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Wednesday, April 25, 2018


San Francisco Unified School has a deep responsibility to represent all students of San Francisco - follow the State laws, the Federal laws - and of course the local ordinances, rules and regulations.

More when the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) - deals with our immigrant children from all over the world - more those countries that are discriminated against - Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq - your get my drift.

The high-toned Chair - Hydra who now heads the SFUSD - known to wheel and deal with entities such as Willie L. Brown Jr and Salesforce - has - now the responsibility to give the Arab Resource and Organizing Center - a voice to represent and help our students from the Middle-East - that has even reached out to the students who have immigrated here from Vietnam.

A Memoranda of Understanding - must be crafted - notice and the agenda item - vetted, read and deliberated - with input from the community at large. We the people demand it - and we the people will see that it is implemented. 

Members from the Arab Resource & Organizing Center.

Arab Resource & Organizing Center  (AROC)- a grassroots organization formed to empower and help students and others - has long been know to help immigrant students - whose first language is Arabic.

AROC has gone out of its way to embrace families - more immigrant families from the Middle-East and elsewhere who speak Arabic - supporting immigrants - to stabilize themselves - introducing them to people and agencies that allow our valued immigrants - to contribute to the United States of America.

We advocates more those with our heart in the right place - have a long history - with our Arab sisters and brothers - I remember well taking on KGO in the early 1980s - some of those on KGO radio - tarnishing the name of the Palestinians - not because there was a reason - but more to show case the plight of the Israelis - when the opposite is true.

San Francisco has always embraced all - we have a special relationship with our Palestinian sisters and brothers - getting to know many of them - throughout our neighborhoods - daily visiting their stores - to buy the necessary groceries - and as thousands of us got to know our neighborhood store owner better - we found out the injustices meted out to our Palestinians sisters and brother - in their Motherland.

A thousand year old plus Olive Tree.

A Palestinian clinging to her Olive Tree -
even as those that have NO conscience -
root up the Olive Trees - in a nonchalant manner -
such are the deeds witnessed daily by those who 
lived on the land for thousands of years.

Here in San Francisco - we get entrapped by the nonsense we here - misinformation - in the Main Media - you know controlled by whom.

 However, when you read the early history - more the Ottoman Empire - you learn how the Jews were taken out of Palestine - many enslaved - how they spread all over Europe intermarrying - bastardizing their genes - product of today's Zionists.

Every Zionist is a Jew - but NOT every Jew is a Zionists.

The Palestinians are all brothers and sisters - those who profess the faith of their great, great grand fathers and mothers - be they Muslim, Orthodox Christians, Jew,  many other faiths - who all lived in peace - mostly.

As with other countries and nations thorough out the world - intermittent wars - were fought, treaties signed -  and life went on.

The many invasions be it from the Romans, the Turks, the British - all influenced the land and the people of Palestine.

Depriving the Palestinians - more those that are tied to their Mother Land for thousands of years - must be taken into account. The Palestinians are forced to jump many hurdles - just to visit their ancestral lands. 

Many wait days to cross a border - while all the time - they can view their ancestral land - just a few hundreds yards - away.

Others are abused - for no reason - the land seized, thousands of years old Olive Trees - uprooted - the unending saga - is too much to bear - for anyone - even some like me - who has taken the cause of the Palestinians and others - for over 40 years.

Here in the United States we do not bother to teach the true history, geography, sociology, philosophy, theology, building true cultural competency - and try our best - explaining to all about " explicit bias ".

From very young I was exposed to the Yemani from Zanzibar and Yemen, the Palestinian from Palestine, the Jew who just happened to come from Poland - yet, tried to tell me that he was from Palestine.

 Of course all this happened on a neutral land - Nairobi, Kenya - where I was born and lived with people - from all over the world.

As I grew up and travelled the world - I learn more - most of my keen knowledge about the Jews - in Vienna, Austria. More, when I lived  in Germany - in Nuremberg.

Here is San Francisco I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco.

The flag of the United States -
here is the State - we embrace all -
yet, again and again misinformation -
pervades - bringing about divisiveness -
we are all human - and must learn to live in harmony.

I am close to the Palestinians - the many who hail and come to this land the United States of American - from the Middle-East.

I share the pain, the tribulations - the many hurdles they immigrants  have to go through - many of them still under some passport issued to them by the United Nations - the land of their ancestors - the Middle-East.

The recent bombings in Yemen - thousands of infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors, many others with compromised health - are dying.

It is a shame when with intent - we allow infants and children to die of starvation. Allow those that are innocent - bombed all to satisfy the whims and fancy - of those Nations like Saudi Arabia - we the United States supply them with sophisticated arms, ammoniation - state of the art jet fighters and bombers.

Donald Trump

The children, youth, young adults - professing to speak Arabic as their First Language - have many hurdles - more the Islamophobia that is prevalent in the United States - more with the ego maniac - Donald Trump - in the White House.

The world is laughing at us - we are suppose to be the defender of human rights - but more and more - with so many Consulates and Embassies with Consulates closed  - those of us in the know - understand fully - para-military tactics rule the roost -  shoot first and ask questions - latter.

Our Educational Institutions should be well informed - unfortunately again and again the SF Unified School District -
has failed to provide - quality education.

We advocates find it difficult that our children are pitied one against the other - the many incidents - that are registered - the SF Police Department called - when children most of color  - are targeted - more discriminated.

The Arab Resources & Organizing Center - has a role to play - and important role - embracing our students - those who First Language is Arabic - a language that has contributed to civilization.

Many Arabs and others who speak Arabic - who have contributed so much to the world - our civilization - in the many fields and professions - doctors, scientists, technicians, 
in business, diplomats, education and so on.

The Memoranda of Understanding is long due - and must be attended as soon as possible - meeting and agreeing with the Arab Resource & Organizing Center - to cater to the need of those that speak Arabic and  need help - and commending the AROC reaching out to the student and other from Vietnam.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Our Elected Public Defender - Jeff Adachi
sets the tone - he defends all -
without discriminating and sets goals -
that are admired by those that have 
their heart in the right place.

Those of us who truly love San Francisco - love our unique neighborhoods - what makes our unique neighborhoods  so unique - are our constituents, our people they hail from everywhere - and have contributed their best - to make San Francisco welcoming and beautiful.

We once had  the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice - that brought about some semblance - we had regular Safety Meetings -  we had a good count of the main incident reports - all sorts of crime -  with this came a certain amount of  transparency and accountability.

Paul Henderson - sells out the community -
weak in the knees - has no clue -
what is happening at ground zero.

Paul Henderson and Maria Oliva Atoche - are two individuals - gadflies on the wall - they talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Each makes over $200,000 with benefits - paying lip service - while nothing happenings with the shootings and killings - the latest where one person got killed and five other got injured - by Third Street and Quesada.

So what is Steve Kava - still doing at City Hall ?
He left City Hall sometime ago - the Chief Advisor -
to Willie L. Brown Jr and other Mayors in Room 200 -
Steve Kava - still wheeling and dealing - 
prompting sweeting nothings - into the ears -
of the Interim Mayors. 

Steve Kava has been around since 1996 when Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr - saw something is this weasel - one of a kind behind the scene - manipulator.

As an advisor - Steve Kava has been behind the scenes - informing the interim Mayors - be it the political whore London Breed - on the Pimp that worships large Corporations - Mark Farrell - what to do and say - they follow his promptings - religiously.

Notice not a word from Mayors - when it comes to the killings and shootings - in broad daylight - on the streets of San Francisco.

We do not even have a decent newspaper in San Francisco - that does investigative reporting. The Examiner is a JOKE and when it comes to the Chronicle - they want to charge you- for reading an article - on line.

The many OGs the ones that purport to know the streets - are at a loss for words - they want to say something - but they know that words do not count - actions do.

Naomi Kelly - our City Administrator -
I know her and she knows me .

We could try having Naomi Kelly gather those City Departments she has control off - the more than 30,000 City Employees - our City and  County of San Francisco has an over $10 Billion budget - yet we have a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long way to go.

Why cannot Naomi Kelly - come out with a Blue Print - that betters our City and County of San Francisco. She has a special contract - makes over $300,000 a  year - and has yet to address Quality of Life issues - all over San Francisco.

No detail assessment has been done about the killing and shootings. Some of us can bring that situation to a halt - we do not need the "snitches " - who work with the POPOS to continue wasting millions of dollars.

We need a new Shift - in Town at Ground Zero and for a million dollars - we can bring the situation under control.

If it works - keeps us going - there is nothing left - but to try this alternative. Do not involve those that have been taking the money - and laughing all the way to the bank. Panderers and those that have failed - should be kept at bay.

Our Controller Ben Rosenfield -
both Ben and Naomi serve a ten year term -
we can work with those that have jurisdiction -
have a vetted Blue Print - that can come to fruition -
both individuals need support - sound support -
not the wheeling and dealing that tarnishes all decency.

Too many Sisters and Brothers have been killed - some by the San Francisco Police Department - others by those that have no conscience.

 Black on Black violence - must not be taken for granted - life is precious - we know this - but none of us have a detail plan to do something about it. This Black on Black violence - that we take for granted - and do nothing about it - must STOP - now.

Community Response Network - the present Street Violence Intervention Program - one morphed into another - but there is no Blue Print with NO sound Mission Objective to address the unique evolution - going on on the streets of San Francisco.

Mark Farrell the interim Mayor -
makes a lot of statements -
he is for the Corporations has been -
his term will end - and with that a scourge removed.

None of  the Mayoral candidates have the necessary empirical data - when it comes to housing, education, health, transportation.

Congestion on our streets, the increase in carbon footprint, the very high rents, the very high cost of living.

Now, a valid statement has been made - to live comfortably in San Francisco - own a home, for a family of two children - one needs to make $300,000 a year.

Once we had Candlestick Stadium - no more .

Homeless all over the place -
tourists do not want ever to visit San Francisco again -
our City has a $10 Billion budget - 
spends 3% on the homeless and people in need.

San Francisco Police Chief William Scott -
he seems congenial but we need something more -
crimes has increased - and these killing more -
people of color must STOP - now.

We have folks pretending to address issues - who are given large amount of money - playing havoc on the streets of San Francisco - this game - cannot go forever.

Paying hit goons to kill others - drive by shootings - in broad daylight and not a word from San Francisco Chief of Police, the interim-mayor Mark Farrell, the President of the SF Board of Supervisors - is despicable to say the least.

Some one knows who is calling the shots - some of us know some - having heavy tentacles - connected deep into the SF Police Department - some one knows who is doing this chronic damage - to the very soul of our City and County of San Francisco.

Where is the Community Policing that we knew about - must know have deep mistrust - the community far apart - from those that say they serve and protect - their is no trust and with no trust - less harmony. Go Figure!

The Community more the Bayview Hunters Point Community has not had a Community Meeting to address - Quality of Life issues.

Barbara Cockel - she is the Director -
of the SF Bayview Opera House -
imagine a Black running some institution -
at Pacific Height - more when it comes to cultural programs?

We have discrimination meted out to the community by Barbara Cockel - who the Bayview Police Station - declared - Citizen of the Month.

When a Black woman approached Barbara Cockel and requested to rent the SF Bayview Opera House - she said point blank - " we do not rent the Bayview Opera House to animals and goons ".

We took the matter to the Sunshine Task Force and won our discrimination case - by a unanimous vote 9-0 in our favor - mandating the SF Bayview Opera House - address discrimination, have their accounting books in order. The SF Bayview has failed many audits - and seems to be nonchalant. More when this nonsense continues years after year - for the last 12 years.

Failing to post the necessary notices linked to meetings - as required by any institution that comes under 12L - laws and regulations - the Barbara Cockel and the SF Bayview Board of Directors - have failed to abide for years.

Monday, April 23, 2018


General Manager Harlan Kelly -
Dwayne Jones and others are playing with fire -
time to put a halt to this on going - nonsense.

I am reviewing large documents and cannot believe my eyes - the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - the entity in charge of  " Public Records "  - was mandated on request - to send me the documents.

The documents sent to me - on an on going basis - over 14 days - revealed the tip of the iceberg. The information was supposed to take 10 days - it was extended and I went with the flow. 

I sent a reminder - requesting SFPUC Public Records to send me all the documents - to conduct my investigative reporting.

Now I have sufficient documents to connect the dots - be it that reading and evaluating the documents - takes a lot of time.

I am shocked at the wheeling and dealing - and I am sick of the on going blatant - corruption.

I warned the SFPUC - " Public Records " - to send me the relevant and pertinent documents - which they did.

I assured them that I would get the SF Controller's Office involved - and I did.

 I also got the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) involved - more the Division of Environment - to help the community better as we have some serious issues linked to Quality of Life issues - contamination, pollution, an increase of the Carbon Footprint - congestion - and a host of issues that adversely impact the public at large.

We have crooked consultants - bidding for jobs - and getting them - not so much to help this City but to fill their own pockets. This blatant corruption must stop - now.

Dwayne Jones - President of RDJ Enterprises LLC -
laughing all the way to the bank - 
filling his coffers with millions of dollars.

Here is a example of a letter sent by Dwayne Jones - President of RDJ - situated at 1485 Bayshore Blvd., Suite 135, in San Francisco, California 94124.

February 21, 2018

Daniel Hageman, Senior Project Engineer
2620 South 55th Street
Tempe, AZ 85282

Dear Daniel:

The ramp up of most projects are an intense period. Contract #WW-628 is no exception to this reality. This letter will provide context and explanation for hours submitted covering December 2016 through March 2017 needed to develop and initiate the compliance reporting systems for the project.

RDJ is a small local business enterprise (LBE) and as the sole owner of the company it requires that I self-perform much of the work and task assigned to the frim (sic). This means that an average work day typically exceed 12 hours per day. To meet the required deadlines and deliverables the following activities are necessary:

  *  Evening Citizen Advisory Meetings
  *  Meetings with SFPUC staff at times their schedule permits
  *  Extensive review and analysis of SSIP data and Project 
  *  Development of the Community Benefits (CB) work plans

If you have questions or need additional information, please
contact me at

Thank you,

Dwayne Jones 

This is a consultant - sometimes mentioned as a sub-consultant - ordering a Prime who has a contract - telling the entity concerned - what he needs to happen.

Any Compliance Officer - will tell you that such behavior is blatantly nefarious to say the least - breaking the laws of the land.

Who is giving a person like Dwayne Jones  - who is not an engineer - has no clue about the Sewer System Improvement Project.

 Never, ever attended any community meetings that mattered - suddenly occupying a position - as a Consultant - throwing his weight around. 

I know he belongs to some Sorority - having attended UC Berkeley but  that is no reason - to give some one who is crooked a project - and make some money to fill his own pockets.

Who are these citizens - more sell outs - who purport to represent the community and come under some fake Citizen Advisory group?

Why would a mere consultant who some how has control over Work Force and linked to Community Benefits - who has NOT produced anything worthwhile.

More, as the Director of Young Community Developers previously - now, suddenly commanding SFPUC staff -  is this not illegal?.

More over initiating over time (OT) -  I have not heard 
of any so called Consultant - having such charge over City Employees. 

Be it that SF Public Utilities Commission - is an Enterprise City entity - that generates its own money.

What extensive review and analysis of SSIP and data Project schedules - does Dwayne Jones know about and can handle ?

What goals and timelines linked to most of the Projects.

Most of the project linked to the SSIP - have not met their goals less timelines.

There has been nothing to present - more when it comes to the implementation of the brand new  Digestors - in fact for over a year - nothing was happening -most everything stalled.

What Community Benefits - we have seen nothing at all - except cronies being given grants - for doing nothing at all - when it comes to Work Force - nothing to show when it comes to CAREER jobs.

Dwayne Jones has been black listed by the SF Housing Authority.

 As the Director of Young Community Developers - in previous years -  his term as the Director was despicable  - all the audits conducted did not meet any standards - YCD got a F-.

Who is allowing a crook like Dwayne Jones to have access to millions of dollars ?

 I have revealed relevant and pertinent information  to many - from one singular Solis report and have many other such reports FAMIS and SOLIS - to show to the authorities concerned.

In the mean time Non-Profit that matter are not being given opportunities. 

YCD, Girls 2000 the other so called sell outs - who have never, ever  attended the pertinent  meetings - all these years -  are not educated on issues.

The simple fact they have not participated in the many meetings - that I was part off - and paid our dues - and they did not - means that they are offered project and bids on a platter - illegally.

A community Task Force was created and 5% of the $6 Billion linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project was set aside as Community Benefits - which amounts to 300 million. 

$150 million for Work Force and another $150 for Out reach - the plans are not forth coming and the two individuals in charge - one Juliet Ellis and the other Dwayne Jones - both individuals have a TAINTED track record.

Juliet Ellis wheeling and dealing -
enough is enough - she should be fired -
doing out community benefits to those that
do not served the community at large.

Juliet Ellis early on - sent $200 million to Green For All her former Non-Profit - while she was working as the Assistant General Manager of SFPUC -  she  continued to be on the Board of Green For All. Double Dipping breaking the law.

She was charged and fined and paid her fine by the Fair Political and Practices Committee and then again by the SF Ethics Commission here in San Francisco - that endorsed the fine and penalty imposed by the Fair Political and Practices Committee in Sacramento.

Juliet Ellis should be fired - and now with what is happening - we hope that she is removed from office - and that there is full transparency and accountability.

Why is the SF Controller's Office - looking the other way - while our community in the Southeast Sector is suffering?

I have sent the SF Controller's Office all the information I could have sent - and have more to send - after I review the information very carefully.

This on going nonsense must stop - now.

RDJ Enterprises LLC is not the only entity - receiving millions and failing to deliver a product.

 From what I have reviewed - RDJ Enterprises LLC is a shadow entity - there is no way to find out line item payments - for a product delivered. 

Unless - you learn to connect the dots - which I have working with a team of experts - a Certified Public Accountant, a highly qualified Compliance Officer that worked for the City and County of San Francisco now retired.

An expert who worked for the City and County of San Francisco - for the Water Department -  has recorded the many ploys and shenanigans  - and can provide institutional history and experience. 

Others who help me read the documents - so that I can get a second and third opinion - it helps to work as a team - when you do some qualified investigation that counts and serves the community at large.

I worked for the Department of Defense - and have qualified experience - the community is suffering - and here we have outsiders - crooks of the highest order - wheeling and dealing - and having no empathy less compassion - for the suffering and hurting - community.

Harlan Kelly the General Manager of SF PUC - is playing with fire - the time has come for Harlan to personally - STOP the on going wheeling and dealing. 

This is a clarion call to him and other in important positions - I have had patience with you all - no more.