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Tuesday, September 17, 2019


The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)
was created to save and protect 
our natural resources  - not to contaminate -
and pollute and adversely impact - nature
and the environment - more with oil drilling.

The Arctic is not for the faint of heart - and the Yupik, the Inuit, the Nenets, the Khanty, Evenk - others have taught the world - that human beings can survive and live in conditions - not for the frail of heart.

The Native Tribes have been revered all over the world - but now more than ever - the environment - has been contaminated - more with the drastic changes  - brought by Climate Change.

When anyone mentions the Arctic we think of the polar bear - the moose,  the caribou -reindeer, the large seals - birds that migrate to the area more the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Today the entire Arctic is undergoing drastic changes - the large glacier that once stood tall and majestic - are melting.

The glaciers are melting right before our eyes - those that make their abode - the animals, the birds, the flors - all life - are quickly disappearing from adverse impacts - originating and initiated by human beings - homo sapiens.

Large areas in the Arctic - protective lands - are now declared open for drilling oil.

The largest oil companies Shell, British Petroleum, Philips Conoco and others are moving away from the Arctic -  the statics - show millions of gallons of oil - that once traversed
through the pipelines - moves slowly - due to less production.


The smaller oil companies  - more those greedy to the core - are NOT fazed.

Backed by the Senator of Alaska Murkowski - much like her father - and the demons that now make their abode at the White House - are leasing - large tracts of land - for oil drilling - defying environmentalist and more those that have their heart in the right place.

Hundreds of vetted environmental laws have been declared null and void - this present Administration at the White House - is undoing all the good - from past years.

Environmentalist are aghast that the goons living in White House - greed to the core - have no morals, less ethics, and for sure no  - standards.

The people from the Arctic have character - much like the Native American Tribes - all  the indigenous people from the Arctic and worldwide.

These humans beings one of kind  - have protected millions of acres of land - and in the process kept the balance. 

Taken little and left more for future generations.

Caribou - much like other animals -
move from place to place - 
to graze and provided food -
to the Natives from the Arctic Region -
Climate Change is adversely all life.

The harsh weather toughens those that dare to face the blizzards, the strong winds, the cold air - that can play havoc on any exposed skin.

I have always admired the tribes from the Arctic - even as I have respect for the animals, birds, flora - all life - that speaks so much about the origin of  life.

The Arctic tribes have their own art - totem poles that tell a history - chronologically depicting - the finer points of what the village and leaders - wished to reveal in carvings and other artifacts. More to live a legacy and history.

Not long ago the Native people from the Arctic were invited to see the artifacts of their ancestors - at the Museum in London.

Amazing art, artifacts, clothing, cravings - one of a kind - that amazed the contemporary Native artists from the Arctic -  visiting the Museum in London.

Revealing to these artisans  - how much they have lost - from their homeland.

Foreigners  stealing, hoodwink - trading trinkets like beads  and other material things -  liquor, guns, and ammunition - taking precious artifacts - and many a time - desecrating - the culture and sacredness of the Arctic Native Tribes.

I watched the curators from the museum in London - open large boxes and spread the artifacts - watched the contemporary artists - from the Arctic - shocked and perplexed.

I saw the artists take photographs - admired how skilled their ancestors were - the legacy they left - only for the artifacts to land in museums - in far off lands.

Realizing for the first time - in a strange land  - how much they had to catch up - to contribute the best they have - each in their own way - men and women - and bring honor to their ancestors and the villages. 

Proud of their cultural heritage - the artifacts and sacred mementos - spurred them all - to learn more - and what is important to note - share their experience to the noble people from the Arctic.

The artists were sad - they had hope - and where there is hope - there is progress.

Many of them could not comprehend - how much was plundered - from villages so remote and taken to England.

The French did that too - and so did the travelers of that time - that traded for fur - and gave the Natives - beads, cooking ware, and such things - that the natives had not seen.

History plays out - in many ways - and even though it is painful to witness the sacrilege - the stolen artifacts, the sacred carvings - other symbols that the ancestors would not trade - but were stolen.

The artists realized that looking, touching, and feeling what they do not have at home - could may be - one day - hoping against hope - that much of what they had seen - would eventually may be returned to the land from which much was taken.

Sunday, September 15, 2019


The indigenous people have lived here on Turtle Island for over 15,000 years - all Carbon dated - artifacts and remains - take note you folks who are " spiritually bankrupt ".

More those that need some drastic - smudging - specially the perverts - that cannot look someone in the eye - you disgrace the human race - you are evil.

I have been at the table and watch those who speak with a forked tongue.

These folks think they can deceive those that they address - their heart in the wrong place - with convoluted language.

I was born to deal with those that think they know too much - yet, have not figured how to speak truth to power.

 I have been to the places that are there for us to see and witness - once pristine.

Today contamination and pollution  - has damaged - destroys before our very eyes - what was once pristine - and now melts in front of our eyes.

The spirit speaks to me and to those that care - you can take the horse to the edge of the water - but you cannot force the horse to drink.

The faith of those that are greedy - contradict the very principles - one needs to live a life of grace and tranquility.

These morons I meet - who think they can deceive me.

Their time is coming - they will suffer - a death I do not wish on my enemy.

I have seen it before - I know their time is coming.

Chief Joseph could never understand - why those strangers with a forked tongue - did his people wrong - specially the children and the women. 

Chief Joseph - of the New Perce people.

Few have read the trials and tribulation of Chief Joseph and that of Chief Sitting Bull.

These two Chiefs amazed the devils that came before them - they looked deep into the hearts of the greedy - those that stared at these two Chiefs - put their heads down in shame.

I meet the same each time I sit with the damn " greedy and the evil ".

More - spiritually bankrupt - all they think is about deceiving.

Each and every day - they live not to do good - but to foster some philosophy and norms - that are steeped in evil - and bring about more evil. What a life to live?

We do not go into ceremony to talk about God.

We go into ceremony to talk with God 

These words ring true today - Quanah Parker - Comanche.

I go into ceremony as I look into the eyes of those who sit on Commissions and Boards  - in this city that has reached corruption of the worst kind - saturation point.

It puts the Mafia to shame - the authorities know it all - 
more with empirical data - they look the other way - and allow the corruption - to grow like the worst - fungi.

This land named San Francisco - each and every square was stolen.

The City and County of San Francisco does not have one single document - that states that some one - got the permission of anyone indigenous - the First People - that signed this land to anyone.

More - the strangers - that came here - uninvited.

Yet one must hear the " strangers " - spiritually bankrupt - more the Zionists - who think they can fool all the people all the time. 

Your time is coming - much as it has happened - before.

This is your clarion call - do right by every one.

More those that need help most  -  with empathy and compassion.

Nothingn you have on indigenous land is yours.

It was all stolen - ill-gotten wealth that you all wallow in - and think materialist stuff - can make you glow.

You suffer - discomfort - in pain and confused - more astounded and perplexed.

This land all of it was once pristine.

Today we have made of it - a concrete jungle.

Innocent infants, children, youth, young adults, our Elders - those with compromised health - more the mentally and physically challenged - slowly die - no one cares.

No one needs to come here to make it more dense - we need no housing that defies norms. Quality of Life issues not adhered to.

The morbid life - forces people to live without a soul. 

Density and that way of living - was never, ever made for any human living. 

A fact that our SF Planning Department - cannot comprehend - because they have lost their soul.

We took our fight to Washington D.C. and stated the facts - but they do not count - where speaking with a forked tongue -
is a way of life.

More so with the present goon - an egotistical maniac who thinks what he says counts - his tweets matter to him - alone.

The world wonders - how did such a maniac - make it the White House - built by Blacks.

Here in San Francisco the Black make only 2% of the population - yet a full 50% and more - incarcerated are Blacks - more with a Mayor who is Black and corrupt - and more the City Administrator, the Chief of Police - and more. 

More Blacks on the SF Police Commission - acting like House Negros.

Our children will lead the way -
they will speak Truth to Power -
we stood shoulder to shoulder 
at Camp Oceti Sakowin by Standing Rock
 and there is more.

The Black Mountains of Dakota

Chief Sitting Bull -
he united the Lakota Tribes 
he left a legacy - we honor him

Indigenous are looked over by the Great Spirit - and there are still good humans that can make a change - stand tall and represent.

Like I say often if your heart is in the right place - your moral compass fine tuned - you will find your way - and take others to a better place. Aho.


San Francisco is a corrupt City - today the corruption has reached - saturation point.

Our jails are full of mostly " people of color " - and it does not matter - that our District Attorney is paid to do his job.

The man has decided to kick the can down the street - and do nothing at all. The minions who carry out his dictates - will each pay a price. The have BLOOD on their hands.

Each of the candidates vying to take the place of George Gascon - the incumbent District Attorney - have a plethora of ideas - and concepts - and more.

These vying candidates think, feel, and project a confidence that they can deliver - on all issues - but not a word about White Crime - that is rampant at all levels in San Francisco.

Over 40% of the SF City and County of San Francisco - make over $175,000 with benefits. Most waste their time - and the technology they use - and the performance of the daily work - is Smithsonian.

Try getting a permit to start a new business in San Francisco.

Try getting some help if you are a Non-Profit in San Francisco - have avoided taking money from the City and County of San Francisco - and are in dire need for money - just for your rent.

Developers who have money - pay the expeditors - others - that follow the process are stuck in the muck. Such are the ways - of those who are greedy - believing in bribes and lack of morals, less ethics and for sure - no standards.

At the latest forum - where all the prospective candidate running for SF District Attorney - spoke on many topics - but not once address - an important issue - that erodes morals, ethics, plain standards - Why ?

For some reason none of them mentioned White Crime - more, lying, cheating, hoodwinking, nepotism, leaking confidential material - the deep influence of the Zionists and more.

As any one knows our election system in San Francisco - is not perfect - it is rigged.

One must just monitor the canvassing - during election time.

Long after the sun has set - complaints are sent to the Sunshine Task Force - that land at the SF Ethics Commission - and the can is kicked around - until the rattle - drives anyone follow a case - insane.

Dark money - much of it in off shore banks - one, past Mayor of San Francisco - shady connections in Macao - next to Hong Kong - the man loves Chinese women and there is more.

Our  Ethics Commission - has had it share of complaints - linked to dark donations and past elections.

There is an on investigation linked to Mayor London Breed and her recent elections. 

The SF Ethics Commission have had others complaints - all linked to the recent elections and past elections.

Some members of the Ethics Commission have resigned - no one seems to care - we fought for the SF Ethics Commission - to serve the public at large - not the corrupt Mayor, the politicians that pander to powerful entities - that have NO soul.

Have you heard in recent years - the words - " San Francisco has No soul ". Wow!

San Francisco's corrupt politicians - are openly defying the norms - backed by past politicians - like Willie L. Brown Jr.

Other powerful forces - those that have access to " dark money " - corrupt Primes or Contractors such as AECOM?Parson - the many Zionists - that have placed their key people to control - most anything - at SF City Hall.  

We have a website and the Ethics Commission - has posted some details - that and more - will be revealed in due time - for all the world to see. 

Now one would think our City Attorney - Dennis Herrera who is suppose to represent the people - would stand tall and represent - he does not.

As I have been saying our District Attorney has failed miserably. The sooner he steps down and fades into oblivion the better.

I was the first to write on Mario Woods - some of us took empirical data - to the District Attorney who turned the material to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

We had a video of the footage  - where 56 bullets were shot - we managed to use technology - a created a frame by frame - how the victim was shot - this proof was ignored.

Some of us protested - held public meetings - went to SF  City Hall - to No - avail.

Even the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS)  respected us - and our opinions. 272 suggestions were part of the documentation to reform - the SF Police Department.

We have a corrupt Mayor - who is wheeling and dealing . Busy cutting ribbons, talking from both sides of her mouth - wasting money having summits - like the one titled and tainted - " Invincible ".

Our Mayor has this very biased idea - the women can do better than men. 

The paradox is that we have women politicians in San Francisco who are prone to taking bribes and more.

One may dream of women being able to do a job - but when you shun morals, ethics, and standards - women fall into a trap - that of the men who wallow in the " cesspool".

The women more ladies that are decent - are admired by all - in fact more men admire decent ladies here is San Francisco - actions count.

Willie L. Brown Jr. and Malia Cohen -
Malia works for the State of California -
holds one of the seats -
Board of Equalization and is not respected.

London Breed at her best -
barking up the wrong tree -
more talk and hardly any action worth the salt.

London Breed forgets the days when Mayor Willie L. Brown employed her as an Administrative Assistant - one of two thousand position Willie L. Brown created.

As mayor Willie L. Brown  - created these 2000 positions - Assistant Administrative positions - Full Time Employment (FTEs). Most of these positions - were given to the candidates on a platter.

Many of the candidates went on to better jobs - they still pander to Willie L Brown and openly praise him for bending backwards to help them.

Willie L. Brown Jr  created these position so that the candidates could  cater to him and still do.

Willie L. Brown Jr., strong armed the authorities who opposed him - San Francisco Human Resources.

Naomi Kelly - now the City Administrator - Malia Cohen shown above with Willie L. Brown - now holding a State of California position - on the Board of Equalization - were part of the 2000 positions created by Willie L. Brown Jr.

Few know about these facts - are most cannot connect the dots.

All these women  know well what they had to do to attain the positions they hold  today. 

Special contracts - which our City and County of San Francisco accepts - because Mayor Willie L Brown Jr. changed the Charter - deprived the City Administrator - being independent.

Prior to 1996 - there was the Legislative Branch - the SF Board of Supervisors.

The Executive Branch which came under the Mayor and his minions.

San Francisco City Administrator  -
she serves a 10 year term 
Naomi Kelly -
she controls close to 33,000 City employees

The City Administrator - was brought under the Executive Branch and all  independent rights and privileges - curtailed.

This happened in 1996.

Corruption has reached a crescendo - SF City Hall and more Room 200 stinks to high heaven.

When you enter City Hall and more when you get near Room 200 - the stench of Sulphur overcomes anyone - the wheeling and dealing - the corruption has reached - saturation point.

Recently the Mayor opened a HUB - I hope this HUB does justice to the people who need help. The HUB is in District 11 - that has been ignored by past - Mayors.

These HUBS that are being opened - should train our citizens and others interested - to get " career jobs ". 

We have too many centers - offering basic and mundane training.

Once this training is completed - those that go to the training - with some hope - are told to go and fend for themselves.

Dwayne Jones -
says he is a business man and a philanthropist -
none of which he is -
he used Community Benefits -
tax payers money - to dole out to his minions -
where is the justice - where is the fair play?

Juliet Ellis 
Assistant General Manager of External Affairs -
she has given herself Chief Strategist -
she wheels and deals -
each and every day - Go Figure !

In District 10 - there are millions of dollars - Community Benefits - once controlled by Dwayne Jones and Juliet Ellis.

George Gascon has  had all the empirical data - detail data - how the two corrupt people mentioned above - have used the money - to further their own causes.

In other words the above two have pocketed the money - and this is a crime. 

Not only a felony but much more serious - with intent hundreds are used as ploys - given little - and in their name - more money pocketed by the crooks.

All the money is pocketed - all tax payers money.

I am bringing this information to the attention of the candidates  running for San Francisco - District Attorney.

There was a lot of discussion when the candidates met -  at a forum - such a forum has never happened before.

As far as I am concerned I have NOT seen nor heard of such a forum - all vying to become the next SF District Attorney - not in the last 40 years.

Such a forum - of this kind - linked solely to the election of the SF District Attorney -  the first time in a 110 years.

This was stated by one of the candidates - how, he came up with that number - is not known to me - but the candidate was one of the better ones - smart and astute - and I take his statement - as pertinent - in the given circumstances.

District Attorney - George Gascon -
he must leave soon -
and open the windows and doors -
we need some fresh air - a holistic approach.

There was talk at the forum about drug dealing and faulting the incumbent George Gascon.

There was talking about an inordinate number of Blacks incarcerated in San Francisco.

The Black population in San Francisco was once 25% of the population. Now it is closer to 2% of the entire population and dwindling.

One White candidate mentioned a formula - linked to incarceration.  

266 for every 1000 is a norm - in San Francisco it is about 1700 for 1000 -  when it comes to Blacks - go figure.

Turns out the norm in San Francisco for Blacks is 1117 for every 1000. 

There was talk about crime in general - and always using people of color - as the base segment of the population.

Then the talk turned to our judicial system - faulting judges for sending " people of color " for a longer prison term. I know this to be a fact.

What bothers me in San Francisco - is White collar crime.

Corruption has reached saturation point. Any takers.

Who can join me is exposing SF City Hall and all the nonsense that is taking our once great City into the gutter - the cesspool - created by very corrupt politicians.