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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Killings and shootings in the Southeast Sector - it is Summer Time and there are no opportunities to work.

There have been too many killings in the Southeast Sector.

More with NO opportunities this Summer - our youth - are stressed out - not knowing what to do - and putting themselves - in harms way.

Once our youth do something wrong - they make headlines.

In this episode - that led to making headlines - one youth did not have his MUNI fare - and was chased down by the San Francisco Police Department and shot in the neck.

The investigation has to be completed to see if such drastic action was warranted.

From what the police say - the youth had a gun and was running away from them. It is very difficult to keep running fast and shoot at anyone.

The investigation will reveal the facts.

Some witnesses say - the youth was shot and then at close distance shot again and again in the neck.

As I said - the investigation will reveal the facts.

There is a video on UTube that depicts the scene after the shooting.

Apparently, the District 10 Supervisor has not seen it. So, for her to plead with the community to come forward and tell the SF Police Department and give further information - is saying something that means nothing.

The video reveals more then anyone would want to reveal. In this case - everything ended in less then three minutes.

This is a very serious situation.

This is not the first killing, shooting, or large disturbance in the Southeast Sector and more in the Bayview - spilling blood into the Portola District -too.

Now, a young man has been shot - for not paying his fare and taking off.

Followed by the SF Police Department - who at some point less then 500 feet from the MUNI Hub - shot the youth in the neck. Shot in the neck five times.

Watch it on Utube - "Aftermath of a shooting in the Bayview in San Francisco" - google Oakdale shooting on 3rd Street July 17, 2011.

Gives you a good idea but not a complete idea - of the fiasco, people venting, the police cordoning the area - and once again our politicians pretending to be of some assistance.

Wipe that grin and be serious for once.