our taxes - do not want war - and are not HAWKISH.




Mr. President listen to the people - once and for all - and seek peaceful means - reach out and bring about peace.

Everyone loves the dove and peace - in today's world - those that seek war, destruction, and the untold misery it brings - are in the minority.

If Israel wants peace as opposed to war it must join the world family and not always live in the past and mandate especial status.

Iran must be proud of its civilization - seek peace - and follow the dictates of its poets and mystics - the Sufis and more - the land of civilization for thousands of years.

America is young and our democracy younger still.

We talk the talk but must learn to walk the walk. Slavery and other untold discrimaiton has hurt our Nation - and we must spend quality time - to heal America as a whole.

The Native Ameircan had a system of genuine Democracy for thousands of years. 

The Six Nations,  from whomt our Founding Fathers learned about Democrcy.

Listened to the Leaders of the Six Nations - who visited the White House.

The President is not cognizant of this fact. The Iriquois Nation and more.

Our history of a mere 300 years told in the land once called Turtle Island - and our population of 320 million - it is a speck of dust - compare to the civilization of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and many other countries - who learned much for thousands of years.

There is Karma and right now we must NOT go to war.

War brings the worst out  from human beings.

This one war - will bring the death of millions - and untold misery - that we the human race can avoid  with caution, wisdom and humility. 

Humility and compassion reigns over - an aggresive action - that is not holistic - favors total - healing and makes peace, possible. Aho.