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Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Mayor London Breed has failed San Francisco -
she has failed the most vulnerable -
conducting sweeps of the homeless and jailing them -
San Francisco - for the longest time has failed 
the poor, the indigent - and COVID-19 virus -
will reveal the result -  on many levels.

Yesterday the San Francisco  - held a hearing on the State of Affairs - linked to the homeless and those that are most vulnerable. 

Speaker after speaker - gave Mayor London Breed a F-.

It is a crying shame our homeless and most vulnerable are treated with abject disdain.

The poor and the indigent - have been rounded up and sent to jail - all this in Francisco - named after Saint Francis of Assisi. 

Most of the SF Board of Supervisors too - have NO clue about logistics - they failed to prepared themselves for a serious Emergency - less a Pandemic.

Worldwide that have been 891,487 cases of  COVID-19 virus and 44,232 deaths.

Here in the United States 189,886 cases of COVID-19 virus and 4,100 deaths.

Is San Francisco prepared our APEX is on the way - in three weeks will be see the increase and more - STOP the talk and act - now.

Our homeless must be cared for - as human beings - should.

San Francisco General Hospital -
the moral is low - and the patience running out -
the Mayor barking up the wrong tree -
she must STEP down and fade into oblivion.

Today the mess at the SF General Hospital continues - no swabs, no testing kits for those the need much needed tests, the Doctors and Nurses, the Medical Technician and Janitors all over worked - and Mayor London Breed - thinks this is a JOKE.

As if we in San Francisco did not have sufficient to bear with - we now hear that the situation at Laguna Honda is getting from bad to worse. Laguna Honda has in the past failed to maintain a standard - and receive a number of Notice of Violations.

Dr Grant Colfax is NOT fit to be the Director of the Health Department -  his lackey Dr Tomas Aragon - another one of those jackasses - who talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Yesterday we all received notice - promising small businesses help - already some $1.3 million have been dole out - and another $3 million is ready to be doled out - to help - small businesses.

San Francisco City Hall can never be trusted - and early weeks ago I sent a clarion call to the SF Controller's Office to pay attention to the Mayor's Office of Economic Development - that has wasted millions.

On the Third Street Corridor - lackeys are given $300,000 grants - and these business - all have failed - now, more than every after being visited by the Novell  COVID-19 virus.

The SF Controller's Office has failed to check the facts provided to it -  and has chosen to pick silly cases - and failed to focus on those case - where million have been wasted - by the Mayor's Office of Economic Development.

The Marina Times has spelled out 
the details for all the world to see -
his rendezvous with Juliet Ellis and more -
corruption at the SFPUC has reached saturation point.

The SF Public Utilities Commission - and of course we saw and witnessed what happened with the Department of Building Inspection and other SF City Departments - having NO check and balances.

At this time - when the most vulnerable are hurting - the poor and those homeless - fasting inclement weather - must be shown some empathy and compassion.

As it is God is showing us all - if you are pompous - you will fall flat on your face. Mayor London Breed has created a cesspool - and thought - she was having a wild ride - today - she is drowning in the cesspool of her own creation.

Shamann Walton thought - 
he would help build 30,000 homes -
on land prone to liquefaction and flooding -
his plans have gone BUST - and the jail bird -
has now met his match - Coronavirus -
thousands are suffering in the Bayview Hunters Point -
while this crook - is wheeling and dealing.

The 1550 Evans project will go no where - nor will the Sewer System Improvement Project - started with $6 Billion and will cost over $15 Billion. 

Harlan Kelly thought he had it good - not until the Federal Bureau of Investigation visits him - and with him Juliet Ellis and others.

Shamann Walton is  not from the community - never, ever saw him fight for the community in the trenches - the wannabes - outsiders who think - they can do as the please - will all be visited by Law Enforcement - not the SFPD which is corrupt - and time will tell.

Anyone who harm the poor - will suffer - the Great Master said is very eloquently - "  blessed are the poor for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven ".

The mostly Black Poverty Pimp Pastors have failed us - their time is coming - not this COVID-19 virus - but one worse than that.

In three weeks - we will see one of many APEX points - San Francisco - the most racists city - where folks look you in the eye and lie.

These  vermin - will witness - what they never ever will witness again - they will squirm, they will cry out loud -  there will be no one - to swell the storm. Reality will hit these vermin hard - but it will be too late.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - all the land was stolen - and the people who cared for the land killed, the women raped - the children killed and all this and more - will be revealed in more than one way.

I have fought for the land on behalf of the indigenous people - Mayor London Breed is pathetic - the misery she suffers is written all over her ugly face.

The SF Board of Supervisors - passing Resolutions - trying to pacify us all - they will do this and that - so far the SF Board of Supervisors -  have failed us - miserably.

Yesterday I called in - the SF Board of Supervisors -  were meeting from each of their location - teleconferencing - I called in - and could not speak.

I did hear many San Franciscans express themselves -  many were not pleased how our homeless are treated. Shame on Mayor London Breed - she has proved to us all - how pathetic she can be.

This Novell COVID-19 virus - will reveal a lot - to all of us - who truly walks the walk - and those vermin who always talk the talk - hot air - diatribe.

Those who treated our homeless with disdain - will feel the wrath of God - I have said it before - and I say it now - for the final time.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020


We honor our frontline medical workers - Doctors, Nurses, Janitors, Medical Technicians, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, the many support staff - too many mention.

Each and every day  - as long as this " dark cloud " hangs over our heads - we honor those that save lives - each and every hour, minute, - second.

As all of us know - the test kits after having failed are now slowly making headway - private industry putting their best foot forward. 

With companies like Abbot and other stepping up - soon we will be fully prepared.

What is important to note - the next time around - the COVID-19 virus or any other virus - shows its ugly head - we will be fully prepared.

The United States made many glaring mistakes - however, ordinary American stepped up and brought to the fore the universally known - " American ingenuity " -  and helped solve - most problems that propped up - made good things happen.

Worldwide we have a tally that is baffling :

World wide over 814,395 have contracted the COVID-19 virus and we have had 39,520 and counting deaths.

Here in the United States we have had 165,994 contract the COVID-19 virus and sadly we have 3,186 deaths.

There are more recorded deaths in China,  South Korea, Italy, Spain, elsewhere - and we all stand in solidarity.

In New York we have had 67,325 contract the deadly COVID-19 virus and have 1,342 - deaths.

We all are learning a lot from what is happening in New York - and if our California leadership - have the sense to do a sound 
" needs assessment " - we can be ready.

We are look at the entire picture and what we see is pathetic to say the leasts.

With - poor leadership and vision that counts - folks like Governor Gavin Newsom and Mayor London Breed - have no one but their pathetic selves - to blame.

Good leaders know the way - show the way and go the way.

Dr Anthony Fauci 
tries to explain to us complicated algorithms -
models that may reveal what they have to reveal -
it is left to us human beings - to fight the virus -
succeeded and bring about progress -
take the models and make the best sense of the models.

The United States supposedly is a Super Power - however, we have failed in outsourcing the majority of the " emergency products we need " - at home - forcing us to buy - most of the things from other countries.

We must now manufacture at home - and be proud of Made in America.

If our Nation the United States of American relies on over 98% of the medicines coming from China and India -  something is wrong with this picture. 

When we as a Nation do not have the necessary Personal Protective Equipment - in our stock pile something is drastically - wrong.

Add to the above lists respirators, ventilators, swabs, test kits, gowns - you name it - in a pandemic.

We need more - any hospital has to use more - in a pandemic - with thousands of patients - just because once you use the masks, the gowns, the swabs - those things that are contaminated - we have to throw them in the garbage and dispose them - with the highest standard - linked to hazardous materials.

We simply cannot use contaminated masks, other things that have to be disposed  - to maintain high standards - when some one makes stupid statement that each hospital use to have one ventilator - and now need thousands - the idiot from the White House - is trying our patience - and the time has come to boot him off - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

During this time - we should have had a leader to lead - we have a lead  who creates problems - fabricates, lies, hallucinates - in short a " deranged " man - who should never, ever been in the White House.

Every State has so many systems of operation at all levels - that the time has no come to see things regionally - creating sound   and vetted  " Standard Operating Procedures " - to address any situation at hand.

We saw first hand the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention failed - it has several models that were Smithsonian.

Now when Private Industry brings the best it has to offer - we can help our Doctors, our Nurses, our Janitors, our Medical Technicians.

Those  on the frontlines - who have a job to do - and in doing their job - they must be armed with the best working standard - tools. This is happening now as we speak - we are addressing the most need factors and issues - at the last moment.

When we are dealing with germs, a virus, contamination - we are dealing with hygiene - we are dealing with life and death - issues - this is the TRUTH -  our health care system in the United States - must be completely revamped.

Those controlling our Health Care System - the Insurance Companies, the Pharmaceuticals, the in charge in Congress and the Senate - who work hand in glove - one of them Senator Mitch O'Connell - working hand in glove with lobbyists - well know and for the Pharmaceuticals Companies - and more - must STOP.

Senator Schumer - he must step up -
and do better.

The Speaker of the House -
Nancy Pelosi must do better -
she failed this time and time will tell.

This pandemic forced the United States to pump Trillions of Dollars - in our Economy - and some of us were hoodwinked - when some $1200 per adults - $2400 per couple - bread crumbs.

Many forget in the year 2008 we the tax payers - bailed the Government - and the Government without our permission bailed out the Large Financial Institution -  AIG - the crooked banks - like  Chase, Wells Fargo and so on - the largest companies that manufactured cars Ford, General Motors, and so on.  

Other big Corporations and lest we forget - President Barack Hussein Obama was our President  - he with intent fucked us all.
Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer know this  - but,  forgot us all - the ordinary tax payer. Billions of dollars to bail Boeing, again the car companies - and even $25 million to the Kennedy Center.

The logo of Sixth United State Army 
and  Presidio of San Francisco -
we played a key role in the 1989
Loma Prieta Earthquake - and saved San Francisco -
in the year 2020 - Sixth Army is no more - deactivated -
now, we have a bunch of morons - talking the talk -
but have failed to walk the walk - the APEX -
will hit us hard in three weeks - and we are still unprepared.

San Francisco General Hospital -
will see a huge increase of COVID-19 virus -
lacks the necessary tools - Right now does not 
even have swabs, less beds, less ventilators -
the leadership we have more Dr Grant Colfax -
and Dr Tomas Aragon - will be exposed fully -
inept, weak in the knees, and a disgrace to anything decent.

It just a matter of time -
we see tents - all over the place - 
at this late hour - we are begging for ventilators -
broken ones - to be repaired - 
it is one thing to know about the situation at hand -
it is petty to announce it to the world -
how ill prepared we are - Gavin Newsom is a JOKE.

Our frontline medical staff -
need our prayers and our ardent support -
so many have been traumatized - and the morale -
is pathetic - at the SF General Hospital - 
and to add fuel to fire - Laguna Honda - Go Figure!

San Francisco does not have the beds - the ventilators, the Personal Protective Equipment - more - God help us.

All Mayor London Breed does is sing the blues -  she has a dark cloud hanging over her head - amoral, inept, and totally dysfunctional.

Monday, March 30, 2020


The COVID-19 virus - will soon reach an 
APEX - each of the 50th States -
waiting to level the peak - 
as frontline medical workers do their best -
right now has 1063  deceased and there is more.

Even as those in San Francisco are saying what they must say - we still at this late date do not have a number of how many San Franciscans have been tested - we have a population of 840,000.

A day time population that increase to over a million - though now with the restrictions - most have decided to stay at home.

We San Francisco - astute and stellar as most of us are - cannot be treated like children - we need to know how  many respirators, ventilators, Personal Protective Equipment, masks, swabs - the number of beds we have to address those victims - the very sick - those that have fallen prey to the COVID-19 virus.

The Center for Diseases Control 
and Prevention are doing their best - 
initially the CDC failed us - we lost six weeks -
to date we do not have a clear picture about the 
testing done in San Francisco - no one trust -
our Mayor and her team of legacy - who now 
address us all - one at a time - using digital tools -
and making a fool of themselves.

Normally San Francisco would have had NO problem declaring for example how many ventilators we have. That is if we had some " stock inventory " - planned as part of a vetted Blue Print - which come with those in charge - knowing how to do a needs assessment.

It does not help at this late date - for Governor Gavin Newsom to state to us all - that he received 170 ventilators - but all of them do not work.

In the same breath to hoodwink the public at large - and try to convince us - that he has the ability to repair the ventilators - and have them ready.

All the time Governor Gavin Newsom - who has failed us before - thinks he can talk the talk - and hoodwink us in broad daylight.

In the interim our Elders are suffering. 

Our frontline medical staff - our Doctors, our Nurses, our Janitors, our support medical staff - are over worked - and many of them - do not have the equipment to do their work - PPE.

Please wash hands and maintain a high standard 
of hygiene - take car of yourselves -
prepare you yourself and your loved ones -
pray, meditate, exercise and eat right -
we are all in this together.

Our Mayor London Breed - is all talk and NO walk -
for all her talk about " resiliency " she has 
nothing to show - when it comes to sound leadership -
has no clue about logistics - and for sure has never 
address any emergency before - on the personal level -
she is a mess - a dark cloud hovering over her head -
she is as corrupt as they come - as has been stated in the
Marina Times - 

Those heads of our City Departments - have failed to show sound LEADERSHIP .

For - sure the City Administrator Naomi Kelly - other despicable City Departments - the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce.

The  Department of Public Works - does not have a person who comprehends a Pandemic - all the same we permit - some to run the Department - hoping against hope - that all will be well.

The Drs Grant Colfax and Tomas Aragon have failed San Francisco. 

Mary Ellen Carroll -
has never managed a large emergency -
let alone a Pandemic - 
she is not a leaders - and impediment to our 
City and County of San Francisco -
where do they get such worthless individuals ?

We are not prepared in San Francisco -  we cannot do much - unless we have sound leadership - this woman Mary Ellen Carroll is a JOKE. She heads the office of Emergency Services. 

Handing a Pandemic is not a JOKE - and no one can just wait - and take a risk - and that is what is happening in San Francisco.

The San Francisco - Office of Emergency Management -  has moved from a small office at Turk Street to Moscone West - it is a bigger place - with NO qualified people who have handled a large Emergency - less a Pandemic.

I have know the folks who worked formally and worked at Turk Street - their dispatch Center a mess - their communication equipment lacking standards - this center did not exists when we had the 1989 LOMA PRIETA Earthquake. 

When the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake took place - Sixth Army and Presidio of San Francisco played a key role - with Mayor Art Agnos - glad to have the help the Army.

Most of the key advisors to the City and County of San Francisco - and the Office of Emergency Services - in past - were former U.S. Navy retired personnel - in the last five years - mostly idiots ran the Emergency Office - and we see the end result today.

Mayor London Breed - 
love to pander to her lackeys - 
none of them are on the frontlines -
they cannot and will not make a sacrifice to serve our City -
all talk and no walk -
but more amoral, lacking ethics, and for sure No standards.

The head of the SF Health Department -
has NO experience handling a pandemic -
where is the testing - and where is the empirical data -
stop talk and serve San Franciscans.

Our City Administrator - 
cannot make a needs assessment - nor can she -
address any situation worth the salt -
she hires consultants - pays many thousands -
tax payers money - while doling our commendations -
to her lackeys - the makes $360,000 plus -
and has failed to serve our City and County of San Francisco -
she had 33,000 employees under her -
this number has to be reduced by 50% - now.

We have several clinics in our neighborhood - and we need testing to be done in these clinics - more for the Elders and those with compromised health.

The idiot Dr Grant Colfax warns us all - not to go to the SF General Hospital.

So -  why cannot we  go to the neighborhood clinics and get tested - by experts - who can  test those that need help most and have tests that really work.

Good tests released recently from good companies  - like the one from Abbot Pharmaceutical -  or the other companies some right here in our back yard.

It is a know fact - that we have a huge number of individuals  - who are carrying the COVID-19 virus and have been since early October, 2019 - " community spread " is rampant in San Francisco.

The CDC test kits sent to San Francisco - failed - many did not work at all.

Since then we have NOT have a concerted effort - with all the laboratories we have in Bay Area - because those who make huge salaries - do not have vision - never have and never will.

In three weeks we will reach our APEX here in San Francisco -

Thousands will flock for help -  many of them - now positive - but they have NOT be tested - no one know why the testing is not done on a War Footing.

San Francisco General Hospital -
the morale at this hospital at its lowest.

In the interim the only ones - that are sacrificing their lives - Doctors, Nurses, Medical Support, Janitors,  Medical Technicians - other medical support  - many report directly to me - the failed policies of Drs Grant Colfax and Tomas Aragon - the lack or morale at the San Francisco General Hospital.

COVID-19 virus - 
will stay here for months -
and we have those in leadership who keep 
bluffing us - hoodwinking us in broad daylight -
let us see how long it take them to wake up - face reality -
most irresponsible - the politicians - amoral - scum of the Earth.