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Sunday, March 18, 2018


Racism is all its form is alive and kicking -
here in San Francisco - more, some SF City Departments -
pretending to talk about Equality, Equity, and so called
fake Reality.

This is Ohlone Land - more Muwekma Ohlone land - and SF City Departments - are at this late date talking about Equality,  Equity, and Reality - presentations that fall on deaf years  trying to hoodwink the public in general in broad daylight.

City Departments the likes of SF Public Utilities Commission, the SF Department of the Environment, even the Human Rights Commission - pretend they can address " institutional racism ".

Institution Racism - deeply embedded in the DNA of most Whites - and followed deeply and embraced by those Blacks mostly - House Negros - sellouts of the worst order.

Take the SF Department of the Environment - its Director Debbie Raphael should be ashamed of herself.

Constantly asking for money - (enjoy a fat salary in access of $200,000 ) - begging for  grants and in large measure raping Recology - tapping into millions of dollars - that recycling fee that should go directly to benefit the community at large - more in the Southeast Sector of SF - which is a dumping ground for the rest of the City and beyond.

The gimmicks the SF Department of Environmental use are pathetic.

The Commissioners themselves do not have one single Black on the Commission. 

Yet the Commission has never once mentioned - how the SF Department of the Environment started - with mitigation money - given to the SF City and County of San Francisco by Pacific Gas and Electric.

More, with mitigation money - when Pacific Gas and Electric sold one of its power plants to Mirant - the power plant situated at Third and 18th Street.

That power plant now operates as a sub-station.

Some $18 million seed money (mitigation money ) - that the then Mayor Willie L. Brown used to created the fake SF Department of the Environment. This was around 2002.

Over a million of this money was given to the Conservatory situated in the Golden Gate Park - to rehab the Conservatory - that now brags that it look good - and caters more to the rich - failing to once mentions - who fixed the roof over their head - the people of the Bayview Hunters Point area.

Such are the omissions of the wicked, evil palefaces - who look you in the eye and lie. Pathetic souls - not to be trusted.

It is the same with the SF Public Utilities Commission - an Enterprise Department that generates its own money - from sewer, clean drinking water, hydro-electricity, a large quarry.

Collecting rents from thousands of acres it owns  - leased for grazing cattle, and now recently selling Clean Energy - lying to the public at large - tapping into " dirty stacks " - and raking in millions. Time will tell.

Bottom line these SF City Departments - foster Racism - never mind if some of them are Blacks - the Black on the top are called " house negroes " - they are worse than the Whites who we call White Racists.

In all of these gimmicks - the Whites are entrenched - on the top - making the pertinent calls.

At the bottom - you have people of color - taking orders from those that get their orders - from the evil Whites. 

This is going on at the SF Public Utilities Commission - that has been hoodwinking the public at large -failing to deliver - on the Sewer System Improvement Project - an over $10 billion project.

It has failed miserably on the Water System Improvement Project - Mountain Tunnel, Ervington Tunnel, Calavares Dam - and thousand of leaking water and sewer pipes - they talk the talk but have failed to walk the walk.

The SFPUC has wasted millions of gallons of water - and tasked our sewer system - using " dewatering " - adversely impacting our " watershed " - one reason the Millennium Building - a 58 story building that is sinking - now over 19 inches and tilting Northwest 9 inches. Go Figure.

Corrupt folks the likes of Juliet Ellis who has been fined by the Fair Political Practices Commission and the SF Ethics Commission - her first act on assuming power as the Assistant General Manager of External Affairs.

Sending over $200,000 to her own Non-Profit on which she was a Board Member - Green For All - an institution from the East Bay - while being on the SF Public Utilities Commission - as the Assistant General Manager for External Affairs - (conflict of interest ).

Hoodwinking us all - and she still continues - adversely innocent employees - who report to me about her many evil ploys, machinations, shenanigans -  impacting so many - this woman is a witch - to say the least.

Racism has been studied by many and for the last 45 years I have addressed Racism - more, having worked for Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco  (DoD)- as their last Congressional Liaison, the Department of Interior and before I retired the U.S. Park Police.

Racism in the United States is deeply embedded and stems more from social conventions and not biology.

We see that clearly from " slavery "  that Whites from those times and today - still adhere to - in one form or the other.

We see that how the Native Americans were treated until in the 19th Century their displacement - putting them in Reservations - moving them west of the Mississippi was complete. 

The Ohlone the First People of San Francico.

Here is San Francisco - all the land was stolen - each and every square inch. 

There is not one document - where a square inch was sold, promised to be sold - some promissory note - nothing at all -  all the land was stolen. 

Now, we have to hear from the fucking thieves - about equality, equity, and reality. These idiots live in fantasy land.
Most of them will fall flat on their face - and fade away.

Some years ago I sat with a Cherokee Elder and heard him for hours - reveal to me what is NOT written in any book - not recorded by any individual who has his or her heart in the right place.

It is shame the atrocities committed against the Native Americans - by those that came here from elsewhere and were not welcomed - the likes of Donald Trump and his mother an illegal immigrant.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone and often have to hear from the Ohlone - who continue to suffer to this day.

The evil and sordid  " palefaces"  - those that talk with a " forked tongue " - order us what to do - and come out with presentation full of lies - belying their arrogance and ignorance. 

One of them is Debbie Raphael - from the SF Department of the Environment - no one can fool - all the people all the time.

Racism is alive in San Francisco - our SF Human Rights Commission is a JOKE - the Commission once tried to dole our Award to institution and advocates who fight for true justice.

The advocates and those institutions who understand more about justice and fair play - their heart in the right place - threw the awards in Room 250 - in full view of the Human Rights Commissioners (HRC).

All of them - the HR Commissioners  - looking in awe.

An act and display by the stellar an astute advocates - that will go down in history and be recorded for all generations to come.

More to see and comprehend - about the SF HRC - and how low it has stooped - to lie, cheat, deceive, bluff, and hoodwink the public at large in broad daylight. Aho.

Saturday, March 17, 2018


The SF Bayview Opera House has been a " safe haven " for many years - more from the early 1960s to the late 1990s. Mrs Ruth Williams stands out - as an advocate fighting for the constituents of San Francisco.

As a valued Director of Play - some 37 that she directed - the many actors women and men that benefited from her deep and committed work. One of them Danny Glover.

Today the SF Bayview Opera House under Barbara Ockel has decided to challenge the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point area. Barbara Ockel has chose to lie, cheat, and hoodwink the public at large - in broad daylight.

For six consecutive years the Bayview Opera House has NOT been audited. This despite a precipitous increase in funding since the year 2013. We have the IRS 990 forms the tax returs averaging $550,000 per year to its present gross earning of $775,000.

As I said the SF Bayview Opera House was considered a " safe haven " - we all remember the riots of the 1960. Few remember children, youth and others were at the SF Bayview Opera House - the National Guard - complete with armored tanks were on Third Street.

While the children, youth, and some adults were sheltered in - pot shots were taken at the SF Bayview Opera House - and few remember this one singular incident. Less our City Administrator, Naomi Kelly, our Controller Ben Rosenfield, our interim Mayor Mark Farrell, for sure our ignorant President of the Board London Breed.

You may not believe the ugly, inept, and totally worthless - District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen - who has no clue about the true history of the SF Bayview Opera House and less about Mrs Ruth Williams and her stellar and astute service - contributing to culture in general, music, dance, plays - and what is to be admired taking youth from the streets - and teaching them discipline - moulding them to be good citizens - many of them have contributed to San Francisco and this Nation.

From 2013 over the next 4 years the SF Bayview Opera House remained shut apparently for some fake historic renovation - that did not happen in its totality - the SF Bayview Opera House received a grant of $5.6 to complete this project.

A Black woman approached Barbara Ockel who is White and a Neo-Nazi - and requested her to rent the SF Bayview Opera House - Barbara Ockel replied : " we do not rent the Opera House to goons and animals ".

The woman brought this information to my attention - others knew about it and were very angry. In fact " angry " is an understatement. I spoke to each individuals and told them - there is another way to - address this situation. Follow the money.

I used Guidestar a sight that records most anything of the many thousands of Non-Profits - and low and behold - I has access to the IRS 990 forms. What I saw revealed to me - more than I thought about this den of thieves. 

We sat a small committee of men and women who could hear us out. We have several meetings - and then send the SF Sunshine Task Force our vetted complaint. The SF Sunshine Task Force heard us - but tried to put some hurdles in our way. 

We reminded patient and after seven and half months - proved our " water tight case " - and the SF Sunshine Task Force - adjudicated in our favor. This victory is just the tip of the iceberg - we are humble to further take this first victory - to the highest level.

On March 15, 2018 the State of California 

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Diane Feinstein must step down -
and fade away - she has served too many full terms -
each of 4 years - and disgraced humanity.

When times were good - and one could travel thousands of miles - through twenty and thirty countries - stay and learn at each location - and move on.

The memories remain for life - meeting people, sharing their unique culture, having one of a kind dialog and spreading universal love.

Listening more with humility - and leaving good memories - some lasting over 35 years.

The gun violence has plagued other nations too - but England, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Francisco, Singapore, Norway, Sweden, other nations - have put in measure - not to sell military style weapons and ammunition and succeeded.

We in the United States are pandering to some the National Rifle Association, other egoistical maniacs - who deem it necessary using their fake First Amendment Rights - and other rights - to act selfish - never mind if our children, youth, and young adults are killed - when such incidents can be prevented.

In does not help that at the White House who makes his mind - in the wee hours of the morning - and announces his decisions - on Twitter.  Our Nation is teetering and falling apart - we have NO leaders worth the salt - tolerating this nonsense.

Paradoxically - a prono star is about to teach the Nation - not to hit below the belt - even if you think you are a President of the United States. 

Imagine paying a porno star over $130,000 to have sex and cover up this fact . Yet this President Donald Trump cannot reveal his taxes - and even though he has been in bed with the Russians - DT is tying to pull wool over our eyes in broad daylight.

Recently we had a change of our Secretary of State and the foolish change was first declared on " Twitter " - by a person that I have named from day one as an - " egoistical maniac ".

The world is amazed in this digital world - the many foolish things coming out from the White House in the United States.

Large nations - Indonesia, Russia, China, Brazil, Ghana, South African, Mozambique, Mexico, Canada, Iraq, Syria, Kurdistan, Peru, Turkey, Costa Rica, Cuba, Germany, San Salvador,  France, Italy, Norway, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Greece, Austria, Morocco, Egypt, Israel, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Belize, Yemen, Argentina - you get my drift.

My travels have clearly shown me the scars of colonialism - the deep hurt that Communism has left for decades, Socialism of a kind that begs the question.

Then you have Capitalism which has prey on Nations - and made Greed a god that is worshiped - to hell with sharing and more the plight of the homeless and those that need help - as years go by less empathy and even less compassion. 

We see it all around us and more we see the suffering and it does not affect us - 15 years ago - we did not see much of what we see today - and as we turn our heads - more and more we become hardened.

Already I have witnessed - those that have some wealth - look down with disdain on the poor the indigent. We now have over 12,000 homeless on the streets of San Francisco, many living under bridges, in our unique neighborhoods - compromising Quality of Life issues.

The Bay Area is fertile ground to gather people from all walks of life - to discuss general topics - music, food, history, geography, sociology, etymology, philosophy, theology, computers, film and documentaries,  science and its forward thinking projects, climate change, sea-level rise - poverty with its many facets - and solutions that must be found to address the situation at hand.

Here in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - we are caught in a bind. More, the Bayview Hunters Point area.

Too many vultures - many sellouts most of them outsiders - trying to hoodwink us - in broad daylight - in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

The few advocates we have - have united to follow the money - and dig deeper -  into the evil ways - of those that want to destroy of those that have left a sound legacy - trying to replace it with corruption of the highest order. 

Most of these crooks Blacks - meeting and trying to fool the community at large - most of these crooks  are out of their mind. 

These crooks want to represent District 10 - when they themselves need help - always begging for money and pandering to the Whites who laugh behind their backs.

Our youth are confused - more when some of these idiots - have been representing the youth - at the SF Unified School District.

One person headed the SF Unified School District and failed miserably - now he wants to represent District 10. What is happening to the people - those that are registered to vote around 25,000 in the District - most of them in areas like Potrero Hill.

This land is Native American land -  those people of color have forgotten the many relationships that bound the Native Americans with people of color - be it Black, the Latinos, Asians, some Whites, others.

There is an unwritten law - understood by the Native Americans - to respect the host nation.

The host tribe - here in San Francisco the Muwekma Ohlone.

More and more as we try to digest the evil ways of Whites - suffering political constipation - we fail to revere the thousands of years of legacy, wisdom, left by indigenous people who cared for Mother Earth.

Indigenous people who preserved and protected so much that was pristine - and recorded in documentaries - for all of us who have our heart in the right place to review, discern, and shed light where there is abject - darkness.

Our youth today are taking their well deserved fight - against gun violence -  to the streets all over the Nation.

Forcing those that purport to know better - that they have messed things up - the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Our Educational System - Public Schools, Parochial schools, Charter Schools, Home Schooling, On-line schooling - corrupt educational gurus each with a product.

Products that prey on infants, children, youth, young adults, others - creating curricula that baffles the mind of those that know about more about sound education.

We are witnessing all the ploys, machinations, shenanigans  -  before our very eyes - teachers who are not equipped to educate - schools lacking the bare minimum to produce a product - follow a vetted model - a curricula - that can stand tall and represent.

For sure in San Francisco the SF Unified School District has failed us all. More Black students who have a miserable track record. One of the worst Middle School Willie L. Brown Middle School - again and again principals - leave the school - the discipline in the school - despicable.

Special Education is the SF Unified School District means - promoting students - without giving them sound education - creating a population of youth and young adults - who are dysfunctional - who cannot fill out a simple - application.

Our students all over the Nation - will now be forced to understand how Government truly works.

The smart and astute students - for sure they will learn about the candidates and so called sordid representatives -  I guarantee you - thousands more will vote - and get rid of the chaff.

Closer to home we have corrupt and Smithsonian representative the likes of Senator Diane Feinstein who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Yet, tongue in cheek -  purports to represent the people  - lying, cheating, favoring her significant other Richard Blum. 

Richard Blum got a sole source contract - on hundreds of Post Offices - declared access property -  including one that he and Donald Trump worked on - closer to the White House in Washington DC -  which DT bid and bought and built an hotel.

We forget how the people of Berkeley - had to protest - to STOP Richard Blum from tearing down a Landmark Post Office.

We forget to remember how these vermin - prey on us and our assets. At the very top - the Democrats and Republicans wine and dine - wheel and deal - and are in bed.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi -  should step down and fade away.

 Nancy Pelosi has a vineyard in Napa - acres of land - talks the talk but has failed to walk the walk - she knows when to come to the podium - and spew diatribe. Get her two minutes of ill fame.

Belive me youth - the smarter ones - can put together a plan - to stop the sale of military style weapons, improve upon a data platform that quickly can filter those who have  mental problems.

 Felons who can be zeroed in and information put in National data bases, anyone that has a criminal record - that prevents them from buying gun - more military weapons - that should not be in the hands of civilians.

Any Representative that does not have the common sense to adhere to common sense - following the guidelines that the youth can easily post on a Centralized Website - should be shunned - they should get NO votes - and what really works - give them - No Respect.

So far we have given these vermin - a pass - no more.

I have been fighting some very corrupt and crooked politicians here in San Francisco - one of them a very corrupt Mayor - Edwin Mah Lee - who passed away in circumstances dubious in nature - not long ago.

We have some more that I have been focusing on for sure Senator Diane Feinstein, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - both have served too many full terms of 4 years each - time to fade away.  Enough is enough. 

The Independents have given the above a pass - time to unite and put up a front that matters.

Then, you have Supervisors London Breed and Malia Cohen - corrupt to the core - and self-centered they will both fall flat of their face. They have turned their back on those that they should have served - and now think they will get some votes. Keep on dreaming.

Scott Wiener he is now in Sacramento - but cannot leave us alone - coming up with all sorts of concepts - late hours for partying past 2 am , high density housing, other stupid ideas - that adversely impacted those that pay their taxes.

Our youth must be educated on issues - and I know for a fact - the youth and young adults - will not tolerate liars - the likes of London Breed, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener. These scumbags must fade away - now.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


An egotistical maniac -
DT is a disgrace to the human race.

We have a President - who has NO clue - about what is truly happening all over the Nation - linked to " gun violence ".

Be it by some " mentally challenged " - thousands have died at learning institutions and elsewhere - for no reason but they were present - and a mentally deranged person - took it upon oneself to kill those present - when armed with military style - arms and ammunition.

The present White House - thinks by arming teachers - some solution can be found - in our schools. Here is California teachers do not agree - in some parts of  our Nation some teacher are armed - they are trained to use the concealed weapons they carry on them - teaching and hoping to save the day when some one will accost them with weapons - and be met with force and win. Time will tell.

The National Rifle Association - is looking at this issue of gun violence - though a tainted looking glass.

Our right to bear arms - makes no sense in today's world - accept when it comes to deal with dictators and those that want to violate our constitutional and human rights - in the safety of our homes - some safe haven that no one should be armed - kept at bay.

The United States Army slowly is being eroded - the chain of command - many of us revered - is now up for grabs. 

The Chief of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been promoted by " tweeting ".

Such actions bordering on nonsense would not be carried on before - be it - we have an egotistical maniac - who does as he pleases - and many call him their President. Go figure.

The Assistant Director of the CIA - a woman well known her for her sordid actions  - for encouraging " water boarding" - is now head of the CIA.  

The former head of the CIA has been promoted - a former General - promoted as the Secretary of State.

The Secretary of State - disgraced by an egoistical maniac - for no reason - but having the guts to call the President - some one who cannot think straight - which is a fact - sent packing home.

The President is using high ranking officials -  much like a chess board - he loves to checkmate those that he does not like - more, those that have the guts to call the President - out.

The intellectuals all over our Nation - are baffled mostly because they are NOT educated on issues.  The ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - now running amuck in our Nation - is confusing, more confounded.

In any organization where there are many levels of vetting - no one can ascend and become the head without due process - unless she or he proves his worth.

We have a President - who did not declare his taxes - to the public - but wants us to pay our taxes on ti me.

While he the President - rakes in millions wheeling and dealing - added his family members - one worse than the other.

We have a President whose mother sneaked into this Nation as an illegal person - something he knows but has not once mentioned. Yet he has disdain for immigrants - many fleeing their homeland - because their lives are in danger.

This Nation belongs to the Native Americans - and the President anyway you look at it - does not have relatives and less sound relations with Turtle Island - going back 150 years - less 100 years. 

We have a President who screws women - and thinks nothing of it.

 The President has taken on many women - who he has used as dirty rags.

The President thinks that it is his prerogative - to act a fool - well, all this and more will come to haunt him - sooner not later.

We have a President who is working on many levels with the Russians.

Putin a thug and murderer is adored by the President - if this is NOT one good reason to get rid of him - I do not what else is.

Putin recently sent his agents to poison an operative in London - such actions will increase - as Putin makes vain attempt to surround us with fear - only those with tenacity and fortitude - armed with sound spirituality - can take this evil person and those who are committed to his evil - will.

The Constitution of the United States is well written - with many checks and balances and could easily be used to remove the President from the White House and the Presidential office.

Rather than wasting - millions of tax payers money - to coral the thugs, crooks, evil jackasses who worked and work for President we call Donald Trump (DT) - more, who is laughed the world over - as a clown - be it - he is obese and acts like a - " fat pig " - the shortest cut must be taken to remove him from office - legally.

Recently - as if we did not know - a porno star - revealed how low DT can stoop - using his personal lawyer to pay the porno star some $130,000 - to keep silent.

The porno star - says she can return the money - if she is permitted  to reveal more including texts and photographs of the President and she  together - more in compromising positions -  all the while the President's wife Melania -knew nothing much - but now knows more about the sordid action of DT.

Our children, youth and young adults here in the United States and all over the world.

More here in the Bay Area - are confused about DT - the old dog that cannot be trained (DT).

Our youth and young adults must now defy the adults - who think they ( the adults ) can do as they please.

More, when they have failed us all - to implement - the more pertinent and salient aspects of our democracy - true democracy.

For sure our Senior Senator, Diane Feinstein has assured us more than once - recently she was found  giggling at the White House sitting next to DT - the deliberations - gun violence.

 The aged Senator Diane Feinstein - who wears a pace maker - and has a permit to carry a concealed weapon -  still thinks she can change DT's mind - and make good things happen.

It is for this reason more here stupid mentality - many feel Senator Diane Feinstein must step down - and has NOT received endorsement from her Democratic Party. The next term one of many - in the last two terms she has failed on many levels.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - as corrupt as she is - with ties to the Mafia - he family going back to the late 1940s.

Nancy Pelosi - still thinks she is adored in San Francisco and California.

Time she steps down now - makes her abode in Napa Valley - where she has her vineyard - while pretending to represent San Francisco - which she does not. 

Stay away from San Francisco - the land of the Muwekma Ohlone.

Gun violence is inherent in many person who are more ignorant and arrogant  - more those that feel and think that  they are superior human beings.

The same jackasses that favored " slavery " and putting a segment of the population down and in place.

Those that favor owing machine guns - weapons owned by the military - insists these weapons protect their freedom. 

They have no clue about FREEDOM.

There is freedom and there is LICENSE - abuse of freedom is license. 

Of course those that are NOT educated on issues would not know that - more if they are ignorant and arrogant - are parasites - and  a burden to society - more when they are prone to extreme violence - and seek NO help.

Those - many ordinary but astute citizens - many trained to use weapons - who are mentally competent - that can handle guns and are trained to use weapons to defend themselves.

These astute and stellar individuals -  have full knowledge - know that " para-military " tactics, and weapons are made to kill human beings - in large numbers - as in any war.

These arms and ammunitions - should not be readily available to be owned by civilians - ordinary citizens who should be protected by those that we pay to preserve and protect our FREEDOM.

This are difficult times - and daily the TWEETS by DT reveal clearly to all - that we have an insane person in the White House.

Be it  - that he is WHITE - had that person been a " person of color " all hell would break loose. Different strokes for different folks.

It is time we gather in unison - at the highest level - use our Constitution - to rid of this " egotistical maniac ". Aho.

Monday, March 12, 2018


Decent people are restless and cannot sleep at night - more and more "  people of color " - are prone to becoming homeless - and there is no where to go.

Even if you have Section 8 - you have to go through hoops - all sorts of " credit checks ".

You must submit and reveal so much of your assets - that you feel naked,  weak in the knees - as these vultures want you to probe you so deep - they really want you to go away - while catering to others who are mostly outsiders - who have invaded our community and taken control of most everything thing.

The past Mayors and the current buffoons who pretend to represent the people and make their abode at SF City Hall - have lost their mind. The few advocates are forced to take a stand - more when those who must protect us - fail us - most every time.

I have followed 30 cases all involving evict and home closures - each case - has allowed me to delve into the existing corruption - that has reached saturation point - mostly steaming from the Mayor's Office of Housing and Economic Development (MOHED).

As you all know - the Bayview Hunters Point is the last frontier - we have so many homes for sale - that once belonged to the people - mostly people from the South - our beloved seniors - most of them of color - who worked hard and paid for the homes in toto.

Only for the sons and daughters - to sell the homes - often after taking huge loans - mostly sub-primes loans.

Leaving our communities - block after block - taken over by unsavory characters. These people come with suitcases laden with cash and buy the homes - often for very little.

MOHED and Mayor's Office - the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (OCII) - an offset of the former SF Redevelopment Agency - that has been pussyfooting and has created this mess.

The OCII was led by Tiffany Bohee who jumped ship and went to work of LandLease - one of largest Property Managers in the Nation.

Nadia Sesay who used to work for the SF Controller Office has taken charge of OCII - she is dealing with a can of worms. Time will tell.

Those advocates who fought the former SF Redevelopment Agency will tell you - that sordid agency - adversely impacted  our community - the Bayview Hunters Point area and the Fillmore District - for a wild ride.

Those who most suffered were people of color -  including the Japanese - one segment of the population that suffered and lost the most.

Today the suffering of the people in the Bayview Hunters Point  has reached saturation point. 

Now we have the Bayview Police Station that has failed to maintain law and order - too many shootings and killing, an increase in all types of assault cases, home break-ins, care break-in.

A saturation in drug sales - more Opioid sales, prostitution, and a gamut of other infringements - that have adversely impacted Quality of Life issues.

Barbara Cockel - 
she purports to know about Black culture -
lacks cultural competency and more -
has adversely impacted the citizens of the 
Bayview Hunters Point are and District 10.

The SF Bayview Police Station - that has been inundated with many protests in the past - has chosen a Neo-Nazi who is the Executive Director of the SF Bayview Opera House - having no clue what is happening at ground zero. Her name is Barbara Cockel.

Failing to address the facts that counts -  NO focused  investigation.

Choosing a despicable White person - a slap on the face of the advocates and the citizens at large - a person who has attached the community -  honoring Barbara Cockel " as the " Citizen of the Month ".

This report appearing in the SF Bayview Police Station - on line blog that is not worth the salt.

The reporting - is drab, shallow news - with no in depth incident reports - and shabby news - failing to address Quality of Life issues - the many adverse impacts - failing the Bayview Hunters Point area in particular and District 10 in general.

We the people want to know what criterion was used - and who made this decision - to honor Barbara Cockel as the Citizen of the Month. 

This woman has called Blacks all sorts of names - when one Black woman went to request her to rent the Bayview Opera House - Barbara Ockel said to the woman who lives in our community: " we do not rent the Bayview Opera House to animals and goons ". You make her the citizen of the month - and do great dishonor to the community - no wonder the community does not trust you few - who have no leadership and cannot be trusted.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

I have reported this incident in many articles - that I send to the SF Command Group and for sure the SF Police Chief William Scott and others.

Of course as we all know the SF Bayview Police Station is out of sync with the community.

We all remember Mario Woods, others too many to name - they shoot first and then ask questions.

I have know the last 12 Captains who took charge of the SF Bayview Police Station - Captains Jackson, Puccinelli, Paul Chignell, Rick Bruce, Loftus, Robert Sullivan, Gregory Suhr, Raj Vaswani - just to give the reader some flavor. 

Our streets are no safe at day time - and I know many of the SF Bayview Police Officers - what I notice - the leaders have no clue about their own jurisdiction.

 More when it comes to  changing demographics, what is really going on at the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building at 1800 Oakdale, what is really happening at the SF Bayview Opera House - the rampant corruption that has reached saturation point.

The SF Bayview Police Station is Smithsonian in many ways - in the past I used to make it a point to sit down with the Captains  and talk to them about Quality of Life issues - I stop that when Captain Raj Vaswani came abroad - more because I am very busy myself. 

I had to move from 4909 Third Street to 5021  Third Street and I have not yet settled down. The voluminous documents and cases had to be moved - other office furniture bought - the space is small - and I have done what I could - mostly with the help of my wife of 38 years - who has been by my side. Blessings.

Recently we won our case against the SF Bayviw Opera House and the SF Art Commission that has been funding crooks some crooks at the SF Bayview Opera House who are NOT serving the community.

Money is doled out from the SF Bayview Opera House to conduct nefarious activities - and all this and more has been reported to the State of California Attorney General.

We first had to establish ourselves and prove our point - the case that we won at the SF Sunshine Task Force sets a sound precedence.

We established our case against the racist Barbara Cockel - who was given a grant of $5.6 and can only account for $2.2 million.

A White woman who has called Blacks to their face - goons and animals. Has chosen to keep out Blacks and favor outsides - using the SF Bayview Opera House as a den for Economic Development - wheeling and dealing.

Putting on the back burner the conditions set in the Articles of Incorporation and the By Laws - failing to promote cultural programs - more plays and drama - a model set by the famous Director Ruth Williams who put one 38 plays - the SF Bayview Opera House has been named after her - Ruth Williams Bayview Opera House.

Yes, this despicable woman - who has discriminated and hurt the feeling of the community at large - was honored as Citizen of the Month - linked to the Bayview Hunters Point. Go figure!

The SF Bayview Station - made this announcement  honoring Barbara Cockel " as the Citizen of the Month " - at a critical juncture - when the community is going through utter turmoil. 

Of course the SF Bayviw Police Station has NO clue - know well for pussyfooting around - using para-military tactics - have failed when it comes to " cultural competency " - progressive tactics that work " de-escalation " - " time and distance ".

The SF Bayview Police Station with its new Captain that I have NOT met has chosen to go contrary to decency, the values of our community, proven advocates, sound leadership, and what is most pathetic - lacking transparency and accountability.

The SF Command Group must step in and now learn more about what happens at the SF Bayview Police Station - enough is enough. The SF Police Chief can do only so much - the rest of you - must step up and serve and protect the people.

Stay way from the many crooks that are at the SF Bayview Opera House - wheeling and dealing. 

Why would any one have an Executive Director like Barbara Cockel that continues to discriminate - and purports she can contribute to Black history, culture, music, plays - when she has absolutely nothing to show.

Not even a simple certificate - linked to music, drams, Black history, no training in cultural competency, less implicit bias, has taken NO ethics training - she is a Neo-Nazi and has been honored as the Citizen of the Month - by the SF Bayview Station - paradoxically when she was vacating in Germany!