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Wednesday, November 14, 2018


The San Francisco Police Department - has a track record having earned the distinction - coming under " Court Order " mandates - where it has had to report to the Court - in all matters - and it took it years - to get out of that deep, stifling choke -  until very recently.

SFPD has been adjudicated by the SF Grand Jury and found to be totally dysfunctional - treating innocent SF Citizens with disdain - more citizens of color - indigenous people.

Rogue SF Police Officers shooting first and asking questions latter. The SF Police Officers have a mandate to protect our citizens - but this has not been a norm among the many rogue SF Police Officers - who are having a field day - doing what they please - often shooting first and asking question later on.

The Blue Panel was formed consisting of some will informed and stellar judges.

The Blue Panel did not receive -  a single dollar from Mayor Edwin Mah Lee (since deceased) or any entity linked to the City and County of San Francisco.

Many volunteers,  many Law Firms contributed - all Pro Bono - worked hard to gather the empirical data - and produce a document that reveal our very dysfunctional - the SF Police Department is and continues to be. 

The Community Oriented Policing (COP) - an entity that used to work with the U.S. Department of Justice - this entity had been defunded - allowing it to wither on the vine. This happened as soon as Donald Trump entered the White House. 

COP mandated 272 changes - to improve the SF Police Department - these mandated changes speak to the inherent dysfunctional mentality the pervades  within the San Francisco Police Department.

It is a shame - year after year - innocent people get shot - some by the SF Police Department - others by those that choose with intent - to ambush and murder someone.

The killer who ambushed Joseph Taeotui are roaming the streets - the Mayor London Breed know this, the President of the SF Board of Supervisors knows this - other know this - and yet the constituents, we the tax payers, we the citizens - have to endure and suffer - while our patience is tested.

Joseph Taeotui was well respected all over San Francisco - and had a clean record.

Protocol mandates having a Town Hall meeting - after a death - more a shooting and killing - the victim's family present and the community present - so that there can be closure.

This has NOT happened with the case of Joseph Taeotui - 3 months have passed - and we are waiting. Waiting for Godot!

Malia Cohen should be ashamed of herself - try to disparage Joseph Taeotui - and thinks we do not know about her foul mouth and the diatribe she spews.

We who truly love Joseph Taeotui ( Jungle) will NOT stop until justice is done - believe you me.

Unlike the politicians who take " dark money " - break the law - and fail to represent the tax payers - foremost London Breed and Malia Cohen - buying favors by doling Commendations, doling other type of paper awards that mean nothing to the tax payers, the decent citizens of San Francisco. 

Instead of improving the SFPD continues to get worse  - hotspots within the SFPD - adversely impact everyone - rogue SF Police Officers - having a field day.

We have a population of 830,000 night time population in San Francisco - and a day time population that increases to one and half million - when thousands come to San Francisco to work.

The population increases when we have huge conventions, baseball games, other events - the one and half million population - grows even greater.

Our SF politicians are no more astute, have less fortitude, even less tenacity, and have failed to represent the citizens, San Franciscans of today.

Soon we will have a change at the SF Board of Supervisors - two real men - one corrupt man - will join Aaron Peskin, Rafael Mandelman, Norman Yee, and Ahsha Safai.

Hopefully this change will bring good results - with the exception of one Supervisor tainted with " dark money ".

Congestion and pollution adversely impacts our infants, children, youth, young adult, our Elders - those with compromise health - more our  mentally and physically challenged. The recent fires have contributed to haze and smoke - further adversely impacting those that suffer from respiratory diseases.

Homelessness is chronic - and thousands of San Franciscans have left San Francisco never, ever to return again - in the last five year over 80,000 families.

This singular fact does not seem to faze Malia Cohen, London Breed, folks like Shaman Walton, other corrupt folks who have no empathy, less compassion - more access to further their nefarious activities using - " dark money ".

We have a homeless population of about 12,000 and here we have corrupt politicians - creating Navigation Centers - that can accommodate NO more than 100 indigents.

These politicians lack information - sound information that contributes to " education ".

These sordid politicians -  lack the ability to comprehend logistics - and when it comes to Blue Prints - they cannot fathom - how to grasp the situation at hand - think outside the box - they talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

Stupid and idiotic they cannot - Create a Blue Print with time-lines and goals. Address the urgent issues of the day - when it comes to any " situation " they get stumped - and even when they can say some positive they commit blunders.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has use London Breed to send a message to the State of California to chastise them - when it comes to our Salmon and amount of water we need release into the rivers - to keep a healthy Salmon population - going.

San Francisco has no ethics, no morals, and even less standards. 

First the SF Board of Supervisors approved a Resolution initiated by Aaron Peskin - then a few days later - reverts to a faulty memoranda sent to State of California - regarding our rivers -  the Salmon - the State uses state of art methods to test and more uses state of the art technology and empirical data.

The SFPUC head by Harlan Kelly used Smithsonian models - has adversely impacted us all - and now dares to challenge the State of California - using London Breed who has NO clue what she signs - because she is not educated on issues.

San Francisco must learn to slow done when it comes to our natural resources. This recent fire must teaches us a lot. If the Big One visits us - we will have to call upon the State for help - for all the talk - Reliance and all - when the Big One visits us - as it happened in 1989 - we the people will have to help ourselves.

The District 10 Supervisor - Shaman Walton - continues to wheel and deal - including his recent " victory "  held at the establishment of Andrew Casteel - Laughing Monk Brewery.

This name appears again and again - on Dwayne Jones list of a slush fund - such ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - are NOT to be tolerated.

We saw so much " dark money " spent to help representative from District 4 and District 6 - millions of dollars - Prime time advertisements - that can cost up to and more than $10,000 each and every time time they are displayed - durning Prime Time.

We the people go to SF Board of Supervisors meetings - and are permitted a measly two minutes - during Public Comment.

All the while the SF BOS - spew hot air, diatribe - and treated those in the chambers with disdain - most of them do not meet the - " smelt test ".

Again and again - Appeals come before the SF BOS - mostly related to Land Use - developers - vying to build high density homes on land prone to severe flooding and liquefaction.

Again and again -such Appeals favor the " Big Developers "  favored by Malia Cohen from District 10 - who soon will be termed out - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

Monday, November 12, 2018


Buffalo Soldiers honored at the 
SF Presidio of San Francisco 
the Officers' Club - by the Presidio Trust -
November 11, 2018.

Over 500 Buffalo Soldiers lay interred at the Veteran's Cemetery - at the SF Presidio of San Francisco where I served SF Presidio of San Francisco and Presidio of San Francisco - a special event was held on this Veteran's Day 2018 - to honor our Veterans and their supporters - and a reception was held - to honor Ranger Rick Penn - for his 25 years of service - working for the National Park Service.

The Oakland - Buffalo Soldiers' Motor Cycle Club was present  - " One Club One Patch One Mindset ". Their prestige created an ambiance - reminiscent of the many events I held at the Presidio Officers' Club and the Golden Gate Club in previous years - going back to the year 2000.

At one time we were able to gather -
live Buffalo Soldiers here you have three -
Sgt. Mayor Ulysses Moore to the left, next Francisco Da Costa, Buffalo Soldier Ralph Hobson, and 
 Buffalo SoldierJohn Reid.
We held this event at the SF Presidio Officers' Club -
February 19, 2003.

November 11, 2018

The Buffalo Soldiers fought for this Nation -
at the Presidio the 9th and 10th Calvary were stationed -
so were the 24th and 25th Infantry Regiment -
over 500 Buffalo Soldiers remain interred at the
SF Veterans Cemetery - many of us pay our homage -
one singular day - Veterans' Day.

The Buffalo Soldiers served all over the world -
Cuba - with President Theodore Roosevelt 
the Rough Riders, in Tripoli, Libya, in Trieste, Italy,
in the Philippines, in Burma, the Buffalo Soldiers 
are respected all over the world.

November 11, 2018

November 11, 2018

My good friend Rick Penn -
and Francisco Da Costa Ranger for a day.

On November 11, 2018  - supporters
of the Buffalo Soldiers gathered to honor U.S. Veterans
and Ranger Rick Penn for the many years - 
he spent giving tours at the Presidio of San Francisco -
informing visitors more about the Buffalo Soldiers.

Buffalo Soldiers on their horses.

Colonel Charles Young -
the highest ranked Buffalo Soldier -
he should have been a General - 
he was smart, brave, and wrote the Standard Operating
Procedures to manage the Federal Lands in California -
today better known as the National Park Service.

At one time Blacks were the best known Cowboys in the United States. 

The Buffalo Soldiers were superior horsemen -  could compete with the best horsemen all over the world. The Native American horsemen - who mastered horse riding - up and down ravines - respected the Buffalo Soldiers and that says a lot.

The movies have the cowboys portrayed failing to give due respect and honor to Black Cowboys.

The all Black Calvary and the Buffalo Soldiers - played an important role interaction between the Native Americans and the Army - many Buffalo Soldiers hailed from the Reservations.

The Buffalo Soldiers accompanied the Pioneers to California - leading to the settlement, the building of the railway - and the prosperity that we now enjoy the fifth largest economy in the world.

The many stage stops - the Three Mile, the Five Mile, the Seven Mile - accompanying the Wells Fargo Stage - all over the Nation - now forgotten.

Here at the SF Presidio of San Francisco from the early 1989 to now - we have been fighting for a museum to honor the Buffalo Soldiers - most people are NOT aware of this fact. Here is some history that I posted on my website:

Here is one of many articles under the Title - Buffalo Soldiers:

November 11, 2018 - SF Presidio Officers' Club
Honoring the Buffalo Soldiers

In  due time - this history must be recorded - right - the wrong must be righted and that time in now.

At upper Fort Mason - one must proceed towards the Bay - and you notice a sign Black Point.

Buffalo Soldiers went down this path, down to the Bay - where they embarked on ships that took to them places - like the Philippines. 

The sign should have said Buffalo Soldiers - but some chose to use just the word " Black " - leaving out the precise words  "Buffalo Soldiers" - which should have been appropriate. 

Time will tell.

The Oakland, Buffalo Motorcycle Club -
One Club One Patch One Mindset
they did us all proud - by their presence -
and support of the Buffalo Soldiers.

At the SF Presidio of San Francisco we have over 40 sites - linked to the Buffalo Soldiers.

More - outside the Presidio of San Francisco - now is the time to right the wrong - more since we have the empirical data, artifacts, photographs, and what is more singular documents that can be produced - at the right time with the right people present - everything in writing.

We must be in the cockpit at all times - those time playing second fiddle at long gone - our time is now and our time has come.

Here is Anthony Powell at the Golden Gate Club -
at one Black History Month - where we
focused on the Buffalo Soldiers - 
Anthony Powell a Buffalo Soldiers' Historian -
the best in the world - his grandfather photographed
Buffalo Soldiers - his collection of Buffalo Soldiers'
is second to none - large corporations vying to buy his collection.

Tents as those seen above were built - 
where the Buffalo Soldiers lived -
the Officers who command the Buffalo Soldiers 
live in homes and housing quarters -
we have several locations at the SF Presidio of San Francisco
where the Buffalo Soldiers - lived in tents.

In years past - we put up exhibits such as the one
seen above - complete with photographs -
and other artifacts - saddles, guns, and other 
paraphernalia - we tried our best to built a museum -
at the SF Presidio of San Francisco -
that time has come - to honor the Buffalo Soldiers 

The Buffalo Soldiers were men of character -
befriended many of them - ten, fifteen, twenty years - 
twenty five years - and more 
listened to the words of wisdom - did 
my best to help them in their golden years -
at one time we managed to gather 10 live Buffalo Soldiers 
most of them in the late 90s and early 100 years.

Buffalo Soldier - Ralph Hobson -
he retired from the Navy - Naval Air Station - Alameda
I attended his funeral -
he had his own Buffalo Soldiers museum -
at his home - in Vallejo, California - one of a kind artifacts -
he could tear apart huge engines and put them back together.

 Ralph Hobson rarely spoke much - but constantly told me that he loved me - with his soft voice -
when Ralph Hobson passed away - by heart was heavy 
for many, many years.

For many years - I did my best to keep the fire
burning - the Buffalo Soldiers should be honored -
and given the highest respect -
the many myths addressed - the many untrue facts -
put to rest - we need a Buffalo Soldiers Museum - now -
they left their legacy - it must now be memorialized.

Long live the Buffalo Soldier -
even as we the few and brave -
fight hard to honor our Buffalo Soldiers 
in a meaningful manner.

I leave you with this photograph of 
a Buffalo Soldier - who son serves -
with the SF Police Department -
he shared this photograph with me -
some years ago - and I share it with you - respect it.

The Native Americans and the Buffalo Soldiers
shared a common destiny -
here is a family - a Buffalo Soldier's family.

My friends talk is cheap - we must walk the walk - and we must remember that the legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers - will live forever. 

The younger generation - must be kept apprised - of the Truth - we must always speak Truth to Power.

I want to thank the SF Presidio Trust - Andrea Parker for organizing and putting the event together, Julie Brown for giving me a ride - as I struggled to make it to the SF Presidio Officers' Club and sharing some important thoughts,

Barbara Berglund Sokolav the SF Presidio Historian - Rick Penn for his 25 years service - the many Rangers and others that I met who work for the SF Presidio Trust and the National Park Service - keep doing what you all do - best - your heart in the right place.

Francisco Da Costa, Dedan  Kimati JiJaga,
 Michael Harris and Will Delaney.

I thank Michael Harris for being so enthusiastic and bringing so many together - at very short notice.

The Oakland, Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club - for representing the community at large - and their stellar interest and support for the Buffalo Soldiers and their legacy.

Strand tall and represent. When is dire straits send me a smoke signal - I will head your way with the calvary. 

Each and everyone present - you all honored the Veterans that laid their lives for us - others who have to deal with trials and tribulations - you support them - and they thank you very much.

I served as the last Congressional Liaison of SF Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco - before its deactivation. Worked for the National Park Service and before retiring the Unites State Park Police.

Today with others all supporters of the Buffalo Soldiers - we plan to execute some projects - foremost build a Buffalo Soldiers' Museum at the San Francisco Presidio of San Francisco. With fortitude, tenacity, hope, love, and utter determination - we will move forward - we ask for your sincere support. God bless you all.