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Friday, August 31, 2012


Where are the leaders in the Bay Area when it comes to addressing sound college education - with bearable fees, tuition - and high standards to deliver sound - education.

For many years; those in charge of our education - have been taking a position - that they know better - when they know nothing at all. Calling themselves administrators - when the are more "corrupt" - and manipulators that need to be charged with crime. It is sad when these folks - with intent - fail to educated - and play hell with - minds and innocent - students.

Good educators do not put themselves first and the student and facility last.

That is what we are seeing first hand in most of our Public Colleges - the tax payers money is wasted - and those right at the top - making policy decisions as Board Members - need to be reined in - and in some cases take to court - and charged with crime - blatant negligence; when it come to delivering - quality education.

Again and again we see that the general state of affairs favors those that have money.

Foreign students from countries that have money - are cuddled and embraced - they have the money to burn - and College Administrators - favor such students - turn their backs on local student - more poor students who need - help.

Local students are left to fend for themselves and treated with disdain. Recent policies have shoved minorities out the door - and the few that remain - have a difficult time coping. We all know about the difficulties the minority college students are suffering from - but, no one worth the salt is doing anything.

I visit some of the students mostly the Public Colleges and Universities and what I see - I do not like.

Year after year - tuition fees are increased and with that comes large classes - with the professors forced to deal with more - and given less tools and needed support to deal - with the situation at hand.

Education is not like fast food - where you get something quickly that is not good for you.

The college students are stressed and more those that work two and three jobs - just to make it.

Some of the students with great sacrifice make it - but most cannot take it any more - and no one cares.

The rich of course - have it good - and linger two years in one class - at least those - that are many; that want to prolong - hanging around in college.

Wrangling - wading out the present state of the economy - where most college college students - cannot get a good career - job - anyway.

In recent years in San Francisco for example - some mention has been made about some "tech firms or companies" - doing good. We saw this during the "Dot.Com" era - they came quickly and as quickly as the came they vanished - vanished in oblivion.

These companies at the most favor a trend - and trends like some gourmet dishes - offer only so much to the palate and then you want to taste something else.

The trend -  that which was once favored - is relegated to the dumpster - the waste paper basket - cast away because there is only so much we can bear and stand. That is just human nature.

We saw a big deal made with some "social sites" such as Face Book - even Twitter - Google - sites,platforms and engines - we dabble with. 

These "engines" do permit us to use them as tools - but, human nature being what it is - we want something better and more interesting. Stuff comes and goes - and tomorrow promises more - and there will be creative minds that will deliver. 

Twenty five years ago the Internet did not play such a important role in education - in our institution of higher learning - today it does.

Twenty five years ago - you saw some lap tops being brought to the colleges - now every one mostly has access to one - to a Personal Computer or Desk Top - Ipad - even high end cell telephones that are capable of delivering and being able to task and deliver - in the palm of one's hand.

The information we get from using technology fails to consider the ability of any individual to discern - to filter - to comprehend and use the best that is there - information - little sound most - chaff.

Even with the professors - they come in various shades - the good ones and the not so good ones - the ones that can guide you and take you to a better place - and those that are just there - doing there thing - having no real interest in the future of the students.

There was a time if you went to Law College and passed - you got a good job - no more. There was a time - if you did well in Business School you did more than well - just ask those with such a degree - whiling away their time - trying to make ends - meet. It is the same with Engineering graduates - and the thousands with degrees in Art and so on.

The 2008 dire economic straits have driven graduates to do any job - just to survive.

I meet them every day and what they tell me is not pretty. In San Francisco many of those with a Master's Degree are doing other jobs - bringing a far wider understanding and skills to the job - but for sure not using their education and trained skills - in the right field.

The politicians have no clue what is happening.

While they desperately - try to fill their campaign coffers - lie to the constituents and pretend that they are serving the constituents - while all these despicable politicians do - in serve themselves.

The dire economic situation has impacted everyone - and those that suffer most are the middle class with children. No one really cares about them.

The middle class is what make any sound government and Democracy work - you remove the Middle Class - and you remove most everything.

We are all working hard to survive - daily figuring out - how we can deliver.

Some of us have the ability to create some new situations that affect lives - bring some little or more hope in the lives of others.

College student go to colleges and universities to learn and better themselves - not to suffer and spend years - trying to find a good job - ever pondering that "despair" - is what they have to witness daily at the end of the tunnel. That was NOT - what should have been happening - but it is.

The caliber of the students has changed drastically - the students are more cautious, slow to comprehend; why no one gives them opportunities, less trusting - and gone are the days when a college education - took you places. 

In today's world; the reality is the debts from college may ruin your day - more when the system demands you pay it - while the interest rates - sky rocket - and no one give you a break.

Thank God - President Barack Hussein Obama - himself a starving student at one time - understands this plight - and has set the interest rates at a level that is - some what decent - for now.

Student loans take a heavy toll on the decent student - that is trained and educated to pay back - what is owed to others.

Some other students have given up - on their studies - having spent their student loans - on other extra curricula - activities. The stress of paying student loans on time - has ruined many a college and university - student's life.

As far as general education is concerned - we. as a Nation are 24th or 25th in the world. We call ourselves a Super Power - but you would not know that - seeing the Political Buffoons - parading their talents - like novice clowns - spewing diatribe and lying through their teeth. Running our economy to the ground. Daily we borrow millions from China and daily we pay them millions.  Our debt is every growing in the TRILLIONS.

Our Judicial System on the highest level - has adjudicated that "Corporations" are persons.

With one scoop - permitting the "thugs" to throw in millions - with corrupt -"political action committees" - set, to ruin most any stable form of operation.

Local and State government - our National government - the repercussions are wide - and trickle down to almost anything - adversely impact the core foundation and decency - ethics and moral, transparency and accountability - and that includes our  failing and very poor educational system.

The better countries who do well producing well educated students. These countries invest in pay their teacher well and bring in and hiring the best minds.

These countries that favor sound education - invest in the students - while permitting the student to learn and imbibe those qualities that will make them - good citizens - well educated students - that can and will contribute their talents and education to society at home and the world.

There is a lot of information out there. A lot of it - is chaff.

The ability to discern - is given to those that are smart, talented, ethical and educated.

When anyone has the ability to discern, to filter, to evaluate, to analyze, to dissect, to choose the best information and use it for the good of society - that is sound education - and the affects of putting in in practice - makes a difference - a huge difference. 

In today digital world we do have the tools - and we can compete - but we also need the "human component".

We are after all human not robots - and sensitivity, compassion, understanding, communication, personal relationships, sacrifice and love and more - make us all better persons.

One can learn some and be a misfit - that is not what higher education is all about.

We must contribute - we must socialize, and with sound education, sports, music, art, other social activities - we become rounded and contribute to society.

Unfortunately - the factors that govern the current poor economic growth - invades the better norms and principles - cast aside sound foundation - and have ushered a host of corrupt and very despicable actions - that have nothing to do with sound education.

When heads and boards of Universities and Colleges fall prey to the mundane - worship their salaries and perks - and turn their backs on sound education and adversely impact with intent vulnerable students - something; has gone astray - something is amiss -  rotten, to the core of education.

We see it - everywhere - in the best of colleges and universities - and that is not what it should be.

The mind is a powerful tool - much as is the soul - much as our unique - body that has evolved all these thousands of years. 

We know that we must take care of our body - eat and exercise well.

Our mind is powerful - and most people before they die - use but about 8% of that grey matter - so say the experts that study our human brains.

What we all forget is our soul - that spirit that makes the greatest of human beings - women and men and children who have contributed so much - and honored their generation and so many other generation to come. Left a legacy - a good one - no one remembers the sell outs, the corrupt, those that prey on others - those that sit on the fence - and there are many - and do nothing at all.

When you are educated - you as a human being can be decent, courageous enough - to face life.

Create opportunities - contribute to society - tackle the difficult situations and  bring about the best change in life.

We are a Super Power with a DEBT that is a disgrace.

The politics and the policies have destroyed the middle class.

Sound education; given opportunities - increases the growth of the Middle Class - this class is evaporating before our eyes.

Now in these the United States of America - some 900 entities control 90% of what others should have had - these 900 are filthy rich. We have a population of about 311 million.

We see this in Europe - on the verge of a major turmoil - and soon it will spread - here to the United States - our debt is in the trillions - and increasing every - second.

Today - most people are surviving - while politicians are playing with our lives.

Today - you can trust a "skunk" but not a politician.

Especially; not the ones that spew diatribe - hot air from both sides of their mouth.

Wall Street has failed Main Street.

The 2008 fiscal fiasco - has not brought drastic changes to Wall Street - even today - Hedge Fund, Sub-Prime Loans, Fake Transfer of money in the millions, cooking books and ledgers, all sorts of ploys and machinations are going on.

Algorithms and complicated equations that would baffle Einstein and those of his caliber - faking us with flakes that vanish before your eyes - while dealing with proven norms that adverse affect our lives.

Our Universities and Colleges have been affected by a viral disease that is spreading so fast - that there is no immediate remedy, no sound principles in place to put a stop to the nonsense - the every moral soul of our Institution of Learning - have been compromised - by Greed and those that are GREEDY - at the helm of affairs.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Our youth are intimidated - intimidated about the future - often times they will ask me to have a one on one with them - to talk about what worries and disturbs them most.

I listen and listen - and what I discern - is that they fear about their future -because they lack a plan - a blue print - some path that will take them to a better - place.

If this issue about fear of the future was the concern of only a few of the youth feeling that way - it would not concern me some;  but, when the number is high - meaning the majority of the youth - it must concern all of us that value our youth - and the general state of affairs in our neighborhoods, our town, our cities, our State and our Nation.

Often time the youth see me at some public forum on watch me on SFGOVTV - and think that if I can do it - they can do it. They ask me how I do it - well, you have to make an attempt - you make mistakes - but, never ever repeat a mistake. Also, make sure you do your homework - and put your best foot - forward.

Never mind if very few avenues are available to our youth - to address public forum - speak to Representative at all levels, and what is more challenging achieve something in their lives - to prove that they can do it. Adults should work with the youth - to make opportunities and brings joy and hope - where there is abject darkness and some qualified - sadness.

It does not help when the State of California is broke - yes, the once 5th largest economic in the world - is broke.

Private entities who have had it good must step up - a concerted effort must be made using the "social network" - and the digital technology - to bring about change and holistically affect the youth and those concerned with the welfare of the youth in San Francisco and the adjoining - areas.

It does not help when trained teachers the younger ones because the do not have "tenure"  - in our Public School system - are dismissed - when funding is an issue.

Teachers that do not meet the mark - allowed to teach - and offer inferior teaching to their students. Not all of the teachers - but, many who do not live up to par.

It does not help that the School Management of our San Francisco Unified School District and the drab SFU School District Board - talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. Again and again they have failed - and more those who represent City Hall and the Mayor - pretending to do something - but spewing diatribe - all the time.

Our Public School have the Wellness Centers - but, truly speaking not all is well at the Wellness Centers.

When is comes to mental problems - anger management, acute stress, lack of food and proper nourishment, killings and violence, bullying and intimidation, turf issues - and a host of other real problems - that the so called - experts have no clue about.

No one teaches one such elements in the Universities and the institutions of learning - the management in most schools are afraid to invite those that know - more about the issues that I have mentioned above. More importantly how to deal with them - and interact with the students affected and others who want to know about the prevailing - pandemonium.

Suicides are on the increase among the youth. We have to pay especial attention to queer youth. Not a word about this issue - no one in the San Francisco Health Department is addressing this problem - on a war footing - staring us in the face.

As teenagers most of us had a period of time in our life - when we could not handle certain issues.

Lucky for us some one stepped up and helped us. When I was young - I loved challenges - to this day - I love challenges.

When corrupt forces are challenged they do not like it - and cowards who do not have the balls to take a stand - love to criticize those that confront the corrupt. But, they are the first to enjoy the fruits of those that confront, explain, and open doors to opportunities - to those that are quiet by nature and need some little help to - open doors.

Mayor Ed Lee is confused - he has chosen to take the safe path - and listen to those who part of the MACHINE - who are useless.

It is time to put the leaders of the youth moment in charge and back them up. What the youth want to happen; as part of  their own vision and all they need is the opportunity - without any encumbrances.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.
Come on Mayor Ed Lee - I know you can do it - you are the Mayor - take the lead now and do a good job of it. 

I am friends with many youth - who feel free to talk to me - and their small issues and BIG issues; matter to these youth.

When I talk to them - together we walk the issues - and discuss how we can take steps to - take control of the issues. Have back up plans - and in the worst case - talk to experts who can and will help them. Most of all we establish Point of Contracts - and it always - works.

Our San Francisco Health Department for all the talk - have left our youth to fend for themselves.

It is time the San Francisco Youth Commission - call for hearing - and discuss the issues about youth - in a meaningful manner - with time lines and objectives to deal with the critical issues - that are adversely not only the youth - but parents, family, friends, and the community in general.

There are the living and the living dead.

If you have it good - you must pause and give some back - remember when you were young - you had someone a teacher, a coach, some one nice in our neighborhood - some one touched you and helped make you - something. Time to give back.

If you help someone in their youth - they will remember you for a long, long time.

You never know they may beat your highest expectation and be someone - some great - someone that will make you - proud. Share you blessings.

I get this all the time - they remember a time when I kept the youth together - in the many sports activities that I held. The many entertainment shows that I fostered. The many other extra curricula activities that I challenged youth and adults - to delve into - to bring their better, creative side to the fore.

In San Francisco our SF Police Department is lacking - choosing para-military methods to deal with those youth that are not - "thugs". You hurt some youth when they are innocent - and you create a monster. I deal with such youth all the time - adversely impacted by those that have no compassion.

In school we have conditions - more in Public School - adversely impacting so many youth.

The School Administrators - conduct themselves superficially - and when confronted with the truth - shut themselves and enter a zone from which they will not come down to reality. Learn to take the youth and others to a better place.

Now to the youth.

You must not give up - and you must remember that are thousands that love you.

We all were young once - and we all remember those that helped us - we want to give our best and if we the adults have faulted - forgive us - but do not give up.

Stand tall and make it happen. Good stuff happens - but it takes some one to make it happen - it could be you - and it should be you. The youth.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


San Francisco is all about politics - and when you have a $6 Billion plus project in the pipe line - believe you me - all the vultures who want to make money - are lined up with plans - machinations and ploys to make the - kill.

Behind the scenes the evil consultants such as Platinum Consultants, other devious former Mayors, the so called drab Representatives in the Senate and Congress - are all lined up with ploys to fill their campaign coffers - raking in bribes to facilitate contracts.

Do not forget the mostly "useless" San Francisco Board of Supervisors - who are as we speak - whiling away their time - frolicking, and taking an "undeserved" - month long vacation - should be in the know - but lack luster as they are - they seem to be nonchalant.

I have been attending the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) workshops for years - going back to 1982.

We have had several General Plans to revamp the Waste Water and then the Clean Water projects as they were called at one time. 

We too care to analyse - all that was given to us - and more from our research - folks like Joan, Steve, Emory ( who has since passed away) - others too many to mention.

We had large bond measure passed for one thing - and some other plans were executed. To this day - this type of behavior is endorsed and that should NOT be the case.

We had some astute and worthy SFPU Commissioners - Richard Skylar, Dennis Normandy - Art Jensen from BASWA, on the wings and now in the Chair Anson B. Moran - who have and had the expertise.

We still have stellar, well informed folks - ready to be consulted such as the best know expert on our sewer line - Gregory Breswell.

As lay persons - we attend the SFPUC meetings - and speak up. Sometimes we are heard - but most of the time - the Commissioners - have their own agenda. Most of the deals are done - behind close doors - money talks - bull shit walks.

Some years ago a fancy name was arrived at - to address all Clean Water Operations and Upgrades. The acronym arrived at WSIP - Water System Improvement Project. 

All things linked to the sewer - were named the Sewer System Improvement Project. The acronyms help some - but there is more to be done.

The over $4.2 billion project is now at its tail end. 

We had had some serious issues - linked to recently done work.

Last Thanks Giving we had the valve of a large water pipe fail - causing flooding. Just yesterday another huge pipe bust - it was installed just nine months ago - at Visitation Valley.

Huge reservoirs have been upgraded in San Francisco - two very large ones - in the Portola District the University Mound.

The Sunset Reservoir in the Avenues also know as the Sunset. Other water tanks upgraded and we are all waiting for the clean water pipes some 1200 miles to be attended to - most of them over 80 years old.

The once Sewer workshops now have a new name - Sewer System Improvement Project as I said. Some of us have been attending the many meetings.

At time listening to the diatribe, some new comers who have no clue - speaking from both sides of their mouth. We are watching the shenanigans - and the time will come - when we will be forced to act with a blue print that already has been vetted.

San Francisco has been fortunate to have at the helm of affairs Ed Harrington - the current General Manager of the SFPUC. Ed  Harrington - has been working very hard - and come September 22, 2012 will be stepping down - leaving a sound legacy.

Harlan Kelly the new General Manager has extensive experience and proven leadership linked to some complicated infrastructure projects working with the City and County of San Francisco and SFPUC. We are looking forward to supporting him at this very critical - juncture.

We are looking forward to being educated on the SSIP project and we know that it is only a matter of time the project will start in earnest so they say - but sound, quality training has not been forthcoming and that is a must.

Concrete outreach with sound information detailing visually what really will be delivered - linked to the SSIP - has yet to be delivered in a digital form be it a movie, photographs worth the salt - to that folks can be educated. Human beings can be educated quickly this way - then the long drab talks and drab presentations - that take you no where.

Written description on the digesters, effulent holding tanks that are beyond repair, other pipes linked with the raw sewage operations that need critical repairs on Phelps Street - have yet to be produced in format that is simple and yet - informative.

On many occasions we have had - salt water near the critical operations and in the near future this could happen - and bring most everything to a stand still. A major Earthquake would certainly bring most things to a stand still.

We look forward to the SSIP project - and will cooperate with the authorities if given opportunities - the community can be helped - but we must not wait for the last moment - to make good things - happen.

Photographs from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission meeting held August 28, 2012 at SF City Hall in Room 400:

On the same day the SFPU Commission met - there was a rapture - a 42" water pipe burst - spewing thousands of gallons of water and causing damage to the Visitation Middle School - about 20 homes. It will take weeks to bring everything under control.

The paradox - this is a fairly new pipe installed about 6 months ago: 

Monday, August 27, 2012


The Department of Defense in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - left thousands of housing units built in the 1950s and 1960s - large rooms for families - with good plumbing, front and back yards.

Laundry mat rooms - and the basic amenities that those who lived in the past - in these many units - enjoyed and were grateful - for all those many years in the past.

At that time the Housing Inspector did their job and there was continued on time - maintenance of the units and facilities - done by the United States Navy - whose personnel lived in these - housing.

At Portrero Hill, Hunterview, Kiska Road, Oakdale, Sunnydale - people lived and were content. Then the Housing and Urban Development took over after the Department of Defense handed over the very good housing.

The Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - made the biggest mistake of the century - and handed the housing to the inept, very corrupt, and spineless - San Francisco Housing Authority.

Alvarez who was brought here from some where -has failed and has not done much.

Nor has the corrupt and unethical - SF Housing Authority Commission - headed by Amos Brown - a good for nothing loud mouth.

When Willie L.Brown Jr. - a thug Mayor was in charge - one Black woman and her children - were locked in their Public Housing Unit - at Hunters Point - and the house set on fire.

This incident is well known - it sent chills to those that did not go 
with the flow and subscribe to corruption. In this particular case - the voting booth - and the rigged elections - during that period - had something to do with this sordid - crime and act.

This case went to court and it took years to resolve the case.

The court clearly saw that injustice was done to the woman and her innocent children - it took years to bring justice to this case. Even today the blood of this Black woman and her children - cry to heaven for justice.

The SF Housing Authority for all its talk - is inept and has run down the SF Public Housing - with intent.

Using deferred maintenance. It is only now that some one like Bevan Dufty who has seen the worst at Public Housing - the false promises - for himself - raw sewage contaminating the living areas - other despicable conditions - that most everyone know - but those at City Hall who can do something - look the other way.

One of the worst Public Housing areas to live Alice Griffith named after some White Woman - better known as Double Rock - where crime is rampant - and children born still - because of the toxicity in the air - and its closeness to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard which is contaminated - more with radiological elements.

The True Hope Church - sits on landfill - on contaminated land - surrounded dangerous particulates, thousands of tons from the near by landfill area - spewing Methane Gas into the air. One ton of Methane gas - equals to 22 tons Carbon Dioxide.

Some time ago Public Housing at Sunnydale was painted on the outside - inside the entrails of the units - are deplorable - in many units raw sewage fouling the units.

This is a health issue -our San Francisco Health Department knows about it but does nothing.

First it was the Director Mitch Katz and now - supposedly decent to some - Barbara Garcia. The Health Department must send a crew in cognito and see was the hell is happening.

On Caroll Street on the out skirts of Double Rock - raw sewage has been continually flowing for years.

Some one has been covering the raw sewage with wood chips - the Eucalyptus chips - naturally scented  - neutralize the nasty smell - but not for - most of the time.

The hopes were high at one time years ago - that HOPESF would build homes - where now Public Housing units are falling apart.

The plan has taken forever - with Bridge Housing Developers, Mercy Housing and others waiting in the line - to rake in millions but failing to make any concrete investments - with sound goals and reachable time lines.

The John Stewart has built some homes and the selling price is over $800,000 per unit. No one in their right mind will live in Chernobyl - surrounded by the worst - contamination and pollution. 800 units were torn down to build - 1200 plus high density units - and the work has been going on for years - and no concrete opportunities given to the local - community.

We the people attended the many Town Hall meetings - to be introduced, given fancy and fake presentations - bluffed and hoodwinked.

No more. We the people must hold the feet of the crooks including City Officials and more SF Housing Authority to the fire. This is your clarion call.

Amos Brown and Henry A. Alvarez must step down - and where may I know is Millard Larkin? Where is Dwayne Jones on this issue? Where is Sulu Palega who purports to represent the Samoans all these many years?

Where are those who once pandered to Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. and Gavin Newsom - and are now - starring and looking wide eyed - with nothing to offer to the community that is hurting.

Never mind that the deplorable conditions in Public Housing - foster crime - killings and shooting and no one cares what happens to indigent folks - and those that want to survive and give their children some hope. 

In the end it is all about the children - and there seems to be no hope for them - at least - not at this time - not in the last 15 years.

Who will step up - and bring about some change. The name HOPESF - has been repeated with nausea so many times - no one is paying - attention.

Can Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi hold her 25 years in office - at Double Rock with the MACHINE in attendance - that would be nice.

Let her see what she has done - the sordid record and legacy she has left - for those that can discern - to evaluate and adjudicate - during the past 25 years in Congress. 

Her husband Paul Pelosi raking in millions in Samoa - at the tuna and fruit packing factories - paying the workers deplorable - wages.  Go figure.

The pretty nonchalant picture painted by HOPESF:

On another note - Seniors in San Francisco - in the thousands are living pay check to pay check. The City knows this and has its priorities all mixed up:

Sunday, August 26, 2012


The Southeast Sector of San Francisco - has seen a rapid change in its demographics.

The result has been that those loud mouth former leaders have no followers and what has truly, happened -  those now in the majority are sick and tired of the way - past leaders who do not control the current constituents - linger trying to control - a past that has divided the community at large.

Those taking a lead at current meetings and certain focused meetings - still use old, antiquated data - to spin and spew disinformation and misinformation. We see that again and again. This nonsense must STOP.

No one wants to live in any neighborhood - where constantly one has to live in fear. The Black on Black violence is what first started this pandemonium.

Much like we saw the killings and shooting in the Mission in the late 1980s and mid 1990s - among the Latinos.

Now this nonsense has plagued the Polynesians - and no one worth the salt - has the guts to come out with solutions.

The Black are divided - they shout a lot - especially the Poverty Pimp Pastors - who are not respected.

The Polynesians have deep roots in cultural system where the heads of the families the "Matia" - can exercise his influence.

The Polynesian pastors too - can exercise their influence.

This has not happened in San Francisco - and some one must take the lead.

There are a few in the Polynesian community who have been pandering to the City and the politicians - they still talk the talk - but they cannot walk the walk. The have with intent - divided the Polynesian community in the past - we need a change and we need it - now.

There is a narrow window of opportunity - that the Polynesian youth have to save themselves and their rich culture. I have been talking to some of the leaders that matter - and God willing - all will be taken care of - soon.

Recently, I met with Bevan Dufty who now is involved with the "homeless" situation but also with the side affects that "homelessness" brings about to our fair City of San Francisco.

When Bevan Dufty was a Supervisor - he heard me often times - take a strong position; when I defend those that needed help most.

He heard me but he did not feel me.

Recently, when he met me at my office - he brought that to my attention - and revealed to me the discrimination, the corruption, and the lack of commitment - agencies such as the San Francisco Housing Authority - the SF Housing Commission, folks like Amos Brown - continue to act - in a nonchalant manner. Bevan Dufty now feel my pain and he is ready to help us.

Bevan Dufty is committed to do something - and committed to do something by visiting folks and situations at ground zero - listening to people - and bringing about the required change. You can call his office: 415.554.6164. Call him with serious question about Public Housing that adversely impacts - Quality of Life issues.

Our Mayor Ed Lee has been pandering to the old guard - good for nothing folks like Amos Brown, those very corrupt who exercise their power backed by the corrupt MACHINE. That type of inter-action will bring Mayor Ed Lee - down.

Mayor Ed Lee is my friend - that is why I can call a spade a spade. 

I do not want to tell him the opposite of what I think about and his work. That is why to help him - I work round the clock and know one pays me - and no one can buy me.

It about time - that Mayor Ed Lee listens to those - at ground zero that truly care about our fair city - San Francisco.

The City named after Saint Francis of Assissi - a Saint who had compassion and did not known - corruption.

I see Swinerton has been bought by some Chinese Powers and has a lot of projects - all over the City. I am sure Willie L. Brown Jr. is behind this move  - with his side kick Rose Pak.

Webcor failed to utilize the money that backed them by a Japanese Company Obiyashi - and soon will go under. Only to be bought by another company - and tighten the belt - and survive or sink. We hope Webcor completes the SF General Hospital without any major - "Change Orders".

The Cahill's, the Nibbi's, Turner and Turner, and a host of other so called Prime - have projects and are making money.

However, we have no clout - when it comes to exercising the many laws that broken - local hire even with a "local hire ordinance" - is going nowhere where it was predicted.

The HOPESF is stalled and only when some one with true leadership stands tall - with time-lines and purpose of mind - can something - happen. We need the jobs but we need those who will work to be trained well - and the time is now.

The many UNIONS must be involved with TRAINING.

The many HOPESF sites can offer just the right type of HOPE - to our men and women who have nothing to do. City Build and the other Community Based Organizations - want the money for sure - but cannot offer CAREER jobs to those that want them.

We have over 3000 journey men and women - who have not worked in years. We must do something to bring them back to work.

We see before our eyes workers hired and paid under the table. We saw this recently - with the Willie L. Brown Jr. Academy on Silver and Revere - in the Bayview. There was a small protest and the result was two meager Full Time Positions were offered. Bread crumbs.

I assure you that will not happen with the Sewer System Improvement Project - a $6 Billion project that will take place mostly in the Bayview Hunters Point area; with the building and total replacedment of the Digestors.

The pumps, over 1200 miles of sewer pipes, state of the art equipment and material that will last another 80 years - if not more and all in the Southeast Sector for sure.

Upgrading the replacing the Wiers and other important infrastructure projects all over San Francisco - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project.

August 28, 2012 there is a workshop at the SF Public Utilities Commission in Room 400 - those of you that care should come and witness the situation at hand - listen to the deliberations - and be educated on issues:

Our local leaders are asleep - and there is a lot of talk - but right now is the time to plan. There are some that can do it - and you all must step up.

We can put an end to this violence and turn things around. If we do not do that - the work that has to be done on time - will not take place.

The reason is simple - an environment will be created by forces that cannot be controlled - who will want something and if given nothing - more something that will sustain them - there will be - pandemonium.

The changed demographics make a vast difference - the best and changed element is we have constituents who want to work, many of them are educated, and the majority do have work - ethics.

We are working with a small group - and what we see is good.
We look forward to those companies that get work helping us - we will hold their feet - to the fire.

Friday, August 24, 2012


It is always amazing how the dumb "think" they have an answer - when in fact they are the problem.

The main problem in the Bayview Hunters Point - is the current unqualified - District 10 Supervisor - a closet Lesbian - who has no business representing District 10 what so ever.

Now; if Law Enforcement however high in the rank think for a second - that an immoral person like Malia Cohen will bring them kudos - then they can try to solve the current problem and they will fail. I repeat they will be an abject - failure.

I requested the Mayor Ed Lee two weeks ago to see me in person. He is busy as usual - doing what he does best - while violence, killings and shootings are on the increase. And - they will be on the increase - if  - " we the people" - do not do something about it.

Do not tell anyone - worth any salt - that the Poverty Pimp Pastors - mostly Black can do anything.

For sure not Amos Brown the President of the NAACP. Or the other good for nothing - so called  Representatives - who gather at Press Conferences - and talk a lot and each time they talk - they put their dirty foot in their filthy - mouths.

We need to revamp the Community Response Network and make it independent - of the corrupt Mayor's Office of Children, Youth, and Families.

For sure keep the Community Response Network - far away from the San Francisco Health Department.

Much like we said they should be - when way back when - we met the original thinkers and advocates - and laid down what it should be - Mitch Salazar, John Torres, John Nauer, Francisco Da Costa, Rannon Ross - I am just naming a few.

Then came the fakes - the likes like Diane from the DCYF - who has no clue what she is talking about. Maria Su who was not there when we proposed what would make a model - work. Why do we always have the worst idiots ruin our plan? Why?

At hat time we mandated 3 if not 6 Representative for sure to address the concerns of the Polynesian Community. This community has a culture and we addressed properly with respect - all will be in place. They have a system - unlike other cultures. But idiots would not comprehend that.

We, the chosen few participated early on and decided that the Polynesian community - should have their own Representatives - for some strange reason - the others be it a person like Jacob Moody, another strange Judas - be it Thomas thinks - otherwise.

I had a straight talk with Bevan Dufty - and told him to take this message straight to the Mayor, Ed Lee - have three Samoan Representatives linked to the Community Response Network -  now.

We have the names - Bevan Dufty has the names - and all the killing and shooting will S T O P .

Let us bring the total of Community Response Network to 12 in the Bayview Hunters Point - fund the required Full Time Employment (FTEs) - and see if my plan works.

Three FTEs filled by Samoans or qualified Polynesians - we have their names - and as I said we can take control of our own destiny.

Mr. Jacob Moody knows me - but you can leave him a message - try again and again - and if he does not return your call - then something is amiss.

For too long have the San Francisco Bayview Foundation had it good - time for a detail - audit.

A change in their models - and do not waste our hard earned tax money. Let me be very clear on this - right now - once and for all.
You may change your name - and this is fine - but there must be full accountability and transparency. And it is NOT fine to side with Lennar - a Rogue Developer - who has harmed our children and community in and around Parcel A - at Hunters Point - in the Bayview.

More; the San Francisco Police Department - and the many rednecks - who have no clue what they are doing - harassing folks and using para-military tactics - always blaming parolees - but not doing their job.

If we did not go after elected Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - we would have had - the realignment and many "Restorative Programs" in place - we now a aged interim-Sheriff - that is a joke. Others in the know - but know nothing - how to address the many parolees - who are having a field day.

Not all of them - who I deem SF Police Officers; do not do their job - but the few trouble makers -and they are more than a few - in the Bayview Hunters Point - time they all join the Police Force in San Jose or Oakland. Good riddance of very bad - rubbish.

Just reading the weekly incident reports is pathetic - they permit the same crimes to take place again again.

The incident reports get from bad to worse - and slowly but surely - the Quality of Life has eroded. It is now becoming a health and safety problem - and the SF District Attorney and other Law Enforcement are playing with the lives of the constituents.

Crime - killings and sordid violence crimes have increased - with more deaths - but these idiots - find ways of saying that all is under control - when it is NOT.

Comparing to this and that - Nationwide statistics - and announcing that violent crime has gone down - in general - it has not. Some of us worked hard to keep crime down - providing opportunities - good training and jobs - these folks who only talk about crime in general - and make vague statements - have not helped at all. Crime has NOT - gone down.

Our youth are fed up with the harassment and keep reporting to me the way the San Francisco Police Department behaves. The Black Pastors must be recruited to give orientation on the streets - rather than the rhetoric we hear at Press Conferences - which means nothing and then broadcast on SFGOV TV. Jokers all.

The Chief of Police is my friend - and he has promised me a long time ago - to visit me - but, I guess he has more time for the "silly Press Conferences" and less time - for Common Sense Plain Talk - Man to Man on topics and issues - that must be dealt with now - on a war footing.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way. 

Sorry to say - the San Francisco Police Department has failed - miserably in the Bayview Hunters Point Area.

 I could name - names of decent citizens who agree with me - but, I will say what I have state in writing for now - and can reveal at at another time - time permitting -  the other intricate details - that is my subjective opinion.

At the last Bayview Police - Town Hall meeting I spoke and told the Captain that we have put a lid on the violence. We did this with fortitude - and I addressed the Captain of the Bayview Station and I told him on his behalf - looking him in the eye , on the behalf of the Police Chief , on the behalf of decent constituents - who are totally and utterly fed up with the on going fiasco, fear - and pandemonium..

In his recent weekly letter stating the incident and the other reports - the Bayview Captain mentions Malia Cohen - who is an abject, disgrace to the human race - the grinning jack ass - who has ruined whatever little decency - the Bayview Hunters Point and the surrounding area once had.

Thank God the boundaries of District 9 have changed and this warrants the change of the total Police Districts that are 10 - while the Supervisors Districts are 11 - some idiots must have it different - but this must change.

Talk is cheap - and as long as one single life is lost - those in charge must be responsible. They must be fully - responsible.

 So far - the way things are going on - it looks like - when it comes to Black, Latinos, Samoans - life is expandable.

You can talk to me in diplomatic terms - and nothing seems to happen. So you have to shaft them straight - with no lubrication - then - perhaps the message goes - home.

In the last 40 years - the Quality of Life of our constituents in the Southeast has been - totally, compromised.

More with spineless, immoral folks, less prone to genuine leadership - first came Sophina Maxwell and now this most despicable of them all - Malia Cohen.

I bet you right now she is pussyfooting somewhere - unaware of what is happening to the community at large and less San Franciscans. She works for the MACHINE - and her immoral ways must be exposed.

Literally having some down there fun - while people are suffering - and more with killings and shootings. Go Figure.

Unity among the Samoan Community is paramount to any change - in the present  - increasing violence and killings. This is your final clarion - call. For too long have some who purport to lead - failed the Samoan and in general the Polynesian - community.

More Samoans have laid down their live for our Nation - in the many recent wars - and the Polynesian in general and the Samoans in particular in San Francisco - deserve more and focused help when it comes to housing, health, education, transportation, anger management, childcare and so on.

It is now left to the younger more educated, more concerned, adult Samoan women and men - to take charge - and do better. Some of you know me - I have been in the trenches for too long - it is a new day - and surrounding us the facts of life - and it is not too - pretty.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Mayor Ed Lee has appointed Harlan Kelly as the next General Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Harlan Kelly's wife is Naomi Kelly - who is the City's Administrator of the City and County of San Francisco.

As most of us know; both Harlan Kelly and Naomi backed Mayor Ed Lee in his quest to be Mayor - Mayor Ed Lee has backed his supporters - in this case these two - husband and wife team - will serve San Francisco well and have our total - support.

Both Harlan and Naomi are hard working people.

Very amiable - and an example in today's world - that if you strive with good values, fortitude, and sound leadership - work hard and be focused - one can succeed in life.

We must not forget Ed Harrington - who is the present General Manager and will be in place until September 21, 2012.

Ed Harrington has served the SF Public Utilities Commission very well. He will retire - and leaves behind good leadership in the hands of Harlan Kelly and the other Assistant General Managers.

Harlan Kelly worked hard and distinguished himself with his many engineering and logistical talents. He did well at the Department of Public Works - and led the team at SFPUC heading the $4.2 Billion - Water System Improvement Project.

Harlan Kelly also participated in all the deliberations - with the Sewer System Improvement Project which is an over $6 Billion dollar project that will start soon in a couple of months.

The brand new building at 525 Golden Gate is a unique and singular Platinum Leed Building - it just had its ribbon cutting - and stands as a symbol  for the future.

The City and County of San Francisco has already invested with our Regional partners - and will soon complete the Water System Improvement Project.

We must address some concerns - which, we should overcome in and around the Calavares - reservoir. Kudos to Julie Labonte who has led the WSIP project and done well.

The Sewer System Improvement Project - gives us all an opportunity to revamp and rehabilitate - but more to replace our digestors, our aging weirs, our aging over 80 years leaking pipes in the City - both clean water and sewer.

We look forward to Tommy Moala and Karen Kubick stepping up and doing well. Addressing the many concerns of the community - with Juliet Ellis, Tyrone Jue and others - doing sound outreach.

Mayor Ed Lee is fortunate to have two capable people in Naomi Kelly who is our first woman and Black City Administrator.

With Harlan Kelly as General Manager of one of the largest Utilities in California - this City is rest assured that it is in capable - hands.

Water is like Gold - and as the years go by we must address our resources both water and electricity with utmost - care. "Sustainability " - is the word - and only sound leadership can address these pertinent and life saving - resources.

They say it takes two to tango - and with Harlan and Naomi working hard to serve our City and County of San Francisco - we need first to be grateful that they have chosen to step up - now it is our turn to support them - by our actions.

When Naomi was chosen as City Administrator I was there to witness the ceremony. And I hope I will be there to see - the swearing in of my Brother - Harlan Kelly.

This loving couple have two sons - and both of them deserve our admiration - it takes a loving family to show San Francisco and decent San Franciscans - that many things can happen - with decent families as this City displayed and showed in years - past.

Our youth look forward to some proven opportunities.

We are already working with SFPUC under the leadership of Ed Harrington to save lives and make good things happen - on many SFPUC projects and there are more to come.

We are now grateful to God - that we have a Brother - who can see what needs to be done - and support us. Harlan fully understands the situation at ground zero and with him the City authorities - headed by Mayor Ed Lee.

On our part we will work hard - there can be no progress without very hard work. There are those that talk the talk but few that walk the walk.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Harlan as I have said so many times at all the public meetings - you have my support - work with us to serve the community.

God Bless - and on to the best - stuff - in the many years to come.

Some photographs from the past on Harlan Kelly and Naomi Kelly and the family - from my archives: