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Thursday, January 31, 2013


Recently I entered a room to attend a meeting where some folks - purported to know some about the - "infrastructure projects" - that bring our precious water - from the Hetch Hetchy - distribute and charge over 2.6 million customers - Regionally - what we call the Bay Area. All linked to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC).

These men and women on this committee were told by me during public comment - as they must be reminded from time to time - " that you may be the Revenue Bond Oversight Committee" linked to the SFPUC  - but, "you do not represent the diversity of San Francisco".

"This land and all its resources belongs to the First People - and they took care of the resources for thousands of years. The equity you get from the land, the resources - in this case water - belongs to the First People".

The mostly White members did not like what I said - that is not the issue - the main issue - is that these folks - conduct themselves  - in nonchalant manner - with no standards, no ethics, no morals and most of all - NO respect for the First People.

When the Spanish first landed in San Francisco - the First People greeted them and led them to areas like Lobos Creek, El Polin Spring, Mountain Lake to nourish their bodies with pristine water - that the Ohlone has preserved, protected, and shared with all life. That was in and around San Francisco.

After the 1906 fire - powerful people in San Francisco with connection in Washington DC - deemed fit through the Raker Act of 1913 - to drown a beautiful valley - and create a dam - so that the water damned at the Hetch Hetchy - could provide the needs of San Franciscans -primarily.

The dam was 200 miles away from San Francisco - as far away as a dam could be - and brought to San Francisco - to cater to our needs - through the Raker Act of 1913.

At that time the City and County stretched from San Francisco all the way to Palo Alto and beyond - hence the City and County of San Francisco.

Hence our large holdings of land in and around Crystal Springs, in and around Sunol, in and around the Calavares Dam.

The Piutes and the Miwoks preserved the Tuolumne river and the other key rivers that provide resources; so much to the Hetch Hetchy dam.

Great environmentalists like John Muir and others - at that time - did not fathom this project - but it was carried out - as the powers to be saw in the Hetch Hetchy - making money - from selling the water and the producing hydro-electricity.

Today, in the year 2013 we are caught in a web - the popular term  used is "climate change".

I would like to state this phrase more in a statement - " The pollution and contamination of our Earth by human beings that have failed to respect Mother Earth". Hence today we have to bear the consequences - the catchy acronyms - sound good - but have not been addressed in humility, and acknowledgement of the adverse impacts - against Mother Earth.

The resources we use from the Hetch Hetchy Valley are precious - and over the years - from 1930 to 2000 - deferred maintenance  - has played havoc with our Hetch Hetchy operations and infrastructure.

Michael O'Shaughnessy the architect Hetch Hetchy dam - and his engineers used four huge pipes to bring the Hetch Hetchy waters - all the way to San Francisco - using pure - gravity.

Crystal Spring, the Calavares Dam, the many reservoirs such as the Sunset Reservoir and the University Mound reservoir - store million of gallons of water and there are more.

The Water System Improvement Project has deemed in their poor wisdom to reduce the four huge pipes to three.

Plan with state of the art pumps and treatment plants - to bring the same water to the same dams and fill the same reservoirs - most of which have been repaired and upgraded - as part of the Bond Measure - the Revenue Bond Oversight Committee is committed to review - and have done so in a nonchalant - manner.

The $4.2 billion dollar Bond Measure passed by the constituents of San Francisco and the Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency (BAWSCA) to do the following:

 * Provide high quality water to reliably meet current and      foreseeable local, state, and federal requirements;

 * Reduce system vulnerability to damage from earthquakes;

 * Increase system reliability by improving redundancy needed to accommodate outages;

 * Improve short-term water supply reliability and drought protection;

 * Set forth long-term options to address water supply shortages
and manage drought;

 * Enhance sustainability through improvements that optimize protection of the natural and human environment;

 * Provide improvements resulting in a cost effective, fully operational water system.

In recent years a variety of capital improvements have involved new tunnels, upgrading and replacing new pipes, tanks, pump stations, reservoirs, treatment plants - each element and operational facility - treated and improved with state of the art technology - or so we are told and we dare, must - believe.

The many boring and drab presentation given recently in the last four years on the Water System Improvement Project - fail to speak to the TRUTH.

In recent years; we have had a brand new valve blow up and spill millions of gallons of clean water and cause damage to neighboring homes and surrounding areas - South San Francisco.

We have had brand new pipes - burst and flood a school and neighboring areas - and we have failed to produce a detail report to those that approved the Bond Measure - and to those concerned advocates and constituents. This happened in Visitation Valley - Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

The Public Utilities Revenue Bond Oversight Committee of the City and County of San Francisco - should take their tasks seriously - and the deliberations have to be in keeping with some standards. There seems to be no sound REPRESENTATION and that fault lies - with who appoints these members - more if they have the best interest of the constituents of San Francisco - some 805,000 - 2.4 million regionally - Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency (BAWSCA).

Some drab presentation by a private consultant - was useless to say the least - on time lines and project spending.

A recent audit linked to the SFPUC - on Job Order Contracts (JOCs) - spells out some key changes need to be done - a fact when I mentioned - seemed to take the private consultant and the board members present - in the interim - the Project Manager - left  the meeting - to chat with someone outside - thus missing some key comments.

The same Project Manager of the WSIP - who spews diatribe - is listened to - and never ever challenged with question and facts - as did the late Richard Sklar - a former General Manager of the San Francisco, Water Department and Ambassador to Bosnia sent there to help the Bosnians - to help rebuild their - infrastructure by President Bill Clinton .

The Calavares Dam rebuild - is ripe with change orders - and a recent natural fault - that the Project Manager and others - want us to believe they missed - the first time around - even though some expensive testing were done.

I brought this to the attention of the Project Manager some years ago - only to be chided and told - that the SF Public Utilities Commission has a special agreement with the United States Geological Survey a Federal Entity - and knows too much about Earthquake fissures, crevices, and faults.

Whatever that agreement - the recent fissure, an ancient fault, will cost - added millions of dollars - benefiting some contractor - and the details of this have not been detailed nor declared.

Add millions dollars to store dirt on land - further enriching many contractors - none of whom are from San Francisco. And may I add why so?

The Revenue Bond Oversight Committee is led by the nose - looking at charts that they have no clue about. Further prodded by facts that do not meet the litmus test - failed to review, check the facts, and having less if no expertise on the matter. Paper pushers that favor those that put them in the first - place to do the bidding of very corrupt - folks - with ties to the Prime Contractors.

Small contractors, Local Business Enterprise Contractors, others - do not stand a chance. As far as those on the Job Order Contract List - the recent audit speaks for itself. The audit done in December, 2012.

In past years some advocates the likes of Steve Lawrence with whom I stay in touch, one other Emery has passed away, Joan an astute and stellar advocate on SFPUC subjects - has given up.

 I continue to stay in touch, attend the the SF Public Utilities Commission;  listen to the shenanigans, the ploys, and the machinations. Not all is worthless - but the elements that count are important - are construed as being the forte of those in the inner circle - not to be disclosed to those that pay for the Bond Measure - this lacking transparency and accountability.

Serious mistakes have been created with the WSIP and must NOT be carried on to the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP).

I stated that I have never seen nor heard an member of the Revenue Bond Oversight Committee appear before the SF Board of Supervisors.

More so the SF Public Utilities Commission.

I am not privy nor do I hold back - if presentations are given to the Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin Lee - may be so.

The Chair Kevin Cheng was late at this particular meeting - I attended.

There is a missing seat that must be filled on the Revenue Bond Oversight Committee linked to the SF Public Utilities Commission. That must be filled by some who cares, can represent, and understands the key factors that must be monitored, understood, and adjudicated with expertise.

In this digital age - I have yet to find a site - with all the reports and documents. I have been told one was at the SFPUC website - I checked this site - before I went to the meeting - nothing worth the salt was found.

I was noticed; after I attend the meeting by email that  the City and County of San Francisco, Clerk of the Board - maintains the documents on another site - I have yet to find this site.

Less have been able to comprehend - have do we have a maze of nonsense - to get to the point and have easy access to. 

I supplied the 2012 Annual Report of the SF Public Utilities Revenue Bond Oversight Committee - to two Certified Public Accountants, one Developer, and two Engineers - and all of them agree - the report is general in nature - and does not have any notably - benchmarks. That is putting it mildly.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


You would think the San Francisco Planning Department, the Department of Building Inspection, the San Francisco Health Department - more the Environmental Section - other City Departments would do - due diligence in San Francisco - with the process system - when it comes to permit - and more with Quality of Life issues - NO.

At the SF Planning Department the turn over - is over 60% with the new Planners and those that must process the paper work having no history of San Francisco.

More influenced by expediters - who can paint a rosy picture - and get you any permit - on a platter.

The SF Planning Staff cannot say they have no money - now more so - to do due diligence - the permit fees have raked up millions.

There are over $10 billion plus of projects in the pipe line - and the fees have already been paid to the SF Planning Department.
In the mean time the SF Planning Department is having a field day. Gone are the days - when they could sing the blues - always faulting the City and County of San Francisco - pleading that the SF Planning had NO - money.

The money just sitting there - enough money to pay those capable to attend, focus, do their jobs - more due diligence.  The problem - missing in the equation - experience, fortitude, standards, lack of history linked to San Francisco and the eleven districts - lacking the ability to - discern.

We all remember some time ago - when Larry Badner was the Zoning Czar at the San Francisco Planning Department.

This sordid man - instead of doing his job - was busy sharing "pornographic material" - crossing the line and enticing some women Planners too to join in the fray.

All during working hours - when the City was paying him to work. He was fired - arrogant to the core - while he worked for the SF Planning Department.

Larry and many Senior planners - who were caught in the 
web - where fired. Good riddance of very bad - rubbish.

Now and then Larry who is now a consultant - will try to appear at the SF Planning Department meeting - trying to act funny - but, that does not amuse anyone.

The Southeast Sector of San Francisco has over 500 toxic hot spots - very contaminated sites - all these sites are the responsibility of of the City and County of San Francisco. 

These areas come directly under the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Administrator - in this case Naomi Kelly.

The Department of Public Works, the Department of Building Inspection, the SF Health Department and more the Department of  Environment under the SF Health Department - are aware and are fully aware of these contaminated sites.

Reports from the Department of Toxic and Substances Control, other pertinent documents from the Regional Water Board, still other from the Environmental Protection Agency - can help the City and County of San Francisco - address such issues.

The City Attorney and the District Attorney can do something about these issues - but do nothing - the just go with the flow. All these very contaminated sites - adversely impact thousands.

Little is done - because attempting to address such issues - cost money - so the City brags a lot about the Carbon Foot Print, Greening - but does not bother to clean up these toxic hot spots.

More because the City feels and thinks it can get away with murder - in broad daylight. This nonsense must stop.

The District 10 Supervisor; Malia Cohen initiated a plan some time ago - which came before the SF Planning Department to operate a  Wellness Center at 3450 Third Street  a very, very contaminated area.

A Wellness Center that will cater to the health of our children. To be operated by a Jamaican doctor named Nadine Burke.

It is a shame that this matter - flew past the SF Planning Department with NOT one single meeting informing the constituents about - such an important - issue.

Our innocent children should not go - less be treated in an area that is very contaminated.

Millions of vehicles ply and stop by the junction - know as Cargo Way on Third Street. Anyone can go to the site - and see the heavy traffic - at all times of the day and night.

Near by the SF Public Utilities Commission - Phelps Raw Sewage 
Treatment Plant - spews Methane Gas into the air - one ton of Methane Gas equals - twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide. 

The fumes from the vehicles - the many diesel vehicles - others lacking smog testing - spew lead, mercury, and other toxic fumes.

In past years - that is about 10 years ago - a test done in the area showed high levels of Arsenic (Ae) - the Analysis Result 7.0 the reporting limit 5.0. The measure ug.sq. ft

Cadmium (Cd) the Analysis Result 4.5 the Reporting Limit 2.5.

Chromium (Cr) 8.0 the Analysis Result - the Reporting Limit 5.0

Copper (Cu) 19 the Analysis Result - the Reporting Limit 5.0

Selenium (Se) 7.0 the Analysis Result - the Reporting Limit 5.0

Zinc (Zn) 81 the Analysis  Result - the Reporting Limit 10

Vanadium (V) 2.7 the Analysis Result - the Reporting Limit 0.5

The unit measure in all of the above samples taken - ug.sq ft

There are other reports that we can delve into - but, most everyone who is decent, who has a conscience knows the area at Third Street and Cargo way is very  -, very contaminated.

The near Islais Land is but a few hundred feet away - that is where the Islais Creek is found - where from time to time - especially when there is heavy rainfall - half treated sewage spills into the Islais Creek. 

We have a dual sewage system -where both rain over flow and the sewage spill - that are treated - and finally make their way to the Bay that is 80% by Piers 80, 96, and a new one by Executive Park - 20 % goes to the outfall that leads to the Pacific Ocean by the San Francisco Zoo. 

Never mind the Weirs that hold the secondary effluents that hold the secondary effluents - cannot hold the effluents - as most of the Weirs (holding tanks) are damaged and in disrepair.

It is a shame that the layperson is put into cauldron when those we pay who must do due diligence and fail most of the time - when it comes to our children.

We are then forced to use Discretionary Review and other such processes - to review, waste our time and money - to defend our children - who must be defend and treated with respect in the first - place.

The District 10 Supervisor; Malia Cohen and  Nadine Burke - with some $4 million given to them by California Pacific Medical Center - want to operate this Wellness Center - in a contaminated area.

Early on over 17 blocks were re-zoned to make this happen - in an Industrial Area.

The neighboring business, the SF Port Authority were not notified. This blatant arrogance will come to haunt those that are now playing with the lives of our children.

Mayor Ed Lee better step up and find out what truly is happening. We will shed light where there is abject - darkness.

Our children should get the best - not the worst.

Both these Black women are up to no good and the community needs to know - find out for yourselves - why so many of you are tolerating such - nonsense.

The SF Board of Supervisors too - look the other way - while such shenanigans come before them - they know better - but chose to look the other way.

Where is the City Attorney, the District Attorney on this one?

Where is John Rahaim - the SF Planning Director on this one?

Where is the SF Planning Commission and SF Planing Department on this one?

Where is Barbara Garcia the Director of the SF Health Department of this one?

Where is Rajiv Bhatia on this one - he heads the Environmental Department linked to the SF Health Department?

Wake up San Francisco and do not treat our children with disdain.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


California once the 5th largest economy - fell from its grace - with too much spending - and the California legislature - again and again failing to - balance the budget. Today, California is ranked 8th in the world - as far its economy is concerned.

Our economic woes need a healer - and we found it in Governor Jerry Brown. Some of us call him Jerry with affection - and he does not mind it. For starters when no one could present a balanced budget - Jerry put one together - and did just that - a good balanced budget - with the cooperation of both the Republicans and the Democrats.  Kudos.

Governor Jerry Brown - used his experience and promised to balance the budget but many did not expect him to achieve that goal and distinction - in such a short period.

Proposition 30 did the trick - with everyone sharing - and the rich paying more and stepping to the plate.

Well, I know for a fact - the other politicians could not bring about a balanced budget. Jerry - being Jerry - he could - because he always is forthright, He has his facts right - speaks to the point that he can be very blunt if needed to win anyone - over.

At last our schools and colleges all over California - will get some reprieve.

Jerry stated clearly that tuition fees would not be jacked up - thus giving a lot of solace; peace of mind - an opportunity to work hard and achieve graduation - to many students who worked hard - more at the two or three jobs they held - especially those in Junior and Community Colleges - in California.

There has always been  issues with health and benefits - when it comes to many Californians. More so with our immigrant community - that tend to have more children - and less of sound health care - because it is expensive.

Here in  California we aim to encourage Universal Health Care - and some counties and cities are ahead of the game. California aims to bring over a million poor California into the fold - and offer them good health care. Way to go - Governor Jerry Brown.

It is the same with energy issues - Jerry has been on the fore front of   - " Clean Energy" - and soon over 20% of all our energy usage - will be from sources such as wind, solar, wave and whatever else the scientists and innovators can come up with. We can up that to 40% - in the years to come - with sound, planning.

Northern California has the water - and the DELTA has sufficient - that can be shared - with prudence.

Building two underground tunnels - taking the water to where it is needed - is something innovative - and will speed up the project - once the permits are in place. Large underground conduits - they type that are possible now - with state of art - Underground Tunneling Equipment.

Our farmers need the water - but, there must be some understanding that - there must be no waste. Just because Northern California has it now - does not mean we will have it - available in the long run. This resource is precious - as precious as gold.

Our delta is contained and the large amount of water held back  by levies - these levies build from the earth - are prone to bursting if a major earthquake occurs. One is due soon and the race to save the levies and contain the water - is being; fast tracked.

A catastrophe such as a large Earthquake - we call the Big One - will adversely impact lives and cost California over $20 billion dollars plus - if not more.

The tunnels are expensive - considering the will be wide - about 30 feet but they should be in place and last over 100 years. In California we have met challenges; attempted to do things that others said could not be done - we can and must do it now.

California needs high speed rail - and our Governor Jerry Brown - wants to address this project quickly and in pieces. One stretch at a time - it is possible - because the money is there - where the projects are  - "shovel ready".

We should be able to have our high speed rail in place - within ten years.

Of course because it is over ground - the many permits more linked to environmental studies. Also estimates - that seem to fluctuate - but, right now Jerry is positioned to take this gigantic task - so that in coming years - we can reach San Diego - in four hours if not less.

I have always subscribed to the principle of subsidiarity.

One learns to be cautious, do the home work, and when the plan is set forth for action - all those that have to play a part - do their best. There is no micro-managing and less of curbing talent - and putting hurdles in anyone's way.

Our mountains in California pose a challenge. Right now the rail goes through the tunnels but at a measly 24 hours per mile - soon that could be 90 miles and with a little tweaking 150 miles per hour.

For the first time in many years - both the California Legislative Assembly and the California Senate - have Democrats in the majority.

May be in the future - we can have our budget well spread - with fairness and equity to most Californians - and on time.

No one thought that a balance budget would be declared possible so soon in the year 2013.

Now that it has happened both parties the Democrats and the Republicans - are poised to serve all Californians - well. That is how is should be. Some austerity but that is the only way to keep spend within our means.

We need less of incarceration linked to petty crimes - and our jails should encourage genuine rehabilitation.

Right now - that is not the case. One way we can further this - is using the Internet - and have on line courses - to further the skills of those that must be rehabilitated to contribute to Society at large.

A good aspect of Governor Jerry Brown's thinking is working hard for the youth - and he understands the value of training, skills, and jobs.

One in five children in California are poor - and many go to bed hungry. Yet, we in California brag we produce a lot of food and we are a bread basket that imports - all over this Nation and all over the world.

Our environment needs to be cared - and the Ozone Level is depleting and will cause - ocean rise and hurricanes - less quality snow and a entire serious of factors that will deprive us of stability, predictability and continuity.

Drastic weather patterns will turn our mild climate up side down - and normal seasons will no longer - exists - we already see this all over the world.

This land all of it belongs to the indigenous people; we call the Native Americans.

We call this land America - the indigenous referred to it as - "Turtle Island".

For thousands of years - the indigenous people whom I prefer to call the - "First People" - took care of this land. They revered the tall redwood forest - the giant Sequoias. They took care of the Earth and left it pristine - that is till the stranger came and screwed it up.

The First People looked at the rivers and the lakes and treated them with respect. Once salmon was found in abundance and we know that by damning the rivers - we destroyed what once was good.

Our rivers in California and even our DELTA is not as healthy as it should be - and the scientists are trying to fix it. The "smelt" in the DELTA are a source of much information - we can know the real state of affairs - gauging on the health of the - "smelt" - tiny fish that are found in abundance only in the DELTA.

Much like the frogs - found in abundance - there is health life - and I have always learned this - from the day I was young - and had a keen sense to study - frogs and other signs that I was taught by those that lived off the land, the rivers, and the lakes.

The run off from the agricultural lands - hundreds and thousands of acres in California - containing vast amounts of fertilizers and other toxic substances - have adversely impacted life - be it fauna, flora, fish, and  life - what we all know once flourished - without any impediments.

We need jobs - good career jobs - that once were plenty in California. California offered retirement at the age of 55 years - and many worked in State jobs and today - enjoy hefty pensions. One has just to analyze the California Pension System - (CALPERS).

The Jesuit training has held Governor Jerry Brown in good stead - the principle of subsidiarity that I use - is a fundamental core in Catholicism - that has served the Europeans well - and could be tweaked to foster progress - all over California.

Samsung building their Research and Development Center - the first outside South Korea - is amazing and we all look forward to the good times.

 Samsung has promised - five thousands jobs - and I hope they all are UNION jobs - that will put bread and butter - and help those employed to nourish their families.

After the war we helped South Korea - now, South Korea with its state of the art - cell phones, television, cars, ship building - to poised to return the favor. God Speed.

Governor Jerry Brown intends to go to China - to Shanghai - a City that has always embrace Europeans - and is known to have a special relationship with San Francisco. San Francisco and Shanghai are sister cities - and the Chinese from Shanghai treasure this - relationship.

California intends to open a Trade Center in Shanghai - where our fruits, nuts such as pistachios, wines, meat, other California products - can be delivered for healthy consumption - to the billion plus - Chinese population.

San Francisco already has a trade center in Shanghai. 

Our tryst with the Chinese and the early immigration is well known - from the early days going back to 1800s - when the early Chinese came to our shores - survived as fishermen even at Hunters Point in San Francisco.

Built the railway - climbing hills and mountain - to dynamite and build tunnels. That history is not well told - but is known to those that care to be educated.

Much the same as Angel Island overlooking San Francisco and the Bay not far from Alcatraz - a historic place linked to the early immigration of the early Chinese - immigrants.

The many sordid tales of mistreatment, torture, and blatant discrimination at Angel Island- by the Immigration authorities - that looked down at the early Chinese. Not anymore - and that is good - but, it could be better.

That story will be told in a few years - more light will be shed where there is abject darkness. More; with the rehabilitation and other necessary upgrades at Angel Island. More - so that young children from all nationalities and walks of life - may have a better - comprehension. We are Californians first - all nationalities that have come here to make a living and a better one at that.

Closer to home we have a Chinese Mayor in Edward Lee whom I have known for many years. I normally do not like attending the swearing of Mayors - but, I made it an exception and attended that of Mayor Ed Lee.

Even as Governor Jerry Brown has made a big difference in Sacramento - discerning, uniting, and bring about much progress with the two main parties - and has with distinction attained his goals - we thank him.

We Californians are grateful and much needs to be done for those that are indigent, the poor, our seniors, our infants and children.

California must do better and so far this year we are on the right track. Kudos to Governor Jerry Brown. Aho.


It is so sad in today's fast moving world - with an abundance of information - most of it superficial - impacting the much needed " decision making " to make things better - provide Quality of Life to the general public at large.

People in power - decision makers - who are NOT educated on issues - and fall back on their staff and so called - experts to lead them down some path - mostly end in the "cesspool" - the cesspool of their own creation.

In San Francisco - supposedly a world class City we do not have leaders that can truly understand the essential facts to address Quality of Life issues.

We had them in years past - look at our cable cars and the ingenuity of those that still make them work today. Those that help bring the Hetch Hetchy clean drinking water - all by gravity - from Yosemite to downtown San Francisco and more.

Creating the Golden Gate Park right in the middle of the City - one of the best Urban Park in the world. Of course the Golden Gate Bridge - this City built on Ohlone land - has given us writers, painters, musicians, architects, doctors, engineers, military personnel, teachers, politicians, chefs, and a host of other great women and men - that have made our world a better  - place.

No City wants the tourists to visit any City - and I know more - having just - returned from visiting a number of Cities in Europe - and seeing things for myself - and feel that Quality of Life issues are lacking. Travel and check for yourselves - and then study the mishaps - taking place in San Francisco.

Astute City officials - behind the scene - make sure - certain factors are addressed; and addressed with the general public in mind - those that pay their taxes.

Monitoring the traffic that reflects on sound transportation, monitoring crime of all sorts that reflects on safety, taken care of the populace - especially the infants, children, and seniors - that reflects of health.

Understanding the energy issues; if you do have black-outs, power failures and stuff like that - can bring things to a stall and impact - Quality of Life - issues and cause infinite - problems.

A robust plan to address any situation - small and big when there is an Emergency.

We do not need folks that pat themselves on the back - but when there is a situation - are at a loss for words. More when there is an emergency are not in town - this has happened so many times in recent years in San Francisco - that people are fed up.

There must be a balance between those that are permitted to amass large amounts of wealth and then pretend to influence those that do not have wealth.

This is the case in San Francisco - our Representative in Congress and the Senate - are figure heads - that have NOT addressed anything worth the salt - in the their backyards.

They have surely cared to address their pocket - filling them to the hilt - and mocking the public in general - with drab legislation and small - talk.

Again and again these very corrupt people - want to carry on a legacy - trying to prepare the way - for the daughters; others in the family.

Working other over time - to keep the campaign coffers filled - making deals with those - that are greedy - and will do anything to make a fast buck - adversely impact the hard working, tax paying population of San Francisco.

We need this Representative out and the Nation must know their true deeds - fake to the core - and liars who lie through their teeth. I have been following them for years - over 30 years to be sure.

Crime in on the increase in San Francisco - and if you ask the ordinary layperson - she or he will tell you that -  there is more crime today than there ever was. People are afraid to move around freely - not only at night but during the day. Why?

You can bring out the statistics - which have not in the past; been kept accurately.

Now; are watered down - to provide some drab information to the Department of Justice - which has NOT done a good job - before nor has it's act together - now.

San Francisco is the past has had serious major problems - more in the last ten years - too many to discuss in this short article.

However, because we have had too many serious problems - many making headlines on newspapers Nationwide - if we could discern - we could do better. To do that one has to be educated on issues. We have a few who are. The majority - so called leaders - groping the the dark.

You just have to watch the San Francisco Police Commission - a bunch of appointees who are a JOKE.

Joe Marshall feels important now that Joe Biden the Vice-president - President Barack Hussein Obama - side kick - invited him to Washington DC - to give him and others - some fed back.

One of many hastily called groups - to address violence and killings. Joe Marshall is not respected by those that really county - he wants to think he is - but the fact is - he is not.

The man cannot articulate - nothing is clear in his mind - he will start on one topic - move to another - and before you know it the train that he was talking about - has left the platform. But, now he is on a plane - mentions the train - but as I said  -the train   has left the platform.

Good leaders know the way, show the way , and go the way.

For the last ten years the San Francisco Police Commission has been a parody - it is a JOKE.

In the past - some of us advocates - with a deep knowledge about Police Matters - have tried to make some changes - nothing, much - happens.

The gimmick is simple - drag on the topic - talk in circles - and make the public at large - disenchanted.

Those at the core think they know it all - and having a meaningful dialog - with all the facts on the table - in other other words full disclosure - is something the SF Police Commission - will not care to ponder - less carry out.

San Francisco has a major issue with our roads and our transportation.

The Central Subway; for example - has taken us a long way off the beaten path.

We started with a project saying that $900,000 would suffice - but now it is growing and growing and growing - it has reached $1.7 billion.

It the past when the rails were replaced; on Market Street and other changes made - crossing paths, enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, asphalting the road - Market Street took years - to complete this project.

The businesses on Market Street were compensated -  because of the construction - and the many years it took - nearly three years - a good five percent of the business folded - in the bargain.

On Third Street when some idiots decided to put the Third Street Light Rail - from Fourth and King to the Middle of Nowhere - Visitation Valley - and that project took four years - ninety percent of the business - folded - and no one was compensated.

No one seem to have analyzed this problem - a problem that has led to many other issues - affecting - Quality of Life in the Bayview Hunters Point - area and further - the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

Today; those in charge think they will impose the same hurdles on the business doing good business in the North Beach. North Beach business women and men are stellar - and will fight all the way. Time will tell.

Now, we have heard from the North Beach business owners - saying that their business are being adversely impacted - and most have lost fifty percent of their business - daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly - earnings.

Never mind in the year 2008 to the year 2011 - all these businesses were impacted by the spiraling economy - that hit our Nation - in 2008. We are just - recovering.

When will our idiots who are making the policy decisions - ever understand how to run a world class City?

More a City and County of San Francisco that is well known - that tourist use to love to come - but, now wonder whey we take our natural beauty, the mild climate, the many restaurants, and other amenities for granted.

Why we encourage filthy dirty MUNI buses, streets that are not clean, begging on the increase, and snatching purses, Iphones, and a host of other petty crime - that deters the tourists from ever coming again. Who is responsible for this utter - nonsense?

It is not as if we do not have people that are in the know - we have idiots who think they know it all - and over rule those that tell them the right things to do.

We see this buffoonery again and again and again. What is disgusting - it is in your face - type - fools acting it out - and think that all is fine. Sorry, it is not!

There is a lot of talk about Community Choice Aggregation (CCA).

Behind this ploy are some folks who at one time wanted to install Three Combustion Turbines - using Fossil Fuel - when some of us advocates were trying our best to shut down the Hunters Point Power Plant and the Mirant Power Plant that belonged once to Pacific Gas and Electric - stop the use of fossil fuel - and stop the pollution in the environment.

Some of us succeeded to close down the power plants - after years of fighting - thousands of man hours and much of our own money spent to make that happen.

What many in our City do not know in the simple mathematics about our energy issues.

How we get our power - and who has jurisdiction over the transmission lines - and other important stuff - that I will not disclose to the "idiots" - for the simple fact that I do not have to. That is my prerogative. 

In a general way let me explain what most people should know. You can learn more - by doing some more research - embolden yourselves - and feel determined to learn more and participate.

Pacific Gas and Electric controls all the transmission lines in this City.

Over the last ten years - upgraded many of them. On San Bruno Avenue for example all the transmission line are underground - and there is a plan - to put many the now - over-head transmission lines - underground in the near - future.

San Francisco has a major transmission line - known as the Jefferson-Martin Transmission line that stop on the border of San Francisco - and is technically in Daly City.

This transmission line - South of San Francisco - brings in more than three forth of this City requirements. Our requirement are about 960 Mega Watts per day - more when we have large gatherings - games, conventions, and so on. 

Our great City has a mild climate - so we really do not needy - "Air Conditioning" every single day - a few days in a month - if that - may be. The natural Fog does a good job - and gives us this great gift - for free. We are thankful - at least I am.

From my office at Executive Park - on many days I see the Fog - make the hills disappear - hugging the hills - then as noon time nears and sun is out bright - the fog disappears  and the hills appear in all their majesty. I see this often - ponder - and say to myself the Ohlone had it good for thousands of years - and so do we.

What most San Franciscans have NO clue about is a transmission line that does not belong to Pacific Gas and Electricity that brings in about 400 Mega Watts from Pittsburg.

Under our Bay - and lands very near the old Mirant Power Plant - closer to the Dog Patch Historical District. For those that travel - closer to Third Steet and 18th Street. 400 Mega Watts - much of it access that is sold to meet other requirements - elsewhere.

The Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) has its Main Maintenance Facility - very close by - the above mentioned - project.

In the future the hotels and other large development planned - will use the extra power - at a reasonable rate - and those that invested in the Pittsberg- Potrero Transmission line - will make hay while the sun shines.

Right now we have access electricity.

There is also a  plan to permit some entity in the City to provide so called "Clean Energy" to San Franciscans - but for a higher rate. Emphasis on "Clean Energy" - but the details are in how you analyze the source of the Energy - and what is takes to generate the energy, transmit it - and make it affordable.

I agree that we need to produce clean energy - solar which we did it the past putting it on over 60 homes in the Bayview some twelve years ago - with no help from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

That was when Ed Smeloff was the Assistant General Manager for Power Policy at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and was NOT - appreciate for his - vision.

At that time instead of helping this man - every effort was made to fire him - and today - we are at the "doldrums" - because there is a time for everything  - and the train has left the station.

Today we have novice, inexperience people who want San Franciscans to pay more for energy - without giving us a idea - why? 

Failing to provide us with the empirical data - why should we tolerate any nonsense - from those that never had our better interest - be it power, clean power - clean water - or for that matter the increased rates we pay for sewage - that impacts and has been impacting the Southeast Sector - for over ninety years - in years past.

Many have heard me say - and I have put it in writing that - this land we call San Francisco - belongs to the Ohlone.

The land was stolen - all of it. Suffice to say in this - "concrete jungle" that we have created - we must live - the least we can do is by being - fair.

We have inept, inexperienced people,lacking skills and qualifications making over $200,000 a year - with benefits - failed to perform.

Having no local  history, less caring about the constituents who want to impose their will - and think they will get away with murder - in broad daylight - never, ever.

Again and again when it comes to leadership - we have literally idiots who are trying to impose their will on us.

If we name them they get angry - but, in the first place no one - who does not fully understand the issues - should be in the position of representing and making policies.

At one time we had a good man in Edward Smeloff - and following his leaving the post - we have incompetent people - who continue to do things that make no sense.

I have given you a few examples above - and will in future on other critical and pertinent factors and operations in our great City. 

Again and again we employ and pay - people who are inept, shallow, spineless, immoral to head projects - that we should not - all paid by the tax payers - especially - the "Enterprise Departments" - the SF Airport, the SF Port Authority, the SF Public Utilities Commission.

One must be educated on issues, have the ability to discern, have the ability to have a meaningful - dialog - represent and serve the public at large.

Please do not make promises - you cannot fulfill. 

There is a lot of information out there - most of it rubbish - the ability to discern comes from sound education.

If you can discern, filter the best, and it works - you have proven to yourself that you are educated and can help - some one else.

If you choose to represent - better put your best foot forward - our City is suffering - more because of very poor - leadership.

Can we do better - of course - how? Getting rid of the chaff.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


All over San Francisco some devious entities are taking full control of our land - some key facilities and amenities.

Even our Parking is now controlled by the Mafia - not the Italian Mafia - but one that has deep roots in Florida - of a type that will be dealt a severe blow - by Mother Nature.

We have a former "thug Mayor" will millions invested in Macao - for the ignorant a former Portuguese colony - next to Hong Kong - now controlled by Main Land China. His holdings - gambling and he has been there for over 10 years - plus.

This former "thug Mayor" -  has been raking in millions. Forcing himself on deals and demanding money - making illegal deals for himself directly - but more for his law firm.

Using his power; this same "thug mayor" on the Board of CALPERS in the past - the entity that controls our State of California pensions - and more. Investing CALPERS pension investments - with dubious entities like a Rogue Company named Lennar - the famous LandSource deal and more.

We have another former Mayor - whose husband has made millions - getting Department of Defense contracts - his wife a Senator gave him the inside scoop and the rest is history - CBRE.

Now; this same 80 year old plus Senate - senile as she is - is touting a law to ban guns - but she was the first in San Francisco to be permitted to carry a concealed weapon. This eighty year old hag - should step aside and fade into oblivion. Nothing she touches - will be successful - she is anathema.

A better approach and more holistic - taking care of our mentally challenged. Her mother - I am talking about the Senator - had serious mental challenges - but, this Senator has done nothing - for the mentally challenged. May be with need a Stimulus Package to address - the issue of mental illness - all over this great Nation.

The same entities that destroyed our economy - are now rejoicing that Wall Street is doing well - the common people - "we the people are still" - suffering. The 99% have not recovered - from the spiraling economic adverse impacts - linked to the 2008 - debacle. 

The perennial - "money changers" - loan sharks - the ones that will sell their mother for a nickel. All over the world - where there are - they make trouble - and most of the trouble - has its roots in money, shark loaning, sell arms - dividing people - instigating wars - and I know what I am talking about.

The paradox is that Wall Street is doing well - because the one percent that have stolen money for so long - have billions - and when thousands - of these vermin - invest millions.

Be it five percent of their ill gotten holdings - creating a $6 Billion total portfolio infusion on Wall Street - ignorant folks rejoice - but there is nothing to be surprised - these devious portfolios - create an illusion that all is well.

We all remember - not long ago how the "bubble" burst in our faces. Human have short memories - but the "crooks" - on the side line - they prey on the majority.

The millions of hard working folks - more senior citizens on fixed income - that lost their investments, their homes, their everything. So short and fleeting - is the memory of those that are not educated on issues.

Our government without our permission took the income from our taxes - our investments such as Social Security - to bail the large financial institutions - AIG and banks like Wells Fargo, Bank of American, City Bank, - devious entities like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase - most of them received money at very low interest - then turned around and invested the billion at higher rates - and have already paid the government - so they say. Even that giant AIG.

Crooks are busy - working at  the San Francisco Port property - that comes under the jurisdiction and governed by - "Public Trust Act".

The on going many deals that we know are happening - have mostly nothing to do with Maritime Uses - they fringe on other machinations and ploys - the laymen left guessing what is happening - the point is - it is happening.

Nothing escapes the hawk - we watch it all - and where there is abject darkness - we will shed light.

Everyone in California has a right to comment - dialogue, have meaningful discussions on any project linked to the Public Trust Lands. So, far behind close doors the deals are make - and then just like that Environmental Impact Studies and Report, other required studies - are fast tracked. During the holiday season - some meetings are held - and most of the stuff - is rubber stamped.

Thieves that steal land truly have no obligation to do right - if the can sell their mothers for a nickel - what prevents them from break all the rules. Their whole life - is one BIG - lie.

Again the Mafia are in charge - calling the shots - and these Mafia entities  have NO linked to the Italian Mafia - but one more devious, daring - and in your face.

No one would dream that the Parking at Fisherman Wharf would fall is dubious hands - but it has.

No one - would have ever dreamed about fancy hotels built at Pier 70 - the most contaminated area - but some devious folks are at it - again.

One would have thought our colleges more public colleges that are sacrosanct - have been run down - and brought to a stand still - so that the "crooks" can come in with raked in millions - and buy these properties - once set aside for higher learning and sound education.

Now vested interest are targeting these large properties - to build homes - where the most despicable - will live - much like they plan to do - in most place - where they have - "gated communities". Time will tell.

Again a former Mayor and her greedy husband - with links to CBRE - are getting ready to steal - SF City College!

Land is what these scum bags want - and how they get it - and the methods they use - hitting below the belt - and using every trick from the devil's hat. Many know it - but can do nothing about it. The devils are running everything in San Francisco.

History repeats itself - never mind - some entities chose to take stringent steps - against 'money changers" and "loan sharks" - some folks that have no compassion - when it comes to making, money at any cost.

When the saturation point reached - some took action - stringent action that had repercussions that today haunt the world and civilization. 

Even; with this history of stringent action - and years after some deeds were committed and registered on another continent - memories fade. Human beings are like that - their attention span when it comes to some things - fleeting.

Human beings - the most despicable forget - fail to understand that you cannot hurt the poor and prey on those that cannot defend themselves. More if you are placed in a position to represent, to direct, to make things whole - to serve and be of service.

Now it is business as usual. Greed and more greed - never mind if the innocent suffer - scum bags of the highest order. A disgrace to the human race - they will grin at your face - and stab you behind your back. I know them all and have a rap sheet on them.

It is a crying shame - when over sixty percent of the Native Americans - in California - are not on the Federal Register.

While the original people - the First People - took care of this land we call America for thousands of years - care was taken to take little and leave the rest - for those that would come - after.

No one practiced greed - in fact there was no word - called "greed" in the many languages and dialects spoken - then came the stranger - and all they saw they wanted.

Thousands of Buffaloes were slain - not for their flesh but for their fur. Heaps as high as huge hills left - for the flesh to rot - and these greed bastards - thought - nothing of these - actions.

It is the same with the redwood trees - the large, tall tress, many hundreds of feet tall - some of the tallest - in the world. So many old growth redwood trees were cut - today many of us think of the folly - but it is too late.

There are those that are greedy - and there are the First People.

The Native American better known as the First People - have spiritual values - as the First People - they affectionately called  our Nation -Turtle Island. They took care of Turtle Island for thousands of years - only for the greed stranger - on his arrival to this land - to waste, contaminate, create concrete jungles - and help foster - adverse impacts - Climate Change.

Turtle Island has been turned into a concrete jungle, a cesspool, a place so polluted - that all the Abolone that use to be found in abundance - here in the Bay Area - is no more.

The many species of "frogs" the pulse of things healthy are gone.

One of a kind frogs and other species of bird, animals, fish, flora, and fauna - killed and destroyed.

The SF Port actively participated in the destruction of the Muwekma Ohlone Sanctuary. The Chorus Frog - was in abundance at one time by Islais Creek and so was herring and other vital resources that the Ohlone - sustained on.

Those that purport to know all - think that they only are "kosher" have failed Society and focused on greed - and history has recorded the million of actions - all over the world and her in the United States of America.

Today these same people brag about Heron Head Park by Pier 98.

A few feet from the once operating - Hunters Point Power Plant - that for over 60 years - polluted the waters that washed on its shores and bombard the soil - with fall outs of particulates, lead, mercury - in the thousands of tons - over all these many - years..

The farce; that a once fallen in disrepair pier, a dump where the most toxic of things were thrown and buried, low level radiological waste - now; suddenly - we are led to believe that all is well. The fallen Pier took the shape of a Heron's Head - hence the fake name of sorts.

We have soil reports pointing to the contamination - to those that say that all is well - to the contrary; it is not and we can produce the empirical data - at a moment's notice.

The Native plants all over San Francisco destroyed - and the shameless, shallow, greedy bastards - doing it again and again - and bragging about their shameless actions -  history will repeat - itself.

Recently Hurricane Sandy sent a strong message to the most corrupt in New York City, New Jersey, and coastline where folks thought - that nothing could touch them - but is did.

Mother Nature brought the supposedly powerful to the knees - and for the first time even Mayor Bloomberg - was stuttering, other City officials from the area - Mayor Christie and so on - aghast and there is more to come - your way.

The National Oceanographic Agency and others predict stronger hurricanes.

More powerful waves thirty, forty, fifty feet - a tusami of a kind - on more regular intervals - and more devastating. Man can think - that he can deal with Mother Nature - but deep down he knows - who will  - win.

When the flood waters visited the subways in New York - and filled the stations two three floors underground to the hilt - the ones that built them - were devastated. This is only the beginning - you all have seen nothing - yet.

Wake up San Francisco. Wake up you that think you can defeat Mother Nature. 

The Bay that surrounds San Francisco on three sides - is waiting to play its part.  All the infill - will go back to the Ocean and the land once taken restored - time in on the side of Mother Nature - man is fleeting and more in his ignorance.

 All those now fancy buildings and proposed hotels, theaters, garages - will all be wiped out. Mother nature has its way - and when it acts -it is sudden and to the point.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone on matter that pertaining to infrastructure.

Now that the devious; former San Francisco Redevelopment Agency has been laid to rest - other devious Infrastructure Development Shenanigans - are being created - none of which will work.

Keep going to the State of California to have special Legislation passed - much like a whore - that cannot be satisfied.

The Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency  - that now carries on the mundane work of the former SF Redevelopment Agency cannot provide the right documents.

Again and again has failed to provide accounts that tally and less that make sense. The authorities in Sacramento will be formed - they will receive this article - with all the facts and in your face empirical data. We must learn to give the scum bags - a doze of their own medication. 

Again and again the SF Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - has the tendency to provide - some drab, fake,  unreliable documents.

The numbers in these botched documents - do not tally.

We are watching and monitoring the crooks.

The can dig their graves - the likes of Tiffany Bohee - a pawn in the game - controlled by the devious - with ulterior motives - led on the outside by a former "thug Mayor" - who literally is losing his eye sight as we speak.

We have large areas in San Francisco - more in the Southeast Sector - with bodies and committees that are hand in glove with the corrupt- we watch them carefully - collect facts, manifests, verify historical happenings, we keep in real - empirical data and all - and that is all we want - when it comes to proving what is right and who truly owns this land - all of it.

Each one of these evil folks will get their reward - in fact most of them are not happy- always plotting - many a times against themselves - not knowing it - they are the living dead.

I meet them and they are shallow.

Their soul is numb.

Their brains conditioned to get a high by amassing ill gotten wealth and rubbing shoulders with the so called movers and shakers - who thread on ground that is delicate, fleeting, and dangerous.

They get their pleasure - spending money - "glut sprees, shopping when the are supposed to work - all documented" - they call them SF City workers - pimps and whores who are a disgrace to the human race. Many making in access of $200,000 sans benefits and perks.

The First People are alive and kicking.

We cannot fight the devils in court - we do not have the money to throw - and your judicial system is rigged.

You call Corporations person - go figure that - and answer the question who gave an inanimate entity - life with  rights and powers?

 The corrupt have placed themselves in high places.

They pretend to listen to you - but as the devil himself rules - he knows that he cannot touch good, any holistic - so evil prevails - and the innocent suffer - but not for long.

It is will all come to naught! 

Room 200 at SF City Hall - is buzzing with wheeling and dealings done with the China Development Bank.

The information agents and the Main Media spread  LIES - much like a virus - spreading everywhere -  most everyone succumbs to the lies.

The communist - China Development Bank is put on notice - we do not want you and those of you - that "harvest organs" - anywhere near our shores.

We may not take you court - but the land we have - must not be touch by evil folks like you - you are put on notice.

The land is prone to liquefaction and flooding - once the natural  Bay formed after thousands of years - what you see today is not its natural shape or condition.

All you see today - the artificial landfill - it will return to the Bay - and with it will drown and perish - those that think they are - invincible.

Your time is coming - it is here. Aho.