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Friday, August 14, 2020


Mayor London Breed has shown her true colors -

she and hear lackeys - she now wants the essential workers

to suffer - some will be laid off - and others - take pay cuts.

 The SF Budget and Appropriations Committee started at 10 am and ended past 10:30 pm - I gave my public comment - and called it a day around 10:30 pm. 

I heard the heads of Departments come - promising how best to spend our " tax payers money ".

Every year at this time when we have this long, drab, shallow, budget issues - there is NO empathy linked to our infants, our children, our youth, our beloved Elders - those with compromised health.

More those who are mentally and physically challenged - the City and County of San Francisco has a $12.8 billion - yes  BILLION - and the wheeling and dealing - continues.

The shameless Mayor who have NO clue what is happening - small business suffering, large businesses leaving our once great City - the homeless situation - bursting at the seams. 

Now the dumb, shallow -  no good Mayor - who loves to bark up the wrong tree - and spewing diatribe - is targeting the " essential workers ".

Our nurses worldwide are treated with respect -

not so in San Francisco - paid less and over worked.

Our nurses, our engineers, those who clean our facilities, social workers - again and again she has called " essential workers " heroes and she-heroes.

Mayor London Breed has turned her back on " essential workers " - with intent discriminating against " essential workers".

Mayor London Breed  - inept and shallow - has decided with intent  to let some " essential go " -  others will not be paid what is due them - but what is more - there has been " no meaningful discussion ".

Mayor London Breed has not read the contract - signed between the essential workers - and the City and County of San Francisco.

This  happens often in the City and County of San Francisco - targeting the essential workers - those who cannot defend themselves - and this and more - cast a " very dark cloud " over SF City Hall.

Mayor London Breed a known sell out - pandering to Big Developers - fake as they come - amoral - now, has cast her die - against the proven, hardworking, ethical - essential workers. Bring it on.

Many of these essential workers belong to SEIU and I did not hear anyone from the UNION - speak at SF Budget and Appropriations Committee  - a senior Union member that matters.

One of those entities - who sit with the " fat cow" and are taken for a ride. Time to show who is in charge - shut the operations in toto - this can be done and should be done - without notice.

This nonsense treating our " essential workers " hundreds of them with disdain - has been going on for years. 

This talk about the Office of Racial Equity - is a bandaid - and a sham.

No one knows - how the money will be handled - and knowing folks like Sheryl Evan Davis, Shamann Walton, Shakirah Simley, Naomi Kelly, Harlan Kelly, Juliet Ellis, DionJay Brookter - others too many to name - this talk must STOP - we need to see the walk.

Most essential workers - with families - more young children - put their lives on the line - and now - they are treated with utter disdain - by Mayor London Breed and her lackeys.

We have a $1 Billion in the " General Fund " - rainy day fund - and the essential workers by foregoing their pay raises for years on end - have saved the City and County - $50 million plus.

Juliet Ellis - $34, 200, 000 . 00 doled out

Community Benefits 

by Juliet Ellis - from the SF Public Utilities Commission

the woman must be held accountable and sent to jail 

she and those who are linked with her sordid deeds.

As we all have had knowledge - the SF City Attorney - has for the longest time - chosen to hide thing under the rug - give opportunities like Naomi Kelly and Harlan Kelly - who have disgraced themselves - and should step down.

Each making over $400,000 a year - and daring to cheat, steal and hoodwink - we have the empirical data.

Add when the amount as stated above $340, 200, 000 Community Benefits was tallied - this is just the tip of the iceberg - the Controller and the SF City Attorney - chose to side with the crooks - crooks like Juliet Ellis - to save some clients - that we know - and revealed by another report the BLA report. Time will tell.

The Sunshine Task Force is impotent. The SF Ethics Commission is dysfunctional. Now that the SF Controller's Office and the SF City Attorney - have partnered to hide the true information - and have cheated the tax payers of millions of tax payers money - become accomplices - what are we to say.

It took the U.S. Attorney General here in San Francisco to shed light and expose the blatant corruption - now the SF City Attorney and SF Controller - want to placate the situation at hand.

We under some ordinance has been pushed forward - for the SF Board of Supervisors - to pin point the corrupt Primes - tie the sub contractors - to the Primes - and stalled all project - put a lien and use what other means - decertifying, prohibiting doing business in San Francisco - other may be useful tools to curb the crooks making hay - while the sun shines. 

The meeting will take place - be it a virtual meeting  - this coming Monday - and let us see - how honest our SF Board of Supervisors are - we now know the SF Controller and SF City Attorney - pick and choose - who they want to be handed the subpoena - who they want to play jackass with.

Our Economy peaked from 2012 to 2019 - and then the Covid-19 pandemic hit us - like a lighting.

San  Franciscans - took all the precaution - stayed at home - wore their mask - and stopped the pandemic in the tracks.

The tax payers must know how their money is spent - we pay the $400,000 salary to Harlan Kelly and Naomi Kelly - each.

We the tax payers pay Mayor London Breed over $380,000 plus perks - and get nothing much - but hot air.

The SF Department of Health has a $2 billion plus budget - with very poor accountability -  Dr Grant Colfax saying something about nothing. This guy must step down and so to - the many so called experts - most White  - paid well and kicking the can down the street.

The Homelessness we are experiencing in San Francisco today is atrocious - anyone can try their best - but one has to penetrated a inner circle - lined the Emergency Command Center - one Mary Ellen Caroll, Naomi Kelly, and others - they seem to control most everything.

This inner circle is a cancer - and to stop the spread - the cancer must be removed - now.

The spread now is raging - with all sorts of people - who are Covid positive - from outside coming into San Francisco - because of the free meals, and basic health treatment - that is given - and lacking in near by areas.

Some of these poor souls - will tell you - they are grateful - but they wear NO mask - they sleep anywhere - they do not maintain basic  hygiene.

Now more and more innocent San Francisco - are exposed to the virus - and many have landed in hospital - some have died - and all this and more - is pathetic.

Imagine in the middle of the pandemic - the  SF Budget and Appropriations Committee - spent an entire 13 hours - to talk, and talk, and talk.

The meeting started at 10 am and ended passed  10:30 pm. 

When the time came for Public Comment - the communication system - broke down. 

Tax Payers and constituents  who waited for over 12 hours to speak - left. 

Some of us remained - the fire works are best at the end - if one is given the permission to participate. Hundreds waited - some spoke - and we are proud of our advocacy and we will get rid of this corruption - raging like a wild fire - in all the SF City Department more the Executive Branch - Room 200  at SF City Hall.

Some City Departments - like the one headed by Abagail Stewart Kahn and Trent Rhorer - have lost their mind - that come them being White and given free reign.

Making - over $250,000 a year plus benefits - and failing us - San Franciscans -  falling behind Smithsonian policies.

Trying  to provide services for the poor - linked to money controlled by the Federal Emergency Management Agency  (FEMA). The FEDS are not stupid - you will be audited - and you will have to pay huge fines.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020



Chief Joseph -

He died despondent - putting his life  - on the line to save his people.

This land on which we all live - in now known as the United States of America. 

For thousands of years - it was known as Turtle Island. 

This land was stolen. The indigenous people suffered the most horrendous atrocities - the women raped, the children stolen, the men scalped - the villages burnt - all recorded by so called historians.

The indigenous tribes travelled freely - from the Arctic  to the  Antarctic Circle - South America and North America. 

Among them they recognized their relatives - archeologists, anthropologists, geologists, historians, scientists - all have their own story to tell.

The tribes has been communicating and trading with each other - the stories have been handed down - generation after generations - when the indigenous people of wider Mayan and other civilization flourished - most in the rest of the European world - were uncivilized that is putting in mildly.

The uncivilized rarely took a bath - and most of the earlier diseases originated and spread because these uncivilized people were unhygienic.

What we know is that the civilizations such as those of the Mayan, the Aztec - others were far superior to the Whites in Europe and elsewhere who lived in caves. 

Took a shower after years - and had no clue - about astronomy - other sciences - that have been revealed today.

Today in the deep forest - the foot prints of huge buildings - have been discovered - in the Amazon forest and elsewhere. Some who are not indigenous are just beginning to comprehend the old civilizations - comparable to the Babylonian and Indus-Valley civilization of old.

The Whites who invaded the land of the indigenous people - came for Gold and some other needs - their search was led by GREED. The same GREED - also known as materialism - that has destroy - all semblance - and will result in pandemic after pandemic after pandemic.


Indigenous women were always respected -
the Elders more

Indigenous women living here on Turtle Island for thousands of years - were the keepers of Mother Earth. You do not hear the two words Mother Earth - from most Whites - they have NO clue what these two words mean to - " indigenous people " - more here in on Turtle Island - now know as the United States of America.

Imagine the Whites taking over million of acres of land - belong to the various tribe - subjecting the indigenous tribes - to every insult and discrimination. 

Removing the indigenous from their ancestral land - and placing them on Reservations. This history is NOT taught in our schools, our colleges, our universities.

We seem to know more about the genocides linked to Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, others too many to note - but  not the "GENOCIDE" of the tribes - the indigenous people - on Turtle Island -  now know as the United States.

Indigenous people always honor the host Tribe - never mind if they are Federally Recognized by the White men - those that speak with a forked tongue - most did before and they continue today - more the egoistical maniac in the White House.

If any segment of the population - need to be healed and respected - we must started with the indigenous people of this land. In fact treaties have been signed - between the United States Government and the Tribes - none kept. I repeat none - kept.

Chief Sitting Bull 

Chief Sitting Bull had seen it all - the discrimination, the lying, the cheating, the hoodwinking  - all and more that we see today in the year 2020.

Chief Sitting Bull attain a lot during his life - he united the Lakota Nation - no mean feat. He defeater Custer - a fact that is studied to at Military colleges - and his tactics, tenacity, and fortitude admired by all - at least those that have balls.

As a young boy, and man - I always wanted to get near Chief Sitting Bull. I knew it was a dream - and that day came - when we left San Francisco is a van - and drove to South Dakota - and stood shoulder to shoulder with the Lakota Nation - against the construction of the North Dakota Pipe Line - whose demise was evident - and today that project has been shut down.

We honor our Elders - we respect their wisdom - long before any came to these land - the shamans spoke of the snake - and revealed other things to come - and all came to pass - to the land know as Turtle Island - and today we see it in a pandemic - but there will be more - because that is the will of the Great Spirit.

We honor the indigenous women - I defend them - given any opportunity to reveal the facts - and weed off the chaff -  speak Truth to Power.

The many "Crimes against Humanity " are taking places right now - 164,000 have died in the United States today - we had 58,000 during the Viet Nam war - we must STOP - ponder - and think hard - it is only going to get worse.

Peaks created in the offing - we will see the impacts in three weeks  - like those over 250,000 wearing NO mask defying logic and common sense  - gathering with their motorcycles - in South Dakota.

Soon these motorcyclists will spread all over the Nation - and take with them - the Covid-19 virus - nonchalant - spreading the virus - more those who are " asymptomatic ". Time will tell.

Whites fail to understand - those who came here some 400 years ago - and stole the land - hence the word - " stake " and " stake holder " - you place a stake here - and one here - go to the county clerk - bribe him and the land was yours - to be had.

It is these same vile folks - who started with indentured laborers, many of the indentured laborers were white, a few Black too.

The paradox there were Blacks who owned slaves - black and white - mixed race and others. History has umpteen examples of slavery - which is rampant today - child labor, children and women use as sex slaves, immigrants working for nothing - other types of atrocities - that would need trillions to pay restitution and compensation.

 There are still some who claim the Blacks today are still slaves.

One reason we have jails full of Blacks - resulting from blatant discrimination - not only in America, but in France, England,  other Nations. 

Blacks  getting a higher sentence - for less crimes. 

Whites can be caught for selling cocaine and other hard drugs and get lesser sentences.

Whites go to the banks and get get a large loan.

 A Black may have the equity but will have to deal with all sorts of hurdles. It is the same with all people of color Latinx, Asians, others.

The presenters - who make their case - cannot convince the educated and those who know the facts - know better. 

These are Blacks who are confused and more convoluted.

Today in San Francisco - we do not have single Black Leader - worth the salt. We have many who make loud noises - and think that if they bark up the wrong tree - they will get results.

As I said in the last 40 years I have NOT seen them fight with us in the trenches - on issues that matter - and not seen them bring the community at large. 

They now want tax payers money to waste on themselves and their cockeyed ideologies that have NOT been vetted. No meaningful dialog - they are not educated on issues - lack the historical facts - and what is more have meeting behind close doors.

Those giving the presentation are lackeys - and those who made Public Comment - all one sided. I heard them all and did not make Public Comment - I chose to write about the lackeys - who want tax payer money - to make something for themselves - typical of those who are GREED - BLING, BLING, BLING.

Do you think the slave catchers - the Arabs of those days responsible selling the slaves to the Dutch, Portuguese, French, English, the Belgians and others?

As I mentioned earlier we had some Black slave owners - who owned indentured laborers - who after paying their debts were declared free. 

We also that indigent Whites - owned by Blacks -  be they in the minority but all the same Blacks owned them - set some free and other died at slaves - all record - be that few have chosen to study these hidden records. 

Do we go after the large Insurance Companies who still have the documents in their archives - the names of thousands of slaves and how they bought them for, the Universities of the Nation the older ones, the many families who have blood on their hand - old money - can we make them - restitution - and where does the money go - and who controls it?

Frederick Douglass 

Here is San Francisco  - August 10, 2020 some presenters gave a presentation full of hot air - these Negros do not know their own history and less the history of the land.

These Negros were no where to be seen - when some of us fought the great fights on behalf of people - we made the sacrifices and we won.

Stop jumping on the bandwagon with ulterior motives - the Mayor London Breed is not educated on issues - and has failed miserable - time will tell.

The jail-bird Shamann Walton does not know - and less has no clue what is going on in San Francisco - he should move back to Vallejo - where he recently contribute to his family  - buying them a nice home.

The man has received million from Lennar Urban - aka 5 Points Holding LLC - he is in for the money - wheeling and dealing with Big Developers - much the same as London Breed.

Sheryl Evan Davis is not qualified to run the Human Rights Commission nor is Shakirah Simley - as the Director of Racial Equity. 

They could name the office Black Equity - because that is what all of us hear off - every thing pertaining to Black who are less than 3 %  of the population .

That plan does not address the present demographics of San Francisco - the Latinz, the Asians, the indigenous people of the land, many other poor segments of the population.

The paradox this time is the worse ever.

Thousands - of Blacks are dying - linked to the Novel Covid-19 pandemic.

No one  worth the salt is helping these Black now.

If  they do not help them now - please do not glorify -  some reparation crap - there has no sound logic.

For one simple reason - reparation - has not been vetted.

Once before - the promise 40 acres of land and donkey - is still on the books - glaring at those who want more - when the Whites cannot keep the promise - even thought the promise was easy to have been fulfilled.

Wha is it that the Blacks or Negros cannot comprehend?

Any compensation cannot be tax payers money. It must come from the insurance companies, the large corporations, the large institutions of learning, the old money and those families who have blood on their hands - go after their asses.

This photographs was taken -

the swearing in at San Francisco City Hall (circa 1938) -

below the rotunda - check it out - 

the Main Library has more photographs for the ignorant -

nothing much has changed - except - things  getting more 

convoluted - Blacks not educated of issues - talking nonsense.

The Mayor Office of Economy Development and Work Force - has been doling out money - all tax payers money.

All these Blacks caught in the corruption of the day - have had access to tax payers money - and have been nabbed by the U.S. Attorney General David Anderson.

The million of tax payers money - Community Benefits - most of those involved with the doling out Juliet Ellis, Dwayne Jones, Shamann Walton, DionJay Brookter, Sheryl Evan Davis, Sharirah Simley, Harlan Kelly, Naomi Kelly, Veronica Hunnicutt,  Toye Moses, Linda Richardson,Dwayne Jones - others too many to name - have been doling out and receiving tax payers money - without sound justification.

We can go deep - we have the empirical data - time will tell.

Just with the Community Benefit money - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project - every Black could have been helped - the Blacks who are slowly dying.

Dwayne Jones -
Gate Keeper of the Bayview Hunters Point 
doling out millions - tax payer money.

The paradox the same Blacks that spent the money - tax payers money - and now thinking to take money from other City Departments - to go into some fund - but there is NO vetted plan - and one that is inclusive.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone in San Francisco - I do not know of any plan to consider the indigenous people - never mind that Sandra  Lee Fewer and Vallie Brown ( supposedly a Native American) were behind creating the Office of Racial Equity. 

Director of SF Mayor's Office of Economic Development

a "B" Movie star actor -

doling out tax payers money - pandering to the rich and famous.

Saturday, August 8, 2020


 All over this Nation - there is a great divide - the type of education that we must as a Nation - the United States of America - put in place to serve and save our infants, our children, our youth.

Our young adults - our schools, our colleges, our universities - those " think tank " groups and more.

Enough of the talk from the policy makers - who are NOT taking the time to talk to those at ground zero - the constituents, the citizens, others that matter.

Our children today, our youth and young adults today - our college and university students - are capable of speaking for themselves - in this evolving environment - facing some hurdles and capable to stand tall and do better.

Again and again over the many decades - in times of hardship - Americans have put their differences - and stood up - shoulder to shoulder - to serve our Nation.

I remember well during Shield/Storm how some of us were asked to carry on many difficult tasks - and how all of us said in unity - we would do our best - and we did.

In review after review - we knew as a team - we could achieve what most thought was impossible. We created a Standard Operating System for each task - and far exceeded the standards.

We can do it today - we lack leadership - more from the Democrats and less from the Republicans. We are a Republic - our White House is a mess - and what we all tolerate and should not anymore - is the nonsense we endure - from the man who is an  "egoistical maniac. "

Today we must address our Educational system and do a through needs assessment. The same with our Hospitals and Health system. The same with Housing and helping those segments of the population that most need help.

Where is our leadership - no where to be found.

Our failing Infrastructure and how we can fix our bridges, our rail system, our Treatment Plants, our Electrical Grid - and it goes on and on.

Right now we need a vaccine and we need one that works - we know a vetted vaccine will take 18 months to two years - and God willing we have a good one - that does the work.

Our leading Universities will be impacted - our Society at large is already impacted.

Where is our leadership - no where to be found.

Parents now must figure out what type of education best suits them - and in many cases - personal sacrifices will be demanded.

Many parents want the best for their children - many many have to stay at home - to fulfill their obligations.

Parents cannot and will not in many cases  have any entity come to their rescue.

Parents  will- have to deal with serious elements of  parenthood.

In many many cases stay at home - make enormous sacrifices - and learn to balance - maintain the home - while being a parent, a worker - working from home. Being a teacher - a wife - and if all this is not enough - learn to keep a happy home.

More and more working from home is becoming  a norm. 

Some men appreciate the role of the woman, the wife, the lady of the home - but many more cannot it for granted - it takes both the husband as well as the wife - as well as the extended family - to bring harmony - to the family at large.

Parents  become teachers - simply because this emergency - demands that  this pandemic - demands parents take care of their children - and it many cases the Elders who  they care at home -  with the parents.

Simply  put the parents - are the center of the family, the home, and society at large - contribute so much to our Nation. 

We use to call it the Middle Class - no more.

More and more - the pandemic other related issues - are demanding too much from our families.

While the families do their best - again and again the Congress, the Senate, the White - has decided to play dirty politics - instead of helping the families - more and more obstacles are put in the way of the families.

The Stimulus Package was ripe with problems - more Small businesses.

Now the Unemployment added benefits that kept families together - is torn asunder.

It does not matter to the Democrats not to bite more than they can chew - Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer - can do better.

As things stand millions need the added Unemployment Benefits for rent and to feed the family. Soon many will be homeless - for the first time in their life - more with two or three children.

Most families who are homeless - will find it difficult to send their children to school. It is difficult to live in a shelter and yet provide - the best for the children. Provide good health service to the children.

What happens if you have our Parents and they are old - and they too are put on the street? No one wants to go there - but more and more - I am called upon - to help. So I know what goes into the many issues - that prop up - who can help and who cannot.

San Francisco has stepped up a little - but the red tape is the worst ever. The Mayor London Breed is far removed from helping those who need help most.

The same with the Sheryl Evan Davis, Shakirah Simley, Naomi Kelly, Walton Shamann, Harlan Kelly - others - who are more interested in Racial Equity and garnering money from the SF Police Department, the Sheriff Department.

Other  Departments  - but have failed those most needing help - for all the years - some for decades - these scum bags have being in office - earning as much as $400,000 a year.

The great divide will become greater - private schools, charter schools, parochial schools, public schools, all sorts of learning centers will entice us - trying to use - " virtual learning ".

Making of our students - at all levels -  " guinea pigs " - some remote experiments - in cyber space.

Educationists, Psychologists, Scientists of all manner - are now at the observation stage - the pandemic has thrown a Johnson wrench - in the spokes - and they are as confused and the pandemic is evolving.

The policy makers, the politicians - do not have a vision - lack sound leadership - and we see today - how dysfunctional the White House is - the many mixed signals - is not for us to ponder.

Stop talking to the Television when you hear - the nonsense that is uttered. We must study the situation at hand - study the main factors - gather the empirical data - be ready to stand tall and represent.

The many virtual meetings held by the SF Board of Supervisors - has revealed a lot - how shallow most are - our drab much the SF Board of Supervisors are.

No one can fool - all the people - all the time.

As adults - having to interact - person to person - and adjudicate matters.

Making on the spot need assessments, use-ing our education after years of learning.

Most important to note - skills that we have acquired - wisdom listening to our Elders - asking when we need help to learn - learning quickly and then help others. This experience is not certified - but this experience counts - each and every time.

A good home maker - a great janitor - a resourceful farmer - a nurse who can handle any emergency - a teacher who takes control of all needs - an advocate who will work tirelessly to help those who need help most.

A pastor who takes care of the sheep - stay away from Poverty Pimp Pastors - dime a dozen. 

The store keeper who given the poor a break - the clerk who will go to any length some one that needs help.

The librarian who takes his or her time to help - we remember them all the years of our life.

Of course our parents, our Elders -  some in the village, the town, the office - who were always there for us.

Many of us adults - are now forced to listen - without any meaningful input to those - who use the " virtual tools in a very superficial " manner - sending mixed messages - and lacking the most needed inter-actions - most of us normal human beings are used to.

As human beings many of the norms are embedded in our DNA  - certain elements and decisions - part of our persona.

We  are forced to make the personal and intimate interactions - putting aside human to human -  very private and intimate concerns  and defer to others - many who cannot put themselves in the shoes of those who love their children - their loved ones - and more how they want to be treated and respected.

Parents care for the education of their children, youth, young adults - expressing emotions so personal.

No parent - wants to defer and transfer to a system - that has NO policy, no standard, no input, failing to discern, having no vetted empirical data - that is new - so brand new - that those saying what they say - have not experience to fall back on  - and what is pathetic - have failed to test the blue prints - fresh on the paper.

What any input, without any feed back - with any meaningful discussion - with any input from those most impacted - who is fooling - whom?

Just like that - that most needed deliberation, meaningful discussion, the most personal feelings we have towards those we love and express with commitment - are concerned - more, thrown to the wind.

For thousands of years - our deliberations have taken into consideration -  feelings, opinions, certain standards, satisfaction,  respect, honor  - all those many elements - we cannot take for granted.

Now a virus - some pandemic - has ruled that our vetted ways of doing business, deliberating, must be done virtually.

The  psychologist, psychiatrists, behavioral scientists, educationists - others will have to discern, and make a "needs assessment".

How best to foster and take into consideration of the constituents, the citizens, the parents in this case -  what rulings and deliberations - truly best suit the situation at hand - legally.

I personally know politicians - are doing as they please - to illegally impose their sordid decisions.

Paying no attention to ethics, morals, standards - the Brown Act.

Other standards - thrown to the wind -  using the cover of the sordid pandemic to suit their needs - wheeling and dealing - and abusing our rights as citizens.

I see this happening with education - the education of our children.

The parent being the purveyor of what best suits their children.

In past times -  the need arose to educate children - and many were home schooled.

Home schooled children  went on to share their abilities - on many levels - contributing the very  best they had  to society.

I personally have worked with such personalities and admired their fortitude and tenacity. 

I have spoken to some children, young students, and college students too - more listening to them.

I feel - it is too early for them to make up their minds. 

On one hand they want to be with their peers - on the other hand they are prodded by their parents - to be careful of the pandemic.

Most favor their parents - the decision the parents make.

Even the college students - they know who loves them more. 

They know who will be there - to fall back on. 

They know better because as much as some think - they cannot make up their mind - they do - more when the trust someone.

The younger children often say "it is not fare for the pandemic to deprive them of so many things "

Keep  them at home - they miss their teachers, the school, the class mates and more. Most do not want to stay at home.

I tell them I am cooped up at home - have been since February 2020.

We all must wear the mask - and maintain hygiene.

Maintain a healthy nutrition - exercise - pray and meditate.

Educate ourselves - and stand tall and represent.

To the children I say - we love you - we have your back - and you have you own back - when you create anything that benefits us all - you have all the time at home - to do that. 

Believe me you are loved and counted. This article is for you.