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Thursday, May 25, 2017


Huge pipes laid to rehab and upgrade
the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP).

San Francisco use to be the place - that showed the entire Nation the good way - the smart way to do things - and take us all to a better place.

Again and again the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) - created in 1996 by Willie L. Brown Jr. has failed us all - wasting millions - on project after project.

This Enterprise Department - that generates millions from selling hydro-electricity, charges to treat the sewage, charges for clean drinking water, charges those it leases golf courses, the SFPUC has a Quarry from which is generates money - and there are other facilities and millions of acres of land - under its jurisdiction - that it has FAILED to be a good steward of.

Assistant General Manager Juliet Ellis charged by the Fair Action Political Committee and the SF Ethics Commission - for moving over $200, 000 our tax payers money - to her former Non-Profit - Green For All - must be fired.

In charge of slogans - " Your number two is our number one " - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project - and more the brand new Digestors - a project that is moving at a snail's pace.

Another slogan touting the decision made by SFPUC - that mixing ground water with pristine Hetch Hetchy water is the
" in " thing to do. Such thinking is so primitive - that is defies logic - where do such " idiots " hail from - and why do we hire them - the sooner we get rid of her the better.

The ground water mixed with pristine Hetch Hetchy water has been creating many problems - for weeks a foul smell - was experienced by tax payers - all over San Francisco - that has a population of over 820, 000. 

This population increases to over a million and a half - people coming from everywhere to work in San Francisco. On days when we have Conventions and Base Ball games - more.

I brought this issue before the SF Public Utilities Commissioners - and it took SFPUC - over month - to fix that problem. In that duration millions - were exposed to " contaminated " drinking water - in large measure.

It badly adversely affected the restaurants - industries that are a pride of San Francisco - the " beer making industry " - many contacted me - and I was at a loss - to under - how stupid and nonchalant the SFPUC - Assistant General Managers were - many of them inept - Juliet Ellis for sure.

Again and again some of the Assistant General Managers working for SFPUC - who should not be working - the likes of Juliet Ellis - are so arrogant and more ignorant that they use innocent infants, children, youth, young adult, seniors, those with compromised health - as guinea pigs.

This nonsense must STOP - now.

We have over 1000 miles of clean drinking water - and we have over 1200 miles of sewer pipes - over 95% of these pipes are old - and leaking. 

The sewer water leaks and contaminates the " Water Shed " - it contaminates the " wells " we have all over the City to use in case of emergency.

We do not want the blending of contaminated water - not in a year - where millions of gallons of water - are released - because all of our  " reservoirs " - are over full.

This year we had so much snow - that right now in May - the snow melting is causing serious - flood problems.

We have too much water - so much - that we let the water spill over - and create a run off. What is it that the stupid SFPUC in charge - do not comprehend?

SFPUC is so stupid that its plans to go forward and mix the contaminated water - contaminated with nitrates from the various golf courses, and play ground.

Chrome product that are very harmful to our infants, children, youth, seniors and those with compromised health.

We have over 4000 hot spots - all over San Francisco - and the City and County of San Francisco - has not abated these hot spots.

 Besides - hundreds of " gas tanks " - buried -  and only when some construction has to be done - these tanks are removed - and each operation cost in access of $300, 000 for the abatement and mitigation - if not more.

We use Chloramine is our clean water as a disinfectant - and Chloramine erodes the clean water pipes - the side affects - create erosion - the  residue contaminates the drinking water - and now the nitrates, chrome products and more.

All sorts of drugs that leach from the human feces - raw sewage.

Asbestos, contamination from poor infill - has not been factored - by those at the SFPUC in leadership - who confront the constituents of San Francisco - with their sordid and evil plans - and when confronted - by San Franciscans - make excuses.

San Francisco does not have a Toxicologist - and when the hearing was held yesterday - May 24, 2017 at City Hall - in Room 216 - before the Safety Committee.

 There was no expert from the SF Health Department - the person in charge was missing in action - and again - the panderer Tomas Aragon - stepped in - to make a fool of himself - he works for the SF Health Department as the Assistant Director of Health.

I am requesting Barbara Garcia - the Director of the SF Health Department - to test the drinking water independently - and post the results on the website - weekly.

I have a gut feeling - some major catastrophe is looming on the horizon - and hundreds will fall sick - if one person dies - the SFPUC will be held responsible - more folks like Juliet Ellis - who does not consider this one issue - serious.

Thousands of San Francisco - have taken to buying  cases and cases" bottle water ".

Once the people smell the foul smelling drinking water - no one wants to touch it. Believe me children for sure will not touch the drinking water - more when the smell - is like sewage water.

Today, the SFPUC has let us down on many fronts - millions of dollars wasted - and folks like Juliet Ellis who should be fired - messing around - harassing decent and hard working - SFPUC employees.

Wasting millions on " fake advertisements " - pushing her agenda - with slogans that read as if some one has lost their mind -  " Your number two is our number one ". 

Juliet Ellis - inept and playing
with the lives of millions -
in charge of communication and doing a very poor job.

This woman Juliet Ellis needs to see some decent psychologist and examine her head.

Moutain Tunnel which is adjacent to the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir was once examined and evaluated - over 10 years ago - and cracks were found. Millions of dollars were paid for this evaluation.

Recently, another evaluation - discovered wider cracks - and this important and vital tunnel - Mountain Tunnel is being repaired.

Even as an assessment is being made - the experts want to build a new tunnel costing in access of $100 million - to avoid a future catastrophe.

All this - because of poor leadership - and having the ability to dip into funds - we San Francisco passed a Bond Measure in access of $2.2 billion - to rehab and upgrade our Water System Improvement Project (WSIP). 

Another $2.6 Billion coming from the other Region partners - linked to BASWA - that we provide Hetch Hetchy clean drinking, pristine water - envied by all - all over the world.

The Raker Act spells out the details and how the pristine water should be used - never, ever was it stated anywhere to mix ground water - more today's ground water that is very contaminated - more with sewage water from leaching old sewer pipes - over 95 years old.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
useless - lacking vision and less leadership -
putting millions in harms way -
including tourist who visit us.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee has no clue about the situation at hand - the SF Board of Supervisor - many of them surfing the Internet - while pretending to do some half- hearted representation at City Hall - in Room 250 - the August Chamber - where the SF Board of Supervisor meet.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


London Breed and Olson Lee -
God alone knows the number of crooked
deals these two have made behind close doors.

Yesterday, May 23, 2017 - I was at the SF Board of Supervisors meeting - the long drawn out deliberations - are a pain in the ass.
Of course London Breed thinks nothing of this - as President of the SF Board of Supervisors  (BOS). She loves to run her mouth -
time for her - to limit her comments - and stop acting like a brat.

London Breed is known for her long rants - and now we find out - surfing Facebook and other sites - all while pretending to attend to business in the Chambers - as President of the BOS.

This behavior is totally uncalled for - and tells us who truly represents our City and County of San Francisco - as more and more decent San Franciscans are leaving San Francisco - never to come back - again.

Malia Cohen is no better - she too was found surfing the Internet - mostly Facebook - and then farting around the place - engaging in side-bar talks - and when she talks - she talks from both sides of her dirty - mouth.

This information reported in the Examiner - is only from data made available linked to the computers - if their cell phones were subject to the same scrutiny - more damaging information would be revealed.

In recent months - more and more - the SF Planning General Plan is thrown to the wind. 

Now, Big Developers can have another 20 feet - for their high rises - provide they accommodate - 30% so called affordable housing.

No one states clearly - affordable to whom - no foot print of the units is made available - and of course - the price - which is always the killer.

Both London Breed and Malia Cohen are busy making deals - behind the scenes - Malia Cohen has sold out the Bayview Hunters Point - has no clue about contamination and liquefaction.

It just a matter of time- when some incident happens - much like the Millennium situation - a 58 story building - now sinking - some 18 inches plus and tilting on one side.

All over the Fillmore - properties under the control of the SF Redevelopment Agency - have been transferred to the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure - OCII - the third such change in the name of the original Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Agency - who is fooling - whom.

The SF Board of Supervisor -
as they want to do - took Olson Lee -
whose actions have harmed thousands -
and allowed us to take this photograph.

In the Fillmore assets in access of $100 million - land equity - are been pandered.

Mainland Chinese - tied to EB-5 visas and other illegal deals - are given opportunities -  " ploys and shenanigans " introduced - Request for Proposals - attached to discussions and meetings - that are NOT - legally binding.

As I mentioned before the people in the Fillmore more the Japanese, the Filipinos, the Blacks have suffered - and they need the Controller's Office to take charge of the situation at hand - while land is transferred and equities distributed for less.

Give us the Public at Large - some idea - more on the Internet - who is really purchasing the land ?.

Land - formerly taken by " eminent domain " - and why is the State of California not notified about all these crimes - crooked deals - wheeling and dealing - pay to play deals - one of a kind.
Where is Governor Jerry Brown on this? 

Where is the Federal Bureau of Investigation on this ?

Properties are being transferred to the SF City's  Real Estate Office - an office that has been involved in many nefarious activities - giving SF Brokers breaks - and someone pocketing the money.

All land taken by Eminent Domain - in the Fillmore aka  the Western Addition - must be inventoried - then let us find out - how the former SF Redevelopment Agency got the land - and for how much.

Now, when this land is transferred - we want to know to whom - and if this information can be posted on the Internet.

Again and again dubious entities in the SF Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce - the inept Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure - the Mayor Office itself - the SF Real Estate Office - and crooked SF Supervisors - think that we do not know about the many - illegal activities - and how land is transferred, leased - and the community at large - SHAFTED - decent, hardworking, San Franciscans.

Again and again we find House Negros pretending to say something - but doing nothing - supporting the Mayor and his lackeys - destroying our neighborhoods.

San Francisco is about our neighborhoods. Our neighborhood built by San Franciscans - make San Francisco - we must not allow corrupt Supervisors the likes of Malia Cohen and London Breed to destroy our neighborhood - while filling their campaign coffers - these two - for sure are NOT fit to represent.

Public Housing all of it belonged to the Department  Of Defense - transferred to the Housing and Urban Development ( HUD). Public Housing has been paid for - hundreds of time over. When transferred the properties were good to go. This fact has never, ever been noted and stressed. Complete with garden, a grocery stores, community facilities, play grounds, gyms and so on.

 The City and County created the SF Housing Authority - and with intent - ran the housing inventory down - using the famous tool  - " deferred maintenance ".

Malia Cohen would NOT know anything about " deferred maintenance".

I heard Malia Cohen - the air-head  speak - at the May 23, 2017 - praising Olson Lee who is retiring - the man who supposedly had no clue how thousands of - " Certificate of Preference " - vanished.

Former SF Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi called for a hearing some years ago - and we found out more about the former SF Redevelopment Agency, more about the SF Housing Authority - even more about the SF Mayor's Office of Housing that Olson Lee headed - creating all sorts of models - putting up many properties up as " equity " - and getting loans on these properties.

Olson Lee has gone out of his way to support the Property Managers - most of them White - leading the charge and causing immense problems to the people who live in Public Housing the well known " rogue Property Management - the John Stewart Company.

Also Mercy Housing and Bridge Developers - all part of HOPESF -  in the shadow of the failed HOPESIX - some one has have been following the crooks - for a long time. 

The commons denominator in all these shenanigans - the House Negro the likes that have no place in any decent society. House Negros that sell out the community - we know them and have named them before - deserve long, jail sentences.

With the retirement of Olson Lee - one of the key players - is fading away . He will form his own consultation firm - and he other crooked Lee - Edwin M. Lee - who has worked hand in glove with Olson - will " buddy up " - and carry on their dubious and nefarious activities.

Never mind a number of Court Cases - are still pending - against Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Never mind a number of Ethic Violations have been filed agains London Breed and Malia Cohen - shameless political whores.

Now we find out - because a Freedom of Information Act was filed - how these two London Breed and Malia Cohen - spend their time - and are paid for huge salaries and perks - surfing Facebook - shame of them.

They must be charged and jailed.

Wasting their time on mundane actions - while the tax payer - shell out and pays these dubious SF Supervisors - more London Breed and Malia Cohen.

 I have been saying this all this time - and now we find more - the are corrupt to the hilt.

The SF Ethics Commission - must do something - and the Controller and the District Attorney has a duty to bring those that spend their time surfing on Facebook.

Check this out:

 Right in the middle of important deliberations - right at City Hall - Room 250 - the August Chambers - where such actions are NOT - tolerated. Can you imagine London Breed and Malia Cohen - try to fool us San Franciscans - pretending to represent - while hoodwinking us all - in broad daylight. Aho.

Check this out - how some of the SF Board of Supervisor spend their time - surfing the Internet - Facebook and other mundane sites - while pretending to represent in the August Chambers - Room 250 :

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


San Francisco is a Racist City - and today - more than ever before - the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure, the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce, the Mayor Office in Room 200 - more Mayor Edwin M. Lee - with intent is adversely impacting thousands of people.

In the Fillmore large areas that formerly came under the jurisdiction of the SF Redevelopment Agency - where transferred to the now Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure - quickly and without any short term and long Blue Print.

This happened when the former SF Redevelopment Agency - was deactivated and all former SF Redevelopment Agency assets - transferred to the State of California.

The many mistakes made at the Transbay Project by the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (OCCI) are well known - one glaring issue resulting in the current mess - the sinking of the Millennium Building.

Adverse impacts to adjoining skyscrapers - with the City and County and the Department of Building Inspection - caught with their hand in the cookie jar. The blind leading the blind.

We know the blatant, corruption prevailing at Huntersview and the adjoining areas.

Free rein given to the corrupt John Stewart Company - who should not be given - such a large area - to act as Property Managers.

We know this " rogue developer " - from the days of Geneva Towers - the role of the John Stewart Company - and their role today - where many tenants - are treated like dirt.

It is the same with Lennar Urban aka 5 Points Holding LLP - a rogue developer who continues to build inferior homes on very toxic and contaminated ground.

People should be living on land that is not contaminated - putting innocent people on land that is contaminated - with intent - is wrong - someone has BLOOD on their hands.

The plan made for a large shopping mall at the former Candlestick Stadium site - is totally out of sync with the Master Plan of the City.

The community at large - without any viable and sustainable public transportation in place.

The same is true at Hunterview and the surrounding area - it has NO viable and sustainable Public Transportation. Years after the housing is in place - many elements - linked to sustainability - are not in place. As I mentioned one of them  - sound Public Transportation - secondly charging stations for electric cars - means to curtail the Carbon Footprint - are not in place.

Again and again the former SF Redevelopment Agency - adversely impacted the community at large in the Fillmore, in the Bayview, at Potrero Hill, in other places.

Removing people also know as " gentrification " -  choosing high density buildings and other dubious and nefarious actions - to intimidate and traumatize - innocent constituents,  hard working tax payers - of San Francisco.

The Fillmore experience the worse type of " gentrification " in the 1960s - adversely impacting thousands - even today many of those who suffered remember the harm - and the City and County of San Francisco - does not have a  Blue Print - to adjudicate the harm and bring about a holistic conclusion.

Today plans are afoot to sell assets by the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure - assets in the Fillmore - where well noticed and informed meaningful meetings - should be held with the Fillmore and other interested community members.

This is NOT being done.

On the contrary - behind the scenes all sorts of ploys, machinations, shenanigans are carried out - trying to fool the people and make them jump hoops and hurdles - and this is WRONG.

Some plans are afoot to notice Request for Proposals - that undermine the trust of the " community at large " - asking them to submit proposals - without providing detail plans - of transfer of land and buildings - once meant for the " community at large - in this case the Fillmore ".

The Right of First Refusal should be given to the community at large - more in the Fillmore because the community at large was impacted by the nefarious and dubious actions - of the former SF Redevelopment Agency - in large measure.

" Eminent Domain " - was used to remove thousands of people - most of them were given some minimal notice and money.

Victorian Homes and other building moved to other places - and given to others - thus encouraging - blatant gentrification.

Large areas left vacant - for years - latter on the SF Redevelopment Agency - built high density buildings - paying no attention - what so ever - to those that once lived on that land - had homes - all of them - treated with utter, disdain.

The SF Controller Office is mandated to study the impacts - that adversely impacted the people of the Fillmore - be it the American Japanese who suffered the most - including incarceration in camps - during World War II - even though they were Citizens of America.

The Filipino community - who suffered not only in the Western Addition but in other areas too - because of the nefarious mandates and actions of the former SF Redevelopment Agency.

African Americans - were removed - and most lived in miserable condition in the Tenderloin.

 Many of them falling prey to heroin and alcohol - other deadly habits - thus destroying families who came from the South - worked very hard - and then had most of what they had earned - taken from them. Thrown to the wind - this one act - crying to heaven for justice.

San Francisco is a Racist City - and today - we still have folks like London Breed and Malia Cohen - who have no clue about past actions - committed by the SF City and County of San Francisco.

 Today both of them are on the payroll - of dubious entities - and what is disgusting in this picture - Blacks are put in places - to continue the blatant removal - we call it " gentrification " - adversely impacting - people of color.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is working with Mainland Chinese entities - encouraged by visas such as the EB-5 and other dubious tactics -  to further the nefarious intentions of those that have money.

The Chinese from Mainland China  -  do not care about the welfare and good - of the constituents of San Francisco. These Chinese are very selfish and mean - and care only about their own welfare.

These nefarious and  illegal actions - will come to haunt him - sooner not later.

Many of the activities - Mayor Edwin M. Lee is involved with - call for  the implementation of the RICO ACT.

 The illegal action he is involved with - could and should send him and his lackeys to jail  - for a long time.

These actions must be addressed by the Controller Ben Rosenfield - also City Attorney Dennis Herrera.

 It is also possible if need be this matter be made known to the U.S. Attorney General - and the  United States - Department of Justice too. For sure the Federal Bureau of Investigation - here in San Francisco - who already investigation many of the pertinent and salient dealing - coming out from Room 200 at City Hall.

This is Muwekam Ohlone Land - and all the land that we are talking about - some, 49 square miles that is San Francisco - was stolen from the Muwekma Ohlone.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone on matters linked to Infrastructure, Land Use - and other Quality of Life issues -  in San Francisco.

What I see - all over San Francisco -  is blatant disregard - in interacting and more discussing matters - pertaining - to land, the buildings, the assets - that belong to the " people " - the " commons ".

More, the constituents of the Fillmore, the Bayview Hunters Point area, the Potrero Hill Public Housing, Oakdale Public Housing, Visitation Valley Public Housing.

The many other areas - set aside once for the indigent and poor and now being given to HOPESF - run by mostly, Whites more Property Mangers - who do not have the best interests of people of color.

Those removed and given " Certificate of Preference " - have been treated with disdain.

One hearing called by then Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi - some years ago - had Olson Lee from the Mayor's Office of Housing - stating that many lists - naming people who had the 
" Certificate of Preference " - were lost.

 Lost in the move when files were transferred from one place to the other.

Thousands of eligible " Certificate of Preference " candidates have been told to go here and there - to register for housing. Put on some list and never called.

Now, a new system has been created - by the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (OCII ) - where one can fill out an application form for housing on line.

 But -  in no way - is there a meaningful way to adjudicate a case - people  have been waiting with their  " Certificate of Preference " in hand - in many cases for over 30 years. Go figure. 

I am calling upon the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (OCII) to notice an agenda item - to discuss the in and outs of the Proposed Fillmore Heritage Center - and how the community's concerns can be redressed - Community Benefits - restitution to the community for all the harm done. 

The millions wasted - on the Fillmore Tower, Yoshi's, other real estate - linked to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - and now been hurriedly transferred to dubious and nefarious entities - the community in large - kept in the dark - by the Mayor's Office and the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (OCCI).

Monday, May 22, 2017


The shenanigans will STOP  as Donald Trump's STOPS in Israel - it is all about LAND.

For the first time - Donald Trump will fully understand  - he is a minion - to tackle an injustice - for which he is not equipped - he may think some - but will NOT deliver - much.

The land was stolen - precious land - more HOLY LAND - and the true owners and keepers - of the land - the indigenous Palestinians.

Much before this issue arose that we are having today - the Jews were taken away from what was then Palestine - taken far away to lands - closer to today's Russia and beyond - during the Ottoman Empire.

The Jews were refugees and suffered much - but returned to build the Temple that was destroyed - by help given by King Cyrus - the great Persian King - of great nobility -
a Persian King - who has left an internal - legacy.

Cyrus the Great - a Persian King -
today's Iran - that is NOT part of the equation -
left out in this half-baked agreement of sorts.

The Ottoman Empire - played havoc with the Jews -  before that the Persians - today's Iran.

From Iran came much good - that brought many Jews back to their land.

Unlike the Jews who came from Europe years later - tainted in the views and more mentality.

Today's Zionists - who think they can fool all the people all the time.

Every Zionists is a Jew - but not every Jew is a Zionist.

The present Holy Temple that the Jews revere and treasure - was built - from the ground - by money and gold given to the Jews - by King Cyrus - a fact that we forget - we must always remember.

Today's Jerusalem 

Today Jerusalem caters to many Faiths - the Christians, the Jews, the Muslims - the Orthodox Christians -  other sects that have emitted from Catholicism and the many Protestant Sects - and more.

The Sunnis and Shias visit and pray and respect Jerusalem and so the many other sects that have derived from the Sunnis and Shias. Other faiths too - are honor and respect the Holy Land we call and know the world over - as the Holy Land.

The dynamics after World War II - with the Jews from Europe - invading Palestine - is never, ever given detail evaluation and determination.

So is the philosophy of Zionism that despises the Palestinians - considers them second class - and this nonsense must STOP.

There can be NO peace - with all parties - have full equity - understanding and respecting the issues linked to " Cultural Competency " - and " Implicit Bias " - caused by the turmoil and fear - the many atrocities - mostly adversely impacting children and women. Those murders cry to heaven for justice.

During my life time- I had personally seen it all - and what I see has left scars - my heart is heavy - more when children and women die - this I will never, ever forgot. More the " cluster bombs" that harmed so much - bombs provided to  Israel by the United States of America.

Olive Trees thousands of years old -
respected by the Palestinians -
not so by the Zionists and those 
that do not have their heart in the right place.

To this day - thousands of innocent Palestinians  sent as refugees to Jordon - are hurting - while their land was stolen.

This one aspect - with Olive Trees thousands of years old - still prayed for and revered by Palestinians - wherever the live to survive.

 After being refugees in so many lands - all over the Middle East, in South America, in Europe, here in the United States, in Canada, in Australia, in England - as I said all over the world - there is not a single Palestinian that does not want to return to her or his native land - Palestine.

This one Olive Tree says it all -
it stands here for thousands of years -
and bears witness - who respects this tree and who does not -
and why - this symbol - is the symbol of peace - 
" offer an olive branch ".

Today - Donald Trump will attempt - in his FOOLISHNESS - to make some " lame attempt " to force the Palestinians to agree - to some " hastily made plans ".

More - to relinquish rights - and thinks the  Palestinians will arbitrarily agree - to  some " vague proxy " - which will never, ever happen.

Just in case - I want to ask Donald Trump - much as his speech in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - said so - who does he want to drive out of Palestine - I know whom - those that disrespect the olive tree.

Donald Trump thought he was making some statement of value - by saying that Iran the land from which King Cyrus hailed.

The same King that gave money and gold - to build the present Holy Temple that stands in Jerusalem.

That the Jews and all other faiths - have in common - Abraham - the Father of all Nations.

In Saudi Arabia the Saudis have their own land - and using their dictatorial " Wahabi Theology " - that has reigned fear and created a mess - fostering divisiveness of the worst order - all over the world.

The mess spreading - from Pakistan, to Indonesia, to Europe, to England, to Germany, to France, to South America - to here in the United States and Canada - and beyond.

So what is it that Donald Trump - does not comprehend.

Reality Check - the majority of those that participated in 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia.

With 24 hours of the event - 4 737 Boeing Jets - full of Saudis left from New York to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

 Few of us know this - and those of us who know about this significance  " exodus " - from the United States to Saudi Arabia - are still figuring out - who was behind the planning and execution - of that singular exodus that little is spoken about.

Olive Trees 
the aged olive trees removed 
by those that lack Cultural Competency
and carry with them " Implicit Bias ".

The Palestinians are the indigenous people of Palestine - the thousand of years - the Olive Trees are their witness - and stands tall and alive today.

The Jews from Europe have desecrated the Olive Trees - uprooted thousands of Olive Trees - and shamed humanity. 

The Olive Tree is the witness to the atrocities committed - no Palestinian worth the salt - will harm an " Olive Tree " - not so the Zionists - more those that came from Europe and messed the Palestinians and stole their land.

The British who were the Colonist and ruled over Palestine - know more -  and were in many respects the culprits of the division of the Palestinian people.

God bless Jordon the former King and the present King - for doing what is right - with their heart in the right place.

Only those can hand a Olive Branch - and say rightfully - let us make peace. 

We know one side has their heart in the right place - those that have revered and respect the " Olive Tree " that grows and gives fruit - and lives for thousands of years.

We know the indigenous Palestinian has suffered for a long, long time - and the time has come to give them back their land.

Allow them to nurture the thousands of years old - Olive Trees - that they dream off.

The Elders have spoken of the land - the sheep, the goats, the  hens and the roosters - the camels and of course the Olive Trees,  the grape vines - Guava trees, Pomogranades, and more - to their Palestinian grand children and children. 

Today's Palestinians - who like their great grand parents, their grand parents, and their parents - share the inner most secrets of their ancestors - in the land of Abraham and great prophets Mohammed to the Muslim and Jesus to the Christians.

Others too - like Daniel and John the Baptist and more - too many to name - but all worthy of fortitude and justice for all.

 Their great grand parents, the grand parents, and their parents - handed the torch to  today's Palestinians who are educated and can read the fine print - that is all I will say.

In like manner I have the opportunity to count among those I interact - European Jews and those from lands such as Portugal and Spain, Morocco - Iran, Iraq, Syria and other parts of the world. The Sephardic Jews - by family has been associated with them since the 16th Century.

The issue of the land in Palestine - and how can most of it be returned to the rightful owners - who had " patrimonial jurisdiction " for thousands of years.

The British left a mess - dividing and separating - creating India and Pakistan - East Pakistan - now Bangladesh.

The British left the mess in Palestine - millions of Palestinians - today are refugees.

Many Palestinians - all refugees  - bearing a document given to them by the United Nations.  They are landless - why?

Many Palestinians are second class citizens in their own country.

That must change - and those that have suffered all these years - must be offered - full and just restitution.

Any clown can say what he or she wants to say - without clear understanding - it is NOT for a " clown " -  to first and foremost address this issue - that is crying to heaven for justice.

Today for those that are ignorant - many Palestinians must wait for days - before crossing over to see their relatives - less than a quarter mile away - by barricades - that Israel has put in place.

Others are separated by wall built by the Israelis - billions of dollars our tax payers money - and given to Israel freely - our modern jets, missiles, cluster bombs used on Palestinians, bombs used to kill thousands of innocent children and women - all these many years. Too much blood has be spilled - who is responsible for this carnage, murder, atrocities that cry to heaven for justice - in the land of Abraham - the Father of all Nations.

Women and children treated like animals - and this is wrong.

Many Prime Ministers from Israel have tried to say the right thing - always with some ulterior motive.

 This time whoever it is that brings about some - " little change " - better do it right - we are watching - billions of people - well educated on issues.

We must speak the truth.

Remember what I said about the thousands of years of Olive Trees - who stand witness - to the on going madness. On one side - those that treat the Olive Tree with respect.

It is a crime and wrong to harm
the Olive Trees in Palestine -
casing harm and trauma to the Palestinians.

On the other side those do not. Some of them lack the virtues of the indigenous people - the Palestinians who embrace there Olive Trees - that have been there for thousands of year on their land. Go figure? Aho.