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Wednesday, August 16, 2017


The crooked and corrupt -
Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who loves to win brownie points -
throwing arrows in the air.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who lacks leadership - has taken the podium to denounce a group known as " Patriot Prayer " - who are planing a rally at Crissy Field - to exercise their First Amendment Rights.

Crissy Field which is on  Federal Jurisdiction - operated by the National Park Service - who come under the Department of the Interior. Mayor Edwin M. Lee has NO jurisdiction over Federal Property and should mind his own business.

" We do not invite hate speech, or hate, to come to our city and to instigate potential violence  " said Mayor Edwin M. Lee trying to win some browny points.

More - as his administration - has failed to serve the best interests of San Franciscans - decent, hard working tax payers - who have been shafted by Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys.

It does not help when Paul Henderson, Shaman Walton, Sheryl Davis and other lackeys of the Mayor - hold some meeting - pretending to address the " current violence and the adverse impacts we are witnessing - after impacts - that took place in Charlottesville ". All of them do not represent us all - and should not be talking for all San Franciscans.

London Breed - scum of the earth -
who does she think she is - 
blurting nonsense and adding fuel to fire.

While jackasses like Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys love to be in the limelight - they have no idea what so ever about process.

The most idiotic of them all - London Breed - who was bold to say that she was " outraged is an understatement" - this sordid woman who is trying to run for Mayor further interjected: " the event for which the " Patriot Prayer " group has a permit - promotes " hate, racism, and violence ".

London Breed immature as she is went on to say " We will stand strong against the National Park Service and the Trump administration " - who gives a damn what London Breed says.

At the SF Board of Supervisors - every Tuesday when the SF Board meeting takes place - you must witness how London Breed behaves.

Blurting nonsense - banging that gavel - sending waves of thrills to tickle her clap - and spew a different type of hate - to those that speak to the Truth - during Public Comment.

We once had three minutes to speak - she and her lackeys have reduced that to 2 minutes. Now she thinks she can speak for us - when she - herself - is pathetic and needs a lot of learning - lacks etiquette and acts like a House Negro.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who last inauguration was a mess - people shouting at him - and even tossing coffee and soft drinks - embarrassing -  the aged Senator Diane Feinstein and California - Governor Jerry Brown - who wished he never attended Mayor Edwin M. Lee second inauguration - put there by the Pacific Height Mafia - to  carry out nefarious activities.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a coward - but loves making general statements and went to say about the proposed Crissy Field event which will be held on August 26, 2017 : Mayor Edwin M. Lee does not believe the permits were issued before the Charlottesville event - says allowing these groups to hold an event following : "what we saw in Charlottesville, Berkeley, Portland and Seattle" - needs to be reevaluated.

Well that is just a general statement that means nothing at all. More, you Mayor Edwin M. Lee have NO jurisdiction over any Federal property - be it that the many " memoranda of understanding " between the City and County of San Francisco and the Presidio Trust and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) - are in place - but the Mayor has NO clue nor read them. The man is pathetic when is comes to process.

The National Park Service - the Rangers who report directly to the Superintendent of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) issue the permits - and cannot discriminate.

 They have not in the past and they can be sued for discrimination. 

That is everyone First Amendment Right - which Mayor Edwin M. Lee and some stupid Supervisor like London Breed have no clue about - less comprehension.

The United States Park Police have their own chain of command and a memoranda of understanding with the San Francisco Police Department - going many years.

When such event are in the offing - plans have to be submitted and evaluated - the  United States Park Police - will contact other agencies - to discuss the logistics and take appropriate action.

When those that do not want to obey laws, try to harm others - do anything against the law - the best approach is NOT to give any type of publicity to the these groups.

Of course idiotic politicians want to show us - how brave they are - much like when we took over City Hall and the SF Board of Supervisors - Mayor Edwin M. Lee fled City Hall and does not have the guts - to come out and answer simple questions.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a coward.

The same with London Breed who is now trying to run for Mayor - she is a corrupt as they come - offering bread crumbs in the her District - District 5 - trying to win favors.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi -
just woke up from her slumber.

Then out of the woods comes another voice that of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - who has done nothing at all - and should step down. 

Poor Nancy is alarmed that the National Park Service has issued a permit to the  - " Patriot Prayer " right wing group - and feels that the entire San Francisco is in danger and innocent people put in harms way.

Congressperson - Nancy Pelosi has No faith in our Law Enforcement.

Nancy Pelosi - does not understand our Law Enforcement - who in the past and more in the future - are well equipped with institutional experience and well prepared for the anarchists and others. Leave Law Enforcement to do what they do best - do not trust the politicians - more Edwin M. Lee and Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi probably made this statement  from her cozy well furnished - Napa County  mansion and vineyard - and oh yeh she fully understands - the trials and tribulation of those thousands that are homeless.

The many infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors, those with compromised health - such hags must step down and represent the people.

Nancy Pelosi - has failed with Obama Care, she failed with a host of important issues - all linked with Quality of Life Issues.

London Breed is already talking as if she is the Mayor " You are not welcome in San Francisco .... We will do everything we can to stop this from happening " - that is just hot air - talk that means nothing at all.

Folks like London Breed, Paul Herderson, Shaman Walton, Cheryl Davis are House Negros that will do anything to get some little fame - throwing arrows in the air.

When it comes to process - being educated on issues - the above characters - know little if nothing.

Federal jurisdictions and power far supersedes what the City and County of San Francisco can offer. 

The United States Park Police - a federal agency -  has the basic staff and understanding - and has Standard Operation Procedures in place - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - reacts all the time in a knee-jerk manner - and the man has no balls - less the ability to think straight and more right.

Paul Henderson - 
he now has been promoted to create more problems -
enough is enough.

One has just to study Paul Henderson, Cheryl Davis, Shaman Walton, and London Breed - all House Negros who are bringing attention to themselves - on a subject they have no clue about.

Based in Portland, Oregon the Patriot Payer is a group - that is well monitored - and the Federal Authorities - are well equipped to handle this " racist " group - be it at Crissy Field or elsewhere. 

By the way Mayor Edwin M. Lee hails from Oregon - but pretends that he loves San Francisco - we -  who know better do not trust this corrupt Mayor - wheeling and deal and thinking - he can hoodwink us all.

He has 18 months - and will be termed out - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

San Francisco Police Chief - William Scott -
who is better served to speak on such issues -
he believes his organization is well prepared.
That is all that matter - keep the sordid politics at bay.

I heard the SF Police Chief William Scott make some preliminary remarks - basely saying that the SF Police Department stands ready to work with the United States Park Police and the National  Park Service - Rangers. Other agencies that are informed and on stand by - such events and even bigger events and rallies have not phased our agencies - and will NOT - more that we are prepared.

The United States Park Police has a horse mounted police force too - and  has close relations with many Federal Law Enforcement agencies - who have had many training session at the Presidio of San Francisco - where I worked and am well informed about process - more serving as with Sixth U. S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco.

We helped the SF City and County of San Francisco - when the City of San Francisco was not prepared - during the 1989 Earthquake - never saw a rat like Edwin M. Lee anywhere.

I know the limits when it comes to  " capacity building " and more the " leadership " this City has - the City of San Francisco - more hot air - hog wash - tons of talk and less walk.

The United States Park Police are well trained - and have done well - at the White House and more recently when some Congressmen were shot - putting themselves in harm way - and proving - their bravery and velour.

The Patriot Prayer group will meet at Crissy Field - August 26, 2017 - speakers include Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer, Will Johnson of Unite America First, Harim Uziel of Los Angeles For Trump, Amber Gwen Cummings - a transsexual patriot - activist Gabriel Silva and many more.

As I said - right now - we have sufficient information - to deal with the situation - much as we have had in the past - when many gathered at City Hall - and we have done - what we can - to stop violence and stand for peace and harmony.

Cheryl Davis is a novice - as she sat on her chair - at the Joint Human Right Commission meeting - not long ago - and those honored - threw their framed commendations - on the floor.

Those honored told  the Human Rights Commission - the are full of it - this is the United State of America.

The people will not stand for those that act like dictators - telling us what to do - and trying to represent us wrongly - that will not happen here in San Francisco - never - ever - you sell outs of a kind - mostly Black House Negros.

The Human Rights Commission - not once spoke out - against the many killings and shooting on the streets of San Francisco - the Human Rights Commission more with Cheryl Davis is a farce - a mockery and a disgrace to the human race. Cheryl Davis personifies - a House Negro - not be to trust - ever.

 Much like Amos Brown  - who is inviting Bill Clinton whose policies incarcerated so many Blacks - linger in our jails all over the Nation. 

Trying to raise thousands of dollars - for himself - one foot in the grave - this House Negro Amos Brown.

Bringing in Bill Clinton as a Key Note Speaker - once again a House Negro and a Poverty Pimp Pastor - Amos Brown - proving to the world - that he has no ethics, less moral, and absolutely NO standards. Enough is enough - such people are a disgrace - and should never be trusted.

Our Constitution gives us freedom - there is freedom and there is license - abuse of freedom is license - our First Amendment Rights - are strong and in place. 

We will not listen to " drab SF political whores and pimps " - more who do not represent us - have no morals - less standards - and absolutely no ethics - talking from both sides of their mouth.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior -
I represent the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe -
we are for all First Amendment Rights -
many of them denied us - each and every day.

I represent the the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohone - and I know what I speak of - I do not trust Mayor Edwin M. Lee, less London Breed, and those that I pointed out to you above - more, you House Negros - get out of the way. 

By your nonsense and vague statements - you are fanning the flames of hatred - throwing arrows in the air.

I will be attending the August 26, 2017 meeting at Crissy Field  - to see things for myself and document the event - armed with my camera and sound equipment - as I usual do.

This is Ohlone Land - on Crissy Field stand a Shellmound - wherein lies the Sacred Remain of the Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco. We have a right to this site and to all of San Francisco - on our own terms. Aho.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


San Francisco City Hall -
the wheeling and dealing has reached -
saturation point.

The San Francisco Bayview has produced stellar leaders - innovative - and some that went beyond their calling - one comes to mind - Mrs. Ruth Williams - after whom the Bayview Opera House is named.

When the Bayview Opera House in the late 1970s - began to feel the wear and tear - the many deferred maintenance work orders - not taken care off - by the City and County of San Francisco - this landmark - was on the verge - of being declared unusable and red tagged.

Mrs Ruth Williams raised the money - with the support of the community - and saved the Bayview Opera House.

Actors the caliber of Danny Glover and more - trained themselves at the SF Bayview Opera House - only for some good for nothing folks - attached to the SF Arts Commission - high hacking the operations of the SF Bayview Opera House.

That gate should be removed - it is a symbol of - divisiveness.
Much like the wall Donald Trump wants to build on the Mexican border. 

Those folks who the SF Arts Commission approve to come into our community - after so much damage - are put on notice.

The Department of Interior set the mandates linked to the Landmark Buildings - the  ugly Rock Garden and the Iron Gate - do not meet those requirements - those mandates - and must be removed and disposed - immediately.

Again and again when the constituents - want to rent the SF Bayview Opera House - high rents are quoted - and all sorts of rules and regulations mandated - some of which are concocted - on the spot - just to keep the mostly Black constituents - out.

The Board that is on the SF Bayview Opera House are all sell outs.

 Leading the charge - a young Black man - a sell out - Theo Ellington. 

We have seen skunks like him before - pandering to the " Masta " - a House Negro that now wants to run for the position of Supervisor - of District 10.

The demographics of the SF Bayview has changed with the Latinos being in the majority - closely followed by the Chinese who take their social obligations very lightly -  even voting slates - ready made  - for them to vote - coming all the way North from Chinatown.

The tension in the community has now reached saturation point - with crime on the increase.

 Those that have nothing left - accept themselves and their poverty - are preying on those that have so much -  those that are indigent and poor - wonder where all the money is coming from.

If a home or building is put on sale - in come these vultures - complete with suitcases - full of hard cash money.

Property after property - are gobbled up  - not so much to rent or develop - but sell it to other - vultures -  we the community are left - dumb founded, perplexed, astounded, and shocked.

The Southeast Sector that includes the SF Bayview is the last frontier. 

Mayor Edwin M. Lee
a very corrupt person of sorts.

We the community have to go through this - have been neglected by SF City Hall, the SF Board of Supervisors, and the past Mayors - including the present one - that is the worst of them all - Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

The 30, 000 units promised by Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a wheeler and dealer - and very corrupt - the most " corrupt " - Mayor to set his foot in City Hall - and more make his abode in Room 200.

The 30, 000 units - all planned to be built on land prone to severe liquefaction and flooding. 

Never mind the area right now - has registered very high levels of respiratory diseases. Asthma is so high among the infants, children, and youth - all well know by the SF Health Department and its Director Barbara Garcia - but who gives a hoot.

Heart disease and more strokes are on the increase - and it is such attacks and diseases that land home owners in the hospital - and just like that - they lose their homes and more their savings.

Add to that large tract of land over 1500 acres - is declared a Superfund Site - depleted uranium was first test on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - as part of the World War II - operations.

The non-profits are suffering - more those that do not get anything from the SF City and County of San Francisco. Those non-profits getting money from the SF City - carry on - their known tactics pushing Mayor Edwin M. Lee's hidden agenda.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -  is dipping into our community's benefits - money set aside from the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP)  doling money to the Mayor - stipends to sponsor 2000 Summer Jobs - and dipping more for more funds - for other sordid uses - while the SF Bayview and its advocates - are left to wither on the vines.

This nonsense will come to an end - when the community - with unity  takes on the rascals -  those sell outs who are having a field day Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Doris Vincent, Veronica Hunnicutt,  Dr. Cesar Churchill, Eloise Patton.

Poverty Pimp Pastors the likes of Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, Amos Brown - political whores and pimps - Malia Cohen, Shaman Walton, Theo Ellington,  Sophie Maxwell - organizations like Young Community Developers, Baycat, Girls 2000 - the SF Bayview Opera House thugs -  other nefarious organizations - one worse than the other.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - has now a new mantra - the Task Force that once set down and demanded 5% of the $6 Billion - set aside to address the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP )  that really amount to $300 million - $50 million on a billion - times 6 - which comes to $300 million.

The above equation has been arbitrarily changed - as there is nothing is writing - meaning NO legal language to demand what supposedly the Task Force - fought for.

The new understanding or sorts -  arrived by the SF Public Utilities Commission is 5% on $2.9 Billion - which permits the community to - have access to less than $30 million. So much for the ploys, machinations, and shenanigans.

The time for Revolution is now - the few of us that understand the issues -  have the empirical data -  more understanding to put the "legal language " - that will hold good -  in our Courts - where these debacles - must be adjudicated.

These mostly Black sell outs are pathetic - they have destroyed the community - for all the talk about 30, 000 units on land prone to contamination - for now - there is NO walk - it  is for nought.

The Chinese are demanding their money back the EB-5 permitted them to invest $500, 000 a pop and get a EB-5. 

Well the White House has decided it wants to review these ploys - and those entering our Nation must speak English.

Sunday, August 13, 2017


The City and County of San Francisco - has with " intent " - slowly but surely - polluted, contaminated, and with intent poisoned thousands of innocent tax payers citizens - living in the Bayview Hunters Point - in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

You all have BLOOD on your hands.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - in San Francisco - and this is a clarion call - do not say we did not warn you all.

You stole this land - each and every square inch. The time for restitution the time for making right is - NOW.

More,  the filthy rich and those politicians that are vying to climb up the ladder - when they have failed to represent the constituents that most need help. Two of them House Negros that will go nowhere - now busy doling money - to seek favors - London Breed and Malia Cohen.

Malia Cohen with Willie L. Brown Jr, -
surely this says it all - wheeling and dealing

The People united - will never, ever be defeated.

At this time over $7 Billion in projects - more the Sewer System Improvement Project - are in the pipeline.

 The timelines and goals were set - when it comes to the Digesters - some $2.9  will be expanded - there has been no movement . Tons of talk but no walk.

The matter comes before the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - promises made - but nothing is in the offing.

Tons of time to choreograph - bring in Interns - who are not educated and read out statements - not based on facts - and more lacking empirical data. 

Interns NOT educated on issues -
have NO right to speak on issues -
that will adversely impact the community -
their charge is to get a sound education - and graduate.

The primary purpose of these interns is to graduate - not point out to the community what the community understands best.

More - when most of the Interns - have NO real stake in the community. We have NOT seen these Interns - in the trenches and less where there has been - meaningful deliberations. 

Do not put the Intent is harms way - that is what some of those in charge are doing.  This is a warning to you all  -that use the Interns - like some dirty rag - and will toss them out - at any opportune moment - in the near future.

The Task Force established - demanded 5% of the amount - the general figure linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project - some $7 Billion dollars.

The $350 million dollars - is now being sought by vultures - positioning themselves - some from the Bayview Hunters Point - House Negros the likes of Linda Richardson, Veronica Hunnicutt, Malia Cohen, Sophie Maxwell, Walton Shaman,  Dr. Churchwell , Dwayne Jones,  Juliet Ellis, Sam Murray,  organizations like Young Community Developers, Baycat, Girls 2000 -  others -  none of them have the best interests of the community at large.

We never ever saw the above - when  we led a movement and won - Stop Lennar Action Movement (SLAM). The Bay Area Air Quality Management District fined Lennar Urban a rogue developer - $515, 000 and the crooks - paid the fine.

We have never seen these sell outs - who have and keep receiving millions from the City and County of San Francisco - and failed to spent them is the " right manner ".

An audit will prove right - what I am saying.  These organization as does the Tabernacle Group - and Poverty PIMPS mostly Black pastors - the likes of Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, Amos Brown - none of them have peace of mind - and two of them - on their last leg - plagued with strokes and moving around - like the - " living dead ".

The State Water Resources Control Board - the Environmental Protection Agency, other Regulatory Agencies - have already addressed the serious violations - and put in place " mitigation measures '.

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to read the mitigation spelled out in detail by the State Water Resources Control Board - revisited - again and again -  ordering that City and County of San Francisco to follow the mandates.

Sufficient notice has been given - and we do not want to waste time - we can rally thousands - and our demands will be made in Court.

The community demands " restitution ".

Please do not mess with the Muwekma Ohlone -
this is your first and lasting warning -
decent citizens sleeping on the streets of San Francisco -
the filthy rich flushing Hetch Hetchy water  into the Bay -
much of it - half treated - contaminating -
 the air, the land and water.

The First People of San Francisco - the  Muwekma Ohlone - understanding the land was stolen - each and every square inch - have spoken to the City and County of San Francisco - most of whom that live here - and are strangers .

The Sacred Remain desecrated  - the Shell Mounds - where lie the " Sacred Remains " tampered, destroyed and as I said  -desecrated.

I have had a lot of patience - but this time around - those that are culprits - will be dealt with by the community - the sell outs better watch out - and step down and get out of the way.

This nonsense - selling the community again and again - and thinking - this is the right thing to do - when is it the worst possible to imagine and less act in like manner  - has taken the community - to a state of emergency - all around those needing help most - are slowly dying - starving and dying.

The air is polluted in the Bayview Hunters Point - the stench - from the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - unbearable.

Even though a Proposition in the year 2002 - mandated that the Phelps Raw Sewage Plant -  be upgraded - and the stench that spews out - from the Digesters - addressed - the stench - curtailed.

Today in the year August 2017 - the situation - is the worst ever.

Half treated sewage - spewing into the Bay - under some rosy name - called " secondary effluents " - who is fooling whom. We have the test results - and that is all the Courts want - the empirical data.

The mandated Proposition A 2002 - stated clearly that the sewer as well as the clean drinking upgrades - had to be addressed - the SF Public Utilities Commission - after the Bond Measure was passed - stuck to the clean water upgrades only - and named it the Water System Improvement Project - blatant  discrimination with " intent " -  against the people of the Bayview Hunters Point Area. Time will tell.

Read this - it make interesting reading:

The State Water Resources Control Board  - adjudicated right - but today the order signed January 22, 1981 - is in stalemate.

The order states the amount in the millions - most of it wasted by those in charge - the community is now told that they will have to wait - until some fancy campus is built - by newbies like Juliet Ellis - who is corrupt - and who was fined and told to give back the $200, 000 she funneled to Green For All - some corrupt organization in Oakland - our money - meant for our community - more the Bayview Hunters Point community.

Anyone can under the Freedom of  Information Act ask for a copy of the mitigation - just quote Project No. C-06-1099-030, Southeast Treatment Plant Mitigation - and read the mandates for yourself.

The time for action is now - and we are going for the jugular - so the mostly Black sell outs -  get out of the way. We have the facts - more the original documents - the empirical data - and most importantly thousands have signed the petition.

Sellouts better do not ask to sign the petition - you cannot choose to have it all - you all already made your pact with the devil.

As for the SF  City and County of San Francisco - they had done harm with intent - and have deep pockets - and must now pay their dues - Dennis Herrera of City Attorney, Naomi Kelly the City Administrator, Ben Rosenfield the Controller, the very corrupt Mayor Edwin M. Lee - it is time he be charged by the RICO ACT - and a copy of this article will be sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation - Environment Division. 

Also, the Department of  Justice - Racial Discrimination and Civil Right Division. Enough is enough. 

The many so called Environmentalists in San Francisco - have also  failed to address the " INJUSTICE  " - in the Bayview Hunters Point area - the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

Friday, August 11, 2017


What credibility do these planners have ?

At the recent meeting held at the Southeast Community Facility Commission Facility held at 1800 Oakdale - the presentation given and the charade organized - by forces - behind the scene - none of which have the best interest - of the Bayview Hunters Point  community at large.

Had Dr. Espanola Jackson been present -
she would have STOPPED the meeting -
and set a new more viable and sustainable tone.

Had Dr. Espanol Jackson been present - she would have STOPPED the meeting - in its tracks - I know she would have done it - having worked for so many years - side by side - and been the voice of reason - served the best interests of the community.

Dr. Espanola Jackson has passed away - but the fight goes on - and for those of you that were present - you all witnessed - who has the facts, the empirical data - and more their heart in the right place. 

Who is on your side - and who is there to exploit the situation at hand. Makes no bones about it. You behind the scenes have revealed yourselves - evil to the core.

Anyway you look at the progress be it - the Water System Improvement Project that is at its tail end - with major flaws not attended to. Mountain Tunnel has serious issues, so does Irvington Tunnel and as brand new as the Calaveres Project is - the flaws are many - some addressed but most not. 

Now - the Sewer System Improvement Project - you witness the long meetings, beating the horse dead - and then trying to revive it multiple times. Doing things the wrong way - because of lack of leadership.

Bio Solid Digesters -
a brand new plan to replace the old one.

Any decision made by the SFPUC - be it a pertinent project - some worthwhile discussion that should benefit all.

Always impacted by outside forces - be it the political goons - the constant in-fighting within the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - is well known.

So many have left the SFPUC - and keep reach out to me - asking me to address the question - mostly affecting illegal actions, unethical actions - people who work for the SFPUC and are spiritually bankrupt.

 You can smell the nonsense - much as the stench from the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - from a far.

In recent times some EVIL forces have crept into the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) - more those stationed at 550 Golden Gate Avenue.

 Those charged to serve the public and more involved with Communication, Community benefits, External Affairs - under the nefarious head  - whose title is the Assistant General Manager.

This woman has been charged - both by the Fair Action Political Committee in Sacramento -  the charge fairly adjudicated and penalties paid - by one known as Juliet Ellis.

The San Francisco Ethics Commission procrastinated - but after the Fair Action Political Committee - fined Juliet Ellis - had no alternative but the endorse the penalty.

The SF Ethics Commission -  stopped short of - firing Juliet Ellis from the job - that she now holds - she did commit a crime - with intent - so why is she still lingering and causing so much harm.

The proposed Headwork Facility -
this is just a conceptual plan -
time will tell - and we hope for the best

While working for the SFPUC - she was still receiving benefits - as if she was still on the Board of the Green For All organization in Oakland - where she was formerly - on the Board - Green for All - before joining the SFPUC.

First on the SF Public Utilities Commission and now holding the position of Assistant General Manager of External Affairs. She double dipped and this is a crime - crying to heaven for justice.

On top to this - she used her power to funnel $200, 000 to the Green For All organization - from funds set aside as Community Benefits - for San Francisco.

Funds created by the Task Force that had many meetings - and suggested how the funds should be spent - within the jurisdiction of  San Francisco.

Today - August 11, 2017 - nothing much as happened - Juliet Ellis still continues to make - vital decisions - adversely  impacting  thousands - creating divisiveness and hostility - wherever she goes. A pain in the ass.

Many SFPUC employees have left - and those within the SFPUC who are decent and worked with the community at large - have been targeted - hurdles put in their way.

North Shore Force Main - 
one of many that will have to worked on.

The SFPU Commissioners knows about this malady - the General Manager Harlan Kelly knows about this - the other Managers working for the SFPUC know about the ploys, machinations and shenanigans emitting from the EVIL policies - of Juliet Ellis.

I have refrained - going into the details - but now I am afraid - we have to take action.

The constituents of San Francisco and more the Southeast Sector - cannot be hoodwinked in broad daylight - by someone like Juliet Ellis who does not have history of the Bayview Hunters Point  and empirical data - on issues that are important to the Sewer System Improvement Project ( SSIP ) - project.

The audacity to take just meetings -
based on maps and models -
and give presentation - that belie the issue at hand -
stop hoodwinking - this is a crime - and will have
to be adjudicated in court - that is the only way to 
solve the ploys, machinations, and shenanigans.

Juliet Ellis surrounds herself by folks from outside San Francisco - all of whom - display ignorance and more foul - arrogance. I for one will not tolerate - such nonsense.

The entire Community Benefits Package may have two broad components - the first one -  the 2% of the entire project be it $7 Billion - that goes to the SF Arts Commission - amounting to $140 million.

The SF Art Commission - has firmly set itself in place at the Bayview Opera House - exercising its dictatorial authority - backed by some House Negros and of course our wheeling and dealing Mayor Edwin M. Lee and the lackeys that surround him.

The second pile of money - the 5% set aside by the Task Force - who decided the amount after many meaningful discussions - that I attended - never saw Juliet Ellis around - but now she is in the cockpit - distributing the money.

5% of  $7 Billion - $350 million - $50 million per billion times seven - which works out to $350 million.

The Task Force fought for this money - but entities that did not fight for the money are distributing the money - half for Workforce and the other for Community Outreach. 

The distribution done with NO accountability and less transparency. There is a God watching it all - but why does this go on - because some are spiritually - bankrupt.

What type of JOKE is this - do these folks think - they can fool all the people - all the time?

Juliet Ellis -
her smile belies her evil deeds

Even though Bayview Hunters Point in the Southeast Sector has played a key role in many of the well known environmental and social issues.

For example - creating the Human Right Committee - that went on to become the Human Rights Commission (HRC).

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
he has set our City on Fire.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - becoming a Director of the HRC at one time. 

He should have learned some - but has learned - nothing at all - when it comes to blatant discrimination and holding grudges for long periods of time - the man has NO moral and less character that matters.

The Bayiew Hunters Point using proven models vetted by the Model Cities Program - built the newer SF General Hospital - no mention of this great feat - is ever made mention.

Instead the Bayview Hunters Point has been used a a dump site - 80% and more sewage sent to the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - other toxic contaminants - and added to that the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard has been declared a Superfund Site.

The many satellite clinics - be it the one in the South of Market Area - where Charles Range was the Director - the one on Potrero Hill by Enola Maxwell Middle School, the Southeast Clinic by Dr. Martin Luther playground on Third - and more.

The advocates from the Bayview Hunters Point have been stellar more those who were connected to the Bayview Coordinating Council, Environmental Justice Advocacy, the Black Human Right Council of San Francisco - Southeast Sector Community Development Corporation (SESCDC) - to a name a few.

Another evil person -
Willie L. Brown - 
using his point of contact - to rake in millions.

The demographics of the Bayview Hunters Point and the Southeast has been changed dramatically.

 Yet - those doing outreach have chosen - to use and facilitate - divisiveness again and again - using Community Benefit Funds - without Accountability and less Transparency.

Keeping out the Latinos, the Polynesians more the Samoans - the Native Americans who land this is - Whites, Blacks, others - who have NO clue what is happing and all this and more on purpose - so that Juliet Ellis can waste money. An audit must be called by the Controller Ben Rosenfield - as this will be demanded - as part of the Court Case in the offing. 

The attorneys are shocked - we waited for such a long time - man has to do what man has to do - in this women too are part of our team - and offering complete support - many of them having worked for the SFPUC have agreed to testify.

Challenging some of us advocates that have been in the trenches for close to 40 years.

 These newbies - many lackeys of the failed Democratic Party  - now re-writing history.

A clown who hails from New Orleans - trying to re-write history - and failing to mention - as far as the Black community in concerned we have 40% unemployment- with NO opportunities given to Blacks - what so ever - in those quarters where the Community Benefits must be spent.

No one gave anyone authority to spend millions on stipends - on thousands of Summer Jobs - and take it from the Community Benefits - if they think that is right - we are going to prove them wrong.

No mention is made of the first " Mitigation " dated 1977 - linked to the Phelps Raw Sewer Treatment Plant - that has and cannot be sunset.

The City and County of San Francisco boast - that its unemployment is about 4 % - and that may be so.

 Not once - mention is made of the hot spots - no employment - in the places like the Western Addition, the Bayview Hunters Point, the Exelsior and more - mostly impacting people of color - where the unemployment is in double - digits.

Today in the year 2017 - our air is polluted - with congestion - getting so bad - that San Francisco stands among the worse in the Nation - often compared to Los Angeles.

Besides thousands suffering from chronic respiratory diseases - cancer one of the kind - impacting those living where high level of radioactive elements are registered - uranium, cesium, radium and so on.

High levels of mercury - lead, and an increase of Asbestos Structures - leading the Bay Area Air Quality Management District  - to fine Lennar Urban a rogue developer aka as 5 Point Holdings LLP - same snake - different head.

Once 60% of the folks owned homes - and many of them Blacks.

Blacks formed 25% of the City's population - no more - now less than 2 %. Many Blacks who were middle class now sleeping on the streets of San Francisco - many fell on bad times - mostly sickness and medical bills - wiping their savings.

We advocates have to address Quality of Life issues - health, education, safety, transportation, Land Use and SF Planning issues, go to the SF Ethics Commission - attend the meetings at the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure - the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

More and more the tax payers of San Francisco - the decent hard working constituents of San Francisco - are finding out too late - the blatant with intent hoodwinking - City Departments - working with nefarious entities like  SPUR.

The San Francisco Foundation, some faith based organizations pretending to serve the indigent, the poor and raking in millions.

No one should be given a chair - to sleep on night long.

Those that allow this - must be taken to court - and charged - human beings treated worse than animals. 

It is a crime that so many thousands sleep under bushes, under bridges, in tents on the streets of San Francisco.

The Pacific Heights Mafia - have long known - how to talk the talk - and failed to walk the walk.

The crooked Congresswoman -
Nancy Pelosi - who has mansions -
and pretends she understands our concerns.

More the of likes of Senator Diane Feinstein, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - others on the State level one of them Scott Wiener - favoring developers - and those that think they can come to San Francisco and do as they please.  

The Bayview Hunters has long been know to be the dumping ground - 80% of the City's sewage, excreta, and shit comes to the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment plan - but more from Brisbane, Burlingame, Daly City too. No mention is made about this.

These newbies working for the SF Public Utilities hire others - based on life style - and keep straight folks out - and I have seen the utter nonsense going on.

There is a conspiracy with the SF Human Resources Department  - not following the rules - more, when folks like Juliet Ellis is creating a bad example.

Juliet Ellis thinks - that she is all about knowing how to do things right - when all the time - she does wrong. 

There is only so much of her nonsense that we can take - so it is time - for her to appear in court - and shed the light - for all the world to see.

The recent ploys using Interns that meet once a week - and portend to know too much - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project - when none of them have read in full - nor contributed to the Draft Environmental Impact Report.

More linked to the Biosolids Digester Facilities Project - SF Planning Department - Case No. 2015-000644ENV - State ClearingHouse No: 2015062073

Interns should be able to articulate better and shed light - and not speak in generalities - of some presentation slides that have fake information in the first place.

" Remember a conceptual plan - is like a dream - you may wake up and find out - it - to be your worse nightmare. "

The Digesters' operations are propietary - and belong to some firm in Norway - the lag taken to vett the information - more with all the is going on in Washington DC - is known to me very well. 

The audacity of some Interns - used as a front to play on the feelings of the community at large - for the wrong purpose.
For sure Juliet Ellis thinks - she can fund such programs - when all this comes under Tommy Moala - but she loves to mess in the affairs of others.

Much like she did - with the Phase I upgrades at 1800 Oakdale -t the bid going for $1 million - and costing the SFPUC which Tommy Moala had to pay - $1.6 million. In the private sector the person - wasting so much money - would be sent to jail.

I have several more example - doling out money to non-profit who have spent the money - without accountability.

Putting out the wrong information - some conceptual designs and information - there in front of the public at large  - to convince the audience that they have the knowledge -  more pretending - they have the best interest of the Bayview Hunters' Community - which could not be further from the truth.


Banners like this were put on poles -
hoodwinking the community -
no on can fool - all the people - all the time.

Those heading the various departments at the SF Public Utilities Commission are put on notice - this is the first and last clarion call - do the right thing - or forever hold your peace.