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Thursday, July 14, 2011

It is simply wrong for the entire world to let thousands die in one of the worst droughts to hit the cradle of human kind.

The severe, raging drought that has hit the Sudan, Ethiopia, and Kenya - has not made the headlines - here in the United States and some other countries because the Main Media is concerned about other issues - rather than, dire - human life.

The area where the current severe drought reigns Kenya, Sudan and Ethiopia is the cradle of human kind.

Make no mistake - all of us - have some responsibility and some keen concern - as to what happens - from where all of us originated.

The United States has been very slow in responding to aid. Even though it has exploited the region - foremost Kenya.

The Republicans who do not give a hoot about real issues and more about poor, suffering, women, children and men in the area - I have stated. 

The Republicans have been pussyfooting with the "debt ceiling" and have proved themselves to be uncaring to our Seniors and Elders - and by inference do not really care what is happening to the "cradle of human kind" - and those that need help most.

The plea from some of us that know what really is happening - is please help - because of women and children in this area - are slowly starving to death.

My plea is to consider what each one of us that have a better life - to contribute something - anything, right now to Doctors against Borders, and other such reputable organizations to do - right.

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy