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Sunday, January 20, 2019


Chief Joseph loved his people -
and died fighting for his people -
he withstood the many trials and tribulations -
few of our SF Board of Supervisors know about 
the history of the Native Americans - which is NOT
taught in our Schools - why not mandate that this
history be taught - so that decent human beings -
know the truth.

San Francisco will never get it - the underlying racism of the worst order - at every single - level.

It is NOT sufficient to remove one singular monument - the Pioneer Monument - and relax. The United Nation Plaza - from where the Pioneer Statue was removed - today - is full of misery and reveals an insight - into our dysfunctional our SF City Government is and will be.

The poor and indigent - whiling their time - hungry and many strung on drugs - OPIOIDS -  and there is more.

An old map of San Francisco -
all that you see was stolen - each and every
square inch - NO one sold anything -
and there is NO proof that this happened -
so who are the thieves - and if they are the thieves -
what do they deserve - if not to adjudicated -
why had this NOT happened - because we are dealing -
with the devil and evil.

This land we call San Francisco and adjoining land - once better known at Turtle Island - and to those that lived here for over 15,000 years - Mother Earth. 

All was more than well - until the strangers appeared on the horizon - and all hell broke loose.

This is San Francisco today - NOT
 one single street - not one single monument -
not one single Cultural Center -
to honor the Muwekma Ohlone -
who land this is - every single inch stolen -
hundreds of Ohlone remains have been desecrated -
all recorded and noted -  time is on our side.

If San Francisco City Hall and those that purport to represent feel and think - that the lives of Native Americans do not matter - they are sadly mistaken.

Most of the SF Board of Supervisors have NOT read the Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago - the many treaties signed by Mexico and the United States and none ratified.

Areas bought by the U.S. Government -
February 2, 1848 -
the Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago

The areas purchased by the United States 
Government signing the Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago -
many of the mandates signed NOT kept -
typical of Whites who lie, steal, cheat, rape -
and then proceed to tell their story much like Donald Trump
does today - he want to build a wall - he want to say to all -
that his ilk were here - before the indigenous people -
the likes of him we have at SF City Hall - 
talking from both sides of their mouth - despicable.

The treaty of Guadalupe Hildago :

The United States agreed to treat the Native Americans - the many Indigenous Tribes with respect and grant them the rights the Mexican Government granted them - before signing the Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago  - including granting women the right to own land. 

Once the United States Government took control - they treated the Native Americans like chattel - and even the children of the Native American Tribes did not have rights - they belonged to the State of California.

This singular despicable deed must be studies and the harm done to generations. Restitution paid - and until that is done - most Whites who talk - from both sides of their mouth -  better know they have BLOOD on their hands.

The State of California - had Governors send edicts to go kill the Native Americans - and for every scalp one could fetch a measly $5.

Wild White trash - so called cow boys went out in the interior - and raped women, killed the men - rounded up the children - and many were sent to boarding schools - others kept as slaves.

Once in the boarding school these innocent children were forbidden to speak their native language.

Dressed  in uniforms favored by the evil Whites.

The children  treated with disdain - often raping the children and committing other untold atrocities.

San Francisco City Hall -
has failed us all - with intent -
mistreated the Native Americans - more -
the Muwekma Ohlone.

We have some in our SF City Hall - Board of Supervisors who talk from sides of their mouth - nonchalant - inept - not educated on issues - and what is more immoral, unethical, and for sure having - NO standards.

Not once have I heard - any of the SF Board of Supervisors - speak to the point - and state the atrocities committed by the Missionaries more the Franciscan Friars.

The edits sent by the Governors of California as recently as 1927 - when one could kill a Native American and fetch a measly $5.

San Francisco does not have a Cultural Center - to permit the Ohlone more the Muwekma Ohlone to gather those Native Americans - that want to unite - to heal and move to a better place.

San Francisco has a budget of over $12 Billion - and yet we have our priorities all screwed up.

The SF Public Utilities Commission the worst Enterprise Department - wasting millions of dollars - and its leadership - immoral, unethical, and for sure having NO standards.

Bribing entities to win favor - one of them charged by the Fair Political Practices Commission - Juliet Ellis.

We have a Mayor -London Breed - who is obese - looks like a heifer waiting to explode - talking from both sides of her mouth.

Stupid and making a fool of herself - and yet there are those that go with the flow.

She will NOT last long -  a puppet on a string - for those that control her - while she plays the fake role.

But not for long.

Some sellout Blacks - have done more damage to San Francisco - and yet these same idiots - will whine and opine - that the Black population is dwindling - Go Figure!

The Recession is coming - and with it - we will see a gamut of issues that will reveal more - the corruption - and its saturation - at San Francisco City Hall. Aho.

Saturday, January 19, 2019


We the people - will never, ever be defeated -
more here in San Francisco -
those who take our goodness for granted -
are put on notice - stop your divisiveness - now.

San Francisco slowly but surely - is losing those Representatives - those Advocates - decent long time San Franciscans - that have embodied the best values - handed down from a long tome ago - more, that have empathy and compassion and can speak Truth to Power.

Advocates who are educated on issues - their heart in the right place. They can stand their ground - and take people to a better - place.

In recent times - some candidates vying for some seats -be it for the SF Board of Supervisors, the Assembly and Senate, even the local seats - have chose unsavory routes - have chosen to embrace  - " dark money ".

Outsiders the likes of Tyra Fennell are now part of the SF Democratic County Committee - once these vermin get in - all hell breaks loose. 

We saw this with Malia Cohen, Shamann Walton, others who are now at the State - Capitol - one glaring example Scott Wiener.

Politics is no more about representing - more and more it is about life style - if you belong to that group - most of these folks - for some strange reason - detest husbands and wives - who have children - instead of wishing the best for these families.

In the last 10 years we have lost over 15,000 families - we now have a population of about 830,000 and more and more families are leaving San Francisco - decent families - see NO future for their children - in San Francisco.

Just the other day - I was at SF City Hall - and Harry Britt was introduced to all - I met Harry Britt a long time ago - when we sat down and came out with the " term domestic partner ".

I reminded him of our meeting - and he remembered the old times - he was touched that someone thought of him - and considered honoring him - even as he fights to stay alive - with all this trials and tribulations.

Other terms were thrown out - when we met some 30 years ago - to address the issues of the QUEER community - Harry Britt liked the term - " Domestic Partner ".

The matter with the coined words " Domestic Partners " - was put to vote - two Ballots - both failed and then - there was one more ballot measure - the people voted - and we had our victory.

The LGBTQ community - most of them do not have a sense of history - chronologically.

We must give credit to those who were NOT Queer - had empathy and compassion - did right - and still do = and what is more - fought more for humanity at large.

Today we see a kind of divisiveness - that is strange - do these newbies think that some one like Harvey Milk - did not face static.

That Harvey Milk did not over came -  did not have friends who were not Queer - more, who stood by Harvey Milk - because Harvey was fearless - and he dared to embrace all.

We see this missing today -  where divisiveness - of the worst kind - is spreading like a virus.

The situation becomes precarious -  when such ugly heads arise - and spread their venom - we must nip the nonsense in the bud.

Today's SF Board of Supervisors - not all but some - do not know how to address certain issues.

They  are NOT educated on issues.

Some SF BOS  stick to the issues that they are little - familiar with - they have no way to embrace all - and therein lies their weakness -  they dig their own - sordid grave. Time will tell.

The stellar and astute Advocates no longer go to SF City Hall.

Some think this does not matter - it matters - we must speak Truth to Power.

It is useless - siting on your ass - for hours on end - listening to the nonsense - most of the SF Board of Supervisors - wagging their tongue that has no bone.

We the Advocates listen to them - most of their diatribe - not worth the salt.

Most of the SF BOS would NOT be accepted from where they come - be it Los Angeles, Montana, New York - other places - we welcome them here in San Francisco - they bite the hand that feeds - them.

We have seen the SF Ethics Commission - the SF Elections Department - fail to give proper guidance to the candidates vying for the various seats to represent.

Too many candidates - falling prey to convoluted processes that defy standards -  penalize the candidates - who truly want to represent - but again and again - hurdles are put in their way.

Some of the processes are meant to trap the candidates - to keep them at bay. 

Some of the candidates two in particular who were fined by SF Ethics Commission - abusing tax payers money - this is not the norm but these two candidates - have shamed themselves and harmed others - one of them Lynette Sweet.

Two former candidates running for office- who have been fined - for misusing public funds - tax payers money  - have gone so far - so as to vacate their homes.

These two former candidates - vying to represent - are absconding - they are on the run. 

These bad apples - were known to be bad.

We do not have a method to discern - that is the SF Ethics Commission and more the SF Elections Department.

Friday, January 18, 2019


The Jefferson -Martin 230 kv Transmission Line 
where saw anyone worth the salt -
participate in the deliberation involving its
upgrade and Environmental Impact Report and Studies.

We cannot ever fail to recognize the hardworking, determination, fortitude and tenacity of PG&E blue collared workers - who have proved themselves - beyond doubt - serving its over 5.2 million accounts - and doing us San Franciscans - proud.

When it comes to outages - we should we grateful to the workers I have mentioned above - going beyond their call of duty - to perform well and serving - the population of San Francisco.

We cannot say that of SF Public Utilities Commission formed in 1996 - that not until 2006 - really got interested in Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) - mentioning a full built out - linked to Solar - but is still lagging. Too much talk and less walk.

I participated in all of the Jefferson-Martin 
meetings - and never, ever saw anyone reputable 
from the SF Public Utilities participate -
the SFPUC just really woke up in 2006 and now 
want to be in the cockpit - when it come to providing 
quality service - be it water or sewer - SFPUC gets an F.

When it comes to monitoring our high powered transmission lines PG&E has done very well. It has also done well with its distribution system.

In recent years PG&E has invested millions - upgrading its sub-stations - and in some parts of the City and County of San Francisco - for example on San Bruno Avenue - the high powered transmission lines - are underground - and in all the years they have been installed - we have had very good results.

As usual our SF Board of Supervisors - and I monitoring them carefully - stupid as they are - and convoluted - talk from both side of their mouth.

PG&E Managers are mandated by those that have invested in PG&E - many of them filthy rich citizens of San Francisco - living in the Pacific Heights and other areas where the rich wheel an and deal.

These filthy rich - have always - been keen to see to their investment - the once renowned stocks and shares - linked to Pacific Gas and Electricity (PG&E) to soar - that is all they are concerned about - greed.

Recently those stocks have hit rock bottom from what they were once - recently monitoring at $6 or so.

Today those PG&E and worried they may be laid off - such are the woes, trials, and tribulation - that these blue collared workers - many with excellent skills and stellar experience - now left to fend for themselves.

The recent fires - the adverse impacts of " climate change " - deferred experience - the millions of  " dead trees " - that have to be removed - these facts and the decisions made to address - come from upper management - and devious and evil politicking - that has destroyed - whatever little decency was left - when we thought to politics.

It is the same at SF City Hall - stupid, inept, idiotic SF Board of Supervisors (BOS) having NO clue what they are talking about - when they talk about PGE.

Some of these SF BOS - should step down and fade away.

Nothing much has changed - London Breed -
is as dumb as before, inept, and spineless as they come -
she has now delegated SFPUC and given them
3 months to research PGE assets and come up
with a Business Plan - SFPUC needs three years -
and still will be bewildered, confounded, and very confused.

This is typical of " morons " -  the will waste money on consultants - they did it before with the Millennium Tower - someone mess it up - then consultants are paid thousands of dollars - all tax payers money - and we get to hear the same old nonsense that we know.

The City and County has failed with its Central Subway when it comes to transparency and accountability. The project started with a budget of $600 million and now has exceed over $1.5 billion.

The TransBay Terminal - for all its grandeur -
closed to the public at large -
some one of kind steel beams - used in holding the structure -
failed - cracks that have to be addressed -
today - months after its opening - 
TransBay Terminal is closed - as the repairs are accomplished.

We saw this with the TransBay - now costing over $2.5 billion.

For all the talk - the steel beams failed - and when the engineers - more structural engineers went back to the drawing board - again and again - we heard - poor work and lack of sound inspection.

The Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit -
is a mess - and it will not be completed as stated -
they say may be 2022 -
how much inconvenience - are we suppose to tolerate. 

Read more about this project that they say will cost $200 million but it looks that from all the change orders more:

This for 2 miles of a Highway which is the Van Ness corridor -
it is a Highway - that few know about.

Let us add - all the over cost - and think for a moment - when adversely impacting -  tax payers foot the bill. 

The reason is simple - stupid, idiotic, spineless SF Board of Supervisors - not educated on issues - and many of them bribed by entities like the SFPUC.

Barbara Hale -
the Assistant General Manager -
in charge of Clean Power SF

Barbara Hale who use to be a paper pusher who hired by Susan Leal - when she was the General Manager of SFPUC - and fired by Gavin Newsom - when he was Mayor of San Francisco.

The recent presentations made by Barbara Hale - always blaming PGE - is something we are used to - and pay NO attention.  As you know PGE operations and maintenance are far superior to those of SF Public Utilities Commission.

For starters SFPUC has NO capacity less experience - and even less transparency and accountability to have a sound built in - linked to Solar - far less when we envision SFPUC doing any type of distribution.

When we pay our bills - linked to Clean Power SF - we pay PGE - PGE outsources this singular task to someone else.

Now when we pay PGE - we will be paying more - that is one of the results of " reorganization " that comes with bankruptcy.

We have experienced that before - and it should not come as a surprise to us today - and in the future - with any reorganization to address the current difficulties  - PGE is experiencing - that we the pay less - we will be paying MORE.

What bothers me are these assignments given to SF Public Utilities Commission - to report  back to the Mayor who is ignorant herself - one blind person leading another - into the cesspool of their own creation.

Once the bankruptcy starts with PGE it will take at least 6 months one year at the most - to do an inventory - and allocate monies to those that are most important - on the priority list.

In this allocation of  " duties " and " as-semblance " SFPUC in very low down the totem pole.

More, because SFPUC has always been a pain in the ass - as far as PGE is concerned.

In the hundreds of cases -involving PGE and SFPUC - most of the cases - over 98% have been won by PGE. I have been following this madness for years - and shocked how Juliet Ellis, Barbara Hale, William Carlin and some others continue to act in leadership roles.

No one when it comes to distribution of high powered transmission and related issues - respects SF Public Utilities Commission - we already had this discussion with California ISO - way back in the year 2000.

Read more about the California Independent System Operator which is a Non-Profit organization - an organization that I am very familiar with and respect - not so SFPUC :

At my old office at 4909 Third Street - I possessed hundreds of binders linked to the Jefferson - Martin 230 kv Transmission Line. I had no place to store these hundreds of binders - and with a heavy heart - had to recycle these documents.

To this day - I cannot get over the fact - that I had to get rid of these documents - and entities liked SFPUC could have used - but did not have a clue - nor would they work with me or any other entities that are knowledgable.

The vision of have the Contracting Center was mine - it was meant more for job creation.

Before the opening the Mangers chose to name it the Contracting Center - steering away from Job Creation - for over 2 years the Contracting Center was under utilized.

We had computer classes for the Seniors and others - other meeting to inform the community at large.

The Contracting Center was moved 4 years ago to 150 Executive Park and still under utilized. SF Public Utilities Commission - loves to talk the talk -but always fails to walk the walk. Time will tell.   

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


This is PG&E headquarters -
high hopes SFPUC can afford to buy it -
less equipment - that PG&E will never, ever 
negotiate to sell to SF Public Utilities Commission -
all talk and no walk - what so ever.

Our SF Board of Supervisors -  love to wag their tongues - that organ that has NO bone - they wag and wag ad nauseam -it makes one PUKE.

We all know that Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) came to be when the City and County of San Francisco - failed to complete the power lines it owned -  stopping short of completion - some 30 miles from San Francisco - South San Francisco.

The Raker Act of 1913 did not envision Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) - it was not even on the horizon at that time.

The dumb SF Supervisors who have NOT read the Raker Act - have NO clue when the talk about the current plan by PGE to declare bankruptcy. 

Have No clue how Chapter 11 works - more when it comes to PG&E - that has a $40 billion annual operation. 

Simply put PG&E has an annual operational cost of about $40 Billion - it controls 40% of the natural gas and electricity - in Northern California.

On completing the High Power line from South San Francisco to San Francisco - Pacific Gas and Electric - were poised to distribute electricity and added natural gas - to the City and County of San Francisco.

Since mostly White Congressmen - played an important role in the creation of Hetch Hetchy - following the Raker Act of 1913 - the main reason to created was to bring clean drinking water to San Francisco - from some 160 miles - Yosemite.

The Raker Act envisioned hydro-electricity too - embraced Municipalities, the Army, those in Public Housing - allowing them to have subsidized -  electricity and clean drinking water.

Today SFPUC has was established in 1996 provides Tulare County with Electricity - to rake in millions. Leases land to Cattle Ranchers to make money, Leases a Granite Quarry near Sunol to make money, leases Golf Courses to make money - and has been dubious in its accountability - lacking transparency.

We must remember Willie L. Brown Jr., created SFPUC - the devil himself. 

You may not know this but SFPUC is an Enterprise Department - that rakes in millions - and some greedy and corrupt - are having a field - day. 

An Enterprise Department cannot tap into the City and County of San Francisco - General Fund. It is mandated to come before the SF Board of Supervisors - on matters above $10  million.

Many SF Board of Supervisors - as we witnessed on January 15, 2019 - at SF City Hall - room 250 - a despicable presentation backed by Harlan Kelly - trying to hoodwink the public at large. 

Juliet Ellis -
time to wipe that sordid smile - away.

One for sure Juliet Ellis - who has been charged by the Fair Political Practices Commission:

San Francisco titles itself as the City and County of San Francisco - because we had jurisdiction - from San Francisco to Palto Alto.

Former Michael Peevey -
he was fired from the California Public Utilities Commission -
Mike has a cozy relation with PG&E.

The California Public Utilities Commission for years have had a cozy relation with PG&E - appointments - made to its Board by State of California Governors - in the past - some Commissioners appointed - dubious in nature - Mike Peevey.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission was created in 1996 some 23 years ago - is a novice institution - with very poor leadership - ever  since it was conceived - compared to PG&E that has been in existence for over 114 years.

Most of its existence - until very recently - its management - was stellar - I had the opportunity to meet many in Management - and found them to be Fair.

Pacific Gas and Electric (PGE) was founded in 1905:

Pacific Gas and Electric has over 5.4 million accounts - and covers a very large area in Northern California.

From its inception - the filthy rich in San Francisco - have invested in PG&E.

If you visit PG&E's website above - the reader gets a very good idea - about its operations - and the many upgrades made in recent years - and on going projects costing billions of dollars.

There is NO way SF Public Utilities Commission can take over the distribution of power and gas in San Francisco. That will never, ever happen. It simply does not have the leadership and capacity.

There is NO way PG&E will sell its pertinent and critical equipment to SFPUC - SFPUC simply does not have the capability, experience and capacity - to provide a quality service. 

More with high power electrical engineers, electrician, maintenance staff - if there is an outage - SFPUC will take days if not weeks to fix the problem.

PG&E suffered a great blow when the San Bruno Fire took place - many homes destroyed and many human beings lost lives. This episode - should have awoken PG&E but it did not.

Other fires took place - because the large areas covered by PG&E - has many hot spots with dead trees - and forests where the under-growth has not been cleared -for decades.

PG&E has helicopters, other very expensive equipment - needing high powered experience electricians -  to address sub-station, sophisticated transformers - other equipment - that will take SF PUC years to come to par. That is putting it mildly.

Barbara Hale at SF  City Hall - on January 15, 2019 was hog washing - her presentation. All she cares is to keep her job - Barbara Hale has failed - miserably.

SFPUC should have had their " complete built out " ten years old - they fought us - tooth and nail -  now, they dare express to take over the electrical - distribution.

 They are think ass backwards - as they have done from its inception.

PG&E has stellar and astute high powered electricians in the thousands - to address any calamity.

PG&E  - has also volunteered to send its best experienced workers - to help other cities - in need - all over our Nation -  hurricanes, fires, tornadoes and so on.

For that service and fortitude and more - some of us in the know are grateful and more the PG&E - have our deepest respect.

Let us not mix the PG&E workers with upper Management to work to provide profits for the investors - those that own stocks and shares - that is a completely different - ball game that smells of Sulphur.

Our SF Board of Supervisors have NO clue about the quality of employees that have PG&E has on its rolls. 

Less they have no dies about the experience required - dealing with high power line, sub-station, transmission lines - and a host of other important factors.

Our SF BOS speak in generalities - saying things - that they have NO comprehension - talking from both sides of their dirty mouth.

In fact the SF BOS has No clue about SFPUC employees and those on their rolls - a full 60% are not satisfied at their work place.

SFPUC in recent years has under Harlan Kelly - created an atmosphere where employees are harassed. 

Recently we had Tommy Moala, Tony Flores, Mark Harris, Karen Kubick, Surjeet Singh - all experienced SFPUC employees leave - others too - too many to mention. Why?

Today SFPUC has over 1000 miles of sewer pipes a full 80% of the pipes are over 90 years old - leaking and leeching and have NOT been replaced. Why?

Today SFPUC has over 1100 miles of clean water pipes and a full 85% of those pipes are over 90 miles old and some older - leaking and leeching.

SFPUC has failed miserably on the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) which cost over $4.8 billion - and we have serious issues at Mountain Tunnel, Irvington Tunnel, Calaveras Dam - and the list goes on.

The Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) started with a price tag of $6 Billion and has now reached over $10 Billion. All raised by Bond Measures - with little or no Transparency and less Accountability.

Dwayne Jones wheeling and dealing -
using tax payers money - more Community Benefits -
to fill his own - coffers.

Millions of dollars - Community Benefits - has been wasted - controlled by a " thug " - Dwayne Jones who does not work for the SFPUC - but has been hired as a Consultant - the man has defied norms - daily hoodwinks the public at large.

General Manager Harlan Kelly -
time to rid Juliet Ellis -
Barbara Hale - and a host of crooked employees -
causing endless problems at 525 Golden Gate Avenue -
no one can fool all the people all of the time.