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Saturday, December 10, 2016


The failed policies by Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
linked to our infrastructure - the waste and clean
water pipes - bursting. Our Waste Water Treatment Plants -
both at Phelps Street and Ocean by the SF Zoo -
in deep trouble.

We have a Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - incapable of understanding - the basic needs of any large City - more a City and County of San Francisco. Deferred maintenance ruling the roost. The Mayor, Edwin M. Lee talking from both sides of his dirty - mouth.

This is Ohlone Land - and the Mayor and his cronies - more those who  encourage to build skyscrapers - DO NOT have the blessings - of the First People.

Each of them will fall on their face - and perish. Make no bones about this serious - statement.

Right now the Federal Agency that has jurisdiction over most matters environmental - are looking into the mess created - when ever we have some continuous or heavy rain - by Folsom Street closer to the Mission District.

Serious flooding impacting the residents and businesses - and even though millions have been spent - the problems still persists.

The Environmental Protection Agency - will issue Notice of Violations - on the Folsom Street situation - and may even fine the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

There is no news about this serious infringement - in the Main Media - because the Main Media has lost its ability to - go after serious and pertinent issues - that impact innocent, hard working, San Franciscans - who pay their taxes and get less benefits.

The Main Media has lost its ability to do some concrete - investigative reporting - worth the salt.

For more than a week now - our drinking water - in many parts of San Francisco - smells - of some chemicals. It is difficult to get a good response - when you call Communications at SF Public Utilities Commission.

They say the problem is temporary and will be fixed. They state with some authority no harm will come to anyone if they drink the water. Oh Yeh!

We have Hetch Hetchy water - so who is tempering with our clean drinking waters - adding some other waters - from some source dubious in nature. We the tax payers want to know?

The Muwekma Ohlone do not encourage - 
nor desire on their land - which is San Francisco - buildings poorly built -
the above Millennium Tower sinking 21 inches
 and tilting 4 1/2 inches - such skyscrapers
do more harm than good.

The many high density buildings - create very serious problems. 

Most people who live in high density building - live in a vacuum - they can live for years - without truly  meeting and more getting to know their neighbors.

The " greedy " developers could not care less - about Quality of Life issues.

All they care is to make money - selling these condominiums - going from $2 million to $10 million.

When there is some trouble - as happened with the sinking Millennium the " thieves " - the  sordid " crooks " - those in charge - the home owners - all of them " despicable to the core " - keep blaming others - rather than admit - that " greed " was the core issue - that led to present - mess.

The gentrification in San Francisco -
began a lot time ago - 
this City and County of San Francisco - 
has failed those that built San Francisco.
Mayor Edwin M. Lee -  an outsider not respected -
all he wants is the money - the wheeling and dealing is what he loves - he is a Scum bag that must not be tolerated.

Gentrification in San Francisco has wiped out entire communities in the Western Addition, the Mission, the Bayview Hunters Point,  the Sunset, North Beach, South of Market Area - all over San Francisco.

In the last 5 years - according to reliable entities that collect data - over 80, 000 families have left San Francisco.

We have a population of about 830, 000 that grows to over a million and a half - every day - more when we have large conventions and football and baseball games.

All these tall skyscrapers need water - and more
create waste water issues  -
mostly creating more contamination and pollution.

Recently we have been dealing with over 120 years of mild-steel pipes breaking and spewing - clean drinking water - we still are in a drought. 

There are over 1100 miles of clean drinking water - and over 90% have NOT been replaced.

Every time we meet at the SF Public Utilities Commission - excuses are made - for sure there has been no yearly evaluation of those in charge - incompetent people put in charge - and making a fool of themselves. All sorts of corruption - is fostered at the SF Public Utilities Commission among its Management and this nonsense must STOP.

It is the same with our sewer pipes - breaking almost every week and creating a mess - mostly impacted by near by construction -  failing to detect - the infrastructure - that is already - in place.

We had one serious incident -  at 4th and Howard  Street - the last two days and going.

Stark naked in the middle - where Oracle and Salesforce - have their conventions - adversely impacting the entire area - and the underground - infrastructure.

Thousands herded in that area - the traffic - the various staging grounds - involving boring and heavy construction - that adversely impact our aging sewer and clean drinking pipes.

Near by WEBCOR a stooge of the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - backed by Obayashi - who are working on the near by Moscone Center.

Creating a ruckus - the congestion on our streets - on 3rd Street and Mission - Howard Street for sure - and Harrison Street too - and there is no one to inspect and more to give a detail assessment of what is happening - to our Infrastructure - the heavy impact of all these sordid activities - that engineers must do due diligence - but to not - because they do not want to ruffle any feathers.

I hear we do not have a City Engineer - for the last 4 months -  that position been not been filled? 

What is the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee thinking - he thinks some of us are not monitoring him - and his stupid actions - the dumb ass that he is.

The Office of Emergency  Services meets - with the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - talking from both sides of his mouth.

 Yet there was no one from the SF Office of Emergency Services to assess the damage and more the consequences - because the person who heads that department - is a panderer - and has no clue what her Department stand for - and more the duty they have to those that pay her - salary. Despicable!

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has no respect -
again and again our youth detest this criminal -
who has to be dealt with by - the RICO ACT -
wheeling and dealing - with corrupt developers -
and entities like AirB&B - that has fleeced our City
and County of San Francisco.

In recent days the Raw Sewage Treatment Plant at Phleps in the Bayview - can been seriously - compromised.

I bet you no one has briefed the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee a lap dog - and more those that advise the Mayor - who is a buffoon.

King waves as hight as 9 feet - will impact the Raw Sewage Treatment Plants.

 Right now - the treatment plant at Phelps Raw Sewage Plant  is undergoing an review.

A serious review - that may shut down the Phelps Raw Sewage Plant - in the Bayview - and not a word - in the press by the Main Media - who will say much - only after the fact.

Suffice to say that those in charge of the Phelps Raw Sewage Plant are not at work.

Others are put in charge to handle difficult situations - and I will address this and other pertinent issues - at the next San Francisco Public Utilities Commission meeting.

Tony Flores who once worked hard - came up the ranks - was ganged upon and forced to retire. Why?

This has been a pattern at the SF Public Utilities Commission - many astute workers - with experience ganged up by folks like Juliet Ellis - who should NOT be working for the SF Public Utilities Commission - more as the Assistant Manager of External Affairs - and the Public at Large - kept in the dark.

The Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) - a nearly $9 Billion project is stymied - and no one really know why the Digestors and that project costing over $2.9 has been stalled.

I have been involved with it - from the inception - and have been following most aspects - as best I can - and am shocked how the SF Public Utilities Commission and more the Commissioners themselves - are kept in the dark.

Juliet Ellis who came from the non-profit world - has no clue about Infrastructure - less about large projects - what she does is panders to those that know something - to provide her with general information.  Such ploys and machination will take one so far - and they ploy that she know someone in the White House - is now no more - the House Negro is no more.

Juliet Ellis would not have the guts to face Donald Trump - and Donald Trump would not tolerate this Jamaican tramp.

Having the audacity to move over $200, 000 to her former non-profit Green For All - and then forced to pay it back to the SF Public Utilities Commission. What a crying shame?

She was fined by the State of California  - Fair Action Political Committee and then subsequently by the SF Ethics Commission. Juliet Ellis still holds the same position and makes over 250, 000 with benefits. Go figure!

Today and for the last three years - crooks the likes of Al Williams, Eloise Patton, Derf Butler, Angelo King, Linda Richardson, Sophie Maxwell, Dwayne Jones, Malia Cohen, Churchwell, Shaman Walton, Veronica Hunnicutt,  Aurellious Walker, others one worse than the other - all Black - are selling out the community. Their fate will be revealed sooner not later.

The Southeast Sector has been slated as the site to build over
30, 000 homes - on very contaminated land - prone to liquefaction and flooding - Hunters Point and Candlestick Point - as mentioned contaminated, polluted - and right now registering high incidents of respiratory diseases, still child births, and what have you.

Complete with a Causeway connection Highway 101 South to Hunters Point - 4 or may be 6 lanes - leading to the Hunters Point and beyond.

A large Shopping Mall at Candlestick Point and other fancy ideas - while we are expecting - a " Bubble " burst never seen before - worse than the 2008 spiraling of the economy. Go figure.

The Candlestick Stadium - now - no more.

Shopping mall, and large garages - and more
housing units - on contaminated land - 
prone to liquefaction and flooding.

The area where the State Park is by the former Candlestick Stadium  - now torn down - the Stadium long gone - has been adversely impacted by serious erosion and flooding. 

One has just to go there to see things for themselves.

The stairs leading the the various rooms -
at SF City Hall - where wheeling and dealing  -
is more important - than issues like infrastructure -
addressing Quality of Life Issues.

This is Ohlone land - and no one worth the salt - tolerates the nonsense that now rules supreme - the building of the tall skyscrapers and it many adverse impacts.

The drastic changes witnessed in our neighborhoods, the congestion on our streets - having back to back conventions - pandering to Salesforce and Oracle - creating fake models - like 100 Hooper - and this Scum Bag Mayor, Edwin M. Lee trying to hoodwink us - the man must step down and fade away.

At this late date - the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee has just realized that over 10, 000 youth among them Queer youth - are suffering - have no place to sleep - how they manage - is anyone's guess.

At this late date some Zionists who have raped our City and County of San Francisco - and trying to placate the tax payers of San Francisco - trying to address the - homeless situation.

What is being done to the Academy of Art University that deprived San Franciscans of thousands of rent control units - converted them to dormitories - and even though some City entities are demanding justice - the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee intercedes to give the Academy of Art University - a break.

The Academy of Art University - as failed any accreditation - the certificates and degrees it offers - null and void. Yet this City and County of San Francisco - go along - and while going along - adversely impacts - thousands of innocent, hard working, tax paying San Franciscans. Aho.

Thursday, December 8, 2016


We have " sovereign nations " within the United States - among them the " sovereign nation of the Lakota Sioux Nation ".

For those behind the Dakota Access Pipeline to - buy their way in and plan to put a pipeline carrying " crude oil " under the Missouri River - was and in a despicable act. One major spill - could pollute and contaminate - billions of gallons of water.

This Earth will heal itself - never mind some  two legged animal may do by her or his sordid actions.

Native Americans the First People of this land - often say with determination, fortitude, and tenacity - " This land does not belong to us - we belong to the land  ".

This one sentence says it all - for all the land deeds, the stakeholder claims.

The very many bogus claims on land - by large entities such as cities all over the United States.

 Those that purport they own the land - where their homes are built - and other large assets are built - generating millions and billions of dollars - Property Mangers - large Developers - are greedy and cut throat.

The entire economy - when in comes to land - and the economy surrounding real estate is as fake as fake can be.

The present sad state of affairs - human beings living in tents - in every major city - including San Francisco - speaks to the wheeling and dealing - and the election of our Interim President and his rise to power - Donald Trump the Bum and more.

Imagine a property an acre of land costing 20 cents an acre - years ago  - and now costing ten thousand times more -  on some choice and price property determined by mostly greed, blood thirsty - Real Estate mongers.

" This land does not belong to us - we belong to the land ".

These skycrapers we see in San Francisco. 

The on going saga linked the Millennium Tower - it is sinking over 21 inches and tiling 4 1/2 inches - the many ploys, machinations, and shenanigans surrounding this skyscraper.

The pilings did not reach " bed rock " - and the entire engineering - begs the question - what were the people involved - thinking?

All of San Francisco belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone - not one square inch was handed over the the " strangers " - more thieves.

These thieves that brag a lot  - NOT a single legal document - claims the land was sold - yet they - do as they please. 

They will fall flat on their faces and perish.

I have said that these tall building - all brand new -  will be coming toppling down - the SF Department of Building Inspection - has been caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - as young man -
brash and naive.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee today - brash, naive, and 
looking like a well fed pig - his off shore accounts -
and his wheeling and dealing - will be revealed -
the RICO ACT must be enforced to being this fattened pig - to face the courts of the land - and reveal the rest.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee may appoint some - independent body - to study the situation at hand - linked the many buildings - that have been built badly - others needing repairs - other do not have the permits and other lack permits to lease space to human beings. 

What is there to study - when over 20 skyscrapers are being impacted and lacking detail inspection.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a very corrupt person - is involved in the ploys and machination - involved.

All the money - he has amassed - will bring about his ruin and he will not leave a legacy - this lap-dog Mayor - a disgrace to the human race.

Power to the people -
the people united -
will never, ever be defeated.
God see it all - and our time is coming.

The Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

The Muwekma Ohone Tribe -
this land we call San Francisco and beyond -
belong to the Muwekma Ohlone -
the many skyscrapers are not needed -
the infrastructure is falling apart - and those in charge  -
are playing with fire.

Our Weirs are falling apart - and the King Tides - are preparing to inundate our infrastructure - one such act where the " salt water " enters the system - will bring all things to an abrupt - halt.

The Sewer System is now being addressed in a hazard manner - we must first address the Weirs and then the Digestors - not the other way around.

The many convoluted meetings held - the many inspections paid for in the millions of dollars.

Large corporations pocketing the money - change orders done -  and many running to back and laughing at the current madness prevailing in our City and County of San Francisco.

The San Francisco Public Utilities had failed on Mountain Tunnel closer to the Hetch Hetchy Reservior.

The brand new Calavares dam with mayor infringements.

The Irvington Tunnel - the Weirs linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

The Sewer Systems Improvement Project (SSIP ) - a $9 Billion project - that much has been said about -  little meaningful input and discussion held -  the wheeling and dealing must - STOP.

More noticing the right people and the public at large - who taxes pay for these large projects - costing billions of dollars. Time will tell.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land and I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - more on issue linked to Land Use, Infrastructure, in short Quality of Life issues.  Aho.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Dakota Access Project has been halted -
Dakota Leader requests " protectors " -
to vacate Oceti Sakowin Camp and other camps -
" protector refuse to obey and want to stay put " Aho.

Throughout history the authorities that be - treated the Native Americans with disdain - saying one thing and doing another.

Earning the " palettes " and in this case the authorities to be - to speak with " a fork tongue ". Nothing much has changed - and so when one Lakota Leader - dared to the tell the " protectors " to vacate the camps.

 The seasoned protectors - unanimously agreed - to stay in place - and this " one decision " - is right - until the on going issues are put in writing and agreed by all sane parties concerned.

Things may change - after the swearing in of the now Interim President  - who has openly challenged - the people of of America - that he and his administration - will challenge the decision - of the United States Corps of Engineers.

Chief Two Bears 

Chief Sitting Bull - he would encourage the protectors of the water to stay put and stand a clear message to the " forked tonged  palefaces - whose greed know no bounds "

We have had many Chiefs - leading the pack Chief Sitting Bull. Had he been alive - with what is going on - he would say - stay put and defend Mother Earth - do not trust a word - uttered by those that speak with a " fork tongue ".

Todays so called leaders - will take money - and they think we do not know that.

We know that and more - suffice to say - Mother Earth comes first - and no BLOOD money given by the United States government - brings blessings.

In fact that blood money, tarnished money - will bring disgrace - and those who believe in the Great Spirit - must do right - and that can only happen - if one's heart is in the right place. Aho.

It is snowing at the camps - more a blizzard -
the tenacity and fortitude of the " protectors " -
remain intact - and their spirit rules - those
planning to NOT keep their word - are put on notice.

Two weeks ago - you could see the earth -
no snow around - a bit snippy - and 
the " protectors " were in good spirits -
ready to defend Mother Earth - 
we from San Francisco - visited the camp -
admired the tenacity and fortitude of the " protectors ".

The " protectors of the water " are prepared -
to stay put and defend Mother Earth.

Over two thousands Veterans will arrive and create a frontline - defense line - to support the " protectors of the water ".

Another one thousand are on stand by - and will join the others.

Over $3 million has been collected - to facilitate and maintain the Veterans - and it is this one single action - know to the authorities that be - that are forcing them to - compromise. Time will tell.

Initially the plan - was to fly the Veterans who have the funding - and the logistics and equipment in place.

Basic barrack type  housing and other basic living amenities and required operations - this and more put in place by former experts - trained by the United States Army, the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marine Corps and Special Forces.

All Veterans walking the walk - as opposed to the United States government, the United States President Barack Hussein Obama, the U.S. Attorney General - Loretta Lynch - and others from the current administration - who lack the vision - have no compassion.

Forget that every square inch of the United States -  3, 717, 812. 2 
square miles - each and every inch - STOLEN.

We here in the United States have a population of about 320 million - and most who live here - have no clue about the many atrocities committed by the United States government - murders, maiming, and acts of barbaric act - nauseating and more mind blogging - all document - that this government and other governments before them - fail - to consider and more deeply ponder.

The Racist Bastards who have had it good all these many years - are put on notice.

Mother Earth must be respected - all over the United States - old growth Redwood, Sequoia trees have been clear cut - for greed.

The Buffalo killed for the skin and not for the flesh - hills of flesh left - stinking for miles - again the greed of the " pale faces " knows no bound.

Today, the Dakota Access Pipeline has called and brought thousands of women and men of good faith - to rally for a cause.

These shenanigans - ploys and machination - can be sniffed from miles - and we have read in the past - the trickery and the mockery - today - we are astute and will fight fire - with fire.

The Dakota Access Pipeline is really not warranted - today we export our petroleum products. We have excess petrol and this pipeline is not needed at all.

Donald Trimp the Bum.
Talks from both sides of his dirty mouth.
A disgrace to anything remotely decent.

It is the same with our Government - the election of Donald  Trump is a JOKE - around the world - decent, educated people - are wondering what is happening to the United States.

Hillary Clinton is worse a liar - and one that would have brought the little remaining of decency - to a place that would disgrace our Nation. Her defeat was warranted - good riddance of bad rubbish.

Back to the Dakota Access Pipeline - we who support Mother Earth - do not want that Pipeline - anywhere near the Sacred Remains of the ancestors - anywhere near the Missouri River - or for that matter any watershed - vital to sustainability and vitality.

The Precautionary Principal states that if there is any doubt - that any project - adverse impacts any life - the project must be stopped and evaluated.

Surely it has taken time to do this - but the United States Corps of Engineers - has fought its internal system of sorts - to make this decision - at a time - that calls the question?

We should be vigilant - to NOT trust those that have led us on - we few who have dealt with the " devil " know so - and therefore - we must stand our ground - and be in the " cockpit " at all times.

The Great Spirit watches all - and our time is now.

Those that fight Mother Earth - will fall on their face - and self destruct. Aho.