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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Protesters get world attention and more Oakland for injuring a soldier and poor leadership.

The protesters protesting Wall Street and the on going; cheating and deceiving of millions of decent working, tax paying constituents in now getting world attention.

Never mind the Main Media has just learned no none really cares about them and their propaganda.

The SPIN that the Main Media - endorse, taking their clues from those higher ups that want to brain wash the viewers. This is not working - online sources and other digital sources keep the astute constituents better informed.

First, the Main Media portrayed the protesters as hippies, unkempt, and dirty.

Then slowly the Main Media admitted hundreds that lost their homes, thousands without jobs, and billions lost from Retirement Accounts, Savings and Investments - that an avenue to protest. But not too much about this fact.

Now the Main Media has fully comprehended the adverse impacts of sub-prime loans and other ploys and gimmicks that Wall Street and other took part in.

Now the Main Media is sort of agreed that those affected; in the rank of the many protesters - have a right to protest but the Main Media will NOT say nor agree nor stand by the protesters. 

You can be either hot or cold but if you are lukewarm  I will spit you out of my mouth. Some said something alike to what I have written.

The Main Media is pathetic and what is more - despicable and not to be trusted.

Pity the person who is not educated on issues and get all her or his misinformation from the sordid Main Media.

The Main Media got royally shafted when in Oakland the Law Enforcement hurled a projectile and injured a soldier who are just returned serving two tours in Iraq.

The injured soldier - lies in Highland Hospital in Oakland - with a two inch gash, skull fracture - and brain injury.

If all goes well - he should recover. But, what a story that was - for all the world to see and adjudicated - the poor judgement displayed and more lack of communication from the Oakland authorities and more Mayor Quan.

San Francisco wanted to raid the camps - but, when some of the candidates running for office visited the camps, and one Supervisor in particular stood for the SF protesters - the dynamics began to change.

It does matter when Eric Mar takes a stand - the others - not so the lukewarm - especially Jane Kim is a panderer.

When Michael Moore appeared in Oakland and addressed the protesters - the Main Media was quick to cover the story.

Michael Moore told the story of Law Enforcement back East and how in one town - the Law Enforcement - refused to attack and remove the "protesters encampments".

Plainly, the Law Enforcement told the civilian authorities that was not their business - tearing down and removing tents. End of story and the encampment remain intact.

The rules of engagement should have been laid by now in San Francisco by the Interim Mayor and those that make the policy - safe guarding the Constitution and Rights of the people.

But, with all the training in Law Enforcement - if there is no leadership, sound communication, and a holistic approach - things blow up in one'e face. It happened in Oakland and if no one steps up in San Francisco - it will happen in San Francisco.

The San Francisco interim Mayor, the SF Police Chief, the SF Health Department, the City Administrator can easily "create the rules of engagement".

Allow for a permit to be given with limited camps and those that can camp at night.

All Health and Safety requirements maintained by the protesters and checked daily by three Point of Contacts - one from the SF Police Department, one from SF Health Department, and one from the Mayor Office. It is as simple as that.

Folks that do not take a shower. Some that have lice and can spread them.

Others that fail to dispose of their trash - are given but two warning and then told not to  be there.

If those that break the common, agreed rules, are allowed to carry on nefarious activities - then trouble starts.

Cleanliness is important - no one can stand next to those that do not shower and are unkempt.

People that stink to high heaven and want any opportunity to scream, shout, loot, destroy and think they can bring about a revolution. It simply does not work like - being there, done that, and today many of us know - better. We learned from the 1950s and 1960s.

San Francisco was lucky not to attack any encampment but the "rules of engagement must be negotiated soon". 

This protest must have a smaller group that are permanent and who can rotate. Go home or to some facility to shower, rest, and come and address the real issues - in a genuine yet complete manner.

Just quoting what our Constitution says, or what some of our Founding Fathers say - does not work. 

The Founding Fathers did not address sub-prime loans, derivatives, and and host of other ploys and machinations - just because they were not there - yet.

More because they were not CROOKS like our present politicians, Judges, and our Law Enforcement. Our bankers, our Banks, our Insurance Companies strive on stealing, robbing, and cheating and more.

The SF Police Chief has all the experience but he must now have a vision and create the "Rules of Engagement".

The protesters agree to abide by their rules and the Law Enforcement and SF City authorities  abide by theirs. Follow the "principle of subsidiarity" . 

The rules are created by consensus, agreed upon, and each entity takes the responsibility - seriously.

Tons of communication, mutual respect, and less arguing and violence.

No mickey mousing from any quarters - big or small.

If there is no continuity with stability - the movement will fade - and this is not what the billions of people - world wide want. The are looking to San Francisco for leadership.

We can conduct such protests in the United States - because millions died to safe guard our freedom.

Millions died in the Civil War and thousands died in the many wars. It is their BLOOD that has won us our freedom.

Abuse of freedom is license.

The Corporation have taken our freedom and trashed it - Law Enforcement in many quarters and corrupt politicians love and are attracted towards money and greed. This leads to corruption.

You see this with higher pay scales, and filling of campaign coffers of corrupt politicians and other to get them elected.

Make money and while making money - get power and use power to abuse our freedom.

This mess may be directed to Wall Street but really the burden in on the corrupt politicians - Congress and the Senate and even the White House.

They know what was going, said nothing about it, and even today are SLOW to stand by the 99 percent who are the people.

The people united cannot be defeated.

Politicians including President Barack Hussein Obama lean towards the corrupt Corporations to fill his and the campaign coffers of other politicians.

They all do the devil's bidding - each and every one of them.

There is the greater divide - one percent having it all - 99 struggling to make end meet. Just like the days when feudalism reigned supreme in England and Europe.

The Main Media is controlled by the same vermin that control Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, and a host of others - they all worship GREED and will sell their mothers' for a nickel.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bike Riders in San Francisco create hurdles and cause serious Safety Issues.

San Francisco is a beautiful city but it is also a City that has many hills.

While we do have areas in the City that are flat and may be used to bike as often happens - those that bike have to encounter thousands of vehicles on the flat routes and roads.

When a bike encounters a vehicle - you do not have to be a rocket scientist to know who will be adversely affected - if there is a collision.

Some years ago without any public meeting a blind stretch of road from Manzell going towards Arleta was declared a bike lane on San Bruno Avenue.

I was on the MUNI bus 9 and suddenly I saw a bike in front of the bus and the bike nudged the MUNI bus and the bike and the rider was thrown to the ground.

The MUNI bus stopped and I got out and called the ambulance.

The young girl riding the bike meant well - but going up the slope the climb was too much for her and she came too close to the MUNI bus - who saw her at the last moment and thank God the MUNI bus was going slow. One small nudge and the girl was throw off the bike and on to the ride walk on the incline going up.

I have seen other accidents more on roads that have heavy vehicular traffic.

I have seen many accident involving serious accidents on Market Street, on Lombard Street, on Van Ness, and on Mission Street.

Many of my other friends have witnessed people get injured seriously and sometimes death.

At the many meetings dealing with such issues - I have expressed my feelings and view. Often times - some want the general public to go with the flow - without any dialog. This is wrong.

Let us not compare San Francisco to other European countries where they have a better sense of behavior when it comes to driving.

Those that bike in many other countries in Europe - are less prone to jump the lane and confront vehicles. In Holland there are no rules - everyone rides and the cars with them. It works for them and I do not feel it will work here in San Francisco that type of pandemonium. 

It is amazing to see some of those riding bikes take on a MUNI bus on Market Street. You would think this ridiculous but it happens all the time. Just ask any MUNI driver on Market Street. I admire their patience.

We, in San Francisco do not have a Transit First City that works.

If we had a working Transit First City - than we could have addressed the very heavy vehicular traffic. I take Public Transport and have been taking it for over 35 years.

I agree we have too may cars and must find a way to keep them out of certain areas.

Every single year I see more cars and more congestion - especially down town San Francisco. 

Our BUS GRID was created to cater to people moving in the direction of down town. Nothing much has changed with all the talk - all these many years.

Someone bragged that our City and County of San Francisco - being a Transit First City - and that is all talk. Nothing more and nothing less.

Recently there was talk about creating a bike lane on Cargo Street in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

On any day - hundreds of trucks carry concrete, aggregate, the Recology vehicles, other vehicles ply on this road.

The road is full of pot holes and has not been maintained.

Why would we want to create such a situation and put the lives of innocent people driving a bike at risk? Mention about a Bay Trail that has not be planned well?

There are some people who think - if they have an idea - that they should implement it - with vetting the idea.

Those riding bikes in San Francisco have to deal with hills. The places where the land is flat - you have to deal with cars moving fast.

If we plan to have buffer zones for those that ride bikes - then this cost money - and may be we need them - but let anyone riding a bike pay a license fee. Just like those driving pay for a license to drive. Nothing comes free.

I would add an insurance license too. We the people could not pay millions of dollars for those that get injured - head injuries cost thousands just for a few days in the hospital.

I have nothing against closing the street and allowing only bikes to have access to the roads. I am for this especially when parents are riding with the children and youth.

This whole idea to increase bike ridership and brag that those who bike have a membership of over 12,000 - does not intimidate me.

The main factor of SAFETY has not been discussed in detail and who pays for injuries and why do we have so many deaths linked to mostly young people riding bikes?

Market Street is not bike friendly and daily when I go down town I witness - some of those riding bikes - break every rule and adversely impact not only those that drive but pedestrians too. 

Now, this is totally - wrong.

At one time we had this issue with bike messengers but now we have others who are worse than those that sometime have to hurry to deliver their packages or documents.

Over fifty percent of those living in San Francisco do not ride bikes. So we are working more or less with fifty percent and of those may be thirty percent want to ride bikes.

But those that want bike lanes will lie, talk about data that is all screwed up and paint a rosy picture about everyone wanting to bike. What about SAFETY? What about etiquette? What about consideration?

The Environmental Impact Study was totally ignored the first time linked to the Bike Plan - and showed the haughtiness of those that want to impose bike lanes of decent constituents. The matter went to Court - and stayed there for a long time.

Not all has been solved - and as I said we do need bike lanes and we also need bike areas that are safe. Our hills make that difficult - most every where - but we must have the ability to dialog and come out with a viable plan.

Again and again some one wants to pull a fast one - and as long as that is done - you folks that are the leaders of the Bike Coalition will be in deep trouble - and more if decent people do not trust you folks - than you are really in very deep - trouble.

Malia Cohen - ONE MILLION mitigation money from the closure of the Mirant Plant on 3rd Street closer to Bayview Hunters Point.

As luck would have it - Malia Cohen had to open her mouth wide and shove her foot in it. The agenda item before the Budget and Finance Committee - and mitigation money worth - $ 1 million - the closure of the Mirant Plant on Third Street and closer to Bayview Hunters Point.

The Mirant Plant has been closed down and the way this was initiated was by using a technicality where the Mirant Plant did not meet the seismic requirements, an old brick stack and brick building that had to come down - as it was seismically unfit for operation.

With this fuel and the Reliability Must Run model fading away - Mirant was forced to close.

The Pittsburg-Mirant cable line now brings over 400 Megawatts of power - and so the operation of the Mirant Power and its spewing particulates - became moot. It had to go. There is more but this simply explanation - will do for now.

Of course the dumb Malia Cohen know nothing of the above. Less of Power Consumption and still less of our GRID, the requirement and even less of our transmission lines all controlled by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E).

While numerous advocates fought for the closure of both the Hunters Point Power Plant and the Mirant Power Plant.

It was always interesting to see who jumped on the bandwagon to take credit for the work. Also who profited from the closure - folks like James Bryant and Sophie Maxwell.

When the Mirant Plant was first sold by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) in 1999 - a sum of $13.3 million was set aside as mitigation money - for the entire area contaminated. 

Most of the money was set aside to address mitigation in Zip code 94124 - the huge percent of cancer and more respiratory diseases are from this area.

Once the thieves got the money - it was spread to 94107, 94124, and even in 94102 an beyond - go figure.

Mitigation of the spewing of mercury, lead, and the thousands of tons of particulates - killed thousands over the last sixty years plus and still continues to kill people - slowly.

The hospitals have all the data and could use this money to help the victims. That will not happen. Planting stuff on toxic soil, using toxic sludge, and all sorts of gimmick have been done before - and will not prevent scrupulous folks from harming innocent children and people in general. 

For some it is all about the money. When they see GREEN - the see BLING - and when Bling grip them - all hell breaks - lo0$e.

The last time around when the $13.3 million was made available - mitigation money - all the vultures came out to meet Sophie Maxwell - she became the Dole Mistress.

At that time Sophie Maxwell did not waste time doling $1.5 million to the Conservatory in the Golden Gate Park to train 10 Horticulture Students - nothing came of this dubious program.

$900,000 to a school named after her mother Enola Maxwell on Potrero Hill to install Solar Panels - nothing came of this - either.

$900,000 to Literacy of Environmental Justice - LEJ - the requirement was LEJ had to be a non-profit -they first got the money and then became of non-profit. LEJ then went to leverage more money - building the Living Classroom on very contaminated soil. Fifty feet away from the old Hunters Point Power Plant that has since been demolished.

The Bayview Advocates got $1.5 million to install Solar Panels and were audited and put on track by there were serious issues about how the money was spent.

Young Community Developers got $900,000 and wasted the money. Mama Sophie gave it to anyone that came to her titty for succor.

The Department of Environment had a hand - and of course the District 10 Supervisor had a hand - and a lot of the money was spent without any accountability and less transparency. As I said some $13.3 million.

Now, Malia Cohen reads a written statement at the Budget and Finance Meeting held October 19, 2011 at  City Hall.

Following her statement a woman from the SF Health Department revealed to the Budget and Finance Committee how this $1 million would be spent. No one asked the pertinent questions - they do not - they just go with the flow.

Joe Boss came up during public comment and clarified a lot.

It is always interesting to find out how the sell outs - will jump to grab the bread crumbs and ditch the ones that truly deserve the mitigation money.

The first round much of the $13.3 million was wasted with little accountability.

This time it is $1 million and Malia Cohen the current District 10 Supervisor - spoke little of the history, knows little of history - but feels and thinks that her pussyfooting will win the day. Time will tell.

Then there was Steve Moss who got $1.5 million and created a Co-operative - he leveraged the $1.5 million to get more money and got it.

No one knows how really all the $1.5 million was spent. Steve tried to run for District 10 Supervisor's election - and found people trashing his name. Even declaring he did not live in the District.

LEJ has leveraged more money to build a Living Classroom on Toxic Ground. The SF Unified School District prides itself when it takes our innocent children and exposes them to toxic elements at the Living Classroom. Go figure!

This one million will be spent to monitor the air - and I hope we get the results weekly.

The concrete companies spew mercury, the millions of vehicles spew dangerous particulates, thousands suffer from cancer and asthma, others from chronic respiratory diseases. We need some empirical data - to address the reality of the issues and the suffering of  those that are left to fend for themselves.

Forty percent of those impacted at Polynesian more Samoan - no one is talking to them. The Samoans for some strange reason do not figure in any meaningful - equation.

Suddenly, the focus in on Potrero Hill when the contaminated air from the Mirant Plant travels more to Bayview Hunters Point - is closer to Dog Patch on Third Street. Potrero Hill is a distance away. 

The way these jerks talk and draw the picture - it is as if the Mirant Plant sits stark naked on Potrero Hill.

It does not.

One million dollars and all the vultures are out to get the money.

In District 10 it has always been about sell outs and how they gravitate to easy money - more BLOOD money.

The money will be spent over a period of three years. Mostly White Folks telling Black folks and people of color what is good for them.

The usual gimmicks - followed by ploys and machinations.

Of course the Mayor will go with the flow and jackass grinning Malia Cohen will take credit for something she had nothing to do with.

As to the poor and the suffering. Our children and our Seniors - not a word about them. They are left to wind - no one cares about them - they now care more about growing gardens when in reality no one takes care of the planted trees - no one even waters them.

You could hire our youth to maintain our trees and plants - all over Zip code 94124, 94134, and 94107.  The trees will deal with the Carbon Footprint - and it is a win-win situation.

Money is set aside for community gardens that is one way to rake in a lot of money - while spending a little to put on a show.

I hope the details of how the money is spent in put up on Malia Cohen's web site.

Malia Cohen loves to talk the talk but so far has been an abject failure. She cannot simply walk the walk.

We would also like to monitor her on the Schlage Lock Company Development that has been shelved. 

The Hunters Point Clean Up - the United States Navy wants to cap the land.

Of course Malia Cohen will agree to that. So will Lennar backed by Willie L. Brown and his devil - minions.

Malia Cohen works and lives for the MACHINE - she is not educated on issues and has used gimmicks, ploys and machinations - to further her cause.

She belongs to the ONE PERCENT crooks as do the many sell outs - Poverty Pimp Pastors - and those that pretend to serve the community but do not.

The above pander to the Big Developers and to the entities including Regulatory Entities that slowly kill our children and elders - without paying attention to abatement, mitigation, and a holistic blue print that works.

Of course as usual we have idiots " thinking" for us - and making no bones about it - all.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We the astute constituents want the best representation but more we want sound leadership.

We the astute constituents of San Francisco want the best representation but more we want sound - leadership.

It is becoming apparent that the majority of San Francisco Board of Supervisors are shallow.

They are in the palms of the Big Developers.

When the people arose to fight GREED and abject control by the ONE PERCENT - the SF Board of Supervisors - the majority of them - sat on the fence and are still - stuck there - caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

It is a joke when you witness the bland stare on the faces of Carmen Chu, Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, Scott Weiner,  David Chiu and others - who have chosen to serve the Big Developers and swim in the cesspool of GREED.

When the ONE PERCENT repeatedly told these so called REPRESENTATIVES - that they - the SF Supervisors are the "servants of the people" it did not register well with Malia Cohen and Jane Kim, less with Camen Chu and David Chiu - they all have told their souls to the - devil.

Some of us that go to City Hall - have noticed this change for a long time - where these so called devious Representatives - love having meeting behind doors, follow a hidden agenda, do not permit us to have public comment, and think they can do as they please.

After a long time - the 99 percent of the people - those that have suffered foreclosures, lack of good job opportunities, many living in shelters, many torn apart from their children, loved ones - tried to take a stand - and our City treat the people with disrespect.

The majority of the 99 are decent people and most of them are suffering and most of them wanted the world  to know that they have been taken for a ride - and when the 99 sacrificed to speak up and exercise their First Amendment Rights - they were disrespected.

I have written about the Wall Street Protests and related issues from the onset of this need revolution.

San Francisco has always been on the fore-front - and on this pertinent issue - San Francisco has many veteran organizers from the many UNIONS, worthy organizations, from the general public - who know what they are doing.

The camps are well organized, with food, water, medical supplies, and sound logistics. Again and again the Camps have been torn down, and vital needs even computers taken away. This nonsense must stop.

Missing in this action -the legislators from City Hall who have sold their souls to the devil. It is a shame that in the once August Hall - Room 250 at City Hall - we have sitting as Legislators - corrupt folks that do not share the pangs of the majority of the constituents of San Francisco - the 99 percent.

Wake up San Francisco - and do the RIGHT thing.

Kudos to the protesters - do not test the WILL of the people who are hurting. 

Wake up and serve the people - you are paid by us the San Francisco constituents - over a hundred thousand a year with benefits that you all really do not deserve.

None of you are genuine leaders. Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

None of you have a moral compass.

Most steep in life style issues that are demeaning and not shared by the majority of San Franciscans.

Fine tune your moral compass and lead the people to a better place.

The 99 percent are here now and will not go anyway - soon. Aho.

Friday, October 14, 2011

In San Francisco we demand sound leadership - anyone with links to the MACHINE is ANATHEMA.

In San Francisco - we San Franciscans demand sound leadership.

We, do not want to have anything to do with those connected to the MACHINE - who are ANATHEMA to any element decent and worth the salt.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

For years - especially since 1996 - crooks and corruption have ruled City Hall.

Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer the many connected with the local Democratic Party - had it good. Today, the dire economic situation is exposing these crooks - vermin - the scum of the Earth.

It is time now to occupy Congress.

Just like it is time to occupy City Hall in San Francisco and get rid of the rubbish.

It is pathetic to witness - drab shallow San Francisco Supervisors the likes of Malia Cohen, Carmen Chu, others that I do not want to name - expound life styles that are despicable.

Presenting legislation favoring "nudity" when there are other very important factors to address. We still have decent families in San Francisco who truly built San Francisco.

Before that the Ohlone who did not favor perverts.

In recent months we have had - SF Supervisors giving large businesses - a tax break - just to make the headlines.

Supervisor Jane Kim who know less about construction, even less about transportation, and still even less about logistics - has now been installed as Chair of the Transbay Joint Powers Authority Board of Directors. 

This is the same woman who proclaimed that over 70% of the workers on Phase One of the TransBay Project - were San Franciscans. Simply not true.

Even before there was a second - when her name was thrown in the hat - Jane Kim accepted her position.

She was reminded by the out going Chair to slow down. That is the problem with these unethical, power seeking minions of Willie L. Brown Jr. who has propped such unethical so called politicians into power - forming a circle of devious people with no morals and less spirituality.

Jane Kim has a problem taking a pledge to the American Flag - and matters akin to such. Why?

I heard Robert Beck who once worked for the SF Department of Public Works and now in the man in charge of the entire TransBay Project - speak about the Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) - linked to the TransBay Project.

This City must confront the Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) where a few corrupt Union Leaders - connive and craft language to favor some and always have done great damage to San Franciscans in general.

We saw this with the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) linked to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Linked in many ways was Platinum Associates - you paid them $5000 and more and you could get a project delivered - on a platter.

It will be the same with the TransBay Project. Already Business Development Incorporated (BDI) formed by  Calvin Hayes who passed away some years ago  - and was managed by a bunch of crooks - has been removed from the Outreach aspect of the TransBay project.

No one know who is doing their work now. Does anyone care? Who has replaced BDI - and if that was done - how was the selection made? We are talking about accountability and transparency?

Very little is known about this key action. Very little has been announced to the public about Outreach. There is a lot of hot air but very little action.

Now, with Jane Kim in the Chair and Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan as Director - both, these women would like to "think" for us. We the public can "think" more adjudicate and what we see is not very pleasing.

It is just a matter of time - when Phase Two will bring these two women to their knees.

Pride always has a fall.

In recent years most of the elected Supervisors have been bought - and even those who fought and won their seats - are beholden to Big Developers.

Daily - deals are made behind close doors and two stand out - Carmen Chu and Malia Cohen.

For these two despicable women - money is everything - and that is why these two women will never, ever - enjoy peace of mind.

The queer on the SF Board and others that are not straight - all have a hidden agenda.

There is nothing wholesome about these shallow politicians - and San Franciscans used to the old days and some decency are simply - fed up.

For starters all these Supervisors should have their salaries trimmed to what it was before about $24,000 without benefits.

If this is done - some dire perspective will reign supreme and humility, compassion will be the thread that runs through and through their legislation and trend of thinking and acting.

If you do not like the action - scamper away and be gone.

Today, these SF Supervisors - do as they please. They deny public comment and make a mockery of it by tuning down the volume - something that no one ever dare do in the old days.

The meet with consultants and make deals - and these are reported to me and I will divulge them in the open - on the Internet. It is just a matter of time.

It does not help - that the Zionists and the Main Media are against the people.

Folks like Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer - should move away - make room for the decent.

We have too much of Zionism and its influence in San Francisco - politics. This is not Kosher and what is more to hell with being "diplomatic" and "proper".

Most folks assume that you can talk against God, the President of the United States - but, not a word about the crooks that ruined our economy Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and those I have named above that are connected with them.

The TransBay Project is connected to Goldman Sachs in more then one way.

Billions have been lined up to develop the "high speed rail" - more invested in Real Estate - to make more money in the years ahead.

We really, to not have to be Manhattan but that is what the TransBay Project is all about.

With Willie L. Brown and his henchmen nothing good will happen that will benefit the decent San Franciscan.

The Zionists and those in Real Estate - have created opportunities for sordid deals - are salivating, and waiting to rake in the billions.

While much has been made about jobs - while much has been made about the SF Local Hire Ordinance - nothing much is happening.

Well, time to occupy the TransBay Project and send a signal.

It may be true that the Project is governed by Federal Rules and Regulations - the latest opportunities created by the Federal Jobs Act - permit locals and those that have skills and not worked in years - to offer their skills and work on any project.

The Unions have not been honest - and for too long have betrayed their sisters and brothers - more so Local 22 - the Carpenters Union.

Hundreds of Black Carpenters - belonging to Local Union 22 have been denied jobs - they get no calls from the Dispatch - many have not worked in three,  four - and five years.

Red Necks from far and wide are now working on the John Stewart Project - SFHOPE at Hunterviews - at Hunters Point stark naked and in the middle of an area that has Black workers - staring at these aliens -turning pink on a hot day - from Napa and other far off places!

Jane Kim would not know that - open her mouth and repeating what she has been told.

If this TransBay Project is in San Francisco - then by all means - a fair number of the jobs must be given to the locals - none of this has been done in a transparent manner.

WEBCOR has had serious problems with trukers and others - delaying payments for months and paying less.

So have the other Primes that I will not name - but know too much about.

The Transbay Joint Powers Authority Board of Directors has been hijacked by Willie L. Brown Jr. and his minions - watch them carefully conduct business in the devil's workshop.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Corruption prevails at SF City Hall - SF Supervisors pretending to REPRESENT while all the time PANDERING.

Corruption, deeply prevails at San Francisco City Hall - SF Supervisors pretending to REPRESENT while all the time pandering to corrupt forces.

Deals are done behind close doors and so called consultants many not registered with the Ethics Commission - pander to the SF Board of Supervisors.

Thousands of small business have left San Francisco as many as five thousand in the last three years - and no one cares about this situation at hand.

Many large business do not bother to do business - because of the many taxes this City imposes on Big Business.

Thousands of decent families have left San Francisco - that is father, mother, and children that were born from this union - and no one cares about this fact. As many as 20,000 in the last five years.

Thousands of innocent hard working San Franciscans have lost their jobs in the last three - in the thousands - and all we here are whispers and light groans - but, no action.

In some hot spots - fifty percent unemployment is the norm. What do these drab SF Board of Supervisors - have to say? Especially, Malia Cohen?

When Jane Kim talks loud with a forked tongue - that local hire is alive at the TransBay Project - with a quote of 73% local hire - if that is not a LIE - I do not know what is.

Now that she readily accept the position of Chair of the Joint TransBay Commission - salivating at the mouth with glee in her eyes - let us see what she does.

If have certain very corrupt SF Board of Supervisors (SF BOS) giving tax breaks to large companies, pandering to corrupt Big Developers, the MACHINE, evil forces like Willie L. Brown Jr., Rose Park, and the hub of of devil - Platinum Associates.

Where is our City Attorney and District Attorney on the above issues - those that I mentioned above should already have been in jail - there is tons of evidence of corruption and "intent" to adverse impact - thousands.

Those SF BOS who have taken money from the above - some named and other not named - have BLOOD on their hands.

San Francisco is going to the dogs - and you know that when concerted efforts are made to deny Public Comment - at the many meetings held at City Hall.

Once it was a given to give the Public at Large - three minutes -during Public Comment.

Now, two minutes and even one minute is a norm.

The Brown Act mandates Public Comment, Transparency and Accountability - but the SF BOS does everything to deny - Public Comment.

More under the Board President - David Chiu and the minions that surround him when he chairs.

It is simply bad manners to - turn down the volume and insult some person that has the hear of the larger, better audience - at Public Comment.

Why is it fine for the SF BOS to spew diatribe for five, ten, fifteen minutes - some cap must be put on the amount of time that these shallow SF Board of Supervisor - are permitted to discuss any issue.

What is good for the goose is like wise favorable to the gander.

The SF Board of Supervisors - the current ones on the Board are the worst we have seen - in a long, long time.

In these dire economic times - it is not becoming that we spend time - talking about nudity and napkins. This Scott Weiner is something else!

The $900,000 spent on the ADA ramp and related work at the SF Board of Supervisors, chambers is another - boondoggle. 

The SF BOS are living in fantasy land.

Few can comprehend about the SF City's pension system and what to make of it.

There is a $8 billion dollar train heading in our direction - if we do not check mate some contributions and do it quickly - we will be force to make drastic cuts or face bankruptcy.

It is simply wrong for the majority of folks to screw our City and make over $125,000 in pension payment every year - for the rest of their life. Plus health benefits and more. Disgusting and pathetic.

Over 34,000 City worker work for our City. But the figure thrown out is 26,000 and some of us -  stick to that figure - because the City documents show that figure - wrongly.

The Controller Office is obligated to reveal the true figure, the City Attorney should look into the exact figure and the number of City Employees that work for this great City. Some work and give their best - but many in large measure - do not.

It is shocking really how this City spends so much - all the time wasting thousands on many projects - and in some cases - millions.

Around 1985 the SF Board of Supervisor received remuneration in the amount of $29,925 today it is more than $125,000 with benefits. Why?

These SF Board of Supervisors are convinced much like Caligula that they truly serve our community and San Franciscans - when, the matter of fact is that they do not. 

Just watch them talk to one another while others are addressing some important matter. Petty to the core and more shallow.

When the public addresses them they stand and make petty talk - some leave the meeting - and are found outside the corridors talking - the arrogance of these dumb - idiots - buffoons to the core.

We have had enough of the shenanigans from these sordid SF Board of Supervisors - and the time has come to put them all on notice.

Foremost Carmen Chu and Malia Cohen. Why them? Time will tell.