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Sunday, November 18, 2018


Who will control the Internet ?

We use to call China - a " Paper Tiger " - those days have come to an end. China has morphed into a powerful dragon - intimidating those - that will only one option - take the lead of China. This may should like a grandiose concept - China has done its homework - positioned itself - to act.

China has positioned itself all over the world - building railways, propping up economic development project - one of a kind - with so called Third World countries - China in the cockpit.

The United Stats has been relegated to playing second fiddle - the many "Banana Republics"  - the U.S. has left a sour taste in the mouth. 

Our role pretending to use the World Bank to cheat the Third World countries -giving loans - and demanding huge interests - ruining once decent democracies - demolished.

China has a vision - resurrecting the once famous and still well remembered and enduring  - " silk route " . 

One has to study the many Nations that were influenced by the " Silk Route " - and with it the kingdoms that rose to worldwide fame -  world leaders like Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan - that criss-crossed intimidating and subjugating nations - changing the world of that time.

Modes of that era - pertains to military operations - are studied today in detail - by the world's best military institutions. Now, there is another awakening - ask anyone who has visited Japan, China, and those countries that are connected with the INTERNET - near by.

They have faster connections and on the verge of introducing their own Internet - we are still dreaming - wallow in our pomp and splendor while China is executing - complete with timelines and goals.

This system will be competing with another model in France - but the founders of Station F - will learn that those that have easier and more connection - will win the war and control the bandwidth - and what is important to note - syncing unique hardware with software - and people who are highly educated - and connected to the cyber world - of the future.

We saw the head of Brazil Russian India and China (BRIC) dabble in forming a currency of their own - to counter pose and take over - the " Almighty Dollar ".

The dollar is worth four cents - but few do not understand why the United States - will print money - just because it has the monopoly.

China right now has the ability to create and operate it own INTERNET - in fact it is in place - serving the Chinese - China has has a population of 2 Billion and connected to another 2 billion - all over the world.

They have satellites - with complex software and hardware - and positioned - to connect - when the time is ripe - and that time in now.

China has a very - complex economy - it has tried to go along - and play dominoes with the United States - but, now wants to raise its stakes - to play chess.

China will succeed in having its own INTERNET and using this tool - will succeed - connecting the dots - the thousands of cities and large town - it has established - deep relations with.

When it comes to " rare minerals " - China has a stash or should I say " stock " - ready to pay chess - forget the days of playing dominoes - and whiling away precious time.

Chinese businesses have hired - university students - to study the models, norms, method of success - while we in the United States have chosen - to tarnish the word " immigration " - failing to comprehend that over 80% of the inventions - and creation of product - have come about - because immigrants have contributed to the success.

Be it that the success has been clouded  - by a word - that is not respected - " Capitalism " - in many circles. Racism is a another - failing to embrace " cultural competency " while tout the horn - and saying many are figuring out - how not to react to quickly to the color of the skin - we humans, homo sapience - constantly triggering " complicit bias " - that must be deterred. 

After World War II - we had economist - that understood - that for the United States to recover and lead - we had to focus we had to build a sound and working - large - Middle Class.

The United States succeeded and with programs to help our Elders - and build a nest with Social Security and other social programs - we did well. 

As these programs began to take root - we lost our mind - and decided that instead of sharing our wealth - those in power - much like " thugs " - decided to keep the majority of their wealth - to themselves.

The disparity in San Francisco - can be compared to Rwanda - a third world nation in Central Africa. We have Seniors - who go to bed hungry - we have Elders dying slowly on the streets of San Francisco.

Add to that the bad air - people plagued with very polluted air - the worst ever - saturated PM 2.5 that can penetrated and remain in our lungs - for a long, long time.

All the economy progress we made from the early 1950s to the early 1980s - was lost many years - ago.

Some of us - saw the train coming - but it has arrived - and taken away - most of the benefits that the Middle Class had accrued - lost more - with the spiraling of the economy in the years 2006 to 2007.

Today, in year 2018 people at home are reflecting and finding our they have to work two and three jobs - to make a living.

10 years ago - some one from a family - was lucky to get a career job - but today - most are fleeting like a butterfly - from job to job - temporary jobs that offer no benefits - no benefits what so ever.

It is not uncommon that many do not have an insurance - and take a risk - not to pay the high premiums - save money for the rainy day.

But, it is really too difficult to save - because as you guessed - the odds of falling ill - are very high - going to the hospital - will wipe the little savings - in a second. More if you have a serious problem - a heart attack or some operation that costs thousands of dollars.

We have youth of color in the inner cities - that have No jobs - while - the Main Media touts - that the unemployment rate is at its lowest - 4%, 5%, but those that need the jobs - have difficult getting the jobs.

Navigation Centers - 
you sleep -wake up - and come to sleep again -
and those in power - think nothing of such models =
compromising Quality of Life issues.

Here is San Francisco - the boom linked to construction - has hit rock bottom.

Where once one could build a sound building for $650 per square foot - it now cost more than $1250 per square foot - making construction - cost prohibitive.

You hear folks talk about using shipping containers - to build units - other types of pre-fabricated material - taking short cuts - and compromising - Quality of Life issues.

The Butte fire - the smoke and haze from this area -
has been hovering over San Francisco -
for over a week - burning eyes - throat irritation,
those with respiratory problems -
landing in the hospitals - and there is more.

Our front line responders - are doing good job -
leading that charge - those prisoners who are 
brought in to fight the fires - few know about this fact -
60% of the first responders - fire fighters are
from our California Prisons - 
thank you Brothers and Sisters.

Thousands of homes burnt down -
hundred missing -
the death toll has not reached hundred -
but that is a possibility -
this fire is the worst fire California has witnessed -
and President Donald Trump just got a reality check.

All these days - San Francisco - has earned another distinction - our air is unhealthy - the most unhealthy air in the world - other cities in the Bay Area also share that distinction - too.

All this and more as a result of the Butte Fires - see the photographs above -many of my good friends lost their homes - most living in tents on parking lots. In a few days rain is in the forecast - and the situation - will not be pretty.

For the longest we have touted our own horn - that San Francisco was the best city in the world. 

Not any more - again and again our leaders - have failed - to envision - and put in place so called " resiliency " plans that work - that can be implemented on a war footing.

The Butte fire is a reminder - not to trust politicians - more those that have no experience - they talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. Wait until the Big One hits San Francisco and they caught - with their hand in the cookie jar.

China once had a problem with its polluted air - today it leads the world in - off the grid projects - Solar Projects that are mind boggling - producing high quality - Solar Panels.

San Francisco has a population of 830,000 and is paralyzed.

Those with respiratory diseases - are being rushed to the hospitals.

You see people wearing masks - much as one use to see them wear in places like Beijing, China and Mumbai, India - dangerous Particulate Matter 2.5 and a count of over 270 - on a scale of 1-300.

Our Mayor London Breed has chosen not to address the Butte fires and the repercussion facing San Francisco - where burning eyes, sore throats, headaches are the norm - and our Mayor London Breed is busy - pussyfooting around.

The President Donald Trump was here - on hearing about the raging fires - he fired a couple of tweets.

Saying - Californians deserve what they are facing - they should have taken measures to deal and clean the thick over grown undergrowth - one sees everywhere in our California forest.

The only problem - is that most of the forest in California comes under the Forest Department - that comes under the Federal Government - that technically comes under President Donal Trump.

After visiting Butte County in Northern California - his tone was conciliatory.

He promised to help those - that are suffering - made others lame excuses - and Donald Trump - proved once again - the man cannot " discern " - he is an Egotistical Maniac.

Donald Trump has chosen to take on China for sometime now - China is dissuading its Investors to avoid the United States - 
there are thousands of other places - in Australia, New Zealand, all over Africa, South America, Canada, all over Europe - where the Chinese have made large investments.

So how is the United States faring - while we are dealing with the on going madness - some man made and the other Mother Nature - playing its role?

Each one of us must dig deep into the many mistakes by the Democrats - that prepared the way - for Donald Trump to take control of the White House.

All over the world - citizens from decent nations - cannot fathom the clown we have - in the White House throwing tantrums - and tweeting nonsense.

Starting  - from the wee hours of the morning - while our Main Media - is consummated with what the clown has to say.

The clown does not give a damn about thousands slowly dying on the streets of our Mayor Cities - more, San Francisco.

Many think that since San Francisco is so close to the Silicon Valley - the heart of the Computer World - that San Francisco enjoys - fast Internet.

That our children, youth, young adults, our Seniors have access to sound Internet and up to date Computers. If you delve into the issue - one will be shocked.

California has taken a stand on Net Neutrality - but this means nothing much - our slow Internet - is pathetic - and the show goes on.

In some areas - people are still working with Windows 95 in San Francisco.

Here you have Google with its CEO, Sundar Pichai, SalesForce, Microsoft, billionaires who have made their home in San Francisco - selling their software like Larry Ellison or Oracle fame. 

None of them have invested in the increasing Digital Divide.

Preferring to make billions - while salivating - that they are rich  - but they are " evil " - they are cut-throat competitors - and will go to any great length to worship the " Almighty Dollar ".

China is poised - to penetrate and take control of newer and better " Digital Tools " - better suited to international Economic Models - tailored to Third World Nations.

Better tools to put resources and money into the hands - of those nations and leaders - that count the most.

More in keeping with the best interest of each nation - that has been lacking - and left out - left to face the misery, trials and tribulations - the existing Digital Divide - show Internet - with no access to opportunity in the Cyber world. 

Staying away from Capitalism - those aspects that count to benefit the majority - the many parochial norms - that have hurt the world - and created divisiveness - that we have never, ever seen before.

I am not suggesting embracing Socialism or Communism - that would be foolish when it comes to our freedom - per se.

What I would like to introduce - for deeper reflection - reflection by studying the deep meaning of " Freedom " and that of " License ".

Abuse of Freedom is License - and we have seen the rampant erosion of Freedom in the so called Free World - practicing License and pretending that we are in fact - exercising our Freedom.

Today politics is saturated with " Dark Money " - lies and more lies - personifying this aspect - President Donald Trump.

Here is San Francisco shallow politicians - the likes of London Breed and Malia Cohen - the laughing stock - those that have been monitoring these two professional political whores -  NOT to be respected by anyone decent. Aho.

Saturday, November 17, 2018


Talk is cheap - good actions count - the Black population in the Bay Area has diminished - spiraling down to 2% of the population of San Francisco.

At one time 25% of San Francisco - were Black and most held good jobs. Now, no more - we have had a Black Mayor before in Willie L.Brown Jr. and saw NO real progress in the lives of Black folks.

We saw - the erosion of the Middle Class continuing and and increasing in speed - during his sordid - regime.

Today we have another - Mayor in London Breed and Blacks folks are suffering - more our Elders - more in the Fillmore and the Bayview Hunters Point Area.

More Blacks are slowly dying on the streets of San Francisco than ever more.

The President of the SF Board of Supervisor is Malia Cohen - another Black who has failed - San Francisco. We do not have a sound shelter - with beds and a place to store one's belongings - yet in the Bayview Hunters Point.

We have 12,000 homeless - in San Francisco. The more we delve into this issues - we realize Blacks - suffer the most - more, our Elders who have to fend for themselves. I have been writing about this for the last 15 years.

There is talk about affordable housing - but no one can define affordable housing - for those that make less than $40,000  a year - many Blacks - the Elders - make less than $20,000 a year.

Thank God Malia Cohen term is ending soon - and she will working for the State - Board of Equalization - good riddance of very bad rubbish - Sacramento can have her - she has NO respect among the decent tax payers of San Francisco.

Both London Breed and Malia Cohen - are caught in the web of  " dark money " - and those that are associated with these two women - are tainted and will stay - tainted. 

That is all I will say - we speak Truth to Power.

Frederick Douglas (1818-1895)

Stellar Blacks have in the past - contributed to the City and County of San Francisco from its inception. Most of them did it on their own accord - they did not fall into the trap - begging corrupt politicians for help.

At about the same time Frederick Douglas was contributing his talents and making changes - on the East Coast - we had stellar and astute Blacks than called Negros - making contributions to the betterment of San Francisco.

We had over 25 newspapers, several washhouses where the elite visited to be clean up and dressed up.

Blacks,  had large warehouse, businesses of all types, schools, churches - Mary Ellen Pleasant ran a boarding house and owned thousands of acres of land - so many other Blacks who did us all proud - plaques placed all over San Francisco - point to the obvious.

Blacks lived on Pine Street and Bush Street and the surrounding areas - in good homes and lived well - most middle class. 

We have a Black Church - First Baptist Church by Market Street and the Central Freeway - some years ago - that celebrated its 150 years.

Much as the Ferry Building celebrated its 150 years - and some of us took the opportunity to have a Buffalo Soldiers exhibit - created by Anthony Powell - to showcase another stellar contribution - of Blacks here in San Francisco - at the Ferry Building.

We saw NO politician initiate and complete some of our accomplishments on many levels. Politicians use others - jump on the bandwagon to take credit - never, ever initiating anything for the betterment of the community at large.

Begging money from politicians is our tax payers money - and if some of them are political whores and pimps - it is best to stay away from them. People who deal with " dark money " are not to be trusted - that is my subjective opinion.

When we brought to the attention of those working to celebrate the 150 years anniversary - of the SF Port Authority - and brought to their notice the work and contribution of the famous Pullman Porter - that in their 80s and 90s still admire their demeanor and first class service - on the then railways that traversed the length and breath of the Nation.

Read more about the Pullman Porter :

The Buffalo Soldiers 
the 9th and 10 Calvary -
the 24th and 25th Infantry Regiments -
were stationed at the Presidio of San Francisco -
in the 1900s

November 11, 2018 - the Veterans were honored -
at the SF Presidio Officers' Club -
 so was Ranger Rik Penn retiring from
the National Park Service after 25 years of service -
he helped arrange - Buffalo Soldiers tours.

The Buffalo Soldiers' Motorcycle Club -
from Oakland - graced the Nov 11, 2018
event held at the SF Presidio Club -
they all stand in unity to do the right thing 
so will David Wilkins and Anthony Powell who can
and will make a difference - we will respect and honor 
the Buffalo Soldiers and worked that to honor their legacy.

In the year 2018 - strongholds of Blacks  all over California are eroding - from San Diego, to Los Angeles, to San Francisco, to Sacramento and beyond.

 Some of us first realized this in the year 2000 - with the empirical data available - when The National Summit on Africa was held - February 16-20 - at Washington, D.C.

The National Summit on Africa - attended by thousands of attendees - from all over -  the United States and abroad.

While each delegation addressed some pressing issues dealing with the continent of Africa.

All the delegation present - representing all the States in our Nation - also dealt with the pressing issues of Blacks in the United States. 

California sent a large delegation the Chair Ramona Tascoe and the Vice-Chair Francisco Da Costa.

It is a crying shame in San Francisco - two document both available on line - the Unfinished Agenda from the 1960s and the latest one - initiated some years ago - The Out Migration - both documents worked upon by Blacks - talk the talk but have failed to walk the walk.

Here is the Out-Migration Document that speaks for itself :

Brothers and Sisters my fight for the Buffalo Soldiers to keep their legacy is well documented. There is no doubt in the mind who will WIN in the end.

Right now we must NOT compromise our efforts without empirical data, with the infusion of the best minds and character - with a well know historian and curator - Anthony Powell - with some like Colonel David Wilkins who understand all that I am saying - we have been there - before.

Without the support of thousands to admire the Buffalo Soldiers - the many clubs formed and named after the Buffalo Soldiers - the Buffalo Soldiers' Motorcycle Club and more.

The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club -
they have supported the cause -
for a long time - and stand ready to deliver.

I remember when Major Sargent Ulysses Moore a Buffalo Soldier passed away - I remember the ceremony held at the Chapel of Chimes in Oakland - and who was present - Rik Penn, the Buffalo Soldiers from Oakland, Rik Penn differed and asked me to speak - I was hesitant - but I had to represent the Buffalo Soldiers.

We had to send his coffin to a City in Texas - and from there send the coffin to a small town - and arrangements were made to honor the last wishes of a Buffalo Soldier - Ulysses Moore.

Ulysses Moore owned a hotel in the Fillmore - where Black could stay - when Black could not stay - in other hotels and motels - right here in San Francisco.

Buffalo Soldier Sargent Ulysses Moore owned taxi cabs - and helped thousands - he made it a point - to place the United States flag - on each and every grave site - at the SF Presidio Veterans' Administration - others have carried his mission on.

I also remember attending the funeral of Ralph Hobson - who retired from the Naval Air Station - Alameda - a profession air-craft mechanic. He was my very good friend - and we gave him a - great farewell.

Ralph Hobson lived  in Vallejo and some of us visited him at home - he had his own Buffalo Soldiers Museum - one large room set aside to honor the legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers - we have video footage of the Museum - and will access it at the appropriate time.

Right now we have contacted Anthony Powell - who has done so much and has over million dollars worth of photographsmemorabilia, artifacts, uniforms - and is capable of leasing a large First Class Buffalo Soldiers Exhibit - we are asking for 5000 square feet at the SF Presidio of San Francisco to make this happen.

We do not want to get caught in some vague Request of Proposal - four entities have been chosen - none of them speak of embracing cultural competency and diversity.

I know some of the entities - who want to focus on state of art engineering, all sorts of futuristic concepts - Property Managers who want to build housing - and speak of non-profit and accomplishing art programs - but not a word about a museum. We are open to working with anyone - but we must be in the cockpit when it comes to the Buffalo Soldiers Museum - with Anthony Powell in charge.

This journey has been a long one - with burst and starts - and those interested saying one thing and doing another.

The Buffalo Soldiers have left a legacy - and we say let us honor them - and do justice to their legacy - and those that surround the accomplishment of this legacy - must NOT be tainted - have half-baked ideas - we will deliver a First Class Museum - and do justice to the Buffalo Soldiers and those that love them.

Our heart has to be in the right place - for us to take others to a good place. Aho.  

Friday, November 16, 2018


Buffalo Soldiers -
all Black - the 9th and 10th Calvary
the 24th and 25th Infantry Regiment 

The San Francisco Presidio some 1480 acres - federal land - now divided into two parts - Parcel A - the Main Post comes under the jurisdiction of the quasi-governmental agency - named - the SF Presidio Trust.

Parcel B -in Crissy Field and the land by the Bay - that comes under the jurisdiction of the Golden Gate National Recreation - also known as the National Park Service.

Ralph Hobson - a Buffalo Soldier -
who worked at the Naval Air Station - Alameda

Anthony Powell - a Historian -
Curator of a $10 million Buffalo Soldier collection -
Buffalo Soldiers' memorabilia

Some of us under the mentorship of Anthony Powell have kept the flame alive - the Presidio today has a small exhibit - donated by Anthony Powell - while they know who owns the exhibit -rarely is Anthony Powell given credit and acknowledgment.

The Bay Area and more San Francisco - has been slow to comprehend the " legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers ".

Black politicians in San Francisco are pussyfooting talking about mundane stuff - when it comes to history and especially the history of the Buffalo Soldiers - all you get from them is hot air - folks like London Breed, Malia Cohen and even Willie L. Brown Jr.

Buffalo Soldiers Ulysses Moore, Francisco Da Costa
Ralph Hobson and John Reid 
at the SF Officers' Club for a reunion
February 19, 2003

Colonel Charles Young -
he wrote the Standard Operating Procedures 
linked to the vast Federal Lands - 
now know as the National Park Service -
Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks and more.

Col. Charles Young was educated at West Point and the only commissioned Black Officer in the Army at the time of his active duty. 

Truly speaking he was smart and capable of being a General - but because of the color of his skin - denied that promotion. 

Today many Black politicians have NO clue about the trials and tribulations of the Buffalo Soldiers - and with them folks like Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein - who pay lip service - who have NOT lifted a finger - more, at the Presidio of San Francisco. 

I was at the Presidio and saw how these evil people made the Presidio of San Francisco - a Military Base - be it a Open Post - into a Corporation.

Using every slight of hand - to removal the Military History - and with that the legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers. This mentality of abject disdain - will come to bite those who think - they can get away with murder in broad daylight.

Vague proclamations do not make any impact - such as that recently made by Senator Kamala Harris.

What is needed at this time  - is a First Class - Buffalo Soldiers' Museum - we have the Museum pieces needed to exhibited.

All we need is the space - minimum 5000 square feet. 

We have many buildings at the Presidio of San Francisco - the 500 series building near the Lombard Gate - which the Buffalo Soldiers used - for administrative purposes. Now all leased and none remember the Buffalo Soldiers.

Building 86 and 87 - situated on the Main Post - which the Buffalo Soldiers used as their barracks - now used by others - for ulterior motives - none related to the legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers.

The 100 series brick buildings - situated on the Main Post - where the Buffalo Soldiers lived - you have the Disney Museum, other mundane operations - NO mention about the legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers. Not a plaque in sight.

Building 682 in the Fort Scott area - where the Buffalo Soldiers stopped on their way back from their yearly Summer Mission to file in and report the various issues linked to the Federal Lands.

A stop the Buffalo Soldiers' made on their return to the Presidio of San Francisco  - after  building roads, trials, and doing what they do best -  engineering projects. 

The Buffalo Soldiers' made their stop at Building 682 to address pay issues and also collect feed for their horses and then proceed to the stables - that were very close by.

Not far from building 682 are the Horse Stables - buildings 861 and 863, buildings 867 and 868 - here the horses rested and were fed.

Often  Buffalo Soldier would ride the horses - monitoring the Presidio of San Francisco.

It is simply shocking the abject discrimination shown to the Buffalo Soldiers - who accompanied the Pioneers to California.

Performed - so many other duties - fulfilling their obligation to the United States Government and receiving very little in terms of gratitude - even to this day.

Here is California - Governors past and present know about the Buffalo Soldiers - other California politicians will dish out Commendations and Resolutions - which is all good - but the time has come for a permanent Buffalo Soldiers' Museum.

Presidio Barack Hussein Obama - is now making appearances and will be here in the Bay Area - in February.

Black History Month - the shortest month in the calendar - to have some workshop - how best to address " the woes " of Black people or people of color - violence, lack of opportunities - how to show up Senator Kamala Harris - to be the next President of the United States.

Of course it will cost money to attend this workshop - so what does President Barack Hussein Obama - a Negro know about the Buffalo Soldiers or for that matter Colonel Charles Young - nothing worth the salt.

As the President of the United States - President Barack Hussein Obama - could have righted that wrong. 

He did nothing - nothing much - history will reveal in detail how many immigrants he sent back - to fall in the hands of the cartels that killed innocent children, women and men.

Obama Care is expensive - for those that chose to have it - and there are other policies - that I could name - but let me stay focused and not be deterred - from the Buffalo Soldiers issue at hand.

Now - he seems to like gamer more money making mundane  visits, having workshops, making long speeches - when will we learn - people of color to be educated on issues and not rely on folks who have a hidden agenda?

Extended family of a Buffalo Soldier family -
Buffalo Soldiers' were resourceful -
hard working - and always taking care of the families.

Buffalo Soldiers' Motorcycle Club -
from Oakland - have stood tall and represented -
hundreds more are in the wings - to do the heavy lifting -
our hearts have to be in the right place -
we must be educated on issues - and understand the process.

A this juncture the window of opportunity is a narrow one and we must be laser beam focused on the SF Presidio Trust - they many Request For Proposals - where very little is show cased - linked to the Buffalo soldiers not a monument, NO street, No plaque, NO sign, nothing worth the salt.

Which begs the question about Cultural Competency - Implicit Bias - the lack of diversity - other human issues that the Director of the Presidio Trust - a woman seems to care.

knew James Meadows well and he did not do us proud. He was fired.

I knew Greg Middleton - he took his instructions from those that had a hidden agenda. He worked for Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and did as she told him.

They say the SF Presidio Trust has changed - but I do not see anything that fosters diversity - I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco - had 7 keys linked to the famous Primus Key System - which the SF Presidio Trust did not approve.

Well - they knew better - when they encountered more problems - and spent a lot of money - to fix a problem that did not exist - rekeying thousands of locks.

I lived in Europe and even there the Buffalo Soldiers are remembered - and honored. more in France and Italy.

Here in California - as the years go by - we have little to show - even though Anthony Powell has the artifacts and Museum pieces. More, in term of a First Class Museum - that time in now - but is there a willingness to do what is right?

The very land the Buffalo Soldiers graded - the barracks in which they lived, the wooden building used as Administrative Offices, the Stables where they kept and fed their horses.

All that and more - and NOT one single plaque to honor the Buffalo Soldiers - on the Main Post nor at Fort Scott - what has become of humanity?

Wake up San Francisco - especially you who pander to the Blacks politician - steeped in wheeling and dealing and dark money. 

When it comes to the Buffalo Soldiers - let there be light - let those who heart is in the right place - do the right thing.

It is not too much to set aside 5000 square feet for a First Class - Buffalo Soldiers' Museum.

Pay for an exhibit for one year - as a starter on the Main Post - that will attract thousands - more if it is - at the Presidio of San Francisco. Aho.