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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Too many skyscrapers -
that compromise Quality of Life issues.

When it takes - 45 minutes to cross three City Blocks - something is really wrong.  The " congestion " on our San Francisco streets - is becoming a "hazard " - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - keeps barking up the wrong tree. Paying no attention - with solutions that matter - he is no leader.

Go visit Vienna,  Frankfurt,  London,  Paris, Barcelona,  East Berlin, even many of the cities in South America - Mexico City for example - learn something - from all these cities.

In San Francisco we pander to the " Big Crooked Developers " - who create confusion  blocking large segments of parking - we saw it with the Third Street Rail Project.

Then again - Central Subway Project was the worst - and now on Van Ness - parking meters blocked for the Contractors and the workers - most of the time not used - while Seniors have to walk - two and three block to get to a MUNI bus stop.

Never mind - if they are physically challenged - and we must respect our Seniors - more in their Golden years.

These contemporary Tower of Babel -
will come tumbling down - in fact 
close to the skyscraper above -
one building in sinking 18 inches and more.

All over the Financial District there is so much construction - high rise buildings - encouraging high density living - that is a disgrace to humanity.

Neighbors live next door for years - and do not meet their neighbors - even less - have no idea who they are - after years -living next door.

Mayor Edwin M Lee -
he is not a leader - a panderer - YES!

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee has NOT addressed the Carbon Footprint - all the concrete poured millions of tons - releases Carbon Dioxide,  the congestion on the street - dangerous particulates.

The Carbon Footprint has increase by 200% and the particulates - and foul are over 150% - and all his City Department - dealing with real time heath matters - are far removed - addressing, caring, and resolving these - very serious issues.

We have the Precautionary Principle on our books - why is not our City and County applying this sound principle - to address - Quality of Life issues?

The back to back traffic - causing stress - and often people getting out of their cars - to threaten others - who they think are not moving fast.

Many a time - shooting and killing - those who they perceive - to be their enemies -  tempers flare.

Some one says something - that those carrying weapons feel -  the words hurt their feelings - shots ring all over the place. 

Seeing is believing - and I have seen such scenes at close range - several times.

The Steps Leading to City Hall -
the dens where the wheeling and dealing goes on.
Room 200 - with the Mayor in the cockpit -
thinking he can get away with murder.

I was at the Municipal Transportation Agency meeting - at San Francisco's City Hall yesterday - in Room 400.

The Directors most of them - do not seem to comprehend - that they cannot be sitting on their asses - just warming the seats - and not representing.

No one can represent - unless they are educated on issues.

 Some have never been outside to study traffic management - innovative ways to channeling traffic.

Even Mexico City is far ahead of us - with light rail, trams, and escalators - we love to talk the talk but few on the Board of the Municipal Transportation Agency - can walk the walk.

Never once do we factor the hills - that slow traffic - that not all can use to bike - other important factors - are not considered in the many equations - and fake results - result - in buses traveling slower - around 8 miles an hour - the many plans to bike - can accommodate some - not the majority.

Thank God we have Ed Reskin - who breaks down the information - and yet those staring at him - with eyes of wonderment - more betraying their inherent buffoonery.

Individual who seem to be attracted to these positions - to have their one minute of fame - seeking to move up the ladder  in politics - when they cannot understand the basics and more the fundamentals - baseline issues - that matter to addressing Quality of Life issues.

Those purporting to represent - who do not have the ability - learn, educate themselves, analyze the situation at hand - and find solutions.

The Third Street Light Rail was over two hundred percent over what was projected - the Central Subway Light Rail started with a figure of $600 million and today is over $1.6 Billion.

 It will be the same with the Van Ness Bus Rapid Transport Model - that is full of delays - and pit falls.

The Transbay Project is a mess - with large over runs - the larger Constructions Companies - milking the system - with fake statistics - and when line items are questioned - they look at the person - trying to get the right answers - funny.

The Transbay is is very, very deep trouble - and those responsible - are those that we permit - to rob us in broad daylight.

Now we learn - that there is no money for the high speed rail - no money to transition from the trains that now run on diesel - to run on electricity - and the woes of poor planning - capacity building - are coming to bite the so called planners and liars - in the butt.

When the Democrats were in power - the Representatives - who were in power - channeled millions for projects be they poorly planned - and very poorly supervised.

I know something about Project Management - and more about Accountability and Transparency.

San Francisco has failed us tax payers - decent hard working constituents - we are fed up with leadership that is going no where.

We have to think outside the box - and more generate our own money - to deal with issues and address projects - that are needed 
and must be in place and should have been in place - ten,  fifteen years ago. Our failing bridges, our roads that are falling apart - the recent rainfall has opened our eyes some - large floods all over the place.

Our dams have failed us - and spill ways - have forced evacuations - on investigation further - we find evaluations made years ago - forcing us to repair and maintain - were cast aside - in favor of deferred maintenance. 

We now in San Francisco - want to dabble with mixing ground water - to our so called clean Hetch Hetchy  - clean drinking water - let the ground water remain under ground and foster and more help  the Watershed - we should know better.

Our reservoirs are full - and this one method - forcing us to add ground water - should only be used - as an Emergency Mode - when we experience severe drought - for sure today - that is not the case.

The recent storms have opened our eyes - at least to those that have eyes to see - that is not the case with Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys - who are busy - filling their coffers - hoping against hope that they can milk the Federal and State system.

We are a booming City - with over $9 billion plus Budget - our Treasurer and Assessors were bragging before Donald Trump was declared President that they were doing well.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Well Hillary Clinton the liar and corrupt person - failed - she did not get the necessary Electoral Votes.

Donald Trump is in the cockpit - and listen to him - he is out to created confusion - speaks from both sides of his mouth.

Donald continues to sign the many Executive Orders - and has no detail plans - worth the salt - to back any viable and sustainable plans.

The Muwekma Ohone - 
this is their land - and has been -
for 13, 000 years.

This is Ohlone land - more Muwekma Ohlone land - and I represent San Francisco - more on issues linked to Infrastructure,  Transportation, Safety, Education - more Quality of Life issues. Aho.

Monday, February 20, 2017


Today diversity prevails - our children must be served -
educated, treated with love - never traumatized.

Edward K. Taylor Elementary School was once held in very high esteem - no more.

Today confusion and pandemonium prevails - and parents and children are stressed - enough is enough. The Principal of E. R. Elementary School - Dr. Barbara T. Berman is responsible for the prevailing - fiasco - she must be FIRED.

I kept hearing complaints - and most of the complaints stem - from the present Principal - who seems to like to pick a " fight " - with the teachers, the parents, the parents that represent their children - anyone - even - " the gadfly on the wall ".

More - destroying the " good " - and the wholesome ambience - that Edward R. Elementary School was once known for - all these many years - now ripe with turbulence and divisiveness of the highest order.

The Elementary school that caters to kindergarten to 5th Grade students - is well known by other middle and high schools. The community bordering the school - has always had a good relationship with the school - and more with the parents and children - that belong to our neighborhood - in the Portola District.

Over the years - working with E. R Taylor Elementary School - the other Middle and High Schools in the vicinity - have created a sound model - working as - partners. Now, all this seem to have come to a grinding - halt.

Here is a video taken some years ago - when everything was on track and love and creativity ruled at E. R. Taylor Elementary School"

Edward K. Taylor feeds its student into Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Academy School - a Middle School - which is a few blocks way - a Middle School that use to have its share  of problems - that today is on track. We community members fought to bring that goodness - about.

Recently - at the San Francisco Unified School Board Meeting - many teachers and parents - brought very serious charges against the current Principal - who seems - to be fixated - to destroy the E. R. Elementary School - and all the good it has built up - all these many years.

Known well for its bi-lingual classes in Spanish and Chinese - extracurricular activities - I meet a lot of the students - since the Elementary School - which is located in my neighborhood - 423 Burrows Street - in the well known Portola District neighborhood.

The Portola District has played an important role - even during the 1906 Earthquake - nothing much happened in our neighborhood - and we were able to rally food supplies and feed thousands.

One part build in 1923 and the other 1923 -
today both buildings brought to seismic standards -
having the safety of the children in mind.

Once all White today the diversity of the school

embraces all - and what a joy to see all learn, play, 

and participate in the many activities the school is known for.

Edward R. Elementary has one building that was build around 1923 and the other in 1926 - both building brought to seismic standards - and catering to a diversity of students today. Once all white students.

The recent hearing were painful - once bright and happy students - now suffering - because the Principal - has forsaken the mandated laws and ways - that should bring the Parents, Students, the Teachers, others together.  

The Principal has chosen - divisiveness - bully and ganging of some teachers that have been there for years.

Just listening to the facts - the pain expressed by the parents and teachers too - is overwhelming. I have been to the school many times - and cannot imagine - the harm done by the current Principal - who seems to think she can get away with murder - in broad daylight.

The two schools - E. R. Elementary School that caters to children from kindergarten to 5th Grade - and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Academy Middle School - play an important role - in shaping and forming the minds and hearts of our children.

The diversity of the children attending these two school is amazing - we the community appreciate the hard work of the teachers, the Parents who volunteer, other supporters that care for the children and have - all these many years. One video gives a glimpse of how the Elementary School - operated.

The San Francisco Unified School District - and the President of the SF Unified School District - Shaman Walton - must initiate a process to FIRE the Principal.

This - before the community at large gets involved in demonstrations - and sues the SF Unified School District Board - that loves to talk in circles - and has failed to maintain - standards and more traumatized our children.

I for one - am very upset - years ago - we would arrange and take children from E. R. Elementary to some Parks - and teach them about plants, insects, frogs - vett their young minds - to love plants, trees, frogs - the flora and fauna and more.

Hydra Mendoza all talk less walk.

The Representative for the City and County of San Francisco - sitting on the SF Unified School District Board - which really comes under the State of California - has failed to represent the City and County of San Francisco - having an office at City Hall - more wheeling and deal - her name in Hydra Mendoza.

Our SF Unified School District and its schools are Safe Havens - for our children and their parents -  being a Sanctuary City - and in this particular climate - we must maintain standards - at all levels.

More - be it the City and County of San Francisco - and those entities and partners - linked to the City and County of San Francisco - our SF Unified School District - that receives our benevolent " Rainy Day Funds " - when the SF Unified School District cannot pay their teachers - and for other emergency uses. 

Edward R. Elementary deserves the best - for our children - we adults must step up and rid the Principal who is a cancer - and we cannot permit this cancer to spread - it must be removed - and the children saved from the tumult, pandemonium, and utter confusion.

Today the teachers have left and are leaving  Edward R. Elementary School - which is a shame.

The parents are stressed - other supporters - cannot imagine - why the state of affair - have reached such a stage - San Francisco can do better - nip this nonsense in the bud.

Any way one looks at this situation at hand - our children - more from kindergarten to 5th grade - deserve the best - many of them can be traumatized for years - and I know - the SF Unified School District does not have the money to hire Psychologists nor the Psychiatrists - to address the situation at hand - and bring about - healing.

Our present San Francisco Unified School District Board - for al purposes is a " circus " - we have Board members who are not parents - we have Board Members using the Board - to seek political office - it was done in the past - by some that had values and represented - not most of the present bunch - wannabes.

Edward R. Taylor years ago - when things were better - and joy prevailed as it should be:

Sunday, February 19, 2017


The Muwekma Ohlone -
they lived here in San Francisco and the vicinity -
for over 13, 000 years.

We are in the year 2017 and today much as yesterday - we know that we are dealing with entities in the government be it Local, State, and Federal - that have been treacherous and nefarious in their actions. More when it comes to respecting the Native Americans - and more on - land issues.

Native Americans have been here on Turtle Island for thousands of years.

When Whites lived in caves, did not take a bathe for years - had no concept of hygiene - Native Americans did better - lived better - and the Six Nations and more the Iroquois practiced - Democracy.

The Long Cabin - the Matriarchs - who where in charge and did very well.

When our Founding Father found out about the Six Nations they invited them to the White House - and after learning more - incorporated much of what the learned about the government of the Six Nations -  in our Constitution - linked to those Sacred Values of the Six Nations.

North Dakota - the Oceti Sakowin Camp -
in close proximity to the 
North Dakota Access Pipeline.

Today the Nation and many advocates are confounded with what is happening in North Dakota - with the Dakota Access Pipeline.

We have addressed the situation in many articles.

We went further and visited North Dakota - traveling from San Francisco to North Dakota - thousands of miles away.

Visiting - Standing Rock Reservation, visited Fort Yates, and Cannon Ball Reservation - and Camp Oceti Sakowin - and saw things for ourselves.

Whites love treaties - that they make and break.

Our judges and lawyers who are decent know about this - the laws of this land are the most convoluted - as they stand.

More here in California - where until 1927 - edicts were sent - to kill any Native American - and one could fetch $5. This was as you know - the Wild West.

You place a stake here - you placed a stake there - and if you had some money - and was a thug - you acquired property - thousands of acres in many cases. Shame on the thieves.

Chief Sitting Bull - 
a man with his heart in the right place.

Only those who are educated on issues and have their hearts in the right place - can comprehend truly what I am saying.

Those who cannot think for themselves - believe all they hear -  cannot discern - wither away.

When the " TRUTH is revealed - those that are not educated on issues - are mostly - confounded.

The flag of the Lakota Sioux Sovereign Nation.

The Lakota Sioux Nation signed a treaty in 1851 - the Treaty of Fort Laramie. The Lakota Sioux are a sovereign Nation. What is it - that this Nation does not comprehend?

Yet today Whites with ulterior motives - are breaking the law with intent - failing to respect the Lakota Sioux Nation - invading their territory - and doing as they please.

The Great Spirit see it all. 

The Rotunda - SF City Hall -
the Nazis holding their ceremony -
circa 1938 - nothing much has changed.

They do that here in San Francisco - a racist City.

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Former Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr -
he has his own bridge - be it a small span -
a school named after him in the Bayview -
and a column in the local newspaper.

There has been a drastic change - among the Democrats - at least those that matter. As usual Willie L. Brown Jr. continues to comment - and his recent columns have been eye opening - and revealing.

Willie L. Brown Jr. can stand his ground -  what is more uses his sharp mind to defend actions - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Willie as we call him - keeps his distance - from those that can bring trouble - even by osmosis.

Wille L. Brown - has a way to stay away from Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a lap dog Mayor - the worse one we ever had.

Willie truly  has nothing much to say about Nancy Pelosi - and even the senior Senator Dianne Feinstein - who recently has installed a " pace maker - some say to deal with the nonsense - and more Donald Trump - knows Willie and Willie has a way to stay away from our senior Senator.

Senator Dianne Feinstein -
her many terms may come to and end -
more now with a " pace maker " and health issues.

Since the early 1980s we have watched Dianne Feinstein - as a Supervisor, then SF Board President,  Senator -  she has always made sure - to take care of herself and her own personal  interests.

With her husband Richard Blum - both have amassed a lot of wealth - and Dianne Feinstein - has made sure - her campaign coffers - are full to the hilt.

Dianne has failed to support the Muwekma Ohlone - and she has not supported the Native Americans in particular.

Dianne Feinstein is a panderer and was removed from a couple of committee - for nepotism.

Dianne Feinstein - has sold our Nation to other sordid interests - and she should be ashamed of herself.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi -
she has done great disservice to San Francisco -
favors the Big Developers - and the atrocities committed -
at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - a very corrupt person.

I knew Phillip Burton and his wife Sala Burton - they were good people.

I cannot say that of Nancy Pelosi - she has filled her campaign coffers - amassed great wealth - with acres of land - in Napa - saying one thing and doing another.

Nancy should be ashamed of herself - and is instrumental for creating a divide - between the filthy rich - to which camp Nancy Pelosi belongs and the very poor - more here in San Francisco. 

Nancy backed Hillary Clinton - knowing well Hillary Clinton - was a liar, compromised the Safety of our Nation.

Nancy Pelosi  supported Hillary Clinton - hoping to wheel and deal - and amass great wealth for her and her husband Paul Pelosi. Today - Nancy Pelosi is reeling in disgrace - and has shamed all of San Francisco.

LT Governor Gavin Newsom

The Democrats on the top - are a corrupt bunch of crooks.

Gavin Newson once tried to vie for the position of Governor of California - some of us followed him on his then campaign trail - heard him lie again and again - we challenged him and exposed him - and he got out of that race - for Governor of California.

Gavin Newsom now wants to go for it - for the second time - and I hope those of us that have the sense - do NOT vote for him as our Governor of California.

We were fortunate to have Governor Jerry Brown - who steadied our California budget.

During his term - the Budget was passed on time -  we have a surplus - and most things are under control.

Jerry Brown is a Democrat - and is the one in recent years - that has worked with the Republicans - he puts California first and the people first - unlike the other crooked Democrats - who are a disgrace to the human race.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
wheeling and dealing and very corrupt -
he has taken San Francisco down the drain -
into the cesspool - of his own creation.

Edwin M. Lee was put in place to do the devil's work.  Among those who backed Edwin M. Lee - Gavin Newsom and Dianne Feinstein and their lackeys -  the main backers - now, creating the congestion of our roads - the many other atrocities - that have created divisiveness and destroyed our unique neighborhoods.

In the past 5 years over  15, 000 families have left San Francisco - never to come back again.

We have a population of about 630, 000 in San Francisco - which increase to one and half million - with workers and others coming to our once great City - now known more for its congestion - and contaminated air.

Each of these families contributed to making our unique neighborhoods - many of them lived for generations - and now all that and more - has vanished.

If we continue to go this path - under Mayor Edwin M. Lee - we are in deep  trouble.

The rents keep going up - even though in recent months - they say the " tech companies are slowing down " - a one bed room unit - now goes for $3500 and that is too much for anyone making - $60, 000 and less.

This is Donald Trump - doing his thing!
He has run out of these special pens - and is looking for more.
His Executive Orders - say some but there is no detail plan.

Our Democrats in San Francisco - are in deep trouble - there is not a person among the Democrats that can understand the ploys and machinations of Donald Trump.

Practically all our so called Democrats - backed Hillary Clinton the liar to the hilt.

When Donald Trump was declared the winner - be it not a winner when it came to the popular vote - Donald Trump won - all the same.

Donald Trump got the majority of Electoral Votes - which our Supreme Court says - is what our Constitution states and dictates. 

San Francisco is a Sanctuary City - and we must maintain this status - we must find the means and funding - from the private sector - to prove succor to those who want to protect our Sanctuary City status.

 Our San Francisco - economy is booming - and our General Fund - can and must support our Public Defender - to represent the Immigrants - on an Emergency Footing.

We have retired Judges and other pro bono attorneys - who can come to the rescue of the our " immigrants ". Their institution experience is what need at this juncture.

The Immigration and Custom Enforcement   (ICE) have taken upon themselves to follow the dictates - coming from the White House.

We the people know - many of the Executive Orders - are not clear - and as I mentioned before - there is no Blue Print - no details to carry out  what the Executive Orders - state.

Right now thousands of our immigrants - some of them happen to have served our Nation - have been incarcerated - and many have been given their papers - and will be deported - many have been deported.

San Francisco must permit our Public Defender with funding - to have in place a program - with attorneys, other non-profit organizations - who are already helping immigrants working with the Public Defender of San Francisco - Jeff Adachi.

Our Retired Judges and pro bono attorneys - can and must help - because San Francisco - is a compassionate City and County of San Francisco - and looks forward to their help - as they did with the recent Blue Panel Report on SF Police Department.

We can make this happen - more with funding from the Private entities - Salesforce, Facebook, Google,  AirB&B,  Microsoft - the many pharmaceutical companies - large developers who are raking in the millions - and the many Foundations that are already stepping up and doing what they do best - putting their best foot forward - helping the " immigrants " - who have been adversely impact.