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Thursday, May 23, 2019


Conceptual plan of one of the many
so called affordable housing units in
San Francisco.

Since 1968 those of us who have been monitoring the housing stock - have been given statistics - more or less - nothing exact.

It would be prudent and fair to say at one time - there were more than 8000 truly affordable housing - some 15 years ago.

That figure on the average has come down to 4500 housing units.

Public housing - that now has been fringed upon - by developers Bridge Developers, Mercy Housing, Cahill and Nibbi - others - who do the bidding of the Mayor's Office of Housing and Workforce - and the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure. 

On rehabilitating the Public Housing - some of the tenants were accommodated if they had good credit - the rest were sent away to figure out a way to survive - with disdain and no empathy or compassion.

Most of these adversely impacted - are found in District 6 - in the Tenderloin on 6th Street - and many in Union Square begging and trying to stay alive.

Rents are increased and Property Management companies the likes of John Stewart and having a  field day. 

Few know about this rapid and blatant " gentrification "  going on all over San Francisco -  more in areas where once the poor and the indigent - could afford - affordable housing - more those making $60,000 and less - no more.

The OCII a dinosaur of the SF Redevelopment Agency that ceased to exist -  Governor Jerry Brown - bringing about its demise.

That let to creating other entities the OCII now trying to survive - barely making it - trying to serve the community - as best it can - falling into many pits - too many to note and call.

This one report done by the SF Planning Department - is one of the best created - trying to make sense of the complicated factors that go into gathering statistics - linked to current housing stock and making due reference to the past housing stock :

Our City and County has a budget of $12 billion - when it comes to Quality of Life issues - inept, spineless, and lack standards folks like Mayor London Breed and her minions - talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

Our Elders are dying on the streets of San Francisco - living in tents. Mayor London Breed like her predecessor Mayor Edwin Mah Lee - are busy cutting ribbons and hoodwinking the public in broad daylight.

Dwayne Jones says he is a businessman -
the Gate Keeper - a Philanthropist - 
he is none of the above - he is a CROOK -
that must go to JAIL - charged under
the RICO Act.

In the Southeast Sector - the SF Public Utilities Commission - wastes millions of dollars - a crook who must go to jail - and is roaming freely - Dwayne Jones - call himself the Gate Keeper - he says he is a businessman, brags about being a Philanthropist - none of which he is. 

He has access to over $300 million - and does not feel ashamed doling money at will - without any standard justification - at one time he had access to a " slush fund " - cashing $50,000 checks at will.

Having - over 150 thugs on his payroll. All that has come to a STOP -  but the man is evil and has no place at Pier 70 or the Sewer System Improvement Project - the man lives in Oakland - and has used " dark money " - to make hay while the sun shines.

The man created a outreach team that will be paid for 15 years - there was NO bid put out for this work - the EMERSON PROJECT.

San Francisco Labor Council Resolution - investigation on the spending of Community Benefits - tax payers money - channeled to crooks - I have been reporting about this - the time has come for a reality check:

Juliet Ellis funneled $200,000
illegally to her former non-profit 
Green For all - was charged by the 
Fair Political Action Commission
and still works for the SF  Public Utilities Commission -
she must be charged under the Rico Act - now.

It is the same with Juliet Ellis - another crook - fined by the Fair Political Action Commission - she channeled $200,000 to her former non-profit Green For All - all the facts documented - below - check it out :

Juliet Ellis who has NO track record serving the community in San Francisco.

A crook from the East Bay - dubious in nature - has access to another $300 million - purportedly for outreach - favoring crooks like Girls 2000, other entities that I will not mention - all being investigated right now.

Girls 2000 has been using a model " Commercial Useful Function " - bidding for jobs and outsourcing the work to other entities.

Knowing full well - that if it does not comprehend the project in detail - it is compromising the project. 

Right now one of its Upper Management personnel is in deep trouble.

Former Mayor Edwin Mah Lee -
made millions - favoring Big Developers -
he died of a heart attack - his misdeeds are many -
today our Elders and others sleeping on the 
streets of San Francisco - a panderer.

When Edwin Mah Lee was Mayor - it was common every year for SFPUC using Community Benefits linked to the SSIP - to pay for Summer Stipends - for some 2000 youth. 

Juliet Ellis was behind this scheme - as she is with other schemes gone bad.

One of them well known - spending thousands in our Public School - building drinking fountains that are NOT maintained and do not meet any standard - lacking hygiene - compromising the health of our children.  What a crying shame - the woman is a crook and should have been sent to jail - but here she is - adversely impacting innocent people - each and every day - with that "evil " grin on her dirty, ugly face.

Barbara Hale - busy hoodwinking
the public and the San Francisco Public Utilities
Commission - I will address the issues 
at the next SFPUC meeting at SF City Hall -
May 28, 2019 - Room 400 at 1:30 pm

Juliet Ellis has now joined ranks with Barbara Hale - pushing for Solar - that SFPUC wants to mess with - having failed early on - to push for Clean Energy - today it uses Pacific Gas and Electric high powered lines - bluff the public - buying most of its so called " Clean Energy " - from companies that get the energy - from stacks that produced contaminated energy.

After doing this PG&E is the only entity used one can bill one's bill - wait until PG&E puts the burden on SFPUC to accept payments from the thousands it purports - it has on its roll - who have to contact PG&E and pay extra to pay  there so called Clean Energy - bills.

I will be addressing this issue and other other pertinent issues - at the next SF Public Utilities Commission meeting - at City Hall - next Tuesday May 28, 2019 - at 1:30 pm Room 400.

There are millions available for housing - which is badly need for those that need help most - Community Benefits - should be used for this purpose.

Today this City and Country of San Francisco has lost its SOUL - there is NO empathy and less compassion.

All this in the land of the Muwekma Ohlone that I represent.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


No good comes from Shamann Walton -
he talks the talk but fails to walk the walk.

We have seen so many changes in the Bayview Hunters Point in recent years - the worst change when it comes to stellar, accountable " leadership" - the mostly Black Pastors - have sold their souls to the devil - and more amoral, unethical, and leaders with transparency hound - innocent constituents of the the Southeast Sector.

Where the shepherd who is suppose to look after the sheep - the sheep shun the shepherd - the shepherd acts bad and looks more like the wolf.

Then you have the District 10 Supervisor - who is steeped in very  " Dark Money " .

Pandering, buying out the sellouts who will do his bidding - his name is Shamann Walton - an outsider from Vallejo who got is politics - telling lies - his whole life is one Big lie.

Shamann may bluff others - but I for one - never, ever saw him in the trenches - serving the public at large - more those that need help most.

Today - he pretends - he lived in Bayview - and others tell me so - I ask them why is it that he spent so much time in jail - in Solano?

Where is the proof to this man working with us to defeat Lennar Urban? Today the  man has taken millions from Lennar Urban aka 5 Points Holding LLC.

Never trust a liar - a liar starts by telling one Big Lie - than tells ten more lies to cover up that one single - a hundred lies to cover the ten lies - and soon his life becomes - one Big Lie. 

Millions of dollars are doled out by " evil folks " the likes of Dwayne Jones and Juliet Ellis - by others mostly Black who have created a system of " abject corruption ".

Their leader Willie L. Brown - a former San Francisco Mayor - who has played hell with the lives of thousands of innocent people.

Creating all sorts of model to sell homes of contaminated soil - Parcel A is one example. You need any permit in San Francisco - he can deliver it complete with financing - using his contacts at Platinum Consultants - who have been investigated and fined by the Internal Revenue Service.

One of them who worked for Platinum Consultants - Dwayne Jones - known as the Gate Keeper - the principal " devil " - purveyor of all things corrupt - a scum bag - who also goes as Businessman and a Philanthropist - none of which the abject " scumbag " is.

Our folks are not educated on issues - most to do know the characteristics of Depleted Uranium - when they find out the Truth - it is too late.

Education is critical to understanding and standing tall and representing - the " scumbags " are doing everything possible to deprive our children, youth, young adults - of good education.

The state of affair in our elementary and middle schools linked to Black students is pathetic - and today has reached a chronic state of affairs - utter pandemonium.

Where is the Black leadership on this one singular issue?

Where are the Black Pastors and other too - on this issue?

Where is the community in solidarity and unity on this issue - our children, youth, young adults suffering and being deprived of a sound education?

The giant crane - used to build submarines -
sandblast the ships - from the Atomic experiments -
held at Bikini Islands - the ships that took part -
in that experiment - dragged to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Thousands -  have died slowly over the last 60 years plus - exposed to every type of radioactive element - many of them workers who worked - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - exposed to high levels of uranium, cesium, plutonium - and more.

These Black sellouts do not comprehend the Community Benefits - were fought for and put there - to help our infants, our single mothers, our children, our youth, our young adults - our Elders - those with compromised health - more our mentally and physically challenged.

From time I post some article - the material may be difficult to fathom - but, as is well known - the more complicated the issues - the more difficult to explain the " situation at hand " - in simple terms.

Today Community Benefits money is being used to open cafes - cafes where few go - and are most of time - devoid of customers. To each of these crooks from outside - $300,000 is given on a platter. The local population looks on - as daily the suffer from lack of opportunities.

Community Benefits money is being used to open Cannabis Clubs - and this is crying shame. 

Those portending to be the operators and mostly jail birds, who were once deep into crime - and today want to do more damage - by using THC and other derivatives of THC - to harm more - since a small percentage use the Cannabis for medicinal purposes.

There is no accountability linked to the $600 million plus Community Benefits - $300 million for workforce and $300 million for outreach.

Much has being made of the Sewer System Improvement project - with has now reach a sum of $12 billion. Started with $6 billion, then 10 billion, and now $12 billion. All tax payers money - what a crying shame - with NO accountability and less transparency. 

The Digesters - part of the project - large tanks that cure the raw sewage - before being sent to the Bay - also know as secondary effluents -  have been delayed by two years.

No one seems to care - in a White neighborhood someone would have gone to jail - the paradox - anything goes -  where people of color live - no standards matter - but all this will change - soon.

Most of San Francisco send their excreta - to the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment plant - that lies started naked in the middle of Bayview in District 10. 80% of the raw sewage from all over the City and County of San Francisco heads to the Phelps Raw Sewage treatment plant.

Also Daly City, Brisbane, Burlingame and some other areas - the dual system - takes in the run off during the rainy season - and daily from thousands of homes - all head to the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment plant - that is situated stark naked - in the Bayview - very near the 1800 Oakdale - Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - that is salted to be torn down to build homes.

When it comes to addressing Quality of Life issues - no one seem to give a rat's ass - looking and adhering the issues and problems that need attention - who will take the rascals and crooks to task?

Who will speak TRUTH to POWER?

Who will tell the children the TRUTH?

If those that know the facts - with deliberate intention harm the innocent - they have BLOOD on their hands.

These crooks will fall flat on their faces - sooner not latter.

Thursday, May 16, 2019


Mother Earth is bleeding and most of us who care - as do most of the indigenous people - are faced with a dilemma - can we really - address all the changes - more the extinction of millions of species - and if this happen than what?

The paradox is five extinctions have taken place before which  have been recorded on our planet - Mother Earth. 

These were not evolutions - but extinction - a fact that happened - from which evolved many species - existing species evolving into a species adapting to the new environs - over thousands and millions of year new species.

Closer to home here at Hunters Point and Bayview view - in fact the entire District 10 - as a result of all the contamination, pollution, lack of Quality of Life issues - human beings - our infants, children, youth, young adult, Elders, those with compromised health,  more those physically and mentally challenged - have been adversely impacted - many slowly dying. 

May their souls rest in peace.

Our Bay is surrounded on three sides by water -  which  has been contaminated - more with radiological elements. Many environmental groups know about this situation - but prefer to keep quiet - thousands of innocent people - have been exposed to contaminants - much of it radiological causing serious cancer and other chronic respiratory - diseases.

Atomic waste dumped by Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and over 1000 weighted barrels loaded with low atomic waste  -  dumped near the Farallones Islands - a supposedly Marine Sanctuary. 

At Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - 90% of the Shipyard was created by demolished two huge hills and using the dirt containing Serpentine Rock - when crushed releases Asbestos Structures - adversely impacting all those thousands that worked at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and the surround area.

The many so called Environmentalists and more the SF Health Department, the Mayors of San Francisco - and the usuals suspects the SF Board of Supervisors - are not educated on issues.

The SF Board of Supervisors and the Mayors of San Francisco  - in the past and now -  permit homes to be built at India Basin and the surrounding area  - knowing well that we have serious issues impacting health in the area. Land prone to severe liquefaction and flooding - more contaminated and already impacting the health of thousands.

More on Parcel A at the Hunters Point Shipyard -  the rest of the parcel on the Shipyard B, C, D, E1, E2, G, Utility Corridors  UC1, UC2, and so on - Parcle E2 has a raging fire - that is being controlled by releasing Methane Gas into the air - from over 40 wells - this has been going on for the 18 years - plus.

We cannot be disrespecting Mother Earth - having no knowledge of the characteristics of the land - more poor landfill - prone to severe flooding and liquefaction.

We know well depleted uranium, plutonium. cesium and other radioactive elements - registered at high levels - have adversely impacted thousands of  human beings exposed to these elements - who die and have been dying slowly all these many years.

The authorities that look the other way. 

They have BLOOD on their hands.

Shaman Walton and his minions on the take - are all over the place.

Most Black sellouts - including Black - Poverty Pimp Pastors - lack spirituality - will not help the indigent, the poor - they take money - to pander to lust and greed and are a disgrace to the human race.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 I attended a meeting at Radio Africa on Third Street - it is a shame that some so called ignorant Environmentalist and other having no clue about empirical data - talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. 

The facilitator was all over the place - such meeting do more harm that good - these new comers - have been undoing all the good that was established before - most of them seeking to bark up the wrong tree. I was shocked that such meetings are being conducted - and funded by nefarious entities.

Present at these sordid meetings - local, state and federal minions - who are there to spy - and do more harm than good - among them present the SF Public Utilities Commission.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the local sell outs Barbara Ockel from the Bayview Opera House, Doris Vincent that perennial parasite who talks the talk but cannot walk the walk. Others too hideous to mention - God see them all.

Most of them Black - who have been a distraction and should focus on empirical data -  not pander to the SF Heath Department, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - that have never, ever worked with the impacted community - in a fair and just manner.

The Department of Toxic and Substances Control, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Regional Water Board - none of them have addressed the concerns of the constituents - thousands of letters, hundreds of lengthy documents, all lie with them - gathering dust on the shelves.

Some ignorant Black who arranged the meeting - should have stuck to the agenda - I was there to honor Marie Harrison who passed away - but was shocked that whatever was arranged by the organizers pertaining to Marie Harrison - was shifted to the end of the meeting.

As usual some loud mouths were saying something - that meant nothing at all. All over San Francisco we have over 5000 hot spots and over 10,000 area that are contaminated - that the SF City and County knows about - but has done nothing about. 

PCB spills, lead, mercury, ammonia spills - petroleum tank for gas stations - that have to be mitigated and abated. The list goes on and on - you can contact the SF Department of Health - the Environmental Division - Stephanie Cushing - or anyone the crook Amy Brownell - and they will kick the can down the street.

Everyday all over our City and County of San Francisco more on the Brisbane and San Francisco boundary - all sorts of toxic hazardous materials are dumped - Walton Shamann who is ignorant - is having a meeting May 20, 2019 somewhere on Bankcroft Street - to hoodwink the public.

The hazardous material amounting in thousand of tons - cannot be handled by Recology - they are not in the business to collecting hazardous waste, and more Class One contaminated dirt.

People say what they want to say - when such toxic material are found - few in our City and County of San Francisco know the process - and it take experience and expertise.

In the year 2002 I worked with the Department of Toxic Control and Substances and the then Director Mr Riley - to clear 20,000 tons to toxic dirt - mostly contaminated PCBs.

I have to do the heavy lifting - and the Department of Public Works, Young Community Developers, Waste Solutions and one David Gavrich, a crook Jessie Mason - all got money - while Southeast Sector Community Development Corporation and Environmental Justice Advocacy - that did the heavy lifting - saw the doling of the money. 

I can give you umpteen examples - but it would not help - it will only expose the crooks we have in San Francisco -  making millions and laughing all the way to the bank.

Right now Humanity is Challenged - Mother Earth is being disrespected by ignorant and arrogant folks.

Do you think most of us in San Francisco care - the rich do not for sure - the Pacific Height Mafia.

These vermin  send their garbage and other waste to the Southeast Sector and think all is fine. 

That includes the excreta to the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant.

There is a lot of work to do here in San Francisco and more in the Southeast Sector - but, nothing much is done. Walton Shaman, Young Community Developers, Girls 2000, Hunters Point Family - are all on the take - millions of dollars expanded - while Mother Earth is contaminated.

The Sun Reporter recently held a gathering - where most crooked Blacks gathered - patting their behinds.  Much of the money spent - in linked to Community Benefits - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project. 

The names Dwayne Jones was mentioned - as a hero when in fact this crook is a " zero" . Dwayne Jones goes as a Businessman and a Philanthropist  - Dwayne Jones is a crook - who must be charged - he and his minions - under the RICO ACT.

Over $600 million Community Benefits must be expanded to help our infants and children. 

The Community Benefits must be used to help our Elders.

More those with compromised health - our mentally and physically challenged.

Surely $100  million can used to address Environmental Issues - and with that money address Quality of Life issues - none of this is happening - at the moment.

What is happening crooks of a payroll list - are being paid dole - and this is a slap on the community - and more our infants, children, youth, young adults and Elders.

$300,000 grants are given to outsiders to open Cafes.

Millions spent of Art Work and those artists chosen from the East Bay and elsewhere.

Million expanded to build a Recreation Center at 1550 Evans - everyday - the stench of the Phelps Raw Sewage - hits the site at 1550 - the stench of Sulphur.

The corruption by the SF Public Utilities Commission - knows no bound -  Dwayne Jones controls $300 million for Workforce - and Juliet Ellis $300 million for Outreach. 

The above Community Benefits belong to the community - but no one from the community is involved with the distribution - the doling is in the sole charge - of Dwayne Jones and Juliet Ellis - both have been charged with crimes. Go figure.

Sunday, May 12, 2019


We humans -those that are selfish, greed, and want it all, waste - have no serious thought about tomorrow.

The future generation - have now been told in plain language - humans are responsible for the immediate extinction of over a million species - soon. 

I wrote about this 20 years ago - but did not imagine then - and cannot fathom now - the extinction of over a million species. 

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya and had access to miles and miles of pristine land or million of acres - where all sorts of wild animals roamed freely - elephants, zebra, lions, rhinos, giraffes, deer - birds one of a kind - more migratory birds - fish in abundance - and I can go on and on. The Flora and Fauna in abundance - now being depleted all over the world - and in Kenya too.

For some strange and innate feeling - I was sought out the frogs - I made a conclusion early on - that where " frogs" thrived - nature abounded - and one could find a nice location and have a field day - feeling the cool breeze, listen to the various birds, now and then the roar of a lion - and more.

This report by the United Nations embraced the local and indigenous as well as scientific studies contributed by 145 experts authors from countries - this global report is the first comprehensive study in 15 years - based on empirical data - looking deeply at the state of our Earth - the planet's biodiversity.

More and more human activities are adversely impacting the habitat of many species that we took for granted.

Deforestation,  overfishing, bush meat hunting, poaching, climate change, contamination and pollution, invasive alien species - all play and role - in many cases we can revert the harm done - but not in more cases.

Over 8.7 million of living species make up " our life supporting and safety net " - provide human beings with food, clean drinking water, air, energy, and more - stated Diaz an ecologist from the National University of Cordoba in Argentina. She went on to say " Not only is our safety net shrinking, it's becoming more threadbare and holes are appearing." 

That one powerful statement must make us all ponder - and STOP the harm we are doing to Mother Earth.

"Indigenous peoples are key partners in the global transformation that's needed," said Carino an indigenous representative.

The Bornean Orangutan -
has been put on the endangered list -
it says a lot - as the Orangutan as does the Panda -
among many species - stirs an endearment -
in most decent humans - that care and are sensitive
to the endangered species - that will vanish -
and hopefully DNA and that science will keep a record
and the future is ours - to make or break.

I have been fortunate to travel to many parts of the world and see things for myself. My reading and studying empirical data - human beings have altered 75 percent of our Earth's land areas - and by the same measure 66 percent of the oceans - which cover 2/3 of the world land mass have been adversely impacted.

Plastic products and all sorts of garbage have been thrown into our Oceans by those that have NO clue what so ever the harm they are doing. 

The U.S. must recall the thousands of times they used the word " jettison " - and without a second thought all sorts of dangerous material - including low level atomic material were " jettison " - the same with other Nations - none of which want to admit - the harm they have done to Mother Earth.

Here is America with a population of about 320 million - we too have contributed to contamination and pollution our land, our air, and of course our rivers, lakes and oceans.

The United State of America an area 3,717,812.8 square miles - we are third largest nation - and yet  we contaminate and pollute too much - and our scientists say one thing and prod us to go good - but not the idiot we have in the White House - he is an egotistical maniac - that does not believe in Climate Change. Go figure.

Again and again the Indigenous People all over the Earth have been the bearer of goodwill - and were thought and to many it came naturally to protect Mother Earth - take very little and leave more to future generations.

Then came the White person - his greed knowing no bounds - the colonial era - the ugly actions of the Belgians in the Belgians in the Congo, the British in East Africa, the Dutch in South Africa, the Italians in Somalia and Libya, you get the picture - the Germans in what is now Tanzania - and these " thugs " - took whatever they considered of value elephant task for ivory, fur skins for those that could afford them cheetah, lion, your name it.

The greed for woods like ebony and other precious and rare minerals to this day - the people are raped - and rare mineral taken in the thousands of tons - from Africa.

We do not think much - but the fossil fuel - the removal of petroleum has cause to much damage - and leading the quest for fossil fuel - the United States of America - encouraging  the evil practice of " fracking " - the leading the world today in the production of petrol and petroleum product.

The United States should have little to do with oil tar - but choose to pipe it all the way from Canada - invading indigenous land - the land of the Lakota -  the land of Chief Sitting Bull. Greed knows NO bounds - and evil deed continue to this day - some of us went to Camp Oceti near Standing Rock - to stand united - shoulder to shoulder - with human beings from all over the world.

Water is Life. So is Air and so is our land that must not be contaminated. We know that but most of us will not take a stand with purpose of mind.

You cannot STOP the Greedy - weak in the knees, inept, not educated on issues - one cannot stay far away alone and bitch - the time has come to speak up and to something - imagine soon one million living species - wiped from the Earth.

The extinction of a million species that took millions of years to evolve - we may preserve their DNA is some form - but, I doubt we will have the patience and the time - to bring what was once in abundance, living, roaming, and all pristine - much as God wanted life to exist.

Huge chunks of many glaciers 
are melting - the Polar Bear confused -
the whales deprived of food 
many whales dying and beaching in far off place 
recently on the beaches on San Francisco 
we have seen several die of malnutrition 
and some injured - by very large ships as the 
whales swim near our shoreline - colliding with ships -
that at more materialist and concerned more with money.

These large birds depicted in this painting -
once traverse right here in San Francisco -
dinosaurs too - our micro-climate one of a kind -
is evolving - and it does not shame San Francisco 
more our Mayor London Breed and the
SF Board of Supervisors to call for more concrete -
not everyone should be living in the
Land of the Muwekma Ohlone -
leaders - not educated on issues cannot fathom that
more those that have no manners, less etiquette.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior -
the Ohlone lived in the Bay Area
and beyond for over 15,000 years 
all carbon dated - and recorded -
in less than 200 years all that was pristine
has been destroyed - by human beings -
with a sordid mentality - like those of our present 
Mayor London Breed and of SF Board of Supervisors.

Concrete, aggregate, poor land fill - create an increase of Carbon Dioxide - one ton of methane equals 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide.

This singular fact - the severe congestion on our roads, and other contamination and pollution - has created a toxic soup - that those in authority do not want to deal with -finding solutions.

On the contrary they talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

It is simply wrong to look the other way - with disdain  as culprits - in the thousands - continue to adversely impact - Mother Earth.

Recently hundreds of Nations signed a protocol about recycling and sending polluted materials all over the world - the nations that send the polluted material for recycling - without second thought. All this must change - if we sincerely care about Mother Earth.

The hundreds of Nation - signatories to this agreement have in good faith agreed - but NOT the United States and one other Nation - why?

Where to you think - so called materials that are NOT accepted by China and other Third World countries go to - maybe our landfills - while some brag about sending zero waste to the landfills?

The penguins are wondering -
millions of acres of icecap -
has melted - forcing the penguins to die -
other survive by escaping to far of place -
we human are something - as much as you prove -
with empirical data - greed, selfish habits -
consulate those " greed " - harming Mother Earth 
with intent - this nonsense cannot and should not
go on forever - but, it does and why?