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Sunday, October 15, 2017


Single handedly with thousands of supporters -
we have exposed the crooks and the corrupt -
now most are reeling - trying to hide - trying to run -
they can all run -  they cannot hide for long -
they will be found and exposed - the crooks in this
City and County of San Francisco.

Again and again - when the public at large - are taken for a wild ride - used like a " dirty rag " and disposed with disdain - such actions - must be dealt with " justice " - nipped in the bud.

As we all well know - the corrupt will use their " evil power " they hold in their sordid hands - to curtail justice - and put down those that speak the - " Truth ".

In the end - the " TRUTH " - prevails and that is what is happening in the SF Bayview Hunters Point - today.

Right now all eyes are focused on the Bayview Opera House - and a Neo-Nazi - Barbara Cockel - she will be exposed before the SF Arts Commission and then for use before the SF Ethics Commission.

The Bayview Hunters Point - has always acknowledged the power of Faith and Hope.

In years past more the 50s, 60, 70s, 80s - the many churches once had stellar pastors and a congregation - that did all in their power - to stand for the rights of all.

 Justice for all - and God plays an important role.

 The values of the deep South reigned supreme - and those brought up well - still speak of those times - but fail to understand - why  so many who were brought up right - compromise?

The Zionists as has been shown with the 
Bayview Opera House - one single Neo- Nazi -
defied the entire community -
more Blacks selling our the community -
the SF Art Commission looking at the community with disdain.

When some Blacks - more House Negros sell out the community?  Why?

The Human Rights Committee was first formed in the San Francisco Bayview Hunters Point Area - in the early 1960s - taking on the Car Dealers on Van Ness - that were quick to sell cars to people of color.

Very slow to hire - car sales men and women. This barrier was broken down by the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point.
With the cars - now we had Black car sales men - who did well - broke the barrier - and a win win - for those from the Bayview Hunters Point - who lead the way - attaining " justice " and fair play.

When -  "height limits " - were use to keep - many qualified and more people of color out of the San Francisco Police Department.

 The constituents  - from the Bayview Hunters Point - fought for reduction of height limits - stressing more on good health - character, fitness and tests that those who may have been a little short - shorter than six feet - but capable of doing the job - and succeeded .

Chief Lau an American Chinese - was one of those who got in -  became the Chief of Police. Many others got in - and served our City well - as SF Police Officers. Today few know about this historical fact.

SF Bayview Hunters Point embraced the  " ModelCities " - programs - and  other Title III programs initiated by Housing and Urban Development  (HUD).

Many stalwart constituents such as Kevin Williams - enforced the laws and paid the price - all the same - Kevin Williams went on to shine and expose the " dark side " folks like Willie L. Brown Jr - a former Mayor of San Francisco - and a well know - "thug Mayor " - was one of them - Mayor Edwin M. Lee is another - a lap dog - who must step down - wheeling and dealing in Room 200 - at City Hall.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - 
he has set our great City of San Francisco on Fire.

It is the same - with Mayor Edwin M. Lee - wheeling and dealing - talking from both sides of his mouth - a very corrupt Mayor who will NOT leave a legacy. A lap dog who is a disgrace to the human race.  As soon as he leaves - moves away - the polluted air in San Francisco - will be restored to some - normalcy. 

His administration is so corrupt - much more corrupt than the previous five administrations - at SF City Hall.

This corrupt Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has set our City of San Francisco on FIRE.

He must step down and fade away.

Go back to Oregon - from where this despicable person came from - an anathema to anything and everything - decent.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has failed African Americans - forgetting the good deed done by an African American in Oregon - who donated money a large amount - and saved Ed Lee's family restaurant - bringing succor to Ed Lee mother - who will feel ashamed at the ways Ed Lee pushes - gentrification. Shame on him - after being saved by an African American - when his family was in the " dumps " - in Oregon. Go Figure!

Where is Lady Justice -
corruption has reached saturation point -
more in the SF Bayview Hunters Point.

Malia Cohen the jackass smiling and looking so evil -
the man wearing that " fedora " - none other - than
 Willie L. Brown Jr. who has his finger in every evil pie -
such are the happenings - that most take for granted -
these evil people - must be charged - by the RICO ACT.

Dwayne Jones has been black listed  -
he was taken to court and charged with bidding low -
after a bid was won by another LBE - the 
court deemed necessary to " black list Dwayne Jones ".

Dwayne Jones has his finger in place where bids are chosen -
he will take a well written - qualified bid - and give it to an entity who will pay him under the table. 

This nonsense  has been going on for a long time -  and we have empirical data - today, he has the audacity to back Shamann Walton - sending out a letter with his company's logo RDJ - endorsing Shamann Walton - begging the world to donate $100.

Check out his website - and the partners that endorse his evil ways:

Dwayne Jones has raked in millions - doing nothing - using convoluted tactics - acting as a consultant for Platinum Consultants - has a desk at 525 Golden Gate Avenue - the headquarters of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

He has - a say - in all kinds of bids linked to URS, AECOM, WEBCOR, SF Port Authority, the SF Public Utilities Commission   - many other Primes - he get his cut and so does Willie L. Brown Jr. 

What STOPS any decent entity - that believes in Justice and Fairness - to use the RICO ACT and send this urchin to jail - for a long, long time?

525 Golden Gate Avenue - the headquarters -
the advertisement below - best describes what goes on 
at the SF Public Utilities Commission - Crap !.

This is a fact - when it comes to the wheeling and dealing -
the many entities Primes and Sub-primes who have NOT been paid on time - what are you doing Ivy Fine ?
The ploys and machinations used by Dwayne Jones -
when it comes to promises made to give jobs - to those promised training - 
people trained - promised a job - and then told to go fish. 

Dwayne Jones - has taken money up front - and now refuses 
to keep his promise.

 Compromised others - innocent folks - who fell for the ploy - interns  paid a stipend - Wayne and his lackeys - talking from both sides of their mouth - leading innocent people down the wrong path.

Dwayne Jones is tied to to the hip of  Young Community Developers - YCD's Board having no clue about the daily actions - where innocent young men and men are promised one thing - and nothing is done - when it come to upward mobility.

YCD has nothing much - empirical data - for years now - NO career jobs - just menial jobs - lying, cheating, deceiving those that  - must be helped.

Fake training  under Young Community Developers  (YCD) - another  - " rogue Non-Profit " - that must be audited. Audits in the past - done - YCD has failed  - each and every time. Disgraced - the Bayview Hunters Point community.

Juliet Ellis has been charged with corruption -
she started as the SF Public Utilities Commission - 
holding the seated as Commissioner - than when the position of Assistant General Manager was opened - when Laura Spagian 
left - Juliet applied and was anointed to this position - big mistake.

 Juliet funneled $200, 000 to Green For All -  was charged by the Fair Practice Action Committee - endorsed by the SF Ethics Commission - paid the fine - admitted guilt.

Juliet Ellis -  should really - have been fired - Harlan Kelly - who among others- backed this crooked woman  -  a despicable person - who has no morals, less ethics - and for sure no standards -
he must now bear responsibility for the added corruption leading 
to Juliet Ellis - stubborn, arrogant - and very corrupt this woman - must go.

Good people have left the SF Public Utilities Commission - because of Juliet Ellis - who does not have the best interests of San Franciscans - brought in by Gavin Newsom - her dubious ploys and machinations are well known - by the " dark side ".

Recently she was bold to add to her title - Chief Strategist - at the SF Public Utilities Commission - those that allowed her to have this title - must be out of their mind.

A manipulator and one that has destroyed the careers of many - she will interfere with those - she has NO business interfering - what is it that stops the SF Public Utilities Commission - studying the fact - the empirical data - and dismissing this very corrupt woman ? Where is Commissioner Moran, Commissioner Caen, and especially Commissioner Courtney on this?

The SF Public Utilities Commission is a den of thieves - past General Manager like Susan Leal - wheeling and dealing, Dwayne Jones is another crook that has no place - wasting millions of our tax payer money.

Recently - I found out he has promised jobs - does not have the jobs in place with the sub-primes and Primes linked with SFPUC projects.

Dwayne Jones  - was quick to take money - and has failed to keep his promise - to negotiate and create Full Time Employment opportunities - for those in training - interns and others - making a fool of himself.

Today Dwayne Jones has sent a letter - asking the public at large including myself to make a $100 donation to Shamann Walton - who has been granted in grants - over $8 million - to run Young Community Developers - what has Shamann Walton attain with the $8 million given to Young Community Developers?

As President of the SF Unified School District - Shamann Walton has right admitted - he bear responsibility for the recent empirical data - that reveal that the less than 4000 African American student - have not done well in their education - yet - promoted.

The data reveals - African American student - in Special Education classes fair better - how does this fact abode for Shamann Walton.

Shamann Walton - is NOT from the Bayview Hunters Point - never saw him in my 35 years - in the trenches.

Never saw Shamann once attend one single Disposition and Development Agreement - the many long meetings - with Lennar Urban a rogue developer - the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce and one Michael Cohen. 

Shamann Walton has endorsed with Sophie Maxwell - building  tall building skyscrapers at Candlestick Point -  80 story buildings - on land that is prone to liquefaction and severe flooding - all because 5 Point Holdings LLC had given them money. Such scumbags are NOT to be trusted - do not say you represent - when you are on the take. 

Stay out of the way - this is a warning to the very corrupt.

If you back Lennar Urban aka 5 Point Holdings LLC - who backs  any of the candidates -pretending to represent the Bayview Hunters Point t-  you are backing those that poisoned our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors, those with compromised health - you are backing the " devil ".

Anyone that backs the devil - is against the community. You know that - so do not say - you did not know - the truth - the truth is we want someone who backs the community with proven actions - and not one - who want to go up the ladder - when right now - he is faltering - cheating - seeking money to prop his " ego " - that will simply - not work.

Lennar Urban aka 5 Point Holdings LLC has poisoned our children, cause harm to our constituents in the Bayview Hunters Point - my question - has Shamann Walton taken money from Lennar Urban - has he taken money from 5 Point Holding LLC - on who side is Shamann Walton - whey he is so close to the crook - Dwayne Jones - who has been black listed - when it comes to bids - linked to the City and County of San Francisco.

It is sad - to witness - so many Black sell outs - at the Bayview Opera House - others like Dwayne Jones and Juliet Ellis - corrupt to the core - backed by other House Negros -  adversely impact so many - innocent people in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

Time will tell. Aho

The Muwekma Ohlone - 
the First People of San Francisco -
the Ohlone has lived in and around San Francisco -
for over 13, 000 years - I represent them - 
and what I see - I do NOT like not will I endorse those -
that cannot discern - and do not have the best interests 
of the public at large - more those that need help most.
Be very careful about your decision - be careful of those -
who have a " tracked record  " - and are well known -
for their crooked and very corrupt - actions.

Saturday, October 14, 2017


The people united - will never, ever be defeated.
Wake up Bayview Hunters Point - people!

Five Point Holdings LLC has been around now for some time -trying its best to hoodwink the Bayview Hunters Point Community - its stocks faltering.

 These scumbags - evil to the core - who brag that they are in possession of a " gold mine " -  that is the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - which is still contaminated and has NOT been abated  - more a Superfund Site.

Check this link and review things for yourself :

Many of us are NOT educated on issues - we know some things  - because, we do not care - nor to we think it necessary - to know more - we all will suffer.

 Our leaders in the Bayview Hunters Point Community - are taking stale bread crumbs and selling the community.

It does not help that those candidates that are running for the Supervisorial District - are worse than Malia Cohen - a political whore - that has raked millions - while leaving the community the Bayview Hunters Point Community - in disarray.

A conceptual plan of housing -
planned on contaminated land - 
prone to liquéfaction and flooding -
some registering high level of radioactive elements -
Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and Candlestick Point.

Wille L. Brown Jr -
the former "thug Mayor " of San Francisco -
has backed Lennar Urban since 1998.

5 Point Holdings LLC brags that it has a " gold mine " - having some jurisdiction of Parcel A - but for sure NOT the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - which is contaminated - and no one can go to the waterfront area - the contaminated beach - registering high levels of radioactive elements.

Lennar Urban aka 5 Point Holdings LLC - has been hoodwinking the community at large - have taken the City of Vallejo for a wild ride - bankrupting Vallejo - and causing devastation to thousands of innocent people.

Lennar Urban promised to build - 10, 000 homes on Mare Island - and then decided to declare bankruptcy. Leaving the City of Vallejo holding an empty bag - adversely impacting thousands of innocent people. 

Vallejo was counting on the tax increment and other promises made to the City of Vallejo - nothing materialized - and to this day the City of Vallejo is suffering.

This gimmicks where 5 Point Holdings LLC is promising to build a large Shopping Mall at Candlestick Point is a JOKE.

No one is building Shopping Malls - the trend is to shop on line - and the many stores downtown San Francisco - are closing shop - just go and check Union Square and read the latest reports - how small businesses are faring - very poorly.

Bayview Hunters Point residents and leaders are being taken for a ride.

The Bayview Opera House -
a hub for wheeling and dealing -
focusing on Economic Development - more Real Estate -
less cultural purposes - drama, plays favoring -
the local community who has been kept away -
hurdles put in their way and discriminated by Barbara Cockel -
acting like a Neo- Nazi.

Hubs like the Bayview Opera House, 1800 Oakdale - the  Southeast Community Facility Building, Young Community Developers - other Non-Profit receiving grants from the City and County of San Francisco.

 The San Francisco Foundation - the Haas Foundation - all those entities mentioned as sponsors on the website linked to the Legacy Foundation For Bayview Hunters Point - the 2017-2022 - strategic Plan - is just that - hoodwinking. 

Time is running out - and those of us interested in saving our community better wake up and do something to save our community.

It does not help that HOPESF - is working against our community - more those that are poor and need help. 

The John Stewart Company, Mercy Housing, and Bridge Developers - one worse than the other - the worst of them all - The John Stewart Company.

For those clueless - read the former SF Redevelopment Plan - what was proposed - and what has been done in recent years - tons of talk and no action - that benefits those that need help most - making under $80, 000 really under $ 60, 000 :

Wake up those of you - who are fast asleep at the cockpit.

If you cannot see - what really is happening - with gentrification - pushed by Mayor Edwin M. Lee - then you too will be impacted - if you already - are not.

Friday, October 13, 2017


Such banners were flown -
all over the Bayview Hunters Point -
years later tattered and torn -
such are the promises made by those that are evil.

The Bayview Hunters Point Community - has suffered from an invasion of so called Foundations - that are sprouting all over the place - working with existing  Non-Profits who talk the talk and do NOT walk the walk. If the cap fits you wear it - if not you have nothing to fear. Now proceed.

There has been a history of many Non-Profit - who will use any ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - to deceive the community at large.

The City and County of San Francisco - encourages such sell outs - because the administrators get some money - and mostly sell out the community.

In the year 2017 - the Legacy Foundation for Bayview Hunters Point - is making an appearance - its ugly head - attached to Lennar Urban " a rogue developer " - that has failed with all of its ploys - and now is drowning.

Check this link:

Lennar Urban poisoned our children and the Bayarea Air Quality Management District fined Lennar Urban - $515, 000 and Lennar Urban paid it.

All this while it removed batteries from monitors - and bombard the entire area - in and around Cleo Rand and the neighboring area - poisoning our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors, those with compromised health -  more the physically and mentally challenged.

More people suffered from tumors - one of a kind - respiratory diseases and of course an increase in heart problems - over forty percent more - in the hot spots - the targeted population - mostly poor and indigent.

Lennar Urban promised " Community Benefits " and has failed in that promise - stopped paying abruptly in 2013 - I have attended many meetings conducted by the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (OCII).

Here is the Resolution that sets aside a meagre $ one and half million dollars - for this so called Legacy Foundation to help the Bayview Hunters Point - embracing the advocates, putting down payment to buy buildings, to do this and that - who is fooling whom. Lennar Urban is a " rogue developer " who must be banished from the Bayview Hunters Point - a plague that an stay in Miami, Florida.

This Resolution craft and passed February 7, 2017 makes very interesting reading:

Another name for the Succor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure ( OCCI) - they keep changing the  name - and those that purport to serve the Bayview Community - on the Commission  that has more power - and the Committee -  they say a lot - but if you follow the money - it opens a can of worms.

Property Managers such as Mercy Housing owe millions - yet they have not paid the loans. They continue building - getting more money from the OCII - and this nonsense must STOP - in any private agency all those operations Mercy House would go to jail.

Conceptual plans that mean nothing at all -
never once do this plans - 
spell out the floor plan - match box units -
you place a queen bed - and have little room -
to move around it - such are the devious plans
of those evil to the core - the " devils ".

It is the same with the John Stewart Company - who controls the housing more so call Affordable House - at the Presidio of San Francisco, Treasure Island - in the Tenderloin, Hunters Point with Phase One and Phase Two completed - it controls the North Ridge Cooperatives - all the homes in and around Kiska Road - now Oakdale Public Housing - what else does the John Stewart Company - want to control. Its Founder John Stewart was fired from Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac - and is a known - crook.

Bridge Developers too - have a sordid history - now try to build homes - part of the HOPSF program - where Mercy Housing controls Public Housing in Visitation Valley - and of course the John Stewart company - as I have mentioned above.

Lennar Urban was brought in by Willie L. Brown Jr., a very evil person - " a former " thug " Mayor " - who has his dirty finger in every pie.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - consists of many parcels A, B, C, D, E and E2 which is very polluted.

Parcel F which is the Bay and has high levels of radioactive elements - contaminating the entire shoreline.

Signs displayed - be it in small letters - warning NOT to go anywhere near the beach - and that includes the beach by Yosemite Slough.

You have the Utility Corridors UC 1, UC2, UC3, UC4 and so on - all contaminated - Parcel G where the 49ers were supposed to build their stadium - left San Francisco and built their stadium in Santa Clara. San Francisco are fast asleep at the cockpit - and Lennar Urban now 5 Points Community Holdings LLP - same snake different head - is trying to HOODWINK - the Bayview Hunters Point community.

The people united - will never, ever be defeated -
right now - thousands are united -
waiting for the " green signal " -
you will witness a " situation " never, ever seen
in contemporary history - we will bring those who 
have harmed thousands of poor - to their fucking knees -
without touching them - " follow the money ".

Lennar is not to be trusted - Lennar will never, ever build a Shopping Mall at Candlestick Point.

Today Amazon rules the roast - internet shopping is the way to go.

Ask those who shop on the internet - and ask them more about the large Shopping Malls that they all detest. 

Lennar Urban time is ripe - to leave the community alone - and fade away.

Go - go - go away to Miami, Florida - where you can mate with Hurricane Irma. Lennar Urban is despicable - to say the least.

Shopping malls are dinosaurs - divided and used as Wellness Centers, all sorts of innovative start ups - and here is Lennar Urban trying to fool us - trying to convince us that it is building   a large Shopping Mall - that will never, ever, ever - be built.

The crooked - wheeling and dealing -
he has single handedly fostered -
" gentrification " while pandering to the community at large -
never, ever trust this scumbag and his lackeys.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee has been pushing for " gentrification " and we have exposed him, the Bayview Opera House operatives - the main Neo-Nazi that has been embedded in the " dark " operation - Barbara Cockel.

Barbara has been calling advocates " pests " -
the audacity of a Neo- Nazi - 
who hates the African American population -
and we are out to expose this hazard in our population -
that has adversely impacted - thousands.

We followed the money - the San Francisco Arts Commission - gave the Bayview Opera House a grant of $5.6 million. Under the auspices of Barbara Cockel and its fake accounting - $2.3 million can be accounted for. Where is the rest.

The money was suppose to be used to abate the Opera House - this was NOT done - recently hurried up plans - have addressed  the many " lead paint issues " - in a haphazard manner - the SF Department of Building Inspection fast asleep in the cockpit - as it did with the Millennium Building sinking over 18 inches and tilting to one side over 6 1/2 inches.

The Rock Garden - that does NOT match -
with the Landmark Building in 1888 -
the Rock Garden that is ugly and stinks to high heaven.

A ugly rock garden - that stinks to high heaven - the animals use it as a toilet - mostly the may stray cats whose feces is the worst ever - and of course the many dogs in the area.

The Bayview Opera House built in 1888 - is a landmark.

Only under the SF Arts Commission - and some entities that look with the community with disdain - could such actions take place - a fence has been built - to keep the African American community out. Barbara Cockel has called the African American community - goons and animals - has charged African Americans $4000 and more to rent the Bayview Opera House.

The Bayview Opera House -
sans the ugle rock garden -
it stinks now - sometimes unbearable -
with feces from the stray cats and dogs -
and other mundane stuff piled on the rock garden.

Who is this Neo-Nazi operating in the Bayview Opera House earning a salary as high as $100, 000 for sure - doing business more marketing Real Estate - while all the time living in subsided housing? Where is Mayor Edwin M. Lee on this shit.

Malia Cohen a panderer.

Where is Malia Cohen on this shit?

Where is The Legacy Foundation for Bayview Hunters point on this shit?

Where are the community leaders and the Non-Profit who take money and do little - except manage " Pit Stops " - others say they curtail gun violence - and more - but rake in millions and are a disgrace to the human race.

Ever since Lennar came into the community it has hoodwinked the community.

I attended the many Disposition and Development Agreement meetings - never, ever saw one of the Board of Directors - at the DDA linked to Parcel A.

Parcel A - the only parcel that was conveyed to Lennar Urban - that is ripe with problems - with numerous change orders - and has NOT one technological advancements - more like chargers for electric cars - and more.

Veronica Hunnicutt - 
she is NOT from the Bayview Hunters Point - 
she was removed as Dean of the 
1800  Oakdale Community Facility Building -
she was removed by still lingers around -
wheeling and dealing - and we have empirical data -
on here and others - time will tell.

I have never, ever known Tedd Hunt, less pastor Big Bell, even less Carmen Kelly, the least of them to represent Veronica Hunnicutt, and the newbie Lila Hussain - most know me - they have failed the community at large - they talk the talk - but have failed the community again and again.

Lennar Urban promised rental units - some 1600 units - in the their Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) - in a blink of an eye -  as soon as the DDA was approved - Michael Cohen - then the Director of the SF Housing and Workforce - declared to the community at large - that Lennar Urban could not afford the rental units - and made an amendment to the DDA.

Such are the ways - of those who are evil to the core.

The present units built on Parcel A are poorly built - and the tenants have come before the OCII and complained that the tenants are not told the truth - you cannot get the truth from a snake - a poisonous snake like Lennar Urban - its new name 5 Points Community Holding LLP.

Run a check on this new entity 5 Points Community Holding, LLP - and it does not have one single development - to its resume. 

Such are the devious operations - nefarious to the core - doing the devil's work in the Bayview Hunters Point area. 

You are warned - STOP this shit - or forever hold your peace.

Lennar made a deal with a Chinese Bank - the deal fell through the cracks - the Chines Bank promised to bank Lennar Urban and bring its won workers. Our Unions fought this deal and it died. Few people from Bayview Hunters Point know about this fact - because most are busy surviving - thinking this City and  County is on their side - when the opposite is true.

The EB-5 visas raked in millions - and Lennar Urban was fast to spend the money - and thought they could rake in more - but now the Chinese who invested $500, 000 a pop - want their money back - and Lennar Urban is saying - well : " we have spent it " - alas - the public at large does not know Lennar Urban well - and all the " thugs " who work for Lennar Urban - never mind if they smile - the devil is " Lucifer " - Lucifer means light - now he is the prince of - " dark light ".

Lennar Urban is part of the " shadow economy " and so are its tentacles - ploys like " The Legacy Foundation For Bayview Hunters Point ".

Its Board of Directors - all scumbags - not one to them represents the Community.

We have the rap sheet - stealing millions from others, fired as the SF Dean of Community College,  working of the SF Planning Department and talking from both sides of their mouth - we have seen such snakes before - they speak with  - " a fork tongue ".

The Muwekma Ohlone -
the First People of San Francisco -
we embrace all - but NOT the Neo- Nazis -
the fake history as stated on the 
Bayview Opera House website - an insult to all of us.

I represent the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone:

The Ohlone have lived in San Francisco and the surrounding are continuously for over 13, 000 years. History did not start with the strangers - and for sure has no place for Neo- Nazis. Believe you me.

Challenge you poisonous snake to debate me on issues - any time - at an open public forum - where the public is invited - an properly noticed.

We are a force to reckon with - join us November 6, 2017 at the SF Arts Commission and see for yourself how some of the snakes doing your bidding - are exposed with empirical data.

We have represented the community - without any strings attached - we will NOT take blood money from Lennar. 

WE have been in the trenches and have faced the above snakes - again and again - they must go - go some where else - best - go to hell. Aho.