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Monday, December 29, 2014


The United States has now the technology to produce thousands of tons of organic food using a modified artificial light using less energy, no pesticides.

A special modified dirt with no contamination, no pollution - and produce "organic" vegetables and fruits - that will astound the world.

We now have to created the logistics, the marketing, the know how to have like minded countries and entities who will fight MONSANTO.

MONSANTO and like minded entities - who are producing food products that adversely impact - humankind - with adverse impacts that lead to all sorts of diseases and early - death.

Some of us have been debating how to get rid of the toxic business tactics of MONSANTO that are backed by many entities.

Including some "greed" fools who pretend they love San Francisco and its people - but whose "heart" is in the wrong - place - and in bed with MONSANTO.

The Central Valley has chosen to waste millions of gallons of clean drinking water in California. Known as the bread basket of the United States and the world.

We use to be the 5th largest economy in the world and are now the 8th largest economy - not bad for a State in our Nation - known the world over as the United States of America.

These conversation is about clean drinking water, the water shed, the air, the forest, the lakes and rivers, the land, the animals, the fish, that has been misused.

The indigenous people for thousands of years - affectionately called the Earth - Mother Earth.

Not so the White men - who will do anything to sell his or her mother for a dime.

These evil people killed the Buffalo in the thousands and left the flesh to rot, they clear cut the old growth red wood forest without blinking an eye, the stole the land and the gold - gold that was found on the surface of the land.

I have lived long enough to enjoy pristine places all over the world. 

Recently God has given me insights - into the "evil designs" led by the Zionists in San Francisco, filthy corrupt politicians in San Francisco - all of whom - will meet their fate here on Earth - soon.

Met thousands of indigenous people all over the worlk and here in the United States and love them to death. 

Fought for the indigenous people - including the Muwekma Ohlone the First People - of San Francisco. 

All of San Francisco belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone: 

There is no doubt that the indigenous people - always have something to inform us about - many a time without saying much - just actions - good, sound, holistic actions.

Soon, will be will be entering the year 2015 - and as we enter this year - we are witnessing all sorts of turmoils.

Not that some of us that monitor things - "spiritual" are not aware of this phenomenon - but life is life - and in the end Mother Earth always win.

This Earth has seen it all - the utter destruction of all life - the sunlight blocked and all life that relied on the light of the "SUN" - decimate all life - plants life, animals life, fish, the big and the small.

We human know this - but we try to defy Mother Earth - but the day is coming to challenge those like MONSANTO - to get out of the way.

America can play this role - the COMMONS - our youth - our students, those that can see and have better access to quality information. Bring change - because their heart is in the best - place.

Those that can discern and have access to the best information - are the best educated. 

If spiritually you are strong - than most everything is with you - and what is important - God is with you. You will go to the best place - ever.

Human beings need  water, we need the best food, we need our air be clean and most of all we need to respect our land. Mother Earth.

Our higher calling is to be with God - with God on our side - we will win. That is a given. Aho.

Thursday, December 25, 2014


This war with MONSANTO and the governments that help MONSANTO and others who are the MAFIA - has been an on going war. We must do all in our power - to stop the operations of the MONSANTO mafia - operations.

The United States of America aided by folks like Henry Kissinger, the Bushes,  other Zionists - greed to the core.

Those billionaires in Europe - others hiding in South America - but, most led by those beholden to genetically modified seeds - are right here in the United States of America.

Their one purpose to control food production - and control the population of the world. Play god - when they are the "devil" themselves.

President Barrack Hussein Obama for all the fuss he made with the "Interview" and Sony Productions - and the back and forth with the rogue nation North Korea - has yet to address - why millions of innocent people, thousands of innocent farmers, many consumers all over the world - are cheated of their money - and tricked into buying food products that are harmful to their bodies.

The man has the power to do something - but, will sit on the fence and see which side is green - typical of a man without a spine, inept, and not worth the salt.

MONSANTO is the devil itself and with the scientists that work for MONSANTO and its affiliates - daily, millions of innocent people are  adversely impacted.

Millions of innocent people from many a country - while our government - that must defend our own constituents and those of other Nations - for good - is looking the other way.

In the interim infants, children, youth, young adults, adults, others our dear seniors - are tricked into buying food products that say one thing on the label - but the contents are something, else. Often times very harmful to the body.

Our bodies are not used to the toxic stuff that we consume today - having evolved without them for thousands of years.

When I was young and plucked some fruit and ate it I knew for sure how it tasted.

I hate the fruit from the supermarket today - laced with some spray.

Laced with some spray - to keep the fruit lasting longer on the shelves, perhaps sprayed some more times to keep the bugs away - and for other, sordid reasons.

All so that some fruit, some vegetable, the cattle, goats, you name the animals that are eaten - some plant nature created for us to enjoy - are poisoned many times over - for ulterior, purposes.

As the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy I have taken a stand on many fronts. We can do a lot is San Francisco - but we do not.

Our San Francisco Board of Supervisors are not educated on issues.

More our Directors of the many Departments - foremost of City Administrator, the Director of Health, Barbara Gracia, those that advice our Mayor, Edwin Lee - most of them involved in mundane matters - and very few involved with Quality of Life issues.

The many ribbon cutting events are for the clowns - daily - innocent human beings are compromised - denied Quality of Life Issues.

Mayor Edwin Lee - looks and sound like a "clown" - at the many ribbon cutting events - how much of the "fake ego" can he pump - with artificiality - that is far removed from the practical and real world the people face - daily?

California was once the 5th largest economy in the world - even though we are just a State with a population of about 31 million people. Our Nation has a population of about 310 million.

California is now the 8th largest economy - and we produce sufficient vegetables, fruits, grain, rice, wheat - cotton, almonds, guavas, peaches, grapes - beef, other meat products - you name it - we can produce it.

Why do we have to work with MONSANTO when it comes to the seeds and genetically engineering life - be it animals, plant, or whatever?

Why do we the people and the government, our educational institutions -  encourage MONSANTO and others like them -  "permit" these evil corporations to genetically tweaked seeds" to be planted to trick our bodies - and keep insects away - poison the insects and mess with nature?

Whenever I go to any place - more a forest a remote location - the first thing I research in my own way - is the health of the frogs. If the "frog population" is doing well - I see most everything else is fine. I do not like what I see in the last 30 years - more in the last 5 years. Even here - right here in San Francisco.

I watch for the insects - I know by instinct now - from the over 60 years I have been nosing around the plants, by the riverbeds, the forests, large farms - what is good and what is not.

I detest the pesticides, they kill they insects, they kill the birds, the animals - they poison the watershed, they poison the rivers, the lakes, the fish - our estuary that is the Bay - that goes to the Pacific Ocean and more.

Once we had a thriving herring industry no more.

Beefore that Abolone that size of a couple of pounds - no more.

Our wild salmon - less and less of good fish - gone, gone, gone.

This greed knows no bounds - and the five or so Mafia Companies behind - the scheme to control our food chain - must be sent to jail - their assets confiscated.

These bastards are all over Asia, in Africa, in South America, Europe, here in North America, in Canada, you name it there they are MONSANTO and the allied band of crooks.

To make matters worse the Supreme Court has declared these Corporations like MONSANTO people - "thugs of the worst order".

We once had the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch - now it seems they all work together for the devil and evil. More when the United States Supreme Court has lost its mind.

Here is California we must do away with MONSANTO - we tried in vain with a Ballot - now, it must be direct action - protest where they are with their products - and weed them out.

Any product that is on the shelves must be removed - the people united can demand from the store managers - that they will not shop in those stores - until they abide by our protocols.

We can start in earnest in 2015 and complete the job in 2017. We have already worked hard and have grass root support. Aho.

Whatever happened the noble way of the indigenous people.

Who did not waste -  did not use access land - this greed must stop.

MONSANTO and its buddies in crime - are adversely the land and the Earth -  impacting for the worse -  the pollution of Mother Earth.

Mother Earth - half the bird and animals species are disappearing. The insects too - naturally the insects do what the pesticides cannot. But the fools never get it - all they see is GREEN.

Money is the root of all evil.

MONSANTO is a pesticide - we must get rid of these Mafia Operations - before it is too, too - late.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


There is an inherent disease among some Blacks the likes that I have mentioned above creating confusion in our communities.

Pretending to do good - when the above mentioned crooks - are exactly what they are - crooks and up to no good.

I have mentioned a  few and there are more Linda Richardson, Naomi Kelly, Doris Vincent, Bridget LeBlanc, Nandine Burke, Vernonica Hunnicutt, Kimberly Brandon, Malia Cohen, Sophie Maxwell, Lola Whittle and the list goes on and on.

All Blacks and all despicable to the core.

San Francisco demands good representation.

 Not pretending to represent - while pandering to the crooked, the Zionists, prime companies like URS, Webcore, Nibbi, Cahill, Tutor Saliba, the John Stewart Company and others that are know to fleece, steal, and get what they want on a platter.

Waste and steal on tax payers - money.

As long as Willie L. Brown Jr the former "thug" Black Mayor of San Francisco has a say in anything that smells - green - we are in deep trouble. San Francisco is worse off - because of this one crooks that has destroyed so much good in San Francisco.

Do not think that Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein and her husband Richard Blum, the Fishers, the John Stewart Company made their money the right way.

All of them belong to the Pacific Heights Mafia - the Federal Bureau of Investigation has tons of nefarious material on them - but, they continue to use "political grease" to carry on their nefarious activities - in open defiance - and think they can get away with murder.

The worst segment of the San Francisco population are the Blacks - the criminal elements - who continue to speak from both sides of their mouth.

Saying one thing and doing another, stealing, cheating, petty thieves, shooting, murder, and  and involved in all sorts of shenanigans - shame of them.

You would think the Blacks learned something from the Civil Rights Movement - they learned nothing, much.

You would think for once - the Blacks would ponder - they would walk in the foot-steps of Frederick Douglass and other Black leaders that I admire.

These House Negroes - must be ashamed of themselves. The only legacy they will leave - is that they will be know for the deals they made and continue to make - behind close doors - the have BLOOD on their hands.

I have kept quiet for a long time -  I have a lot of information that I will reveal on many levels at many forums/

Most of these I propose to reveal on the National and International Level - one needs to do this - soon.

We have crooked folks like Van Jones, Fred Blackwell, Tiffany Bohee, Kofi Bonner, Juliet Elllis who could have done well - and represented - each of them has chosen with intent - to work with the devil.

This is Ohlone land - meaning it belongs to the Native Americans - all of it - every square inch.\

You would not know that from all the ploys and machinations going on in Room 200 - under the jurisdiction of Mayor Edwin Lee at City Hall.

Many of the above crooks I have mentioned above - do the bidding of our Mayor, Edwin Lee - who should know better and has a track record of "utter corruption".

More - from his days working at the San Francisco Human Rights Commission, the Department of Public Works, the City Administrator and now the Mayor of San Francisco.

This is just a clarion call - when you have been following and monitoring and gathering information - for as long as I have been gathering information - one can release the information at short notice.

This is is not easy for those who are NOT educated on issues have no history.

In short the Blacks of San Francisco have only themselves to blame with their "crab mentality". Failing to unite behind the good and the truth - and always taking the easy way out - "what is in it for me - mentality and attitude.

The Unfinished Agenda, the Out Migration document on Black in San Francisco - point to the on going cancer, fungi, sordidness of a kind - we cannot brush aside these issues - and shove them under the rug.

The same crooks getting the grants, the outreach, Blacks that do not live a good and just life the likes of Dr. Churchwell, Al Williams,  Amos Brown, Calvin Jones, pastors who pretend and fake that they do care - for the sheep but care only for themselves.

Stoop low to wet their filthy tongue in lust and care little for what they say they aspire to do for the flock. They are all in "hell" now - now on this Earth.

I have attended over 265 Black funerals - no more - this crime that has baffled many is the work of the "devil" - by minions who worship the devil.

Many of these "thug" are good friends of those I have mentioned above - the all were "jail birds" one time - friends of jail birds - birds of a kind that flock together.

Nothing good come from these vermin - these folks -  to put it simply in precise words, are - spiritually bankrupt.

Do not get me wrong - I know the Brothers and the Sister - that count - not only among Black, but among the Asian, the Latinos, Whites, what have you - among the Native Americans - among those that count.

I represent the First People of San Francisco and that is all that matters to me. This land in Sacred Land - not what it has become - the Tower of Babel - fornication and sordidness endorsed at City Hall - a den of thieves.

Where is the sound representation? How can one represent if they are Spiritually - bankrupt? Aho

Sunday, December 21, 2014


London Breed and Malia Cohen - the District 5 and District 10 Supervisors FAIL San Francisco - when it comes to Community Policing in San Francisco.

Community Policing affects everyone - Blacks, Asians, White, Native Americans - everyone.

Right from the on set both London Breed and Malia - know precious little about Community Policing.

For sure both their District have had the majority of shootings and killings - affecting Blacks and because both of them are Black first; and San Franciscans second - have a subject opinion that is their to keep - it will bring about their down fall.

Anyway you look at it - in San Francisco - we, the constituents have followed the process - and have included the "best practices" when it comes to Community Policing. Both London Breed and Malia Cohen have NOT been part of this process - ever.

San Francisco was ahead of its time - with the process of Community Policing, several details documents, PERF, and so on. Did our Mayor implement the process - that questions need to be answered.

As Supervisor Eric Mar stated both Malia Cohen and London Breed - love to jump on the bandwagon - long after most everyone has jumped on it - on this matter of the Memorandum of Understanding.

When these two Black women - not educated on issues - join any forum, any deliberation - they insist that their point of view - be head first and accepted.

This simply will not happen in San Francisco.

More when London Breed - states for all to hear that she " does not care what others say" - she will do - as she pleases.

This one singular statement - reveals to all concerned - that she is NOT a team player - and in San Francisco - will NOT succeed.

Up until five years ago - our San Francisco Police Department did not have the software - to electronically - query incident reports.

8 years ago we had computers - that could not run - a software - that was worth running - forcing the Federal Bureau of Investigation - to stop sending information - because in the end - nothing much was forth coming - from SF Police Department - monthly, quarterly - reports.

Asked to provide - under a certain subject - for example homicides.

Further to query the software to query all Blacks killed - say from 2004 to 2012 - then further asked the software to give you the location - further the status of the crimes committed or non committed - prior to the Black victim being killed.

Such simple and direct information and other pertinent information - would take ages.

This is not so with the Federal Government and more the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) - their computers, their software - and their access to queries of all kind - far exceeds, is very precise, and pertinent to anything available - even today at the SF Police Department.

It is not as if Chief Gregory Suhr is not trying - it is has been our Mayors past and present - who have NO clue about incident reporting - and other reports. Far less all our SF Board of Supervisors have been on board - preferring to be arm-chair critics.

Can you imagine Supervisor Jane Kim making a statement that NO criminals records annually are available in our Nation - be it on Blacks or anyone? 

Such statements belie her ignorance - and further reveal the stupidity of our SF Supervisors - who talk too much - and who have clue - about Community Policing - and Incident Reporting.

Way back in 2002 some of us took upon ourselves to address Community Policing - putting together - over 20 pages of of how we could achieve this. Nothing happened.

All the Mayors from Art Agnos to Gavin Newsom dropped the ball and so did Mayor Edwin Lee.

Some years ago - we had no way - to know how many Police Officer and Police employees we had working for the San Francisco Police Department.

Some said around 2000 - others said more. All this in San Francisco - an area that is close to the "digital world" and home to the state of art - computers.

5 years ago - the Federal Bureau of Investigation could not communicate with the SF Police Officers - on the streets - with their laptops. The laptops were primitive - and the software - outdated.

It is all about having our communications and communication equipment - in order.

Some years ago - when the Federal Government wanted us to revamp our Radios - that were primitive - and lacked broadband - here, was Jane Kim giving the presenters - a hard time.

Can you imagine - all the talk - about just a simple 'Resolution" - a Resolution is NOT binding.

The Resolution - is not law - and now - London Breed wants to have a hearing - just to prolong the process.

Procrastinate and joining her the Bayview Political whore - who no one respects - Malia Cohen.

Blacks form just 4% of the population of San Francisco.

Blacks contribute to more killings, shooting, and other crimes - then any other segment of the community in San Francisco. Adversely impacting Quality of Life issues.

This Black on Black violence must stop - and because it is not stopping - now, other segments of the population are being impacted. Those who are on the front lines - know about this - but our SF Board of Supervisors.

So, where is Amos Brown and others like him - on Black crime?

Some years ago - Malia Cohen gathered some Black pastors - on the fringes of Bayview - and made some "drab, shallow speeches" - that was the end of the subject.

Crime was on the increase - until we had to step in and do the needful. The Mayor Edwin Lee knows about it - and if does not know about it - shame on him.

Every time the City and County of San Francisco is in trouble - a few individuals - who can contacts the "thugs" - are forced to put their lives on the line - and help Mayor Edwin Lee. Once the work is done - he forgets who helped him.

Amos Brown has created a lot of divisiveness in San Francisco - with his impotent NAACP - it does not stand for Blacks and it surely does not stand for - "people of color".

You can pay your dues to Amos Brown and his NAACP - but for sure you will not receive a receipt.

That goes to the center of Accountability and Transparency.

Amos Brown wants the title - but he has not learned to represent.

Mayor Edwin Lee removed him and his "thugs" - all of them - from the San Francisco Housing Authority.

So, back to this memorandum that wants to state that here in San Francisco - we do have a better SF Police Department and we can do better. Join the Nation in address the best aspects of a working Community Policing.

San Francisco is a City and County and far advanced then the poorer town on the East Coast - and even the Bronx that is New York. Seeing is believing.

We really do not need London Breed and Malia Cohen who contribute to -"divisiveness" daily in District 5 and District 10 - two of the worst Districts - and think for a second their votes matter - they do not.

Have the hearing on Community Policing - and let us see what Malia Cohen and London Breed - first know about true - Community Policing?

Secondly what have their two offices contributed to - "police making" linked to Community Policing in the last 5 years - as a Supervisor and before being a Supervisor.

These two heifers are just that - two fat cows - that talk from both sides of their mouth.

The Brothers and Sisters on the street - do not care about them - we know that - we are the ones who do the real - work.

It not easy dealing with "morons" - who have no clue about Enforcement, less about Incident Reports, even less about Law and Order - and more are spiritually - totally, bankrupt.

These two London and Malia - pussyfoot a lot.

At the hearing - let us bring the Federal Bureau of Investigation - the FBI has a lot on Malia Cohen and London Breed - they may not know about it - but, many of us know about it.

Both these heifers are known - for taking money - from the Zionists, from folks like Lennar Urban, the John Stewart Company - both are divisive and both and not - worth the salt.

Never saw these two heifer - join us when we started the movement against Lennar - Stop Lennar Action Movement - SLAM.

Our children, elders, others were poisoned with intent by Lennar Urban.

Now, Malia Cohen wants to implode - Candlestick Stadium - she is not from District 10 she is from District 9.  Her parents live there - in all matters - Malia Cohen is fake - and a political, whore.

We in San Francisco started the Oscar Grant Movement - that is the TRUTH. Others may say - what they want. Where were any of the present SF Supervisors when that movement started.

On my website there is an entire article on Community Policing - in fact several articles?

Where were London Breed and Malia Cohen on Community Policing all these years?

There are those that talk the talk and other that just walk the walk. In the end - action matters the most.

And finally those that are spiritually bankrupt - no good can come from them. Arrogant, drab, shallow heifers, whore like political scum bags.

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Lennar Urban is a rogue developer that simply does not get it.

Lennar Urban with intent poisoned our infants, children, youth, young adult, seniors - when it bombarded a large area - crushing Serpentine Rock - which releases Asbestos - and did this in a nonchalant manner. It did this in the years 2004-2006. It still continues today - on certain days Asbestos Structures - as high as 30,000 per cubic meter - are recored on Parcel A - at Hunter Point Naval Shipyard.

In the years - before, as high as 138,000 Asbestos Structures per cubic meter - all documented - we have the empirical data.

Asbestos Structures if they lodge in one's lungs - leads to Mesothelioma - people who fall prey to this disease - suffer a lot - the spikes and develop ulcers - hurt so bad - and seeing is believing.

Those advocates who united from the years 2002 to today - 2014 - know a lot about Lennar Urban and those that support Lennar Urban.

Lennar Urban is a Rogue Developer. Lennar Urban does not have the best interests of the Community at large. A "greedy" - perverted monster that has come into our community - without an invitation.

Lennar Urban think they can buy influence - but, soon they will learn when the wrath of the people turns against them and their supporters. Pathetic this entity has harmed - thousands of innocent people all over this Nation.

Today it is using land banking and will fail. Using some shopping mall developer - to hoodwink itself. We have the best shopping mall in the Bay Area and many in the San Francisco down town area - only the foolish - who dare do to Candlestick Point to shop.
Time will tell.

We the community - united - all attended hundreds of meetings - and many a meeting at the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD). Our hard work paid great dividends - and we are watching the current shenanigans - like a HAWK.

We all remember this from those horrendous activities of Lennar Urban who were fined over $515,000 and paid the fine. The result of many Notice of Violations (NOVs) that Lennar Urban ignored and agreed that they failed to do the right thing - failing to curtail the spread of Asbestos Structures in the thousands.

We the people from the Bayview Hunters Point - were supported by decent women, children and men - from all over San Francisco - we led the movement - STOP LENNAR ACTION MOVEMENT. SLAM.

Lennar is a Rouge Developer who promised to building 10,000 homes on Mare Island and failed to do so. Today, the City of Vallejo is still - reeling - from - the evil actions of Lennar Urban.

Lennar Urban and Kofi Bonner will look you in the eye and lie.

Lennar built thousands of units in Miami, Florida - using inferior, contaminated sheet rock - thousands of units that had to be torn down.

Lennar has failed in Southern California - planted one of its former employees in San Diego - who was caught with her hand in the cookie jar - and the devious actions - of Lennar - revealed for all the world to see.

I was the proponent of Proposition F - which mandated to clean up the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Clean up Candlestick Point - and when these standards were met - to address affordable housing - with the community in mind.

We the people spent not more than $10,000 - Lennar spent over $10 million - daily spewing lies, and hoodwinking the people, buy mostly Black the likes of Lola Whittle, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Sophie Maxwell, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Doris Vincent, Veronica Hunnicutt, and a host of others - all Blacks who are sell outs - to this day.

Backed up Senator Diane Feinstein, Congress woman Nancy Pelosi, Willie L. Brown Jr ( the former Black "thug" mayor of San Francisco), Mayor Gavin Newsom, Senator Mark Leno - all of which thought they could change the way - Lennar Urban would act.

It is time the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) - come in - the Environmental Section within the FBI - because the SF City Environmental Department is looking the other way. The SF City District Attorney is looking the other way.

The Controller's Office is looking the other way. The City Administrator is looking the other way. Lennar Urban is determined to take short cuts, implode a building laden with Asbestos Structures - and does not give a damn - if it adversely impacts - thousands of innocent people.

As I said a long time ago - way back in 1998 - when Lennar first created its Limited Liability Corporation and registered itself in  Sacramento - it had EVIL - designs.

Since than Lennar has changed its name five times - and is now registered in Delaware - the home of Credit Cards - and the hub - of cheating, stealing, and hoodwinking - where many corrupt and crooked Zionists who back Lennar Urban in San Francisco - make their abode - too.

The same people that brought down our economy in the year 2008 - and are responsible for millions of Seniors and other losing their investments - linked to Retirement Funds and so on.

The same crooks that invented Sub-prime loans, derivatives, hedge funds - who today are showing their ugly heads again - and many of them make their home in San Francisco.

Lennar Urban now wants to go before the Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - on December 16, 2014 - and ask permission - so that it can 'implode" - the former Candlestick Stadium - in order to build a - high class shopping mall - whatever that means.

So far Lennar Urban has failed to have any open community meetings.

Preferring to hoodwink one or two neighborhood groups - by promising money.

Lennar Urban does not have the guts to have one meeting at Executive Park - notice all the businesses and residents who live and work at Executive Park - and let us see what Lennar Urban has to say.

It does not help that we have a District 10 Supervisor, Malia Cohen an air-head, stupid who wants to have a community meeting on this topic on December 17, 2014 - after Lennar Urban has one on December 16, 2014.

Always after the fact - with Malia Cohen the laughing jackass at the helm of affair - all the people who elected her can have - is a open sell out - a political whore.

If Lennar Urban defies the constituents of Executive Park - Lennar Urban will have to deal with reality - a reality that it has never, ever seen in all the time - it has been on the West Coast.

Make no bones about this - we can deal legally with Lennar Urban - it has been made easy with the change in Congress - the Democrats are licking their wounds and there is more to come.

Jack Broadbent the Director of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQM) - is fully aware of all the ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - that Lennar Urban is famous for.

Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein better see the writing on the wall. We the people will not permit - thousands of innocent people to fall prey to - Asbestos Structures and other contaminants - adversely impacting the people - one strong wind in the right direction - can cause untold misery.

Lennar Urban does not give a rat ass when it comes to Quality of Life issues - it only cares about lying, cheating, buying the sellouts - most of whom are not respected by the community - this nonsense - cannot go forever.

As I said, a long time ago; " no good will ever come from Lennar Urban - a Rogue Developer - not at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - that is a Superfund Site. Candlestick Point - a former dump site - land prone to severe liquefaction and flooding."

Lennar Urban does not have the guts to sit down and dialogue - the only language Lennar Urban is know to speak - is lying, cheating, hoodwinking, taking short cuts, intimidating - and if they think for a second - this time around they can get away with murder, this time around - they are mistaken.

Mayor Edwin Lee has been provided the high recordings of Asbetos Structures at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

In fact Amy Brownell should provide these results - to Mayor Edwin Lee, Steve Kawa, the others that whisper sweet nothings - in the Mayor's - ear.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

It is not as if I do not know Mayor Edwin Lee - I know him very well - but I also know that when it comes to Lennar Urban - Mayor Edwin Lee will listen to Mayor Willie L. Brown.

Mayor Edwin Lee represents the 820,000 constituents of San Francisco.

He should not adjudicate on the sweet nothings that come his way - by folks that are not respect by the decent constituents of San Francisco.

Mayor Edwin Lee started off well many years ago - as a housing advocate. He saw and felt the pain of those that needed help. Not any more - you would not know the same man - that has changed his colors for the worse.

Today, he listens to the big developers - and those that really do not care about San Franciscans, have no idea about the failed San Francisco - Housing Elements - and the thousands of rental units we have lost in this City - by folks who took advantage - the Academy of Art University - changing rental units into dormitories. Rental units lost forever.

Knows little about the Muwekma Ohlone whose land this is - each and every inch was stolen.

No one can fool all the people - all the time - and that includes Lennar Urban a rogue - developer. Aho. 

Friday, December 12, 2014


The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) brags that it has the best water in the world - that statement has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

The water that the SFPUC brags about is Hetch Hetch water that lies 160 miles from San Francisco.

This precious water belongs to the Piutes and the Miwoks - so to brag and say that it is their water - is totally wrong - it as stolen from the First People.

Those that steal and lie have big mouths - and the Great Spirit sees it all. This nonsense has been going on for too long - and some one must speak up - for our precious resources are being abused.

The water was and is stolen - and that is a fact.

Secondly, here is San Francisco the many clean drinking pipes are rusty - many over 100 years old - if some of them are lead pipes - they are very, contaminated.

Thirdly with all the technology - in this year 2014 - the SFPUC is Smithsonian like - when it comes to conservation.

Thinking of nothing when thousands of toilets are flushed with - with clean drinking water - the First People do not approve of this sacrilege - but those that lie and steal - dubious and divisive - care not for they are spiritually - bankrupt.

Fourthly failing to mandate the newer facilities being built to have a dual system - pipes carrying clean drinking water from Hetch Hetchy and other pipes carrying recycled water.

More to flush the toilets, to water the plants, to wash the cars, wash and clean the side walks and for other uses - where recycled water can be used.

In the last 20 years plus - the SFPUC has been behind our times when it comes to conservation of clean drinking water from Hetch Hetchy.

The Hetch Hetchy water -  that was stolen from the Miwoks and the Piutes - the  First People from the Yosemite area.

Now, the SFPUC wants to tap into the Watershed - that the SFPUC has not cared for - and mix that water with the Hetch Hetchy water.

Adding fuel to fire.

Trying once again to hoodwink the tax payers and constituents of San Francisco and the Bay Area - who pay for clean drink water from Hetch Hetchy.

Again and again I have to remind the SF Public Utilities Commission to read the Raker Act.

One can remind these Commissioners - but, they still fall behind the comprehension and Blue Print - purpose of mind.

Why the Hetch Hetchy dam was created in the first place - the many goals and objectives - laid by the Raker Act of 1913.

After the 1906 Earthquake and the great fire that took place - those powerful Congressmen from San Francisco - took the matter about the lack of clean drinking water to Congress.

Hence the Raker Act - the flooding of of the Hetch Hetchy Valley one of the most beautiful valleys in the world.

Disrespecting the First People - tribes like the Miwoks and Piutes who consider the Hetch Hetchy waters Sacred. The strangers would not know that - greedy and spiritually - bankrupt.

John Muir was against flooding the Hetch Hetchy Valley and creating the dam and reservoir. 

Those who had other plans - failed to listen to him - and in years to come John Muir died - despondent. May his soul rest in peace. One of the foremost and visionary environmentalist of our time.

Many environmentalists to this day - remember - John Muir but not the inept, shallow, lacking a sound vision - SF Public Utilities Commission - and their well know acts of buffoonery.

Again and again - the SFPUC will work against the law and against the wishes of the people.

Years ago the constituents of San Francisco passed a Ballot Measure - to upgrade the Clean Water Drinking Project today known as the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP).

This same Ballot Measure mandated to upgrade the Sewer System - known today as the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP).

The SF Public Utilities Commission with intent on approving the Bond Measure - focused on the WSIP - which today is nearing - the tail end - but with very serious issues.

As to the upgrading of the sewer system - the put that project on a back burner. Coming years later with a $7 Billion bond measure - this time - again talking about the impending Earthquake - but, no longer they got the money - the corruption began and is now is full force.

At Mountain Tunnel closer to the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir the dumb asses - have to deal with a very serious issue - the very destruction of Mountain Tunnel - due to cracks and deferred maintenance. 

It will take $100 million to fix the problem - and may be the only solution will be to build a new tunnel - to substitute - for the old Mountain Tunnel that served well all these years.

Until Mountain Tunnel met its fate with wear and tear - cracks in the wall - deferred maintenance - more in the last 20 years - with Management and others - not doing due - diligence. 

Some one has to go to jail - as these shenanigans - linked to the SF Public Utilities Commission - are getting from bad to worse. 

We remember the lousy work done by one Julie Labonte - who was in charge of the Infrastructure - the WSIP Project - who  has since jumped shipped.

We have serious problems with the Irvington Tunnel - brand new and build deep underground.

The pressure from the streams underground - have compromised large sections of the tunnel - high pressure - crushing the steel tunnel.

Shocking the living hell - the engineers trying to fix the problem - but facing the fact that they blew it - when they engineered this particular - tunnel - failing to comprehend the force of water and that the make up of the soil in the area.

Hydrologists who know more - had warned the Project Manager - but someone decided to take a risk.

To date - millions have been wasted - and no one - has the balls to take on the corrupt SF Public Utilities Commission - that keeps patting its - behind.

Where is Mayor Edwin Lee on these issues? 

Where is the Controller Ben Rosenfield on these issues? 

Where is the Chief City Engineer on these issues?

Where is the SF Board of Supervisors on these issues? 

You heard of the current buffoonery - well it plays to its fullest - with this clowns - trying to hoodwink the public at large - in broad daylight.

Millions of tax payers money wasted - and this crime - and disrespecting the constituents of San Francisco - must be taken to the highest level for adjudication.

Finally, Calavares Dam which for the longest time had earthen banks - was kept last in the pipeline to upgrade.

The new walls have clear fissures and cracks - over 2 million tons of dirt had to be removed - to reenforce the walls - thousands of tons of concrete poured to reenforce the walls. 

Astute geologists that I have spoken to say that it is just a matter of time - if the Big One strikes - the walls will give in - and the brand new Calavares Dam will be compromised.

The result the entire area known as Fremount will be inundated with several feet of water - thousands will perish - homes and other properties - destroyed. 

The SF Public Utilities Commission continues to pat their asses - even as these three large projects - have created very serious issues - linked to health, safety, compromised Quality of Life issues.

I challenge Juliet Ellis a very corrupt employee to address the above - much as she tries to hoodwink the constituents with her mundane projects - providing faucets from which children drink - once built no one maintains and keeps these faucets clean - more in these days of contagious - diseases.

Collecting fake statistics when it comes to Solar - wasting tax payers money.

Funnel two hundred thousand to her former non-profit Green For All - and caught with her hand in the cookie jar. 

Admonished by the Fair Political Action Committee - a State body - and the San Francisco Ethics Commission.

Juliet Ellis must be fired - let go - she still continues to adversely impact the constituents of San Francisco - carrying on her ploys and machinations - linked with the 1800 Oakdale - the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building. - in the Bayview.

The SF Public Utilities Commission is working diligently to mix ground water with our Hetch Hetchy water - trying to hoodwink the tax payers and constituents of San Francisco.

The SF Public Utilities has failed San Francisco - and more with lack of transparency and accountability.

No one can fool all the people - all the time - someone must step down and make room for sound leadership.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


The heavy rains are upon us - and with the heavy rain - the gusty winds. 

The man holes are bubbling and in places - the man holes are so full - streams of water shoot up - and all that is good.

The weak trees - having endured years of drought - have fallen down - and even as they lay - they wish they could stay upright - but nay - their time has come to wither - away.

The watershed has been replenished - after so many years of drought and famine - the Earth feels good - the air clean - and most everywhere - there is a sense of being alive and alert.

The SF Department of Public Works has taken all the precautions is can - to clean the many places that clog - man holes and more - where things get stuck - and water accumulates in puddles and often create a flood and mess. 

So far - the low lying areas are acting up - 17th and Folsom - Old Bayshore at the inter-junction - by the old Goodman Lumber building and the new LOWE's.

Once the rivers that were - flowed in these areas - now covered up with in fill - on days like today - the waters come up high and reveal to all - who really is in charge.

Engineers try their best to stop the flooding - and they can all they can - Mother Nature - always wins.

The Bay is ripe with gusty winds and the waves are high and mighty and strong.

By Candlestick Park - you have a swimming pool - the City is up to mischief - though.

There are unsavory elements - greedy to the core - who want to implode Candlestick Park and take advantage of this storm to drench the old Candlestick Park - as it comes tumbling down.

Never mind the Precautionary Principle - the many required permits - the possibility of spreading - contamination. The greed are only focused on their own self interest - and their diabolic - inclination to make blood - money.

Never mind the Asbestos - it may not fly high and above to the near by neighborhood homes. 

But,  for sure it will lie slow - in a wider area and when the sun comes up - those at the wrong place - and at the right time - will be exposed to high level of Asbestos - leading to to Mesothelioma.

Over a longer time - Mesothelioma - leads to a death so horrendous - you would not wish - your worst enemy to suffer - in like manner.

Lennar is a Rogue Developer - it may promise you the world - but so far nothing - Lennar touches - is devoid of evil - demonic to say the least. 

You never find good, decent people backing Lennar.

The worst of the sell outs back Lennar - Aurelious Walker, Dwanye Jones, Linda Richardson, Sophie Maxwell, Calvin Jones.

Lola Whittle, Malia Cohen, Doris Vincent, and I could name many more - suffice to say - the sell outs are well known - by the community at large.

Just to think that that one could use the much needed rain for an evil purpose.

Implode Candlestick Park - and think you could get away with murder - in broad daylight. No sound permits, no community outreach - and more less decency, standards - even less ethics and morals.

Beware of Lennar - a rogue developer. The devil - himself.

No good ever - will ever happen - at Candlestick Point and Hunters Point Shipyard. 

Time will tell. Aho.