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Friday, June 30, 2017


All over San Francisco -
this land that was once pristine -
is congested, the street filthy - needles and smell of urine -
people even defecate on the streets - without a second thought -
the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - made this happen - with intent.

I often say this is Ohlone land - the First People of San Francisco are the Muwekma Ohlone. One has to keep reminding those that have NO heart the  " thieves  - whose land this is.

San Francisco use to be a nice City - with less congestion, you could rent a house - not a one room unit - you could rent a house for cheap.

Today, if you mention this fact - people say how long ago was that - well just 30 years - ago. In 30 years we could have moved forward - but in 30 years we have moved - backwards.

All sorts of crooks - now want to make a fast buck -  renting couches - renting rooms, renting bikes, renting pit stops where you can sit on the throne, using buses to ferry people - at the expense of our City and creating congestion, Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, other nefarious taxis - making money - and there is no compliance what so ever.

Talk about Childcare - you need to shell out. Condominiums are built but no childcare, no clinics, no recreation facilities, no nothing to address Quality of Life issues.

If you talk about a chapel or church - they look at you funny - it is fine to talk about  " shady places " - where all sorts of slimy things take place. Who are these most single folks - who have absolutely no family values? Who are they - and who invited them to our City ?

Today to live in San Francisco you have to make $120, 000 - more pay your insurance, your mortgage,  your transportation,  food, clothing, and some little entertainment.

The Techies have it good - no one knows - why they are paid so much - but they are - and more a pain in our ass. Glued to their lap tops - often shabbily dressed - these weirdos - look at normal people funny. 

They only understand a little - when confronted - then they just run for their lives. They just do not like to socialize - scum of the Earth.

Skyscapers galore - you can get a condominium 
at these place for a million or two - the more expensive 
for $5 to $10 million. We had one called the Millennium Tower -
expensive condominiums - the only problems it is sinking -
it has sunk 16 inches - and even better tilting to one side.

I have good friends - from all walks of life - so I gather the information I need to figure out what is happening in San Francisco. The issues discussed above - is the talk of the town.

Who are these people in our neighborhood - that act alike parasites? Why are our rents skyrocketing - $3500 for a one bed room and $5800 for a two bedroom?

Why is it so difficult to get Childcare? Why are so many Blacks - in short people of color incarcerated?

Why are there lesser fines - when you are caught selling cocaine - but more - when you are got selling  weed ?

Why so many Marijuana Stores - with so many fancy bottles - carry so many varieties of THC - that some say calm you - and other say something else?

Poor people line up - in the evening for a chair to sit on the entire night - imagine one is sick - and has to sit on a chair - suffer the pain - and try to get a " wink " of sleep?

What has become of this once great City - where - the poor cannot get a bed to sleep in?

We once had the buildings where the poor could get a bed no more - millions are spent on the poor - but the poor are made used of - and this is plain - wrong.

Believe is there is a God watching this nonsense - and those who are " with intent " treating the poor with disdain - will get their reward - here on this Earth. 

I go to City Hall to address issues - always with empirical data - that astound the crooks.

Be it transportation issues, planning, education, the police and related issues, Land Use issue, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the Office of Infrastructure and Investment - that has changed its name many times - all sorts of meeting - millions spent and nothing much - done.

 More the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - who are spineless, not educated on issues - and for sure do not represent the people.

They are talking about building 30, 000 housing units - on very contaminated land. Why build 30, 000 housing units - in the middle of Chernobyl? More is this so called progressive City?

Crooked Nancy Pelosi.
How much is her husband Paul Pelosi worth ?

Even more crooked Senator Dianne Feinstein.
How much is her husband Richard Blum - worth ?

Those supposedly represent San Francisco is Washington DC - are pussyfooting around - and have failed to represent us all this many years.

Now, with the Republicans is power - Obama Care out the door - most insurance companies do to want to have anything much to do with Obama Care - that Nancy Pelosi fought for.

I know for sure both Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi are not on Obama Care - so they do not CARE - if the poor, the indigent, those that truly need health care - need their help - they say stuff - but most of the time - they do not give a damn.

Both live is mansions - both have several mansions - summer homes and more - the say they represent the people - but in reality they represent - themselves.

What has Congressperson Nancy Pelosi to say about this on going  nonsense?

What has Dianne Feinstein to say about this on going nonsense?

Leading the charge in that area - Supervisors London Breed, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell and of course - Malia Cohen - on the local level - daily behind close doors - wheeling and dealing.

Our streets are dirty - so dirty that they are hazardous - needles from the junkies doing their thing -  giving a damn about hygiene. Children pass by them - and these urchins have no idea - the harm they are doing to the children - first impressions count.

The poor - more mentally challenged living in tents - defecating, urinating - keeping the places they dwell filthy - ripe for an epidemic of sorts.

I do not see " pit stops "  anywhere near such places - and I do see an attempt made to keep the homeless safe - especially the seniors.

NO quality orientation given to the homeless, more the seniors  - by the SF Health Department and the so called nefarious  " HOT TEAMS" - addressing the real issues.

These hot team - travel in cars - many of them new - and do business at a distance - they talk the talk - but fail to walk the walk.

The hot teams are quick to call the SF Police Department - when they have to deal with those poor and indigent - having mental issues.

The call the SF Police Officers -  and on occasion - the route chosen is to shoot first and ask questions later.

Mostly someone has a knife - and the SF Police Officers - are NOT trained in de-escalation, many have some few hours of training - in tactics linked to " intervention ".

Itt is difficult for them - to do routine patrolling - and then suddenly be called to - do de-escalation, and deal mostly with the mentally challenged. Recently - money has been set aside to have psychologist and trained mental so called specialists on the teams of the so called - " hot teams".

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee, the Supervisors all of them - have failed to read the Blue Panel Report - headed by three well respected judges.

The documents are there for the Mayor and others concerned to read  - it is all there for them to comprehend - but most of them are busy - pussyfooting around.

There is the Grand Jury report - on criminals cases - pending - and no quick adjudication - the District Attorney kicking the can down the street, the SF Police Officers' Association  - creating hurdles - more to make things difficult - for any SF Police Officers to be charged.

 Be they a few " rogue SF Police Officers " - who do not have the best interests of decent, hardworking, tax paying - San Franciscans - and more those who are of color. 

Pit stops, classroom on wheels, other ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - gimmicks - will take this City only so far - then the on going nonsense will hit them in the face - and when that happens - excuses and more excuses.

There is talk about " bail reform " - that " cursed system " - Bail Bondmen and women - raking in millions - at the expense of the poor - who cannot come up - with that 10% - when they find themselves in jail - for some reason or the other.

I am talking about ordinary people - who find themselves in a predicament - then find themselves in a " dirty, stinky, filthy jail room " - you have to see the situation - see reality - to understand more - what I am saying.

The animals - I repeat the animals at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) near 16th Potrero - is better maintained - cleaner - and by the looks of it - the animals there well kept and happy. Not so at 850 Bryant Street - our City's Jail Pit.

The food served in the jail is nasty - the " thugs " beat on the infirm and those that do not deal with crime - but are there for some odd reason.

The examples are there to be revealed - but most of us who are intelligent - have heard the stories - and know what I am talking about.

We have a $10 Billion budget - our Mayor Edwin M. Lee has failed to address Quality of Life issues.

What he has done - even since being Mayor is favored TWITTER, UBER, SALESFORCE, other big corporations - given them breaks - huge tax breaks - and made a mess of our great City and County of San Francisco.

Right now - there are forces - going against ordinances - to clean places - where the indigent are - mostly suffering from mental issues.

 Seniors suffer the most - many of the seniors  have got worse - when it comes to their health - daily living in filthy places, abused by others - and facing the inclement weather.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
he favors the filthy rich -
he has failed to represent - he will leave NO -
L E G A C Y .

This is San Francisco - names after Saint Francis of Assisi - well know for his " compassion " - our Mayor is well known for his off shore accounts - who is fooling whom - this man is a JOKER.

Time is running out - and our City and County is going to the hogs - leading the charge - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - pathetic - and a scoundrel. Aho.


Mayor Edwin M. Lee of San Francisco -
clowning with the decent constituents -  of San Francisco -
time he STOP - his on going - nonsense.

We have a " clown " at City Hall - who has been messing with hard working, decent, tax paying San Franciscans - while thousands of innocent people - are put in harms way - with intent.

30, 000 units are planned to be built at Hunters Point - more at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point and the adjoining area - one of them Candlestick Point.

The land is contaminated - " depleted uranium was tested as part of the World War II " operation - and there are hot spots - that register high levels of radioactive elements.

Right now adjacent to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - at Mariners' Village,  the units situated at Cleo Rand Road - many people suffer from all sorts of tumors, chronic respiratory diseases, heart diseases - and many live there - because they were deceived.

The San Francisco Health Department and Barbara Garcia know about the situation at hand - but, look the other way - favoring Lennar Urban aka 5 Points Holdings LLP - and other such corrupt - entities.

San Francisco's City Hall -
these stairs lead to the SF Board of Supervisors -
where the wheeling and dealing goes on.

Millions of dollars are approved so that Lennar Urban aka 5 Points Holdings LLP - same snake different head - can build inferior homes.

 All sorts of gimmicks are announced to the vulnerable - who need housing - badly. No mention is made of contamination, pollution - more high levels of mercury, lead, and radioactive elements - cesium being one of them.

Conceptual plans - with floor plans -
that have small rooms - you put a Queen Bed -
and there is no room left - to move around.

The brand new housing are built on very contaminated ground.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a Superfund Site - these two words - Superfund Site " are never used - by those deceiving the people at large to buy these brand new homes.

Those sites listed on the Superfund List - are mostly those sites - that are very contaminated - former military bases - and there is more.

In this case Hunters Point Naval Shipyard about 1200 acres and Candlestick Point about 600 acres - all very contaminated. Most of it poor " landfill " - prone to liquefaction and severe flooding.

San Franciscans have been " hoodwinked " - I have been on the fore-front to announce again and again - that no one should be living on land that is very contaminated.

I can say this more as representing the Muwekma Ohlone.

There are entities that have just jumped on the band wagon - hoping to sue Tetra Tech and others - who have done a poor job - abating and mitigating Hunters Point Navel Shipyard and adding areas.

Our SF Supervisors keep approving large sums of money - to build homes at Alice Griffith Public Housing.

Hunters Point,  Parcel A the only parcel among many where homes are built once part of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Candlestick Point where once stood Candlestick Stadium - millions of dollars are spent - to put in " inferior infrastructure ".

More on land prone to flooding and liquefaction - most in and around the Candlestick Point area - by Aurelious Walker Road and the True Hope Church.

Candlestick Stadium - has been torn down -
and here and the adjacent land - 
a shopping mall and other ploys and machinations -

The Chinese were sold EB-5 visas - and today - most of these Chinese may not be able to come to the United States - and more get a chance to step foot - in the homes they have paid for - on Parcel A and the future areas - once touted as high end property - facing the Bay.

The paradox is right now - no one is allowed to go near the Bay - it is contaminated - Parcel F is the Bay. Billions of dollars are need to clean the Bay - but Mayor Edwin M. Lee and the SF Board of Supervisor - have NO clue what they are dealing with. Shame on them - putting - innocent people in harms way.

Not once do these idiotic SF Supervisor - ask for the characteristic of the land - I have detail information - the land is very polluted and contaminated.

Why would be will willing to build homes in the middle of Chernobyl - but that is what the SF Supervisors and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - are permitting - endorsing and appropriating millions of dollars - most of it tax payer money. Shame of these - jackasses.

On Parcel A at Hunters Point - the brand new homes - have all sorts of problems -right now. 

The roads are poorly built - and the brand new homes - do not have contemporary amenities.

 You could have an electric car - but there is no place to charge our car.

Public Transportation is very bad - and initially when Parcle A was planned - Public Transportation was mentioned in a general way.

A near by landlord sued Lennar Urban who agreed to do something - but has done - nothing at all.

The Democrats were in power then and Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein - were on the take - the Republicans know about the corruption at Hunters Point - and the adjoining areas - now.

Time will tell - and when the investigation begins - the crooks will all be exposed. Time to send them all to jail - more using the RICO ACT. We can do it - we have the empirical data.

Malia Cohen epitomizes " corruption " -
and is as fake as they come - one day her complexion is white -
on another day a darker shade - another day a lighter shade - and with that the wigs she wears - matching these shenanigans - the diatribe spewing from her mouth - she is as artificial as one can come.

Malia Cohen planned to position herself and become the District 10 Supervisors - to rake in millions.

Never ever did she plan to represent anyone - except herself - selfish to the core - and on the take. She is a consummate - sell out - NOT respected by the community at large - not in District 10 and less in San Francisco as a whole.

Not a day passes - when reports do not come to my attention - about Malia Cohen and her connection with rich and corrupt entities - some from New York - from other places - pretending to fight the " Tobacco Industry '.

 When in reality Malia Cohen - is taking money -  making money on the side - pretending to fight for a cause - while pocketing the money. Who is fooling whom? Despicable to the core - and many a time using youth and young adults to conduct her dirty work.

It is the same on housing and Lennar Urban - that has NOT paid its community benefits - since 2013.

Now the SF Board of Supervisors - have released millions -  on  projects - where Lennar Urban now is fronting as 5 Points Holding LLP - these nefarious activities - are on going - and those suffering are innocent people. Evictions are many - and to get a housing unit - one needs to have sound credit.

Thousands of innocent people have been impacted.

 STOP LENNAR ACTION MOVEMENT  (SLAM) - brought Lennar Urban to its knees.

Lennar Urban had to pay a fine to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD). We did not see the present entities try to rake in millions - join us - now - they pretend to represent the community - trying to use Tetra Tech - how about suing Lennar Urban aka 5 Points Holdings LLP.

How about suing Mayor Edwin M. Lee, Malia Cohen - enablers who have screwed and messed with the lives of innocent people in the Bayview Hunter Point Area.

How about suing Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein?

 Lennar Urban has not apologized - for polluting the air - bombarding a vast area - with Asbestos particulates or structures - to this day.

It does not help - with Mayor Edwin Lee, the City Administrator, Tiffany Bohee ( who has jumped ship ) OCII - the City Attorney Dennis Herrera, the District Attorney George Gascon - others that I know - but will not name - looking the other side.

It is a crime - with intent - to allow Lennar Urban aka 5 Point Holdings LLP - to build thousands of homes on contaminated ground. Put innocent people in harms way.

It is a crime to allow the John Stewart Company - a well known - corrupt Property Manager - have complete control of over 3000 units - from Hunters View to Oakdale Public Housing - Northridge Cooperatives, and many more acquisitions - on the way.

Why are we permitting these White - Property Mangers to control the lives of " people of color ". Why?

Bridge Developers and Mercy Housing too - one worse than the other.

The John Stewart Company is corrupt and is known to be corrupt and keeps bullying and intimidating the people that matter. 

Now - hiring the SF Police Department Officers - to do patrolling and act as watchmen and women - on property that are managed by the John Stewart Company - Oakdale Public Housing  its latest acquisition - under the management and jurisdiction - of the John Stewart Company.

Building homes on very contaminated ground -
the environment bombarded by radioactive elements -
greed folks - putting innocent people - in harms way.
These conceptual plans look good - why build homes
in the middle of Chernobyl? Go Figure.

We the people need a hearing - on the John Stewart Company -  and other crooked mostly White Property Management Companies.

These crooks - acquiring and amassing - thousands of units - that come under their stronghold - the latest acquisition over 1800 housing units - once managed by Apartment Investment Management Company (AIMCO) - All Hollows units on the hill, Shoreview Housing - for those that may be confused.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has set our once
great City and County of San Francisco  on Fire -
 shame on him - and his lackeys.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - will be termed out soon. He has raked millions - and stacked his money - in off shore accounts.

He salary - for doing a lousy job - $400, 000 - this crooked jackass - must step down - NOW.

In five years - the Black population will be non-existent - our population today is about 630, 000 - and less than 3% of this population are Black.

At one time 25% of San Francisco's population were Black.

Unlike any other city - in this Nation -  from day one - Blacks played a role - building San Francisco - the facts and the empirical data is there - for all the world to see.

Today the sellouts - Malia Cohen, London Breed, Amos Brown, Sophie Maxwell,  Dr. Churchwell, Willie L. Brown Jr., Linda Richardson,Toye Moses.

Doris Vincent, Veronica Hunnicutt, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Dwayne Jones,  the Tabernacle Group - others - they know who they are -  are all listed - as sell outs  - they are on the payroll of the corrupt.

The public in general - all know those corrupt that have BLOOD on their hands.

City Hall needs to have a hearing on the EB-5 Visas - other types of investment - where large monies are hoarded in off-shore accounts and Mayor Edwin M. Lee and others have access to such sordid - accounts.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee thinks - he can fool all the people - all time.

Trying to fool us all - cutting ribbons here and there - lying that he is doing good - when all he does is adversely impact the lives of the poor and the indigent.

Hard working San Franciscans - must make $120, 000 a year - to make a living - and need at least $200, 000 to live well - in San Francisco.

Rents have sky rocketed - and those property owners - who bought homes for cheap are selling out properties to take advantage of the current market.

We know non-profits - are having a difficult time - the only ones that stood for the people of San Francisco  - are folding up - moving out - and soon there will be - few advocates to represent the poor and those that need help. 

God sees it all - and I will be reporting in detail - the entities - who have sold out the community - at the highest - level.

Once the non-profits - who were able to help the people - are no more able - to do their work - without intimidation - the few of us that cannot be intimidated - are serving - but that will not be for long.

San Francisco will go to the hogs - the filthy rich - but worse those that are " greedy " - will burn in hell - for all eternity.

San Francisco politicians - and their corruption - must be reported to the Fair Action Political Committee in Sacramento  - they already have a lot of information on Edwin M. Lee, Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell,  London Breed, Katy Tang and others.

Politicians must represent the people - but they have failed us all.

Now - the few advocates in the trenches - are all the people have - more the poor and the indigent - but as I said - time is running out.

The great Master said " blessed are the poor who theirs is the kingdom of heaven ".

The Greedy and those that are saturated with " greed " - as most of our politicians are - will  burn in hell - for all eternity. 

Take it from me.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior -
San Francisco is Muwekma Ohlone Land -
each and every square inch was stolen from the Ohlone.

This is Ohlone Land - and I represent the Ohlone in San Francisco. 

We have patience - and our patience is running out. Aho.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Superintendent Vincent Matthews - has his work
cut out for him - weed out those Managers 
who are tyrant - at the San Francisco Unified School District -
more those that control payroll and accounting - hard working
 employees - who are fed up with the harassment at work.

The San Francisco Unified School District - pretends in the many long meetings it has - with long, convoluted agendas.

Talking in circles - and wasting money on all levels - by management and more the San Francisco Unified School District Board - that know what is  happening - and look at the situation at hand with - disdain. 

The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) comes under the State of California - all of its students are mostly from San Francisco.

As the years have gone by - the standards have fallen - our students have been put in harm way - and again and again - we see popping up the ugly head - of disdain - for those that work hard - with the SFUSD Board - caught sleeping at the cockpit.

The heads of payroll, those playing a key role keeping the books - are threatened by Management - and this has been going for years - these hardworking workers - must be loved and respected -  but today they are at their " wits end ".

On June 27, 2017 those gathered at 555 Franklin at the SFUSD Board meeting - fed up - having suffered too much - spoke up - and what they said was - " not pretty ". The SFUSD Board sat quiet as they often do - when shit hits the ceiling - quiet as a mouse - not knowing what to say and less to do.

The SFUSD Board treats the hardworking employees targeted with disdain -  and " respect " which is a key ingredient to any working relationship - is thrown - out the window.

It is amazing to see - how the SFUSD - and more Shaman Walton - who now wants to run for Supervisors of District 10 - at this time is the President of the SFUSD Board - failing to handle the  the serious issues - that have reached saturation point.

Those Managers who have failed to treat our friends with respect  - for years have been treating hard working SFUSD workers like animals - must be FIRED.

When these workers speak out - it demoralizes the teachers, the students, the parents, the supporters, the entire City and County of San Francisco.

The SFUSD Board members use the SFUSD Board as a stepping stone - to run for SF Board of Supervisors - Norman Yee, Jane Kim, Eric Mar, Sandra Fewer and others have run for SF Board of Supervisor - but these members did they duty when they represented the SF Unified School District.

I suppose the SFUSD does not want us - thousands to gather at 555 Franklin Street where the sordid, long boring meetings are held.

 Announce how disgusted many parents are , how disgusted many SFUSD workers are, how disgusted the supporters of the those working hard and belonging to the SIEU Local 1021 Union are? The thousand of temporary workers belonging to SEIU Local 1021 - who should all be made permanent - many have worked for over 10 years, more for 15 years as temporary workers. 

Where is the fairness? Where is the justice? We say San Francisco is the City - that know how - truly? Enough is enough.

It is time the Mayor Edwin M. Lee steps up and uses his pressure - that is if he knows how to be a leader?

It is time the SF Board of Supervisors - step up and find out why State and Local laws are being broken - and tie this nonsense to the rain day fund and other benefits that the SF City and County is quick to dole out to the SF Unified School District.

For over 30 years - I have stepped in and brought about some sanity to the the SF Unified School District - and to the Board - directly and indirectly - it is time the SFUSD Board - take this matter very seriously.

Treat the teachers right - treat those doing pay roll right - treat the temporary worked right - and not keep them as temporary worker for over 5 years - and those who have been there for over 10 years, 15 years - must be compensated.

SFUSD Superintendent - Vincent Matthews

It is time - Superintendent Vincent Matthews who makes in access of $310, 000 plus with benefits - rein in the corrupt Mangers and put them on notice. 

You cannot break the law - threaten and treat adult and professional workers with disdain - this is not some Third World nation - and even there professional people in School and Universities are treated with respect.

The Superintendent Vincent Matthews -
has cast a shadow on SFUSD -
it is not a pretty one - and he must do something about it - now.

San Francisco parents and tax payers in the past - have contributed a lot to the San Francisco Unified School District.

In years past there was a healthy relationship with the tax payers of San Francisco, parents, supporters and friends of the San Francisco Unified School District.

I have been following the SFUSD for the past 35 year plus - and in the past 5 years - the SF Unified School District has gone down hill.

There are so many serious problems - that I do not want to write about them in detail - but, if the changes are NOT made I will.

The President Shaman Walton knows me pretty well - and he better step up with the professional who are working in the payroll and accounting department - and tell the Manager to STOP treating those that are working like animals.  This  has been going on for over 2 years - and this must STOP - now.