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Friday, November 17, 2017


The wheeling and dealing at SF City Hall -
must STOP - time to intact the RICO ACT -
corruption has reached - " saturation point ".

There are so many hypocrites in our City and County of San Francisco  - most in middle and upper Management - who prided themselves -  earning high wages - over $275, 000 doing little - and kicking the can - down the street.

These jerks have failed to represent the citizens and tax payers of San Francisco - who pay their salaries - and get little if nothing in return. Make no bones about this statement - this is a clarion call - on many front you stink - get your situation in order -   if you feel - it is too hot in the kitchen - fade into oblivion. Now.

These same so called " Management Jerks " do not feel any empathy - for those that are paid " minimum wages ".

Who - are forced to do - menial jobs - many a time " in hazardous " environment - without taking any " safety precautions " - of course failing to abide by giving their employees - quality and sound hazard material " training.

Mayor Edwin Lee -
the most corrupt Mayor in recent years -
daily wheeling and dealing - talking -
from both sides of his filthy mouth. A lap dog.

The City and County of San Francisco - has an over $10 Billion  Budget - you would NOT know that - when Quality of Life issues are measured - the homelessness, the congestion, the many adverse impacts - suffered by our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors, our mentally and physically challenged - those with compromised health.

The Congestion on our roads - is getting worse - with Mayor Edwin M. Lee ( a lap dog mayor ) twitching his mustache - and trying his best - taking one step forward - and ten steps backwards.

This corrupt and crooked woman must step down -
provide us the " empirical data " since 2012 -
all the shootings and killings on the streets of
of San Francisco - this is not El Salvador .
She purports to be the Director of the Mayor's Office
of Violence Prevention Services - out-sourcing City 
Services to dubious and nefarious so called entities -
that do a great disservice to all decent San Franciscans.

 The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a lap dog mayor - and his lackeys - the likes of Paul Henderson, Diane Oliva - Aroche, the others - that purport to advice the jackass - who talks from both sides of his mouth.

Emeere Jackson he was shot and killed -
in front of his home on Ingalls Street and Quesada Street -
November 10, 2017 - his funeral be held today -
November 17, 2017 - May His Soul Rest in Peace.

Today, November 17, 2017 - the funeral of Emeere Jackson will be held - Third Baptist Church in the Fillmore - also know as Western Addition.

Emeere Jackson  was 25 years old - like him many others - were shot and killed - mostly by those cowards - who do not have the guts - to address their own demons - they are cowards and the scum of the Earth.

The Buck Stop with Chief William Scott -
he has to pay attention to the audit report -
done by the Audit Committee - no empirical data -
to go to - that can help us first know and secondly act -
this nonsense has been doing for years - more since 2012 -
more when the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice -
ceased to exists - creating the " dark shadow entity "
Mayor's Office of Violence Prevention Services -
a good for nothing entity - that must be abolished -
those in charge - taken to court applying the RICO ACT.

For all the millions - we spend on our SF Police Department - they get an F- when it comes to controlling the shootings and killings on our streets - more in Districts 5, 6, 10, and 11.

Recently the Audit Committee - revealed the many loop holes - and more the lack of standards - when it comes to collecting  pertinent  - " empirical data " - even more - when it comes to sharing information - from one City Department to another.

The Police Executive Research Forum - 2008 is worth reading - for those that care about our great City and  County of San Francisco - some hoodlums running our City Government - judging from all the rampant corruption and arrogance.

Here is the PERF report :

The PERF Report sits on some shelf gathering dust.

We the tax payers - attended the many meetings - we dialogued, we contributed - only to be shafted.

Few read the report - and most are not even aware of the PERF - report.

Did not see the present Mayor Edwin M. Lee nor the present City Administrator - at one single PERF meeting - contributing to this important document - that is viable and sustainable.

We all are in the year 2017 - in one more month we will be ushering 2018 - on the fronts that matter.

We need the " empirical data " - the right information - to adjudicate pertinent  issues - judging from the present - state of affairs - on every front that matters -  San Francisco - is to say the least - Smithsonian.

We talk the talk - but fail again and again to walk the walk.

We the citizens and taxpayers - are fed up with our SF Police Department - who continue to use the old tactics - and have more recently - embraced " para-military" tactics.

More - without having a " clue " about standards, discipline, and more how Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) - work.

Recently on San Bruno there was an assualt case - a man punched a woman - who questioned the man - that he should be careful driving - as he just missed - running into her young boy. Both mother and child - who was a young boy - dodging the car and making in safety to the side - walk. I was 15 feet - when I saw what was happening.

One thing led to another - the man came out of his car - punched the mother in front of her child - this young boy - will have the memory of someone assaulting his mother for the rest of his life.

The woman threw a few punches - but the hits she received from this man - with his wife screaming from inside the car - was too over bearing - for all those witnessing the incident.

It took the police over 30 minutes to arrive - and when the SF Police Department came - there were five police cars - an ambulance - and I watched the scene - and how these officers proceeded to conduct - themselves.

For one the SF Police Officers at least the three main officers - had their body cameras working - and hopefully they recorded their own words, actions - and what was happening in and around the incident - and the surrounding area.

Right where the incident took place - there are more than two cameras - not once did the SF Police Officers think about that - it was brought to their attention - and then things began to change a lot. I will not go into the details. 

Suffice to say " common sense " which is a rare sense - was not utilized.

In the end - not much happened - after over two hours - with all the double parking - the traffic on San Bruno - in the late evening rush between Felton Street and Burrows Street in disarray.

Some Captain - in this case the Captain on the Bayview - can review this case  - and I am sure the woman - who is Latina is going to file charges.

 I am not sure if the driver and his wife - who are of Chinese origin - are going to take that path.

 They speak sufficient English to say what they wanted to say - but both were petrified more thinking about the young daughter - who was watching the on going " trump " at very close quarters.

Much like the little boy saw his mother got punched - the little girl who accompanied her father and mother - saw her father got punched not only by the woman - but some strangers - who ran from across the road - knowing little about the case - punched the day lights out of the Chinese man.

 Who at one point - was delirious - the blows blew the day lights - and the man took some time to recover - to his senses.

Fast forward to the many shootings and killings incidents - happening in broad daylight on our streets. 

The underlying - factors that create the " SITUATION " - our City Officials - making huge salaries in this case over $300, 000 - who cannot think outside the box.

They know what is happening - look at the situation at hand - with tunnel vision - have no ability to see the wide picture - and more are " are not educated on issues ".

The gap between the City Officials and their pay salaries - compared by those that are given menial jobs - is so wide - that is would be more than  a joke to compare - the difference.

 On one side $300, 000 with benefits - one of a kind contracts - on the other - a little above minimum wage - for most of those that are given entry level jobs - to work for the City and County of San Francisco.

All sorts of demands made - and then on top of that you need to put in 10 years to meet - tenure.

The City and County of San Francisco - pension is like a train - moving at extraordinary speeds - ready to crash. All this does not matter - those in charge - still investing in " fossil fuels" - the many disadvantaged widows - who should be paid more - still receive meagre pensions - linked to their husbands - in a City where you need more money - to survive - put bread and butter on the table.

I served as Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco - as last Congressional Liaison - having jurisdiction of the 12 Western States and inter-acting with all the Congresspersons, Senators, and local, State, and Federal officials - of this Nation - the United States of America.

I worked for the Department of Interior - when Sixth U.S. Army deactivated - a small stint the U.S. Navy at the Naval Air Station at Alameda - then came back to create the Infrastructure Support Group, the Maintenance and Technical Support Group, and finally the Real Estate and Property Management Group to prepare the way for the quasi-governmantal Presidio Trust. 

Once the Presdio Trust came in - I chose to work for the U.S. Park Police - learning about incident reports - and the way Law Enforcement carries out its duties -  the Park Police is a Federal Entity - established in 1791 - yes - 1791.

After retiring I studied a lot of the factual happenings in the Bayview Hunters Point - more Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - the MUNI Third Street Project, the over 400 shootings and killings since 1985 - Housing, Safety issues, Transportation, Education,  SF Planning, Land Use,  - in short Quality of Life issues.

In the year 2017 - corruption has reached " saturation point " at City Hall and more in Room 200 - where Mayor Edwin M. Lee - wheels and deals - each and every day.

The City and County of San Francisco - has chosen arbitrarily  " with intent " - to out-source - many jobs - also know as Full Time Employment (FTE) -  where nefarious non-profits such as Young Community Developers, Girls 2000, others that I will not mention - because when they are exposed - they feel bad - and they should - because they do not - " perform " - have no standards - and most are " never evaluated " most under  perform.

Out-sourcing is the world's contemporary " evil " using human beings as slaves - paying them " minimum wage.

Further " in many cases " slaving the employees " - without a second thought - no standards, flagrantly breaking laws,  with no empathy and compassion for human kind. Time will tell.

Programs such as Interrupt, Predict, and Organize (IPO) sound nice - but lack standards - youth and young adults are treated like " chattel " - with case managers who are far removed - from the job sites and truly speaking - having NO clue - what the youth do - to earn a measly - stipend.

Why is Young Community Developers involved in Case Managing - the youth and young adults from IPO ?
How much are they paid for offering such services - and who is behind - distributing such " drab case management " services.

How have the youth being " case managed " treated - what service offered with the recent shooting and killing of Emeere Jackson ? San Franciscans want to know?

I know this one case manager from YCD - she thinks she knows some - but if I ask her - has she put on her work clothes - and cleaned up anything joining the youth she works with?

More,  a site where homeless folks - were evicted - without notice and rudely - she would say she has NOT - perhaps she thinks that it is below her dignity to do so ? We can figure more - we are on track to do that.

If I ask her if she has - ever worked - with those she has as her clients - she would say NO. So what am I getting into?

Case managers should uplift the clients - and those that work for Young Community Developers (YCD) - are far removed from the pain, the trials, and tribulations.

Here is one scene that should come to mind -
if someone is watching - 
the interns making a fool of themselves -
the General Manager of SFPUC - knows about this incident -
so do those that purport they know some - but know little.

I see how the interns who are trained by YCD -  act when they give their misrepresented presentations - drab, shallow, and a reflection on their Case Manager. I can go into detail - but that would not be pretty.

All these so called Case Managers - be they from YCD or other organizations - taking clients - who they purport to serve but do our community a great disservice. 

YCD from the days of Dwayne Jones - is not to be trusted.

Corruption and misleading the community - is their forte.

Their Board of Directors, their staff - not a single person - purporting to serve the Bayview Hunters Point Community - they have expanded over $8 million - in the last two years - with nothing much to offer - that is viable and sustainable.

The death of Emeere Jackson should not be in vain.

We will be following the events - those behind the out-sourcing ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - like a hawk. Aho.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
has set our once great City of San Francisco -
of  F I R E .

The Mayor's Office of Violence Prevention Services founded in 2012 - has from day one - done nothing much - to prevent violence - except waste millions of dollars.

Added hundreds of youth and young adults have been murdered, many maimed, and of course hundreds shot at - all 
over our City - more in District 10, 11, 5, and 6.

Recently I asked for the " firing " of Diane Oliva-Aroche a pest  - that has disgraced our City and County of San Francisco - having no idea - what the " fuck " she is doing.

We now know that when it comes to the criminal cases - we do not have the " data " - what I refer to " empirical data " to adjudicate. The " data "  has been available in piece - much like a gig saw puzzle. Who have the time and more the fortitude - to pursue such practices - in the year - 2017.

We have all these agencies that lend their name to the Mayor's Office of Violence Prevention Services - but when you ask the Mayor's Office of Violence Prevention and Services - for the required data - they have nothing to show - as to how the millions are spent. 

Inept, shallow, ignorant and arrogant -
Diana Oliva - Aroche.

Diana Oliva- Aroche making in access on $200, 000 plus benefits - daily wasting her time - pussyfooting - moving, around doing nothing at all.

At one time we had the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice - with experts who could tell you what really was happening.

At the Public Safety Meetings - we receive empirical data - and had some clue - now the public gets nothing at all - you may ask but all you will get is - hot air.

These idiots do not understand - that they work for us - most of them do not live in San Francisco - they make their salaries - do not represent - and spend their money - elsewhere. They must be let go - they must be evaluate every year - and if found to be useless - let go. For sure Diana Oliva - Aroche.

Those that worked for the then Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice - who used the Courts Monitoring System (CMS) - to gather information and shared the information - for those that used it - for  good reason and worthy cause.

If you ask Diana Oliva - Aroche - for data linked to the criminal cases - that her office is responsible for - all you get - are grimaces.

In all the programs she is the " head of " - case managers are lacking - more those that report to work - again and again - we find those that must be at their " post " - Missing In Action.

We now find out that a small group work hard to keep the JUSTICE system afloat.

These few work long hours - and all they get is static - because those that do not want to hear the " truth " - want them gone. The opposite is true - we must fund them - to get to the " truth " - and get rid of those - that want to harm many - adversely impact - thousands of innocent citizens - when it comes to Quality of Life issues - including Safety, Education, Health, Transportation, Housing - and more.

Again the group who work hard - for the JUSTICE group - the governing board  -  get no help - in fact they get -" static ".

All the while the SF Police Department is doing their own thing, the Public Defender's  Office doing their own thing - the District Attorney doing their own thing, the Controller's Office doing their own thing, the Probation Office doing their own thing - and there are more departments - none of them work in synchrony - the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

Former Mayor of San Francisco -
who with " intent " got rid of the 
SF Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice -
used the money for his own whims an d fancy.
He now wants to run for Governor of California -
good for nothing - jackass.

All this nonsense started with Mayor Gavin Newsom - who eliminated the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a lap dog Mayor - did the same.

Paul Henderson -
he has chosen to look the other way -
failing to use " empirical data " 
to bring about change - he ran to become a "judge "
failed in that quest - he is the interim director 
of the Office of Citizens' Complaints.

At first we had Paul Henderson and Diane Oliva - Aroche - hoodwinking the tax payers - at the Mayor's Office of Violence Prevention Services -  Paul jumped ship and his now an interim director - of Citizens' Complaints,

Decent San Franciscans - are fed up of these charlatans.

Now we have Diane Oliva - Aroche - single handedly screwing things up  - inept, shallow, incompetent - earning more than $200, 000 plus benefits - failing to represent.

It is 2017 -  you would not know that - when you talk to these buffoons - who have NO clue about the recent digital platforms.

More the new software, the many Apps that can attain certain critical information - to gather and attain standards - keeping with State and Federal laws.

I have attended over 258 funeral since early 1999 - and I have reached saturation point - when it comes to killings and shootings.

I have studied the buffoons - it takes a lot of do investigative reporting - these suckers wasted millions of dollars - they have the fantasy to out-source programs to entities - who are corrupt - who in turn rake in millions. 

Doing disservice to the children, youth, young adults  -  others that need help. They defy those that know better - and opening act like fools.

The Intercept, Predict, and Organize (IPO) is a JOKE.

How can you " Intercept " if you know nothing happening on ground zero ?

How can you " Predict " if you are not informed and more educated on issues?

How can you " Organize " if you have NO leadership?

The Mayor as usual used to brag about this IPO program - where the youth and young adults -  should have " case managers " but do not.

Two young Black men have died - and more will - if nothing is done - to work with the youth, treat them right, and what is more - prepare them for " career " - jobs.

Most of the youth and young adults - who are in the IPO program  have been incarcerated.

 I know them - what really is need is unconditional love - the youth and young adults - want someone to listen to their trials and tribulation - many of them come from dysfunctional homes - but at heart - they want to make a change. They need our help - and they need it - while the going is good.

No one can change the youth and young adults  - by treating them - without the necessary " tools ".

 So how many " case managers " do we have that have sat down with the youth and young adults - and got some input from them - and their peers - to take them to a better place?

The digital world - can make a difference - it is smart intelligence that many City Upper Managers cannot fathom less comprehend. Most of them are so used to the old ways - that new things intimidate them - old fashioned mentality - that will take them no where.

A lot of the changes that must come in the area linked to  Justice issues, Energy issues linked to the GRID, the issues linked to the Department of Building Inspection,  (the sinking of the Millennium Building ), other critical and pertinent issues - come under the City Administrator's Office - and guess what - the progress is moving at a snail's space.

Recently I wrote about - the " traffic lights "  went out for over one hour - no Law Enforcement in sight - and not one explanation about this " very serious incident "  by the Mayor or anyone responsible.

From Harrison Street, moving to Folsom Street, moving to Howard Street. moving to Mission Street - no lights and no Law Enforcement in sight - for over one hour. 

Where is the SF Office of Emergency Services on this one?  Go figure!

We have City Departments - each having their own digital platform - one Department cannot sync with another.

We found this to be true with SF City Planning and SF Department of Building Inspection. After much discussion some movement was made - but until now - both Departments are still working on the kinks.

We have much of Upper Management - those making over $275, 000 plus benefit - living in a  " Smithsonian World ".

 They want NO change for the better - and what is more - are corrupt to the core. Where there is confusion - the chances of cheating, and making money - are ample - never mind if they work for the SF City and County of San Francisco - and have failed to take an Ethics class.

 More ignorant and arrogant. One of them is Mayor Edwin  M. Lee - who I have said umpteen times - must step down - and fade into oblivion. He is busy wheeling and dealing - in Room 200 - that room and the surrounding area - smells of Sulphur.

During the Hunger Strike at the Mission Police Station - I took it upon myself - after finding out  those on the Hunger Strike - some of them their lives were in peril - after 17 days of being on the hunger strike.

I worked out a scenario - where those in charge - could at least meet those on " Hunger Strike " - and come to an amicable solution. Those on the Hunger Strike - having a say - and terms discussed in fairness - no bulling and less no one being arrogant.

Diana Oliva - Aroche lacking any experience - went ahead with the Mayor, Paul Henderson, and Joe Marshall - to visit those on " Hunger Strike " - unannounced.

More - to arbitrarily sit down with the  " Hunger Strikers " - in a non-chanlant manner - the Mayor blew it - and revealed to me and others - that he is good for nothing.

He fucked up a lot - did not do anything much to bring the " hunger strike " to a amicable point - in all of the 17 days - the strike was on. 

Of course not a whimper from Diane Oliva - Aroche - and I found out - these " idiots " - have no clue about mitigation, less arbitration, even less mediation, and for sure do not have the education nor the experience.

Joe Marshall - a SF Police Commissioner -
who talks from both sides of his dirty mouth.

The three clowns Joe Marshall who talks from both sides of his mouth and sits on the SF Police Commission, Paul Henderson - (who no more works with Diana Oliva - Aroche) - he is the Interim Director of the former Office of Citizens' Complaints, now - doing the same thing - kicking the can down the street.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - is a clown - who has to move out of Room 200 - and get out of our once great City -  good for nothing - piece of S***.

San Francisco is known for its corruption - and with it - comes convoluted ways of doing things.

More - to confuse others - and prepare ways - devious in nature - to rake in millions - to fill their own pockets. Crooks of  the highest order - who are in Upper Management - and purportedly work for the City and County of San Francisco.  Aho.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


The City and County has been hoodwinked by the San Francisco Office of Emergency Services - they keep changing their name - more to confuse ordinary San Franciscans.

At every meeting the Office of Emergency Services hold - they pat their own behinds.

Every one talking about the very serious emergencies - that have occurred - one recently - when the traffic lights were not working - for one complete hour and more.

Back to back traffic jam - and I was on 9th Street - and from Harrison Street, to Folsom Street. to Howard Street - until I reached Mission Street - pandemonium - with NOT one Law Enforcement person - in sight.

Anyone will tell you that such a scenario is bad for our City - and this Office of Emergency Services - must revamp their Command - get rid of the Director - who panders those that sit around her.

She is NO leader - and when the Big One hits us - as all the recent emergencies - have shown - this woman has failed San Francisco and so have those - who work under her.

I did not see her way back in 1989 - when I participated and was awarded the highest award by Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco - for coming to the aid of the City and County of San Francisco - and playing a key role - in the 1989 Big One - that left the City looking for help - their hands tied - and Mayor Art Agnos trying to do his best - he reached out to Sixth U.S. Army and got the needed help - and more from the Corps of Engineers.

We all remember the City and County of San Francisco - hampered to fight the fire in the Marina District - more all over the City - having no Blue Print - and the Sixth U.S. Army stationed at the Presidio of San Francisco - playing a key role - coming to the aid of this City - the Mayor then Mayor Art Agnos.

The present severe congestion on our roads - will cause severe impacts - as and when we have a severe Emergency on our roads in San Francisco. 

The congestion on all the main arteries are clogged to capacity - and with the construction - much of it stemming from " GREED " - will fail any Emergency Services - ambulances, doctors - even those on motorcycles - no one will be able to reach - hundreds if not thousands of innocent people - who will bleed to death.

Our 11 Districts in San Francisco  - are NOT divided into smaller Quadrants - with heavy equipment in place and other essential services in help - ready to deliver in short notice and make a great difference.

Right now Mayor Edwin M. Lee and this lackeys - are talking the talk - no walk - and most of the time - patting their behind.

More - qualified and certified Captains trained to address - such issues as removal of trees and other heavy material that impede - movement from point A to point B - are needed to be in place and more trained - by more experienced - experts have participated helping other in situations - nationally but more internationally.

Other leaders trained to go into action - so that when some Emergency Teams arrive at the locations - to lift the victims and take the victims to the hospital or field clinics - most everything basic - is in place. Time is on essence.

Today we have buffoons - bluffing the people that they know some - when they know nothing at all. The " Resilient Crap " and the material passed out - by the City and County of San Francisco - to put it in simple terms - is utter -  " hog wash ".

Here is the link to the NERT services that our City and County says it can provide - when you go District to District - the training and those trained - cannot and will not be able to address - thousands of victims - the infrastructure, the hubs, the other essential facilities and trained person power is not in place.

Here is the NERT Link:

We have few trained to address real time scenarios - teams complete with engineers, more structural engineers - persons with experience using heavy lifting equipment -  nurses and doctors - are lacking as the teams are not there - people imagine the doctor and nurses - will drop - from the skies.

The many volunteers that the NERT organization trains -  are just so basic -  and I cannot emphases this fact -  they  cannot  meet the baseline person power to handle - large emergencies - where thousand lay bleeding, dying, and need immediate quality medical care.

Some pride themselves that they visited New Orleans - anyone can visit New Orleans - what is important is to listen and learn from those teams that worked hard - and had hand on experience - rescuing, saving, and providing much need help to those that need the help - when help was need - immediately.

Here is San Francisco - we have the traffic light out for more than an hour - no mention of the incident.

 What is more not ONE single - Law Enforcement person - in sight. What does this one singular incident say - about the underlaying - ability of those in charge - who were fast asleep at the cockpit.

The skyline of San Francisco has changed -
for the worse - many of these tall buildings -
will come toppling down.

Before that the City had a mayor black out - and people were stuck in the taller building - also known as skyscrapers.

 Nothing much was discussed about these emergency incidents - those that should have been in charge - were not - and yet we pay them over $250, 000 plus benefits - all tax payers money - they must be FIRED.

It is 2017 and we do not have a tested Electric Grid System - that can provide energy - by falling back on Emergency Generators.

We experience this in 1989 - and the paradox is that the San Francisco Fire Department knows about this -  we have a SF Fire Commission - most of them Smithsonian - and what is more - so inept, shallow, that they must be replaced by new blood.

We have some in the SF Fire Department who know some - their hands are tied.

When the Big One comes unannounced - those in authority the Mayor, the City Administrator, the Department of Building Inspection, the Controller - others -  will be blaming each other.

The present leadership we have in San Francisco - is all drab - "fluff " - people talking about something but meaning nothing at all.

The City does not have on its team - quality people with sound experience  - who have participated in Earthquakes, Floods, rescue operations, emergency field operations - providing succor and much needed help - to those injured and others that need immediate help and can be released to a safe place - in large  number - thousands.

Add to that our Seniors - we have a huge percentage - and no one talks about this subject.

Add to that the mentally and physically challenged - and I tell you these " bastards " - do not have them in mind - and more on their cloudy - radar.

I listen to the deliberations - and I can see  in infiltration - of personalities - lift style - that the United States Army for certain - would not put them any where near - an operation - where trust in important - and leadership - in whose hand are life and death situations and decisions.

There must be zero frolicking - in any emergency situation.

 Right now - we have one head in the Emergency Services Office - who brags - he can control incidents - " remote control " - he must go and with him - the head of the Office of Emergency Services.