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Sunday, May 28, 2017


AFRICA the home of human kind.

AFRICA - is a continent - has boasted to be the origins of human kind.

Africa -  has immense resources - that the colonial masters - be it the Belgians, the British, the Germans, the Italians, the Dutch - others too many to name - took what they wanted -  without permission - and have given - very little back. Shame on them.

It does not help that the World Bank - makes deals - with the corrupt elements - in Africa - some Chief here, many dictators that reign without mercy, the few Democratic Leaders -  in all cases - pitting initiatives - to permit - those small business - and those inventors and leaders who have a vision - to be independent - putting all sorts of hurdles in their way.

African boast a population of 1. 2 billion - and there is more to learn. 

The many so called - Non Government Organizations  (NGOs)- and Film Stars and other famous people - have exploited the people from Africa - mostly trying to address situation - by giving some goods - food - but failing to train and give skills. Failing to make people - independent.

Anyone with compassion - can fully understand - giving aid such as food - and other medical equipment and medicines - to bring succor to the Africans suffering.

Many of whom are suffering today - in Sudan and Somalia and the neighboring region - dying slow from famine. 

This one factor - has been exploited - by NGOs and others - failing to teach the people how to fish. 

Preferring to given them fish - be it stale fish - and creating a situation - where many - become lethargic to do anything.

There were Kingdoms is Africa - there are some now.

There are still monuments - that few so called civilized nations can replicate - great Kings and Queen hailed from Africa.

If one pays attention to the many invention that were found in Africa - and spread all over the world - the present dynamics - look down on African - can and must - change.

The Sphinx - what is above is something -
what is underground is mind boggling -
the engineers, the architects, look and marvel -
and all this and more in AFRICA be it Egypt.

The science of living well - doctors who could prescribe medicine and were sought by all - be it the Romans, the Greeks - and then in course of time other nations - all over the world.

Africa for thousands of years had the ability to address - diseases - invent and bring about progress in all the fields - that many nations - are just beginning to understand.

While all the time protecting nature - the many species that are dying today - and still thriving in many place in Africa. Even though the colonial power - killed Elephants, keep stealing mineral - more rare minerals that most have no idea about.

The many pristine places - have attracted so many scientists to - check out the deep forests - the pristine rivers - animals one of a kind, frogs that have so much to offer - plants from which the Pharmaceutical Companies - have raked in billions.

The rape of Africa on all level is so deep - that it is nauseating - yet, should that worship GREED - have no qualms and continue doing what they do best - lie, steal, do what they do best - grab all that they can - lay their hands on.

Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry - the building of the Pyramids - the many other sciences that spread to Spain and other countries - where Philosophers and other came together - and shared knowledge. Africa played a keen role in educating the world.

The many religions - were influenced by Africa - and even today - we see the influence.

 Whites - still wallow in their pride that they know it all - and have failed - when it comes to Cultural Competency - and more learn about " Implicit Bias " - and the many issues - that spread to Nations and leaders -  preventing - sound communication and fair play.

Those colonial nations - that have exploited Africa - the many resources available in Africa - continue to do so - today - in sleek ways.

Africans must be in the cockpit - never mind if they do it their way.

As I said in an emergency - much as we had the Marshal Plan - some help given with a Blue Print - that supports the people and spur them to be independent is appreciate.

Giving money - some sordid loans - and charging these African Nations - higher interest - keep the nation down - wallowing in debt - is something - those that know about basic economics - have spoken about and so have I - for over 35 years.

Africans too much look deep into corruption that is found in places such as Nigeria - Sudan - dictators who have million stacked in off shored banks - while their people suffer - such actions and the mess such action create - must come to a STOP.

In many places - sad to say - slavery and the likes of slavery are found - and we have seen this in Somalia and Sudan - more.

It is time - for those who have a vision - more compassion - put the Africans in the cockpit - give them the skills and the know how - freedom of though and mind - is found in plenty in Africa - and the time to bring about change in now.

The pyramids stand tall -
and challenge all Africans to do better -
begging and becoming lethargic -
should not be part of the equation - towards progress.