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Thursday, June 30, 2016


The Main Media has now join the fray - trying to analyze the rampant  " homeless " - situation.

Thousands of homeless all over San Francisco. Sleeping on our streets, under bushed, under bridges - facing the inclement weather.

The Main Media are too late the damage has already been done.
Now the Main Media has chosen to sensationalize the plight of the poor - no through investigative reporting - some superficial gossip type stories - just to make the headlines.

Local blogs have done their part to expose the situation at hand.

The digital world affords local " blogs" - an opportunity to report in real time - only for the Main Media to steal the information - and pretend they are addressing issues - that have already being reported again and again - years ago.

In San Francisco over a quarter of a billion dollars - are expanded - pretending to solve the homeless problem.

Now we have some Homeless Outreach Workers - driving in new cars - the black cars - with white letterings - the uniform put on the mostly White black - laughing as they cruise around San Francisco.

No dent has been made to resolve the homeless problem in San Francisco.

In fact the homeless problem has got so chronic - and what has not been addressed - at all - the homeless have been traumatized.

Hundreds die a slow death - and no one wants to report of these deaths.

Th many Jane Does and John Smiths - laying in our Morgues.

Society has been kept in the dark - and the Main Media has risen from their slumber - at this late hour - to make an appearance of sorts. Pathetic.

Not once has any of the supposedly informed Main Media - looked into the how the City and County of San Francisco have traumatized the homeless - on the streets of San Francisco.

Better still no one cares to report on the many deaths - of poor and indigent constituents -  on the mean streets of San Francisco.

Gastapo tactics - snatching the belongings of the poor - and throwing it away. 

Snatching their medicine and leaving them vulnerable and surely  for dead - when the poor and the indigent have no access to their much needed - medicines. 

Treating the poor - all of them like a dirty rag - and forcing them out of one place -  threatening the homeless - abusing the poor souls - treating the poor and the indigent - worse, than animals. 

All in San Francisco - a City of compassion. - has turned its back on those that need help most - so many homeless and more joining their ranks - each and every hour.

Again and again the early sweeps - give minutes for the homeless to vacate - many of them physically and mentally challenged. 

Many of them awoken in the wee hours of the morning - and no one bothers to do something about this trauma - inflicted on the indigent, the poor - the mentally challenged, the physically challenged - the many Seniors that need help - on an emergency bases.

The above matter -  has to be adjudicated in our High Courts - the lawyers and attorneys are fast asleep - and the " pro bono " attorneys must step up to the plate - and do justice on a matter that cries to heaven for fair play and justice.

Then with all the confusion happening - the homeless left stunned and hapless - some of them can hardly function. 

Many of them pushed and beaten - and San Francisco must be ashamed that such sordid happenings - and injures - inflicted on the homeless - the indigent and the very poor - are happening daily.

Add to that the " thugs" that prey on the poor - and more when the are assaulted - just because they need help - no one knows - when their day will come - when they fall of bad times - we all are vulnerable - many families -  one pay off - being exposed to homelessness.

The respective illness forces the the homeless to stall - more without their medication. Even more when they are assaulted. 

Even more the poor  resign to fate - they get into some paralysis that the psychiatrists and psychologists - can analyze - and represent fairly - hopefully - the situation at hand - and there is more.

The Courts must take this situation into consideration - and we advocates are at a loss for words.

We Advocates -  will rally and counter the adverse impacts - by revealing in writing - so that future generations - can come to the rescue and restore - some decency,  some humanity - some much needed - compassion - as we all believe in HOPE.

For the City and County of San Francisco - to treat the thousands of " homeless " - with disdain is a disgrace to the human race. 

Leading the charge Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a lap dog Mayor - who no one respects in San Francisco.

San Francisco - named after Saint Francis of Assisi - use to exude compassion - no more.

The City and County of San Francisco - more Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has destroyed whatever little decency was left in San Francisco.

He lacks compassion and with him - the lackeys that carry his orders.

The Mayor has no problem providing millions of dollars of tax right offs and benefits to TWITTER. Even providing TWITTER free MUNI transportation - all at tax payers money.

Google, Uber, and AirBnB - other devious corporations - that rake in millions of dollars - in sordid - profits.

We the tax payers foot the bill - while these large corporations - use our public MUNI bus stops - to ferry their employees from San Francisco to the South Bay  - Mountain View and further.
Creating congestion and treating San Franciscans with disdain.

The immoral techies - use their money to hike up rents - one bed room unit now go for $3500 and two bed rooms units - for $5000.

These evil techies have ruined our City and County of San Francisco.

In the last 5 years - over 40, 000 families have left San Francisco. We now have a population of 850, 000 - ten years ago it was close to 620, 000.

UBER and other companies like UBER  - LIFT - SIDE CAR -have destroyed our local taxi companies.

No one in their right mind understands - why such morbid and evil companies are even encouraged to do business in 
San Francisco.

Defying the authorities  - ply their taxis and carry passengers without proper insurance and many of the drivers - felons.

 The drivers  carry no legal insurance - their drivers involved in raping passengers - and if they get into an accident - they have no comprehensive insurance.

It is not uncommon for these drivers - to drive like maniacs. 

The Mayor is in bed with AirBnB - and AirBnB has now taken our City and County of San Francisco to Court.

AirBnB - has chosen to use our homes in San Francisco - as vacation rooms - for those tourist - who favor the AirBnB style.

AirBnB -  has destroyed our neighborhoods - gobbling up rooms and giving our City and County of San Francisco a bad name.

Senator Dianne Feinstein when she was Mayor of San Francisco - chose the Single Residency Occupancy (SROs) - as a model - to house the homeless. 

This woman - who should get out of politics - and who was once the Mayor of San Francisco - has done nothing for us -  must step down. 

She has failed to represent - and she have used her power to help her husband Richard Blum - get millions of dollars of dollars. 

So much so that she was removed from a Congressional Committee - because of nepotism and corrupt practices.

Senator Dianne Feinstein - has two large homes in San Francisco.

One of her homes the second one - has City property that she stole - and then when notified - agreed to to take care of the property - paying for the upkeep and paying for the landscape. 

A thief must pay restitution and not be encouraged - to use her clout and money - to circumvent the law.

Senator Dianne Feinstein has permission to carry a concealed  gun.

 I suppose a pistol - that she can conceal under her sordid - knickers.

Senator Dianne Feinstein - is against assault weapons - but she cannot set an example.

She has not recovered - from the targeted attack on her mansion - by the Private Presdio Golf Club in San Francisco - by the Symbonese Liberation Army that targeted her - some decades ago. Why no one knows way.

It is the same with Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - living in style having a large home in San Francisco and another in Napa County - spending more time in Napa -  miles away from San Francisco -while pretending to represent - San Francisco.

Nancy Pelosi's family has deep connection with the Mafia - and all those who live in and around Pacific Heights - are known as the Pacific Heights Mafia.

Most of them involved - in nefarious activities - these corrupt folks - give a damn about - poor people - more indigent - the mentally and physically challenged.

These corrupt folks - spend thousands daily - eating stuff that cost thousands - escargot, wine costing thousands of dollars, other fancy meat cuts - caviar from Russia - licking their fingers with glee - and practicing gluttony.

Do not think - for a second - these policy makers -  stop with their gluttony and nefarious actions.

Many of whom are in bed with Mayor Edwin M. Lee -  they give a hoot about the homeless, the mentally and physically challenged?

The pay to play and get their permits and what they want on a platter. The are part of the EVIL - MACHINE.

These folks - the very corrupt politicians - they do NOT care about the Seniors - who work with Supervisors Scott Wierner, Mark Farrell, London Breed and Malia Cohen ( two House Negros) - Katy Tang -  corrupt to the CORE - pushing their nefarious ploys, machination, and shenanigans - to the limit.

In San Francisco right now - we have very poor political leadership.

The  policy makers - are spending over a quarter of a BILLION dollars - on some 8000 plus so called homeless - according to their sordid - figures.

It is more like 30, 000 those sleeping in their cars, two, three families sleeping in a one bed room unit. Others crashing where they can - they have a roof - but cannot live a normal life. 

Quality of Life issues have been compromised - to the detriment of Society - and those in power do not care - the Main Media has just awoken from their slumber - where have they been all these many years - to shed light where there has been continuous darkness ?

None of those purporting to help the poor, the indigent, those that need help have done anything viable and sustainable.

All of these folks have access to the funds - in the millions totally a quarter of a BILLION - the do not care about the poor - they care about those they out source money to - in the millions.

None of them have their heart in the right place.

Again - so called homeless czars - all Jewish are chosen - to help the poor.

 None of them truly care about the poor - these czars are paid over $250, 000 with benefits.

These so called Whites lack cultural competency - they can talk the talk - but they fail to walk the walk. 

This is Ohlone land - more Muweka Ohlone land - and these sordid folks - have contaminated the land , the air and the Bay - the watershed. 

Now they have chosen to target the poor - they keep - making a mockery of their sordid lives - the greed has consummated their being - and they continue to live - doing harm and less good.

They strangers stole the land - they keep inviting other crooks and folks that practice " greed " to San Francisco.

They  think nothing about gentrification and displacing the good - more - decent, hard working, tax payers - all San Franciscans - who work hard to create our unique neighborhoods.

We do not want them here  in San Francisco.

Leave and go elsewhere - and take with you - your EVIL ways - you all have BLOOD on your hands.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Over a quarter billion dollars are spent - every single year -  by the City and County of San Francisco  -supposedly on the poor, the indigent - those that need shelter.

Quarter of a billion dollar - every single years - on those that have encountered  some misfortune - and now have to spend their living  days -  hurting,  hungry, facing the inclement weather - on the streets of San Francisco. Many die - slowly but surely - with those in authority - looking the other way.

While one may think - most of the money allocated or appropriated - for the homeless - is spent on the poor.

The homeless, the indigent - the forces that be - have a convoluted way to use the money. Keep separate books - log in fake numbers - all of which we know - have reported - but now the " journalists " who have been asleep as the cockpit  - better step up and help the people - adjudicate this matter - and send the culprits to jail for a very long time.

Most of the money - all in the name of the poor, the indigent, those that  truly need help -  are treated with disdain.

In our Single Residency Occupancy (SROs) hotels - hundreds of them - if not close to a thousand - many poorly maintained single room units.

All SROs - that share the kitchen and toilet -  on each floor - most not maintained and filthy. 

Reminiscent of the Gold Rush days - where all a miner - needed was a head to rest - some place to take a crap - warm some water - a gun under his pillow  - to greet - an intruder.

This is not the days of the Gold Rush - where  most - did not care about cleanliness, hygiene, or all those liked - fancy words .

The San Francisco Health Department - and Barbara Garcia - declares to the SF Health Commission - all this and more to be present - but the opposite is true. Memoranda of Understanding are signed by the SF Health Department and the greedy - Patels - that own and operated these dirty, stinky - motels and hotels one of kind - from a time - long past and gone.

Millions of dollars are charged to the State and Federal government - seeing is believing - especially when some indigent patients from the SF General Hospital - are sent to a filthy, stinking, bed bug infested SRO - when those who are sent to recover - so that the SF General Hospital can save some money.

The patients  some do recover -  others die and and lay in the morgue - if no one comes to claim the body - no one knows what happens.

 Most importantly - in the majority those that leave these SROs - in great measure -  are traumatized for life.

God have mercy on this City - this City and County of San Francisco  - named after Saint Francis Assisi - a Saint that exudes compassion, kindness, all that is good.

At the San Francisco Health Commission - this particular issue -the SF Health Department signing Memoranda of Understanding - with the Patels who own and lease these SROs - were discussed - as if the room - are worthy of occupancy - when it a a far cry from reality - the filth, the bed bugs, the noise - disgusting to the core.

It is here that the Facebook magnet can play a role - build some units - for the homeless - so that rap around service are provided.

Others large companies like TWITTER, GOOGLE, ZYNGA, others - can help build buildings that offer rap around services - to those that need it most - the mentally and physically challenged.

We need Registered Nurses, doctors that have their heart in the right place - pharmacies that can be kind to our poor, our homeless, our indigent. We need journalists - who can report the truth and give credit - where credit is due.

With the quarter billion dollars -  we can easily spend with ease to deal with the issue at hand - some 8000 homeless - on our streets of San Francisco.

In reality some 30, 000 - if we take into account the many families - who sleep two, three, even four families - living in one and two bed room - compromising Quality of Life issues.

Many others crashing under bushes, under bridges,  other places that no one dares to go - because if they did - they would be met with harm.

Our SF City and County does a poor job counting the homeless.

They count only those that they see - and can count in an environment that is only safe - where the homeless are there - but not all of them present.

 Those many others choose to live in places that are dangerous - so that no one can get to them and more bother them.

We need to weed out the SF Health Department receiving  millions - and out sourcing money - to spend on programs - that are not monitored - less audited at all.

The SF General Hospital and the SF Health Department boast having a budget - of more than $2 Billion.

We all are aware of the Academy of Art University - thousands of rent control units - in San Francisco.

Once rental units - all under " rent control " - building bought - the rental units converted to dormitories.

Such shenanigans have been going on for decades - with the knowledge of the SF Planning Department, the Department of Building Inspection - Mayors Willie L. Brown Jr, Mayor Gavin Newsom, and Mayor Mayor Edwin M. Lee - one worse than the other.

These once rental units - all under rent control - that have been used as dormitories - to house foreign students - with the blessing of our San Francisco Planning Department and our present and former Mayors.

 The Department of Building Inspection. The SF City Attorney - has just got on the case - with the Academy of Art University - and nothing much has been done.

I brought this issue to the SF Planning Department - before the Land Use Committees - stating facts i umpteen articles -  15 years ago and then again and again 10 years ago.

 We still have thousands of rental units - more " rent control units " - that can be taken away from the Academy of Art University - and used to home those that need help.

With one condition that  -  rap around services  be provided - with qualified Doctors, Nurses, others that have their heart  in the right place - doing the right thing.

We have organizations that purport that they are doing good work - raking in millions - managing programs for those that cannot deal with the poor, the indigent - acting like the Gastapo. 

These organizations should be ashamed of themselves - using SROs and charging the City, the State, and Federal government - an arm and a leg. Raking in millions for decades - until only now some light has been shed on the cockroaches.

Other non-profits , managing buildings that house the indigent - those on SSI -  other  poor funded on short term by charities.

 Treating the poor with disdain - bleeding the poor - while receiving large amounts of money - their billing flawed - double billing or double dipping - and this nonsense has been going on for decades.

Many have BLOOD on their hands - and the time has come to send the cockroaches to jail - for lengthy periods - let them get their three meals and have all the time to think about their misdeeds.

It is not uncommon for these vultures - to come before the Budget Committee - and brag what they do - when most  what they do - is earn their keep at the expense of the poor, the indigent, those that are mostly mentally and physically - challenged.

We the tax payers are fed up - we have a budget of over $9.6 Billion - the heads of the SF City Departments - all make over $250, 000 with benefits - and most of them do not represent the constituents of San Francisco - as they ought to be represented.

The SF Board of Supervisor used to make $38, 000 they now make in excess of $150, 000 with benefits - Mark Farrell, Katy Tang, Malia Cohen, London Breed, and Scott Wiener - have failed the constituents of San Francisco and must step down.

We need to expose the cheating and the double billing - involved with some of our City departments - and this Mayor Edwin M. Lee who has been pussyfooting around - talking from both sides of his mouth - charged under the RICO ACT.

We need to get to the bottom of this ruckus - where millions of dollars are pocketed - all in the name of the poor, the indigent, our Seniors, others that are physically and mentally - challenged.

I feel like puking when I hear - flowery words - like we treasure our core values - when most of those that purport they are working for our poor and indigent - are there to make money - at the expense of the poor and indigent.

The mostly Whites in power at the City's Human Resources, the Mayor Office of Housing and Economic Development, the Successor  Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - others - laugh to the bank every month - to cash in their checks - varying from $15, 000 to $20, 000 every single month.

We have the Armory - a building that we used to shelter the homeless - many of us remember this building.

 Some of us - may have gone there to help someone - or to volunteer.

When I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco - and the Sixth Army and Presidio of San Francisco - we had full jurisdiction - often time we were called to donate blankets and other  emergency materials to help the poor, the indigent - those that needed them most.

The many trips to the Armory - bring back memories - today the Armory is used to produce pornographic movies - and other sordid activities - S&M and those activities reminiscent of evil city Sodom - San Francisco use be pride itself - being compassionate - no more.

Some journalists - many lacking - the ability to write articles - using " investigative journalism " as a tool - now want to - set aside one day to zero in on the " poor " - and related articles on the poor - linked to what is happening in San Francisco and the homeless.

Sensationalizing the poor  will not bring results.

We need to zero in on the San Francisco of Health Department and audit - how they spend millions of dollars - meant for our Seniors, our poor, our indignant, other categories - under which millions are funneled to the SF General Hospital and Health Services - money wasted on other mundane - stuff.

No accountability less transparency.

We need to zero in our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - and the Mayor's office and find out - why so many Departments that use to do good work - have been deactivated.

Millions outsourced to non- profits and for profits. We want to know why? How many millions does the Mayor have - for his own discretion and use? Why?

Why did we get rid for example - the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice?

We need to study all the many memoranda of understanding with the Patels who own the motels.

 The many filthy, sinking, unkempt Single Residential Occupancy Hotel and Motels - why are we - exploiting the poor and the indigent.

We need to make Senator Diaane Feinstein, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi,  State Senator David  Chui, other pompous so called representatives that are failing us all - spend a day or two at the SROs.

The Democratic  County Central Committee - members who say they are for the people - do not study the issues that adversely impact the constituents of San Francisco - using empirical data.

Many a times they do not want to touch issues related to homelessness, affordable housing for those that make under $40, 000. 

Health issues,  Safety issues,  issues that matter respiratory diseases, STD on the increase, cancer one of kind that doctors know about - are a result of exposure to radiological elements.

The congestion on our roads, the increase in dangerous particulates - the increase in respiratory diseases.

Still births, our Seniors in peril lacking Quality of Life issues, the same with the mentally challenged and the physically challenged.

The cancers prevalent more in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco -  more on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and the surrounding areas - declared as a Superfund Site.

Only the worst contaminated sites are placed on the Superfund Site - under the mandate of the United States Government. Most bases contaminated by the Department of Defense - radiological elements, lead, and other toxic materials from bombing and ammunition.

I have written about these issues so many times - that now the journalists are using my articles and data - to build their own portfolios. 

To address the issues linked to poverty, those homeless and indigent - helping the mentally challenged and physically challenged - we need rap around services to cure the mentally challenged or at least have the situation under control.

Rehab the physically challenged - so that they can function without pain or at least have it under control - can move around independently - it is heart breaking to see so many poor and indigent - slowly dying on the streets of San Francisco.

This is Ohlone Land - more Muwekma Ohlone land and I represent the Muwekma as their Tribal Liaison - and have been trying my best to represent and fight for those that need help most.

Please visit to learn more:

Monday, June 27, 2016


San Francisco has stellar and astute constituents - who choose not to work for the City and County of San Francisco.

More when it comes to technology, environmental issues, the sciences, health and safety issues, education - state of art operations - all that the City and County lacks.

The way the City and County of San Francisco operates - on many levels is Smithsonian.

I was keenly listening - at a recent forum address Climate Change -  the the speakers - some from abroad and local Chief Executive Officers - such as the one from Pacific Gas and Electric - talking from both sides of their mouth - on issues pertaining - to Climate Change and related issues.

No one needs to be a rocket scientist - to witness first hand the  congestion we have on our streets in San Francisco.

The heavy spewing of particulates - have exacerbated - chronic respiratory diseases - tumors - and the hot spots are most in the Southeast Sector. - where Supervisor Malia Cohen who should represent District 10 - is busy pussyfooting around.

Our Mayor plans on building 30, 000 units - including some 10, 000 within this number that are going to rehabilitated.

The Mayor fails to comprehend - that the area  - known as Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - is contaminated.

Declared a Superfund Site - and only the worst contaminated sites in the entire Nation - are put on the Superfund site.

The United States Navy tested " Depleted Uranium " at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in the early 1950s -  where in the long run 20, 000 units are planned.

Right now in the neighboring areas -on Cleo Rand adjacent to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard  - people living  on the neighboring streets - are suffering - from all sorts of cancer and other chronic diseases.

The entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard  - all poor landfill and prone to liquefaction - some 900 acres plus - including Parcel F - which is the Bay is contaminated. Cesium, radium  were found in building 366.

Ships that participated in the " Atomic testing - the infamous and well known " Bikini Islands"- were brought back to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and sandblasted - further contaminating the Bay waters - impacting all life - vegetation and fish for sure.

Parcel E and E2 a 46 plus acre piece of land emits Methane - an entire area from 4th and King to Geneva - emits over 500, 000 tons of methane - one ton of methane gas - equals 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide. So much for the fake Carbon Dioxide stand number - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee talks about - but has no clue about.

The former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is home to a stew of toxic chemicals used and discarded during the Navy operations - this singular fact - must not be taken lightly - and the land and the Bay - the waters - that spread far and wide - has NOT been abated.

Millions have been appropriated for clean up, mitigation, and abatement - of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - some $700 million plus - most of it wasted - by contractors such as Tetra Tech.

The Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory 2 million volt Van De Graaf accelerator produced tremendous amounts of  " ionizing radiation " - before and after World War II. 

We all know that ionizing radiation increases women' chance of getting breast cancer.

This is Ohlone land more Muwekma Ohlone land - and those that put people in harm way - more on land that is poor land fill - prone to liquefaction and flooding - are put on notice. 

If you with " intent " permit people to live on contaminated land - where they cannot visit the near by beach close to their units - where notices are put to stay away - such madness is what we are witnessing -  today in San Francisco - brand new units built on Parcel A.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee touts - he is building all these  units - to address homelessness and create affordable housing - which is a LIE.


Recently the Dr. George Davis Center was opened with much fan fare - on Third Street by Carroll Street.

The land on which the Senior Center stands - was NOT abated properly - neighboring units all brand new - have an increased number of cancer cases.

We know about this and we have stated clearly - our Seniors and decent human beings - should not be put - in harms way. 

Yet folks like Linda Richardson, Malia Cohen, Tiffany Bohee,  the wife of Dr. George Davis - others - in their foolishness have chosen a site - that they know has NOT been abated - putting innocent lives in harms way.

It is becoming fashionable to use  tax payers money - using undue influence - crooked politicians - more, from the State of California.

Other - grants in the name of the Seniors - only to build a Senior Center - on land that has not been abated. 

Worse still - closer the rails - where when the trains pass by - the entire area is adversely impacted - by loud noise.

Our Seniors need the best - and not the worst - more in their golden years.

That is what is happening - with the support of Mayor Edwin M. Lee,  folks like Veronica Hunnicutt, others one worse than the other - including Supervisor Malia Cohen - who has no clue about clean up, less about mitigation - and even less about abatement.

The 93 acres plus - that is the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is contaminated today - so is the area called Candlestick Point over 90 acres - where once stood the Candlestick Stadium.

Candlestick Stadium - now torn down - the near by State Park the first Urban State Park in San Francisco all part of the new Candlestick Point. 

The State Park will be flattened to build - whatever - Lennar Urban a " rogue developer " has in mind.

The paradox is that Candlestick Point is less than 1/8 of the mile - from Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - as I stated a Superfund Site - and there is more .

Count on Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his cronies - to push for building housing units - on very contaminated land - prone to liquefaction and flood - and more contaminated with radiological elements.

We brag about reducing our Carbon Foot Print - but if we have access to all the various elements that contribute to the increase of the Carbon Footprint.

The many skyscrapers, the dangerous particulates spewed from the millions of vehicles, poor landfill laden with vegetation that is composting over decades.

 Other pertinent facts that I am not at liberty to disclose - now in the courts for adjudication - but I will - as and when I have cleared the matter with some entities  - all of this and more is mind boggling. And it is amazing hear and more to witness how some folks - will look you in the eye and lie.

This is Ohlone Land and I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco. 

This land is dot with Shell Mounds - Sacred Points much like acupuncture points - that the First People of this area - know much about - that the " greed " and spiritually bankrupt know little about - more because of the avarice and greed they practice.

Some one must sound the clarion call - and not all is well with our economy - we think it is well - but on the horizon as with BREXIT and soon to be FREXIT - the very foundation - of the Stock Market will be smashed to smithereens - there is only so much nonsense - that can be tolerated - and then something - gives.

Mother Earth is here to stay - and God sees it all - I have done what I can to sound the clarion call - we have empirical data - not the vain talk that the City and Count of San Francisco spews.

The health standards in San Francisco have fallen - the streets full of the homeless - who have given up hope. They need rap around services - you cannot put the mentally challenged in good homes or housing units - they need help with their mental issues.

Every year millions of dollars are spent on the homeless - those administrating the programs - at the top - making in access of $200, 000 with benefits. The tax payers pay - the hard working, tax paying tax payers - get ripped off. Aho.

Sunday, June 26, 2016


BREXIT is here to stay - and it does not matter - who steps down - the European Union is gradually going to deal with one member after another leaving the European Union - may be - the next in line - France - with  FREXIT. already spoken off.

Foremost in the mind of the more powerful nations - in Europe Germany and outside Europe the United States - is SECURITY.

There are  hundreds of well thought out memoranda of understanding - linked to many levels - one can think off - what to do and how to do it - when any Nation that signs the memoranda - is attacked -or when it needs emergency - help.

The various scenarios have been tried - and in most cases it has worked in Europe and in some case outside Europe with the help of the United States.

This well thought strategy has worked in the past - as I have said - and it will work for a couple of years.

It is difficult - to suddenly create a void - and open a gaping hole - the many experts who have worked for so many years - some astute women and men - will save the day - they can attend to some of the gaping holes.

On another level - we are all concerned about our economy. There is a another " recession" heading our way - before the year 2018 - much like the one we had in the year 2008.

BREXIT sounded a clarion call to what is coming our way - the Chinese, the Russians, the Japanese, the Indians, the Europeans, and even the United States - others - were jolted.

We saw the World Markets spiral - many of us who monitor the markets - thought the circuit breakers - would kick in - some did - but in general - things worked out.

Investments linked to entities and the BREXIT situation is complicated - with over 40% of the world's transaction are headquartered in London and other larger cities in Great Britain.
Time will tell.

Once the British Empire held power - on all the continents - Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, Europe - you name it. 

The English Pound ruled supreme - even though we in the United States - think our dollar is worth something.

With the falling markets recently linked to BREXIT - many lost millions - more those that invest in millions.

Stocks and shares - linked to the English Pound - its value has fallen - and thus the consequences that follow.

Millions of people - are tied to the English Pound and various types of investment - that feed their pensions - and other types of remuneration.

 When these millions - heard the news - they understood instantly - their saving and their investments - were in peril. I have friends who are already revealing to me their horror stories - and God willing they will get some help - and that is all we can do now - HOPE.

On another level of interest - people in many countries are fed up with their corrupt government.

Britain has socialized medicine - and there are many - that choose not to work - and receive the dole. There are other issues too numerous to describe - but those that have visited or choose to study the working of Great Britain - know what I am talking about.

Britain opened its doors to immigration - from all over the world - they have a far diversified population - going back to the days - when they ruled the world.

In many cases the diversity of Britain has help Great Britain - but it has also brought about - divisiveness - some immigrants that adapt - speak English - and do not openly oppose the genial ways of the English - are embraced.

Those that choose to impose their cultures - more strict ways - faith morals, dress modes, and refuse to speak English - antagonize the English - and it is the same all over the world - we like it when - everyone is a team player.

We spoke of Security - and the English - love their cameras - thousands if not millions of gadgets that act like cameras - monitor people - and profiles are kept - on most anyone.

When is comes to spying - and to monitoring - the English - have an edge - and this information and other tactics - are shared with their so called allies - the French, the Germans, the United States - others.

Credit has to be given to the English - who have gladly given opportunities - from countries all over the world - so many Nationals from so many Nations -  to represent all of Great Britain - in Parliament.

Astute and stellar - Indians, Nigerians, immigrants from the many countries they came from -  to make Great Britain their home - and acknowledge Queen Elizabeth as Queen - and the English Royalty that is so much a part of everyone that is truly - English.

Leaving the European Union - is something that will take time to comprehend for many. It is not just the leaving - but more dealing with the issues. For example - the Party that wanted to leave the European Union promised those who voted to leave - that they would have access to millions now in some Health Trust Fund.

The propaganda  stated again and agains - if they succeeded they would have access to million of Euros - part of Health Trust Fund - and when the results were declared and someone asked the Party if that  was a fact - the man in charge simply said - the Party misinformed the public at large.

Now, if you voted and heard such a statement - you might scream and shout  - however misinformation - is something that was  carried on with some " intent " - and right from the start we have one of many - very serious issues - to deal with.

The issue of health benefits and service is paramount - when it comes to address Quality of Life issues.

Socialized medicine provides the basic needs in Great Britain - one has to wait for an operation - unlike what we are used to in the United States with our Health System.

 People worldwide marvel  how quickly we take care of our health issues - urgent operations and not so important - we do pay more and their in lies the Achilles Heel.

I pay huge huge health premiums - and two years had a spine surgery - that cost a lot - my Federal Insurance help me - and it took me by surprise - how little I had to pay. So, I know we detest shelling out - the premium but if you have an major operation - the Health Insurance that help one a lot. It did me - and I am grateful.

We all know - even here in San Francisco - how disgusted and stressed out we get - when we see the rampant growth of the homeless population. 

The wide disparity we experience in San Francisco - San Francisco has been compared to Rwanda - a Third World Nation - in Africa.

We have billionaires in San Francisco - our annual budget is $9.6 Billion - and San Francisco is booming - skyscrapers and other housing development - more market rate - each unit from sold and going from $2 million and the high end $10 million.

When it comes to affordable housing - that is where it sucks - few can afford the high rents - and it they choose to stay - as much as 80% of one's rent - can consume one monthly - income.

The cost of living is growing - and  mostly everything is expensive - and this will be the case - as each year leads to another year.

We see people starve to pay their rent $3500 per single bedroom unit. $5000 for a two bed room unit.

We see the truancy among our youth - and the City and County of San Francisco - makes excuses - must soon the wrath of the people - will reach saturation point - on that front.

It is not uncommon for three and four families today to share a two bed room apartment. This type of congestion is bad for health - but more the stress and tempers - adversely impact all who live in such horrible - conditions.

We see and feel for our Seniors in San Francisco - who have to suffer from lack of benefits -  poor housing, lack of nutrition, lack of sound health care - lack of sound transportation - more in their golden years.

We see the issue of pensions - on the horizon - both the pension situation linked to our City and County of San Francisco workers some 30, 000 on the rolls today.

Others who have retired - some receive pensions - more than the salary they earn per month . Even more - some earn - what is known as " double dipping ".

Politicians make sure their pension are secure - both in the Congress, in the Senate - on the local, state, and federal level.

Great Britain has seen - its generosity abused - the kind of socialized medicine, housing, other benefits - did some good - when the population was under control.

It is the same with San Francisco - our population is growing with all the wrong people invited into our City and County of San Francisco.

Every square inch is now targeted for development - we have limited Open Space - and what is disgusting on Van Ness and in other areas - hundreds of mature trees will be felled - and no one cares about trees - but our trees play an important role - when it comes to Climate Change.

I represent the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone - I know for sure - that this land was stolen.

There is NOT one single legal document that this City or the United States has - that states they took over this City of San Francisco and the surrounding areas - legally.

Be that it may be - when might prevailed over being fair and justice - those that had guns and power to kill - did what they did - and what they did -  soon or latter - they will have to deal with Karma.

Karma strikes those that deserve the wrath of God - when you least expect it.

But for sure it will strike those that are " greedy " - the likes of our Mayor Edwin M. Lee and those that support him.

We now have many SF Board of Supervisors - bold enough - with Supervisor Mark Farrell who has cast aside his Jesuit education - to put on the ballot - ways and mean to eradicate tents - and adversely impact the homeless.

I am not drawing direct parallels with BREXIT - but I am alluding to people revolting - who are fed up with San Francisco and today Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Today - thousands - are just moving away from San Francisco. Thousands that built - San Francisco. - our unique neighborhoods.

We have thousands who are fed up - as has been shown when City Hall was invaded - and the constituents of San Francisco -protesting that day in the thousands - totally shut down - City Hall - four time during the last six months.

On all four occasions the SF Board of Supervisors - had to stop - their deliberations - and many left the Chambers at City Hall - Room 250 - in shame - some still continue to be shameless.

The Supervisors that work against the people Mark Farrell, Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, Malia Cohen and London Breed.

David Campos, Eric Mar, Jane Kim, John Avalos, Aaron Peskin, and Norman Yee - are trying to be good - but there is better and best - and time is running out.

In San Francisco - right now it is all about money - meaning we are living off the fat - " double dipping " - other shenanigans.

As an advocate - I can talk the talk - but I prefer to walk the walk.

Few advocates will state their views in Public - and I have a following - so far - better minds have prevailed - and many listen to me.

 We are running out of time - we are now - reaching a saturation point  in San Francisco- and  more when those in authority look away.

This is a clarion call. Take it or leave it.  Aho.