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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The great investment made at Alice Griffith - a contaminated area and an environment that has adversely impacted thousands in San Francisco.

This racist City keeps throwing curves balls, making false promises - and bluffing innocent - people.

In San Francisco with intent - those that hold power - have used people in Public Housing to create - adverse impacts and destroyed lives.

In years past - thousands of people have been incarcerated and hundreds have lost their lives - because of killing and shootings.

Thousands of innocent children have been reared under conditions - that foster adverse impacts - and favor a criminal - behavior.

Our City is responsible for such blatant actions - and must be held accountable at every level.

During the present Mayoral Race - I have not heard one single spineless, shallow, inept candidate - and there are many - barring one of two - that have addressed the adverse impacts to thousands of San Franciscans - that I am pointing out - to.

Our City had used dubious polys to drive  those that these evil "power brokers" naively deem indigent - out of our City and County of San Francisco into oblivion.

On to streets in the Tenderloin, other areas out of San Francisco - the wider Bay Area - spreading the "indigent disease" with no hope.

 Running away from the real issues and trying to wash away its bloody hands. Most of the past Mayors have done so - more Mayor Gavin Newsom.

In the Southeast Sector we have several Public Housing areas - Potrero Hill, Hunters View, Kiska Road, Oakdale, Sunnydale, and others called cooperatives - but more or less serving the same purpose - providing inferior housing - to those that need help most.

None of these areas have sound Recreation Facilities for the constituents, Safe Havens for our children, sound child care, good Food Markets, no sound transportation, other amenities that are found in plenty in the Avenues, Nob Hill, Pacific Heights, and other neighborhoods where the filthy rich - live.

Most of the areas that are called Public Housing Projects come under the jurisdiction of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Federal property that cannot be bought but leased - in this case  - long term leases to entities that have ulterior - motives. In this case the San Francisco Housing Authority.

There is some general understanding to hand over Potrero Public Housing to Bridge Developers. These plans have been stalled because of the present Economic Conditions. All part of a program called HOPESF that is going no where.

The John Stewart Company using over $200 million dollars - some from the State of California Community Development funds, some from the Mayor's Office of Economic Development, some from SF Redevelopment Agency - are tearing down and want to build high density units in a gated community.

They plan to demolish the bigger, better built units, larger rooms and build high density units - taller building over looking the Hunters Point Shipyard - but with the best view of the entire City and of course the warm climate as a bonus.

Smaller rooms where are Queen of King size bed is all that fits in - with little room to move around. Amenities that suit - single folks - and shun large families - families period and all this in  a kind of gated community.

Some vague language by the John Stewart Company entices those living currently in the impacted area that they will be accommodated.

As things stand hundreds of homes in the Hunters View are boarded up - fast disappearing community has fallen prey to evictions that they cannot fight -  people are given money to move and cannot return to Hunters View.

Folks were brought from out of our State to foster division and evict people - under the pretense that they were helping. This model has been used at Alice Griffith too. Sweet talk into something the Alice Griffith residents cannot comprehend - and before you know it - they are evicted or life made unbearable. Pathetic.

This notion of offering good housing after two years or 24 months  is but a dream - much as the conceptual of the area - that this monster behind the scheme purport to be good for the community at Alice Griffith and Hunters View.

Some of us remember the John Stewart Company from the days of the Geneva Towers. Where people living in filthy condition lived in fear. Guards with guns - permitting the sale of drugs and the blatant trading of prostitution and other horrific - crimes.

The Towers were torn down - and now the same demons are tearing down Hunters View, will Alice Griffith and replace them with conditions that are worse.

Here is the most important point of this article. When the Geneva Towers were torn down - people were told they would live in better housing and own them. Less then ten percent return and the new housing was and is inferior.

It will be the same at Hunters View.

It is the same at Northridge Cooperative Housing Complex - managed by the John Stewart Company that is Racist and White.

Mercy Housing plans to build homes at Sunnydale and will be assisted by Douglas Shoemaker who was until recently - the Director of the SF Community Housing Department - and now has made his nest with Mercy Housing. Time will tell.

Today's news in the Media speaks of Alice Griffith - a contaminated area where over 20 "still births" have been recorded in the last ten years.

More cancer and other respiratory diseases and more - in line to receive over $30 million in grants to build new homes.

When you break it down about $100,000 per home - go figure! That includes infrastructure and some cheap furnishings. The vultures are all lined up and the consultants - too - to fill their own filthy, pockets.

Ideally, the people that live in such dire conditions - should be moved to other areas where they can live like decent human beings.

The $30 million plus can do a long way to bring solace and progress to many human beings that have not been - given any opportunities to live as decent human beings - in San Francisco.

When such grants are made - especially touting the expertise of the San Francisco Housing Authority - most anything that is good turns out to be worse.

The SF Housing Authority Board - does not represent the people at large - and has on its Board - members that are far removed from those that live in Public Housing.

We have gone before them many times - to represent and plead for help - and come empty handed.

I can see the consultant vultures all lined up - to make hay while the sun shines. Nothing much will come - if millions are invested in a contaminated area - it is like pouring good money down the drain and into the worst - cesspool.

The City of San Francisco has not stepped up to address the real issues - in the Southeast Sector. The area is affected by radio active elements - mostly from the operations of the United States Navy - during World War II.

Over 200,000 tons of Methane Gas spews into the air from the large tracts of land - most landfill sites - that once  were vibrant, pristine - wet lands.

The near by bay is contaminated with lead, mercury, PCB, of course radio active elements from the near by Hunters Point Shipyard - and other very harmful elements at very high levels - that adverse impact all life - including human life.

One ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide - very harmful to all life.

So much for all the vain talk about the Carbon Footprint and making our universe - sustainable.

Once the Ohlone had it all under control - that is until the "stranger" came and screwed it all. Contaminated all that was holistic and pristine.

This City does not really care about any life - for sure not with plans to throw good money - right now, with this present economy - on contaminated land - that is named Alice Griffith and better known - to the constituents of the Southeast Sector - as Double Rock.

Right now the Infrastructure is very bad at Alice Griffith - with raw sewage flowing on the Carroll side Street - which the City covers up - using wood chips.

What a cover up and how dubious can City Hall be and more the SF Board of Supervisors and the Mayor - check the facts - before you all take your asses to the ribbon cutting.

Such blatant discrimination, lack of Health and Safety - point more to this Racist City and how it cares for its constituents.

Thousands come to watch the games at Candlestick Park - having no clue what they are exposed to.

Some innocent fan - comes to enjoy a game - and can go home exposed to the worst types of toxic elements in the air. It happens all the time.

There is empirical data that points this out and we have records of the contamination and adverse impacts.

If it were a White Neighborhood a sound Environmental Impact Report - would be widely publicized and several focus meetings held - to give the best orientation to the concerned - constituents.

Not so to the indigent folks that live at Alice Griffith.
Students from the University of San Francisco, the San Francisco State University, Standord University, City College, the other universities can step up - and prove how much caring they are for all life - more human life.

We call this City forward looking - talking much about the Carbon Foot Print, lacking the true information - and failing miserably to connect the dots and make a difference. Here is your chance - especially the Goldman Foundation - that gives thousands if not million to anointed - Environmentalist.

What the fuck is happening in your own back yard?

Not so in this case - the poor, hungry, indigent, mostly uneducated constituents - are told lies, fed and dined on cheap fast food - and these mostly innocent, wanting any help and aid - fall for the lies.

Promises are made but none at kept.

Shame on our City - and shame on the District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen.

More the past Mayors - including the Interim Mayor. One has to call a spade a spade.

It is the same with Hunters Point and Candlestick Point - we must address the contamination with the latest technology.

Assure all human beings and for that matter take care of all life - see that all life is afforded the very best.

All spelled out in the Precautionary Principle:

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A RACIST City that sold out to BIG DEVELOPERS and a Rogue One - like LENNAR.

This City the City and County of San Francisco is RACIST. Make no bones about it.

You see the writing on the WALL.

Just watch, who behind the scenes - is controlling the elfs who have joined the Mayoral Race.

Gremlins you may call them - with the exception of one or two. Shallow and empty with hidden agendas - they failed as Supervisors and now want to be Mayor of San Francisco.

We, the few with guts - who took on a Rogue Developer - LENNAR - have not forgotten those that backed a corrupt entity and the static they gave our children and elders who suffered.

Lennar with intent bombarded our children and elders with asbestos dust, particulates, other toxic dirt - and did not apologize.

On Parcel A at Hunters Point - each and every timely element linked to the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) has been broken.

For all practical reasons - Lennar has defaulted - but, who is to say. This is a Racist City - and the day has come to take the culprits to court and make them - pay for there evil - deeds.

If we were a White Community -  the community would have taken LENNAR to court and won - big time.

Lennar promised rental units - and failed to keep its promise. It made an amendment to the DDA which is a legal document.

Lennar promised Community Benefits - and once again failed to keep its promise.

Lennar made a "devil's pact" with the Tabernacle Group - consisting of Poverty Pimp Pastors - so what happened to this dubious - entity?

Who is representing the community today? The sell outs on Lennar's pay roll find the well empty. Other entities who thought they would work with Lennar on Parcel A - have been shafted.

Where are all those that took the bus rides to City Hall organized by Angelo King and Dwayne Jones?

Fed the mostly, ignorant, arrogant - indigent folks with cold pizzas and some cool aid not worth the salt.

We are watching the DJA consultants - watch there every move.

We have not forgotten - those of us that took up the challenge - and represented the community.

This Racist City San Francisco - pushed for an Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The EIR has come to haunt this City and will more - on Treasure Island and most - on Park Merced.

We had corrupt, spineless, shallow San Francisco Board of Supervisors - that voted for Lennar.

Now, these idiots having voted for Lennar - thought, Lennar would fill there - campaign coffers. Not so. Lennar is broke and as the months go - will be history.

In San Francisco -Lennar is dead and drowning in the cesspool of its own creation.

Lennar is into devious ploys - but, as we know - the present Economy - will not be kind to those that are dealing with contaminated land. We have seen them fail in Southern California and all over the Nation.

The Platinum Associates who behind the scenes make so much happen for dubious entities such as Lennar - other Big Developers, corrupt politicians - are now sweating. 

The Federal Agencies have a lot to move on them - and all those that have committed crimes - are put on notice. Your day of reckoning is here!

At the appropriate time we will name the San Francisco Supervisors that are involved in these "White Crimes".

Candlestick Point and Hunters Point must be cleaned according to Residential Standards.

On Hunters Point - Proposition P passed by 87% - says it all.

Those that are not educated on issues - know little about good Planning - Quality of Life issues - have not supported the community by concrete - actions - stay out.

Do not waste your time - making small noise. Keep out of it - because only fools dare go where angels fear to tread.

Of course the United States Navy - has no desire to do the right thing:

It will take a couple of billion dollars to clean up the area - one contaminated by Radioactive Elements with very high levels - and Candlestick Point a former - garbage dump.

Both areas prone to liquefaction and flood. Both prone to the adverse impact if a Major Earthquake - occurs.

The mostly Black - sell outs are no where to be found.

They are clicking their chops.

More so the Poverty Pimp Pastors - I see them - and when they see me - the put there heads down.

Some of us in the community took  a stand and brought down Lennar - to its knees.

We must remember not to cast our vote for those that backed Lennar and their dubious ploys and machinations.

Those that were and are SF Supervisors and could have done right - did wrong - by supporting wrong causes and Lennar.

Now we must show our support - and not give our precious vote to crooks, corrupt people, and dishonest - shallow, politicians.

This Mayoral race will be an eye opener and the crooks are already falling by the way side.

Cut throat politics going on - and those who have entered the Mayoral fray - have not seen - anything - yet. 

Here is some history for sure that have a moral compass:

MUNI is on the wrong track, homeless folks all over the City, and Crime on the increase.

MUNI is on the wrong track, homeless folks all over the City of San Francisco, and Crime on the increase.

Tourists and the homeless problem DO NOT go hand in hand. Little is being done to represent our City - in  a fair manner.

Very little of the money from the Hotel Tax and tourism is put back into presenting our City as clean, with good signs and directions, and of course excellent - hospitality. Why? Poor leadership.

The Bayview Police Station regularly send its incident report to those that want it. 

Sort of gives one the impulse of what is happening in District 10.

Every week the incidents linked to drugs, guns, assaults, robberies - get worse.

The District 10 Supervisor keeps on grinning and has not stopped since she promised to step up and do something - on being elected.

Hundreds of people have been evicted from Public Housing in District 10 - and now find some succor on the streets in the Tenderloin, most on Sixth Street.

A Recreational Center on Leland that has been there for ages - is being closed. The same Recreational Center serves the Seniors, the children, others - all the District 10 Supervisor can do is watch the train go by. Easy to talk the talk - very difficult to walk the walk.

The Mayoral candidates - kind of know this - but, NOT one of them comprehends - how to address the situation at hand. More the District 4 Supervisor - who from time to time chirps in - on affair linked to District 10 and the Chinese community - but, on this issue there has been - not a whimper!

There is a link between what happens today in the Bayview, the on going GENTRIFICATION and the homeless found all over the City - down town - and more in the Tenderloin.

The Supervisors cannot connect the dots. Gentrification was planned but thank God the present ECONOMY has brought it to a stand still.

LENNAR is dead and now trying to use dubious ploys and other gimmicks to survive. Remember Proposition F and Proposition G . 

Time - the Mayoral candidates discuss whatever happened to these Propositions.

What really is happening on Parcel A at Hunters Point? Has Lennar defaulted on Parcel A? 

If so where is our Interim Mayor on this one? You can tweak that moustache all your want - but what are you doing about Lennar and the bombardment of a large area - with asbestos structures - even today - we get high readings!

MUNI is getting worse. Just ask anyone that takes - Public Transportation. In recent years the MUNI buses are NOT cleaned. So, why is this City and those in charge encouraging filthy, stinking buses?

Kind of disrespecting those that make an attempt to reduce the Carbon foot print and take Public Transportation?

Time for the SF Health Department to step in and issue MUNI - Notices of Violation.

Imagine a MUNI driver plying his bus on a run without getting any permission from MUNI DISPATCH. Wow!

As MUNI was operated in the past - it kind of ran behind the back of Nathaniel Ford - who has long, gone.

Those that created a niche for themselves - ran their own - operation. Created their own fiefdom - that practice must halt - and some drastic viable changes - brought about.

Of course you would not expect the candidates running for Mayor of San Francisco to comprehend logistics, schedules, maintenance, anything that moves on wheels - carries passengers - and should but never - arrives on time.

You would not expect them to know anything much about MUNI! Talk about MUNI - they will.

Which of course bring one to the question - why are our roads in bad shape?

Over $400 million plus in back log - linked to repairs.

Even though not too long ago - millions were spent - using Stimulus Money. A lot of it wasted in red tape - meaning - some one lined there pockets - again it is all about - connections - and less about asphalt.

What is common denominator linked to the 311 system, the Department of Public Works, and Municipal Transportation Agency in the last six years?

Ed Reisken.

Now find out why a simple email cannot get to him?

Notice how this man moved on his track - slowly and steadily - to becoming the head of 311, to DPW, to MUNI! 3DM!

What makes this unassuming man so capable of running the above entities? Why not - just anoint him - Mayor!

Quality of Life issues linked to Safety - go hand in hand - and make life easy, better, and progressive - to most constituents of San Francisco.

Ask anyone in any of the Districts - how safe do they feel in San Francisco?

I ask people that question where ever I go - on Third Street, on Leland Street, on Potrero Street, on King Street, on Market Street, on California Street, on Taraval Street, on San Bruno Ave, Fisherman's Wharf, Church Street, Geary Avenue, Ferry Building, Sansome Street, 16th and Mission, Geneva Avenue, by the Cliff House - by the way how do you gauge  safety in your area?

Then I ask them if they mind if I record what they have to say - "sure they say" - then, when I really get the time - I listen the to comments carefully. Very, very - interesting?

The areas where there is forty to fifty percent unemployment - prey on the better neighborhoods. Now, crime that stayed in some hot spots - is spreading all over the place.

Senior attacked, blatant intrusion into stores and things stolen. Other crime committed with guns pulled out - and innocent people - threatened. Why?

Why it is we have so many inept San Francisco Supervisors running for Mayor?

What is it that this Supervisors think make them capable of running for Mayor - when as Supervisors they cannot achieve much?

Ever attend the Budget Session and witness how these folks treat the people of San Francisco?

During Public Comment these inept, spineless, shallow jokers - will NOT permit - decent constituents to speak for three minutes. That used to be the standard - yet, when these shallow jokers speak - they can go on and on and on. Why?

Recently it was revealed the ten foot ramp in Room 250 the Chambers of the SF Board of Supervisors - will cost us tax payers - over $700,000.

One SF Supervisor said at least: "it is cheaper than the $1.4 million proposed - before"?

Yeh! Give me a break! And our City is broke?

On another note - even though the City is in the hole - some $500,000 was set aside to fix one wall at the Bayview Opera House - found to have rot - better known as Ruth William Opera House - but why?

Not too long ago over $1 million was spent - fixing the entire place Ruth William's Opera House.

Right now the SF Art Commission - is running the Opera House  - full of shenanigans. 

The Mayoral Candidates are funny - they talk about everything under the SUN - expect how to run our City and put the best foot forward.

A good way to vote for your candidate - have her or him attend a focus meeting in your neighborhood.

Make a list of things you would want them to fix or repair. You pay taxes after all.  Have them sign the agreement - make sure you take a photograph. Hold them accountable.

If she or he cannot accommodate you - then screw them.

Do not give your vote to the skunks - they talk a lot - but rarely have the guts to walk the walk.

Back to MUNI - where safety of the MUNI buses is going from worse to worst.

The MUNI buses are NOT cleaned - create a Health Problem - and all that and more goes unnoticed - each and every day.

Of course the Mayoral candidates will brag - that we are a Transit First City - but what type - one that stinks?

Why should our citizens - be they poor or indigent sleep on the streets of San Francisco?

Why do so many children sleep on the streets? Why does this City have over 10,000 chronic truants? Why   or Why?

Why do we find people sleeping under bridges - and hundreds in cars and Recreation Vehicles - on the many streets of San Francisco.

In buildings that are infested with rats - and the list goes on and on.

Today we have 30 thousand homes vacant in San Francisco - not counting over 800 Public Housing units - boarded up!

The SF Board of Supervisors - will resume working some after a long break - which started around August 2.

Let us see what enthusiasm they bring to the table and on to the streets of San Francisco - when they return?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

In this Mayoral Race which candidate has a viable plan to help our youth and address our failing infrastructure?

In San Francisco we have a population of about 816,000 and little less than twenty percent are - young.

Our youth that we must serve so that they can contribute to our great City and County of San Francisco - have not heard from the viable candidates. A forum by the Mayoral candidates for the youth. 

So, may I ask - who among the many Mayoral candidates and I know all of them - pretty deep - who among them has a viable plan to help our youth - put things on track - give our youth the opportunities - so that they can serve there City as best they can?

May I ask who among the many Mayoral candidates - first comprehends the failing Infrastructure of our City?

May I point out to the Great Highway by Ocean Beach - the impending Court Case - where this City could face fines in the millions?

This year our City with all the bragging rights that the Mayoral candidates have - many of those that could do something - with "intent" deprived our youth - from many "summer" programs and of course - good jobs.

The many former San Francisco Supervisors, the City Attorney, the City Assessor, others that want to be the Mayor of San Francisco - have not addressed in detail - viable plans - to lead and be good leaders.

One in five Seniors in our City go to bed hungry. One in three children go to bed hungry. Not once have the Mayoral candidates - address this pressing concern.

We have over forty thousand in our population that have not worked for over three years. Can anyone address this concern?

Our One Stop job centers are a joke. More, the SHENANIGANS by City Build and the ones at Visitation Valley, Western Addition, China Town - wasting precious money. 

Judging from the many Mayoral Candidates - that have entered the race - it is like a circus. Only at a circus you get your money's worth.

More, we cannot gather the candidates at any meaningful forum - to hear viable and practical solutions.

Instead there have been mud slinging insults - so, now we know - because they have shown their true - colors!

Some can wheel in, others can get the backing of  a former "thug" Mayor, others from the Pacific Heights Mafia.

Still others call themselves "conservatives", try to enter the race as a viable candidate - when in fact they are "corrupt". Watch out for the Republicans!

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Who can with a compassionate heart - take us to a better - place.

San Franciscans are astute - and those constituents that have registered and voted for the longest time ever - you can separate the chaff from the wheat. Vote your conscience and vote - right.

We do not and will not have parochial politics in San Francisco.

Candidates who will say one thing and do another.

Still others - that are beholden to the Pacific Heights Mafia. We have dealt with them on corrupt projects - linked to LENNAR and taken them down.

Not so City Hall - so those of you that voted for LENNAR - watch out.

Contamination, Radio Active Elements, Super Fund,
failing to listening to the community at large, having no compassion and going against our children and elders - are what you all embrace.

 You political SKUNKS - do not deserve our VOTE.

Do not think - for one single second - that you can bluff your way.

If you are sincerely for the people - then you have a chance - if you have humility and a proven track record - fine. If not - you are done - do not even ask for anyone's - vote.

This time it is not business as usual. We will name you - and e-blast your performance. Right now - we are watching your and your "crooked" - benefactors.

The astute, well educated, well informed voter - will decide and vote - this time around - believe you - me.

We do have a $7 billion unfunded pension and other issues - all unfunded that have to be addressed - with a plan that should be vetted.

Consensus built with the RIGHT stakeholders - present - stakeholders from San Francisco who have the best interest of San Francisco.

For years thousands of people have come to San Francisco to earn over $175,000 annual salaries with benefits.

Not so much to serve our City but to screw our City.  This nonsense must stop.

No one will talk about the over 26,000 employees the City and County of San Francisco pays huge salaries to.

Also, how many of them truly serve the City and County of San Francisco?

Can we have yearly City Employee evaluations - and that includes those that make silly decisions - waste our money - and are power struck - and have NO intention to serve with humility?

Those that are backed by Big Developers are tainted.
Those that are backed by an entity like Platinum Associates are tainted. You get my drift.

The SF County Democratic Committee today is an non-entity and out dated.

The SFCDC SLATE is pathetic - there choices this time - tainted.

 I know the constituents of San Francisco will vote their conscience and the results will reveal that - clearly.

Foremost - we need a candidate who has a plan for our Seniors and for our Youth.

Some one that understands our aging and failing infrastructure - and folks who are in charge - but are there more for their pay - than to serve the best needs of San Franciscans.

Future articles will spell out details. We have the empirical data  - but more we have participated in the relevant discussions.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has an opportunity to do right and hire hundreds of our youth - that need jobs - badly.

We can provide the opportunity and it has nothing much to do with City Build or the other so called twelve week training sessions - that do not provide a career job - but nothing after that.

Who will step up and work us - if not you will witness the revolution - not so much to vote for crooks - but for young women and men - to fend for themselves - and make the right calls. Aho.

It will take a couple of WEEKS to fully understand the adverse impacts of IRENE on our INFRASTRUCTURE.

It will take a number of weeks - if not months - to fully understand the adverse impacts of Hurricane IRENE on our INFRASTRUCTURE on the East Coast and other pertinent elements - linked with Quality of Life issues.

Infrastructure is what makes any Nation, Country, small town, big town - tick.

All over the world - where the infrastructure is sound - most everything is in control.

Irene has disrupted POWER that is electricity - and in some places it will take weeks to restore - electricity on East Coast. Clean water, transportation, other critical services at hospital, food banks, schools - will be interrupted.

After having time to ponder - many time in silence - we all learn from such lessons. Always busy - running from place to place - it is only when we are stumped, force to hear our heart beat - that we realize there is much more - than a hectic life - running from place to place and forgetting to appreciate - life.

The little things of life that matter most.  Children teach us these little things - all the time. I learn a lot from little children, the youth, young women and men - our youth in San Francisco - all the time.

Homes and facilities on the coast - have been heavily impacted - consequences of building too close to the Mighty Ocean - we see this happening on the West Coast too.

Expensive homes tumbling into the Ocean Blue - we want it all - often not realizing that the comfort of being close to the Ocean - means facing the power and wrath of Mother Nature.

Thousands of people have been evacuated - much as should have been done in New Orleans - but, of course President Bush - talked the talk but did not walk to the walk  when it came to Hurricane Katrina.

President Barack Hussein Obama - cut short his vacation at Martha's Vineyard and took his helicopter trip back to the White House - to address Hurricane Irene and other serious issues.

While most people will be focused on Irene - no one is really paying attention to Libya, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain - we are like the eye of the hurricane - our attention span is as short and wild.

Capitol Bank is trying to buy the online bank ING and another bank named PNC bank is trying to buy the Royal Canadian Bank.

While I was in Washington DC I tried to find out what the initials PNC stood for. Way back in 1982 two large banks Pittsburgh National Corporation and Provident National Corporation - merged - and since most everyone on the East Coast knew them - they decided to called their consolidated bank - PNC. Now you know.

Banks have been capped to holding assets up to One Trillion Dollars - and many are still sitting on large assets.

Loans are hard to come by with people struggling - especially those that have no work.

Credit Card companies - are strict too - watching carefully not to lose money - and if you borrow you play double digit interest rates.

Millions of Americans are out of work - and many chose unwisely to delve into their pockets and use there Credit Cards - and now are in deep - debt.

They say that is with 90% of the Nation - while less than 3% control 90% of the Nation's wealth. That is the same in Great Britain, in Europe, and other places. The rich get richer - and the poor - poorer.

America did well for a long time because of the Middle Class. Now, that the Middle Class is eroding - the divide between the filthy rich and the poor - far apart and more poles apart. We see the disparity, the desperation, the divide, dissolution -  we all that are affected - hovering over this cloud that smells of - destitution of a kind. 

Congress and the Senate have made a FOOL of themselves. Imagine, while we all are suffering - they are having a vacation - that they do not - deserve.

When they return - they will bring with them - a lot of the hog washing they did in public.

Bringing disgrace to our Nation linked to the debt ceiling fiasco - will haunt them for the rest of the lives. All of them the Democrats some but more the crooked, nonchalant - shallow, Republicans.

Most of them should think about resigning - they have made fools of themselves - too many times.

A lot of them will have a lot to say about Hurricane Irene - let us see what concrete help they offer - to those that have suffered losses - I will especially be watching the Republicans.

I want to see how they will monitor and adjudicate the merger of the two banks I mentioned - Capitol One and PNC bank. Such mergers and other shenanigans  take place when others are occupied - with important issues and fail to watch out for even more important - matters.              

Adversity brings out the best - even though in the short run - lives are lost, property destroyed, and things are made difficult.

Case in point - having to live in the dark without electricity, having to viable facilities to freeze one food, and cook as one would normally. You get the drift.

Adversities bring people together - the haughty run into trouble - and lo and behold some one they least expected to shower kindness - does it normally - and the haughty realize - there foolishness and false pride.

You will hear thousands of stories and most of them will be revealing and bring - healing.

God has been good to us on the West Coast. We will witness our share of the burden - as we have before with Earthquakes, floods, and other hardships.

Millions are without jobs in California and other Western States - but all in all - we have food, fresh meat, vegetables, and fruit. We have the necessities of life and more.

Most of all we have good - people.

Right now thousands are dying in Sudan, Ethiopia, and Kenya - from utter starvation. Most affected are children - as things stand - an entire generation may fade away. We must step up and do our share.

It is the same on other countries too - but as I said God has been good to us - that is the common person - the ordinary American who is mostly - extraordinary.

The world admires the ordinary - American.

It is the politician - the nasty, corrupt politician, and the political machinations and ploys of those that are in the Legislative and Executive Branches that one has be be careful about - and ponder, watch, and keep watching.

The paradox in recent years the Judicial Branch has been slack and more and more SLEEK attorneys - have been making a mockery of our judicial system.
Case in point some Supreme Court Rulings - that will adversely impact - millions.

It will take a couple of weeks if not months to fully address the adverse impacts of Hurricane Irene - but, all in all - the end result - should shed some light - and in the end HOPE will prevail - it always - does.

Hurricane Irene from Space: