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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The inept San Francisco County Transportation - and adverse impacts facing the constituents of San Francisco.

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) is known to dole out millions of dollars - without accountability and transparency.

For the longest time the Director has had a cozy relationship with folks like Bevan Dufty and Sophie Maxwell - who encouraged him to do as he pleased - give long winded speeches and fail San Francisco and our Transportation system.

The Third Street Light Rail is a mess - with over $700 million spent. Thousands of dollars were doled out to "thugs" -  using BDI as a conduit. It is same now only that I cannot reveal the "thugs" as we are monitoring them.

Third Street Light Rail run slow and has many delayed schedules that adversely impact thousands. It is not Safe. I starts at 4th and King and ends in the middle of no where in the Visitation Valley.

Now, a Central Sub-way is planned and many experts say that is a waste of money.

The Third Street Light railed failed because promises were made to make it efficient and no one thought the Third Street Light Rail would run from Visitation Valley all the way to the Ocean Side by the Zoo. Today, as I said the Third Street Light Rail is a fiasco - a JOKE.

The same will happen with the Central Sub-way that is going to be built underground - in areas severely impacted by liquefaction. Many businesses will be impacted. Some Chinese constituents who have no idea on the technical difficulties - have been prompted by misinformed person to spread disinformation and collect signatures.

Most uninformed Chinese constituents think they are doing right by signing the petition that some one has deemed fit to collect under circumstance that defeat the purpose - of address the Central Subway - shedding light, transparency and accountability. Shame of these people and the fake leaders behind the scene.

The various committee meetings held at City Hall linked to SFCTA are a JOKE.
The Plans and Program Committee, the Finance Committee, the other nonchalant deliberations and committees - not worth the salt.

The Director Jose prides that he is queer, Latino, and a Jew and made a statement to that affect at a meeting held on July 12, 2011 at City Hall during a Plans and Program meeting. I do not know what he was trying to say - but since being Director he conducts the meeting like his other job - as a conductor of some music entity.

This is San Francisco and we embrace everyone. And for sure we all have our opinions - but, let it be known - lack of transparency and accountability will not be tolerated by those in authority who have wasted millions in the past.

The San Francisco Grand Jury must investigate the SFCTA and its Director - now.

You may have been behind the closet - and more power to you if you are now in the open - but, bottom line - be accountable and transparent and do not be defensive. It will not work. If you are worth the salt you will shine - if not get out of the way.

The SFCTA is known to discriminate and I have been following the SFCTA for over 30 years and know this to be a fact.

The Citizens Advisory Committee consists of some that think that this City is beholden to them. They do not as a whole contribute to the better interest of the community at large.

We need fresh blood and no one should serve more then 4 years. We have some that have been there for 15 years plus - just to toot their horn and praise their butts.

There is only so much nonsense that the constituents of San Francisco can tolerate.

Now, let us come to the point.

Millions of dollars are expanded and given to consultants with very little going to people of color.

A loop hole created by  the Human Rights Commission considers White Women as minority - so many White Men have formed companies with their wives or some significant other - a women; as their partner.

Defeating the very purpose of upward mobility. After all some one use slaves and slave blood to make millions of dollars. Today, the same slave mentality prevails among many circles - and the good White Boys Club with clout to do as they please - will not work.

San Francisco is diverse community - and the project given to contractor must reflect that - enough of the old sordid ploys and machinations.

With such ploys thousands of people of color are deprived from good jobs and sound projects. This nonsense must stop. We must take San Francisco to a better place.

Recently, a so called Traffic Management Specialist - was giving a presentation - and this man a White Man is far removed from the Community and you could see and hear it from the drab - presentation he was giving.

This man for example has no clue what is happening to the Southeast Sector.

Such types of person have been coming before the SFCTA committees - spewing diatribe and getting away with murder - no more.

At the meetings held on July 12, 2011 at City Hall - I attended both the meetings and used every opportunity to address some pertinent and salient topics. 

Bottom line the SFCTA has a lot of work to do - linked with Community Benefits, opening doors to people of color, and not hiding behind being Jewish, queer, and in this case Latino. The man is from Argentina - and I know what happened and happens in Argentina. The sordid history of that country.

America is a Republic and a free country with opportunities for all - but conditioned in Argentina - some; come here to San Francisco and want it all - then expect us to pity them.

They then turn around and use the pity - to discriminate against all. This will not be tolerated in San Francisco.

For years, millions of dollars - have been expanded by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority - adversely impacting thousands of people of color.

If Jose wants to continue working he may do so - if not let him leave.

 Jose should not think for a second that he is not expandable. He is just one peg that needs to be pulled out - and replaced - if need be.

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy