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Friday, July 20, 2018


We the people have given up on HOPE - and keep catering to CROOKS of the highest order. San Franciscans must band together - we can do it - force the crooks and wicked politicians into oblivion - scumbags - one of a kind.

We have a Mayor, London Breed who is wheeling and dealing with the crooked and sordid  " Big Developers "  - again, no one worth the salt - is walking the walk. Many promises made - but none kept - because those in power - lack sound leadership qualities.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

The decent leadership has stalled - frozen - do not have the guts to take the " devil " by the tail - and toss the devil out of  the current sordid, environs - stand tall and represent.

The Black Poverty Pimp pastors are all full of " glee " all they see are signs of $$$$$$ - they have not cared for the " sheep " and they will not - they worship - mammon.

Be it Aurelous Walker, Amos Brown, Boyd, Townsend, the entire Tabernacle Group - you get my drift.

San Francisco is OHLONE land and these " vermin " fail to comprehend -  we cannot invite the entire world to San Francisco to come live here and mess it up.

The skyline of San Francisco -
has changed for the worst - 
that " phallus " you see is one grand example -
Salesforce has done us more harm than good.

The many non-profits who are linked with the developers - especially those pandering to the past and present Mayor - are more of the same. These few non-profits cannot carry on their mission - in a just manner - because they heart in NOT in he right place.

In the Bayview Hunters Point area - the SF Bayview Opera House - which is truly operates as a 12L entity - has not paid its taxes.

Malia Cohen's aunt and sister - are playing a key role for the worst - the current ploys and shenanigans - going on at the SF Bayview Opera House - all lead to corruption of the worst order.

The despicable Malia Cohen -
inept, shadow, and what is important to note -
a profession political whore.

Malia Cohen has for years now used the SF Bayview Opera House - to cater to crooks - using the facility to raise money - and believing that the SF Bayview Opera House is her sole fiefdom.

We the people want to know where is the missing $3 million dollars - Malia Cohen should know - she has pretend to hold the many sessions - as the Chair of the Budget Committee - spewing diatribe - while know well all these time - millions have  gone missing from her District - more, the SF Bayview Opera House. 

Follow the money - the SF Bayview Opera House has been used for Economic Development - has NOT paid its taxes - and the time has come - for a reality check.

Its found Ruth Williams directed over 38 plays - among the many actors that performed at the SF Bayview Opera House - 
Danny Glover.

Read more about the 12L legislation - and process :

The SF Bayview Opera House has failed to pay its taxes - anything above $250,000  for many years. Why?

Where is the missing $3 million the people of the Bayview Hunters Point wants to know.

Its Director Barbara Ockel - has been calling Blacks - " animals and goons " - Malia Cohen and her minions know this - so what are they going to do about it.

Attend the Sunshine Task Force  Wednesday, August 1, 2018  at  City Hall  - Room 408 at 4 pm. Barbara Ockel must be present - and the world will see - when those who are decent take a stand - and speak Truth to Power - what the results bring forth.

We the people - we the tax payers, we the constituents want to know - what ever happened with $3 million ?

It has been a long 11 months - the thieves are quiet  - the  missing $3 million - cannot be accounted for.

Malia Cohen knows about it - and not a whimper.

Where is the justice -
we the people want to know - now?

Thursday, July 19, 2018


The Bayview Hunters Point has an influx of nefarious - greedy, selfish, dubious entities - mostly outsiders - funded by the SF Public Utilities Commission. The Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workfore, the SF Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure - preying on the Bayview Hunters Point - community. This nonsense must stop - now.

Dwayne Jones President of RDJ Enterprises LLC,
 has infiltrated - backed by corrupt House Negros -
every niche is saturated  - doling out Community Benefits -
to dubious entities -  this nonsense must STOP - now.

The above letter was sent to a Prime Contractor - Rudolf Dwayne Jones - lying that he is capable of doing this, that, and the other - when all he has been doing - is raping the community.

Those Black sell outs that are on his pay roll - are now bitching as the " well has dried ".

Wait when the authorities - find out - how Community Benefits - were wasted on scum bags.

We still have Sisters and Brothers who when educated about the facts - are ready to take back the community - and send the vermin - back to where they came from. 

Nefarious entities  those that do not want to do anything about families - father, mother, children - introducing all sorts of bohemian activities.

Enticing - displaying, immoral, unethical mores, lacking standards - trying to influence the community with concepts, ideas, and activities - that will NOT be tolerated by the decent, hard working, ethical constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point.

The Bayview Opera House -
has been taken over by crooks -
over $3 million is missing - 
there is NO accountability and transparency -
if you want to rent the Bayview Opera House -
the Director Barbara Ockel quotes $4000 to $6000
for one single event.

Malia Cohen, her aunt, and her sister -
have taken over the Bayview Opera House -
using it as their fiefdom -
Malia Cohen - is put on notice - 
the SF Bayview Opera House is not yours to play with -
stop messing with the constituents - you have failed to represent.

It has been over 11 months now - that we have been asking for some accountability from the SF Bayview Opera House.

Some $3 million plus is missing - and there has been no desire to address the situation at hand.

The IRS has now got involved - and it is becoming hot in the kitchen.

Malia Cohen has been using the SF Bayview Opera House as her fiefdom - she is not from the Bayview - she is from somewhere else - came into our community to take advantage of the community.

I have never, ever seen Malia Cohen working for the community in the trenches - she started working at SF City Hall - and then prompted by the corrupt politicians - infiltrated the Bayview Hunters Point community.

Malia Cohen started by buying a condominium at Executive Park for $580,000 and within 6 months went under.

A few months before she won her District 10 election - by a measly one percent more than her opponent.

Malia Cohen moved with her parents and lived in District 9 - on Silliman Street - before the authorities got wind - that she was breaking the law.

Then Malia moved to Potrero Hill - where she lived for sometime - before buying a home in the Western Addition - and now - spending more time in the East Bay.

In the 8 years - Malia Cohen has been the District 10 Supervisor - she has been a disgrace to the human race.

District 10 has an influx of homeless - that have spread far and wide - more going to District 6 - the Tenderloin.

Hundreds of homeless - from District 10 - sleep under the freeways, the bushes, anywhere - Malia Cohen has no compassion.

All Malia Cohen cares - is about herself - selfish to the core - a disgrace to anything - decent.

Malia Cohen is a professional political whore - par excellence.

The Bayview Hunters Point to this day - does not have one single shelter for the homeless with beds and lockers - where the homeless are treated like human beings.

Hunters of advocates work hard to serve those that need help most - many have been volunteering for decades. Malia Cohen and her minions - keep wasting tax payers money - Malia Cohen is an - Anathema.

Malia Cohen has been doling $70,000 to a white person - where large black and white photographs adorn the MUNI bus stops.

 The majority of those portrayed - in this ugly photographs - are not known by the community - the photographs titled -  " I am Bayview ".

Malia Cohen now plans to waste a million dollars - more on the SF Bayview Opera House.

 We want to know - where is the missing $3 million - that Malia Cohen has some connection to - even though she pretends - that she has NO clue.

Law Enforcement - will be knocking at her door.

Juliet Ellis who works for the SF Public Utilities Commission -
she calls herself Chief strategist / Assistant General
Manager of External Affairs - whatever that means -
she has been doling out millions Community Benefits -
 with Dwayne Jones - more since 2012.

Juliet Ellis is all about corruption of the highest order.

 As soon as the Task Force linked with the Sewer System Improvement Project - had fought for Community Benefits - Juliet Ellis took it upon herself - to send over $200,000 to her former non-profit Green For All - situated in the East Bay.

Juliet Ellis was charged - by the State of California - Fair Political Practices Commission - Juliet Ellis returned the money - paid the fine and was reprimanded. The SF Ethics Commission did the same - yet, she hold a job - where she makes over 250,000.

Read the adjudication by the Fair Political Practices Commission - on corrupt Juliet Ellis :

The SF Public Utilities Commission preys on the Bayview Community - and employs crooks like Dwayne Jones and Juliet Ellis to adversely impact thousands. 

This nonsense has been going on for a long time - the community is now ready to take back the community.

Send the crooks packing where they came from.

I see them here, there, and everywhere backed by other House Negros - one worse than the other.

This is a conceptual plan -
thousands of homes are planned to be built -
on very contaminated ground -
more at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard -
where Depleted Uranium was tested. Go Figure!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Shanell Williams -
she has the tenacity and fortitude -
to serve - her heart in the right place.

Our hopes were raised when we who work in the 
trenches - looked forward to the appointment -
of Shanell Williams as the District 5 Supervisor -
we were disappointed - when she was NOT chosen -
we look forward to her - being the District 5 Supervisor -
as and when the seat can be contested - in the near future.

I received many calls and emails - when some one decided not to appoint - Shanell Williams - to be the District 5 Supervisor.

Shanell Williams - born and raised in the Fillmore aka the Western Addition - has been working hard - serving all San Franciscans - and more restoring the many injustices meted out to San Francisco City College.

Shanell Williams from the days being on the SF Youth Commission, the many organizations she belonged to and brought so much wealth - more empathy and compassion - that exudes from her very being. God bless her and all her loved ones.

The many advocates - who work hard - all over San Francisco know Shanell Williams - and I know - many are in utter shock - that she was not chosen. Such are the works of those - who do not like and cannot bear the sight of one that can stand their own ground. 

Shanell Williams will speak her mind - and do what is right - for the tax payers - and constituents at large.

We must not be shocked - and wallow in the shock - that is not what those that are strong, have fortitude - delve with issues having tenacity - we are made of better stuff - we must stand tall and represent. 

We will as the future is ours. 

We must now spur ourselves - when that seat becomes vacant - that we make sure our Sister, Shanell  Williams - who  we love dearly - gets that seat - or if she desires - any other position she wants run for  - to serve San Franciscans.

As many of you know - I have been around - and know the many crooks - and foremost among them is London Breed -   - she is all talk and no walk.

Shanell Williams is well educated - I have known her for a long time - and stood by her - through her trials and tribulations.

I  - admire Shanell Williams  - wish I could do more - but my plate is full - I have to deal with too many crooks - and more urgent issues that matter and adversely impact  thousands.

We all know  corruption has reached - saturation point in San Francisco.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone the First People of San Francisco.

 I am putting the crooks on notice - especially those- that think they will get a pass - doing damage to Mother Earth.

More - by doing things and adhering to polices - that adversely impact our infants, our youth, our young adults, our seniors, those will compromised health - more the mentally and physically challenged.

In the interim - we will keep in touch with Shanell Williams - and support her as best we can.

Right now Shanell Williams ground work at SF City College is paying rich dividends. 

Her fortitude and tenacity to do right and stick by higher standards and principles - are second to none.

As for you in the Fillmore - time to rally around the better forces that could do more good.

Rather than the wishy washy - ass lickers - that we see pretending the know some - and screw us.

Each and every time - they get an opportunity to service the tax payers, the constituents that matter - this has been going for decades - no respect for the tax payer - the decent constituents who abide by the law.

This shout out is to those that have their heart in the right place - stay united - the future is ours to live and contribute  the best  - to this City that we all love.

Please - support Shanell Williams in all her endeavors. God bless.

Monday, July 16, 2018


We have the filthy rich - and it the shadow
of these skyscrapers - all over San Francisco -
the homeless living in tents - under the bushes -
under the free ways - and here you have 
London Breed - still spewing diatribe - shut the
fuck up - and do something - holistic.

We have " hot spots " in our City and County of San Francisco - having hundreds of " mentally challenged " - and addicts - many of them shooting up - right in front of children, right in front of others - sensitive to such behavior - and this has been going on for years.

One has just to go to our hospitals - be it Saint Luke's, SF General Hospital, Saint Mary's, California Pacific Medical Center - pick any hospital in the City of San Francisco - and take an inventory of beds for the mentally challenged - there is nothing that one can write about.

San Francisco General Hospital has less than 80 beds. Go figure.

We have to have the beds to treat the mentally challenged - with rap around services - this does not exist  - anymore.

The only place it exists in some way - are in our jails - more 850 Bryant - the Jail House.

London Breed has been personally affected by her relatives - some of them are addicts - and this is a good thing - because she is speaking from experience. 

One single member of the family - can turn the home upside down - more if the person is an addict that steals, fights, and threatens those that want to live a peaceful and meaningful - life.

Before the politicians opens their mouth - let them see that if we have beds - not few beds - but at least 400 beds in our hospitals - to provide - rap around services. 

That is with nurses - who can treat these patients - and look after their total welfare.

The Insurance Companies - that are a strong hold of a certain " segment of the population " - the scourge of the Nation - are quick to take our insurance premiums - but very slow to provide - medical services.

The homeless are every where -
and what is more the filth on our streets -
dog poo all over the place - and then 
one has to deal with the needles and more.

It cost the tax payers - over one thousands dollars per day to pay for those that are indigent and get to stay in the hospitals.

 Five hundred to a thousand to pay for the ambulance to be taken to the hospital.

Twenty dollars for a bottle of aspirin.

 Two hundred for a simple x-ray - and these insurance companies - vermin - have been leeching on us - for decades.

The Navigation Centers are a band-aid - that is like telling those that live in homes - go live in a tent and all will be well.

Then telling the same people - you can bring your pets - and not enforce hygiene.

In many of these Navigation Centers - most do not take a bath - wear the same dirty clothes for months - and all this and more is nauseating. 

London Breed better stop talking too much and act.

London Breed and some others took  a junket - at tax payers expense - to Canada - to see how in Canada they deal with the junkies.

Those addicts that are hooked on opioids - this is NOT Canada. In Canada they offer socialized health services - we do not.

Again, here in San Francisco - we need rap around services - a holistic way to restore dignity - to those individuals who have given up on life. I call them the living - dead. Daily they wake up - steal, break in cars, prostitute - do anything - to get a fix.

Our City and County has been mean to the homeless - taking a shot-cut method - bringing in the clean up crew - mostly those that make minimum wage.

Many of them have NO hazardous training and less Safety training - and put to work.

These youth and young adults - are forced to pick needles, wade through feces - clear the excreta and more.

London Breed and those that send these youth and youth adults - to do the clean up - must be ashamed of themselves.

We all know the homeless must be given notice - especially - the seniors that have limited clothes, their need medication and a few chosen belongings that they treasure. 

London Breed must note - that many a time - no consideration is given to the Seniors - all their medication, their belongings trashed - by those that are not trained - and this is really a crime.

We all know - how Edwin Mah Lee -
addressed the situation - when it came -
to the indigent and the poor -
kicked the can down the street -
looked the other way - took short cuts 
that have come to haunt us today in San Francisco.

Nothing much has changed -
from the days when she made faces -
keeps opening her dirty mouth -
spewing diatribe - nothing much has changed. really -
at ground zero - go around and document the situation -
then go again every week - and report to me the change.

I am sick of politicians like London Breed - who should know more - who has her brother in jail for murder.

 One of her sister's a drug addict, many of her friends jail birds, many of her minions that back her up - corrupt to the core - anyone can talk the talk - but few can walk the walk.