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Friday, December 4, 2020


Harlan and Naomi were a bundle of joy - at one time -

until " Greed" grabbed them and bit them in the butt -

Now, both are singing the blues - making excuses.

 Let us not fool ourselves that San Francisco is NOT one of the worst corrupt cities in the Nation. It is. Today - corruption has reached saturation point - and what we are witnessing is just the tip of the iceberg.

The MACHINE is alive - they choose the players -  then use them - like a puppet on a string. When thing go bad - guess what - they  discard those they use - to the garbage can.

Diane Feinstein, Richard Blum, Willie L. Brown, London Breed, her advisor Sean Elsbernd, Steve Kava, Nancy Pelosi, Paul Pelosi -other too many to name - have been dipping into tax payers money -and the time has come - to audit these entities and their nefarious activities.

Former Willie Brown Jr., has had it good -
he has amassed millions - while the poor, those with
compromised health at dying. He has formed a group - 
with Steve Kava in charge - to carry on the wheeling and dealing -
The FBI investigation has him - #1 - on the list - London Breed #2
the fish that we are talking about - like Harlan - small fish  -
The FBI is after the BIG fish - that time has come - reality check.

Recently when the Manager of the SF Public Utilities Commission resigned - he did that to save his pension.

Now, he can spend the rest of the millions he amassed - some on legally more illegally - on lawyers, consultants - and all those that will promise him the world - and give him - nothing in return.

Harlan  made  $450,000 a year and yet he was wheeling and dealing and thought - he wanted more - he did not need it - when you are greedy - you want it all - Harlan was on cloud -ninety nine.

Harlan and his minions and that includes Juliet Ellis is in the dumps. 

Then everything went amuck - Harlan is so worried - he is hurting bad - where are his friends - no where to be found. 

Typical of most Blacks and the crab mentality.

Harlan - does not know what to do - so, he will spend millions on lawyers - who will kick the can down the street. The lawyers - know when to bleed someone to death - and do it well.

Harland had the audacity to say that he resigned so that he could fight his case - there is nothing to fight - in this  case.

The evidence is there for all to witness - Harlan played his hands and it favored his downfall.

Harlan  keeps on lying but you cannot lie much - once you take the oath - to speak the Truth and nothing but the Truth.

You lie on the stand - you slowly die - withering on the vine - in this case being a jail bird.

Empirical data stares in his face - when Harlan takes the oath to speak the truth - he will plead guilty - to every crime documented. Make no bones about this fact.

As I said - when the Federal Bureau of Investigation has all the empirical data - poor Harlan Kelly can pull his hair, pull his teeth - he can even sing the blues - but it is too late - he made his bed and now must sleep in it.

The role Walter Wong played is important - because Walter Wong paid for the China Trip and other favors. As long as the money was coming in - including the upgrades done to the Kelly's home - for favors exchanged - most everything was fine.

Now, that the world knows the Truth - for some one to call Walter Wong a liar and what have you - is immaterial - it is like one crook calling the other a crook - both of them share the same mentality.

Harlan Kelly and Walter Wong the very corrupt expeditor - who could make a call when Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr was around - more of the same when Mayor Gavin Newsom was in office.

Made hay while the sun was shining - when Mayor Edwin May Lee was in office - pocketing millions of dollars. 

Carried his nefarious activities - when London Breed was brought in as a Mayor.

London Breed being dumb - she had no clue and has NO clue - even today what is happening at the Department of Building Inspection - and the SF Planning Department.

Just check the software used by the Department of Building Inspection - the back log. Permits of all kinds - stuck with no movement for years.

The  excuses made - innocent people waiting for their permits - for years. It takes around 10 years for an entitlement when one want to build anything. You pay an expeditor and that time can be reduced to 5 years.

All of the above information -  known to those who wheel and deal in Room 200 at City Hall. Right now in many dens - using the COVID-19 excuse - virtual meetings and other means of communication - too difficult to trace. 

For years the permitting system was convoluted enough - now, under the pretest of improving the system - the present software has screwed the system - and stalled most actions - linked to permits.

On another level Harlan's partners' in crime - Dwayne Jones, Juliet Ellis, Guy Hollins, Al Williams, James Bryant, Veronica Hunnicutt, Shamann Walton, Darell Smith, AECOM, Ivy Fine, Susan Leal, Sheryl Evans Davis, Shakira Simley - others, I have named before are all sweating it out - no stone will will be left unturned - the cockroaches - hiding - will be found and the needful actions - taken. 

Walter Wong was devious and I knew him well - when he was Chair of the SF Port Commission. 

He positioned himself to do the devil's work and amassed a lot of sordid - wealth. 

Walter Wong was privy to " insiders' information ". He moved among the rich and famous - for any sum of money - he could deliver - so it does not come as a big surprise - that Harlan and Walter Wong - would stretch each other backs - for favors.

Naomi Kelly knew about this and could go shopping practically every day - buying things that most people could not afford. The bills can be traced - and we all will know then - who is a liar and who is not.

As I said before - Walter Wong - was a well known as an expeditor - for any amount that he mentioned - he could deliver - lock, stock and barrel. 

Juliet Ellis - must fade into oblivion.

Juliet Ellis has resigned - no more will we have to deal with the witch who caused so much trouble - and destroyed so many lives. She destroyed the Bayview Hunters - harmed our infants, our children, our youth, young adults, our Elders - those with compromised health - more our mentally and physically challenged.

Since 2002 I have been monitoring the utter nonsense - and it is only now in the year 2020 - we all have come to comprehend the harm done to so many.

Just today I have a long talk with Mr. Robert Woods who understands the deep roots of corruption. Again and again he was offer a job and he did not take it - because those offering the job - wanted to use him like a dirty rag and toss him out into the garbage can.

As I said hundreds of innocent people lost their livelihood and many resigned - they could not take it anymore.

There is a God and those that have tenacity and fortitude will win - it many not be about remuneration - but they will do right and leave a legacy.

Soon you will hear about Naomi Kelly, and many more - they are waiting their two minutes of fame - be it ill fame - and the world will be a better place - with the garbage out of sight.

It is not easy to do the investigative reporting - it has to done - so that the dots can be connected.

The work was done and the two main crooks - brought down - Harlan Kelly and Juliet Ellis. Aho.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020


One of many ploys used by Juliet Ellis and others to waste

 millions of dollars - Community Benefits.

 The hard work of the Federal Bureau of Investigation - with stellar and astute leadership - have charged the two most corrupt individuals in San Francisco. Harlan Kelly and Juliet Ellis.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation does not change their mission based on the current Administration nor what is due to be in place in future.

The FBI is there to go after the crooks and bring them down. 

The FBI much like those other Federal agencies are there to protect and preserve. I should know - that is why I pursued these crook from 1999. 

Investigation such as the corruption of the SF Public Utilities Commission - and the key corrupt employees - have been going on for decades - and on the list Willie L.Brown Jr., London Breed, and Dwayne Jones.

He is no more alive - but all signs point to 

the above mentioned - for making San Francisco -

one of the most corrupt in the Nation - I leave it to the historians.

The Main Media we have in San Francisco - is so lackadaisical - inebriated with gossip - buffoonery - pandering to sources who buy them. They are supposed to be the Fourth Estate - they are more like the F***** Estate.

 The lay person - is left to do their own research - to find out what really is happening in San Francisco.

Once in San Francisco - we had a number of great newspaper - no more - the digital world rules.

Naomi Kelly is next - she is the SF City Administrator 

she has been hoodwinking us all in broad daylight - 

but not for long - she must now sing the blues.

Edwin Mah Lee worked closely with the Chinese government - and with his sidekick Rose Park - so when Naomi Kelly says what she says - she carried tons of money to China - tell me why would the City Administrator say something like that?

It is because she was callous and she is next on the list. 

You may not believe it - but the Feds were out to get her -

it did not work the first time - but it will soon -

they even had her wired - and she has no clue what else they know abut her junkets and other nefarious activities.

Here are the charges brought agains Harlan Kelly:

San Franciscans has been fast asleep - over $600 million - wasted on those crook mostly Blacks that I have named before. Now, all of them - sweating among them Shamann Walton, DionJay Brookter, London Breed, Sheryl Evan Davis, Linda Richardson, Veronica Hunnicutt, Oscar James, Dwayne Jones, Juliet Ellis and others.

The Blacks in the Bayview Hunters Point all those on pay roll some 500 plus - some in charge of Non-Profits, other acting as enablers Outreach.

 It is amazing how this vermin have been wheeling and dealing - and now - are trying to run - they have no where to hide.

 Willie L. Brown Jr., and Malia Cohen 

The above two characters have been hoodwinking us for a long, long time.

One  from the older generation and the other learning fast - and thinks she knows a lot - time, will tell.

Millions of dollars - that the community could have used -  have been given to crooks.

In the interim - our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults - our beloved Elders many with compromised health. More our mentally and physically challenged - has suffered all these decades - for the first time we see some little light - at the end of the tunnel.

Here is some more about Harlan Kelly and his nefarious activities - making $450,000 a year - he still looked for bribes and other financial benefits - cheating, lying, hoodwink us all in broad daylight :

Sunday, November 29, 2020



As I often say - this is Turtle Island and was for thousands of years - then came the strangers and all hell broke loose. Or did it?

We just had an event " Thanksgiving" most Americans have not given a second thought - how it all began. 

How could they when they do not read history and less do their own research - to find out how ignorant some are. We have to ponder - especially in these trying days - how our Nation evolved and why is there so much trouble - more divisiveness - today?

After having had their fill - a heavy laid lunch or dinner - we have now to deal with the situation at hand - COVID-19 pandemic.

Now - raging all over this land - we call the United States of America.

Our Nation is hurting - now we have the real and practical work to do.

We cannot keep on blaming DT all the time - all through his present dependency and when he leave - his TWEETS - his tantrums and more.

A demon like DT does not appear on the scene - without a reason - we must now do a sound needs assessment - and never, ever allow anyone - such as DT - interfere in creating such turmoil - further allowing our " enemies " - to interfere in our internal affairs.

We all treasure our Freedom. There is Freedom and there is License - abuse of Freedom is License.

We love our soldiers - we should allow no person - to call our soldiers losers and suckers.

We are a Republic - with checks and balance - we are people of Faith. We must unite - our heart in the right place. Only then can we go to a better place.

Guess what the transition team is still working hard - and so and so - has just realized  - he lost the election. There is more to come.

We American treasure our tenacity and fortitude and will overcome any hurdles put in our way. 

We have done it before and we can do it anytime - now.

Chief Samoset meets the pilgrims who called themselves " saints " -others who joined them " strangers " all Whites - that paid to come to an area closer to New York - landed north - by mistake - closer to Cape Cod Bay.  Here they are meeting face to face with Chief Samoset - after this early meeting and for an entire year - they lived in peace. The peace lasted for another nine years.

To begin with for hundreds of years the indigenous people of Turtle Island had contact with the Vikings, the Russians, the Phoenicians, others, before the Pilgrims arrived on their ship and land at today's well known - Cape Cod Bay.

Half of them women and men of faith all White - they called themselves "saints" - we know them better as " Puritans ".

The other half of them named " strangers" -  not simply because they helped pay for their voyage - that made the voyage possible - but belonged to the then current prevalent Christian faith in England. 

You can imagine these Puritans escaped England to go to Holland - live in Holland for about a decade - did not like it.

Then decided to go to some land - where they could be free.

They waited and waited - the seats had to be paid for and they did not have it all - on the ship that was hired to take them across the Ocean Blue.

So the brokers of that fate trip - enticed the strangers - were encouraged to fill the seats - to gather the money - to make the pilgrimage of sorts - possible.

They contacted those that could make such a journey possible - who had controlled over land in the new found lands - stolen by the English. Now leased to the Puritans and Strangers - the Brokers happy - but were those who made this fateful trip.  

We talk openly of the Colonists - be it the Belgians, the English, the Germans, the Spanish, French, the Italians, the Portuguese -  others - all have blood on their hands.

More - dealing with slavery after stealing the land from indigenous people.

They thought of that period for God and King. 

The actions committed starting with stealing the land - than persecuting the indigenous people - was horrific - and to this has left trauma, pain and suffering.

Those who chose to go to Turtle Island had no clue what fate would meet them.

They Brokers - much like the Insurance Companies and Banks, and Financial Institutions of today - always think how they could make a fast buck.

They had the Brokers of the time in England to help these poor souls armed with agreements that did not guarantee much - assured their passage - but no death insurance less liability worth the salt.

These Brokers could be likened to the Real Estate Moguls of today as previous mentioned - large Insurance Companies - who deal with such kind of nefarious activities - to this day. Milking the innocent and those who they prey - upon.

These Brokers at the last minute - before the departure of the ship prepared a document of sort  - which sealed the fate of the " saints and strangers " - all White -  each passenger was mentioned, they signed their name - the deal was sealed with an " Agreement ".

This agreement is now somehow linked to how the United States was created - not our Constitution - but closer to the " Bill of Rights".

How this is connection is made belies me - there were other settlements for sure - but this particular one - for some reason - convoluted as it is - has somehow been linked with Thanksgiving - a National holiday - fall of misconception and myth.

It is left to us who are citizens today - to clear the chaff.

Think  anew  that is if we have the "balls" - and put the sordid White men and his devious plans to rest once and for all. 

We should not generalize - for those of you who think we should - and that is really what I mean - I do not - I say - discern.

For generations GREED has been the center of churches - Christian churches.

The first Christians had nothing - except their Faith - and thousands were killed just because of their Faith. The first Christian shared what they had - loved one another - second to none - and died for what they thought was right in their - heart.

As time went on - again and again GREED crept in within the Puritans.

They had fled to live a better life - judging no one - except every one thinking and expecting a better life - they wanted to create a more stellar community - with fortitude and tenacity. 

Many who landed at Cape Cod Bay became sick - those who were healthy - nursed them - and yet many died.

They built their settlements - the land looked good - the seeds they brought - would not germinate. The Puritans were aghast - and soon they were at their wits - end.

One day an indigenous man walked and met the Puritans and he spoke English. He told the pilgrims - he had visited their country - and that he would help them - if they would. He told them his name was Squanto - and it would be a good idea to meet someone.

He told them of a Chief named Samoset who lived nearby and he could arrange for a meeting. Let us carry this conversation later.  

We must delve into the beginnings of all this now found land and the pilgrims in the many books :THE MAYFLOWER: A STORY OF COURAGE AND WAR by Nathaniel Philbrick.




We must read and research the facts for ourselves.

As - required reading and understand of such facts are not taught in school - elementary, middle or high school.

 What is taught is some myth - some history that is his-tory - and lies and fables that should not be told that cloud the mind.

Thousands were killed - intrigue - lying - cheating - and this has been the on going nonsense - indigenous tribes has endured to this day.

The latest election - tallied the votes - and indigenous people who - tiled themselves by the name of their tribe - were put under a category - SOMETHING ELSE.

So the Mayflower  sails and was headed for what we now know as New York - but landed further north - at Cape Cod Bay -  in 1620.

The indigenous people previously had already made contact with Whites or strangers - having had contact with the Vikings.

Folks  from present day Russia - mostly fur traders - and before that  - thousands of years before  the Phoenicians - world renowned sailors. 

Let us stay focused on this issue.

To the North of Plymouth Bay -  we had present day Canada controlled by the English and parts of that vast land - by the French.

The Jesuits missionaries and others documented a lot about the indigenous people in the area - that we know as Canada today.

Lewis and Clark and others have left us thousand of pages of documents - their travels - from their long journey - leaving Louisiana and traveling all the way following the Missouri and Mississippi River - over the hills and mountain - to what is now California.

They witnessed and saw the old growth forest - and that vast ocean - the Pacific Ocean. 

They saw the land that was very fertile - the rivers and streams clean. 

They saw the salmon and more in abundance - bears, deer, and more. 

They saw it all and document sufficient for us to research their work and learn more.

The English had loose control of the vast land they controlled - and took every opportunity to tax those they controlled to fill the coffers Kings and Queen back home. 

The  English treated all those that  they could  control with utter disrespect. Using divide and rule - much as we have seen - in this Nation for the last 400 years - plus. 

The English, as were the Portuguese, the Spanish, the Dutch, others - helping one another - practicing the most evil practice of treating humans like chattel slavery.

Slavery is something we must not forget about - and those who ancestors practiced it - have left tarnished future generation - some thing this is not so - it is - and forgiveness and health - does not only some with restitution via money - but good deeds.

The period from 1600 to 1776 - was what we describe today - like the wild, wild -  West.

In the year 2020 - there are books that reveal the details but few choose to read the details.

Now let us rejoin Squanto aka as Tisquantum - who hailed from the Cape Cod Bay Area - an encounter with an English Captain - he was captured - sold as a slave - in Spain.

In the middle of what is happening - the pilgrims landing, many sick and dying, Tisquantum appears - he is better know as SQUANTO - as I have mentioned - before.

He is indigenous and speaks English?

 Imagine the pilgrims and the strangers - seeing one day - in the midst of all the turmoil - an indigenous person - walking into the newly built settlement -  speaking English.

Squanto who knew the nearby Chief Samoset - agreed to bring the Chief to visit the newly established settlement - and this he did.

Chief Samoset could not speak English - so we really do not know what Squanto had in mind. 

I will digress a little to inform you earlier an English Captain had captured Tisquantum aka SQUANTO from the area where the settlers had settled and sold him to as a slave in Spain.

In Spain some monks bought him - and saw in Squanto someone the monks could learn more about the tribes - from the new found land - now know as the United States of America - then Turtle Island.

Eventually Squanto made his way to England - and made his way back to where he belonged.

Squanto was ready to act as a translator - and managed to teach the pilgrims how to grow corn - indigenous crop - as the seeds the Pilgrims brought were no good.

 He taught them how to fertilize the earth - with fish - that was found in abundance from the near by river and streams.

The result soon there was a bumper harvest - wild fowl and other animals could be hunted and for a decade - all seems to be fine.

It is a know fact - that exactly where the Pilgrims settled - once years ago - the indigenous people had settled.

Some disease adversely impacted them - they deserted the land - and now the Pilgrims were using the same site - a different people and a different mission.

Today - our Nation is divided and the Media keeps barking up the wrong tree.

Today - we learned DT - tongue in cheek - has admitted that he has lost the election. 

Well, then we know that he has said it - we know on January 20, 2021 - he will be history.

This Election was more about the people of color - LatinX, Asians, Blacks, Indigenous people - others of color, Independents coming out in droves and voting - millions of voters - and a complete and full needs assessment needs to be made - why do many came out - and for whom did they vote for.

The Republican and the Democrats have had it good for a long, long time - their history is as sordid as it comes. Politics is a dirty game - and more so in the last 12 years.

Once the Blacks favored he Republicans now they favor the Democrats . 

Both the Republicans and Democrats -  had slaves - both lynched Blacks and thought nothing of it. Who is fooling whom?

Now we have the LatinX community, the Asians, indigenous, many Whites who have stood shoulder to shoulder - more, when we had the marches and demonstration linked to Mr. George Floyd.

President-Elect has his work cut out for him -
he must remember - many that he did not know about -
worked for him.  Not, the many sellouts who now are 
waiting anxiously - for some stale break crumbs - as they do -
we have some of them right here in San Francisco.

The old guards in Democratic Party - those that played us the citizens and tax payers - are put on notice - work you ass off to bring the Nation together.

Remember the Independents, the Asians, the LatinX, the Indigenous people, the Whites with a changed mentality - others - all voted those who are in - who can be out, soon - if they do not think - outside the box.

Your feet will be held to the FIRE. And if you do not perform - you will be roasted.

267,000 Americans have already DIED -  we must find out drastic ways to put a STOP - to the pandemic.

We need test kits that can be taken home - one can test oneself - and find out what is the situation at hand - which can be addressed - case by case.

The Media still gives the demon - air time has murdered thousands of innocent people - and must be charged for Crimes Against Humanity on a War Footing.

The man has destroyed documents - he has put in place misinformation and disinformation - and all this and more - must be investigated. The Department of Justice - has failed to protect the citizens - we know this but most are afraid of the " thugs" who will flee much before January 20, 2021.

Who is responsible for the 270,000 dead? We ask?

Why is the Media giving air time to the demon? We want to know?

When are the Democrats going to produce their platform to bring the Nation on track? Is it after a year or so?

What are we going to do about immigration? Act on a War Footing.

What are we going to do help educate our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults - our beloved Elders? Now and with diligence.

What are we going to do to to check mate our banks, the financial institutions who keep stealing for us - getting money for 1/4 percent and loan it for 15% and more? Audit them and send some to jail.

What are we going to do about Food Security? People are going to bed hungry.

How are we going to bring small businesses back - and what about a solid Stimulus Plan? What is happening to the Stimulus Plan?

How about putting every Tribe from Turtle Island - now called the United States on the Federal Registered - of course we need to do the vetting - a short and clear vetting? Keep the adjudication process simple - taking no more than six months - keep the Department of Interior out.

How about never categorizing indigenous people as " Something Else " - how about - Kamala Harris taking a lead on that important issue?

How about treating our Elders with a bonus - since so many of them have suffered - more those living in Senior Resting Homes - do something for them all for a change? About time.

How about raising the minimum wage to $20 for three years - until the pandemic is controlled? That should solve half the problem.

Billion of dollars where given to the pharmaceutical companies - taxpayers money - without our permission? Make sure we get the vaccines on time and is a property manner - with transparency and accountability.

This time around - STOP - messing with the citizens - there is freedom and there is license - abuse of Freedom is License.

Now that you have had your turkey - what is " Thanksgiving All About "?

Have you at least learn one myth - and how we keep bluffing - those who are NOT educated on issues.
The pilgrims landed at Cape Cod in 1620 and nothing much has changed - really?

Squanto did his job pretty well - Congress and the Senate is busy giving their own version of our Constitution and Bill of Rights - when will that change.

Mitch McConnell is a joke and his man has to be paraded - as a traitor to the poor and most needy - as a coconspirator to his sidekick DT - who has committed  - " CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY."

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer you two must prepare to step down and do it by talking less and doing more. Few respect you two and that is the Truth. Blood is on your hand too.

Here in San Francisco - I have named the crooks mostly Blacks salivating - waiting for the Stimulus Plan to give them access to millions of dollars - heading the list London Breed a pathetic - LIAR.


Saturday, November 28, 2020


San Francisco where is the empathy and the compassion? 

 America we have been played - more, because the pandemic has kept us occupied with more trials, tears, sickness, and tribulations.

Children at home, our Elders sick, our friends and love ones -  slowly dying - other pressing issues - Toxic Stress - and many close to us - have succumbed to the COVID-19 virus.

We still assume that the politicians will work for us - and that has not been the case. 

Both the Democrats and the Republicans have failed us. 

We had a choice - a narrow choice - the frying pan and the fire. Many chose the Democrats - but that means nothing. We demand actions that matter and embrace all - every segment of the population.

A true Democracy works only if we have a sound leadership - and that demands the citizens, the constituents, those that love our Nation - are educated on issues. 

Many have not even read the Constitution and yet want to debate you on a simple topic - as the Electoral College - or even the power of the President of the United States.

Normally, we would have had a smooth transition who completely lost and is trying his best by fraudulent claims that he has won. Over 34 cases have been thrown out - cases brought by DT and his minions - Rudy Giuliani - who has lost his mind.

Black dye running out the side of his face - I thought I was imaging something - but I witnessed the poor fool - made a a clown of himself.

The stress brought about by this pandemic is cruel and most affected are our children. They call me, they text me, and ask me all sorts of questions. 

There has been no plan by our Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Sociologist, Educationists , others trained in creating curricula to help our children, youth, young adults - more when it comes to " Virtual Classes ".

Our Educational System is broke - the Principals, the School Superintendents have No clue what is happening. They has NO understanding of Platforms that can be utilized - they refuse to learn and they are in the business of learning.

The Private schools, the Charter schools, the parochial schools, other smaller focus  schools have the ability to adapt better - but when it comes to Public School - they are left to fend for themselves.

Take the San Francisco Unified School for example - the meetings are long and most everyone is trying to win browny points. This stems from very poor leadership - the present Superintendent cannot figure out what to do - because he has no clue - and more cannot think outside the box.

At time legislations is going on in Sacramento the Capitol of California situation in Northern California - the legislation has been notice - but the authorities who should follow and study the legislation - have failed to read the legislation.

Right here in San Francisco the SFUSD carries on its Virtual Meeting - devoid of what is happening that can affect the process, the very operation of the schools. When one of the Board members bring the issue to the notice of others - they do not know what to say.

This happens that those on the Board do not have their heart in the right place. More, do not bother to educate themselves. There is a lot of information out there - filtering or discerning the best information - is linked to should education - when you are educated you can discern. You can take anyone to a better place.

The Jesuits has been known the world over to be excellent teachers - and if one has had the benefit of a Jesuit education - it hold good for life - one can stand tall and represent.

One is trained to study the situation at hand. Make a sound needs assessment. Find the most suitable solution. Have one's heart in the right place - only then can we take others - to a better place.

At one time our SF Public School hired good teachers, the turn around we see today did not exist. In the last 20 years - it has been a mess. The SF Unified School District waiting for the eleventh hour - threatening to fire teachers - send them a pink slip. 

Then going to the City and County of San Francisco and tapping into the "Rainy Day Fund ' - created by Supervisor Tom Ammiano - then Assembly member of the State of California - a fund created as an emergency. The SF Unified School District - using this ploy to their advantage every year - shameless.

Many of those on the SF Unified School District - at the end of their term - heading to fill some seat on the Board of Supervisors - linked to the City and County of San Francisco.

What do they bring to the City and County of San Francisco - poor leadership, lack of accountability and transparency. Using their short stay at the SF Unified School District - that sordid experience - pretending they know something - failing again to help the City and County of San Francisco.

It has been 11 months now - the pandemic has two clowns at the head - the first is Mayor London Breed, pathetic. The second clown Dr. Grant Colfax - he himself looks very sick and should go on a sabbatical. Where do they find such folks - to come to San Francisco and mess things up.

The Department of Emergency Services in San Francisco does not have a qualified certified " Incident Manager - Commander status".

We have some one who worked for the SF General Hospital, then the SF Public Utilities Commission, then was chosen to lead the SF Office Emergency Office.

In 1989 San Francisco did not have a Department of Emergency Services. After the Earthquake a retired Admiral was given the task to create a Department of Emergency Services.

 I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco - and the Presidio and Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco - took charge of the Earthquake - more the Marina District - 5 story building were reduced to two - three sucked in the ground - prone to sever liquefaction.

The natural gas pipes broke and created several large fires. A boat having the ability to pump water belonging to the SF Fire Department was deployed to pump the water - the Sixth U.S. Army soldiers - using flexible hose pipes - to put out the fires.

Other creating a line - where buckets of water - handed - hand to hand  - from other sources - were used to douse the smaller fires. 

The City and County of San Francisco - was paralyzed.

The Red Cross tired to cope with the situation and it took them weeks before they had some control. Months before the took control of  the situation at hand.

San Francisco was not prepared for the 1989 Earthquake  - the area worse hit was the Marina District.

Where the rich make their abode and now had to take shelter at the Marina School - most stayed in the hotels down town - which was not impacted at all. If you have money - you can afford your honey.

The Mayor of San Francisco in 1989 was Mayor Art Agnos - who had some clue that the City and County of San Francisco was unprepared - but seeing is believing. He got his reality check for sure. 

Of all the known entities then - the Sixth U.S. Army was most prepared for any eventuality - such as an Earthquake.

It is much the same with Mayor London Breed she has NO clue after 10 months - the full implications of this COVID-19 virus. A pandemic that the City and County for all its talk was not prepared - and after 10 months is still kicking the can down the street.

It has not met less understood the standards required by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The on going mentality - spend the money - and FEMA will pay. High hopes.

 So, what does she do - she focuses on her salary and before the Director of Human Resources of San Francisco would retired - she made a deal - with Miki Callahan - much like anyone raised in the hood,

The essential workers asked for a pay raise - having not taken a raise 3 years years ago - some $5 million accrued - in the General Fund. The plead for some aid - their own money - and were turned down by the Mayor, London Breed. 

They protested in front of the Mayor's Home - the shameless woman - tried to defame them - do no avail. In San Francisco few know Landon Breed and fewer do not respect the woman - who mostly talks from both sides of her mouth. 

Truly speaking the Federal Bureau of Investigation zeroed in with all the evidence - to charge her with corruption - something went amiss - but, not for long.

The FBI has sufficient evidence to zero in at the appropriate time - and send the heifer to jail.

The warm weather and strong winds have helped us in San Francisco. Those, who love to party and congregate and avoid wearing a mask - most favor lifestyle mannerism - who play with fire. 

This is not about pleasure - it is about safety, it is about life and death. 

Those who put themselves in harm way - fail to realize they put others - such persons should be ashamed to themselves.

These scoundrels - put themselves in risk and in the bargain other innocent people. We have had several - peaks - and are now -" in the waiting" - a mandated - a complete lock down.

I take time to listen to the long, boring, " virtual meetings " - behind these meetings - the corrupt politicians. Creating all sorts of committee - who purport to present presentation that do - no one no good.

In order to comprehend the issues at hand - this audit on the Homeless Situation - speak volumes - read the report and understand the issues at hand :

Those taking the time to monitor the presentation - at home - cannot read the contents of the presentation.

The font is so small - the background color - makes reading difficult - because of the contrast between the background and the letters imposed -  all this and more is frustrating.

Those head the many Department dealing with the homeless and indigent - earn over $275,000 a year - while the indigent are treated with disdain.

There is no Centralized Software where one can track the person who is ask for help. Most of the programs - have NO wrap around services.

Women and children suffer the most - and most of those talking are women - who do more damage than good - one leading the charge Abagail Stewart Kahn.

In San Francisco our Elders mostly Blacks are treated like animals.

This has been going on for the last ten years.

People of color, qualified are not at the table - to deal with those who most need help - people of color - do not have to deal with lack of Cultural Competency.

Whites being "implicit bias" and added to that " lack of Cultural Competency " - the long dragged presentations that ask for millions of dollars more - and more recourses - favors those who are entrenched and make the decisions.

We ask how many are dead and lying at the Morgue.

The brand new Morgue near Cargo Way - and we get No reply?

 We understand the on going corruption at the Morgue - unqualified people. 

If we get count - going back 5 years - we will know some. We are waiting - Waiting for Godot!

They tell us the State of California does not permit them to disclose - who is dead and how many. Oh Yeh!

Much as those alive - are treated with disdain - leading to their slow death. Anyway one looks at the picture - there is no empathy and no compassion. At the head of this on going nonsense - Mayor London Breed. Go Figure!

This Audit done on the Homeless in San Francisco speaks Volumes - we have over 12,000 homeless in San Francisco :