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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


San Francisco can boast having some of the most talented youth in the the Nation and may be in the entire world. Our youth and young adults in San Francisco deserve the best - we have the money and the resources - but the City authorities continue to treat the youth and young adults - with disdain. This nonsense must stop. More in this "digital age".

In recent years our youth have had to face great challenges. It has not been easy more since the 2008 - economic spiraling of our economy.

The lack of full time jobs, part time jobs, and many of the youth and young adults and their parents - facing difficulties on many - fronts.

Normally, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - should have stood up for our youth and young adults - but they have not. 

We have some that talk the talk the likes of Malia Cohen, London Breed, David Chiu, Scott Wiener, and Jane Kim - shallow and out of sync with reality.

When it comes to health, housing, education, transportation, safety, food and nutrition - the many other elements linked to Quality of Life issues - our youth must be given the best. The fact of the matter is - our youth and young adults are treated by the San Francisco Board of Supervisor with - disdain.

Our City and County of San Francisco has failed our youth and young adults - and more when it comes to opportunities and career jobs.

The shenanigans going on at San Francisco City College does not help.

We let the nonsense get our of hand - and even today - the courts are not helpful - and in the interim - those graduating from High School - do not have a clear path - and have not clue what the future holds.

We have a population of about 805,000 in San Francisco - and most San Franciscans - know of someone dear who has gone to SF City College.

It is not uncommon to have several members - from any family living in San Francisco - that have gone to SF City College - and are better off - for having being educated at SF City College with the best amenities and facilities and teaching staff that cares.

San Francisco City College students have stood up and spoken up - they have led protests - they have done all in their power and we San Franciscans are proud of them all. Leading the charge Shannel Williams.

Our SF Board of Supervisors have been messing with topics, subjects and issues that are mundane and trivial.

So much so that most decent advocates have stopped going to City Hall. And when they do they treat the SF Board of Supervisors with disdain - the SF Board of Supervisors being thick skinned, inept, shallow and spineless - could not care less. 

Recently April 8, 2014 the Chamber - Room 250 was empty - and long towards the end - before the SF Board of Supervisors - adjourned the meeting - there was no one left in the chambers - no one participating and listening - to some pertinent issues being deliberated. What a state of affairs - the SF Board of Supervisors may have or may have not notice it - but, we all did.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors are puppets - they have nothing much to offer - viable and sustainable - they are like a reed in wilderness - blowing any which way.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors keep on Rubber Stamping and making a fool of themselves. The SF Board of Supervisors do not represent - they are "sell outs" - shame on them.

Malia Cohen thinks building homes on toxic and contaminated land is good. So called affordable she says - affordable to whom?
She has no clue that Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is contaminated and toxic. Not even a "dog house" should be built on that contaminated land - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a Superfund Site - she may have received campaign contributions from the Rogue Developer Lennar - and she may not know it - that she is being watched.

Malia Cohen has blood on her hands - she knows she - but now she better be fully aware of her deeds.

She herself bought a condominium for about $580,000 at Executive Park by Candlestick Park - went under about the time she was elected a Supervisor - could not pay her mortgage.

Malia Cohen won the District 10 elections by a few hundred votes. She took advantage of Rank Choice Voting - and hoodwinked - many.

Malia Cohen won - but she had no home to stay and lived with her parents on Silliman Street by San Bruno Avenue - for months in District 9. An illegal move that cries to heaven for justice - but reveals to the constituents - how shallow Malia Cohen is and how evil.

While pretending to represent District 10 - Malia Cohen has now chosen to live on Potrero Hill. What a pathetic fake!

Jane Kim now wants to build homes for the poor - folks that come under the category low income and no income.

For Jane Kim this is just talk. Jane Kim in the time - it takes to blink an eye  - she gave TWITTER  tax breaks - to pander to the many - and fill her campaign coffers.

Jane Kim - a Korean American has taken advantage of the system - and she has jumped on Chris Daly's wagon - who laid the ground - for affordable housing.

More community benefits to the many non-profits - what Jane Kim does is pander - trying to use her evil charm - and hoodwink the - people.

David Chiu wants to go to the California Assembly - after messing things at City Hall and trying to challenge San Francisco advocates - more at Public Comment time - giving them 2 minutes instead of three minutes.

A good for nothing representative from District 3 -  David Chiu who has done all in his power - the short ass that he is - to curtail - public comment. Time will tell.

Scott Wiener who fought to build 100 square feet units - for him and his dog laden with fleas.

Scott Wiener has failed those he represents - and even today - will come out with topics, subjects, issues, and legislation - that baffles the mind. 

Scott Wiener should go back to New York - where he belongs - a queer with a mind that defies - common sense.

Scott Wiener who has failed the "queer community" - youth and more queer youth - and all things - decent. He is a Zionist.

London Breed from District 5 tried her sweet talk - but it is all shallow. She has done nothing for her constituents in District 5. 

The Blacks in her community are hurting - hundreds have been evicted - and if you go to Fillmore closer the the town center - it is not uncommon to see Blacks - hangout - and while away their time for hours on end. 

Many have their belongings in shopping carts - and have no place roof - live on the streets - and face inclement - weather.

Election time you will hear the above - brag about doing this and that - but time and time again - folks like Malia Cohen have put poor people down, show disdain for the indigent - and Malia Cohen time is coming. She will go to jail - she can smile now - but as I said - her time is coming.

David Chiu can try to create all the divisiveness he can - his time is coming and so is Jane Kim from District 6. The three musketeers - we remember them and their ploys and machinations - that day when they tried to use the ploys - and had David Chiu elected - as the President of the SF Board of Supervisors.

In the mean time our youth - who must be provided good education, safe travel, sound health services, be given nutrition - given the best we can give our youth - are forced to live a hard life - many finding it difficult to learn - many working three and four temporary jobs - just the make things - happen.

The youth have patience but not for long.

The youth - not those that pander but those that are waiting for the "green signal" - and are not in the pockets - of the  "sell outs" - will gather and act.

What you all see now and what you call will see when the tsunami comes will be different.

You so called San Francisco Board of Supervisors and so called City folks in authority - what you all will see when it hits the fence - will not be - pretty. You brought it on yourself and you deserve what you will get.

No one can fool all the youth all the time - no one can fool all the people all the time - you want it - you will get it.

Monday, April 7, 2014


The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) is full of it - lacks full accountability and transparency. Pathetic.

Can you imagine an agency that is all talk  - with no walk?

You can demand from the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) their budget - ask them for a line by line item - one can huff and puff - and you get - nothing. NADA!

The MTA lacks full accountability and transparency.

This is the same agency that has raided the Trust Fund that belongs to the Taxi Operators of San Francisco.

The taxi operators that had their own Taxi Commission - and the taxi operators have been taken for a ride.

More, since the Taxi Commission - was taken over by the sordid - SF MTA.

The MTA cannot maintain a standard when it comes to their own operations. The Maintenance Department is a mess. 

In 1996 Willie L. Brown Jr the former "thug" Mayor of San Francisco - created the two tier system - the old one where the MUNI drivers get some benefits.

The newer one where the MUNI drivers - get shafted - with less - benefits. The public at large does not know this - and present MUNI drivers are all - stressed out.

It does not help that the MUNI UNION REPRESENTATIVES cannot fight for the MUNI drivers. Management does not treat them right - and some UNION representatives have fallen into a trap - with their hands tied.  They have been compromised - I go back to Carillo, Green, Johnson - who were Superintendents - way back when - when MUNI was decent - not anymore. 

The morale among the MUNI drivers is very low - and this state of affairs - adversely impacts us all.

The public that avails itself of PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION and have some relations with the MUNI drivers - the families of the MUNI drivers - friends and supporters.

MUNI management could not care less.

The  MUNI Lightrail system lacks proper coordination - and the current software is - to say the least - primitive.

Evaluate the present MUNI radio system - and it is Smithsonian.

The MTA has failed miserably on the Central Subway - started as a $600 million project and now has reached to a high $1.6 Billion.

This project is a failure - and the money spent is at the expense of the - tax payers.

This new Central Subway system will adversely impact the Seniors and those Physically Challenged - forcing them to walk long distances - underground - and falling prey to those that will prey on them. Much as the Seniors and Physically Challenged are preyed upon over ground.

The Stations are poorly designed - much like the 3rd Street Lightrail today from 4th and King to middle of no where Visitation Valley.

These station over ground linked to the Third Street Light rail are dirty, filthy, and not maintained. 

Will the Phase II of the Third Street - which is  now deemed the Phase I - will Phase II meet the expectations - and be of value and help - considering so much money has been spent - on the Central Subway Project?

At North Beach big rats - the size of a rabbits - roam and try to attack any one - that tries to cross the line - the rats think belongs to them.

Once these big rats made their abode underground - now they have come our of their holes - above ground - and are a terror - to anyone that stumbles on them.

Seeing is believing.

So where is SF MTA of this and other adverse impacts that the North Beach merchants - have been complaining about?

Can SF MTA reveal to us - how many businesses have gone under - because SF MTA keeps on bluffing the public that all is well - when it is not.  

Time will tell - Ed Reiskin does well - when you have the public meetings - where people vent and try to get answers - and the answers given are general in nature.

No one can fool - all the people - all the time.

There is going to be a revolution when it comes to our failed transportation and parking system. There is no doubt about that.

Also on housing and the increase in rent - $3000 for a one bed room - people are fed up - and many refuse to leave when they have created what the Mission is - other sections of San Francisco - that we are proud of.

The techies have money - but they lack - culture. They is no music that the "techies" have contributed - good music that we can say - makes us feel good.

There are no dishes - food dishes - that the "techies" have - not restaurant that we all can enjoy - they take, take, and take - and all they have to show is money. They can shove the money - no know - where.

The constituents of San Francisco have suffered a lot. 

So when Twitter says that it created 21,000 jobs - we want to know why it is getting tax breaks from our City and County of San Francisco - free transportation.

The City and County of San Francisco - keeps on saying - again and again - that is has no money and is broke?

There is a group of leftists - that is demanding $3 Billion from Google.

There must be an equal force applied to demand more from Twitter and the others so called "techies" that do not contribute anything worth the salt - to our culture.

When Jane Kim spear headed the movement to give TWITTER a break - she did that to fill her campaign coffers - a Korean American with roots in New York - still trying to comprehend our values.

No one knows where this woman, Jane Kim stands - not as far as life style is concerned and more when it comes to morals, ethics, and standards. She panders to the Democratic - MACHINE.

It is the same with Scott Wiener who is despised by the queer community - and that says it all.

London Breed and Malia Cohen - two sell outs who have not and cannot take a position - worthy of anyone that  they can represent. They both talk from both sides of their mouth. By their actions they foster - gentrification.

It is the same with David Chiu - the sooner he goes to Sacramento the better. Pathetic.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors as a whole have failed on Quality of Life issues.

More, compromising our housing - with rents up the roof, no career jobs, no good jobs with health benefits.

No recreational facilities, less childcare, less public safety, more increases in evictions - Ellis evictions and more.

Over the last 5 years over 40,000 decent families - that is father, mother, and children - have left San Francisco and our SF Board of Supervisors - have no clue about this one single factor - that has adversely impacted our Quality of Life issues in San Francisco.

Transportation plays an important role and some of us fought to give our students - more our poor students - but all students under 18 years - deserve a free ride on MUNI - that is our Public Transportation system.

Google which has billions - has chosen to fund some of the money - to help our youth - a pilot project - GOOGLE can do better.

Google can do better - and encourage other huge companies with BILLIONS - to do so too. Not only for San Francisco but Oakland - and our entire Bay Area.

The time for gimmicks are over - this is the digital world - and it is time we have a site - where we have the mug shots of those that make BILLIONS.

Pretend that they work for us - take our information - use it for marketing - and screw us all - thinking that they can make hay - while the sun shines.

Screw the gimmicks - ploys and machinations - the time has come - for a reality check.

I take public transportation - once MUNI cost 5 cents - yes 5 cents. Our Veterans could ride free and the MUNI buses were clean.

Now MUNI charges $2 per ride for an adult - Seniors and those with challenges get a small break. The MUNI buses are packed like sardines, stink to high heaven, and people are angry and rude.

The cameras do not work - and Law Enforcement in not on the buses - you have the "yellow hornets" - when they see trouble - the flee and call 911.

Our City is making a mockery of the system - taking funding from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission some $80,000 to fund - gimmicks - such as supporting the - "yellow hornets".

Millions are spent on the cameras that are installed on the MUNI buses - and they do not work.

Managers continue to rake it big money over $200,000 with benefits - and are not qualified to do their jobs.

SF MTA is a joke  - with no real accountability and transparency.

The SF Municipal Transportation Agency Commission - has failed.

Something must be done to restore confidence of our Public Transportation System in San Francisco.

The ship is sinking - in the cesspool of their own creation. 

SF MTA you are - sordid and pathetic and time to change is now - you have already run out of time - and are stinking in the CESSPOOL on your own - creation. Aho.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


When those who voted against height limits linked to the Washington 8 project, won - those that backed the project - mainly those who are on the take and do not care about San Francisco - were sent a clear message.

To the politicians who were for the Washington 8 project - a message clear - " you are suppose to represent  " - if, you do not - " get in line - or you will forever regret the way you behave but more your lack of representation - will bring your downfall ".

San Francisco is Ohlone land - once doted by Shellmounds.

Sacred points much like acupuncture points - well respected by those who were close to Mother Earth - and a terrain and land that abound with rich harvest - readily available - Abalone, herring, small and big game and more.

The many rivers were pristine and there were pristine lakes like Moutain Lake and Lake Merced and more. There were marshes that the "strangers" had no idea - the role that the marshes played.

There were over 45 hills and all playing their role - the land was meant for some one other than the "greed" toxic, strangers and that paradox has yet to be investigated but it will.

The Bay that we know now was forty times bigger - so you can imagine - the cool winds and the fog playing an even greater role - in keeping the land, cooler - and when the sun was shinning - the best temperate climate for anything that grows, readily.

The "stranger" is just that - a dumb "fool" - greedy - anything he or she sees - they want - they have no clue about respecting Mother Earth and avarice runs deep in their veins.

Today, these same strangers - pay lip service with cliches like "Carbon Footprint" and other "words" - that mean nothing at all.

First you pollute, clear cut the redwood trees and the oak trees, pollute the streams and rivers, the lakes and the Bay, the land and the Bay - and now, suddenly - you want to restore - all that you polluted with intent. You can be a "judge" of your own - madness.

Those that value life - know the role of the "frogs" - where the "frogs' abound - there is healthy life.

We saw that fourteen years ago - how stupid the San Francisco Public Utilities, the San Francisco Port Authority, the Municipal Transportation Agency, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority - Catellus the rogue developer - without any soil testing, without an Environmental Impact Report - build a bridge over the Islais Creek. 

Before that these entities - bore three conduits under a Force Main - a eight foot pipe that takes millions of gallons of secondary effluents - into the Bay - closer to Pier 80 - and compromised it.

A whole colony of "chorus frogs" and its habitat was destroyed. This is happening all over San Francisco and no one cares.

Lucky for us we have recorded the sounds of the "chorus frog" and if we google the words "Islais Creek" - even after all these years - you will find some documents that point to this one tragedy.

A tragedy - that this City and County of San Francisco and those in authority - swept under the dirty, filthy - rug.

Years ago advocates stood tall and voted to limit the height along the Embacadero to not more then 60 feet - more from Pier One to Pier 98 - a more of less 7.5 mile distance that the San Francisco Port Authority has jurisdiction.

The 7.5 miles distance that comes under the Burton Act - facilities built were meant to embrace "Maritime Uses" - but under Willie L. Brown Jr using his - undue influence - having been the Speaker of the House - until removed - by legislation and term limits - one could serve but two terms.

The AT&AT Ball Park is one such facility - and the Warriors' Stadium has been initiated under the same ploy - by those that do not have the best interests - of the constituents of San Francisco.

Those greed and with a hidden agenda - go to Sacramento - and introduce legislation - to building amenities and facilities - that do not sync in with the Burton Act and Maritime uses.

Our politicians do not care about the Housing Element. They do not care about projects - big and small that contribute to the increase of the Carbon Footprint - that has increased by leaps and bounds in the City and County of San Francisco.

In last thirty years our once beautiful skyline has been tarnished. 

The filthy rich love the views and are closer to the most contaminated air that they breath. 

They could not care less -  but that is how the "stranger" has behaved - ever since he and she stepped on Ohlone Land.

Height limits were kept at a certain height because we saw what the "Fontana Buildings" contributed to the area closer to Polk Street and Bay Street - by Fisherman's Wharf.

Why should we destroy the ambiance by the Ferry Building. Right where the Washington 8 building was supposed to be - was meant to be a "parking lot" to serve the Ferry Building - I read it a long time ago - when we were participating in the "upgrading" of the Ferry Building.

Pier 70 is a very contaminated area. Two hot spots with Ammonia spills, over a million tons of coal tar, the Mirant Plant and other industries - part of the War Effort - have contaminated the area.

The Almighty Dollar - will draw Forest and other greedy mongers - to develop anything - never mind if the land is - contaminated - and those who live die slowly from cancer and other respiratory diseases.

It is the same at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Obiyashi was debarred from doing business - having been involved a long time ago - in the deaths of our youth - on a construction site in the Bayview. People have short - memories.

Here is Obiyashi now building units on contaminated land - with high readings of Asbestos Structures - and no one gives a rat's ass.Recently over 26,000 Asbestos Structures and no Notice of Violation. 

Who is monitoring the site called Parcel A - and what is the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - doing about the on going "nefarious" activities and our workers - put in harms way.

How about the workers they are NOT wearing a mask - and so down the line they will die a slow death - exposed daily to Asbestos Structures for weeks on end - Mesothelioma.

What does Jack Broadbent have to say?

What does Barbara Gracia have to say?

What has George Gascon have to say? 

hat has Dennis Herrera have to say?

What does the Environment Section within the Federal Bureau of Investigation have to say?

What to the other City and County San Francisco morons have to say?

The blatant corruption in our City and County of San Francisco is so saturated that people are fed up.

Thousands are leaving our City - because those in charge are having a field day.

Daily at City Hall - all of the SF Supervisors are having a field day - cameras  must be installed in their offices - to stop the on going nonsense.

With access to the public at large -  to monitor the ploys, the machinations, the shenanigans - we the tax payers -who pay these good for nothing - buffoons their salaries.

You may mute the sounds - but we want to see the happenings at large.

Not one Housing Element in the last twenty years - has met its objective. Only ten percent of the goal to build Affordable homes has been met.

On the other hand there is a glut market price units - and luxury condominiums.

You must speak your mind - tell these blatantly corrupt crooks - who have no souls - they are high on corruption and greed - and must go.

Time to boot them off - send them packing - Scott Wiener, Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, David Chiu, London Breed - and there is more. Aho.

Friday, April 4, 2014


Lennar is a "rogue developer" brought to the Bay Area by Willie L. Brown Jr a well known "thug" mayor of San Francisco - way back in 1998. 

Willie Brown Jr is all about himself - and has stayed alive by wheeling and dealing - and using pawns such as Roy Willis and others - to lie, deceive, hoodwink, and adversely impact thousands in the Bayview Hunters Point area in San Francisco.

Lennar incorporated in 1998 and has since changed its name many times - but more has now incorporated in Delaware.

That evil place where the DEVIL makes his abode.

The headquarters of Credit Card mongers - who prey on those that use their credit cards - willy nilly - and have to deal with high interest rates - often bringing about their ruin.

As I said years ago: " no good ever will come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard".

The reason is simple - the land has been desecrated - the remains of the Ohlone - removed from two near by hills with the dirt - and spread all over the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Not one square inch has been surveyed and no one is paying attention to the Native Americans Graves Protection and Rehabilitation Act (NAGPRA).

There are other pertinent laws and regulations - Federal and State - but no one wants to do right by the First People - and so consequently - those that are in charge - mostly "thugs" will fall flat of their face.

Lennar has chosen to buy people to do its "evil deeds" - and no one can do "wrong" for long - before they themselves fall prey - to and end that brings them to their senses.

One day the "truth" will come out - and today in San Francisco those deeds that were hidden under the "rug" have come out in the open - but, there is more to come.

Some are aghast but I am not.

Lennar has ruined the lives of innocent children bombarding an entire area - with Asbestos Structures.

Removing batteries from monitoring equipment and lying that it did not know anything about the situation at hand. Well it did.

Lennar was fined $515,000 by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District -  and one Jack Broadbent its Director.

That money was suppose to be invested in the will being of the residents - that were impacted - but this has not occurred - ten years after the fact and adjudication.

Today Lennar still continue to bombard the area with very high Asbestos readings - all recorded - two days ago as high as 26,000 Asbestos Structures per cubic meter.

No warning to the community and NO - "notice of violations" posted for all to see.

Amy Brownell who works for the SF Health Department - continues to lie - and so do those like Tiffany Bohee and Thor Kaslofsky.

Bronson Johnson who works for Lennar - all the above - have BLOOD on their hands.

All it takes is one Asbestos Structure to enter one's system and lodge into one's lungs - and then just like that in a few years you can die - suffering excruciating pain - Mesothelioma. 

God sees everything and what we see today are "thugs" using people and dumping them - just like a "dirty rag".

In the mean time our innocent children are suffering.

Workers exposed to Asbestos are suffering. Poor mostly Black and Latino workers - mostly Laborers with Local Union 261 kept in the dark - about the Asbestos Structures and there is more. Our UNIONS are not educated on issues.

The so called environmentalist are fast asleep in the cockpit - doling out grants, inviting foreigners and giving them kudos and honoring them for deeds in far of lands.

In our own Backyard - despicable developers the likes of LENNAR - are slowly killing our children - minorities - mostly Black and Latino.

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is designated as a Superfund Site. Only the worst contaminated sites are put on a Superfund Site.

At Hunters Point "depleted uranium" was tested.

One Atomic Bomb left Hunters Point to be dropped on Japan - that killed millions of innocent people.

San Francisco can do right - but lacks the immoral fortitude - folks love to brag - but cannot see under their nose - when it comes to do right - by those that are innocent and just happen to be - poor. 

Our City and County of San Francisco purports to do right - brags about "some fake Carbon Footprint".

All sorts of fake presentations by the SF Department of Environment - while all the time innocent constituents are - slowly dying a painful death.

Over 200,000 tons of Methane Gas spews into the air - from 4th and King to Midway near Geneva Street.

One ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide. Who is monitoring this fact?

On land mostly prone to liquefaction and flooding. Landfill - with on going composting - the result of dumping all sorts of contaminated stuff, trees, vegetation, and material that decays and can cause serious, problem.

Right now on Parcel E2 there is a on going fire - it has been burning for years - over 15 years. 

The City knows about it - but cannot say much - the jurisdiction belongs to the United States Navy -who wants to cap the area - spews lies - does not care about the adverse, impacts.

What do those of our Land Use Committee think about this fact - nothing much.

Who do you think is on the Land Use Committee - rubber stamping - the despicable Jane Kim the side kick of Scott Wiener the Chair of the Land use - and the other - "air headed" laughing jackass - Malia Cohen who purports to represent the Bayview Hunters Point and has done nothing much to represent District 10.

The Navy and one Keith Forman holds meetings - makes it abode now at the YMCA - on Lane Street in the Bayview. Holding meetings and lying to the community.

Gina the Director - permits the YMCA to be a den - Ali Baba and the forty thieves.

The U.S. Navy wants to cap the land - we the constituents mandate the U.S. Navy to remove the contaminated dirt.

Follow Proposition P - where 87% of the voters  in the year 2000 - mandated that the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard be cleaned to - "residential standards".

Why do you want build 10,000 housing units in the middle of Chernobyl?

Why commit this blatant injustice - on land that once belonged to the Ohlone - the Ohlone do not want this - and I represent them - on matters linked to Base Closure and Infrastructure - Land Use, SF Planning and anything that has to do with Quality of Life issues.

The SF Health Department and one Barbara Gracia knows about the Superfund Site - the over 5000 toxic hots pots - the one toxic hot spot at 3450 where Barbara Gracia has permitted a Wellness Center. This one act is sordid and cries to heaven for justice.

Our great City and County of San Francisco does not have a resident  TOXICOLOGIST on our SF Department of Health - pay roll.

The head of the SF Health Department Barbara Gracia knows this - Barbara Gracia love to talk the talk - but NO - walk.

Lennar tryst with destiny at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is full of lies, deceit, hoodwinking, and abject failure to deliver - anything, decent. Aho.

Here is an interesting article hot from the press - neighboring Yosemite Slough - saturated with PCBs, lead, mercury, and a host of other very toxic elements:

Thursday, April 3, 2014


You would think and find it reasonable that the United States Supreme Court would do the right thing when it comes to the sordid issue - of campaign contributions.

I guess that arm of our system - the judicial arm - is numb to justice and fair play - and has voted in favor - of entities and individuals - contributing as much as they can contribute - to any candidate - opening up a can of worms.

The Koch Brothers come to mind - but there are others too.

The President can fly to Hollywood - and collect as much mullah as he wants - and give it to those that pretty much will do his will - if elected - even at this late hour.

Closer to home the "MACHINE" will elect the same old hags that we have sent to Congress and the Senate - corrupt to the core - and boring.

At the local level we better up the game plan and get rid of Malia Cohen, David Chiu Jane Kim, Scott Wiener, London Breed - and the rest of the corrupt ones - too many to mention.

The United States Supreme Court has compared our "First Amendment Rights" to that of the right of any individual giving as much as she or he can contribute - to prop any individual - and elect a whole bunch of "morons" - not to say that we have it worse - now.

Those that have some idea, some decency, some morals, some extra ethics, some stellar standards have always demanded a limit to the campaign spending and the way contributions are made.

There must be some even play field. Not any more - it is a free for all - and catch the Media raking in the millions - and creating all sorts of divisiveness - people are fed up - but now it will be in our face - too much to bear - and too much to endure.

Well, our United States Supreme Court - the judges we elect for life - and who stay there for as long as they want - have lost their sanity. 

Not all of them - but those that feel strongly - and if someone wants to empty all the money she or he has - to bet on some candidate she or he strongly feels must be elected - more power to that person.

To hell with qualifications, experience, morality, ethics, and plain common sense - and of course - stellar standards.

We will now become a government of, for, and by the morons.

Not to say that more on the local level it will get better when it is worse, now - where we have sufficient buffoons - who rule the roost and defy common sense - that is a rare sense - and have compromised Quality of Life issues in San Francisco.

Using a 'pilot program" as a ploy - we have supported the GOOGLE buses to invade our MUNI bus stops - and for just $1 - make hay while the sun shines.

Never mind there is a State Law that prohibits such actions - but our SF Planning - taking instruction from Room 200 - deems fit - under the "pilot program" - we will be able to collect empirical data - and then truly make up our mind.

All this while we have congested our roads - our MUNI buses are packed, slow and filthy. Our Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) - is pathetic - the cameras do not work - and at the MTA meetings too much talk and less action.

Never mind the rules of play are all set by one track individuals - who do not have the ability to blow their nose - but now will - enforce and monitor some ploys - full of machinations and shenanigans.

TWITTER, GOOGLE, the others that pander to the "very corrupt politicians" have money - they have the mullah - for heavens say - they will not bleed - if they are mandated to pay more - and if they for once abide by the rules and regulations - we all abide by.

If a lay person parks in the bus stop zone they get a fine - over a hundred and fifty dollars - but GOOGLE buses - will pay one dollar each time they park their buses.

The common person can scream, huff and puff - they sordid get what they want - and you can have your stress, ulcers, and a heart attack - by getting mad.

When will you get even? Come on San Francisco enough is enough - time to boot off the crooks!

Our politicians have lost their mind - and at the polls - whatever type of polls are collected - no one in their right mind - respects a - "politician".

They may respect a "skunk" - a "hog" - even a "twit" - but not a - politician.

Even the United States President's rating is so low - that it is pathetic to mention.

Daily these politicians eat, drink, and live - corruption.

If you are a Senator or Congressperson - daily you better rake in $5000 or so - to fill your campaign coffers - to be re-elected.

No one is talking about education, principles, experience, addressing Quality of Life issues,  morals, ethics, standards, or even plain etiquette. 

At City Hall in San Francisco - wheeling and dealing more with David Chiu, Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, and London Breed - behind close, doors. The all must be booted out.

For years we have been saying the One Percent control more than Eighty Five percent of our Nation's wealth - the One Percent have an advantage - they have all the money - they have all the mullah.

The politician must represent - in order to represent - they must be educated on issues, have some ethics - that unfortunately is not the case in San Francisco.

They wag that tongue because it has no bone.
Had that tongue had a bone - it would have fallen off.

When it comes to public comment - they announce with glee - "public comment is two minutes". Especially that jerk - Scott Wiener.

The local politicians - will sell their mother for a nickel - and in the name of the once Almighty Dollar - their soul.

God have mercy and save this the United States of America.

As for the United States Supreme Court - look at it and see for yourself - what it has accomplished recently - more; that is of value - time to install some cameras, while they deliberate and make their unchallenged decisions of a kind.

More - so that we can see - play for play - how the sordid decisions are made.

As I said - "God have mercy on these the United States of America - the land stolen from the Native Americans". Aho.