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Monday, September 20, 2021



Chief Sitting Bull - he united the Lakota Nation. His indigenous name - Tatanka-Iyotanka - circa 1833-1890 - well known and respected Hunkpapa military, religious, and political leader.

The United States, compared to most Nations - was established recently - and has a tarnished history of discriminating, raping, stealing land, lying, and committing all sorts of atrocities - these acts continue to this day.

As a nation, we have learned nothing much - invading Iraq - looking for "weapons of mass destruction and finding nothing at all. "

We did the same when we invaded Libya - thinking we could tame Ghadafi and failed miserably. Our actions demand we as a Nation have standards - and while we have a checklist - we pay attention to " crimes against humanity. "

President Joe Biden - thought he would make history - evacuating - Afghanistan - created such a mess. Someone must step in to address the situation at hand as soon as possible. China is now positioning itself - and will quickly occupy Begram Airport - in Afghanistan - one of the largest airports in the world.

Here is an agreement that needs some reading to comprehend how foolish we were as a Superpoert to sign - all because the President at the time of the signing of this agreement with the Taliban - was an egotistical maniac :

It is incredible how our Nation chose to sign a stupid, dumb, worthless agreement with our enemy.

Mentioning - several times - we do not acknowledge the Taliban - but yet set a deadline - May 1, 2021, to leave Afghanistan- the date later extended by President Joe Biden to August 31, 2021.

Today - thousands are stranded - Afghans promised safe evacuation applied for visas - Special Immigration Visas - P1, P2, and other emergency visas - most - in the pipeline - others lost through no fault of the innocent applicant. 

Secretary of State - Antony Bilken.

Some visas and documents were destroyed - when the Taliban appeared at the American Embassy, and hastily records were destroyed - those who had their documents - have no clue what has happened to their papers - and less the recourse provided by the United States State Department - and its Secretary - Antony Bilken.

Why did we sign an agreement with thugs - an entity that is black listed and yet - the citizens of the United States were kept in the dark.

Today in Afghanistan - women are treated with disdain.

All the hard work we put in for 20 plus years - the many Non-governmental Organizations, many from the United States, Germany, Britain, Norway, Italy.

The NATO nations - other nations Japan, Australia others have invested in women issues in Afghanistan.

Billions were spent encouraging the higher aspects of democracy, education, the many women lawyers, professors, stellar politicians - now deprived of exercising their rights.

It is a shame that the Taliban think that they can treat women like chattel - no decent Muslim believes in such nonsense - the Taliban must be cited - crimes against humanity.

The Taliban are now forcing down the throats their own perspective of the Sharia Law.

The Taliban brand of Sharia Law - not accepted by decent Muslims - be it Shai or Sunni.

Other Muslim faiths   - the Taliban adamant  - that they only can do as they please - more so, because according to their sordid way of thinking, Western civilization must be eradicated and satanic.  

Here is the agreement again - check it out: 


Saturday, September 18, 2021



A French soldier at Kabul, Aiport helping us in the failed evacuation that history has recorded and will come to bite the butt of those in the U.S. State Department - U.S. politicians have BLOOD of their hands - more our U.S. Intelligence community.

In disarray, the United States left Afghanistan on August 31, 2021, and President Joe Biden's administration is still fumbling the ball.

The -  over the horizon tactics - are now questioned - more, with the killings of innocent children - surveillance that does not meet the smelt test. 

Stark naked in the middle of Kabul - they said - the bad guys had bombs - when it turned out the bombs were 20-gallon plastic water containers - an innocent Non-governmental worker - more, who worked for the United States - NGO. 

Children who were in his car - all died.

As days go by, we are not learning, more - than we already know - the ploys, machination, and shenanigans - going in and out of the Kabul airport - now extend - all over the place.

Hundreds of small groups - trying to rescue - those that have to get out. Hundreds of women are tortured, others raped  - still, others innocent Afghans - lose their lives - and President Joe Biden and his lackeys - are singing the blues. Karma!

Thousands of Afghans lined up in the heat - waiting for an opportunity to submit their documents and enter Kabul airport - many lined up for days on end - eight, nine, ten days - many gave up - and this mess is known to the entire world.

The situation got so precarious - some pleaded to take their children and give them a break - children suffering in the heat - others using the ploy as the only hope to save their lives - many could not go home - if they did - they would be killed.

We can now verify that the many Taliban who were vetting those coming into the Kabul airport.

Thousands - of Afghans and others - desperate to leave Kabul - the Taliban chosen by the United States to vet those coming into the Kabul airport - were rude, beat those who had lined up for hours seven, eight, nine hours.

Pistol-whipped, so many innocent- and did other horrendous deeds - these same Taliban - were allowed to leave Kabul - and are now slated to come to the United States.

We were told that thirteen of our soldiers' men and women died for monitoring the situation. 

Eleven were United States Marines - one from the Navy and yet one other an Army soldier. May their souls rest in peace.

We know that one hundred and eighty who fell victims to the Isis-K bomber - were innocent Afghans - all with documents - waiting to come to the United States.

We were given no clue about how many Taliban died - no clear indication. 

We keep wondering why so many of our United States soldiers - were compromised.

We, the few monitoring - fully understood the utter confusion and pandemonium - we read reports - in the more prominent newspapers like the Washington Post - other journals and newspapers. 

Kabul Airport - thousands lined up - outside the Gates - the famous Abbey Gate where the explosion took place, other gates - some reserved for the British, Norwegians, Italians - others. The British had their operations by the Baron Hotel - we knew about buses taking some to the Baron Hotel - and then carrying passengers into the Kabul Airport - through that access.

 Antony Bilken.

Antony Bilken - the U.S. Secretary - U.S. Department of State - says his hands were tied - he did not expect - the Afghan government to fold so quickly. As a Superpower, what was our U.S. Intelligence doing - as a Superpower - we could have done a better job - logistics. 

After President Ashraf Ghani left, we must be told that we had some agreement with the Afghan Government.

When the broader agreement was made with the Taliban in Doha, Qatar, we did not have the Afghan Government at the table.

We, the taxpayers' were not told much - some of us - gleaned some information from the predominant better newspapers, BBC, DW TV, other media sources - none of them American.

We, the taxpayers' experience this with Iraq too - did not find the sordid  " Weapons of Mass Destruction " - and remember Colin Powell lying - and this one fact and others - cost us trillions.

We, the taxpayers saw this with Libya - paradoxically, Antony Bilken was in Libya and contributed to the confusion - living Libya - in dire straits. 

Why do we interfere in the affairs of many Nations - some mentioned above -who have not invaded us.

Nationa who have not harmed us directly - why should the American citizen - who has read the U.S. Constitution - adheres to the Constitution - more those educated on issues - tolerate the decision of very corrupt politicians. 

When will this nonsense STOP - we spent over $3 trillion - on Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan - for twenty years. 

Some of us remember the bombings of Tora Bora mountains - five thousand pound bombs dropped - each bomb, costing us millions - one singular, twenty one thousand bomb - fallen - to kill the enemy - Al Queda - we keep doing things without a proper exit plan - we have NO sound international policy - not before not today.


As a young man, I traveled the world and saw things for myself.

Four months before the Soviets invaded Afghanistan - I was in Afghanistan and had friends in Afghanistan who could write to me - in Nurenberg, Germany.

It was difficult for me to understand the situation at first - but not when I focused on the great highway - a concrete road the Soviets built in the desert inside Afghanistan - when the time was ripe - the rolled in the tanks, and the rest is history.

The United States spent millions arming the Mujahadeen - Muslim men who came from Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Egypt, other places to get rid of the infidel - in this case, the Soviets.

The Soviets came in then left - they suffered too many casualties - parents of the Soviet soldiers - reminisced of World War II - where every family - had someone die - sacrifice their life - to keep the Nazis at bay.

Then in 2021, we experienced an attack - in New York - 9/11 - we invaded Afghanistan - and for twenty long years - had thousands of our soldiers die - while all sorts of complicated things were happening.

American contractors, many with connections to American politicians - bid on contracts - and thousands made millions - if not billions - remember trillions of dollars were spent.

We, the United States, left Afghanistan in disgrace - we muddied the waters - contaminated the land - where they were some semblance today, there is utter confusion.


One hundred and eighty Afghans died most at the Abbey Gate - Kabul airport - other by over the horizon ploys - innocent children killed - an NGO who worked for Americans - when will this nonsense STOP - when will the politicians and our intelligence - be held entirely - responsible.

Afghan women protest - and are beaten - the years we invested in educating women. Talk about democracy - it is no more - the Sharia Law is now the law of the land.  Westerners are held as evil and despicable - demeaned - and not trust at all. We took the Taliban out in 2001, and twenty years later - they took us out!

Scenes like this are etched on our minds - while stupid politicians play with lives - talk and fail to walk the walk. When will we learn - when will we abide by our Constitution - Crimes against Humanity.

Some Afghans who left - many lingering all over the place - Doha, Qatar, Germany, Spain - once they land in the United States - they will be known as " Humanitarian Refugees " with limited benefits - better benefits are being worked out - as advocates with empathy speak truth to power.

These Taliban thugs cannot be trust - never, ever.

We must stand by our Afghan women - they can fill us in on the details.  If we do not do this as soon as possible - we will regret ever invading Afghanistan - and failing to do right.


Tuesday, September 14, 2021



Waslat Hasrat Nazmi is a TV journalist who works for

 German DW television - representing Afghanistan.

Afghanistan will prove to the world - that the Afghan women will not cow down to the bullish Taliban men - who are stuck with some Sharia Law that is convoluted and no one who is a decent Muslim will approve - putting down Afghan women - that is not what Islam is about. 

I have been to Afghanistan and traveled to many cities and towns - the many villages and seen things for myself. I have many Afghan friends and consider them dear to my heart.

The hospitality of the Afghanis is best known to those who travel - have visited Afghanistan - welcomed by the Afghans.

Seeing is believing - now we have turned Afghanistan into a mess - replete with drought, lacking food security.

A surge linked to the COVID-19 pandemic - added the disruption by the Taliban to take freedom away from women and those that challenge the dictatorship of the Taliban and others who share their sordid - philosophy.

The Taliban are on a rampage - scouring the many areas - all over Afghanistan - looking for those Afghans who worked for the United States - primarily.

Daily the Taliban are on a hunt - they have nothing much in mind - than to destroy lives and, in doing so - make a mess of their own lives.

Imagine having the audacity to demand from parents to give their daughters in marriage - the women educated - not so the Taliban.

The Taliban - the majority of them unkempt, ignorant, mannerless, and expect decent - women to be married to these morons - fuck - what has happened to our world? 

I always admire the Kurdish women fighters - trained by our American Special Forces - who took down the Isis renegades - time remarkable Afghan women trained in combat - introduced to deal with the Taliban and other such miscreants. 

We could start with over horizon targets - with support from those that are conducting surveillance right now. 

The Kurdish trained women beat Isis renegades so bad - that the Isis dreaded the Kurdish somen warriors - they fled like cowards.

What a victory for women - a fact not known to many - but now the world knows it. The Afghan woman inherently is strong - all the more we must support them - the men who have balls.

Also - Non-governmental Agencies (NGOs), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) nations - are in dire straits.

The sordid Taliban determined to chop heads and harm Afghans who worked with the above entities. The Afghans' connection to the NGOs - to put bread and butter on the table.

Sodaba Haidare works for the BBC.

The Taliban are closely uninformed individuals who have no clue how to govern, and less live in a modern world. The attitude and demeanor stem from hate - despising all those who do not believe, saturated in hatred. 

Imagine individuals who believe in chopping heads - in the year 2021. 

Afghan women in the last 20 years - for the first time have been educated on issues - today, they can handle responsibilities and contribute to Afghanistan.

Many Afghan women teachers, lawyers, professors, politicians with a heart, in the military soldiers, flying helicopters and planes - shaming the men many times - the Taliban - know the women can handle the situation at hand.

The  Taliban will not permit - educated professional women to work - just because they are women. 

Men must understand - women cannot be treated as second-class citizens anymore.

Those days are gone - the Taliban and their own interpretation are pathetic, to say the least - they love to bully women, those who cannot defend themselves. 

I know that the Kurdish women soldiers took the Taliban down and with them the Isis - clearing the trash - even as they put their tails between their legs and fled. 

The Kurdish women soldiers were armed by our Special Forces - trained well and gave the Taliban and the Isis renegade - a dose of their own medication.

This attitude - blatant disregard to respect women and the law - will not be tolerated - by most progressive nations.

It is a shame that the United States under Donald Trump chose to be in bed with the Taliban. 

We must not forget this egoistical maniac - Donald Trump ever. 

Today, the United States is poised to interact with the Taliban - who are headstrong, misinformed, and lack diplomacy - most of them have been jailed and have not been rehabilitated.

As for religion and the faith they profess - most Muslims do have anything pleasant to say of these thugs - who bully women and those who cannot defend themselves.

Misinformed, most of the Taliban are defiant - the United States made a grave mistake - we are now the laughing stock of the world.

9/11 took us hastily to Afghanistan - on August 31, 2021, we left Afghanistan in a mess - after 20 years - we must learn from our mistakes - and so far - we seem to pat our behinds - and that is wrong. We must learn from our blatant - mistakes.

Why did Congress first allow Donald Trump to meet the Taliban and sign an agreement for the United States to pull out of Afghanistan?

An agreement without the government of Afghanistan as a partner -at the table - we dared to leave the Afghanistan government out and had the audacity to a deal with the Taliban - that is evil.

We are now learning that Donald Trump had an agreement to pull out of Afghanistan on January 15, 2021.  Donald wanted to pull out of Afghanistan without consulting anyone in government.  Not the Secretary of Defense or the United States Secretary of State - other key military officers - were shocked, including General James Miley.

I keep saying we had an egotistical maniac in the White House.

Our Nation was close to going to war with China - when we had a monster at the White House.

Now - we have President Joe Biden, a far cry from Donald Trump - the diabolic individual - a deranged man.
Today I heard Senator Ted Cruz talking like an idiot - before the Senate Committee - at a hearing where the United States Secretary of State - stay longer than he had to survive - to take questions and answer.

Ted Cruz, a Senator from Texas -  knows his party has caused untold divisiveness.

Our nation is watching the lack of any bipartisan agreements every day - and if it was not for the citizens of the United States, we would fall apart. 

Today most of us do not realize - we do not have the middle class - that we saw flourishing in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s.

There are the Independents - the tail end of a small segment of the population - and these two segments - who are keeping Democracy alive.

The Republicans have divided the Nation - but more they keep fuel hate - refuse to wear a Mask - refuse to take vaccinations - refuse to have empathy with Black dying at the police's hands- refuse to give opportunities to people of color to move up the ladder.

When it comes to critical issues, our National Intelligence is pathetic - again and again - we witness at the Congressional hearings - the Intelligence agencies caught with the hand in the cookie jar.

Senator Ted Cruz is one idiot who hated Donald Trump - more when Donald Trump spoke ill of his wife. 

Now, he is supporting Donald Trump, a traitor - the evidence of the attack on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021. 

Donald  Trump, the chronic liar - backed the Supremacists who invaded Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021.

Senator Ted Cruz has stalled the appointments of key U.S. State Committees - several appointees - comprising our security and our partners worldwide. We must not allow one rogue Senator to delay charges - nor must we keep the Filibuster that has failed our Nation. The nonsensical Fillbuster 

This land, the United States, belongs to the indigenous people.

Yet I heard the big mouth, Ted Cruz, today at the Senate hearing - where the United States State Secretary - answered the many questions - but no one is looking at what really triggered this fiasco and pandemonium of the highest order - the hasty evacuation of Afghanistan - a fact that has a deep connection with Donald Trump and egotistical maniac.

Lawyer Fereshta Abbasi - an Afghan woman.

Zabihullah is a Taliban leader.

Taliban leader Zabihullah - talk the talk but cannot walk the walk - they want to interpret the Sharia Laws as they please - last I knew the word Taliban means (students) - the term originated from the many Madrasis - religious schools - funded by Saudi Arabia - these students - now grown up - are NOT trust by the Afghan population - and despised by the women - decent, educated women who can shame the Taliban on any subject - they dare to have a debate on. 

Female Afghan National Army graduation.

Catch the Taliban permitting women to join the Afghan army.

The Afghan National forces have had women on the field and in the air - in the military offices - and have done very well.

With the evacuation of the U.S. military forces - we, the United States, destroyed all we invested in Afghanistan - over 3 trillion dollars - in the last 20 years - including Iraq.

Sunday, September 12, 2021



Afghans with little or nothing - had to leave Afghanistan - the trials and tribulations were many - they stopped at some vetting locations - until finally, they arrive in the United States - once here they are accounting more difficulties - it never ceases to amaze one - now they are called Humanitarian Refugees - with limited benefits.

As one Congressman stated: " a stamped piece of paper. "

The United States keeps making one blunder after another - this one may baffle some - it has happened before - but it really did not have had to happen to the Afghans - who are now tiled Humanitarian Refugees - by the Department of Homeland Security.

The hazard law allows them some security - they cannot be deported for one - but, when it comes to health benefits like Medicaid - learning English as a second language, benefits afforded Green Card holders - they are left holding an empty bag.

President Joe Biden and his Secretary of State Antony Blinken - did not do a needs assessment - they saw the entire Afghan situation in an immature manner - and now are swimming the cesspool of their own creation.

We as a Nation have been fucked over many times by politicians. 

Antony Blinken screwed us big time with the Libya fiasco - and now this time around - pandering with those in Doha, Qatar, the entities that killed Yemeni children - using Saudi bombers and other nefarious tools - to commit horrendous atrocities. 

What does he have to say - about evacuating thousands - in a haphazard manner - and now giving them a title - demeaning Humanitarian Refugees.

To be fair to the Afghans - some Act is being used to share $2500, half going towards the upkeep of each Afghan and the other half to some Non-Governmental Agencies (NGOs). Interesting!

The Taliban have formed an interim government - there is much infighting among themselves - one thug order the other thug what to do. Lost in this mayhem - women and girls are treated with disdain - women protesting have been beaten and abused - journalists covering the protests - manhandled -ribs broken and given blackeyes - what does the future hold for the sordid Taliban.

Women in Afghanistan, in large measure, have done well - gone to school, completed their high school studies, going to colleges and universities - and contributed to the best interest of  Afghanistan.

Some of the best politicians holding high office - heads of departments - were Afghan women.

The majority of the Taliban who have formed this interim government is not educated on issues and could not hold their ground at any international meeting or forum.

When asked about the atrocities committed against the women, the Taliban blame the renegade Taliban to which they themselves are part.

Their excuse is the renegade Taliban need orientation - and with time - everything will be fine.

Right now, an order has been passed - women going to the university and colleges may continue their studies - the face covered - and there should be no mixing of sexes - the male separated from the females. 

The Western governments will not accept the ruling Taliban - and their fake government.

Even as this article is written, the Taliban rounds up innocent Afghans and chopping off their heads.

The Taliban consider anyone having worked for the United States in any capacity dubious - and therefore should be punished -  " they are satanic, not worthy of being a Muslim. "

This notion of controlling women and girls - setting the Afghan women and girls - decent human beings who are educated - and because they were educated - many professionals - worked to make a living - that happened to be paid by the United States or some other Non-governmental agencies ( NGOs) makes no sense.  

One has just to go to Turkey, a Muslim state, and see things for oneself. Egypt and see things for oneself. Jordon and see things for oneself. Pakistan and see things for oneself.

Muslim women have been doing well in all Muslim nations - Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar - and many more.

Muslims in the United States, Britain, Australia, France, Germany, and other European countries - shine and are hard workers.

These Taliban come straight from an era - and act as if - there is no electricity and no buses or cars - fewer planes and the modern technology today.

Most Taliban do not take a shower, the tow a gun - and this brings them power.

They dream of a Caliphate and can keep on dreaming  - they are not educated on issues, cannot govern themselves, do not know anything much about planning, transportation, safety, health.

Education, politics that matter, the digital, less about morals, ethics, and plain baseline - standards.

Stop messing with the women and girls and committing crimes against humanity.

The United Nations must step in - so must the World Bank - other international organizations - and bring the Taliban to book. No funding unless they put in writing that they behave themselves - stop ordering the civilized nations around.

The flag of the United States.

We need a task force under General James Mattis - spelling out the details - what truly went wrong - with the evacuation.  Ratify the situation at hand with sound goals and timelines.

The Elders in Afghanistan have been left out - we must be fair, and we must honor our commitment - so far, we have dropped the ball too many times. The Elders from Afghanistan have wisdom going thousands of years - what do we say about this fact?

The indigenous people of the United States
welcome the Afghans - and support the cause - humanity -
freedom and liberty for all. This land is 
better known as Turtle Island and Afghans in toto
have the blessing of the indigenous Elders.

The Afghan women are now putting their lives on the line - while President Joe Biden and Antony Bilken are singing the blues.
No Afghan woman must be beaten, treated like chattel - time to
use drones - remote control - and take out those who think
they are invincible - the Taliban should be ashamed of themselves - bully women and those who cannot defend themselves.

Our soldiers have laid the lives fighting in Afghanistan - we left a short time after 13 soldiers - 11 Marines, an Army soldier, and one from the U.S. Navy were killed. R.I.P.
We also must not forget the 180 Afghans killed by the suicide bomber - all innocent victims. 

Millions of immigrants have landed on Turtle Island - the Statue of Liberty welcomes all - slowly but surely, our nation is discriminating - making promises and dropping the ball.

Antony Bilken - has failed us all. He will appear to answer the failed and messy evacuation before Congress -  better tell the Truth - and what deals is he making with the Qataris who killed innocent children in Yemen - the other atrocities he has been involved in Libya and at many Diplomatic Missions.

Antony came before a Congressional Committee - where was grilled on the recent fiasco and pandemonium - linked to the August 31, 2021 - that will go down in history - as a large evacuation of over 120,000 Afghans and others - and the death of 11 U.S. Marines, one U.S. Army soldier, and one U.S. Navy.

In the melee, the person who used his body as a weapon - an Isis-K fanatic also adversely impacted over 180 Afghans who died - many more maimed and traumatized for life.  

It is time the sordid history linked to Afghanistan is taught in our schools and colleges. 

We must totally review our immigration policies - we have Special Immigration Visa, P1, P2 - for one thing, and when Afghans applied - they got no response. 

Recently we know for sure the Humanitarian Refugee applied to the thousands of Afghans vetted - who will land in the United States - will get a one-time $2500 - and have no access to health, education, and other benefits that those with Green Cards receive.

Imagine being deprived of health benefits - after being traumatized, toxic stress - while Antony Bilken pussyfoots around. 

Apply for an American Passport, and it could take one 
2 months if not three months.

All sorts of fees to expedite a passport - who is raking the millions? 

Corruption at all levels - including pandering to the Qataris - who bombed and killed innocent Yemeni children - blocked food and other commodities - at ports and starved the Yemeni population to slow - death.

We must address Afghan health, housing, education, quality rehabilitation, Transportation, and cultural assimilation.

The Afghan children, women, girls, and the Elderly have been treated with disdain - and we all know that is not the American way.

On September 13, 2021, - Antony Blinkin, the Secretary of State linked to the United States Department of State - defended himself - both Democrats and Republicans have a field day - all in all - he stood his ground.

He also remained long after the due time allocated some hours - and permitted all those that want to grill him and ask him any question - and did a fairly good job.

Antony Blikin also stated - they are looking at an expedited process - to process the Afghans and issue them Green Cards.

The 20-year Afghan war - has many up and down - thousands died - and many Veterans have yet to heal. 

Every week three or four Veterans commit suicide - and while the Main Media has not taken time to allow our Veterans to express their deep feelings - related to Toxic Stree and trauma of the worst order - we cannot take our Veterans for granted.

The Afghans today, for better or worse - are going to contribute to our Nation - the United States of America - the land originally belonging to the indigenous people - we call them Native Americans - the land was stolen from the indigenous people - every square inch. 

In 2021 which is a far cry from 1776 - and all this time, we have had a long time to ponder and reflect - on Wars - the Civil War took a heavy toll -  World War II took a heavy toll too. The Great Depression - Earthquakes and Hurricanes - 9/11 - the pandemics before and the current COVID-19 pandemic - and more.

In recent times, too many Americans have died - in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places - we think nothing of sending sons and daughters from poor families and have sacrificed too much. 

This nonsense giving the rich a break - protecting their rich sons and daughters going to serve our nation - while these fat cats do not pay their taxes - and can buy anything they want - including wheeling and dealing - what we call corruption?

It would be interesting to know how the $3 trillion was spent in Iraq and Afghanistan over the 20 year period - the connection between politicians and contractors. 

The filthy rich in the United States - who made billions - and milked the system - and we dare blame the Afghans - the ones like Ashraf Ghani - the many from Pakistan - we had to bribe them to bring in equipment, food, all sorts of material - Afghanistan is landlocked.

Afghan infants, children, youth, young adults, men, women, beloved Afghan Elders - those with compromised health - more mentally and physically - all need help - good Americans understand this but not the current U.S. government - exercising ploys, machinations, and shenanigans. 

When Anthony Blinkin was asked recently and several positions not filled at the U.S. State Department - heads of Committee not filled - because one egotistical maniac, a Republican Senator from Texas 
Ted Cruz - kicking the can down the street.

This factor has contributed to the U.S. State Department and its Secretary Antony Blinkin - being put into a position - where others must fill stand by - stalling and slowing the process and decision making - when will the important positions be filled.

How can one stupid Senator who, in the midst of an emergency in Texas, fled to Mexico to have a vacation with his wife and children - when this was revealed - Senator Ted Cruz shamed - he had to return back and apologize. Where do we find such - jackasses?

Senator Ted Cruz must be ashamed of his actions - and the Republican Party must acknowledge that important decisions cannot be taken - when important positions are not filled - more to the security of our nation - these key positions are key - to receive daily reports on the state of affair all over Asia, Africa, Europe and so on - some seven key position not filled - this is a shame.

At one time, there was a maniac at the White House - who did not fill the position of Ambassadors - some 40 or so Ambassadors - who play a key role - why do we tolerate maniacs who foster Supremists - one in the White House? 

Few of us understood Afghanistan when we chose to go to Afghanistan - few spoke the languages that the Afghans spoke.

We - relied on the Afghan translators - one must just talk to our Special Forces - the Generals - who our nation fired at will - several General in charge - fired and others replaced - we had no control of the situation at hand - in Afghanistan.

Now we allow the Taliban to target. Many are dying - their only fault working for us, the Americans, Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) nations, other Nongovernmental Agencies - all helping the Afghans.

The Taliban with whom Donald Trump made a deal - keeping the Afghan Government out - created this mess - like he did the Capitol Hill fiasco - January 6, 2021. Donald Trump is a traitor and must be held responsible for this mess - history will record it.

The Constitution spells out the treatment Traitors deserve - why are will allowing a traitor to move freely - someone who has not paid his taxes, lies, and is an anathema to the human race.
God bless America.