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Sunday, July 31, 2016


Independents are uniquely poised to create a sound platform - to prepare ourselves - without much fanfare - to confront - the two major parties - that have failed to represent the people.

Independents set the tone - recruited the leaders - and gave them the required basic orientation - on issues. 

We must be educated on issues - not on fluff - ninety percent of the issues discussed by the one track Republican National Convention ( RNC) and the lying Democratic National Convention (DNC) - was fluff.

The Main Media - has bombarded misinformation - disillusioning  millions of innocent viewers. 

It is amazing when you question ordinary people - how little they know about process - how little they know about the empirical data - that it out there.

The main problem - most people cannot discern.

Those that can discern - do not have the patience - to educate others.

We must learn to have empathy. We must learn to have patience. We must be able to take anyone to a better place. We must have the moral fortitude to stand our ground. We must fine tune our moral compass.

There is a lot of information out there - the ability to zero in on the best information - and capture the information - is education.

Very few people know about Security Clearance - just the basics.

If you knew it - anyone with Secret or Top Secret clearance - will reveal to you - that Hillary Clinton - blew it - big time.

Trump has cheated thousands - built projects and failed to pay those he owed money.

Declared bankruptcy - then taken  the victims who sued him -  to Court - using high powered lawyers - to pay those he owed money - a few cents - on a dollar.

Legally speaking he should be lingering - in jail.

The rich are known for this kind of behavior - including large contractors - AECOM and URS - housing developers the likes of Forest City and Lennar Urban here in San Francisco.

Once the constituents who are serious comprehend - the workings of the corrupt - Hillary Clinton.

At one time Hillary Clinton - was on the Board of Walmart.

The well known - Walmart  - that prefers temporary workers - so that they are circumvent the law - deprive their temporary workers - from receiving - health and other pertinent - benefits.

Trump has no clue - about our Defense system - barking out loudly - that he will order our troops - to break the law - and mandate our force to attack people and nations - that we have relationships with.

Our government has failed our seniors - and the poor growing by leaps and bound - some 50 million  - are thrown to the wind - and the  United States government - does not care - President Barack Hussein Obama does not care.

President Barack Hussein Obama cut the Veterans Budget by $2.6 billion. 

The Veterans Administration has failed our Veterans - more those that need urgent medical care.

We as a Nation - have an obligation - but we as a Nation - have not spoken up. 

We have the empirical data and can expose the current government and those that bark on the wrong tree.

The Independents are a real force to be reckoned with. The Independents were treated like dirt - at the Democratic National Convention - remember that - all you that participated in the blatant discrimination.

Last I heard we were a democracy. Watch out we are coming - with a blue print - that will floor those that think they can defeat us this time around.

It is the same with our failing infrastructure all over the Nation.
Deferred maintenance is responsible for our failing bridges, roads, dams, and other important infrastructure.

Safety issues on our streets - with Law Enforcement - trained and using para- military tactics. 

Again and again we get reports of Law Enforcement - sent to Israel - to train our Law Enforcement - how to treat our citizens - much like Israelis treat their so called cousins - the Palestinians.

Corporations have bombarded our bodies with nitrates, sulphates, sodium - other types of toxic chemicals - so called preservatives  -
that for thousands of years - our human bodies - did not take in and digest in very large amounts.

Obesity, cancers, tumors of all kinds - the result of " greed " - people selling us product - with those in charge - failing to monitor what we put into our bodies - Federal and Drug Administration - which is a JOKE.

The ninety nine percent controlling the majority of decent Americans - the ninety nine percent - participating in  blatant and in your face " gentrification ".

Mass incarceration has reached  saturation promotions - President Bill Clinton and his wife - were instrumental - creating so called tough drug laws.

Millions lingering in our jails - and most of us - have NO clue about these facts and should be ashamed of ourselves.

Independents and others are sensitive to the adverse impacts - inflicted on our infants and children.

 Dangerous particulates - other types of contaminants - heavy doses of mercury,  lead,  other contaminants - mostly in poor neighborhoods.

The Environmental Protection Agency has failed us.

When it comes to safety - the murders on our street by Law Enforcement - shoot first and ask question later - the Department of Justice (DOJ) - choosing to send Community Oriented Police Services ( COPS).

COPS has been sent into poor communities - to address the murders committed - on people of color - they interview folks - and prepare thick documents - thousands of pages - that lie on shelves - collecting dust.

We need the DOJ - to send the task force - with the ability to investigate and deal with Racial Discrimination - on a war footing. Our Attorney General has failed us - Loretta Lynch.

Here is San Francisco - the DOJ and Loretta Lynch has done a very poor job. 

Why are so many student so stressed out?  Why are our students - so over burden with - " student loans ".

The paradox one may graduate from college - try their best - fail to get a - " permanent job ". What are those in authority doing about this?

Well young women and men - can now - take control and be in government and do a better job. 

Some want to take their country back - but this Nation - once know as Turtle Island - belongs to the Native Americans.

We fail to acknowledge this fact. 

Add to that billions of dollars - a Trust Fund belonging to the Native Americans - stolen - the Department of Interior - cannot account for this money.

Here is San Francisco - I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and have been monitoring - the crooks - and the have expressed by disgust - for the two conventions - the RNC and the DNC.

Welfare benefits Whites - there are other concepts - bombarded by the Main Media - lies - repeated so many times - that people who are not educated on issues - believe in the lies - and the TRUTH - is never - revealed.

Again billions of dollars benefit Whites - they receive more - and others are blamed - people of color.

We have an opportunity - to strategize - create a mega-data of pertinent information.

 Create - an organizational chart.

 Put the right leaders in charge - we must NOT compromise.

 We prepare ourselves to deal with those who we have to deal - at the appropriate time - stand our ground - and WIN.

This digital world favors us - what is needed we should endeavor to be of one mind - and united. 

The Republicans and Democrats - are so alike - it is not funny. 

So - let us start building and strategize - vett our concepts - and make good things - happen.

Let us have young people - young adults leading the Nation.

Let us allow our young women to take control of their destiny - and let the men - shoulder the burdens together - and make good things happen.

Subjectively speaking spiritually we must be strong.

More - so that we can be focused - but more endure - when times are difficult.

We are lucky we experienced the trial run - many finished the marathon - only to be let down.

Now - we must cease the opportunity - to work - win one battle at a time - and we have four years to - WIN.


People may not comprehend it - but to lead a " movement " and fall prey to the Democrats more the sordid Democratic National Convention - is totally - uncalled for.

Both the Republicans and the Democrats - the leaders they have chosen - to lead the United States of America - are unfit.

We must not allow our Nation to be tarnished for decades. This must not happen - and there are many ways to deal - with the situation at hand.

The " situation " will require the MOVEMENT to act now - and come out with a model.

An unique " model " - and if the leaders from the movement - those vetted - those that toiled and spent thousands of hours.

More - canvassing - these unique leaders - are in the best situation - to change drastically - who will vote - and for whom.

In my opinion - we have the frying pan and the fire - now. 

I would be a fool to choose either to these - sordid, options.

America is at a crossroads - and what Wikileaks and other conduits have done - is fullY expose -  with empirical data - the sordid Democratic National Convention - corrupt.

We have proof that folks like Debbie Wassermann Shultz with intent - favored Hillary Clinton and her operations - and legally speaking - such actions - impeded  - " fair play ".

Hillary Clinton is the establishment - lock, stock, and barrel.

Hillary Clinton lies - and when she is caught with her hand in the cookie jar - she will amend her writings, circumvent any question that requires a direct answer - plainly put - she cannot be trusted.

As for Donald the other candidate - there is nothing - whatsoever - good to say about this candidacy. Egoistical maniac.

Power to the people - COMMONS.

Our Nation - once named Turtle Island - was nurtured by the Native Americans - the Native Americans kept all that we see today - some 3, 717, 812. 8 square miles pristine.

The Native Americans - more the Six Nations - the Iroquois Nation - contributed their Democracy - practices for thousands of years - to our Nation through our Founding Fathers.

The Founding Fathers incorporated much of what they learned from the Native American leaders - way back in 1776 into our Constitution - in and around Philadelphia - the City of Brotherly love - and may I add Sisterly love.

Both Hillary Clinton and the other candidate - are here vying to be the President of the United States - using corruption of the highest order - to attain their goals.

There is no justice. We see the symbols - and even the Supreme Court - has declared -   "Corporations are people too ". Think about that.

We take it for granted - that what we see and hear - is something that can be tolerated and believed - and that is not so.

Millions of dollars are spent on Television Advertisements - to trick people into believing who is right and who is wrong.

Both of the leading candidates - from both of the major parties - are diabolical and NOT to be trusted.

As in our Nation - all over the world - there is turmoil - those in power - more politicians - say one thing and do another.

Our Nation is great not because we are great - but because our land is blessed with resources.

We have a population - of about 320 million.

For thousands of years - the Native Americans who we have failed to acknowledge - many NOT put on the Federal Register - are treated like second class citizens - and this is wrong.

Washington D.C. has created too many situations - with so much divisiveness.

Trying to create confusion - using the Main Media - to tarnish our thoughts - the thoughts of the people at large.

The Movement - rallied millions - and we must - do all that is takes - to carry on the Movement.

Prepare four years from now - to change - the establishment - that now is in place - reeking with corruption - of the worst order.

We have the leaders - and what is important is being laser beam focused and united.

 There are millions in our Nation - the United States of America - that are fed up with the two Main Parties - one worse than the other. 

We must seek another party - to deliver - one that has the support of the COMMONS.

Where the wealth is distributed - where our senior, our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults - those with compromised health - those that need help - are all given the help and opportunities to succeed.

Right now the ONE PERCENT - have too much - and GREED rules the ROOST. That must change drastically - Aho.

Saturday, July 30, 2016


It is easy just to be a candidate - have a platform - raise money - speak to the constituents - and seat back and relax.

It is quiet different to be a candidate - have a meaningful platform - raise money without hurting the pocket - listen to the constituents - and work tirelessly - because - then - you have started a movement.

The majority of decent people have given up on the two major parties - the Democrats and the Republicans.

The independents, the Green Party, the other minority parties - cannot simply compete with the two Giants - the Democrats and the Republican parties.

So, when Bernie Sanders - decided to run - on a platform that spoke to the young adults and those that care for Mother Earth - millions gathered - more volunteered - as has never, ever - been seen in recent - history.

Again and again - a deciding factor - to prompt the millions to move a better place - had to do with accountability and transparency.

So when we came to that point when we all decided - if the Democratic National Convention - had any transparency and accountability - everything came to a dead halt.

We learned about Debbie Wassermann Schultz - and how this one woman and her inner circle - defied decency - and did all in their power - to tarnish Bernie Sanders.

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) and those that put it together and even those who stepped in - to keep the DNC a afloat - failed to abide by decency - plain standards - the with " intent " - deprived Bernie Sanders followers - from entering the DNC and participate and the deliberations.

We must now investigate who was in charge of depriving the Bernie Sanders followers - passes - stopping thousands from participating - at the DNC as they ought to have participated.

We have a right to protest - and when we the American Citizen - is deprived of this right - it is as if - " duct tape " - seals your mouth - and you are asked to speak.

We saw this when we saw many of the Bernie Sanders followers - blind fold themselves - other paste slogans - that spoke louder than the fake speakers on the podium - who were given - prepared speeches to deliver.

The lengthy Primary Elections - the many thousands of volunteer hours - spent by the Bernie Sanders volunteers.

The many one of a kind concepts - on education - on climate change - on minimum wages - on permanent jobs - on affordable housing - on child care - in short Quality of Life issues.

Hillary Clinton is deeply entrenched with the " establishment " - charging a quarter million dollars - to speak to the likes of Goldman Sachs and Wall Street - moguls. 

Hillary Clinton has deep ties with Wall Mart and was on their Board.

Wall Mart - that has denied benefits to its workers.

Loves to employ people - and give them temporary jobs - so that the employees cannot receive - health and other necessary benefits.

Hillary Clinton has written books - and then removed entire chapters from her book - just because - she changes her  "modus operandi " - to suit - what she has in mind - at any given moment.

Hillary Clinton was laughing when she said - she was for Climate Change - that she was for the scientists.

 Hillary Clinton is deeply entrenched with those nefarious entities - that are for creating companies to tap into " fracking ". She just utters words - that people hear - and before they can figure out - more about Hillary Clinton - they truly believe that Hillary Clinton understand Climate Change - when she is backing large corporation - that contribute to the increase of the Carbon Foot Print.

FRACKING has contributed to increasing the Carbon Footprint - but Hillary Clinton would not know that - at least judging from her diatribe.

All over the world - as Secretary of State - Hillary Clinton brags that she has gained experience - she had not. For sure not among those larger countries that matter China, Russia, Brazil - and many African countries - including Rwanda - where when asked about the " genocide " - she was rude to the reporter - who asked the question.

When it comes to " Blacks Lives Matter " - every single time - some one has confront Hillary Clinton - with the issue - she has retorted with utter - defiance.

Hillary is from the South - but she has forgotten about how Blacks experienced slavery.

Blacks were discriminated against for over 200 years.

Blacks were lynched - Blacks were deprived of opportunities - and still are.

How long ago - do you think Rosa Parks - had to defy the laws - to dare sit in front of the bus?

How long ago - do you think - that women and Blacks - could vote freely - without any encumbrance?

Why are Native Americans still held on Reservation and treated like dirt?

Sell out Blacks and House Negros - have no clue that President Bill Clinton enacted laws - that forced judges to send more Blacks - other than any other - segment of the population - to jail for longer terms - on petty drug infringements.

The Clintons have established a Foundation - with dictators and the Saudis contributing millions.

The  Clintons are about money - live a good life - and have no clue what so ever - how ordinary people live - and more how they suffer.

We have 50 million poor - so called " indigent " people in the United States of America. 

We have a population of about 320 million.

We have an area of 3, 317, 812. 8 square miles.

The Great Spirit blessed Turtle Islands - with many resources.

We know who respected Mother Earth - and who has contaminated Mother Earth. We know who has been " greedy " - and who has respected - Mother Earth.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Mayor Edwin M. Lee 

Senator Dianne Feinstein

Hillary Clinton is so full of it - much like Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein.

Many others - all Democrats the likes of Mayor Edwin M. Lee - Supervisors Katy Tang,  Malia Cohen,  Mark Farrell,  Scott Wiener and London Breed - they all talk the talk and fail to walk the walk.

Closer to home we just experienced the elections - of the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee. On one side those that supported the " developers " - or the other side those that say they are for the " people " - this time around - those that sided with the people - won.

Again the situation is like comparing - being on a " frying pan " or in the " fire ". Time will tell.

The two parties the Democrats and the Republicans - have chosen " greed " to be their primary goal.

The leaders of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are  - spiritually bankrupt. Not once has this " important " issue been discussed by the Main Media - that thrives - on disinformation and more misinformation.

It is not uncommon for those in power - to spent in excess of eighty percent of their time - raising money - filling their campaign coffers - while neglecting - the constituent they must work for.

Those to home we just have to review the donations of Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell - these scum bags - have NO intention representing - they will sell their mothers - to fill their sordid - campaign coffers.

Here in San Francisco - many have been murdered on our streets - by San Francisco Police Officers.

This is a Safety issue - but not a word from Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - and absolutely not a whimper - from Senator Dianne Feinstein - on the many murders - committed by SF Police Officers.

We have been monitoring a very serious situation - SF Police Officers and other officers - more and more - using para-military tactics - on innocent constituents - who pay the salaries - of the SF Police Officers.

The  so called inept, spineless - Representatives - Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi,  Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom,  Senator Dianne Feinstein, Mayor Edwin M. Lee - all Democrats - who have FAILED us all.

We are at a cross road - the people that matter - the COMMONS - have been taken for a ride - but not for long - the REVOLUTION - that was started - must go on - with young leaders - leading the charge.

The time is now - and this time around - no one must sell out to the Democrats and worse still to the Republicans. Aho.

Friday, July 29, 2016


The Democratic National Convention (DNC) - is over - now that the fun fare is over.  We all need to evaluate the vain talk - and see how much - of that talk - can be converted to - walking the walk.

However, we know we cannot do that - unless we are educated on issues. More have our heart in the right place - and are humble to serve those that need help - most.

Fluff is fluff - and that is what  I heard a lot at the DNC -  held in Philadelphia.

The many general statements made - very general in nature - much like the books Hillary Clinton has written.

And having written the books - removed entire chapters - where on many critical issues - she has flip flopped. 

Hillary Clinton has a record of saying something, writing something - and then making amendments or changes - that is putting it light - what she does often - is LIE.

Our Nation - the United States of America - has a population of about 320 million - sadly we have a growing population - over 50 million - who are poor - termed " indigent " - population.

In general terms we talk about the 1% controlling the rest of the Nation - but we have NO strategy - how to increase the population of the middle class.

We brag in general terms that our unemployment is in the single digits.

Those working -  include very few who have permanent jobs - and the very high percentage - hold two, three, and four jobs.

Quality of Life favors - holding a permanent job - with good benefits - and most importantly - where the one working - is happy or content.

So how many " happy campers " do you think - we have when we interview those - working long hours - and getting paid minimum wage - and those even though they have a college education - failing to find a suitable job?

Obama Care has reached out to a large population - and has brought about some succor to some. 

However - in evaluating the system - the premiums of those between the ages of 25 - 45 years has increased.

Seniors who are retirees and have some Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) health benefits - are paying more - and add to that $140 for Medicare. On an average over $1000 a month - for two persons - if not more.

Our Seniors are most affected - and in places where the rents are rising - they are thrown on the streets - to face inclement weather - and are slowly dying. 

No mention what so ever - about this critical and sad state of affairs. In San Francisco a one bed room rental unit - going for $3500 - two bed room for $5000.

At the DNC convention the California delegation - represented the poor and those that the government of  President Barack Hussein Obama - has chosen to pacify. Did did well - protesting - voicing their concerns - and representing those that needed help most. Kudos.

It is the same with our Veterans - not one speaker mentioned - why $2.6 billion - will be cut from the Veterans Administration (VA) budget - and why - are we treating our Veterans with disdain. 

Do you know  it still takes more than 6 months for a Veteran - to be scheduled for a doctor's visit.

More - for a major operation?  Stressing the Veteran and more the family members? Take some time to ponder - and pray for those that need help most - folks who have put their lives on the line. 

Talk is cheap - and as much as any one says - something in general - as did many at the just concluded Democratic National Convention - nothing happens to those that need urgent, help - do we truly comprehend this situation?

Black lives matter - because Blacks were enslaved - given their freedom after years of slavery. Those operating the slave plantations -  making money - from the blood and sweat and lives of the Blacks. In the end the slaves got NO restitution.

 More discriminated - abused - lynched - and  not given the right to vote - when they laid their lives on the line.

When those who did not suffer the atrocities - as did the Blacks - when those who profited take offense - when they read " BLACK LIVES MATTER " - and arbitrarily state; " all lives matter ".

 I say to them - think again - Whites for sure did not spend too much time being slaves - were not lynched in large numbers, were not denied their freedom - you get the picture.

In San Francisco - we studied the many factors - linked to incarceration - more Black are incarcerated - because of laws enacted by President Bill Clinton. Millions are in jails - and few have chosen to fight for those that have been in jails - for offenses - that do not deserve - lengthy sentences - 20 years, 25 years, 30 years.

The House Negroes continue to pander to Hillary and Bill Clinton - who initiated such laws.

Hillary and Bill Clinton - know about them - and have done nothing meaningful - to get rid of these laws.

Laws - that divide America - and have adversely impacted million of Black families and their supporters.

In San Francisco - thank God - we do not listen to the mostly Black Pastors - who sit on the fence - and love receiving stale bread - while dividing our community. Folks like Amos Brown.

Our hearts must be in the right place.

Here in San Francisco - we have some Black Sisters and Brothers - educated on issues - that will not pander - and listen to the House Negros - who are a disgrace to the human race.

We have notified San Francisco City Hall - many times - and shut it down.

The SF Board of Supervisors - with an exception of few - deserting City Hall - fleeing from the scene.

 The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - fleeing for his life - taking shelter - accompanied by a posse of those who protect this lap dog - who is not a leader. Inept, spineless - and clueless to say the least.

San Francisco is a RACIST City.

Above - a photograph - when the KKK - held their meetings - complete with their KKK regalia - hold their meetings - at SF City Hall - below the famous rotunda. The above photograph circa 1938.

Unlike any City in the United States - Blacks contributed to San Francisco from its very inception - Black built schools, churches, homes - published news papers as many as 16 - operated wash rooms - boarding homes - and owned - all these establishments.

We fail to understand that the Democratic Party has done nothing much for Blacks in San Francisco.

The Democrats have contributed to gentrification - Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - despised all over the Nation - Senator Dianne Feinstein - enabling her husband to get - millions of dollars of contracts - URS.

The recent election held by the San Francisco County Democratic Committee - saw some changes - those that favored the large developers and those that purported to serve the people - the commons. 

Those that favored the large developers - were ousted - but they are hovering around - like leeches - and we have to be on our watch.

For once those wanting to serve the " Commons " - won. 

 Daily we have to deal - with those people - ignorant - systemic and chronic - lacking education, lacking access to empirical data - not aware about meaningful process -  who bark up the wrong tree.

Talk the talk - speak in generalities - ignorant on issues - planning and land use, transportation, safety, education, child care, health programs - in short Quality of Life issues.

The many so called Black leaders - who are on the take - and screwing the constituents of San Francisco - have been exposed and will be exposed - Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Juliet Ellis, Dr. Churchwell,  Aurelius Walker, Calvin Jones,  Christine Johnson,  Amos Brown, Veronica Hunnicutt, Malia Cohen, London Breed - those who are appointed by the Mayor Edwin M. Lee on the many commissions - and those who cozy up to the Mayor - all they do is - rubber stamp.

Native Americans kept this land pristine - that is until the atrocious  " strangers " - stole the land, raped the women, took the children and brain washed them, killed the men - and we see more of this today - accept - that it is done - behind close doors - we call that wheeling and dealing.

When you agree - to permit developers to building thousands of homes on contaminated land - at Pier 70, Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Candlestick Point - you are putting innocent people in harms way. Bombard by high levels of radiological elements - cesium, radium, other high level radiation - this is wrong.

Here is San Francisco - the land belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone - and we have all the empirical data - and the patrimonial jurisdiction - over San Francisco and beyond.

I represent the  Muwekma Ohlone on key issues pertaining to land and other Quality of Life issues.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe - as their Tribal Liaison.

The key City officials all know this - and must always remember - " he laughs best who laughs last ".

Those that ride a high horse - will have a steep fall.

We have watched the DNC - and we have heard the many platitudes.

We are organized - like minded sisters and brothers - we do not deal with sell outs.

We believe in law and order - we believe in knowing and exerting our rights - we believe in just - we believe in respecting all - we believe in God - many of us have served our Nation - and that is all that matters.

We are for JUSTICE - we do not want honors and certificates

Praise from those who hearts are wicked - their minds filled with evil thoughts.

 They speak in fork tongues - and think they will succeed - but little do the know - that their time has come. Aho.