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Saturday, December 14, 2019


When one is " ignorant " to the facts - has no idea about process - even less of ordinances and laws - that can be used to circumvent issues - where the corrupt - connect - form an alliance of sorts - harm the public at large - more those that need help most. 

Then all hell breaks loose.

Willie L. Brown Jr.,
even today he has his dirty finger
in every pie - the famous "thug" Mayor
of San Francisco - pathetic.

The first seeds of corruption were planted by Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. - so corrupt - that even today he has his finger - in every pie - and those who came after him - after his term from 1996 - 2004 - continue to pander to Willie and his minions.

A common denominator Steve Kava - who continues until today - to plan, connive, and create scenarios that have adversely impacted San Franciscans - and this must STOP. Advisor of circumventing anything and anyone - to create a scenario - figment of this imagination - adversely impacting San Franciscans.

Mayor Gavin Newsom -
today the Governor of California.

After Willie the Black "thug " Mayor - Gavin Newsom was sworn in - and Steve Kava continued to be his key advisor - and with him Tony Winniker.

Gavin Newsom served from 2005 to 2012 - some of us followed the crooked Mayor - the first one a " thug " - Gavin Newsom - a metrosexual Mayor - who often was got in public - inebriated.

In 2012 Gavin Newsom - anointed Edwin Mah Lee - and Edwin Mah Lee continued the ploys, shenanigans, and machinations -  wheeling and dealing with Big Developers - changing the skyline of San Francisco - drastically.

Mayor Edwin Mah Lee

Edwin Mah Lee passed away before his full term - and the last two years of his term - were filled by Mark Farrell and London Breed. 

Mayor London Breed the worst Mayor that ever stepped into City Hall.

From 2002 to 2011 our Nation experience the spiraling of the economy - Edwin Mah Lee ceased on the opportunity - filled his campaign coffers - opened many off shore accounts - and thought he had it made - until he succumbed to his death.

Loud mouth Mayor London Breed -
loves barking up the wrong tree.

Gradually - from 2011 to today 2019 the homeless situation has grown - today we have 25,000 homeless - most are treated with disdain.  The situation is beyond control - the inherent systemic issues - have NOT been addressed - wrap around services.

Navigation Centers - where humans and animals live side by side - cameras catching each and every second - humanity denigrated and the so called SF Board of Supervisors and many Department heads - do not give a rat's ass.

Recently hundreds of homeless in San Francisco - were swept from their encampments - some were allowed to go scot free.

Others taken to jail -  only 9 of the total number harassed - were given a temporary roof .

The present administration - the SF Board of Supervisors - who wag that tongue that has NO bone -  should be ashamed of themselves. 

The Mayor's Office more Room 200 - stinking of Sulphur - corruption has reached saturation point.

Compounding the homeless situation - we have hygiene problems - on the streets of San Francisco - the many areas - that once were clean - now stinking to high haven.

The  homeless defecating and urinating in public - in front of children and decent citizens - acting worse than animals.

The tourist are fed up and soon no one will be coming to San Francisco.

All  that was good has been tarnished - but so called representatives - that lack leadership quality - less have empathy and compassion.

Recently many conventions were cancelled - most opting to go to Las Vegas - where they find cleaner surrounding and better amenities - for too long - the City and County took things for granted - no more.

Large areas around Union Square - have many stores vacant - the same on Market Street and the same all over San Francisco.

It takes too long to get permits - Small Businesses are hurting.

Workers from the Hospitality Industry cannot find a place to live that is reasonable - many try come from far off places. After sometime they give up - today it is difficult to find good workers - chefs and other that can work in a good restaurant, the same in other areas. Wake up San Francisco - wake up Loud Mouth !

Opioids and the misuse of Opioids is pandemic in San Francisco - children and other decent citizens - cannot make head or tail of the on going problems - on the streets of San Francisco.

 The problems spills on the streets - in the many neighborhoods - compounding the issue of homelessness - breaks ins cars and homes, assaults of all kinds, the SF Police Department no where to be found.

Recently I spoke before a committee that wants to deal with the Opioid chronic problem - that is adversely impacting practically everyone in San Francisco - a pandemic.

Those addicts who mess with Opioids will do anything to get a hit - steal, cheat, assault, stab,  break into homes, break into cars - and these addicts come from all over the Nation.

In fact there is a program in other States that give an individual - one years rent - a money to travel to any place to - leave their respective State - most opt to come to California - and San Francisco is their choice - because of the temperate - climate.

When it comes to addressing Quality of Life issues our SF Board of Supervisors - lag far behind.

They  love to talk on mundane subjects - can wag their tongue for hours on end -  deliberating subject not worth the salt.

While those of us witness them all spewing diatribe - spewing hot air -  they think they can fool all the people - all the time.

It does not help that in San Francisco  rents have sky rocketed - that food is very expensive - that past the third day of the month - many families have NO money left - for bear necessities.

I watch these Supervisors - some of them - " steeped in dark money " - one is a " jail bird ".

Touching on subject like taking on JUL, boasting that the Juvenile Hall must be closed, pretending that his influence help create a Bank, the man is a JOKE and hails from Vallejo.

 His District newspaper - purple in color - betrays his ascetic  taste.

Much  as his lack of knowledge on matters that matter - more empirical data - the health assessment including District 10 - is a case in point.

The man is  not only ignorant but more arrogant -  an outsider and a jail bird at that -   does not pass the " smelt test ".

In his district women deliver still born babies and this problem is on the increase. 

He is not aware of this fact - and he is not aware of other - more pressing issues.

The contamination and pollution is the worst - in District 10 - the last frontier.

More on land prone to liquefaction, flooding, and very contaminated - over 30,000 units are planned. 

There is a Superfund Site in close proximity to where the 30,000 units will be built. No one in their right mind - should be living in this area - not even animals.

Where is the Precautionary Principle - these crooks - corrupt to the core - have NOT read the Precautionary Principle - nor have they any clue about the Mather Act.

Already many living in the newer units at Alice Griffith aka Double Rock - and suffering from all sorts of health problems.

In 2010 a Grand Jury was formed to address such issues - one of them Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - I was among those  interviewed at length.

Nothing came of that Grand Jury report - 2010.

The Grand Jury produced a document - but as usual there was NO compliance - no clout to address the nefarious activities - that are still being carried on.

Now in 2019 - another Grand Jury has been created to  evaluate the first document created by the Grand Jury in 2010.

The  follow up is being worked upon -  again I will help those to better understand  - be that most of the Grand Jury consists of Whites.

What the Blacks are good at - is selling out the community - none of them - truly care about the community at large.

The Faith Based Communities - be it the Tabernacle Group - other Faith Based Groups want millions to do something - but are kept at bay by the authorities that be. 

The vulnerable community at large in District 10 - are lost - groping in the dark - " the living dead " - especially those strung on drugs.

The advocates want to do something - but if you live or work in the Bayview Hunters Point - the City and County will see to it that you are kept at Bay. 

More if you speak Truth to Power - the crooks think they can get away with murder in broad daylight - in San Francisco.

To be included - in the inner circle of the crooks and corrupt - you must be a sell out.

More - pander to the whims of the crooks - this will NOT happen with those who are educated on issues - and have their heart in the right place.

Early each morning there is a line to enter the Bayview Library for example - to use the restroom - and those who do so - will use the tissue paper - to clean themselves - water spilled all over the place - messing the floor. 

This has been happening for years.

After this ritual of sorts - some will seat on a couch or take a seat and fall asleep - right in the Bayview Library. 

Many suffer from high blood pressure, others are diabetic and have no energy to walk - it is pathetic to see this sight.

Many have not had breakfast and are feeble  -  even if one can - help to feed some - there is only so much that can be done to help these souls - outside the Bayview Library.

I pause often to talk to the elders - my office at 5021 Third Street is next to the Bayview Library - again I am in the middle of the situation - other get the funding to do what they want - they use the money to hoodwink the public at large. Time will tell.

It is  even worse by 3rd and Palou Street -  folks sit in a circle - and remain there from early sunrise to sunset.

In all the time I had my office at 4909 - I watch these rituals and could not understand - how anyone could spend so much time - whiling away their time - and most of them Blacks.

We have politicians and other crooks like Dwayne Jones and Juliet Ellis - who have NO interest and time to serve - those that need help most. 

They are busy giving themselves titles - and defying the community at large. 

Both are outsides - came here to fill their own coffers - but NOT for long.

1800 Oakdale - today known at the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building -  where nothing is happening - plans are afoot to tear the building and build housing.

The same in the area - where the Green Houses have been torn down - next to 1800 Oakdale. 

Some abatement done by AZUL - capping the contaminants - the City and County of San Francisco - more SF Public Utilities Commission NOT to be trusted - will be building homes on top of that contaminated ground - that has been capped by some little clay - the circus goes on. Who is fooling whom?

Harlan Kelly the General Manager of SF Public Utilities Commission  should be ashamed of himself.

Harlan Kelly thinks we cannot figure his evil and unchecked atrocities and " modus operandi  ".

Harlan Kelly will NOT leave a legacy - and I put this in writing - before he leaves - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

I tried my best telling him to do good - but the man - will only listen to Juliet Ellis - the evil - witch.

Nothing good will happen at 1550 Evans - you can tear what is there now.

No one should be building anything on land that is prone to severe liquefaction - that is 1550 Evans Street - even if one has pilings that go 200 feet down and touches bedrock.

Time will tell.

Why would anyone build a Recreation Center - in an area that is a " Toxic Hotspot ".

The empirical data is there - another toxic hotspot - 3rd and Cargo - not very far from 1550 Evans Street.

No one is addressing -  the increase in chronic asthma cases.

The increase in tumors one of a kind, heart problems, teary eyes and sore throats, many suffering from severe migraine headaches, and more.

With little meaningful discussion - without informing the community - some Whites who work for University of California San Francisco - have created a document - that I am posting below for you all to read and comprehend :


District 10 does not have a hospital - nor do we have a clinic - that has many amenities - dental service for example.

Few know in the 1960s when Model Cities was well established in the Bayview Hunters Point area - advocated from what is now known as District 10 - got the money and a hospital plan from Texas - and build the grey building known as the SF General Hospital.

At one time Saint Luke Hospital was more frequented and help District 10 - no more. Saint Luke got rid of all the help that could be given to addressed respiratory diseases - an entire floor at Saint Luke now under the control of Sutter Hospital.

An entire floor that catered to the mentally challenged - the mess at SF General Hospital says more than can be said. SF General Hospital - lacks the need nurses, social workers, case managers, and doctors.

Mentally challenged patient are released - and make a living on the streets of San Francisco without any warp around services.

Transportation to Mission Bay hospitals and even to SF General Hospital - linked to the poor and indigent - in District 10 is evident - but no one wants to touch this pressing issue.

Two White women did not expect me to be at the SF Planning Department on Thursday, December 12, 2019 - the meeting held in Room 400 started at 1:30 pm.

I spoke on the agenda item - the two White Women - linked to University of California San Francisco - who came up with a fake needs assessment.

My comments broke the entire health situation is District 10 - the disparity in our inner cities is compared to Rwanda - a third world nation in Central Africa.

Asked by one SF Planning Commission how long does it take to build a hospital - the two White women - could not say much - more than 10 years if not more - with all the permits - and more in place.

OSHPD standards are mandated - and here is some information -for the many ignorant who talk the talk but fail to walk the walk - and most of them Black politicians - a disgrace to the human race :

How stupid can our politicians be - not one of them were present at the SF Planning meeting - December 12, 2019 at the meeting held in Room 400 at City Hall.

When it comes to Quality of Life issues - to address the very poor health of the constituents in District 10 - we do not have one single advocate worth the salt.

Most of those attending the meetings - have no clue about doing a needs assessment - when I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco - we had the Letterman Army Medical Center - and the Letterman Army Institute of Research. 

I took a deep interest  in hospital and clinics - all over San Francisco - and have within the jurisdiction I worked - at the SF Presidio  - writing extensively on hospitals and clinics all over San Francisco and more.

Including Laguna Honda and other other clinics - many of them built when the Model Cities  Program was in high gear - we still have one or two - managing the clinic built during that time - that I keep in touch with.

District 10 need good leaders - who are educated on issues - we have today Blacks - and the first statement that comes from their mouth - " what is it in this for me ? " 

Meaning even before any needs assessment, any hard work and sacrifice is initiated - they want money - on a platter.

No wonder - those that have taken money - more Community Benefits - and withering on the vine - I can name them but it would do NO good.

Our SF Controller Office has sufficient empirical data - but is moving at a snail pace - and the crooks and corrupt - are making hay while the sun shines.

Mostly Blacks who have no conscience - and think they must be paid - they with intent create divisiveness.

While our infants, children, youth, young adults, our beloved Elders, those with compromised health - more that who are mentally and physically challenged - slowly die.

District 10 has very poor health services - the worst in San Francisco - practically no wrap around services. 

Sexually Transmitted Diseases, AIDS, Tumors one of a kind, our women delivering still born babies.

Toxic Stress galore - and the mentally challenged all over the place - we now have youth and young adult who are losing their mind.

Many have no insurance - and many cannot afford medication.
I try to do my best to help some - the situation is over whelming - God help us all.

What are leaders doing? Nothing.

Wake up - before pandemonium sets in - and all hell brakes loose. Aho.

This is Ohlone land more Muwekma Ohlone land :

Thursday, December 12, 2019


There is too much talk about Equity, Resiliency, Cultural Competency,  lack of sensitivity to exercising Implicit Bias - inherent sordid motives - more by those who are NOT educated on issues.

The Southeast Sector of San Francisco - has been bombarded by nefarious crooks - who have flooded the area - armed with buckets of " dark money " - buying some sell outs and dividing the people - tax payers at ground zero.

Some of us have been following this nonsense for too long - the corruption has reached saturated point - and it is all orchestrated from Room 200 at SF City Hall.

Those who come from outside into our community - from Vallejo, Fresno, New York, Los Angeles - have not been in the trenches with us fighting for the community.

These outsiders take our kindness for granted - they bite the hand that feeds them.

Now suddenly - so many - again all outsiders - are given thousands on a platter - to open restaurants that do not work, cafes that no one visits, BBQ open air ventures that do not meet health standards.

This fanfare in our face - is an insult - while decent folks from the Southeast Sector - are suffering - have NO food - crash wherever they can. No one seems to care - not those that take money from Lennar Urban aka 5 Points Holdings LLC - others all developers - one worse than the other.

The Property Manager be it the John Stewart Company, Bridge Developers, Mercy Housing - are all having a field day. Receiving millions from the Federal Government, the State Government - the City and County of San Francisco.

Bank of America has given the John Stewart Company $2.4 Billion in loans - if the local people go to Bank of America - more people of color - they are turned away - after asking them all sorts of questions - and belittling those that live and work - in the Southeast Sector.

Corrupt folks who do NOT pay their dues and then think - they can come into our living rooms - arrange our furniture - without our permission and order us around - tell us what to do and what not to do. 

It is amazing how when some are offered some " stale bread crumbs " how these lackeys, these sell outs pander to the crooks. All that will come to a stand still - it will come so soon and so sudden - and it will come from a very powerful force - that is NOT visible.

At City Hall - the SF Board of Supervisors are all over the place - there is NOT one SF Board of Supervisor - who can tackle any issue with timelines and goals that matters to the public at large.

We have seen raid - the poor taken to jail - the belonging thrown away. Of the hundreds taken away only 9 got some shelter and that too for 6 months.

What is happening to San Francisco?

San Francisco has lost its soul. Shame on those who work at SF City Hall - waste their time - and think they are all doing a great job - when all they go - is pat each other on their ass.

When Jesus came down to Earth - he took on those that had no empathy - the son of man did not have a place to lay his head. The son of man suffered, was whipped to death, crucified so that those that could not see - could see.

This is happening to many in the Southeast Sector -  they are so unconnected, so uneducated on issues, so blinded, so ignorant - that they take some stance - bordering on arrogance to say something - that means nothing at all.

Several time I have requested the SF Board of Supervisors - in these challenging times - get oriented as to the duties of Project Managers and review standards.

None of the SF Board of Supervisors can do a " sound needs assessment " on the many projects - all over the City and County of San Francisco.

Innocent folks who run their business have lost everything.

 They are so broke after taking loans, borrowing money - having run their businesses for some years - and then fallen prey to construction activities - such as we see on the Van Ness corridor - today.

Innocent  parties  taken for a ride - come to SF City Hall in the Chambers Room 250 - and vent - they even cry and shed tears - the SF Board of Supervisors look the other way.

What these jackasses  in authority do is hire consultants - who create documents pleasing to the eye - pandering to those that pay them - $300,000 and more - and we the tax payers are left in the dark.

The Central Subway started with a price of $800 million - it  has now reached close to $2 Billion and growing.

It is past the due date of completion - nearly two years past the date of completion - with no light at the end of the tunnel.

The SF City permit these Primes or Contractors - to carry on - without meaningful corrections put in place in writing - after issuing them Notice of Violations (NOVs).

Failing to issues these rogue Primes or Contractors substantial penalties.

Failing - to keep such rogue contractors at bay - one in particular - Tutor-Perini known for change amendments - and hoodwinking our City and County in broad daylight.

Much like we saw the demise of Synergy - caught double-dipping - failing to maintain standards on many projects - all over the SF City and County of San Francisco - the owners now hiding - no where to be seen.

Millions were wasted on the Third Street Light Rail - it started at 4th and King and ended in the middle of no where Visitation Valley. 

From the inception the right thing to do was create a Light Rail from Balboa Station - going by Geneva Avenue - on to Bayshore - on to Third Street all the way to King Street - under the tunnel by the Ferry Building - all the way to Montgomery, Powell Station, to Civic Center Station, on to Mission Station - all the way to Balboa.

The gap between Balboa Station to what is now middle of no where Visitation Valley Station - stares us in the face - with the buffoons pretending that they did not make a big mistake.

From the start the millions wasted of the Third Street Rail  - was simply to use the money - change the project from Geary Boulevard to Third Street - where mostly Blacks - were bribed and promised that the Third Street would be viable and sustainable - a thriving corridor - the opposite is true.

Now the SF County Transportation Authority - has formed some committees - none of them have proven experience linked to  Transportation Management.

None  -  of them attended the early meetings we had in the early 1990s  to around 2017 - none of them fought with us in the trenches.

Corrupt and fake as they come -
nothing much has changed -
from Doris Ward, to Sophie Maxwell, to 
Malia Cohen to the present time - Blacks selling out the community at large -  we have an EMERGENCY -
that must be addressed on a war footing.

These sell outs - are just that - Black sell outs - who keep on getting free money - for spewing diatribe - barking up the wrong tree -laughing all the way to the bank.

All of our Community Benefits are doled out to mostly Blacks - who keep most of the money - and dole out  " stale bread crumbs " to those that will take anything - because they have no work - and are hungry - these hungry folks will accept  anything - anything - given to them on a platter.

The same happened some years ago - vans and money was set aside to help Seniors and those Physically Challenged.

The  vans set vacant for years - on a Parking Lot at Executive Park.

Some  one pocketed the money - and all this more - corruption of worst order under Sophie Maxwell and then following her Malia Cohen - the worst District 10 Supervisor - ever.

The  Third Street Light Rail was dumped on District 10 - the  original  plan was to build that Light Rail on Geary Boulevard.

The  Businesses - on Geary Boulevard - fought tooth and nail - they all did not want to have nothing to do with the Light Rail on Geary Boulevard.

The Geary Businesses and supporters  rejected the Light Rail  project for all the  right reasons - and for good measure.

Geary Businesses will not take orders from idiots.

Up  front the Geary Businesses demanded  some mitigation measures put in writing .

Not  so on Third Street - the Black sell outs - are still around - they messed the Bayview Opera House.

The mostly Black sellouts continue to mess - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The mostly Black - are hand in glove with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and crooks like Harlan Kelly - sell out the Community Facility - the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building at 1800 Oakdale.

The Blacks are figuring out - what to do - they want a Cannabis Club - it has fallen through - at the location that once was the Walgreens at the Evans Shopping Center on Third Street and Evans Street.

The mostly Blacks have ruined  the Southeast Clinic - may I say more. What else is left.

Candlestick Point, Third Street Light Rail - from middle of no where Visitation Valley to 4th and King.

Our elementary and middle schools once thriving - now - no more.

The worst Willie L. Brown Jr., Middle School is the worst - millions spent - and the school - is known for being dysfunctional - the students - lack discipline - and have failed us all.

Again those who accepted the Third Street Light Rail were some Blacks - Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr., ( a rogue Mayor ) favored Calvin Hayes (who has since passed away), Anthony Muhammad - Point Persons point by Willie L. Brown Jr. - who doled the money - to unsavory characters - much like is done today.

The SF Controller's Office is fast asleep in the cockpit.

Let  us see what the recently elected - SF District Attorney does - we talk about draining the swamp in Washington DC - we have a worse swamp at SF City Hall - headquartered in Room 200.

Sophie Maxwell - former District 10 Supervisor.

80% of the business on Third Street closed - never to return.

All this when the Third Street Light Rail Project was dumped on District 10 - Nancy Pelosi the Congresswoman and Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr., - playing an important role.

There were  all sorts of problems - while the Third Street Light Rail project was dumped on District 10 - Black sell outs - paid off to do the bidding of those that were behind the scenes.

Most of those who took the pay offs are withering on the vine.

They walk slow and stooped  - look more like scare crows - they cannot even talk - they are slowly suffocating - the end is near - and they know they did more wrong and less right.

Traffic congestion, dust and dirt flying all over the place - pedestrian causalities trying to cross from point A to B. No one seems to care about Quality of Life issues - more when it comes to the Carbon Footprint, sound transportation, sound education, childcare, safety, sound housing on land that is very clean.

How can anyone put human beings to live on contaminated ground - where the Project Managers,  others in Management  - who do not live on the property.

They come from time to time to see someone - address some issues at hand - and more to collect the money. 

I documented  all of this and more - with thousands of photographs - my office right in the middle of the project - 4909 3rd Street.

I  did not see anyone - more those selling out the community today - lying that they know it all  - when all they did before and now - is sell out the community. 

Enough is enough.

Danny Glover and Francisco Da Costa -
go watch the movie 
depicting the situation in District 10 today -
" Last man standing " .

Few meaningful jobs were given to the citizens of District 10 - and few that did get a gig - did not last long - " directing traffic" and paying the ones that worked - minimum wage - late.

Hundreds of cars suffered from damage - blown out tires, other serious damages causing the drives thousands of dollars.

When the Light Rail was put on Market Street the Department of Transportation paid the businesses. 

No such treatment accommodated  the businesses on Third Street - Point person were chosen - all of them Black - were given money - to dole our money - to other sell outs.

Who gives Dwayne Jones - permission -
to do outreach without any meaningful bidding -
on projects in District 10 -
he is on the shit list - when it comes to bidding 
for contracts SF Citywide - so who permits him a crook -
to do outreach - the SF Controller Office is fast asleep 
at the cockpit - he and his minions must be investigated - now -
Project linked to Pier 70 and 1550 Evans -
none of the projects will come to fruition -
not with the high prices of steel, other materials -
contractors thinking twice before doing business -
with crooks like Dwayne Jones and some others 
one worse than the other.

Much the same that is done today by Dwayne Jones and Juliet Ellis - doling our money - defying all norms - in your face ploys and machinations and more  - time will tell.

Few know this sordid history - but as usual it is not uncommon for any SF project to cost over 100% - far in excess of its initial cost.

The Central Subway is one example - started at $600 million today costing over $2 Billion.

The Third Street too over 80% of its initial cost.

Today the Van Ness project will not be completed on time - may three years pass the due date - and 60% over the initial cost.

Third Street has not bounced - and most of those representing today - jail birds - have NO clue about past history.

Less about Transportation Management - they talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Entities that did not fight for the community - have now invaded Third Street - all sorts of characters - who try to do business on the quiet - receiving millions - while the local advocates who speak Truth to Power - must suffer.

Joshua Arce must be ashamed of himself - the millions wasted on Workforce - with fake advertisements - reveal the tip of the iceberg.

We still cannot get the figures linked to Career Jobs - we get some stats - fake stats - that other entities created - the Mayor Office of Work Force and Economic Development - taking credit for.

Michael Cohen - the former Director 
of Mayor's office of Economic Development 
and Workforce - the seeds he planted were rotten.

The very curricula linked to City Build and its program - was stolen - and I have proof of that fact - if the seed planted is rotten - the fruit that you all brag about - will be rotten too. Make no bones about it.

Much like the Dahlia Program - linked to some Lottery System - the City and County of San Francisco - is ripe with crooks from Los Angeles and other places - none of them paid their dues - today - they are given free reign - to cheat, lie, hoodwink, a disgrace to the human race.

Now some money is set aside to plan our best to bring back the old 15 Third MUNI bus line. The tax payers that count, those that are educated on issues - have not been contacted - Tilly Chang thinks what she is doing - but, we will find out about these most Blacks  - who are in the minority and finding all sorts of " pots of money" to dole out to those that are NOT respected.

At this late juncture the Bayview Community Benefits District is being created. Even as Blacks in the majority are slowly dying on the streets of San Francisco.

More than 50% of our jails are filled by Black - not too many Black left in San Francisco - the Black population is dwindling - more with Black on Black shootings and killings.  

Recently we have had shootings and killings - all of them Black on Black - and those in charge - who can do something - are Black - kicking the can down the street. 

One of them a victim  -  a 50 year old  Black man - who was shot and killed - his family, friends and supporters - were kept at Bay at the SF General Hospital. 

Disrespect shown all around - and yet these outsiders - so called representative - think - they can keep on disrespect us all.

Where is the Town Hall meeting - mandated on the shooting and killing of the 50 year old Black man? We want to know? MF.

These crooks receive money from Billionaires from the East Coast - who want name recognition - and use House Negros more jail bird - to do their bidding.

 The case of confronting and taking on  JUL that has billions - and nothing can stop JUL from doing what is does best - marketing its products.

The House Negro is just licking his jobs - trying to win brownie point taking credit for some Credit Bank that will take years to operate, the Juvenile Hall that is staring most in face.

If more than 50% in our present jail are Black - if the SF Police Department is headed by a Black - if we have a Mayor who is Black - if we have others who are Black - why is it - Blacks are involved in most things that are seen - negative.

The Walgreen that was operated in the Evan Shopping is no more - the influx of Black - stealing on San Bruno is pandemic - including the Walgreens - other business too - so who is fooling whom.

The crimes from other area are now coming on San Bruno Avenue - if fact I see the jail birds and crooks - coming to San Bruno Avenue to - make their deals - Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Anyone can say what to do and what not to do with our Juvenile Hall and its elimination.

However, the matter lies with the Courts - that most Jail Birds are familiar with. The Courts will decide the issue at hand. Much like jail birds - more those who have inherent in their DNA - to hoodwink, cheat, deceive, pander - a disgrace to the human race. The garbage from Vallejo - planted in San Francisco.

As a matter of fact crime is on the increase in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

The local newspapers cannot address the situation - less a purple colored newspaper pandering to the crooks.

More  youth and young adults are committing crimes - shooting and killing at our Shopping Malls - on our streets in broad daylight - refusing to go to school - the authorities at large attribute it to toxic stress. There is more to this - madness.

These vermin from Vallejo and Fresno - from place like New York and Los Angles  - come into our community under the cover of darkness.

Today they are steeped in " dark money "  there are many - we know them - positioning themselves to harm the community.

Some are involved in project  - trying to build recreation centers, so called affordable housing - all on contaminated ground - prone to severe flooding.

More,  liquefaction and of course will fall a casualty - to the Big One - which has been sounding the clarion call.

Banners will put up all over the place -
stating what you can read above -
nothing happened - the banner got worn out -
no one had he decency to take them out -
until the SF City and County was forced to do so.
Not one promise - benefiting the community has been kept.
Crooks from outside - and now making hay while
the sunshine - but for how long?

Our schools in District 10 - all of them that come under the San Francisco Unified School District - are now targets of so called Charter Schools.

 Principals who worked for the SF Unified School District are being fired. Chief Financial Officers - teachers get burned out - and no one is paying attention to toxic stress.

Alice Griffith Public Housing had hundred moved to a so called better place - more are falling sick - and with sick students most stressed out - it makes any holistic operation difficult.

I get reports, people talk to me - I have to go to schools to intercede. I even get other entities involved - the SF Unified School District is so corrupt - things have reached saturation point - for the worst.

More and more the plan is to accept money from Charter Schools - fire Principals who love our children but are treated with disdain - case in point - Visitacion Valley Elementary School.

I spent  an inordinate time - trying to help that school - to no avail. Our SF Unified School District is so pathetic - the SF Unified School Board listen to the thousands that have represented and want changes - more parents - the Board listens - and does nothing at all. 

Time is running out - and all over District 10 in particular - the crime and those with mental issues - are now impeding our safety - people beg for money and expect one to given them money - if you do not - they come to assault you.

 This is something we have not seen before - many of these mentally challenged have not had a bath for months - this is a health problem.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019 at 3:30 - gun shots fired - two vehicles collided - STOP the Third Street Light Rail in the tracks - back to back traffic - and this and more for over two hours - more during peak hours. 

Incidents like the one above - is something common - and there is no Representing worth the salt - to be found.