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Sunday, December 30, 2018


Such conceptual plans - do not tell the Truth -
homes built of very contaminated ground -
more a Superfund Site.
Life is precious - and those evil to make money -
should NOT be trust - they must be taken to task.

Way back in 1994 - some nefarious figures - sat down and decided how to make fast money - in San Francisco. Today better known as - very " dark money' - this was the concept back by the then MACHINE.

In 1996 when then Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. came into office a number of moves were made - few know that Forest Hill was interested in developing Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - but the  "gang of five " - all Whites with one Black - decided to choose Lennar Urban. A Rogue Developer from Miami, Florida. Today - Lennar Urban and its proxy 5 Points Holdings LLC - are the scum of the Earth. 

Earlier Lennar was invited to Sacramento - eight years before 1996 - to develop a Golf Course - on contaminated ground.

Lennar Urban has a propensity to buy contaminated land - promise to abate the land - (which it does not ) and build homes on contaminated ground.

In 2002 the discussion began - how to develop Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The consensus among the advocates the Precautionary Principle - must be enforced.

If any mitigation or abate was done - the land should be cleaned - to residential standards - some 1200 acres -including Parcel F - which is the Bay.

There was a Proposition passed - Proposition P which passed by over 86% - this Proposition and all the holistic  ways to abate and mitigate Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - were thrown to the wind.

In 2004 - Lennar Urban pretended to work with the community. Linked to Parcel A - the Disposition and Development Agreement began (DDA) - with two individuals Micheal Cohen and Jesse Blout - both very close to Willie L. Brown Jr. - wheeling and dealing - I attended all the meetings - some 40 plus.

Michael Cohen headed the Mayor Office of Economic Development and Work Force - and when he stepped down to deal solely with the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - Jesse Blout took his place.

Today both Michael Cohen and Jesse Blout and linked to Chase Bank - and are invested with edge funds - wheeling and dealing - and always being greedy.

Diane Feinstein

Nancy Pelosi

We must NOT forget for a second Senator Diane Feinstein and her husband Richard Blum - Congress person Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul Pelosi - have BLOOD on their hands.

The above scum bags to this day - wheel and deal - and are self serving - here in San Francisco many continue to vote for these two - good for nothing - worthless - political whores.

Before the large scale grading started at Parcel A - I stated clearly that anyone grading the land - would have to deal to Serpentine Rock.

"What is Serpentine Rock ? " - many asked. I told them a hard rock - when crushed - releases Asbestos Structures.   Three veins found one at Hunters Point, another at Potrero Hill, and the third at the Presidio of San Francisco.

Paradoxically since billions were made using Asbestos - the Serpentine Rock was declared California's State Rock - not Gold, not any other Rock - but killer of millions - Serpentine Rock.

When the tiny particles - from the crushed Serpentine Rock -  enter into one body - it sticks to one lungs - causes a growth - which grows with the tiny fibers - causing excruciating pain.
Each time one breathes the tiny particles - spikes - penetrate the lungs - and cause excruciating pain.

All these fools - were happy to handle that shovel -
declare it was time to build on Parcel A -
all of them were convinced that Parcel A -
was clean - but this Parcel is contaminated -
Willie L Brown Jr., Kofi Bonner, Edwin Lee,
Malia Cohen, Tiffany Bohee, Veronica Hunnicutt,
others in the photographs all have blood on their hands.

Most did not pay attention to me - because none of them had first hand experience.

I had first hand information - having reviewed thousands of x-rays - and seeing first hand - the adverse impacts of Mesothelioma or Asbestosis.

How many thousands had suffered in the the United States Navy - most of them working in boiler rooms. 

Asbestos used in plenty to insulate the large pipes - being a good conductor of heat.

The day came when the Disposition and Development Agreement linked to Parcel A was in place. A few weeks after it was in place - at a Public Meeting - Michael Cohen - declared to the amazement of all - that the 600 or so rental units - would have happen - construction had made these so called 600 affordable units - cost prohibitive.

Micheal Cohen -
Master mind behind the Hunters Point Naval
Shipyard and Treasure Island -
building homes of very contaminated land  with intent -
is unconscionable and some one has BLOOD on their hands.

Jess Blout - when Michael stepped down -
Jesse Blout stepped in -
both Michael and Jesse worked closely 
with Willie L. Brown Jr., who has amassed millions -
in off shore banks and here in San Francisco -
he is Black and has the BLOOD on those who 
he adversely impacted - making millions on their backs.

At the meeting held Michael Cohen - had just declared - that a decision was made to remove the 600 rental units - part of the DDA - and soon as this happened - all hell broke loose.

There was shouting and screaming - a ruckus - and I and others had to cool those in the room. 

We all part of Stop Lennar Action Movement - foster sound discourse - but never stood for pandemonium and anyone physically attacking anyone. In all of our meetings - the discourse sometimes reached a point - where most thought - 
things would get worse - but again and again - those who had wisdom would put things on track - without any eruption of violence.

Michael Cohen was present - and afraid that harm would come to him. He resorted to using my name to tell the audience that he knew me - this may have saved him from harm.

Again those present had put their faith in the Disposition and Development Agreement - and for the first time - realized the Lennar Urban could NOT to be trusted - and that is true to this day.

The DDA would now reflect this decision - the removable of the rental units at Parcel A - and there was nothing we could do about it. 

The reasons given by Lennar Urban - through its proxies like Michael Cohen - the spiraling of the economy - which was about to begin - started in 2004 and end in 2010.

These facts and other factors - mandated that Lennar save money - was the reason - but the people would have nothing of that logic - it simply made no sense.

Lennar Urban lost its stocks and shares - were worth a  couple of dollars - and when this was announced to the audience - they calm some - but their ire toward Lennar Urban - increased.

Lennar Urban thought nothing of impacting those that most needed housing - at that time.

The Proponents of Proposition F thought otherwise - mostly advocates -  with a known track record - and the more vocal community who learned to speak Truth to Power.

Lennar backed Proposition G - and was first was loosing - Lennar Urban bombarded the community with $10,000  a pop advertisements.

Lennar Urban stole the victory from the community at large. 

Lennar spent over $10 million to win their Proposition - backed by Sophie Maxwell, Gavin Newsom, and Diane Feinstein and many mostly Black sellouts. The Black Poverty Pimp Pastors - headed by the Tabernacle Group - all licking their chops - today.

Proposition F was initiated by Jim Queen and Francisco Da Costa - we declared to clean the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard to Residential Standards. 

Once this was achieved we planned if we won - 50% of the units built  - would be priced Market Value.

The other 50% would consist of moderate income, low income and no income. We declared the percentages - with all the details - how we would do it.

At the last moment - Lennar Urban made an alliance with some dubious entities ACORN  (since defunct for crimes committed linked to collecting signatures) - during the then National Elections.

Lennar made a pact with the Labor Unions, and other dubious  entities - some Housing Alliance - Lennar raised the Affordable Housing to 33% - using this gimmick - they won Proposition G.

Check this out :

Lennar Urban - its proxy 5 Points Holdings LLC - today is in deep trouble. The millions collected by selling EB-5 visas and now in question.

The Chinese from Mainland China - now want their money - the many websites created - the contents - are now quickly being changed. 

Those connected with the lies - will all go to JAIL.

Lennar Urban is a Rogue Developer - that is detested all over this Nation. The only reason Lennar Urban is here in San Francisco - is to hoodwink the public at large.

When Chase Bank, Citi Bank, and Wells Fargo all decided to STOP funding Lennar Urban aka 5 Points Holdings LLC - Kofi Bonner fully realized his EVIL ventures at Parcel A and for that matter Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - has come to an end.

A large cadre of mostly Blacks - corrupt to the core - backed Lennar Urban - they all were on Lennar's pay roll.

Recently, Lennar Urban has  had so many set backs that they have decided to STOP all work - at Parcel A.

Those who contributed $500,000 as part of the devious scheme and EB-5 visas - to get their Green Cards - now want their money back. 

More, paying $850,000 for homes built on contaminated ground - Parcel A - are now holding - an empty bag. 

At the near by Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - Tetra Tech who committed to abate and mitigated - failed the U.S. Navy who has taken the crooks to court - and some of their employees are in jail.

Recently, the Department of Justice has taken Tetra Tech to court - and there are other cases - from those that were lied to - making the entire situation at Parcel - a mess of the highest order.

Check this site and read the contents established to sell EB-5 visas - promising jobs  - making other promises - and none of which have been fulfilled :

Millions were collected from the EB-5 visa - one requirement to create jobs - invest in businesses - we see this mostly Whites getting $300,000 to run restaurant, " dark money " thrown at crooks the likes of Malia Cohen, Tyra Fennel, Shamann Walton - those on the payroll Linda Richardson, Toye Moses, Veronica Hunnicutt, Doris Vincent, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Dwayne Jones, Oscar James, Eloise Patton - others too many to name - the time is coming.

The Mainland Chinese have clout - and this dark cloud mostly hovering on the head of corrupt Blacks - will take many down.

In the interim our infants, our children, our youth , our young adults, our Elders, those with compromised health - more the Mentally and Physically Challenged are suffering.

The Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Work Force - has been involved in all of these ploys, machinations, shenanigans - wasting millions of dollars.

Some of us advocates who have been on the front line - will not compromise - we will not compromise our principles and more our morals, our ethics, and our well preserved standards.

We speak Truth to Power -  and the Truth always - prevails.

Today - corruption in San Francisco has reached saturation point. We few are strong and not afraid of the crooks - and we have the support of folks who have their heart in the right place - with God on our side - we cannot be defeated.

We have the empirical data - have told the world that for the longest time - so watch out - all those crooks I have name - the time has come for you all - to go to jail and linger there for a long, long time.

Friday, December 28, 2018


The entire former Ship above is contaminated and polluted -
the workers who work here are adversely impacted -
those allowing workers to work 
on very contaminated ground - registering -
high levels of radioactive elements - cesium, plutonium,
have BLOOD on their hands.

Since 1980 for sure - the City and County of San Francisco - has " with intent " - failed to address the mitigation and  total abatement of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Even though over $1 Billion has been spent - on a botched clean up - by Tetra Tech and others - over 4 decades,

Right now - the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - is totally messed up - more contaminated and polluted - than ever before.

On parcel E2 - wells releasing Methane Gas into the air - to keep a raging fire underground - under control.

Tetra Tech employees were charged with fraud - and have been sent to jail by a judge in the Federal Court. 

For the longest time Tetra Tech headquartered in Pasadena, California - has been known for corruption - faking manifest, bribing politicians - and being arrogant to the community at large.

Yet the City and County of San Francisco - the many mostly Blacks - who are quiet now - since the release of certain development - the mostly Black sell outs - have backed those developers - who want to build homes on very contaminated ground. Time  will tell.

Again and again - those in the know have brought to the attention of the City and County of San Francisco - that last 6 Mayors - how contaminated the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is - which has technically been listed on the Superfund List.

Only the worst contaminated sites - in the Nation are listed on the Superfund List. 

Why is the City and  County of San Francisco - more the SF Department of Health, the Environmental Division within the SF Health Department - fast asleep at the cockpit. 

The fake SF Department of Environment under its head Debbie Raphael - that does not take a stand to enforce the Precautionary Principle - Debbie Raphael and the SF Department of Environment Commission - pat their behinds - at each and every Commission meeting.

They have wasted thousands of man hours - addressing mundane stuff - trying to fool the people in broad daylight.

In the mean while our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults - our Seniors - those with compromised health - more our Mentally and Physically Challenged - have died -and are slowly - dying.

Can anyone put a price on life - yet, San Francisco with full knowledge about the situation mention above - with empirical data available - have failed to use the Precautionary Principle - an ordinance and law in our City and County of San Francisco books. 

I am asking those heads in our City and County of San Francisco - more importantly the current, Mayor London Breed, the City Attorney Naomi Kelly - what are they doing - if not failing the constituents, the tax payers, the citizens of San Francisco.

Dwayne Jones -
President of RDJ Enterprises LLC -
Rudolf Dwayne Jones (RDJ)

In the interim Dwayne Jones a consultant who does NOT have the best interests of our City and County of San Francisco - and more the Bayview Hunters Point - has positioned himself to have access to millions of dollars.

More - Community Benefits money - millions have been wasted - and instead of this man going to jail - he is freely roaming the streets of San Francisco.

It is a crying shame - this one crook - keeps on doling money - buying influence - and talking shit - when he knows he better keeps his fucking mouth shut - more when he talks about me.
We want to know - if he has a wife ? If is every had a girl friend? Now it is time to get real - with this monster who has been running around - lying, cheating, and picking his victims.

The former "thug" Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr -
involved with EB-5 Visas -
the now termed out  District 10  -Malia Cohen -
a professional political whore - part of the scheme  -
millions of dollars collected from the 
Mainland Chinese - who now want their money back.

Check this out - the wheeling and dealing -  selling EB-5 visas - promising jobs - the same crooks mentioned above selling out the community at large :

Check this out - how crooks openly - wheel and deal and sell out our community - making millions - offering jobs linked with EB-5 visas and more :

For $500,000 a pop - the Golden Gate Global entity - with whom many of the crooks I have mentioned above - were involved - the Mainland Chinese paid the money - and now want their money back.

Promises were made to use the money to employ 10 employees for every EB-5 issued - which permitted the Mainland Chinese and others to enter our Nation and live here. 

Many of these EB-5  Visas were tied with Parcel A - where Willie L. Brown Jr., Dwayne Jones, and Malia Cohen   - played a role. 

They all must be investigated - hoodwinking the public at large in broad daylight.

Malia Cohen is not to be trusted - and believe me she will be watched closely in Sacramento. As she leaves the Bayview Hunters Point and District 10 - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

Shamann Walton - who hails from Vallejo -
is now the SF District 10 Supervisor -
Shamann has NO clue -
what to do - and the many ploys, machinations, 
and shenanigans are about to hit him so hard -
as he fumbles the ball - and looks like a fool.

Shamann Walton has close ties with Lennar Urban and its proxy 5 Points Holdings LLC - rogue developers - that are now holding an empty bag - after adversely impacting thousands in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

Recently Chase, Citi Bank, and Wells Fargo declared these three bank will have nothing to do with Lennar Urban and 5 Points Holding LLC.

The above have funded Shamann Walton who is an outsider - and will lie that he is was raised in District 10.

I for one have never, ever saw him - the last 35 years - in the trenches - fighting for the community.

Much like Tyra Fennel, Shakira Smiley, Dion Jay Brookster - all these outsiders - have never fought for the community.

They  have hooked up with the Mayor's Office and the MACHINE - to receive grants - and moved into positions - to hoodwink our community.

There are NO advocates left - worth their salt to speak for the community.

Mention the names that I have mentioned above and no one worth the salt knows them. Many keep asking me - what has become of our community.

Mostly outsiders Whites - getting $300,000 grants to open cafes, restaurants, outsiders that few know - and who work with the crooks in SF City Government - to hoodwink the community - more the Bayview Hunters Point community. Enough is enough.

There are powerful forces - using millions of dollars linked the Sewer System Improvement Project - over $300 million - half set aside for Work Force managed by Dwayne Jones who is not from the community.

Juliet Ellis - 
who will wipe the smirk -
from that ugly face - 
charged by the Fair Political Practices Commission.

The other half managed by Juliet Ellis - $150 managed by Juliet Ellis who is not from the community. 

We the people want to know why these crooks - both of whom have been black listed - are allowed to handle - large sums of money.

Dwayne Jones has been black listed by the Mayor's Office of Housing - Juliet Ellis by the Fair Political Practices Commission.

Then we have the Blacks on the payroll Dwayne Jones, Veronica Hunnicutt, Eloise Patton, Aurelius Walker, Calvin Jones, Linda Richardson, Toye Moses, Doris Vincent, Malia Cohen, Shamann Walton - too many others - one worse than the other - why are we the people tolerating these vermin?

Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Banners such as the one above -
placed on poles to deceive the neighborhoods
in the Bayview Hunters Point -
endorsed by folks like Dwayne Jones -
and other Blacks - one worse than the other.

When corrupt politicians - who take bribes - the likes of Malia Cohen, London Breed, Shamann Walton - brag about 30,000 homes that are built on contaminated ground - more prone to liquefaction and flooding - some of us who have a conscience have to speak up.

No one has to tell us - that decent human beings should NOT be living on contaminated ground.

San Francisco brags that it is on the forefront of Environmental Issues and Health Issues.

Those - that brag - should just review the empirical data - linked to pollution, contamination, and the increase of the Carbon Foot print in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

From 4th and King to Midway Village by Geneva Street - over 500,000 tons of Methane gas spews into the air, annually - one ton of Methane gas - equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide.

Paradoxically the only Urban State Park by Candlestick Point - was once a landfill fill - in infill poor contaminated garbage - that was before the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was created. 

Over the years - thousands of innocent people  have slowly died - the City and Count of San Francisco looking the other way. 

Others who can do something - even now - contribute to the pollution and contamination - and think nothing of harming innocent life.

Our  infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our Seniors, those with compromised health, more those Mentally and Physically Challenged - have to suffer and slowly die.

While the sellout make hay while the sun shines - and laugh all the way to the bank. This nonsense must STOP  - we will photograph their mugs - and post them in all the places - where thousands - visit. 

Again you warned - STOP selling out the community.

We must speak Truth to Power.

Candlestick Point and the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard has adversely impacted thousands - many have suffered slowly from respiratory diseases, mesothelioma - also known as Asbestosis. 

This nonsense went on from the early 1950s until 1979.

One of a kind of cancer that have baffled the University of California San Francisco experts, in short the City and County of San Francisco - has failed us all - more the decent, hardworking citizens of the Southeast Sector. 

The Division of the Environment within the SF Department of Health - has failed us - more Amy Brownell and Stephanie Cushing.

The SF Department of Environment fleeces Recology - begs for grants - and has failed us San Franciscans - on many levels - failing miserably to address Quality of Life Issues. The SF Environmental Commission - a bunch of morons - patting each other backs.

While in the Southeast Sector and all over San Francisco - innocent people are dying. I will be address the SF Environmental Commission - the Commissioners may not like what I say - but someone must speak up.

We shall NOT be moved -
outsiders STOP playing with fire -
you are put on notice.

Missing in this equation - every time we the people led by astute Advocates - starting from the time we collected 33,000 signatures led by Brian Flynn and others - to STOP SF Redevelopment Agency - in its tracks.

Finally Governor Jerry Brown on becoming the Governor - deactivated the Redevelopment Agency. San Francisco could have chosen to have nothing to do with the SF Redevelopment Agency. 

The City and County of San Francisco decided to form the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment to carry on the nefarious activities.

The Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Agency is now called the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure - and it continues the same old bull shit - making statements that the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is clean - meaning abated and mitigated - when that is far from the Truth.

More, from developing the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - failing to abate and mitigate the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Mitigate and abate the above mentioned area - to  residential standards - we the people have been taken for a ride.

As I said missing from the equation is the role of our SF City Attorney Dennis Herrera - we got the necessary signatures - 33,000 signatures - to put a Ballot - to STOP the then SF Redevelopment Agency - from developing the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

We the people demanded - mitigation and abatement to residential standards -  our petition and signatures - that met the smelt test - was declared null and void - by City Attorney Dennis Herrera. 

The mostly Black sellouts - have NO clue about this history - not the new ones on the Block - like Tyra Fennel now running for one of the seat SF Democratic County Central Committee. Once you are in - one can have access to fund - sky is the limit. 

Nor Shamann Walton an outsider - who was elected to be the District 10 Supervisor - we must hold his feet to fire - and STOP the on going nonsense - now.

Shamann Walton was elected with " dark money " - the City and County of San Francisco - funnels millions of dollars to Young Community Developers - we want know how many Career Jobs have been created?

 Why are outsiders running our institutions - and making hay while the sun shines.

These outsiders must be put on notice - nipped in the bud.

Many do not know their history - if you do not know the past, you cannot fathom the present and less will have a holistic vision - of the future.

When the SF City Attorney Dennis Herrera insisted - to declare null and void - 33,000 valid signatures - using as an excuse  that when the petition was signed - the entire document some 4000 pages - had to be presented to the signer - signing the petition.

This nonsensical statement - infuriated us all - including myself. Racism of the highest order - was perpetuated on us then - even as it is perpetuated on us - today.

For some strange reason - our City Attorney has been cozy with the United States Navy and Tetra Tech and other Primes who have deceived us all - cheating us the tax payers of millions of dollars.

In has been brought to our attention that Dennis Herrera has close relations with the United State Navy - and may be operating and representing - other entities - something that I do not put past him - noting well his past actions - and some dubious action - that have adversely impact us advocates.

Tetra Tech employees who defrauded the United State Government at now in jail. It an unprecedented move the United States Department of Justice - has now joined the ranks of others - to sue Tetra Tech - a company that contributes thousands to the Senators and Congresspersons - more Democrats - to fill their campaign coffers.

Close to a billion dollars has been wasted on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Each and every tax payer who lives in the Bayview Hunters Point area - could have got a stipend of $150,000 and more and there would still be money left to spend on other important issues and projects.

The Black sellouts Veronica Hunnicutt, Dwayne Jones, Eloise Patton, Shamann Walton, Toye Moses, Linda Richardson, London Breed, Malia Cohen,  Doris Vincent, Aurelious Walker, Dr. Churchwell, Amos Brown, Calvin Jones, the Tabernacle Group, the many other mostly Black sellouts have BLOOD on their hands.

Where the Candlestick Stadium stood - the vacant land belonged to a former Mayor of San Francisco - next to a garbage landfill. 

What most do not know - was dirt was craved out from the near by Bayview Hill - that consisted Ohlone remains that were desecrated - the dirt and remain - used to fill the Candlestick Stadium - that created the Candlestick Stadium Football Play Ground.  Just are the deeds of the Greedy - and nothing good will happen at Candlestick Point.

All these scumbags with intent -
breaking ground at Parcel A - 
part of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard
knew what they were doing -
all have BLOOD on their hands -
frame this photographs for future reference.

Kofi Bonner and the rest of the crooks - will all fail - I have said this umpteen times. This is not Emeryville that Kofi Bonner got away with murder. 

Kofi and the rest of the crooks - must acknowledge the desecration,  they must acknowledge the deaths of the innocent - nothing good will happen - that is touched by Lennar Urban or its proxy 5 Points Holdings LLC.