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Thursday, April 30, 2015




Contaminated soil before it was built upon

Veronica Hunnicutt - she is not from the   Bayview Hunters Point area a sell out
adversely impacting the community.

The master kingpin - Wille L. Brown Jr

This bomb left Hunters Point Naval Shipyard to be dropped on Japan - World War II


Mayor Edwin M. Lee much like the former Mayor Gavin Newsom - have endorsed Lennar Urban - and Lennar Urban continues to receive Notices of Violation on Candlestick Stadium.

Much as Lennar Urban - a "rouge developer" continued to receive - "Notice of Violations" on most of its projects - all these many years.

Toxic dust flying all over the place - the lack of dust monitoring equipment - and total disregard of the neighboring community - that have risen up and opposed the nefarious activities of Lennar Urban - at the Candlestick Stadium - project .

Eight time Lennar Urban was shut down - and one recently. You can warn them - but they continue to defy and defy and defy.

Recently Lennar Urban had the audacity to build 30 units plus on contaminated land - on Parcel A part on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. They now have to tear down these brand new units.

Aided and abetted by Mayor Edwin M. Lee, the Department of Building Inspection, the Contract Monitoring Division - Naomi Kelly, Tiffany Bohee who heads the Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelop Agency, Olson Lee from the Mayor Office of Housing (the main person behind these ploys and machinations).

Barbara Gracia who is the Director of SF Health Department, Stephanie Cushing and Amy Brownell who work under Barbara Gracia at the SF Health and Environment Divison.

The other local, State and Federal Agencies - who are looking the other way - while our people and more our infants, youth, young adults, and elderly - are slowly dying.

I said it way back in the year 2001 - " that no good will come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard".

Now I say: "Candlestick too - land prone to severe liquefaction and flooding and the worse type of contamination".

I say this with authority - representing the First People - the Muwekma Ohlone - the true indigenous people of San Francisco.

We have to allow the United States to abate, mitigate,clean up the Shipyard. Designated as one of the worst sites in the Nation. It is here that "depleted Uranium" was tested.

Only the worst contaminated sites are put on the "Superfund List". Those who know this - at the City and County of San Francisco - are warned not the shirk their duties and more their obligations.

Let the U.S. Navy and those that contaminated the land - mostly in-fill land - that once was the Bay.

The culprits who took over 800 acres using Eminent Domain - did what they are suppose to do - contaminated the land - and not must do the abatement and mitigation - according to the standards laid by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Toxic and Substances Control, the Regional Water Board - and other local ordinance - like the "Precautionary Principle" - which is law in San Francisco.

Senator Diane Feinstein, Congresperson Nancy Pelosi, the two past Mayors - the "thug Mayor" Willie L. Brown Jr., Gavin Newsom (better known as Mr. Dipstick).

The present Mayor Edwin M. Lee - have all been in favor of building on in-fill land, very toxic, and favor putting people on this very contaminated land - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point.

Selling EB-5 Visas and encouraging the Main Land Chinese - to come and buy homes - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - which is blatantly - wrong.

All of that land was the Bay - and all of that land will be the Bay  - sooner not latter. 

Lennar Urban is a "rogue developer" who keeps defying the people.

But, not for long - Lennar Urban has only itself to blame.

If and when the people united - and rightly confront Lennar Urban and its sordid - practices - will suffer the consequences - long due and coming - soon.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee dreams of the day 30,000 units will be built at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Stadium.

He can keep on dreaming - the problems will be so huge - that he will hear of them - long after his term expires as Mayor.

Well, right now what does Mayor Edwin M. Lee say about the 22 units - all brand new - that must be torn down?

What does the corrupt Office of Infrastructure and Investment and the Commission have to say? 

What does Tiffany Bohee who has been lying - has to say?

The Commission on Infrastructure and Investment is going to meet and discuss this issue - behind close doors - soon.

What can they do? Right now all they do is rubber stamp - most everything - and this one major issue - is a slap on their dirty faces - for being inept, spineless, and having no morals, less ethics and absolutely no standards. Pathetic.

The entire Commission is corrupt and the most corrupt and crooked - the Chair of the Commission on Infrastructure and Investment.

This is Ohlone land - to be specific Muwekma Ohlone land. Once there were two hills at Hunters Point by the Bay in San Francisco.

These two hills were demolished and the dirt with the remains of the "Ohlone" who were buried on those two hills - used as in-fill.

This is desecration of the highest order - that the Mayors of San Francisco - will not admit and less apologize.

Well, your time has come - it is restitution time - and you all who have "blood on your hands" - who are not listening - will have to pay for it - here on Earth.

As and when you all - with blood on your hand - pass away - you will burn in hell.

For you knew well - and chose to embrace greed, avarice, the worst type of corruption - failing to do right - by looking the other way -  and knowing - all the things that are - evil - with intent you endorsed, them.

Folks like Diane Feinstein, Gavin Newsom, Willie L. Brown Jr., Sophie Maxwell, Lola Whittle, Aurelious Walker.

Willie B. Kennedy (dead and gone), Linda Richardson, Doris Vincent, Tiffany Bohee, Malia Cohen.

Veronica Hunnicutt, Derf Butler, Angelo King, Amy Brownell, Barbara Gracia, Dennis Herrera, others too many to mention.

No one can look the other way - while our infants, children, youth, young adults, elders and those with compromised health - continue to be adversely impacted by Lennar Urban - a "rogue developer" from Miami, Florida.

Do not say you were not warned - those that have "blood on their hands" - will suffer - make no bones about it.

22 brand new units built on contaminated ground - by Lennar Urban - defying the norms.

Going, against the governing laws - for which Lennar Urban thinks - it will go Scott Free - this will not happen - on my watch.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone on these and other matters:

We are not afraid to the scumbags - not with God on our side - it may be difficult for some time - but in the end - the TRUTH - always - prevails.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


It is amazing to find out the various ploys, shenanigans, and machinations employed by devious and "evil" folks - trying to grab our community colleges.

Invade and destroy our San Francisco Unified School system - and deprive those that are poor and need the required education - from making any progress in life.

Are we going back to the times where the royals and other such despots - controlled everything?

Are we going to the times when the despots and others greedy and full of avarice - kept the COMMONS down?

We are have read and studied the evil feudal system of yore - that led to revolutions  - the chopping of "heads" and toppling of the kings and queens who lost their mind - drowning themselves in their self-righteous power - thinking that the were - gods.

We have not got over with all the trials and tribulation linked to the City College; where some "thugs" from Texas are out to control our Public Colleges, our Community Colleges - that offer opportunities - for upward, mobility - sound career, jobs.

We had to hear it directly from the Courts that the Accrediting Committee - that should have stood for fair play and justice - lied, faked the documents - to destroy City College of San Francisco.

Further, brought disgrace to the entire Public Educational System linked to our Colleges and higher learning in California.

Such devious and sordid folks should be charged and sent to jail for a long, long, time. They are still around sheltered by the filthy rich.

These folks must be charged by the Rico Act - so where is the justice - and why are we allowing - such crooks go scot free?

We the people - won this fight because we had the vetted empirical data - and the Courts clearly saw that something - "stank in Denmark". 

Caught the Accrediting Committee - with their hand in the cookie jar!

City College has played an important role in the lives of thousands of decent, hard working, middle class, the poor class - and brought changes in many a home. I personally know this to be a fact.

The woes that befell City College is still going on - some ugly misdeeds, shenanigans, propping their head - here, there, and everywhere.

The City College counsel and others that must uphold the law - targeting those that represent the students.

Failing to address protocol - and depriving notice agenda - for ever making it to the AGENDA - for meaningful - discussion - before the Public at Large. 

We the people united will never, ever be defeated.

We the people are not spiritually bankrupt - and with God on our side - we will never, ever be denied justice. We may have to shed our blood, may be die - but TRUTH will - previal.

Our constituents - more the immigrants, the poor, those that have the ability to learn and discern - need all the superior information and education - in today's - fast changing - world.

We know Walmart, more the Koch Brothers, the Bush family from Texas, Richard Blum - we know all these crooks - and can deal with them.

So, take this kind notice and stay way from your sordid ploys to destroy our Public Colleges - and stop prying into our affairs.

No one gave you permission to come into our - "living rooms" and arrange our furniture - without permission.

At the San Francisco Unified School Board meeting - April 28, 2015 - held at 6 pm - among the many "drab" agenda items - the SFUS Board - has been favoring the entity - Teachers For America - funded by Walmart and other interested but devious entities.

These devils want it all - much as they stole the land - all the land in San Francisco belongs to the Ohlone. Now the devils - want to deprive us of what is available - depriving those that cannot defend themselves - with money, a power grab, and slick moves - when we know - what they are about.

It is happening in Baltimore, it happened elsewhere - and we have the "perfect storm" for it to happen here in San Francisco.

The Ohlone favor sound education by teachers who want to commit years to teach and educate our children - more those children that need help - most.

Not the two or three years - like the Teachers for America - do - and move away - to other green, pastures.

Much like those that move cattle from - one large tract of grass to another.

This has been happening with the contract - signed in pervious years - by Ricard Garranza and the entity known - as Teachers For America - creating divisiveness at Everette Middle School and other public schools in San Francisco.

The SF Unified Schools District that has been bailed out with our "Rainy Day Funds" - initiated by Tom Ammiano - today, it is in bed with large corporations - who have a hidden agenda.

The same crooks that support Teachers For America - and are on the SF Unified School Board - are standing on the dais at the City College Press Conference.

While the speakers - spewing diatribe - and then go behind close doors - working hard to deprive our immigrants, poorer students, the COMMONS - from availing of sound information and education.

We see what is happening with the Charter Schools, the other institutions like HEALD COLLEGE, the Academy of Art University

We are watching you crooks like a hawk - and we swoop down - and deal with you - lawfully, in our courts.

We can with our clout and masses - "shut you down" - as it our right - in these the United States of America. We have our "pro-bono" attorneys on call.

Do not play with fire - that is what happening in San Francisco. Wake up folks - and speak up and do not say - you all were not informed.

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Mayor Edwin M. Lee - Mayor of San Francisco.

The "cliches" that Mayor M. Lee has been spewing all these years - has reached - saturation point.

You better change your ways, drastically or face the very severe - consequences - the wrath of God and the people of San Francisco and the neighboring region.

His latest "shared equity" cliche - is just that - nonsense - utter nonsense.

If you ask him to define "shared" and more "equity" - he is stumped for words.

If you ask him the etymology of "shared" and further " equity " - he will be floored - he loves spewing diatribe - and thinks people who are astute - will listen to him - and not notice - what an empty barrel he is. 

In San Francisco today the number of people suffering - has reached a all time high.

Thousands of people living is sub-standard environment - in conditions more reflecting some Third World country.

The number of people pleading for help - and those coming to me - is unimaginable. More when our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults - are suffering.

Not to leave out our Seniors, our mentally and physically challenged, those that need help most - but are looked upon with disdain.

After writing this article and posting it - I was called by a woman who son was killed with three others - all youth - by some cowards - in all four others.

The mother of this one youth who was a good boy - doing well in school - and with aspirations to be someone - was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The mother is mourning her son - and while mourning her son - about to lose her house - which she has under Section 8.

I had to reach out to the Mayor Edwin M. Lee who I have known for a long time. He reached out to me - assigning an employee to help this woman - from District 10 - and also reaching out to Bevan Dufty - who also has promised to help.

I pray to God - and I do not hold grudges - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee know that - and so do the others - who are in his administration - who slack sometimes - and forget to represent the people - the tax payers - who pay their very high - salaries.

On another note after injecting this paragraph - I have to speak to the TRUTH. Read on.

Here is the Mayor talking about building 30,000 units - when we need more like 120,000 units if not more.

In all these talk no mention is made in detail - about "low income" and less about "no income".

The great Master said: " Blessed are the poor for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven".

The Academy of Art University has destroyed thousands of "rental units" - all coming under San Francisco's - "Rent Control" - which has been a "saving grace" - to many constituents of San Francisco.

The Academy of Art University is now facing a series of charges and will come before the San Francisco Planning Department - for a Public hearing - on charges - the many infringements that the SF Planning failed by not monitoring this very large institution - and has been bribing and using other corrupt ways - to have its way. Established in 1920.

Thousands of rental units - were destroyed - and converted into dormitories by the Academy of Art University.

Dormitories built to house foreign students.

The paradox the "certificates" issued by the Academy of Art University - found to be dubious - the Academy - de-certified - what a hoax.

The Academy of Art University was established in 1920 and greed has destroyed whatever value - the establishment - had in the past.
In recent years the institution has been a disgrace to San Francisco - and to anything that is appreciate in this great City and County of San Francisco. 

The Developers are having a "field time" in San Francisco.

Leading the charge - Lennar Urban - a rogue developer - and head of the that snake - Kofi Bonner.

Hoodwinking the people, building so many "market price units" - over 300% - over and above the basic requirement - and more "market price" units - are in the pipe-line - for the filthy rich.

Thousands of poor families as many as 30,000 plus father, mother and children - have left San Francisco for good - over the last 5 years.

The Mayor and more the San Francisco Unified School District - cannot address truancy - linked to our youth and young adults.

Thousands of youth crashing under bushes, under bridges - in cars - anywhere, they can find - shelter. Among these youth -  many young women. Somethings we have not seen - in such large numbers.

Every single day the City and County of San Francisco - is creating hundred of situations - to foster criminals and more criminals - encouraging them to commit petty crimes.

These crimes have increased under Mayor Edwin M.Lee - and compromised - Quality of Life issues.

The increase in "thefts" - car break-ins, assaults more on Seniors, shop lifting, rapes, and other petty crimes in on the increase.

The courts - cannot handle the usual "criminal cases" coming before them.

When a crime is committed anywhere by breaking into one's home. Breaking in one's car - assaulting anyone - the victim is violated.

The City and County of San Francisco must stop talking that everything is rosy - and address these real crimes - and have traumatized many - especially our Senior and those that defend themselves.

In general the Courts have a huge back-log - no one is addressing - this one - very critical process - that has been in limbo - for a long, long time.

The State of California - has cut funding - and resources are scare at the many Courts - cases are back-logged and no one wants to address this in your face - very serious - problem.

The high number of "petty crimes" - many that lead to more serious crimes. Sociologists, Criminologist, Psychologists, others who monitoring human behavior - have written about these issues - but, we do not have people educated enough - in the present Administration - to understand the situation at hand - and more to do something about it.

San Francisco and the Mayor's Office is encouraging crime - at all levels - talking about "fluff" and failing to be practical - when it comes to Quality of Life issues.

The Mayor is busy cutting ribbons - mandating his lackeys - City Officials - to be at his side - while every single day - Quality of Life issues - are compromised.

Many of these officials make in access of $250,000 with benefits - and salaries for these lackeys - must be capped to $100,000. All tax payers money.

The SF Supervisor salaries capped to $60,000 - most of them failing to represent. Their salary use to be $38,000 - now, over $150,000 with benefits. This is a crying - shame.

April 14, 2015 the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and the Mayor who fled to Sacramento - even though he was informed by Law Enforcement and his other "snitches" - about the April 14, 2015 - "protest".

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - decided to pooh,pooh the protest - and fled to Sacramento. Today he knows better - and the many protests that follow will impact this City - anyway you look at it - someone did not do due diligence - and asked for it.

On that day - April 14, 2015 - a day that will go down in history for many more actions to some and documented. That day  every minute - the officials at City Hall who were under siege - reported to Mayor Edwin M.Lee - about the siege - whose, recent performance - has been pathetic.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee use to be a better person - when it stayed away from pomp and fluff. Today, he is besides himself - trying to think hard - in a superficial way to address issues - he must go back to the days - when his heart was in the right place.

On many levels be it the contemplated take over of City College and all Community colleges in San Francisco.

Other ploys, machinations, and shenanigans we are monitoring - our City and County of San Francisco - is falling prey to outsides - ready to come in and destroy what good we all have built - all these many, years.

We have good information at hand - about the Bush family and their shenanigans, ploys and machinations - to take over and privatize community colleges. All documented - we have the empirical data.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is going with the flow - lying to the public - while aiding and abetting the - crooks and the very corrupt - to destroy our community colleges.

Mayor Edwin M.Lee and most of his officials - have NO blue print - when it comes to quality education and standards - on any level.

The reason is simple - how can buffoons who cannot discern,being uneducated on issues themselves - lead and represent. Shed light where there is abject darkness - more when they are "spiritually" - bankrupt?

These buffoons having no experience in sound governance are a disgrace to our great City - and will never, ever leave a legacy.

How can such charlatans - stand and represent - and contribute to our great City and County of San Francisco?

Many of these idiots by following the Mayor and the wrong advice given to Mayor Edwin M. Lee - have ruined our City and taken our once valuable assets - down the drain and into the "cesspool" of the City's own creation - in this cesspool of sorts.

The congestion on our roads.

The filthy and crowded MUNI buses.

Our hospitals lacking quality care, our nurses over worked, our non-profit workers over-worked and under paid.

Our teachers - year after year given pink slips - our children more immigrant children - treated with disdain.

Violence in our neighborhoods without a Blue Print that has been vetted - millions spent - and thousands wasted. We talk the talk - but cannot walk the walk.

Over 30,000 families from San Francisco - have left our great City in the last 5 years - and our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - thinks nothing of it. Well, he will learn his lesson soon - within two months.

We have no one left in San Francisco "with balls" to take on these charlatans, these lackeys who take orders from those those that are not true leaders.

The crooks are paid by us the tax payers - and all of them higher City Officials - have a hidden agenda. Very few of them have character - and this matters - when it comes to leaving a legacy.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has with intent created hurdles for small businesses.

Favored illegal business - destroying our Taxi Business and undermining the value of the "medallion" - for which the Taxi drivers paid $250,000 and above!

Outside workers come and have a field day. Local workers are left in the dark.

The Contract Monitoring Division - has failed to "enforce any standards" - with Local Business Enterprise - small businesses - suffering and many of them laying off workers.

In the Bayview Hunters Point area - we have hot spots - with over 40% of the workers having no jobs. Many of them journey men and women - workers.

We keep hearing the Mayor brag - that unemployment is under 8% in San Francisco - his lackeys provide him the statistics. The reality is different - we have too many unemployed in San Francisco - and poverty and crime is on the increase.

AirB&B has created problems in many neighborhoods - pushing those who once use to rent out on the streets.

The character of our neighborhoods is changing - all over San Francisco - for the worse.

The San Francisco Planning Department has long deliberations - but if you ask them the data on rental units in the City and County of San Francisco - from say the year 2000 to 2015 - they will admit they do not have it.

If you ask them - the number of units - District by District and we have 11 districts - they cannot give you.

If you ask them - how many in the Bayview they are stumped.In the Mission - they are confounded. In the Western Addition they are perplexed. John Rahaim and his minions - have been hoodwinking us for the longest time ever - and are NOT to be trusted.

Under Mayor M. Lee - San Franciscans are suffering - the April 14, 2015 protest on a Tuesday - was but the first - salvo.

Steva Kava and the other Mayor's advisers - have been put on notice.

There are other signs that will be displayed - giving the Mayor a second chance.

Do not underestimate the "constituents of San Francisco".

San Francisco once played a meaningful role - is bringing about many great changes for the good - that impacted our Nation.

San Franciscans never,ever had this concept in mind to bring Manhattan to San Francisco - high rises, lack of social inter-action, congestion, over use and waste of electricity, drinking water, taxing our sewage system.

In short compromising Quality of Life issues.
Today - the image San Francisco projects - is one of homeless folks - taking over Union Square, in the face of our tourist, creating a mess and leaving garbage where once things were clean.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee is waiting a few weeks before the Nation's Mayor - gather in San Francisco - to sweep the homeless - and move them on the other neighborhoods - that already have very pressing - issues. 

Destroying our City and adversely impacting our schools, more City College, our universities, our transportation system.

The Central Subway stated with an estimate of $600,000,000 today over $1.6 Billion.

It impact North Beach - now right in the middle of our bustling City - near Stockton and Union Square - the construction has been delayed with inferior work - and so many change orders - bring the total from $600,000,000 to $1.6 Billion and growing.

Only the filthy rich can afford to spend $2000 on a meal for 4 - as they do in San Francisco - while others cannot afford to spend $20 on food for a family of 4.

We have three and four families living in a two bedroom unit - paying in access of $2500 in a poor neighborhood - in a high end neighborhood - the asking price today is $4000 for a two bed room unit.

The Main Media is asleep in the cockpit - and only some "blogs" and doing due diligence - the topic is not not too sexy - when we talk about the poor - but it is shed light on the character of our City officials - most of whom pander.

More San Francisco Supervisors like Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, Jane Kim - some of them asking for condominium for Developers - in return for their votes and other favors.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee following the pattern set by the former "thug" Mayor Willie L. Brown - has already accumulated condominiums in the name of his dog,cat,his daughters - we get all the information and more. 

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee has no clue what is happening in San Francisco. His bragging about "shared equity" is just that - hog wash.

He is acting as a fool. No wonder Rose Pak is after his ass - and a "scorned woman" will take a "prick down" - make no bones about it.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee will leave no legacy - only those with character, who can discern, who have compassion, who are educated on issues, are leaders - can contribute - leave a legacy.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee thinks money buys everything.

It does not.

The many folks who are throwing money on mundane things - and trying to erode the good - here in San Francisco - all OHLONE land.

All of this land was stolen - each and every square inch. For thousands of years it was pristine - in the last 200 years - all that was good - has been contaminated.

When we leave this world - we must leave a legacy - shallow, inept, spineless, uneducated on issues, lacking standards, less morals, and ethics - like Mayor Edwin M. Lee - he will NOT leave a legacy - he will be remembered - as a "tool".

Edwin M. Lee

As a young man his heart was in the right place. As an advocate for housing he had some compassion - then "greed" got on to his ass - and he has sold his soul to the - "devil".

Saturday, April 25, 2015


We here in the United States are probing the field - candidates vying to seek nomination - to enter the next - Presidential Race.

More and more we witness a circus - and more and more the ordinary hardworking tax payer - is perplexed and confounded.

Can the Democrats do better than permit and allow one solo candidate - who has failed to win the trust of the people at large - again and again - in the past - more as the former Secretary of State - now run as a candidate for President of the United States?

We all have to do our home work - and in this digital world - we can delve into the records - and adjudicate for yourselves - the information - will shock those of you - that can discern.

The Clinton Foundation gives one a "peep" into the sordid connections - where dictators and those that do not share our democratic values - have contributed millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton's are greedy and that greed knows no bounds. Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea.

Now those heading the Bill Clinton Foundation - are saying they will only take money from those countries that they purport to have clean hands - countries like United Kingdom - but is that the truth? Time will tell.

So, what happens to the Clinton's Foundation the millions earning thousands of dollars in interest - given by those that have - " blood on their hands"?

Often killing those that speak up - keeping women in bondage - chopping necks and hands - for what these - "fanatical dictators" think is right - according the their subjective - opinion and sordid, mentality.

Mandating laws and rules - that are primitive - so primitive that those that understand these issues - are confounded and shocked. Dictators that can make or break anyone - without justification.

The Democrats have screwed up one more time - and today stand at a unique - "cross road" where the only shabby,inept,spineless,immoral - candidate they have - silently endorsed is - Hillary Clinton.

The Republicans are having a fieled day - too.

They luckily - have some younger candidates - who are more favorable to those that have - a vision. live in the digital world - and look forward to - "forward thinking" - ideas.

Rubio is one of them - and as you all know - there are others - too many to name.

The Nation, the United States of America - at last had an opportunity to witness the swearing in of our first Black President.

May be not fully Black - as the President's mother was White - but Black enough to call himself Black - and try to do his best.

His father from Kenya,East Africa - an economist - an alcoholic - who came all the way from Kenya - fighting to many hurdles and fathered - our President Barrack Hussein Obama.

His White mother - who live in Indonesia - in the the United States - died young - the President brought up - by his White grandfather and grandmother - who did a good job - God bless them - both have passed away.

The paradox in that last race for President - in which President's closest opponent - was Hillary Clinton - vying for the Democratic position for President.

President Barrack Hussein Obama has tried his best - those of us that monitor performances - agree with him - some - given the situation at hand - the economic woes - the many wars - the Nation facing bail outs - and a trillions of dollars in debt - has survived - and is now at the end of the race - some two years left of his historic - Presidential term.

Here is the United States - they deem the President last years - the end of his second term of four years. Call him " lame duck President" whatever that means. 

Surrounded by advisers in the White House - connected to very powerful world forces - that influence our Nation.

One particular Nation who proclaim to be the only working Democracy - in the Middle East. This one Nation and those that follow the policies to harm others more - have been a pain in our ass - our Nations is worse off.

Our Nation continues to dole out billions to this so called Democratic Nation - billions that we can use at home.

So, can we at this juncture trust Hillary Clinton - to address the on going issues with Nations - Iran,Syria,Yemen,Libya,Iraq,Turkey, - other Nations too many to name?

I doubt - subjectively speaking - our Nation needs someone better, more trust worthy - to shed light and represent. More bring peace to the world - and have the ability to speak with authority - and have a track record - and is impeccable.

Our Nation - the United States of America - must stop building "fake dynasties".

We permitted the Bushes to do so - and see what they left as a legacy.

The Senior Bush and George W. Bush - put our Nation in harm way - messed our world - and most of us thinking nothing - of the - " Bushes ".

The Clinton's must fade away - for God's sake both Bill and Hillary - cannot be trusted - not with the scandals - their immoral ways - looking one in the eye and lying - in the White House and out of the White House.

Having a server that solely served Hillary's own interests. Sending texts and  maintain them - as her own personal property - while purporting to be the Secretary of States - of this great Nation - the United States of America.

The "lies" about Libya and Tripoli.

Bill blatant disregard when he could have done a lot and curtailed - the "genocide" in Rwanda.

Both Hillary and Bill Clinton - husband and wife - in and out of bed - had intimate discussions - the end result - they both failed - miserably. The failed to serve that that most need help. This they did - again and again - and again.

The Democrats have failed by the House Leadership of Congressperson Nancy Pelosi - she represents San Francisco - and is a known - panderer.

Right now every single poll taken - gives the Democrats in particular - very poor marks. In the single digits.

This one fact - projects to the world and to the Nation - here at home - people, hard working tax payers - are fed up with the politicians - more the likes of Hillary Clinton.

The Republicans too - but as things stand today - more the Democrats.

So can we trust Hillary Clinton - a Scorpio - born October 26 - the answer is - NO.

Of course what do I know - mostly, when I take a stand - my projections come true - and have come true - time will tell.  

Friday, April 24, 2015


Candlestick Stadium is being torn down - toxic dirt, more Asbestos structures flying all over the place. The neighborhood seeks for justice - but there is no one to listen and less to do something to help those that need help - most.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee says: " Our City is booming and he is pushing for shared equity". On the streets of San Francisco - the homeless population is growing by leaps and bounds. So much for his fake policy - " so called shared equity"

Plans are afoot to build a large shopping mall on land that is prone to severe liquefaction and flooding. The neighborhood cannot afford wasting money on Gucci products, Rolex watches, and other fancy goods.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee of San Francisco is dreaming of attracting the Chinese - who have other places to visit and shop - such Paris, Frankfurt, London, and even places like Auckland and Melbourne.

In the meantime the Bay Area Air Quality Management is giving the contractors working on the site and doing the deconstruction
a pass. There is Asbestos friables, contaminated dirt, 2.5 particulates flying all over the place - and some one is taking bribes and making deals - under the table.

At one time there was talk of  "implosion"  that idea was "shot down " by the community. Then suddenly - Lennar Urban got religion - Bronson Johnson - tying to convince the public at large - that Lennar Urban - a know rogue company - has the best interests of the community at large.

We judge people by their deeds. In all the time we have known Lennar Urban they are a "rogue company" - and only has their own petty interests - taking short cuts - and trying to make a fast buck. Time will tell. 

I just found out that the Bay Area Air Quality Management District issues a Notice of Violation (NOV) one of many and has shut down Lennar Urban - at Candlestick Stadium.

The people united cannot ever be defeated.

Good job Mr Jack Broadbent - Director of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Where are you Stephanie Cushing, Amy Brownell and Barbara Gracia of the San Francisco Health Department?