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Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Director of SF Human Resources -
why are we tolerating her utter nonsense -
she has used diabolical tactics -
to adversely impact Blacks and others of color -
this on going unwanted discriminatory and retaliatory 
actions must come to a STOP - now. 

Blacks have long known that the City and County of San Francisco has treated Blacks with disdain. Blacks have died - more despondent - working hard, to put bread and butter on the table.

Sacrificing their life - working in conditions - unbearable - many suffering years and years of blatant - discrimination. 

This must STOP - those change with encouraging such behavior - must to brought to Justice and sent to jail for the longest period.

Abject discrimination - targeted just because of the color of their skin. Many Blacks ganged upon, abused, called dirty names, and this and more - modern slavery.

This nonsense of de-scaling salaries - two people doing the same job - but if you are Black - you are paid less.

If your are White you are paid more.

If you are Black you are treated with disdain - and if you are White anything goes.

Micki Callahan has long been known to be a Racist - favoring White Supremacy - she and others she protects - mostly corrupt and immoral Managers - must be fired - now. 

SEIU - this stand to wipe out abject discrimination -
retaliation - must not be tolerated in San Francisco -
we must target those SF Departments 
who have been committing crimes in broad daylight -
blessed by past Mayors - including the present one.

Kudos to SEIU 1021 for organizing and bring this abject situation to the fore. The many nurses, janitors, clerks, others - have suffered for too long - enough is enough.

Over $70 million has been spent by the SF City and County - on discrimination and retaliatory cases - money paid out to settle cases.

Money that could have been spent - to improve the working conditions - of people of color. Career Jobs - with line workers having a say - at the table making decisions with the racist Managers - who do not have their heart - in the right place,

Executive Staff must be told to take their direction from Line Staff - so that both parties realize - what is right and what is wrong.

Quarterly reports need to be done and reported to all - posted on the website - so that we the public and the workers for sure - must know why some one is fired - and more for what reason.

Included the name of the Manager and decision makers - no one single person - should be able to fire anyone - with proof - orientation, warnings given - changes made to accommodate the victim - and finally option like transfer to other positions - in short make the victim - whole - before firing the person.

San Francisco is NOT an open Slave Plantation. Suffice to say we have empirical data of the past - and Racism of the worst order practiced - right at City Hall:

The KKK right under the dome 
at SF City Hall -
swearing in the KKK - circa 1938 -
nothing much has changed -
except the discrimination and hate - is subtle -
the stabs deep - and the suffering - immense.

We want to know the reason - why. In future firing and bullying will NOT be tolerate.

We also want to know where the Manager live - not the exact location - but if they live here in San Francisco or out of San Francisco. What is their motive to work in San Francisco - they must put it in writing.

We the tax payers -pay the salaries of the SF City and County workers - more the Manager who make over $150,000 and many make in access of $200,000. Those that make more - are the ones - who behave like dictators - and must be got rid off - as soon as possible.

At the SF General Hospital -  too many nurses and other personnel are suffering.

I personally have heard so  many cases - of utter discrimination and in some case I have intervened - and know for a fact - that all sorts of ploys, machinations, and shenanigans are deployed.

More - to create hell - and force some innocent person - be it Black people - and others of color - out of the workforce - fired.

The Muwekma Ohlone of San Francisco -
the First People -
all indigenous people are welcome here -
we must STOP this blatant discrimination -
the SF City and County of San Francisco -
the Director of Human Resources -
her minion the corrupt Managers -
you disgusting scumbags are put on notice.

The is Ohlone land and I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and I am demanding - that Micki Callahan and those that she protects - so called corrupt Managers - be removed from office - on a War Footing.

We have a Black President of the Board of Supervisors and a Black Mayor - Mayor London Breed. While Mayor Breed may have issued some Executive Determinations - to remedy some prevailing " discriminatory and retaliatory " actions.

Mostly adversely impacting Blacks - our Brother and Sisters in the workforce.

Also people of color - be it Latinos, Chinese, Native Americans, others of color and some not of color - who fall prey to the whims and fancy - of Managers - one worse than the other. 

On September 19, 2018 - in Room 250 at City Hall - the Government Audit and Oversight Committee - heard complaint after complaint.

Hearing the many complaints - to any decent human being - the hearing to say the least - was nauseating. 

Black women and women of color - have been treated with utter disdain - and Micki Callahan who panders to the corrupt Managers - from the City and County of San Francisco - who come out with ploys, machination, and shenanigans.

More - to harass a victim be it a Black person, others of color - mostly - and this nonsense has been going on for decades - and must STOP.

The Federal Labor Department, the Equal Opportunity Commission, and Congress must be sent the report - resulting from this SF Government Audit and Oversight -  hearing.

A Congressional Hearing must be heard - so that the world fully understands - what is happening in San Francisco  - a racist city .

A city which has tolerate and encouraged - the worst type of  discrimination - and the reason why this nonsense goes on - the Senators and Congressperson - have NO clue what is going on.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation too - has a Department - that can be notified - and while this is going on - the UNIONS - must shut down City Hall - block the streets on Van Ness and other important arteries.

Create congestion that wakes the entire City up - and bring things to a utter halt.

Such actions will bring this "situation " to the fore front - and attention of those - that do not tolerate such need confusion - and loss of money - which most of these evil forces - adore and worship.

The Main Media - that does not favor sound investigative reporting - and must be awoken from their slumber. The politicians and more SF Board of Supervisors - more Black are full aware of such discriminatory and retaliatory - actions by racists - Manager who are paid huge salaries by the City and County of San Francisco.

The committee members of the Government Audit and Oversight - Jane Kim the Chair - Sandra Lee Fewer, Valarie Brown members - now have their work cut out for themselves.

This situation - ruing the lives of innocent - mostly hard working Blacks and others - people of color  - must STOP - now.

Director of San Francisco Human Resources - Micki Callahan does not live in San Francisco - the many Manager making over $200,000 do not live in San Francisco- yet, these scum bags dare to treated San Franciscans with disdain - I know that for a fact. 

We tax payers living and working in San Francisco - must not tolerate such nonsense. Innocent people suffering for decades - many of them despondent - some have lost their lives - having fallen prey to blatant - discrimination and torture.


For thousands of years -
the Ohlone traversed the rivers, marshlands,
in canoes made of tule reeds -
the many marshlands destroyed by the strangers -
who wallow in their GREED - lie, steal, and deceive.

Thousands of years ago - the Ohlone lived in peace here in San Francisco and the extended Bay - a paradise with a unique micro-climate. Acknowledged by experts - world wide.

All that this area was - now called San Francisco and the extended Bay Area - has been well noted, studied and written about.

More - by anthropologists, climatologists, in short those keen in noting and studying the finer aspects of civilization - history, geography, sociology, anthropology, - in short humanity - the best that we human can offer and mostly do not.

I spent an inordinate time at the Presidio of San Francisco - where many Shellmounds existed, artifacts, that have been carbon dated and preserved.

I saved some Shellmounds - and proved to the world - that anyone who stands for right can win and prove that one single person - matters.

The Ohlone lived here for 15,000 years.

Unlike the strangers who have not lived here continuously for not more than 300 years.

Look at this concrete jungle 

The Ohlone protected and preserved - the strangers decimated all that was good - and created a concrete jungle.

It is simply amazing how ignorant and arrogant our San Francisco Board of Supervisors are - more the Black Supervisors - two in particular that lack manners and etiquette.

Today we have a Mayor - who will open her mouth and spew hot air. 

She failed to represent San Francisco - could not offer anything viable and sustainable - her prepared notes - that she read - betrayed her ignorance.

Recently the Global Climate Action Summit 2018 was held in San Francisco.

A golden opportunity to show case the micro-climate and other salient and pertinent facts - that San Francisco and the Bay Area - could have show cased - and missed that opportunity.

An Ohlone Village 

For years our middle and high school  - let along our primary schools - lacked any curricula that taught about the Ohlone and in particular the Muwekma Ohlone in San Francisco and the neighboring Bay Area.

The East Bay Museum has some unique exhibits - including depicting the land mass and how the Ohlone and other tribes lived here in the Bay Area.

As I mentioned we enjoy a unique micro-climate here in San Francisco - within San Francisco itself.

It could be foggy in the Avenue and warm in the Bayview Hunter Point.

It could be foggy at the Presidio of San Francisco and warm in the Mission - where lies Mission Dolores and the remains of the Ohlone buried in the cemetery.

This ancient bird made its abode here in
San Francisco and the neighboring areas -
its skeleton - remains were found and this
depiction created.

Unique native plants grew in this area we call the Bay Area - and dinosaurs and other birds one of kind made their abode right here in San Francisco and the Bay Area. 

The unique fauna and flora - has been studied by those that are experts -  information found in some of our leading universities.

Muweka Ohlone Warrior

The Ohlone were down to Earth - and from the early reports and history - welcomed the strangers. 

Their regalia consisted of feathers, shells, tule reeds, they used bows and arrows, spears - and lived a simple life - until the strangers fucked it all up for them.

Abolone was found everywhere - the Bay as it was before - now shrunk to one third of its size - Ablone abounded everywhere - as I said. 

So did herring in season, berries, deer, hare, birds, in short - food was in abundance.

Those that arrived at some of the statistics tell us - the population around here of the Ohlone - was in access of 40,000 others dare say 10,000.

We know - is that they lived in small clans - not more than 40 or so - in small villages - until those that they welcomed - hunted the Ohlone down - and forced them to flee.

Others were captured and forced into forced labor - typical of those that purport to be human - but are otherwise. 

We know the United States is known for Slavery - modern slavery found still existing abundantly - in our jails.

The most incarcerated in the world - are found here in the United States of America.

Up until 1927 one could kill a  Native American and fetch $5 - for the scalp - NO questions asked.

All over California - Native Americans - were haunted - some opposed and fought - they were NO match - against guns, dynamite, and superior weapons that the strangers - possessed. 

History has registered the many atrocities - the Ohlone gathered in circles - and shot to death. 

Others marched - their thumbs tied - and shot to death.

What is most important to note women and children killed - such atrocities - still cry to a higher power for justice.

Only coward behave in lime manner - and we have them to this day - acting cowardly and committing of sorts of atrocities - stealing land - and adversely impacting those that are in their way.

We know the strangers lived in caves - in the midst of animals - came here some 350 years ago - and destroyed all that was pristine.

They brought their ways, sordid diseases STDs and small pox and what not.

Their religion - that demean all - so many of their spiritual leaders - prey on children - and the joke is they do not know how to enjoy and have peace of mind. 

They are restless - seeking - to get satisfaction from mundane stuff. The keep chasing their tails - much like a dog does to get some gratification and fun play.

They polluted and contaminated the world - and now want to restore it - to its past glory - the joke is on them - and right now they just chasing their fucking tails. Sordid and pathetic!

My recent trip to Alaska -
gave me insight - how quickly -
humans can change all that was once pristine.

The air  here is so clean - 
in a couple of hours - you feel different -
some healing within your being -
the love for Mother Earth - increases and all within.

There are still some pristine places that one can travel to - to be at peace with Mother Earth.

Listen to the wind, feel the cool, clean breeze and breathe fresh air.

One can imagine what it was to live in the Bay Area - but today that is just a fantasy. What was good and pristine - has been destroyed. We live in a concrete jungle - pathetic!

When they have events such as the Global Climate Action Summit 2018 - sponsored by billionaires the likes of Bloomberg.

Bloomberg dared to bring his entire entourage - he and his minions took center stage - Governor Jerry Brown for all his talk - playing second fiddle.

Then they introduce Mayor London Breed - the "loud mouth " - reading a fucking prepared speech.

Ignorant that she is London Breed had nothing viable and sustainable to say - excepts spew hot air - about plastics, the carbon footprint, and sending less to the landfill - all drab statements - and none of them backed by proven - " empirical data " to back her sordid and tainted statements.

San Francisco has changed for the worse -
it is so dense and polluted - 
its carbon footprint increased by 400% -
yet idiots say things - that baffle the mind.

Today in San Francisco we have thousands of acres of poor landfill - all spewing Methane Gas into the air. 

Reliable sources say more than 300,000 tons of Methane Gas -  one ton of Methane gas - equals 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide - the City and County of San Francisco - must get its facts together and verify. Go figure !

The Muwekma Ohlone

The First People of San Francisco are the Muwekma Ohlone.

According to Native American norms or protocol - all indigenous people - always respect and honor the host tribe of the location or place.

More - when people gather - where important events take place - and prayer and singing are part of the ceremony or invocation.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone and have done all in my power to introduce the Muwekma Ohlone to the San Francisco Planning Department.

The present SF Planning Department Director John Rahaim - was introduce to Chairperson of the Muwekma Ohlone - Rosemary Cambra and so to the Administrator of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe - Norma Sanchez.

We, the Muwekma Ohlone - have a number of commendations from the Mayors of San Francisco, the SF Human Rights Commission, some SF Board of Supervisor - recently David Campos and Eric L. Mar - Senators from Sacramento and other important officials.

Ohlone Huts - stood the times -
and from the same tule reeds -
canoes were sturdy enough to traverse the -
the rivers, lakes, and even the Ocean.

When I was young - I met Dr Richard Lackey - the world's well renowned anthropologist but more importantly a humanist.

His wife Mary Lackey - and for those that read - they should know some - about Lucy - that skull that made headlines - found in the Rift Valley - in East Africa.

San Francisco is the abode of some unique souls - people that lived here in peace - and we murdered, killed - just because some " evil " - wanted their land - and so they just got rid of them.

The many Shellmounds that dotted the land - were like acupuncture points - that brought about some healing - one of a kind. 

The shamans speak of that - so do those that have peace in their hearts.

Greedy, those practicing avarice have NO clue about what I speak off - so I am not going to waste my time.

This City and County of San Francisco - with those in charge - are evil - they worship MANNON - you see them talking in circle - they look into your eyes - and LIE.

An Ohlone canoe made of tule reeds.

We are fortunate to have a Russian painter Victor Arnautoff - whose murals adorn the Presidio Chapel - that give us an insight about - the relations between the Army and the Ohlone at the Presidio of San Francisco.  Those times and all there in.

Other images that give us some insight - it is with this insight - more with spirituality - we must stand tall and represent.

The thieves that stole San Francisco - do not have one single document - stating that  the land was sold to them.

In fact - no one invited them here. They just took what they wanted - as do thieves, robbers, those that have no morals, less ethics, and for sure - even less - have NO - standards.

We live with them - most of us the indigenous and then you have the others.

These strangers - came begging - then used their superior weapons, greed to steal, rob - bit the hand that fed them.

Continued to rape, kill women and children, murder and yet they have a mouth to speak - and proclaim that all is theirs - when none is theirs - what they do not realize - they live on borrowed time. Aho.

Here are some paintings and depictions - that may not exist as time goes by - for sure those that want us to forget facts - do away with pictures, facts, empirical data - clear the way and then write the own sordid history :

Mural by Russian painter -
Victor Arnautoff  - Presidio of San Francisco -

The Cumush from Southern California