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Saturday, November 24, 2012


California well known the world over - as the 9th richest economy in the world; but, not too long ago - California reigned as the 5th largest economy in the world. So,what is happening - C A L I F O R N I A .

California's agriculture has played a key role in the economy of our State of California.

Missing in the equation - is the role of the farmers mostly migrant, others indigent who are used like a "dirty rag" - and looked down in disdain - by rich corporations involved in farming and agriculture.

Farm organizer - Caesar Chavez; others too many to mention - have fought to bring some solace to the farm workers. However; discrimination and greed have taken the front seat - and the back breaking work of the average - "farm worker" - taken a back seat into the pits of hell. When it comes to giving the farmers what they deserve - respect, justice, fair wages - all hell breaks lose.

Seeing is believing - many of these hard working workers living in housing - worse then third world countries. Children sleeping on the floor - with no heating and exposed to all sorts of adverse impacts. Prone to all kinds of skin and other diseases - bathing and drinking contaminated water and you can imagine the rest.

What shocked me was the contaminated water - that thousands are forced to bathe with, wash their clothes, and because they have no money to buy - "bottle water" - drink contaminated water - and expose their well being - to cancer and other very chronic diseases.

Skin diseases galore, respiratory diseases, immune deficiencies, and the list goes on. People come before their State Representatives and testify - but, not a dent is made.

Our Governor Jerry Brown Jr. a Jesuit educated individual must step up and shed light where there is darkness.

He must rein in the State Regulatory agencies that are mandated to do their work and force them to drink the - "contaminated water " - for a couple of years.

Have them sign a waiver - and if they do not - let them go - let them work elsewhere. For too long, have too many suffered at the hands of these ruthless, immoral, unethical - so called Regulatory Officials who are having a hey day - raking in thousands every years.

It is totally unbecoming for these State of California Regulatory Agencies linked to our State's Water System and the Watershed - to send notices to those that they are supposed to protect - the farmer workers; babies and children, others drinking the - "contaminated water" - prone to diseases and ill health.

The notices clearly state the water is contaminated - year after year as the testimony revealed these notice continue to be sent - three, four, five, six years.

Some how these Regulatory Agencies feel besides themselves if is fine for others to consume contaminated drinking water - and advice only if one consumes a lot of it - one will be adversely - affected. Well, as I said - it is time to give these vermin - a dose of their own medication. Let them drink the water for year or two - and if they refuse - let them go.

A young State Assembly person whose name is Luis Alejo a Democrat from the 28th Assembly District - which consists of San Benito County, the Salinas Valley North, North Monterey County, South Santa Clara County and the City of Watsonville.

A son of migrant and farm workers; he fully understands the plight of those that are suffering. What is more - he is determined to bring light where they is justice - go give them hell Assembly person Luis Alejo.

Luis Alejo; has educated himself with the best education from Harvard University with a Master's of Education degree.

Received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Davis, School of Law.

Two bachelors degrees in political science and Chicano studies from University of California - Berkeley.

Luis Alejo - has been a teacher, worked as a legal aid, represented those that need help most - in short he walks the walk and can hold his ground - and it is this aspect that led me to study - this man who represents his constituency well.

A previously Jesse M. Unruh Fellow for the California State Assembly at the State Capital in Sacramento - now, Assembly person Luis Alejo worked for Manny Diaz who represented San Jose.

Today Assembly person Luis Alejo - sits on five standing committees - two joint committees, and six select committees. Most notably he is the Chair person of the Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials.

I Francisco Da Costa - am the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy and have been since 1998. Since the year 2000 I have established my self in San Francisco at 4909 Third Street - Regulatory Agencies local, State and Federal know me - for what I stand and what I can attain - when it comes to addressing Quality of Life issues.

There are many State Regulatory Agencies who have been asleep at the wheel - and this on going issue - clean drinking water has not been addressed as it ought to be addressed.

State Regulatory agencies continue their ploys and machinations - with convoluted models how best to regulate drinking waters without proven standards; dragging their legs, giving lip service, lying, making false promises and bluffing - which is  is mind boggling.

We are talking about private wells, many found incorporated areas - many having one of two wells that service thousands who can fall prey to serious contamination and die. Other; smaller towns that cannot afford expensive Water Treatment Plants and less Sewage Plants and other essential amenities.

We are talking about nitrates, lead, Superfund areas, other contamination from our War Efforts - but mostly fertilizer products that have adversely impacted the Watershed, our California streams and rivers.

It must be noted that the people of California own all the water in the State of California. This is state in law and must be exercised as our right.

Water rights provide the right to reasonable and beneficial use of water, not ownership of the water. Public interests are thus involved at every level of water management in California.

It is prohibited to waste, unreasonable use, unreasonable method of use, unreasonable method of diversion of water.

Rights to use water are subject to the State of California's obligation under the Public Trust Doctrine as Trustee of certain resources for Californians.

Again, as you may imagine I find it difficult to understand how farmers more corporations - use and waste vast amounts of water - still use large amounts of fertilizers laden with Nitrates and pollute our watershed.

Flushed down our streams, rivers, into our Bay and flowing to the Pacific Ocean - the adverse impacts of Nitrates - compounded with Methane Gas - one ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide.

Lead, mercury from many of our Mercury Mines, dangerous particulates and more - adversely impact our Quality of Life.

I recently watched the proceedings before the State of California - Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials and must commend the Chair, Luis A. Alejo - Democrat from the 28th Assembly District for his diligence and fortitude.

The many constituents from far off places who came to Sacramento - who gave testimony linked to the contaminated drinking water, the nonchalant manner in which Regulatory Agencies conduct themselves.

It is time to have one or two Regulatory Agencies - with goals and objectives laid out - and time lines that trigger results. If it too hot in the kitchen - get out and fade into oblivion.

As part of the future hearings before this committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials - the Regulatory Agencies and their representatives - will listen to the testimony of the constituents, first.

Then only be permitted to give their drab presentations - at the end of the hearing - this was clearly stated by Assembly person Luis Alejo from District 28..

This land - all of it belongs to the Native Americans in California as is - all over our Nation - once called Turtle Island. The immigrant population; more indigenous are closer to the Native Americans.The same cannot be said of the strangers who are greedy and have polluted the land.

Those greedy and out to make money; any way they can and have contaminated our Earth - that is left to us - Homo Sapiens - to look after and leave our Earth - in a better shape for future - generations. The greedy know this but do not do anything about it - their day has come. Climate change, the Ozone level, other signs of the times - that those blinded by greed - cannot see and less fathom.

Many California governors have failed us - falling prey to filthy rich farmers - more Corporations - who could care less to protect our Earth and less about our immigrants.

These Corporations; use farm workers like a - "dirty rag". Deprive hard working immigrants and farm workers - decent living quarters, less clean drinking water, and treat human beings that deserve fair play, justice and respect - as second class citizens with blatant - discrimination of the worst kind.

In San Francisco the crooked strangers; using their Congressional power - took over the water resources in the Yosemite Area; the land of the Miwoks and Piutes and others - and created the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir.

At the many San Francisco Public Utilities Commission meetings - I watch and hear drab presentations - shallow and with immoral folks purporting to do something but failing - about how pristine the Hetch Hetchy water is - and related issues.

Who is fooling - whom?

Rich folks from San Francisco 200 miles away - used their Congressional power to steal the land and dam the near by rivers in and around Yosemite Federal Lands - to create the Hetch Hetchy dam and reservoir.

At the source; the confluence the water is pristine more Sacred - damned and kept pristine with the granite walls - that the Creator created and which the Native Americans of the area; to this very day - acknowledge as a gift from the Great Spirit.

Every time I go to visit the Native Americans they present with a bottle of Sacred Water - gathered near the confluence. Of course the blind - would not pay attention to this - ever.

As this water comes down to San Francisco - it is polluted - yes contaminated so that when it reaches a hundred or more miles from San Francisco - it is contaminated with water from other streams and rivers - water added to be treated to be stored in large - reservoirs. 

Our reservoirs hold the water - we say it is treated - with chloromine and other diabolical chemicals that the evolved human species - now has to ingest - foreign to one's system - while those in authority - purport it is safe but in reality it is NOT.

Those is authority lies - saying and bluffing all the time - why foul what is natural and good. Those are the ways of the strangers - who came to Turtle Island - lacking spirituality and saturated with greed and evil.

These are the same evil people who cut down the Redwood trees in the thousands. Killed the buffalo for their skins and left thousands of skinned Buffalo to rot. Only the evil ones could commit such atrocities. Many of us - do not want to speak out - because we think we must keep quiet and allow the devil to rule.

We permit those evil to the core to play with the lives of those that are innocent, decent, and not educated on issues.

When we who know protest - then all hell breaks lose.

We have many - who have to filter their water - to take a bath. Others believe what they hear; fall prey to the contamination and slowly die a slow - death. Chemicals.

It is time that Assembly person Luis A. Alejo have a hearing at the State Building in San Francisco on matters pertaining Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials.

The many environmentalist who are decent can reveal to him and other that matter; what is not known to most and to Sacramento.

We need a champion like Assembly Luis A. Alejo - as those we have sent to Sacramento are asleep at the wheel - impotent, spineless, inept, shallow and immoral.

Others pander - taking junkets to China - always thinking about High Speed Rail and how to make money. Working with Lennar a Rogue Developer and always seeking ways to fill their campaign coffers.

Even, as their term expires - always wallowing in the cesspool of greed - these so called Representatives - cannot and will not leave a -  sound legacy. They sooner they leave their office - the better - in fact they must resign.

It is time we stand shoulder to shoulder with those constituents Citizens and non citizens - all decent human beings - impacted by discrimination and lack of access to clean, drinking water and other amenities that represent the best side of Quality of Life issues.

Everyone who lives in the small and large communities; rural and urban California - must be treated right - as laid down by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The 30 articles spell it out - and should shame our Representatives - who swear by our State of California Constitution, our United States Constitution, care less to know about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - and yet purport to - Represent.

Here in California the least we can do - we must protect and afford decent, standard, and readily available resources such as clean drinking water - to our babies, our women and men.

Our elders, those mentally and physically challenged; our indigent immigrants, others who are poor - providing clean drinking water - it is the least we can do - in the year 2012.

We have too many that talk the talk - mostly the Regulatory Agencies, the appointments made by the State Governors, the power struggle to make money; stay in place and shaft the constituents.

Governor Jerry Brown Jr. must rein in the crooks - and clip their wings.

Put them on a diet drinking contaminated water from the jurisdiction they control for a period of two years or more.

Suddenly, you will notice - every jurisdiction will have clean drinking water.

Where there is a will there is a way - and our day has come - we need to stand united and bring down the - crooks - give them a taste of their own sordid - medication. Aho.

State Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials - a hearing held recently about drinking water and contamination - all over California more in unincorporated areas - with State Regulatory Officials looking the other way:

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


It is becoming fashionable to leave our children and youth out - far out of any equation in San Francisco - time and time again - more of matter that involve - Quality of Life issues.

We see this among our selfish San Francisco Board of Supervisors - when it comes to encouraging "match box" sizes units - and now depriving our youth - from riding our Public Transportation - MUNI - which our City can well pay for - without much hardship.

Our City has a $7.6 Billion budget - and receives millions of dollars from the State and more from the Federal Government.

At a recent hearing three San Francisco Supervisors led by Scott Wiener from District 8 in San Francisco - who again and again has targeted - the indigent wheeling shopping carts. Then queer youth hanging in a Private Park - and now our youth who can and must ride - MUNI Free of charge.

Joined by two SF Supervisors one being termed out in District 7 and the other asking to be rejected from District 2 - his next term around - Sean Elsbernd and Mark Farrell. Shame of these San Francisco - Supervisors - who cannot comprehend the issue and have failed miserably on this one - pertinent issue.

Once these SF Supervisors were paid $38,000 annually - now they are paid over $118,000 with benefits.

The result power has gone to the their head - and instead of representing our San Francisco constituents - these good for nothing - so called Representatives - are adversely impacting our youth.

Many of them tackle worthless issues - and on matters that are important - where they have to exercise their Civic Duty - these good for nothing - so called Representatives - make a FOOL of themselves.

It does not help that Elsbernd and Mark are so called Jesuit products - where discerning being educated on issues, sound judgement based on empirical data, and better still sound adjudication is called for.

At today's SF Board of Supervisors' meeting in Room 250 - November 20, 2012 - better sense better prevail - students should get their bus passes at NO COST.

Our City has a $7.6 billion dollar budget. A little of that money that could be used to help our youth - who need transportation to travel - to and from their school and other critical and pertinent activities.

The money to provide this needed and critical transportation - comes from the Federal Government, the State Government - and from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission - which acts like a conduit and favor giving our youth - free transportation.

While most adults can work. Again and again our youth cannot earn and yet go to school - especially those that are in their teens.

The SF Board of Supervisor at the meeting - are far removed from reality - and are drowning in a "cesspool" of their own creation - laden with sordid selfishness and more being less - compassionate. Not all of them - but most of them.

The paradox is that in 1999 the San Francisco Board of Supervisors divested themselves from MUNI - our municipal  public transportation system.

Then arrogant President Aaron Peskin - with a hidden agenda - proposed a Ballot measure - and decided to give MUNI some autonomy which it has. Now, the SF Board of Supervisors - find themselves - sitting on their hands - and wondering what to do.

MUNI has to report to the SF Board of Supervisor - superficially - much as any Enterprise Department.

The others being - the SF Airport, the SF Port Authority, the SF Public Utilities Commission, and even SF Park and Recreation on many pertinent - issues.

The meeting held on November 19, 2012 at 9:30 am was just a hearing - the wings of the SF Supervisors - have been clipped. These committee members - used valuable time - spewing diatribe and pretending they knew the issues - when they did not.

These morons talked a lot at the hearing - mostly nonsense - and with constant interruption - depriving those present at the hearing to follow the presentation given by Ed Reiskin - the Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) - Director.

This defeats the purpose of the presentation - and we the public do not want to hear too much from inept, shallow, spineless - uneducated on issues - SF BOS - who cannot adjudicate because they cannot - comprehend the issues - less act on them in a fair manner.

Then when it comes to the public at large to comment - the Public at large are given two measly minutes -when normally they should get three minutes.

Ever since we have these selfish, shallow, spineless, inept SF Supervisors - the ones I have named above - we the public have to endure this "lunatic" - behavior and illogical statements - not becoming anyone sane - the educated who purport to be - Representatives - but truly speaking are NOT.

The youth are our future - and there is a limit to this  nonsense - in San Francisco - it has reached - "saturation point".

These mostly White Men - who are conservative and have an attitude that is demeaning - do not seem to care about the difficulties our youth are experiencing - and further treat the youth with disdain.

This year for the first time White Men realized their days are over.

In future elections - minorities will decide the elections at every level. Let this year be their reality - check.

These few inept, selfish, uneducated on issues, less having the  history of San Francisco's Transportation issues - must change their ways or forever hold their piece.

President Barack Hussein Obama was elected by minorities.

The so called Democrats in San Francisco - must fully comprehend this.

Federal and State mandates encourage helping our youth and those that need help - the indigent, our Seniors, youth, and so on. 

The SF Board of Supervisors - who are uneducated on issues - are - " one track " - and one of them of sure - is Scott Wiener.

It is time for Scott Wiener to be recalled and this can be done very easily - he seems to have an affinity to attack those groups that cannot defend themselves - the indigent, the queer youth who need our support, our youth, and other groups that he has interfered with - who mind their own business.

This guy a transplant from New York and a open queer - loves to disturb the peace of mind - of those that mind their own business.

Our youth in San Francisco must be given all opportunities to ride our Public Transportation System for F R E E .

Much  like youth - ride in many of the bigger Metropolitan areas - all over the United States of America.

Scott Wiener and his dubious behavior must not be tolerated. Tow the line as sane people do - or face a recall - which is in order. Pay heed to this clarion call - you are a misfit who should not be representing.

Again and again you tick people off - for no reason worth the salt - this nonsense must STOP - now.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Alice Griffith has a track record - being one of the most contaminated sites in San Francisco. Located north of Candlestick Stadium and next to the True Hope Church led by Aurelious Walker - a leading sell out in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

A number of reports all reported by the Main Media - reveal still births at Alice Griffith, chronic respiratory diseases, the worst cancers of all sorts.

The SF Health Department and more Barbara Garcia has not lifted a finger to do the right thing and study the high rate of respiratory diseases, cancer, and other chronic ailments.

It is the same at Hunterview and most other sites where indigent people are treated with disdain. Many Seniors who worked hard for others; were not paid enough - and now suffer more as Seniors in deplorable public housing.

Once built by the Department of Defense for the military - they were built to last for a short time - but Human and Development Agency (HUD) and others - have prolonged their use - more with the sordid model - of deferred maintenance. 

The site at Alice Griffith - better known as Double Rock - is contaminated and prone to acute flooding and liquefaction. It does not help that if the Big One strikes - a number of earthquake faults in its path - will be activated - and will directly impact this area.

Not far from Candlestick Park - right now; if you go to the area - you will see a pool of water two, three feet, and when the storm hits the area - like last night so bad - and no traffic can pass on the roads - bordering the State Park.

There is no public transportation worth the salt in this area.

Right now some drab focus group is holding discussion - sponsored by the SF Transportation Authority and the Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) who is in charge of our public transportation - called MUNI.

Most of the folks belonging to the group have no idea what they are talking about - since they have no qualified experience - folks like Karen Pierce who has been selling the community - saying things that sound pleasing to the ear - but selling out the community - all the same.

I have not seen this woman at one single MTA meeting and less one SF County Transportation meeting - and the same holds good for the entire group - that must be ashamed of themselves - giving feed back on transportation issues - when they are NOT educated on issues - linked with transportation.

For the last 35 years and more since the Third Street Light Rail was pressed into service - Public Transportation has been deplorable all over District 10 but more in the out laying areas such as Double Rock aka Alice Griffith.

Here we have a report part of the Record of Decision (ROD) a 45 page report - with little or no concrete information - or even a viable plan - less empirical data that can help the constituents - and create forums for meaningful - discussion. Imagine a 12 line report on Transportation that reveal little if nothing at all - in this so called shallow - ROD linked with Alice Griffith.

It will require at least $100 million to clean up the area where the new development is planned.

The people who live there now; much as had happened at Hunterview and before that those that lived at the infamous Geneva Towers - will NOT be accommodated in a holistic manner. All sorts of hurdles will be put in their way - Credit Reports which most do not have; other impediments that those at Hunterview are dealing with - now.

Less than five percent of those living now - will be accommodated and the Mayor's Office of Economic Development - Jennifer Matz thinks this is fine. It is the same with the Mayor's Office of Housing and Lee Olson. The same with Tiffany Bohee - who was anointed to be the Director of the Successor Agency of SF Redevelopment Agency - the last three meetings have been announced and cancelled. Why?

Bevan Dufty former Supervisor of District 8 and once in charge under Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. - as the Director of SF Neighborhood Services. Who; is now in charge of homeless housing and heading the project linked to HOPESF - has been called to address the on going issues and he is trying his best.

I have attended numerous meetings linked to Alice Griffith and its fake development, timelines, and now fake Record of Decision.
Most of the meetings held in an hostile environment; busing indigents in who are not informed; and threats made on those who wanted to help the residents. Now, they can make their bed with the crooks - and if they are adversely impacted - they brought it on themselves.

Espanola Jackson, myself and a few others were first to call for one to one housing. But, we were shut down. There is no way given the present crooks in charge - that the people living at Alice Griffith will be helped. 

The only way is first to remove the entire population from the area to a holistic place. Secondly, to give each one in writing - a legal document - that those remove temporarily will be accommodated and what is more fully - paid for any direct expenses occurred as part of the transaction and program. 

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has been taken for a ride - the San Francisco Housing Authority has with intent - failed to maintain the existing units - using deferred maintenance   - harassment - and forcing many tenants - who have moved to live with failed plumbing, internal walls peeling with asbestos friables, and failing to treat the tenants with respect - more as human beings.

Folks; like Dwayne Jones and Angelo King - helped Lennar to bus tenants to City Hall who were paid to say things they did not understand. Now, they come to me and say; how they were cheated. This has been the plan of this City and once who are in charge of such ploys - for the longest time ever.

Under the tutorship of City Employees and some of them working for the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce.

One for sure works for the SF Planning Department, and one works for Malia Cohen the District 10 Supervisors as an aide. All very despicable - and all have BLOOD on their hands.

Based on a fake, rushed Environmental Impact Report - this Record of Decision is so nonchalant that is a slap on the face of the many advocates who have fought for sound housing, clean up of the Hunters Point Shipyard, for sound education, good transportation, open space, childcare, health services - for families who can live in large rooms - two, three, four bed rooms.

Right now raw sewage flows on Caroll Street that borders on one side of Alice Griffith better known as Double Rock. This has been going on for the last ten years plus - we report - and the authorities that be - do not give a rat's ass.

The raw sewage is covered with wood ships mingled with Eucalyptus wood chips to neutralize the stench - but pools of water still stand and when there is heavy rainfall - the diseased water spread over a large area - a health and safety - and what is more adversely impacting any innocent person who happens to come in the vicinity. 

The Polynesian and Black community have been treated with disdain - recently the divisiveness reached an extreme point and stage - where people were shot and killed.

It is in the midst; of such altercations and atrocities - that this Record of Decision (ROD) has been released.

The same thing happened with Parcel A on Hunters Point. A rushed - ROD - followed by many fake meetings.

Things were promised and most nothing - took place - less happened.

On Parcel A - rental units were promised - and amendments made to the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA). That DDA is in default - timelines that were mentioned and promised - have long gone - and in any other community one could have gone to court - and won millions.

The DDA is a legal mandatory document - and our once fair City had now compromised - and are in bed with a rogue Developer like Lennar. Lennar has its paws into this sordid Alice Griffith Project - and where the Lennar head appears - hell reigns.

The excuse given on the failed DDA at Parcel A - the SF Redevelopment Agency's demise.

The absence and demise of the SF Redevelopment Agency absolves the current developer; Lennar who keep changing their Corporation status - established once as an Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) in Sacramento in 1998 - and now undergone five major changes - a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in Delaware - where the DEVIL reigns supreme - with the many Credit Card Headquarters - stealing and cheating innocent United States constituents - with high interests rates.

Our SF Planning Department must not permit this ROD to go forward.

The City and Count of San Francisco and one Tiffany Bohee - who is in charge of the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Agency - is cooperating with the Mayor's Office of Housing -  who is hoodwinking the community.

Tiffany Bohee has cancelled the last three meetings linked to the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Agency - where matters such as this ROD - would have come up for discussion.

This woman, Tiffany Bohee has BLOOD on her hands - she has been warned and she can take the warning or forever hold her peace.

The Federal Government has expanded some $300 million - this is not sufficient - you cannot put a price on life - and hundreds of children, women, and men have suffered and died - because they lived at Alice Griffith aka Double Rock - which is a very contaminated area.

Hundreds of buses would be parked just south of Alice Griffith - by Candlestick stadium - buses who brought in the fans from all over the City - with their engine running for hours on end.

The toxic particulates; other contaminants - blowing in the direction of Alice Griffith - at gusts of 30 and 40 miles per hour - this went on for years - until some of us advocates complained - and this nonsense was stopped.

We had cases where Work Orders were taken by SF Housing Authority linked to Alice Griffith units that needed urgent - repairs.

Those who bribed the SF Housing Authority - had their units fixed - the rest had to suffer. Mr Alavarez; a transplant who has no idea of our history; who head the SF Housing Authority; - who is a lackey of City Hall continues to favor such ploys and machinations. 

Bevan Dufty tries to do his best; but true to himself - he too has now fully realized - he is dealing with a bunch of crooks - who will not move fast enough to serve those that need help most.

This Record of Decision is plain hogwash.

That is dirty water from the pigs that stink to high heaven - that City Hall likes to wallow in. 

Remote control - making policies that adversely impact most minorities and indigent people.

No one gave you permission to come into our living rooms to rearrange our furniture - and you continue to do this all the time - lying and promising and doing nothing at all.

Lennar; a Rogue Developers - at one time had a parallel SF Planning Team working side by side with the SF Planning team at 650 Mission Street.

Head of the SF Planning team John Rahaim - head of the evil team doing Lennar's bidding - Dean Macris.

Few know this - so deep is the corruption - fostered by the crooks who are involved in these ploys, machinations, and sordid shenanigans. Go figure.

This project if done right requires over $900 million and the crooks do not have it.

But, really what they are into - is Land Banking - much like what was done at Mission Bay. They have the permits and will divide the land and sell it to those who will do anything to make money - and build inferior homes - where you will not be able to dig in your back yards. You will have to sign a WAIVER - saying that - end of discussion.

Once these DEVILS control drab projects built like what is proposed at Alice Griffith - they will move to take homes that hard working folks have acquired; nearby - and build high rise buildings - high density - and use all the GREED they have - to rake in millions.

There is NO doubt the shine shines on the Bayview - and this is the last frontier - and those the foster and breathe GREED - want  it all. This are the same folks - who speak with a fork tongue. The did it to the Native Americans, they did it to the Black, and now they want to do it to the minorities.

The Black President is in - for four more years - minorities must not permit - these DEVILS to take advantage of us. Look to your ancestors, and use your fortitude and stand your - ground.

Speak up now - or forever hold your peace.

The many Black sell outs - who have created all the divisiveness - must be cast aside.

The few that are left want to ratify the misdeeds - but it will take a lot of sacrifice.

There can be NO love without deep - sacrifice.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Only the just can take you to a better place - and spirituality reigns supreme in matters like this. Do not give up - Hope for the best and do not be a - sell out. Never.

The fake Record of Decision - adversely impacting Alice Griffith Public Housing:

Friday, November 16, 2012


Any decent person who has some sense about process and more about Environmental Issues - will tell you - an Environmental Impact Report or Study is pertinent.

Here in California - the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) - has been instrumental; in helping California constituents and others interested in Quality of Life issues - to address adverse impacts to life - linked to any project - to bring redress and offer solutions.

Scott Wiener has for some time now challenged the constituents, the queer community, indigent more defenseless queer youth, the homeless with their shopping carts, nudists, others - with silly, shallow, meaningless amendments and ordinances - not worth the salt.

Now, he dares to make unnecessary amendments to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) - as it should apply to projects - within the jurisdiction of the City and County of San Francisco  - impacting SF Planning Department, the Land Use and Economic Committee, the Appeals Board, and other relevant bodies involved with the construction industry, SF Health Department, the Department of Toxic and Substance Control, the Regional Water Board, the Environmental Protection Agency - and a corrupt, former Black Mayor - is behind this ploy.

This queer man is not secure and with his false sense of trying to win some unfounded confidence - his every false move - lends him in the gutter of confusion. The man cannot think straight - and is revengeful - as we saw with his actions - impacting the San Francisco Sunshine Task Force )SOFT). For six months the actions of Scott Wiener - brought the SOFT to a stand still.

I have mentioned before that this queer man is no Harvey Milk or Harry Brit.

This man is confused, a transplant from New York - it is time he goes back to his mama and the Big Apple and stay there. May be address some of the problems meted out to his fellow former neighbors in New York and the surrounding area - by Hurricane Sandy.

CEQA gives an opportunity for us citizens to address our concerns, bring objections and find solutions - on the many Big Developments that seem to be sprouting all over the place - without proper permits, diabolic deeds that I have reported - before. Money seem to talk in San Francisco - blood money in most cases.

This man; Scott Wiener, who represent District 8 - wants to pull a fast one - and I can assure you - on this one - CEQA - this matter will land in court and the man for once - will be put to utter - shame and disgrace. He is ringing his "death knell" and this time around - this issue will truly reveal the colors of this sordid - person.

Most San Franciscans know where the San Francisco Concourse is situated.

Recently it was brought to my attention by a business owner operating her business near the SF Concourse that the building was going to be demolished. She received a notice and wanted to know if I had heard about it - I did not. I called a few people - in the know - and they did not. What is happening?

On that site; where the SF Concourse stands - some housing is planned.

Mostly probably market rate housing - which we do have in abundance in San Francisco - but GREED knows no bounds - and so here we go again.

Gentrification is at work - and as usual the Zionists and those that care less about the poor - but more about themselves - the ilk of Bernie Madoff - are having a field day.

This building hosts a number of large events - for one thing - the Green Party has their event there.

Even though the Green Party is planning their event there - they have not been informed that the SF Concourse is slated for demolition - and notices to that affect - have gone out - already.

Many of us ardent environmentalist are fully aware about the process that has been in place and has over the last 25 years and more helped us - the EIR, the EIS, CEQA, the Precautionary Principle and so on and so forth.

Here comes Scott Wiener who want to take short cuts - and more without fair and essential noticing.

In fact under his stupid ordinance - one will not have access to any pertinent documents in time - to file an appeal. His amendments call for a 24 hours release. Where is the accountability and the transparency?

Now, I know San Franciscans will not tolerate such nonsense - and yesterday at the San Francisco Planning Department - I was told before the meeting - that amendments to CEQA -  slated to be heard yesterday November 15, 2012 at City Hall in Room 400 -have been moved to November 29, 2012 at 1:30 pm in Room 400 at City Hall.

I will be there - to address my subjective concerns about process and CEQA and many related issues.

Some days ago - I was shocked to find out that Paul Currier a well known advocate was found dead in his apartment - in fact found dead - days after his assault and death.

The incident report is pending - and thousands of us are awaiting the results - from the Coroner's Office, the SP Police Department, the Criminal investigators - this shocking dead - has cast a shadow on the advocates and advocacy.

Few people know about this - and Paul Currier (may his soul rest in peace) - was one person who requested that Scott Wiener be recalled from office.

Again and again this queer man - with a skewed sense of reasoning will raise questions and try to bring amendments - that are petty, waste of time and money - and what is more not becoming of decent San Franciscans.

Paul Currier who was astute - educated on issues - worked for Ron Dellums - challenged the MACHINE -  took on four  San Francisco Supervisors - who connived with the Developer to demolish 1500 rental home in the Parkmerced area.

Scott Wiener was one of the four admonished by the Ethics Commission - for infringing on the Brown Act and other laws governing - fair play and justice.

The other SF Supervisors - David Chiu, Malia Cohen, and Eric Mar.

On another note - right now we have given the Warriors the "green signal" to build an arena right by Piers 30-32 and the adjacent area - a site prone to serious liquefaction, flooding, and for sure to be impacted by an impending Tsunami and the Big One.

The EIR is spending, the CEQA too for sure as you may imagine.  Four studies done in the past - call for millions of dollars to shore up the site by the Bay - as much as $400 million dollars.

Oracle was given the site to build -  Power Engineering stated the estimates needed - I reported about it about months ago. In the end the deal was shelved - Oracle the billionaire would not shell out - and in came the WARRIORS who will sink - in the cesspool of their own creation. 

Fast track this project all you want - the faster you fast track track - the sooner you all will FALL on your FACE. 

The citizens living close by Pier 30-32 - have not been incorporated in any meaningful dialog.

Folks like Willie L. Brown Jr. who is cozy with Scott Wiener and others more diabolical and greedy - are preparing to hoodwink San Franciscans and push for this project.

Much like the 8 Washington debacle and the many other high rise buildings - that are being pushed before the SF Planning, brought to the Land Use with 30 day notices - and sent directly to the SF Board of Supervisors - for their endorsement.

Ploys like this have a lot to do with campaigns and filling the coffers of the corrupt and crooked Supervisors.

For sure one of them is Scott Wiener. He is a deep friend of the corrupt Developers and Platinum Consultants - who were brought before the Court in New York.

Swinerton, Cahill, Nibbi, Webcor, Turner, and a few others are having a field day -building high rise buildings - here, there, everywhere.

The local banks are not loaning money to anyone that is decent. Junkets from Hawaii with off shore money is flooding the Main Land - and rumors have it that it is Chinese money - belonging to the old regime that has just changed hands.

Xi is in charge - as of yesterday - and wait until he finds out - if truly speaking the past regime is involved. Anyone found embezzling - willingly or unwillingly - will be used as fodder - and his or her organs - harvested.

The RICO Act must be invoked as we have rampant corruption of the highest order -prevailing in San Francisco.

Our Congressperson and our Senator are concerned about washing the dirty linen of others - but right in their backyard - they are endorsing - blatant corruption of the worst order. Go figure.

Now, as to Paul Currier who has a track record exposing the crooks - not one word in the Main Press.

Who could have killed this man and left him for dead - the Pacific Heights Mafia - part of the MACHINE?

I have brought this to the attention of some that can do something about it - but time is running out.

It may be a week ago that the dirty deed was committed - sufficient time to cover up - but someone has blood on their hands - and must be brought to justice.

As dirty as the cover up of CEQA - this act and others - are every day occurrences in San Francisco.

San Francisco - once known for some decency, for sure compassion, and now inundated with Zionists and the rampantly growing - cloak and dagger machinations and ploys.

Where is the Federal Bureau of Investigation on this one?

The RICO ACT must be enforced and here is have all the elements that can make that happen - with rampant - results.

Some pertinent information on Paul Currier:

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Incarceration in the United States is a $40 Billion plus business - contemporary slave plantations - that Society has accepted.

More, have been sucked into accepting - that incarceration - must be accepted as something - normal - for the general good of the population.

The United States has a population of about 311 million - we are about five percent of the world's population.

We do not feel ashamed to incarcerate our fellow Americans and those that are not - but living in the United States as non-citizen; forming a jail population that is "twenty five percent" of the world's incarcerated - population.

Three strikes that has just been amended - because thousands of innocent people were sent - for petty crimes.
Two, three, four felonies added without justification - just so that mostly minorities - could be sent to prison for 25 years or more.

Most of those we send to prison have mental problems. We send them to prison to run away from our obligation. In the case of San Francisco we have a model that helps the mental patients incarcerated. Not so the State and Federal prisons - where prisoners having mental problems - and treated with disdain.

Private corporation run many for-profit jails - complete with trained dogs, state of the art electronic gadgets - a money making racket. When mostly minorities are treated like dirt - and dehumanized. All this would put our Founding Fathers to shame.

I was in attendance at a recent so called Town Hall meeting called by California Senator Mark Leno - with leading so called criminology experts from San Francisco in attendance. It is amazing how nonchalant the deliberation were.

We brag that in San Francisco we treat our prisoners with compassion - and quickly point to a former Sheriff Michael Hennessy who was my good friend - and all his good work. He may have left a legacy - but, whatever about those that just - talk the talk.

What concrete legacy are our current Law Enforcement gurus leaving - besides spewing - diatribe and telling us stuff that we already know?

What concrete benefits have been planned in those areas - where it is purported most crimes occur in San Francisco?

And may I add - what holistic programs are in place - to change people's lives - drug addicts, prostitutes, inordinate number of constituents suffering from AIDS, indigent and illiterates by the thousands, lack of good jobs, poor housing, unreliable transportation - how are we addressing these issues?

While San Francisco may portend to be at the forefront of sending less folks to prison - using the "realignment model" and other holistic models - millions of dollars spent in this area - cannot be accounted for - line item by line item.

Do not speak about "Realigment" with a smirk on your face - when you do not have any accountability and less transparency.

In the Bayview Hunters Point there is not one single hub that is fully and properly - connected with the so called "Realignment Model" - the experts talk about - which is in place in the City and County of San Francisco.

In the Bayview there are hot spots with forty and fifty percent unemployment.

Rampant poverty that many do not believe exists - but the matter of fact is that all over California we have over 9 million people living in abject - poverty.

The ninth riches economic in the world - use to be the fifth richest economy in the world.

In San Francisco we have a population of 805,000 and over fifty two percent live pay check to pay.

We also have a high percentage of Seniors - who live pay check to pay check - and fall prey to crime.

Over forty percent in our fair City live in abject poverty - and yet this City caters to the filthy rich - and with intent - fosters and encourages - gentrification.

At this so called Town Meeting - not one word was mentioned about contamination and environmental issues.

Criminologists; so called Law Enforcement - talk in a nonchalant manner, spewing diatribe on this pertinent topic related to contamination, pollution, and adverse impacts from them.

They have no clue - about the role of contamination, pollution, dangerous particulates and the relation with these factors to health, affecting crime and criminal behavior.

These experts keep living in another world - far removed from - reality.

At this so called Town Meeting - not one single plan to help United States citizens and others who need much needed help - with qualified legal assistance - all living here in San Francisco - where as much as some say there is - "pro bono" legal services - the empirical data shows otherwise.

We all know that Whites use more drugs and the more expensive kind.

More Whites use drugs than do minorities - when it comes to drugs and alcohol - period.

For some strange reason - more minorities more Blacks - are sent to jail on drug related cases to the chagrin of everyone. This nonsense has been happening for years - and most of us - who know it - pretend this blatant discrimination and crime - is invisible.

It is time for Law Enforcement and Judges - to change their eye glasses - and look into this matter, deeper - with a better view of being fair, exercising justice, adjudicating fairly, and serving and representing the tax payers.

If blatant discrimination is part of your DNA - remove it - and become "human" for humanity's sake.

We know our Constitution gives us humans the many rights we deserve. We also have it clearly spelled out by the United Nations - " Human Rights Principles".

Now; that Sacramento have the Democrats in the cockpit and in the majority - can we have real "reform" linked to our prison system.

Can Fiona Ma, Mark Leno, Leland Yee and Tom Ammiano step up - and rub a little of the progress made in San Francisco - all over California - when is comes to blatant incarceration, lack of qualified legal assistance, and judges quick to adjudicate without justification - sending mostly innocent folks to serve long sentences - in our drab, poorly maintained - filthy jails.

How about making it mandatory for Judges and Law Enforcement to spend one day every five years - in jail.

Just so that they can experience and see the situation at hand. How about adding our legislators and those who have anything to do with sending our citizens and others to jail - to that list?

One in hundred of our United States population has been to jail.

As I said we form five percent of the world's population - but we incarcerate more - holding the incarceration record - "twenty five of the world's incarcerated population". Go figure.

As much as the pundits think and talk about rehabilitation in our prisons in California - far from it - there is "no rehabilitation".

Less education and those that need "drug treatment" as addicts - are forced to go "cold turkey".

Torture and rape is prevalent - and when I go to the jails - they tell me and I listen - and all I can do is pray and ask God to change the system - and I speak the - TRUTH.

You enter the classrooms in the jails - and the posters on the wall are from the 1960s and 1970s which says a lot. It is so surreal that it sends chills through one's body.

I start talking to prisoners giving them a short history of the Native Americans. Many Correctional Officers in attendance - and they hear me out - and I see from their faces - they are in awe and astonished - when I give the facts - they are kept in the dark - and know little about factual history of our Nation.

When I talk about legislation and the Court system - they all seem to understand - how the system uses them as - "pawns". It is all a game - one preying on the other - and those at the top - raking in the millions of sordid dollars.

This land of ours is Turtle Island - all the land was stolen by the strangers - these strangers killed, raped, stole, and took what they wanted.

Even though the Native Americans lived here for thousands of years - suddenly the day the dirty, stinking, sordid White landed on this land - they proclaimed the land was theirs. What a JOKE.

It is this sordid thinking - and the under laying factors that fosters greed, corruption, and lack of spirituality.

Our jails are a $40 billion plus business and here in California - and all over the Nation - corporations formed to incarcerate - sell their shares - in the growing evil - Stock market.

No one cares about "blood money"; blood money will haunt you to your grave - make no bones about it.

The money changers have had it before - and they are still here in America - screwing up our economy - and now in larger numbers in Congress and the U.S. Senate -fostering greed and with a hidden - agenda.

All you got to look is at - Bernie Madoff. Two or three life sentences - the height of greed - and he was high at the Stock Exchange and rubbing shoulders with the money changers of our time.

I have interviewed former Correctional Officers and other Law Enforcement Officers.

If the "truth" be told - it would make you puke.

Unnecessary force, breaking the ribs and inducing internal bleeding, poison in the food, sleep deprivation, and all sorts of inhumane punishments in all our jails.

Worse in jails in Louisiana - the famous Angola hell - jail.

Restorative Justice in San Francisco is spoken of in general terms.

Realignment and Restorative Justice cannot be executed by folks who are not well trained, less have the compassion.

Less are not educated on issues - folks that worship greed - looking forward to their pay check.

In the world of "incarceration" one can earn their pay check with great difficulty and sacrifice and compassion.

You take short cuts and impose punishment that is not inorder - and you have "blood on your hands for the rest of your life". Think about that. Aho.

Here are some more facts from a recent - well researched article: