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Saturday, January 31, 2015


In this digital world our youth and young adults are kept out - shunned while some "naive" adults make decisions; create half-baked policies - that adversely impact - generations.

Evil policy makers are tying to circumvent the real issues - putting emphasis on "GREED" and failing to be compassionate.

Hundreds of infants, children, youth, young adults - when they are need of the services they need - are deprived of them - and this one singular factor - adversely impacts hundred - may be thousands for the rest of their lives.

Today's politicians are besides themselves - tunnel vision - and one one politician in San Francisco is "culturally competent" to comprehend the deep issues that affect our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults - and even the constituent - the tax payer.

The damage done to that segment of the population that votes - has created an atmosphere - that we have thousands that have stopped voting - and when this happens and has been happening at all level - some one must pay - attention. NOW.

In today's world it is paramount that adults who make decisions that affect the community at large - first and foremost bring in the youth and young adults into the deliberations.

This input is necessary not the re-invent the wheel - to cover the hidden aspects that most adults take for granted. Children or youth cannot truly inform or teach the adults - anything substantial and viable. The fact is that they can - youth and young adults - children and even infants - have taught us to many times - and it is all recorded.

In it critical - that the youth and young adults - involved in the deliberations - should be those that are respected by their peers.

For sure NOT those youth and young adults - who can be bought - thus setting another generation - who take their marching orders - from adults that are corrupt and have no ethics and morals.

Believe me the youth and young adults on the street are not all dumb and stupid.

Many of them made mistakes - and most of them learn from their mistakes - some will go on making mistakes - just like the general population. We must believe and work hard to give human beings a second chance - it is here that the "compassion" kicks in.

Many of the children, youth and young adults - are very intelligent.

However, again and again - more the youth and young adults are denied opportunities - by the Mayor's Office and those that make policies - that adversely affect the community at large.

Thrown some bread crumbs - we have a $9 Billion budget - and failing to have plans that favor Career Jobs and training long before huge projects - are started.

The Sewer System Improvement Project - can employ hundreds of youth and young adults and they should get the training right now.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District should have a monitoring station right at Executive Park - or some where near - so that we do not follow a fail model - getting on information from the Air Monitoring from Potrero Hill and the Airport that is situated in San Mateo. 

We have micro-climates - wind in access of 40 miles and at time 50 miles - that take contamination all over the place.

Recently all those who agreed to go ahead with the "implosion" of Candlestick Park must be investigated. Some one has to go to jail - for a long, long time.

The community fought and there are advocates who have direct communication with Washington DC more with Law Enforcement. Lennar Urban is a known Rogue Developer.

Lennar Urban brought the down fall of Vallejo - forced that City to declare bankruptcy - to this day Vallejo is suffering.

Lennar Urban promised to build 10,000 homes on Mare Island -a and then decided not to do so - then declared bankruptcy. 

Vallejo thought they would get millions from the dense housing, tax increment and so on and so forth - and nothing came of that deal.

Much like the Candlestick Development more the Shopping Mall does not bear well on our community - no one has the money to spend of high priced goods - we already have the best malls - down town - San Francisco.

At the highest levels be it Planning, Housing, Transportation, Education, Safety, Child and Youth Development, Health on all levels, Jobs and our Digital world, Fashion and Music - the youth and young adults are left out. This situation must be remedied on a war footing - and those leaders who do not help the youth and young adults - must get out of the way.

Now and then you will get some clown who comes into the community and pushes for "coding" - "training in some basic bio-sciences" and so on and so forth. Never ever having in mind career jobs. You get the training and then you are left on your own. 

Even in some jails - after such training such as coding - private companies are offering jobs to the incarcerated - the reason is simple - the jailed get some credit - and some one makes a lot of money. As many know those incarcerated - cannot be paid high paying jobs.

It is the same that is happening today - we cannot expect mostly minority just to be laborers, painters, holding signs and guiding people across the road.

These menial jobs that offer you opportunities - for short periods of time - three months, six month, even a year - and then the person trained has to fend for themselves.

We see before our very eyes what is happening with Twitter, FaceBook, Google, Airb&b and so on and so forth - mostly Whites who have taken opportunities on all levels, funded by the Government, and to top it all they get large tax breaks from local governments.

Right on Third Street now - Whites are given opportunities - grants not loans - a loan you have to pay back.

Opening stores and one can see things for themselves.

You open a store - in a neighborhood that you do not understand - the City and County of San Francisco - favors outsiders.

A store run for sometime by Blacks on Third Street and Palou facing North - has closed down.

It was run by some Blacks - they tried their best - but failed to follow the latest marketing practices - failing to set-up the store - to attract customers in and not sending them out - in a jiffy.

Our City and County of San Francisco , the Small Business Commission, the Department of Building Inspection, the San Francisco Planning Department, the Mayor Office of Empowerment, and there are hundreds others - all working on our City and County of San Francisco - and all making high salaries and screwing around.

We have a population of about 820,000 and over 28,000 working for the City and County of San Francisco. Over 15% making over 200,000 with benefits. This situation is a like a train come at you at very high speed - waiting to crash against a wall in its path.

The Pension situation today is at risk - with contribution invested in "hedge funds" - other double dipping - the Mayor and other know about this - but they keep the young adults and the general population - in the dark.

We are fortunate to have a Youth Commission - that has some clout - a former Supervisor Angela Alioto had the vision to form the Youth Commission.

The Youth Commission has to do the heavy lifting and have done so for a long time.

Now, it is time to bring the Youth Commission into the Community - have joint meetings in the community with the SF Police Commission and other Commission - so that the community fully comprehends - what our future holds for us.

The youth and young adults - those that have graduated are fed up with how our City and County of San Francisco is treating them.

The youth and young adults come to me for help - so I know what I am talking about.

I know first hand - what is happening at City College - and the role Shannel Williams who I mentored is playing.

Now some developer wants to build thousands of units by City College - on a needed Parking Lot - all in the name of GREED. The public is kept in the dark - and this is simply wrong - more in San Francisco - which has a astute population in the Mission, in the Western Addition, in the Exelsior, in the Bayview, in the Portola Distict, at Potrero Hill, in the Avenue, in the Tenderloin - all over San Francisco.

Recently we had the shooting and killings of four youth - in the Fillmore and then one shooting and killing in the Bayview on Third and Quesada. We must look at these incidents - and come out with solutions that matter.

Our Representatives Malia Cohen and London Breed for example think they know - because they listen to people who know less - and no one is truly interested in having a Town Hall meeting just with the youth and young adults. No interference with the so called adults - be they Pastor or so called experts - keep them out.

These killings and shooting will continue to happen.

More - if those in charge do not win the trust of those that are impacted most.

We have others - looking for opportunities - looking at Violence Prevention and Intervention to make money.

This is what has been happening all these years - all those who were mandated to focus on Violence Prevention and Intervention -  pocketed millions.

Adversely impacting our youth and young adults.

Community Based Organizations - who were close to the former Mayors - who were mandated to do their work and did not do it.

They all - must be investigated - and there are people who will come forward and tell you the - truth. 

In the past over $10 million use to flow down Third Street - Community Based Organization - taking the money to do Violence Prevention and Intervention - and doing the minimum.

Today is is about $30 million - flowing down Third Street.

The SF Health Department and Barbara Gracia - getting more millions - and spending it elsewhere - and not in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

Law Enforcement using Over Time and spending millions on tracking down the small fish - while the "big fish" and real "bad guys" causing havoc in the community.

The community is hurting and what is important to note very angry.

Now, when you are angry you cannot think nor act - in a manner that favors progress and brings about harmony.

This is exactly what some entities want - they with intent are perpetuating divisiveness.

No one can fool all the people - all the time.

Friday, January 30, 2015


The recent killings and shootings did not happen in a vacuum - and folks like London Breed and Malia Cohen - may try to pacify some with money - but the bottom line is these are NOT leaders and what makes the situation worse - they are spiritually bankrupt.

There is NOT a leader that can address the situation at hand - and as I said weeks ago - it will get worse.

The Law Enforcement is shallow - they think they know it all - and each incident takes ages for them to resolve.

Violence Prevention and Intervention does not come about without sound knowledge - and the worse thing that can happen when - inept, spineless, shallow - politicians - try to address the very serious issues - as if they were licking some lollipop. 

There is only so much of pussyfooting anyone can tolerate.

These dumb politicians - do not have a sound Blue Print - to address the situation at hand.

They think that if they move money from one District to another they can bring about some solution - it is a solution alright - a band aid solution - that does not serve the community as a whole.

I have been meeting - those that once ran the streets - and now are in a position to lend a helping hand.

These warriors - many of them have done time - learned from their mistakes. They are ready to contribute - their very best to the community - and have a plan - but no one wants to listen to them - seriously.

Spending $50 million on Violence Prevention and Intervention is a lot of money - just in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

About $220 million on Violence Prevention and Intervention all over the City and County of San Francisco.

Right now the entities trying to address the situation at hand - are doing it on a fly. Failing to pay attention to - "cultural competency". We now have a diverse population - and we have had "nefarious activities" from many quarters - among them Law Enforcement.

Gentrification is the removal of people - in this case people - that once lived area - and are now considered - expandable. This is not going to happen - while some of us - comprehend the issues - and can do something about, it.

There is only so much one can do - guessing - and trying to buy influence - we need the Street Soldiers - to bring an end to this violence. More Black on Black violence - that same energy - can be used in other areas - in a more meaningful, understanding, and holistic manner.

Our infants, children, youth, and young adults - are treated as statistics - that can be handled - much as those in "power" think they can.

We have seen this coming from the Mayor's Office and folks like Olson Lee. We have seen this coming from SF Planning Department and John Rahaim. We have seen this coming from our inept, spineless, immoral - District Supervisor Malia Cohen - who talks from both sides of her - sordid mouth.

The mostly White Law Enforcement and the others are conditioned or brain washed.

They have no clue about the norms, conditions, the many evolving factors, adverse impacts - of those that are forced to survive.

Have been discriminated with intent for years, have NOT been given opportunities. Used like a dirty rag and forgotten.

The Bayview and the Fillmore have contributed for a long, long time to this City and County of San Francisco - while being in a flux and survival mode.

History has not been kind to both these areas - the short term sordid ploys and machinations of the now defunct San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - created havoc - feeding and using the sell outs - who in turn - with intent - created divisiveness - in our communties.

There are still a few good people - and with a sound plan - we can and we will take back our community.

Lennar Urban watch out - anyone who works with Lennar Urban - will have to play a price.

There are others mostly Blacks the likes of Veronica Hunnicutt, Linda Richardson, Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, Doris Vincent, the Southeast Community Commission Facility Building folks - Citizens Advisory Committee on the Shipyard - all proxy elements of the Mayor Edwin Lee who are on the take - and beholden to Lennar Urban - a rogue developer.

These entities that we are monitoring -  who are playing with fire - and many of us have dumped them - stop attending their fake meetings, have no respect for them and their their ploys and machinations.

Right now the Bayview Opera House is undergoing some repairs - and it is taking too much time - months on end - and too much money - millions have been spent - and there is no transparency and accountability.

That community recreational area has to be used - by our community - run by our community - not outsiders - and people who have a hidden agenda.

Our infants, children, youth, young adults are dying - from cancer, respiratory diseases, and we have City Commissions - pussyfooting with the lives of the constituents of San Francisco.

The worst Commission the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC).

The City Administrator must not be left off the hook - she knows and has the data - and if she cannot figure out about the disparities - the many hurdles ordinary people - suffer more those who make below $40,000 - then she must decide - how best not to pay lip service.

We all know that Mayor Edwin Lee has lost his mind.

You can build all the high rises -  if the people who run the restaurants, the hotels, the Managers who offer services and amenities - cannot rent or own affordable units - cannot use public transport fitting their schedules - cannot find the right workers - people will move to other cities - and thousands of skilled workers - have move out of San Francisco.

Over 20,000 families have left San Francisco and one factor oblivious to those that think they know it all is Safety. Another is Housing, Childcare, you get the picture.

There can be no sound living and development - not when we are find four shot and killed - dead.

Another body cut into pieces and dumped right by 11th Street not far from City Hall , drive by shootings - and inept politicians patting their behinds.

The same with our SF Police Commission and the ribbon cuttings that is now becoming trade mark of the Mayor of San Francisco.

There are other factors too like Transportation failures - and the worst congestion on our roads - ever seen in this City.

Lack of proper hospital care - Saint Luke's Hospital comes to mind - and SF General Hospital is a zoo. We have too many mental patients on the street and no one cares any more.

As the baby boomers age Elder Care is at a premium and not too many people can afford to spend $4000 a month.

It is the same with childcare - the pangs of people trying to shut down City College and deprive this institution that has touched thousands - and practically every family in San Francisco.

All these factor have taken a heavy toll - on many families - the long time San Franciscans - have thrown their hands up - and given up trying - to make a living in San Francisco - that is only now the paradise enjoyed by the - "filthy rich".

The patience of many San Franciscans has simply - worn out.

At Third and Quesada there is a temporary memorial to my good friend Charles Williams - take a good look - those that come to make their rounds for whatever reason - blood stains on the wall - calling and screaming for justice.

Charles was just 24 years a budding rapper and did not deserve to die - shot and killed in broad daylight.

Not a word from the District Supervisor - Malia Cohen on this case and what she has in reserve to bring about a solution.

Such leadership - betrays the trust of the youth, the young adults - and your day is coming.

Malia Cohen is a fake and her heart is somewhere else - it gravitates towards money -  taking junkets to places and influenced by nefarious entities.

She has no clue what it means to represent. She is a shame to the human race. A sell out of the highest order.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


We are on this Earth - on a journey - each one of us - and the important thing to do is right.

Leave a legacy. This is about Charles Williams  who was shot and killed on 3rd Street - right by the side of the Bank of America - shot and running across Third Street to save his life. He fell down on the sidewalk - and slowly passed away. We will remember him - those of us who really - knew him.

Charles Williams was 24 years old.

Charles Williams - better known as CW - is no more - one more youth gone - and our City leaders have nothing to say. More, the Representative from District 10 - who talks from both sides of her mouth.

There is a memorial of balloons, flowers, candles, memories left on bottles and lip prints of love - wondering - why did some have to take a life - and one so young.

Some are trying hard to find out - and it just a matter of time - when the coward will be found - late but not too late - to put away one very bad apple - more a coward.

Many know this rapper as CW - I know him as Charles - when he would request me to buy his works, his songs, his music on CDs - and being a rapper he put his best in his work.

I listened to his work - and he knew I listened to his work - because he knew I had listened to his lyrics - when I spoke to him - and spoke or quoted some lines from his work.

His message was unique - much like most of us - affected by our surroundings - the environment.

There is something each of us artists - want to say, when we write, we dare to sing - it not always that it is comes out - just right - more, in our novice years - we make our best attempt.

With experience we bloom and if our creation our works - it leads one to the bright star in the sky - it means a lot to any budding artist.

We were tight and Charles Williams shared with me his email.

Charles will not get a chance to read this article - he is no more with us - but, he did read my articles - be it - not all of them.

Charles Williams' funeral is planned in two weeks - according to reliable sources. 

Charles is with us in spirit though - and he is wondering no more; about tomorrow - CW did what he could - he did right - and there was no need for any "thug" to take his innocent life - in such a cowardly, manner.

At times I met Charles on the MUNI bus - he was taking some classes - learning to edit music and film.

Final Cut a program that he did not own - but had to go to some place - where it was shared.

I spoke of another software CS5 - now it may be CS6 -  we made small talk - on such issues - common to us and to his work and mine on one level - as well.

Charles Williams knew some of my friends in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

I knew some of his friends and relatives. 

Charles was in a movie and had potential - more a documentary - the movie was shot right here in the Bayview and some adjacent places.

They showed it at a movie house in the Mission and we all went to see it - and we liked what we saw - our youth and a budding Movie Director - doing what they do best - portraying the youth - as the youth themselves - showed that side that no one sees.

In one of the shots is a scene - right outside a store he was shot right by the store he frequented on Third Street and Quesada.

After being shot he ran across and succumbed to his death.
He wanted to live - he loved life - but, that was not to be. 

Today, there is a memorial - and people pass by and when they are told about Charles - they are shocked.

I was shocked too -  that in itself is traumatic - considering this killing and violence on a young 24 year old Black young man - and more when it is Black on Black violence.

I was walking and when I saw this memorial some days ago by the Bank of America.

I felt I had to make some inquiries - had some gut feelings -  so I approached one of the Bank of America managers who knew me - and this Manager told me about Charles Williams.

The guard who knows JT the Big Figure - said to me - I know you from a documentary - and showed me my picture from one of the videos on his telephone - created by JT who has moved to the East Coast.

Back to Charles - I was shown some more pictures - the dreads Charles Williams wore.

My heart was beating - and my mind aghast - why do we have to have so many shootings and killings - in our neighborhood? What is happening to this City and County of San Francisco?

In the interim the Mayor, Edwin Lee is busy making fake speeches and cutting ribbons. Thousands of people need housing - others need career jobs - the man is JOKE and it does not even know it.

Where is the leadership?

Why is the Bayview Opera House closed for so long?

Who is in charge and who from our community - truly makes the decisions? Where is Malia Cohen on this one case - the other case where an innocent woman was killed by a stray bullet.

Do the leaders at San Francisco City Hall really care about our infants, our children, our youth, and our young adults - more if they are Black?

Does San Francisco offer that segment of the population that needs to be helped more - the required amenities - addressing Quality of Life issues.

Recreational facilities - like those offered to those that live in the Pacific Height area. I want to know?

We once created the Community Response Network - only for it to fail.

Strangers coming in our community - teaming with other sell outs - folks like Jacob Moody - and suddenly the goals and objectives of our initial goals and objectives - changed.

We have a group now - funded by the Mayor's Office - sole sourced to another entity HealthRight360.

HealthRight360 is putting their best foot forward - and they are doing what needs to be done. The four victims recently killed all has their funeral expenses - taken care off. Today, is the last funeral - the fourth one putting tremendous stress on these young women and men - God bless them all.

We have the SF Health Department involved - others involved - in gathering information and using the data to get grants - in the millions of dollars.

Our City has  NO viable and sustainable Blue Print - no sound policy - when it comes to Violence Prevention and Intervention.

We have nefarious entities raking the millions in the name of the people - who are adversely impacted - once these nefarious entities receive the money - they spend it as they wish. They forget about Accountability and less about Transparency.

No accountability and less transparency - and more making decision in a vacuum - hoodwinking the constituents of San Francisco more in the areas - where killings and shooting abound - with less transparency and even less - accountability.

Surveys are initiated by the San Francisco Health Department - the data sent to State and Federal entities.

Millions in grants are given to the SF Health Department - clearly showing the increase in cancer, respiratory diseases - the contamination, the toxic air - triggers factor that make people prone to violence, stress, anger and so on and so forth.

The District 10 Supervisor - a sell out - a political whore - spoke up the other day.

Malia suddenly wants an audit - connected with Violence Prevention and Intervention - funds. All this time Malia Cohen has been pussyfooting - around.

An audit on the millions spent on Violence Prevention and Intervention - all of us on the front lines - know what is happening - the important question to ask - where is the leadership?.

The Mayor Edwin Lee - came up with an acronym - IPO - whatever vision he saw those letters - high on greed and out of touch - with the real - world.

Charles helped people - I saw him give money to those that needed money.

CW always he had that smile - an unique smile - and as he gave the little he had - he always was happy that he had made someone's day.

I was walking past the memorial and saw two plain clothes policemen in an unmarked car.

Looking more as if they worked for the FBI or the CIA - looking at me funny - I walked and thought about these - clowns - who make the entire San Francisco Police Department - look bad.

I went home that evening - and there was this news of a Public Defender being handcuffed - just because she told the SF Police Officer - not to take photographs nor speak to her client - a young Black man.

Jeff Adachi the Public Defender came to the rescue of his fellow employee - " if this is the way the SF Police Officers behave towards a Public Defender - you can imagine how the SF Police Officers - treat the folks on the street".

I will not take it that far - but there is a lot truth in that statement.

Just because you have some authority - and in this case - we are not dealing in a hostile environment.

Show some respect to the Public Defender's office. The same office that found two SF Police Officers -  invading hotel rooms with warrants - stealing and failing to act as professionals.

Disgracing the entire SF Police Force and making Chief Greg Suhr look bad.

The Chief, Greg Suhr knows me and I know him. I text him once in a while and he responds to me. He knows where by heart is on most matters right - and when I take a stand - be it -  when I speak my mind and some do not like it. 

That is me - and on some issues- I know some are afraid to discuss the issues - most look the other way.

In doing so they pander to the corrupt and the SF City Hall is full of them.


San Francisco rallies when there is a fire - the 1906 Earthquake and the events after the 1989 Earthquake in the Marina come to mind.

The 1906 played havoc in the Mission and more near Valencia - but, there are few alive who witnessed that raging fire on 1906. In recent times we have had two big ones - and now this one at 22nd Street and Mission.

So far one person is dead and six injured. The Red Cross will handle the situation as they are prepared and called upon - to offer the basic services.

Our Mayor must now step up as he knows so much about housing and talks so much about it.

Incorporate the stellar role or the shitty role he played personally - helping the victims - we in San Francisco are about action not just hot air.

In many of the near by high rise building that are hundreds of vacant units.

We can make temporary arrangements to create  'temporary leases". Test the know how and compassion of Scott Wiener, Kathy Tang, London Breed, Malia Cohen, others that talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

We can test this plan - "temporary leases" can be given - for the families to stay in these units - built for the rich - but "compassion" compels us to find a solution - and here is one looking at high from high above.

The hundreds of vacant units - are not occupied right now - and this is San Francisco.

We private and other entities that have money - tons of it  - we must find solutions - and if our Mayor Edwin Lee has the balls - he must address the concerns of these unfortunate Mission Residents - who have no where to go - and some out with a practical solution - now.

The Property Managers - who have jurisdiction now over hundreds of Public Housing units - be it Bridge Developers, Mercy Housing, the John Stewart Company - want your flesh - they want their money - and will - put hurdles in our way - when it comes to occupying such units.

The paper work is long and process meant to oppress.

Again and again when I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco and we had hundreds of units vacant.

We had situations with large and small entities - that has to evacuate and need housing immediately - we cater to them - on an emergency basis - and leading our charge - was compassion.

I do not know where Colonel Arni Rossi is - but those that know him - can tell you - that we delivered. We even rented a large building at Fort Scott so that our SF Fire Fighters could do their training - Building 1216.

We did that many times and learned a lot - a different type of Property Management without filling out tons of paper work - asking questions that make you puke - put you to hurdles liked they do with the John Stewart Company and Mercy Housing.

We at the Presidio helped State College closer to Barker Beach - when they are hazmat conditions - and need some shelter - we gave them a good rate and even quicker access to our facilities.

Some of us have been there - done that - and are watching our Mayor Edwin Lee and those of his minions - who promises our homeless, other less fortunate - but state again and again to your face - that we have no vacant units. We have.

We we did that and helped many families who need housing on a temporary basis - there are so many situation - many of them - mind boggling.

Then came the John Stewart company at the Presidio of San Francisco and took control of Property Management - at Baker Beach and I still have the manifest and all the required documents. 

At that time a one bed room rented for $300 now rents for $1500 - and a two bed room for over $2000 - and it is all about - greed.

The City and County of San Francisco under HOPESF is pretending to say that they are doing something - but, there is no compassion to accommodate the poor, the indigent - those that have fallen on bad times.

The neighbors surrounding the huge building in inferno - were not informed - we have now established a Department in the City of San Francisco - the Department of Communication by Osmosis. Mayor Edwin Lee heads this department - because you have to be in the know - how to operate the the very complicated - equipment that needs especial - training.

The SF City of San Francisco plan - coming from City Hall - any way you look at it is gentrification.

There is no Blue Print for such emergencies - in any of our poorer neighborhoods. No Blue Print - no Point of Contacts - and of course NO skills to undertake such emergency operations and services - more coming from the Office of Emergency Service or whatever they call themselves - now.

These jerks talk - they have  NO viable and sustainable Blue Print on housing - the last three Housing Elements have landed in court.

If you have money - you an get what you want - if you have little - fork out at much at $1800 for a one bed room unit and you are lucky - but the going price now is over$2000 and at times $3000 for a one bed room - for one month - with tons of restrictions. 

When something like this happens - we must think - what really will happen - when the Big One comes?

We, astute San Franciscans must gather our senses and monitor how our City Hall jerks continue to spew diatribe and hot air.

How they contribute - with all the talk by the Office of Emergency Services,  what role our City Administrator plays - how that weasel Olson Lee who is in charge of the Mayor's Housing - the role he plays - if it is one of compassionate.

The others too many to mention - those of us who are advocates have a " rap sheet" on them - they are the walking, talking, corrupt - thugs that pretend to do good but fuck you over.

AirB&B owes City money - millions of dollars - we can call upon this corrupt entity - for a donation to set the ball rolling.

They have hundreds of units - that AirB&B can set aside for the victims fallen prey to at 22nd Street and Mission.

Even the Internal Revenue Service - will give them a - break - if they fill out their paper work right.

Willie L. Brown the former "thug" Mayor of San Francisco has amassed millions - with stakes in casinos in Macao and other places.

It is now possible for Willie L. Brown Jr to write off some of the expenses - he has a flair and there must be hidden in that slow dying heart - which, I know he is losing his eye sight - some little - compassion is left in that body.

Today, at this lat hour all the facts are not out there - we may find out about more deaths.

More injuries - but for sure we will find out - that the building - must be torn and brought down - in toto.

All those who lived there - we live with the memories of that building - for all their lives. Hopefully, what is left will be good ones - as months turn to years and years to decades. We all are on this journey - and with a little help form friends - we can all may it. The Mission is special - and so from that fertile area - we must smell some roses,

Our City and County must shine with compassion - and Mayor Edwin Lee - has been bragging that we are doing well - with high rises and "corrupt" business that do not pay their taxes.

The Mayor has been begging those business - more tech business to invest in future projects. The Mayor senses some economic down turns in China, even here are home - and want to be prepared for the future. And all that may sound nice - but it is hot air.

Practically speaking we are here  -  now it is time to "invest" in those that have become victims - through no fault of theirs. This is a test - and if they does not farm out - we must set the alarm - too much talk and very little walk.

It allows San Franciscans to evaluate our hydrants and all the talk we have of putting in place this especial "flex pipe line" - leading to the San Francisco General Hospital.

Find out how prepared our hospitals are - and the role of Saint Luke Hospital this time around not far from 22nd Street and Mission.

Our Fire Chief has done well - and always has on occasions such as this.

The Chief of Police is out of town - but he will come and have something to say.

Our Mayor, Edwin Lee is in town - and i will be listening to his comments - I am for action, compassion, solution - sound leadership.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

The Department of Building Inspections has been sleeping at the cockpit .

The Department of Building Inspection -  must step up - may be for the first time the Commissioners who sit on that "sordid" commission - put to work.

The SF Planning Department asked to work on solution - if a fire ten times this one - occurs - which it will - what plans do they have in mind - more linked to Quality of Life issues.

In one unit I know eight people were staying - such conditions do not bear well - when it comes to exiting a fire such as this - in an old building - that fails to meet many current standards. A fire that consumes, in hot and incinerates so fast - that in seconds - what you see before is - but an - inferno.

Come on SF Board of Supervisors - we want to hear from all you - not just David Campos - all of you - what real, practical solutions do you have - to accommodate the families - caught as victims of this fire - at 22nd Street and Mission.

God helps us all - and more those that need help most at this time of need.

The infants, the children, the youth, the seniors, those that have jobs but now have no shelter.

We can do it San Francisco - not by simply talking but by real time - action - and proven solutions. 

Here is a glimpse if the link open - about the fire:

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


A lot has changed in San Francisco - since the days that Mayor Edwin Lee says he was a young advocate and created a ruckus - protesting for those that needed so called affordable housing - in Chinatown and elsewhere in San Francisco.

If his heart was in the right place - he would be rolling up his sleeves and doing the right thing. His been at the Human Rights Commission, his been at the Department of Public Works, his being in Contracting, and his seen his share as the City Administrator - and more.

He could and should do more - addressing Quality of Life issues - schools, recreational facilities, infants and children, violence prevention, career jobs, our failing transportation system, congestion on our roads, our poor air - and the list goes on.

All those years some 20 plus - he did nothing much to make a change - more with the Academy of Art University - taking away - thousands of rental units off  the rental market. Today they are dormitories serving foreign students - paying an arm and a leg.

Today Mayor Edwin Lee and his minions are hand in glove in creating the great divide in San Francisco - which is Ohlone Land.  The Mayor must as he knows well - this is Ohlone land - you do right and all will be well - you do wrong - and you will be accountable - not before frail human beings - but before God.

Every square inch of San Francisco was stolen - and the City and County of San Francisco - does not one single document - proving they bought the land - from the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone.

They just stole the land from the Ohlone - have NO remorse - less respect and their time is coming.

Not too long ago in the 1700s the Ohlone lived peacefully in what is called today at the Southeast of San Francisco - and in other places like the Presidio of San Francisco - all documented - that is until the strangers came and stole the land.

The greedy strangers fished herrings, just raided the Bay where Abolone abounded - contaminated the land as part of the World War II efforts -  continued to give minorities low paying jobs to keep them down and with intent fostered - divisiveness.

Even today the readings at Parcel A- on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard -  Asbestos Structures are recorded and the recording are - high.

The workers keep working - the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - fails to give Notice of Violations (NOVs).
Fails to regularly maintain a log - we have a log - and we keep track of the high readings. On occasion I have sent a reading or two to the Mayor - Edwin Lee - he has never got back to me.

Twenty  years from now many of the workers exposed - will die from cancer, tumors one of a kind - Mesothelioma and other very chronic respiratory - diseases.

The SF Health Department is NOT doing anything to inform the workers about the dangers of Asbestos structures. A fact sheet should be distributed to the workers - all workers and residents - living 2 miles radius at least - on the adverse impacts of Asbestos structures.

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency is asleep at the wheel. The EPA - should do the same - send a fact sheet or make it available on line - so that we are agreed on the main elements - no one wants to take the role. 

The State Department of Toxic and Substances Control  (DTSC) - is being reorganized and revamped at last - having been proven to be totally - dysfunctional.

At a recent hearing in Sacramento - the DTSC - had failed to collect the fines - imposed on entities - that were fined years ago. The SF Port Authority was fined - $1 million for storing hazardous soil - PCB's, lead, and so on in the open at Pier 92.

The many so called Environmentalists in the Bay Area - know about these adverse impacts.

No one is writing about these issues - serious adverse impacts - that will be slowly but surely killing those innocent - who were NOT warned and less - safety precautions taken to prevent them being - adversely exposed and eventually - impacted.

There are over 60 churches in the Bayview Hunters Point - and there is abject poverty, everywhere.

Hot spots - where there is unemployment over 40% of the population - trying to make ends meet.

Come the 5th day of the month - the little the poor and indigent receive - that segment of the population - and has been betrayed by the former Mayors of San Francisco.

More the Supervisors that were supposed to do something - did nothing. They all have BLOOD on their hands. Leading the pack - the Supervisors from District 5 and District 10.

The recent killings and crimes of all kind - is going from bad to worse.

The Bayview Opera House - has been closed for renovation - all Summer long - the youth have been left to fend for themselves on the streets.

How much of this injustice can the people take?

The SF Board of Supervisors are a Joke and more with District 5 and London Breed trying to say something - but acting like a fool.

Don't even mention Malia Cohen she just had three killings recently - and not a word from her - office.

Malia Cohen favored the "implosion" of the Candlestick Stadium.

Malia Cohen who is a "political whore" - has no clue about abatement, less about mitigation - and absolutely does not care about the constituents of the Southeast Sector.

Lennar Urban is a rogue developer - who is is now trying to work with local Union 261 and others - trying to take control of the jobs. 

Those Unions involved with heavy equipment - have made deals with the local mostly Black "thugs" - nothing much has changed.

The same "thugs" many of them jail birds - doing what they do best - stealing, robbing, lying, hoodwinking - business as usual.

People still remember bodies floating in the Bay - these so called corrupt movers and shakers think - they can bulldoze their way and make things happen - to rake in million for themselves.

Much as the " thugs  " involved in clear cutting over 400 mature trees on Parcel A.

Those involved in - grading the land on Parcel A - and bombarding Asbestos Structures - more from 2004 to to 2008 - are doing the same thing now - and getting way with murder.

Outsiders seeking opportunities - coming into our community and thinking we KNOW nothing about the fake Environmental Impact Report endorsed hurriedly in 2010 linked to Candlestick Stadium.

The amendments made in front of the present SF Planning Department - that continues to Rubber Stamp projects - without enforcing the law - the rules and regulation that must be applied - to enforce Quality of Life issues.

The Department of Building Inspection - totally inept - looking the other way - quick to collect millions in fees - but very slow to do their job. Totally incompetent. 

We all know now - at this late date - that thousands are forced in San Francisco - to live anywhere they can find shelter.

Now, thousands live under bridges, under the bushes, on the streets, in dirty and noisy shelters - while the City and County has been pussyfooting around.

The pressure from a segment of the population that is stressed - will invade SF City Hall - soon. Protests from the streets to City Hall - and everything will come to a STOP.

We once had the Armory on Mission Street - where we could shelter those poor and indigent from the inclement weather.

The Armory that huge brick building on Mission Street - has been leased to Porno Company - where all sorts of sordid movies are made.

The rich and famous - can go and engage in sodomy, S&M, and what have you. 

They even have tours  - where those visiting San Francisco - can truly see that side of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

The mostly Black pastors the likes of those who belong to the Tabernacle Group - who know nothing about developing are Spiritually bankrupt.

They have NO influence - they sold their souls to mammon - a long time ago.

They are contributing to the lack of sound leadership among the Black Pastors.

The youth, the young adults - want to keep it real - they do not respect these charlatans. These crooks - all they want is money - to carry out their nefarious activities.

Visit the churches - to get a pulse of what is happening - you see the elderly who live in the past and talk about the past - and the babies who cry to heaven for justice - in their innate innocence - surrounded by evil.

The youth and young adults come to me and talk to me - they youth and young adults want a sense of what is happening.

Where are the career jobs Mr Mayor - Edwin Lee - your speech writers - are living on another planet?

Your speech writers high light - one of two cases of success - we have a population of about 810,000 and a full 80% of them - are having a difficult time - surviving.

The elderly Chinese go from stop to stop - all over San Francisco - gathering food donations.

Then they create their circles - to sell some of the food and make some "little money" to survive - much like some Third World countries.

The mentally challenged are left to fend for themselves.

Many die and no one really cares - not Barbara Gracia and her Health Commission - that talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

President Barack Hussein Obama - says he wants to do something - billions are spent on the wars - where we had no business interfering with Nations that did nothing to us - and more failing to abide by the Geneva Convention.

We compromised our own security and the politicians - many of whom live in San Francisco have NOT served their Nation - are talking from both sides of their mouth.

When those that know want to say something - City Hall gives them two minutes for public comment.

While sordid morons like London Breed, Scott Wiener and Malia Cohen can go - on and on and on - spewing hot air.

Public comment at the SF Board of Supervisor is like a circus - I wonder if the SF Board of Supervisors - review their actions, their diabolic talk - and think this nonsense will go on forever. Never.

The killings and shooting in San Francisco will increase - and in greater numbers - in proportion to the stress, the difficult living conditions, the lack of Quality of Life services.

Thousands continue to live on our streets - and now it is becoming a common scene and accepted.

Now, HOPESF with "thugs" who are sleek like the John Stewart Company, Bridge Developers, Mercy Housing and other minions - want to tear down Public Housing and cause even more - pandemonium.

Of course Mayor Edwin Lee has no real clue - not with the lies and sweet nothings - that Olson Lee whispers in his ears.

All over our great City - people are really suffering - and here is our Mayor - Edwin Lee spewing diatribe surrounded by those who must work at their Departments and make decisions that better the working of our City.

Not watch the Mayor cut those ribbons that mean - nothing.

City officials are fed up - they cannot do their work - pretending to side with the Mayor - while talking bad behind his behind.

The congestion, the red tape for small businesses, the parking restrictions on San Bruno Avenue in San Francisco - without consulting the small businesses on San Bruno.

The small businesses on San Bruno work hard - and here the City comes with restrictions that favor huge rigs and deprive customers who have shopped for decades - but now cannot find parking. Who came up with these parking restrictions? They must be fired.

Pot holes all over the place in our City.

Our City has Million of dollars to fix our streets - but there is no viable and sustainable Blue Print with Accountability and Transparency.

Van Ness is a mess when it comes to those who are Physically Challenged - crossing the street.

The political whores and pimps - know about it - but they care only about themselves.

The "zero vision" crap is more talk and less action.

Some fuss is made after some pedestrians die - then, it is back to normal - even the very traffic in front of  - City Hall.