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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We need some model linked to high speed rail that does not take us to the cleaners.

There is much talk about high speed rail without much consideration given to the present dire economic conditions - we must discern.

California cannot afford to spend over $98 billion and on the high side $118 billion on any high speed rail system - at this time. We simply do not have the money.

The conceptual plan that proposed laying tracks from San Francisco to San Diego sounds good - but it just a conceptual plan.

A conceptual plan many times is like a dream. You awake and that dream could be your worst - nightmare.

Today at the SF County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) meeting you had the Director of SFCTA again running his mouth.

He talks too much - and it is time - some one reins him in - Jose has always something to say. And when he starts to say something - there is no end what he will say and how long he will take to say it.

For years, the SFCTA has not done a good job.

SFCTAC has always promised us the world but again and again on the Third Street Light Rail, the Market Street Congestion, the Central Subway, the TransBay projects - it has not had a clear vision and less met its goals on time.

The SFCTA is known for its excuses.

Jose can get out a pickle by fibbing and spinning a web and once he has you entangled - he then get away with murder.

We now have David Campos from District 9 as the Chair of the SFCTA Commission.

David is fairly decent. However, I cannot and will not trust the Vice-Chair Scott Wiener.

This man has a knack of picking on the poor, the Queer youth, on people that need help.

We in this City cannot look for short term cure on some issues by legislating on issues -  that we can resolve through dialog.

Harvey Milk always wanted the people to dialog and solve their problem. He gave people HOPE by empowering them to be in charge.

As a human being I gave Scott Wiener a warning - have some change of heart and do right by those people that need help most.

Do not try propping himself up by creating ordinances, getting Law Enforcement involved and screwing the happiness of anyone.

If some Queer youth want to hang at some open space, some park - let them do it.

That is their right. If they feel comfortable doing it in the Castro - leave them alone and let them do what they do best. The have every right to make some mistakes - that if brought to their attention in the context of what we all want - they will take responsibility for their actions.

Getting Law Enforcement and having them get a ticket, sending them to jail, getting some felony record - just aggravates the issues at hand.

It is not an easy experience for anyone to go to jail -  less some Queer youth or any LGBT person.

Those who know what I am talking about - will understand the situation. This guy Scott Wiener is out of sync with reality. He means well - but he blows any situation completely out of proportion - with his stupid  - legislation.

I am requesting David Campos to be realistic and be practical. Frankly speaking David Campos has not been able to address most issues in his own District 9. He favors the Mission, Bernal Heights and other areas.

David Campos has done injustice to the Portola District.

San Bruno Avenue is thriving and the businesses pay taxes. However, the benefits to San Bruno in terms of cleaning our streets with high pressure water, asphalting our streets, traffic signs, painting cross walks is much needed.

The 9 and 9 L San Bruno are packed during peak times and attract crime. So do the 8X, 8AX, 8BX carry thousands of passengers mostly to down town and further to China Town and Fisherman Wharf. Crime on these lines is increasing every single day.

The safety of the passengers has NOT been addressed as it ought to be.

As I mentioned there has not been any focus or a war footing to address congestion traffic - especially down town.

Consultants have been paid in the thousands - but the traffic has got worse over time - and it is not uncommon for people to be stuck in congestion for hours. SFCTA talks the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Well, I heard David Campos that he gets on well with Scott Wiener - that may be so. I want real results. If I do not get them - I will reveal the facts - and that is on you.

I do not mind as two Queer men both David and Scott, Jose being Queer, as do others on the Board favoring the Queer Mentality.

Others may not see it - but I do. Well, the mentality should not adversely impact all San Franciscans.

Previous Chairs be it Bevan Dufty or Ross Mirkarimi did the same - the talked the talk but did not do justice to San Franciscans on transportation matters.

David Campos, recently helped the youth with their fare by fighting for their rights. David Campos has been open to dialog about the immigrant community and this is in the right direction.

David Campos - must make his vice-Chair do the same - or both of you will feel the wrath of the people.

The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) to the SFCTA must be infused with some fresh blood.

We have some CAC members there for over ten years.

One of them is Fran Martin who represents District 10 - a useless person who does nothing except pander.

There are two others who have been there for over ten years - may be 15 years - they must be removed.

I am not here to give David Campos a laundry list - but, judging from the ineptness of the SFCTA - I want some drastic changes and I want them - now.

San Francisco County Transportation Authority:

This day will be recorded in contemporary history - the DEATH of the REDEVELOPMENT has arrived.

Big Developers and folks that love to cheat and make money, the greedy, the Zionists who pretend to help and rake in the millions all the time - the likes of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase, the City Planers and the many corrupt politicians - should remember this day - for a long, long time. The death of REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY.

Synonymous with SF Redevelopment Agency - one of the worst agencies in the Nation, in the United States of America former Mayors the likes of Gavin Newsom, Willie L. Brown Jr., and those from the sixties if named - would tarnish this article. They will be all remembered as having blood on their hands.

In recent times Marcia Rosen, Michael Blout, Michael Cohen, Fred Blackwell, Tiffany Bohee, Amy Lee, Olsen Lee, and a host of other employees who raked in the millions and deceived, cheated, bluffed, and destroyed the lives of thousands of innocent constituents of San Francisco.

The above scoundrels used words like blight, imminent domain, high density, other fancy words that were part of the ploys and machinations to deprive innocent people of their dignity, put them on on the street, and slowly kill them by exposing them to the elements and keeping them constantly deprived of human decency.

This fight has been a long one and when I started it a long time ago, complete with empirical data, not just talk, not just appearing on KPOO a radio station that helped us some, other Television and Radio Stations, Town Hall meeting, focused meetings, hundreds of meetings at SF City Hall - my web site:

This day January 31, 2012 will be remembered by the few of us who collected 33,000 signatures to further the cause of our Ballot Measure. The Department of Elections, and the Director John Antz certified our signatures.

Only - for the SF City Attorney Dennis Herrera to declare our signatures null and void.

We weathered the corruption from the SF Mayor's Office, the SF City Attorney, the SF Redevelopment Agency and Commission, the local Project Area Committee - and folks like Angelo King, Vernonica Hunnicutt, Doris Vincent, Linda Richardson - other pathetic folks too many to mention.

We had so called corrupt Representatives the likes of Senator Diane Feinstein, Congressperson Nancy Pelosi, Mayor Gavin Newsom, Aurelous Walker, Lola Whittle, Sophina Maxwell, and others all corrupt foster and sign the papers to initiate Proposition G and back Lennar, a Rogue Developer.

Jim Queen and Francisco Da Costa were the Proponents of Proposition F and still are. You can go to the SF Department of Elections and check the fact for yourself.

We had the Zionist attack us in the local papers.

Typical of the very corrupt who want to steal land, control Real Estate, come into poor communities and control the lives of poor people. We monitor the Zionists and their sordid policies all the time.

Stop Lennar Action Movement took our cause to Sacramento and we did well.

For over three years we meet and had well attended Town Hall meetings. We did what we had to do and we still do it today - meeting as focused groups and some of us attending critical meetings at SF City Hall to sound the clarion call.

Our children have suffered from the actions of SF Redevelopment Agency.

Those who with intent brought upon suffering on our innocent children - have BLOOD on their hands. Make no mistake - your time and day of reckoning is coming.

This City and County of San Francisco must stop having anything to do with past employees of SF Redevelopment Agency which is a quasi-State agency.

We must have as little to do with Tiffany Bohee and other such devious employees who deceived and did injustice to thousands of constituents by their policies and actions.

To those that fought to bring the demise of SF Redevelopment today is your day. The TRUTH is what matters - and the EVIL today are reeling and soon they will be no more. 

With God on your side - you all have nothing to fear.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Wellness Center to be built on contaminated land surrounded by the most polluted air.

The Land Use simply does not get it - the advocates, constituents of Bayview, businessmen - others, tried to explain.

However, these politicians - who will cater to the corrupt - and what is most disgusting - with intent put our children in harms way.No qualms of conscience.

The entire area on Third Street and Cargo is polluted and contaminated.

More Third Street and Quint St where the Wellness Center is proposed to be in operation. Before Cargo Street on either side once there where gas stations - what folks in those days called "filling stations".

The fuel tanks are still there and were not removed.

Even though a building stands there today and people occupy the building - each tenant has to sign a waiver.

Why? When the insurance companies study the real estate documents - the history of the site is there for all to see. It is contaminated. They explain the insurance policy and state that the site is polluted.

Supervisor Malia Cohen is defying the community and in defying the community she is doing two major wrongs.

Malia Cohen may tried to bluff and hoodwink the adults - but she cannot get away with the fact - when she "with intent" harms our children - she is playing with fire. No way.

Dr. Nadine Burke who came into our community some few years back - has some $4.2 million to spend and wants a building.

She has this money to spend - as she stated today - until the end of this year. That is better then what we heard some weeks back - until the end of this month.

First she wanted 22,000 square feet - now all of a sudden she says she can settle for 7,000 square feet. This was the amendments made at today's Land Use meeting - January 30, 2012. The public at large have NOT seen the amendments.

Pressure came from the SF Port Authority and nearby businesses that are zoned industrial and do not want the area to be zoned for other purposes that can adversely impact their growth. Many of these business saw today - how corrupt politicians work.

California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) is detested by decent San Franciscans. There is a connection between this  so called Wellness Center and Dr. Nadine Burke - who does not live in the Bayview Hunters Point.

We saw the ugly head of California Pacific Medical Center CPMC) many times before. Mostly when it comes to serving the poor and shafting them.

We saw this when CPMC proposed to shut down Saint Luke's hospital. More Bayview patients go to St. Luke then SF General Hospital.

We saw the protest when CPMC defied common sense and wanted to and still wants to build a large hospital on Van Ness and Geary Street. Time will tell about this monster hospital that is greedy and does injustice to poorer patients of San Francisco and the Bayview Hunters Point.

The area in question - where the Wellness Center is proposed to be situated is very contaminated and with millions of vehicles converging at Third and Cargo - the air is very polluted.

The stench from the sewer is found everywhere, not only from the near by Sewage Treatment Plant, but more  - when the Third Street sewer pipes were laid, during the time when the Third Street Lightly Rail was built some years ago.

The sewer pipes were laid faulty - and the site chosen for the Wellness Center is filled with sewage smell - and this is where Supervisor Malia Cohena and Dr. Nadine Bruke wants to treat our children.

The building chosen is at Third and Quint Street - it is the worst site anyone could have chosen for a Wellness Center - and you can spend some time there and find out for yourself the sordid - state of affairs.

Opposite this building CPMC has bought a vacant plot where once the Carpenters Union - Local 22 wanted to build their Union Building. Does this come as a surprise to anyone?

The site, now a vacant site - as I have stated was once a gas station. It can be best described as a Brownfield Site.

We have no one sensible to tell this two women that what they are proposing is something uncalled for - but, our politicians are just that - they have no sense linked to fairness and what is more - they are the pariahs of modern day society on every level.

The Land Use Committee - heard the pros and cons and they went with the "crooks" and that is on them.

Time will tell - just like what has been happening at Hunters Point and what is happening at all the projects linked with the SF Redevelopment Agency today.

Kudos to those that educated the Land Use Supervisors, Malia Cohen, Eric Mar the Chair, and Scott Wiener who does not care for the poor and favors Zionists policies.

Malia Cohen does not live in District 10 and so has NO right to represent District 10. The sooner she is investigated with all her pussyfooting - the better.

Many of us thought the Malia Cohen would do right - but, again and again this inept women continues to make a fool of herself.

Here are some photographs from today's meeting:

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tiffany Bohee to ring death knell of San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.

Over a year ago I predicted that San Francisco Redevelopment Agency would fall down in disgrace and that it was time to ring the death knell.

In Governor Jerry Brown first newsletter - the Governor published my letter on Redevelopment.

Some months latter he initiated legislation AB26 shutting down all Redevelopment Agencies in California.

January 31, 2012 San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA)will be DEAD.

Ringing that death knell one Tiffany Bohee who has blood on her hands.

Tiffany Bohee has lied, deceived, and sold out the communities where SFRA has fleeced the constituents of San Francisco.

SFRA has a sordid history in San Francisco - stealing land, using a harsh law called "eminent domain" - then using high density buildings and tax increments to rake in millions and control the lives of thousands of innocent people.

In the Fillmore - once a thriving Black community - thousands were removed from their homes.

Thousands were thrown in the streets and more lived in despicable Single Residency Occupancy (SRO) hotels.

Slowly dying - falling prey to alcohol, drugs, prostitution and other ailments linked to dire poverty.

The entire history of SFRA has been a sordid one - and those that have been the victims will never, ever forget SFRA.

The same can be said in the Bayview Hunters Point - where Lennar bombarded our community with Asbestos structures and was fined by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - $550,000.

Even today we have recorded high levels of Asbestos in the air - still impacting the community and SFRA has washed its hands. SFRA can never, ever wash its hands.
Today reading at one site - 74,000 structures per cubic meter. Go Figure!

Roy Wills, Sophnia Maxwell, Willie B. Kennedy, Pastors Calvin Jones, Boyd, McCray, Bishop Green and Aurelous Walker.

Lay persons - Angelo King, Lola Whittle, Linda Richardson, Dorris Vincent, Veronica Hunnicut, Toye Moses, Tiffany Bohee, Fred Blackwell, Olsen Lee, Amy Lee,  and a host of other very devious people who worked for SFRA and with intent harmed our children, our sisters, and brothers - have blood on their hands.

Come January 31, 2012 - Tiffany Bohee will preside over the death of SFRA - good riddance of very bad rubbish - and ring SFRA death knell.

Anyone, no matter who - that has anything to do with the revival and future growth of this evil entity SFRA - has blood on their hands.

Nothing good will come from SFRA and its projects in San Francisco.

That is why I say - the State of California should appoint an independent entity to deal with this issue.

Let all the projects and all the transactions be transferred to this separate, independent entity. We must have nothing what so ever to do with SFRA.

After all all this land we call San Francisco belongs to the Ohlone - the First People of this area - and it was stolen. There were NO whites here 300 years ago.

18 treaties signed by the Tribes of California and the United States government were not ratified. Yet we have the thieves - carrying on what they know best - steal, loot, rob, lie, deceive, and cheat.

Our City and County of San Francisco has many liabilities that it is responsible for and must shun from any transfer of the SFRA projects - that will only cause endless problems.

As for the former employees of SFRA - they must be let go and not one of them should work for our City and County  of San Francisco.

It is not the liability of San Francisco to deal with anything be it the careers, the projects, its loose commitment in the past - all those are linked with the quasi-State agency - SFRA.

With its death all that goes away and is the responsibility of the State of California.

Good riddance of very bad rubbish. Thank God SFRA is no more.

Here is an article that I wrote about SFRA one year ago:

Friday, January 27, 2012

Sound Housing For Seniors In San Francisco.

Some years ago a Task Force was created during Mayor Gavin Newsom's administration to address housing and the issue of homelessness.

A document was produced and many statistics put out to say that the issue of homelessness was under control.  The matter of fact is that it has got worse.

Care not Cash did not help San Francisco.

Today, homelessness is a chronic situation. You have people sleeping under bridges, in vehicles, crashing where they can.

We have families sleeping in the streets and our City and County of San Francisco pretending to help - but the City and  County and those responsible have failed - miserably.

Our City has a budget of $6.9 Billion and the homeless are treated like dirty rags. All this in one of the richest cities on this Earth - San Francisco.

We, now have some members of the SF Board of Supervisors having failed to addressed homelessness - pitting Seniors for housing and more Seniors that are Queer.

The recent hearing catered for Senior Queers is just venting and trying to say something. And such a hearing may help some to help them gain some political footing - but, in reality it creates divisiveness. 

Fifteen years ago I spelled it out at many meetings - about affordable housing and all its aspects. Spelling in detail about - the Baby Boomers - all Seniors and that includes the Queer Seniors that would need housing. I spoke at various focused meetings - and no one was paying attention to the details.

These SF Board of Supervisors and in particular Scott Wiener - is a trouble maker.

I challenge you he has not read the current "Housing Element" - I challenge you he has not read other documents that addressed lack of affordable housing all over San Francisco.

Mark Leno was instrumental is favoring Big Developers building Market Value housing in places like down town -while allowing these Greedy Big Developers to build so called affordable housing - off site - on toxic land called Brown Fields - some twelve to fifteen percent - to placate those that wanted affordable housing.

The SF Board of Supervisors went for such nonsense and today we know it has not helped anyone.

The Housing Element projects our Housing Needs for the next ten years.

The need today for affordable, good housing, in safe places for all Seniors is dire and much needed.

Few have read the contents and more studied the detail contents of the Housing Element available on the SF Planning website. Few come to the SF Planning meetings. Everyone waits until there is a crisis - then all hell breaks loose.

If these folks who are talking about lack of affordable housing had done their homework they would not be talking and spewing the nonsense they do today.

I am talking about folks like Scott Wiener a loser and a trouble maker.

Now let us have hearing for Straight Elders who do not get housing.

Then Grandmothers who are left out and evicted from Public Housing.

Thousands of men all Seniors and Straight who are suffering from chronic diseases - heart, Asbestosis, lung cancer, paralyzed, and so on.

Soon, I can create a list that will be so long - that it will be mind boggling.

On all of the larger so called affordable housing projects - we have not addressed the affordable housing - in a holistic manner. There is no time-line when the affordable housing in the pipe-line will  built. We cannot predict anything - everything is in a flux.

The need for sound, sustainable housing for all Seniors - making no discrimination what so ever - is the right way to go - just addressing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transexual (LGBT). It should be LQBT - Q for Queer.

We already are seeing Queers invading the Bayview Hunters Point and other areas. Right now some people are tolerating them but this will not be for too long. All these out of desperation. The Queer are surprised when I stop them and talk to them - and address issues that are familiar to them.

The Queer community in better educated and participate at meetings - not so in the areas where the minorities having been living with opportunities.

They are not as educated and do not participate in as many meetings as do those Queer folks in the Castro. This influx is good - if those now invading know - what they are getting into.

In many areas they can play a leading role. But the others must be informed and they must be welcomed.

The reason this invasion is possible is simple to understand - the real estate mongers want money and they will pity anyone against anyone.

What is needed as I have explained - an understanding where people live, and how they live - and if they can live in harmony - understanding their can share their values and contribute to the betterment of society.

You cannot inject ideas into a community that is not accepted - because, no one has done the spade work.

You cannot put people that differ so much - that no consensus can be built - no good faith, no room for open dialog.

Then, when trouble arises some of us have to explain the details and provide the protection. The City loves to talk a good talk but when it comes to the details - the City is a JOKE.

This is the same in some parts of the Mission and in other areas - where there is no Senior Housing - and some folks are creating a situation - where they are using some homes - to shelter Seniors and provide them succor before they pass away.

This is more like Health Services and Home Care provided for six, ten, twenty people in our neighborhoods - and this was never anticipated - because no one planned for it.

In San Francisco today we have over 30,000 homes vacant.

We have thousands of Public Housing Units boarded up because the present and the past SF Housing Authority have been dysfunctional. More the SF Housing Commission headed by Amos Brown.

Most Public Housing was built by the Department of Defense and when the DoD provided housing to the military - it was one of the best.

But the minute Housing and Urban Department (HUD) took over the problems started - and when HUD handed over thousands of Public Housing to SF Housing Authority - a "thug" organization - they ruined good Public Housing forever.

The Presidio of San Francisco - lies within the boundaries of San Francisco. We, the City and County of San Francisco had an opportunity to have access to the Presidio and thousands of good and other housing.

This was when Mayor Frank Jordon was the Mayor. Mayor Frank Jordon did not have the vision not the charisma to do the right thing.

The Presidio Trust was created by Congressperson Nancy Pelosi and the rest is history. Crooks managing the Presido with the rich enjoying housing that once was affordable.

Mayor Frank Jordon once provided the SF Police Department with brand new police cars - while depriving
MUNI millions - money appropriated for MUNI's needs.

Favoring one against the other - and it is some Mayors in the past who had no vision that created a mess today and we will have to deal with it in the future.

Among these issues - the issue of housing for the poor, the elderly, those families that need a little help to bring progress in the lives and brighten their - future.

The last frontier is the Southeast Sector and there are thousands of vacant units on the Third Street corridor. Many of the have been lying vacant for three, four, and in some cases five years. I am talking brand new housing sitting - idle.

If you live pay check to pay check, if you do not have a job, if you are on Social Security  - your only chance of upward mobility in housing is if you win the Lotto the local lottery not the crooked lottery initiated by some housing entities that is all rigged up.

We have a population of about 816,000. And over fifty percent of this population are over 55 years old.

Some 20% of all Seniors have good housing the rest 80% must survive.

How will they do it? The City and County of San Francisco does not care - and those in charge are as dumb and and non-caring as they come. 

More they are rude and they have no compassion.

Conceptual plans call or 3500 units by the Transbay - now, all that you see today - is a Big Hole in the ground.

There is no money to build the High Speed Rail and less money to build the White Elephant future Transbay Building touted the Central Station of the West.

So when will this housing linked to Transbay be in place and who are those with their poodles that will live in the now conceptual - so called affordable housing - that so many dream of? When will this dream come true?

Seniors suffering from Cancer, chronic asthma, lung diseases, AIDS, need hospice care and there are many of them.

They are so far advanced in their suffering the illnesses have left them helpless and needing outside care.

We, in this City have no compassion - and know about it but allow them to die in a manner that cannot be described.

Let us not even mention the hundreds that commit suicide - they do not want others to be part of their suffering. The die but their KARMA is left behind and this be not as it should be.

Thank God for home care, meals on wheels, other volunteers, many young men and women who do great work, more among the Queer community.

God bless them for their sacrifice and the love they share. No one rewards them, no one really knows much about these angles, but they are there and daily they keep - so many alive - so they get some solace and leave this Earth in peace.

In the Bayview at Hunters Point some 10,500 homes are planned - how many of these do you think will be affordable - may be ten percent.

But, when will these units be built - when over 90% of those Seniors that need it now - will be dead and gone?

Jim Queen and I were the proponents of Proposition F. This Zionist Scott Wiener attacked me without knowing me - at that time.

Today, this shady character and Supervisor thinks he can have hearings and become popular. Not in San Francisco.

Our opponents against Proposition F was Lennar with Proposition G.

Backed by Diane Feinstein, Gavin Newsom, Aurelious Walker, Lola Whittle, other dubious characters that today do not know what to do.

Their god that paid them - the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency is dying and end of this month - will be DEAD. The well is dry.

Proposition F proposed fifty percent Market Value and fifty percent housing for no income, low income, and affordable income. We laid the plan and we laid it after talking and having numerous focused meetings.

We thought about our Seniors especially those that need hospice care, others could avail themselves of all amenities - where in live in one place.

Home cooking, a pharmacy, nurses, specialized health care, exercise programs - and the opportunity to see and meet children, youth, hear music, enjoy Quality of Life issues.

Lennar spent $5 million to defeat Proposition F. We spent $5 thousand - but, we put up a fight.

Nothing has come of Proposition G - accept the LIES floating in air - and the crooks that back Proposition G have fallen flat on their face - today.

Our plans with Proposition F were drawn up and we could have used some Stimulus Plan money and have our units up and ready today - at least at Candlestick Point. Go figure?

The City when the time comes favors the Zionists who always side with the rich. It is all about land and owning it , grabbing it, stealing it - they did it to the First People and they continue doing it - everywhere in the United States. Always harming the poor and those that cannot defend themselves.

You have some arrogant Queer folks the likes of Scott Wiener who thinks he can dictate to others, think for others, and lead others down the path of no return and into the cesspool. High Hopes.

For some - all sorts of ploys and machination go along with so called affordable housing. You cannot afford the land when you want to buy a unit - you own the unit with all sorts of rules and regulations.

Seniors who have lived in San Francisco for at least ten years and over 55 years must be taken care of. We must not add others to this list and we must have a holistic plan to help all Seniors - they all deserve it.

None of the crooks that head the Mayor Office of Housing, the other agencies linked with housing should be part of this part plan.

We execute it by a Ballot Measure and spell it out.

We have the experts and can do it - we have the numbers to Vote for it.

We must vote the crooks out - and create a plan that has nothing to do with ploys and machinations.

This can be done in the Southeast Sector with sufficient land to cater to our Seniors, all Seniors, with sufficient room for others too - expect the current crooks.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Certain dubious elements are now trying to control quality of life issues linked to workers who work for small businesses.

If anyone knows anything about the history of the Labor Union - and if they read the facts and ponder over them.

If they are decent - they will be very proud of San Francisco Labor Movement - and the benefits they brought to San Francisco and to this Nation.

The dock workers the longshoremen remember well "Bloody Thursday" when then San Francisco Police men fired and killed two longshoremen and many were injured.

Times have changed since those days but not in other ways where deceitful people - are fine tuning language to put a ballot measure that will monitor the loss of jobs in San Francisco.

Then using fault empirical data and favoring some businesses - that do not want of fork out the right wages and even less the mandatory - health benefits.

If we look around and have any idea about the progress made in this Nation - for sure we will notice the Middle Class. It is a strong Middle Class that makes democracy tick.Why?

People get educated, are exposed to better ways, have the best of what we call Quality of Life issues - and naturally - contribute to Society.

Our SF Board of Supervisors in the last 12 years have a lack of understanding - when it comes to good jobs.

The Unions and the Trade Council have not been able to sit together - and reflect on "Bloody Thursday" - the bench marks of good labor relations and a strong front with Big Developers and others - to win legal rights for all laborers and workers - women and men.

Within the Unions in recent years there has been blatant discrimination. 

Not too long ago we saw Apartment Investment Management Company use the Carpenters' Union to steal money from the workers many of whom did not belong to any Union - and some of them belonged to the Carpenters' Union but did not speak English.

We had some Union leaders work with corrupt Management to hire day laborers' and steal money from them.

We had Union leaders turn the Black workers against the Latino workers.

When I did some investigation and found out that the laborers and carpenters were turning their signed checks to the "thugs" working of the Carpenters' Union and I could not believe it. 

Three attorneys worked with us pro bono to document the statements, verify the facts and build the case against AIMCO. Article were written about this sordid company that our City and County of San Francisco protected. Past SF Mayors - the SF District Attorney, and even the SF City Attorney.

Apartment Investment Management Company (AIMCO) was taken to court and the workers who were adversely impacted - all won - and were compensated - some in small measure and others in large measure.

In studying this case I found out that when it comes to the private industries, the Big Developers, small businesses our City and County of San Francisco - does not have any viable Blue Print to enforce any standards.

In San Francisco we have many small businesses - especially restaurants, that do not follow any laws - the main culprits among the restaurants - Chinese restaurants.

In San Francisco we used to have many "garment factories" that used women mostly as slave laborers.

So much so that I got involved in one case and forced the owner to see the light and do right.

He paid his twenty of so workers minimum wage, the back wages and started treating them fairly.

Before that the workers were paid a measly three dollars an hour - this was three years ago. No entity in our City had the balls to help these workers. There is no enforcement worth the salt in our City - when it comes to enforcement. None so ever.

In these dire economic times - more of such cases are found everywhere. The victims are mostly women who do not speak English. Men who work as laborers and are told not to join the Union.

Here is a good one for all or you any sayers to ponder - the Presidio Golf Club better known as the Arnold Palmer Golf Course and the City owned Harding Golf Course. 

Both are owned by private owners and both fight tooth and nail and have for years - preventing the workers - gardeners, the landscape workers, from receiving Union Wages. What a crying shame.

The are many small businesses that do right and pay minimum wages.

Some against odds pay Union wages - which is difficult and more pay the health benefits. The workers are happy and in most cases - work very hard because they are grateful.

There are other small businesses that think they can do as the please.

Hundreds of them and this City and County of San Francisco does not have the knowledge, does not have the ability, does not have the person power to enforce the laws broken.

Below minimum wages paid, no breaks, in many cases no health care - and constant threats and harassment. Where in the City and County of San Francisco on this.

Let us not permit some shady characters to introduce a Charter Amendment - in the name of monitoring job loss and make some false deduction.

Highlighting - that minimum wages, worker contribution to the health benefits, and lack of upward mobility is the right thing to do - should send these corrupt away and keep them at bay.

In San Francisco we all enjoy a standard of living - we all endorse Quality of Life issues. Union jobs are preferred as they embrace Quality of Life Issues.

Unfortunately, right now we have a drab SF Board of Supervisors - the majority are in the pocket of the Big Developers. They talk the talk but do not walk the walk.

Unfortunately, the present Union leaders be the the Laborers' Union, the Carpenters' Union, the Plumbers Union, the Teamters, the Electricians, others - all have fallen prey to Project Labor Agreements - where Management has bluffed their way through and adverse impacted the Union workers.

We see this with Hunters Point and Lennar. Transbay and the present doldrums. The Big Developers who say one thing - and so as they please. The Compliance Officers - do not have the balls first to inspect the sites and secondly to enforce the laws.

Again and again Disposition and Development Agreements DDAs) are broken and the Union have not read them - and so cannot take any action. 

We have had serious complaints linked to Webcor, Cahill, Nibi, the John Stewart Company, Mercy Housing, Bridge Development, the many small business mostly restaurants too many to name - all shafting the truckers, the construction workers, the restaurant workers, and thinking all is well.

We have so called Big Developers who do not and will not have their workers join the Union. They love to use - slave labor to make money.

Mostly blood money that they funnel to the campaign coffers of very corrupt - politicians. Screw them I say.

For too long the Financial District has had it good - and has done much damage to the ordinary San Franciscans.

We have about 60 billionaires and hundreds of millionaires living in San Francisco. The Bank of America, the Wells Fargo Bank, other make billions.

They make a big farce when they loan some little money in the thousands to the SF Small Business. 

These thugs should do more and it is time we take them to task.

The SF Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Work Force is a farce. More the Work Force and one Rhonda Simmons. She must be fired - for doing a lousy job.

For every twenty eight constituents in San Francisco we have one City Worker.

Half of them must go away - more because they make on an average $100,000 with benefits and do not work for such a pay. And what is disgusting 60% of them do not live in San Francisco.

Others make over $200,000 with benefits and they too do not live in San Francisco. Over 90% in this category.

We have a unfunded pension and this train is moving fast and will hit the City and County soon - costing us BILLIONS. Many have no clue what I am talking about.

We do not have a fire wall between the Private thugs and the City government. Again and again corrupt consultants, thugs, others are busy walking the hall ways - always up to mischief and this nonsense must stop.

Be leery about those Charter Amendments - without a full hearing - dealing with every single aspect of what the Amendments wants and who really benefits from such ploys and machinations.

Bottom line we need to improve the conditions of the Middle Class and provide more opportunities for the Middle Class.

We need to help the poor.

The filthy rich who do not pay taxes and take huge break on investments grow richer and richer.

Among them Senator Diane Feinstein eleventh richest and Nancy Pelosi seventh richest in Congress.

Where do they get the time to make all that money - millions upon millions?

We have SF Board of Supervisors who do not live in their districts - and are busy raking in thousands.

Crooked as they are - they have no inclination to serve the people - less represent them.

At City Hall - on one side "so dam me" and on the other "so marry me".

Business at SF City Hall - is all so evident for everyone to see - but, no one has the guts to call a spade a spade.

The agenda items are put at the last moment - and important agenda items are rushed - rushed so fast without any meaningful discussion - and what more important without any justification.

At times the facts or empirical data completely left out.

The last four important meetings at the SF Board of Supervisors and at the Committee Meetings have been a total disaster.

The SF Board of Supervisors simply do NOT get it.

You are there to represent - and what you jerks are doing is making a fool of yourselves without doing your homework.

Listening to nonsense that has been presented and adjudicating - without sound justification.

You have FAILED to represent the people and you have taken our votes and thrown them in the gutter. You all need to be investigated - and the laws on the books - read to you all.

It is not just Ross Mirkarimi that needs this type of treatment - all of you have failed in larger manner - knowing what is WRONG - and with INTENT - failing to represent the people of San Francisco who have voted you all in.

On one side of the aisle you have a group that I have named " so dam mee".

On the other side on the aisle " so marry me " .

Whoever made this division is slick - even though many may think - it is by seniority. I looked and looked and then I observed and what I saw - was astounding and revealing. 

The recent changes made to accommodate the demised SF Redevelopment Agency - with all its complicated issues - is one issue that was rushed - through.

AB26 rightly got rid of the Redevelopment Agency. Our City must not hold on to the rubbish - those employees who made their bed with Redevelopment - a quasi State agency - must go. They cannot be paid high salaries no matter - from which pool of money they deem it right to get it - the position of the citizens of California is that they must go.

In San Francisco we have about 125 employees - all inept and all have adversely impacted all San Franciscans.

There is no way our City and County of San Francisco can handle the issues - complete with another set of accounting, transparency, funding, with the same foxes guarding the hen house.

Tiffany Bohee must go and the reason is simple she has BLOOD on her hands.

Tiffany know that she could have helped our community but she with INTENT made our children suffer and I have video of her listening to us - and making a mockery of our comments after the hearings.

This woman was a peon at SFPUC and now has risen to be the interim Director of SF Redevelopment Agency - be it for some months. But all the same - no one has investigated her sordid rise to this evil position.

This City does not want us in the thousands to protest first in front of City Hall and then at City Hall itself.

This time we will be joined by thousands of people - from all over the Bay Area.

Chronologically, no one has done their home work and worked hard to defeat the inept Redevelopment Agency as we the constituents from this great City and County of San Francisco.

When SF Redevelopment declared a large are as a Survey Area in the Bayview Hunters Point - without any meaningful discussion and then immediately again without any meaningful discussion - declared the Survey Area - a Project Area - we collected over 33,000 signatures from all over San Francisco - to protest SF Redevelopment and their evil deliberations and actions.

John Arntz the Director of Elections - declared the signatures valid and we were granted permission to put our Ballot Measure to be voted by the citizens of San Francisco.

Then Dennis Herrera cooked up some flimsy reason - and declared our 33,000 null and void.

We informed all those that signed our petition and had experts check and re-check our language and they all approved it - including a map and whatever else was necessary.

As best we could we gave those who signed our petition and lived in San Francisco - more information which we had on hand and more websites to check the facts - then any other  signature gathering - I have seen so far.

I do monitor the more important ballot issues - where signatures are collected for the voters to vote.

Today, the SF Redevelopment Agency is on its final leg. At the end of January 31, 2012 it will be history.

However, right now the City and County is permitting evil employees to make their nest within other Departments and this is totally wrong.

All those who worked for SF Redevelopment Agency Tiffany Bohee, Olsen Lee, Amy Lee, must go - never mind what they say - they all have BLOOD on the hands.

We need several important hearing on the history of Redevelopment first - before we started having hearing on the recent events as a result of AB 26.

Now when the Controller Ben Rosenfield, the City Administrator and she will be voted in today at the Rules Committee, Naomi Kelly.

Mayor Edwin Lee, others who have to go with the flow - just because the Mayor says so - all bear the great responsibility of taking on too many added burdens - without you all SF Board of Supervisors and City Department heads - full comprehending the very serious - consequences.

It does not help in the Chambers, Room 250 - the two groups who interact like parrots - more dumb parrots - on one side " so dam me " and on the other side " so marry me ".

None of these members as much as they talk and say they know this and that - have taken the time to read the entire Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) linked to the many projects and SFRA.

If the did they would know that Lennar is in default on Parcel A and at this time is ready to jump ship and working with other entities to make deals and transfer their permits.

 Lennar failed on many of its time lines - and each time they were allowed to make amendments, change the name of their organization,and make convoluted deals with SF Redevelopment Agency.

Lennar changed its name four times since it first registered in Sacramento, California in 1989 and is now registered in Delaware - the den of the devils where all the Credit Card headquarters make their living.

The constituents on San Francisco still have some decency but as I see what is happening at City Hall in recent weeks - as I stated openly before everyone on Channel 26 on January 24, 2012 - the SF Board of Supervisor have gone far down the cesspool.

Today the public does not respect and the other ploys and machinations played out in the media - does not help at all.

There is too much wheeling and dealing behind close doors.

There is too much money exchanged.

Some taking junkets to other places - one of them being Supervisor Malia Cohen who does not live in her District.

I believe there is another one too - if two SF Board of Supervisors do not live in their Districts - and after so many months - we do not have an answer by the authorities as to where they live - this is a crying shame.

Several City Departments must be able within 24 hours to tell us where the live? Why are these authorities not doing their job? These a public officials - who beg for our money, beg for our votes - then hide behind the wall to commit atrocities of the worst kind.

All actions that stem from these two SF Board of Supervisors and one of them is from District 10 - are illegal.

All the voting that has gone so far - all the fake deliberations - you know that two members are there not following the rules, breaking the law - and they are NOT allowed to represent much more permitted to VOTE.

Do not take our votes - the votes of the people lightly.

Do not take our votes and throw them in the cesspool of corruption.

Time for these two SF Supervisors to step down - now.

Time for the Secretary of State to do what she is required to do - we have two SF Board of Supervisors who do NOT live in their districts - yet, every day break the law.

Where is the sunshine - where is the decency - where is the law - why are laws been broken with intent. Where is the adjudication? Who is bluffing whom?

Time to step down and take you fake asses to another place - do not tainted the fair name of this City and County of San Francisco.