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Wednesday, September 30, 2015



For many, many years the norm was to permit - the public at large - at Public Comment - 3 minutes at City Hall in  Room 250 - the August Chamber - now occupied by the group of weasels.

David Chiu - who was the past President of the Board - a weasel - decided that - Public Comment - should be reduced to 2 minutes.

The present Board could have decided to restore it to 3 minutes - but, this present board is inept, spineless, shallow - and not educated on issues.

Besides the lack moral, have been charged for ethics violation, are despicable to the core - and are the - " living dead " - when it comes to spirituality.

All the while - when those that go to City Hall have to listen to diatribe, hot air - and plain BS - from the Supervisors - more London Breed, Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, Malia Cohen ( air-head), Mark Farrell, and Julie Christensen.

As Legislators these vermin have done nothing much - to help the public at large.

As tools of those that want to spread "greed" - these vermin - the SF Supervisors - mentioned above - have destroyed - most of the things that we fought for, were decent - put in place by our toil - only to be thrown to the wind.

We need housing for the people more people who fall into the category - low income and no income.

We need supportive housing for the indigent - with help from nurses and doctors - who can really help - these folks.

We need housing for those making $80,000 and below.

We need housing for those making $120,000 and below.

Some of us understood this a long time ago. However our City and County of San Francisco - has failed to adhere to the General Management Plan - that is gather dust on the shelves.

We have failed to provide the right information when the SF Planning Department produces the Housing Element - every five years.

The Association of Bay Area Governments and other astute organization - are constantly producing documents - linked to sound - planning.

Each of these entities - directly and indirectly - point to the lack luster - despondent - San Francisco Planning Department - that is besides - itself - pandering to the developers and more "market housing".

We have about 380,000 housing units in San Francisco.

We have over 30,000 housing units - that are vacant - the owners - do not want to rent these units.

We have entities like the Academy of Art University that has bought "rent control buildings" - with the knowledge of the 
San Francisco Planning Department.

The Department of Building Inspection, the San Francisco Mayor's Office - and deprived good, decent tax payers, - of hundreds of sound rental units.

The Academy of Art University converting these units - to dormitories - for foreign students - who pay - an arm and a leg - for a bed - with shared toilets and a kitchens. Despicable.

When those that are adversely impacted by the lack of housing - families sleeping on our streets in San Francisco, under bridges, under bushes - trying some shelters and fleeing from the constant noise, bed bugs, stench and bad odor.

Many preferring to face the inclement weather - and be in the open - and it is horrible to witness - infants, children, and women adhere hardship and suffer so much - when our City boasts of a $9 Billion budget - bragging that our City is a booming city

There is something wrong with this picture.

There is something wrong with the City and County of San Francisco - and its moral compass.

Black who once boasted  some clout - and were 25% of the population - are now dwindling - some say 3% of the population - but many say as few as 2%.

What is Mayor Edwin M.Lee doing? Nothing!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


These steps lead to the offices 
of the many - who wheel and deal -
a disgrace - to the entire human race.

This is Ohlone land and I represent the Muwekma Ohlone who have "patrimonial jurisdiction" over all of San Francisco - many other areas - as declared by our Right of First Refusal in 1991.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior - and there are many more waiting for the Green Signal - and that day is here - and we will be victorious.

Our Chairperson of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe is Rosemary Cambra - and unlike the old days - where indigenous people were treated like animals - brainwashed - deprived of speaking their language, their children removed and incarcerated in boarding schools.

Indigenous women raped and killed - the warrior women and men killed - and all this and more - atrocities that cry to Great Spirit - and the day will come - when all will be well.

Much before the uncivilized White folks - knew anything about so called "democracy" - the Six Nations - the Iroquois others practiced - democracy.

Here is California the Native Americans - all the tribes - did not need the invasion of the White folks - who speak in fork tongues to this day - to teach them - anything.

For thousands of years - most things were pristine - only for the greed White folks - to pollute, contaminate, destroy, and tarnish - what the Native Americans - had preserved for other generations to come.

Here in San Francisco after World War II - the United Nations was formed. Right here in San Francisco.

Those who say they represent talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. Our so called Representative local, State, and Federal - have failed the people.

Congressperson Nancy Pelosi

When it comes to disparity - the wide gap between the poor and the rich. San Francisco is below - Rwanda. The San Francisco Board of Supervisor - seem not to comprehend - disparity.

Of course Mayor Edwin M. Lee has lost his mind - again and again - he opens his mouth - and shoves his "dirty foot" in so deep.

Talking about building 30,000 units - begging for money - all to foster the divide - bring more disparity - and great ever greater - divisiveness.

Leading the pack - favoring the 
developers and the Zionists 
a crook - Scott Wiener - despicable.

Shallow, spineless, inept, and most of all unethical - like Supervisors Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Wiener, Julie Christensen, Mark Farrell, and Katy Tang - these vermin - these scum bags - have destroyed all that was good in San Francisco.

Unethical - a sell out - who
speaks from both sides of her mouth.
Shallow, inept, spineless - a disgrace
to the human race -Malia Cohen.

This is Ohlone land - in San Francisco Muwekma Ohlone land - and we have represented our position - and that is all we can do.

The Mayor - Edwin M. Lee knows our position - his advisor Steve Kawa knows our position - the Director of SF Planning John Rahaim knows our position - anyone who is some one - knows the position of the Muwekma Ohlone.

Simply put you are thieves - who stole the land - and yet you speak and act - as if the land is yours. It is not - as a "thief" - you do not have - one single legal document - before and after 1776 - to prove your claim.

No one gave - anyone - permission to destroy what the Great Spirit has mandated those that know more - to preserve for - future generations.

Brave, majestic, noble, spiritual - the Native American to this day - know what is right and what is wrong.

The world knows - that is wrong to deprive the many tribes - their right to be on the Federal Register - to be in charge of the land - belonging to their ancestors - to avoid "evil" - the the "devil" - the White man's government.

Tall buildings have ruined the
skyline and will come tumbling down.

Building tall buildings - 100 feet away from the Bay - and thinking all will be good.

We need to tear the old buildings - contaminated - the infrastructure in very bad shape - and prepare "Open Space" with recreation facilities.

Programs that change the "sordid lives" of so many - bring in spiritual programs - and cleanse the ways of those that - are a disgrace to the human race.

Our Constitution, our Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the document " A people's declaration of Human Responsibilities" - all spell in out.

You can take the horse to the edge of the water - but you cannot force it to drink.

What the hell is happening in Room 200 at City Hall where Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has been wheeling and dealing?

Why are the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - eroding our right to freedom - depriving decent people from speak the TRUTH?

It is time for the RICO ACT to be enforced.

We will shut City Hall down - without stepping a foot inside City Hall. We did it April 14, 2015 by shutting down City Hall inside.

Those that were in the Room 250 - the August Chambers - including the heifer London Breed - witnessed the power of the people.

Those spineless,shallow, inept, morally bankrupt, clueless - will see their deeds exposed.

We have the empirical data.

Supervisor Mark Farrell -
he knows the deeds that put him 
in a seat - that he stole for some 
one decent - better than him.

All this in the land of the Ohlone - who embrace those that are decent - and not those who speak from both sides of their filthy, stinking - mouth. Aho.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Mayor Edwin M. Lee - 
Mayor of San Francisco -
take a good look at this clown!
More here the interview he gave the
San Francisco Chronicle:

The Mayor, Edwin M. Lee was trained a lawyer - his interview with the San Francisco Chronicle the Editorial Board - reveals he is a - liar. I repeat a LIAR.

A deficit in housing for those that need it most, health facilities, homelessness on our streets, congestion on our streets - and there are other priorities - when asked to address the questions posed - the Mayor beats around the bush.

The Mayor wants to rehabilitate 10,000 units - now known as Public Housing - when in fact they have to be torn down - demolished - having more than served their purpose - built by the Department of Defense.

Laden with Asbestos, most Public Housing in bad for health - the infrastructure so bad - leaking sewer and clean drink pipes - all due to deferred maintenance.

Supervisor Malia Cohen -
from District 10 -
has no compassion for the poor -
she has forgotten her roots -
and where her people came from -
a professional - sell out.

The Public Housing at Potrero Hill, Hunterview, Visitation Valley has been turned over to Bridge Developers.

The John Stewart Company, and Mercy Housing. These three entities have been slow - to tear down the Public Housing. Build new housing - the process started in 2002 - and we are in the year 2015.

The Mayor and others are pressing the entities - to rehab Public Housing - using some fake band aid method - that would NOT be used in a White neighborhood - ever.

Suffice the say - right now the recently - brand new units built by the John Stewart Company - at Huntersview - are shoddy, leaking, and poorly built.

None of the units can accommodate a King Bed - with room to move.

It is the same at Parcel A on Hunters Point - Lennar Urban - has built some homes on toxic ground - and the Mayor and his clowns - think, everything is fine.

We have a population of about 820,000. We have about 370,000 housing units in San Francisco.

We have 30,000 units that are vacant - the owners - do not want to rent them. Workers from San Francisco - deprived of this housing. Much of it rental - housing.

The Academy of Art University, AirB&B, other dubious entities - have taken rental units - all coming under Rent Control - and use them for other purposes. Dormitories, short term rental for tourists, and a host of other purposes.

We have so many homeless on our streets - that we who have been here in San Francisco - for years - find it repulsive to visit many areas -  downtown, San Francisco - feces laying all over the place, the stench of urine, garbage lying all over the place.

The one "Navigator Center" is doing a good job - trying to address the chronic problem - with the homeless.

This "Navigator Center" does not scratch the surface. It is a band aid.

The homeless that we have in the majority - have serious mental issues, those physically challenged - the other indigent - and slowly dying on our streets.

This is the City named after Saint Francis of Assisi. A saint know for his deep - compassion.

Those of us advocates who have been around - have witnessed - the "compassion" - this City was famous for - vanish before our eyes - in its place blatant corrupt and disdain for the poor.

Entire families sleeping on the streets - where they say they find more peace and do not have to deal with mice.

Bed bugs, and a host of vermin - found in the Single Residency Hotels (SROs), the shelters some give you a chair - and you are told to sleep on that chair - all night long - here in the City and County of San Francisco.

Large Corporations are given tax breaks Twitter is one of them. The Mayor does not feel much - giving AirB&B a break on the taxes they owe - it is Okay by him - that they pay 20% of the taxes owed - the City. This is plain - illegal.

Our hospitals now demand higher rates of payment - and one chain of hospital - Sutter Hospitals has been fleecing - the constituents of San Francisco. The Mayor knows this - but not a sound from him.

The Mayor favors those that fill his campaign coffers - and he thinks he can fool all the people - all the time.

The Mayor is well backed by crooks, the corrupt, and lying comes naturally to Mayor Edwin M.Lee.

Watch the interview below - it speaks for itself:

Saturday, September 26, 2015


The Ohlone - the First People
of the City and County of 
San Francisco.

This is Ohlone land - this land was stolen all of it - the Ohlone have patrimonial jurisdiction - over all of this land - that we see - that once was pristine.

The Ohlone favor the immigrants, children, women and men of good faith - not the greedy and the evil - most of them - wheeling and dealing in San Francisco's City Hall.

On SF Commissions, Committees, Task Force, other mundane groups - doing the "devil's" work. Greedy to the core - nothing will stop them - from taking all - that they can possibly - lay their hands on.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee
corrupt and greedy
scum bag and a bad person -
he must repent and redeem himself.

Today's concrete jungle is not the fault of Mayor Edwin M. Lee - in toto - but this Mayor Edwin M.Lee - has singularly created the most congestion we have ever had in San Francisco - the most homeless situation of a kind - on the streets of San Francisco.

Families two, three, and even four living -in a one bed room unit. More, when it comes to two bed rooms units. Today, one bed room units going for as high $3800 - some years ago- $1500.

Our City Hall - it doors open -
wheeling and dealing -
the doors must be 'SHUT" -
to those that are - "evil".

San Francisco has been named after Saint Francis Assisi - who loved the poor, had compassion, even the birds and animals were drawn to the compassion and kindness of Saint Francis Assisi.

This is San Francisco - where most San Franciscans - have in them to do good and to take people to a better - place.

Today's politicians in San Francisco are scum bags. Leading the pack Scott Wiener. He thinks - he can fool all the people all the time. Time will tell.

Supervisor Scott Wiener -
lies through his teeth -
with a grin on his face -
always trying to hood wink.

Not Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his "thugs" who smile on your face - and stab you in the back - more, when you work hard to help - your fellow San Franciscans.

It does not make matters better with Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi with Mafia connections, Senator Diane Feinstein who thinks her "shit" does not stink.

Congressperson Nancy Pelosi.

The many Zionists who hold large commercial properties who are having a "field day" - raking in billions.

AirB&B has NO place in San Francisco. Too many rental units meant for those that work in San Francisco rented to tourists. Kept vacant for months - when they can be occupied.

More by those San Franciscans who - live pay check to pay check - are now not available for rent - many living on the streets of San Francisco - facing the inclement - weather. 

These units are reserved for tourists who have " no idea " - how these rental units - when occupied - for short terms - adversely impact so many - decent, hard working, tax paying citizens and constituents of this Nation - the United States of America and of course San Francisco.

Supervisor Malia Cohen

Supervisor London Breed

Supervisor Katy Tang

Supervisor Mark Farrell

People who are evil - worship the "devil" - Supervisors like Malia Cohen, London Breed, Julie Christensen, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell, and Scott Wiener - depriving us the people of Public Comment.

Working, behind our backs - behind close doors - wheeling and dealing - with the devil.

The people united will 
never, ever be defeated.

San Francisco has a population of about 820,000 and housing units that amount to a approximate figure of 380,000 units.

We have over 30,000 housing units - that are kept vacant by home owners - who do not want to rent them to anyone.

San Francisco - 49 square miles - does NOT need to be Manhattan of the West - we need our Open Space - we need what we need - to best suit our needs - we say this - with the permission of the Ohlone.

We do not respect the scum bags - and we have with great difficulty - named some of them.

The evil designs of the SF
Planning Depart -
the tower of Babel. 

The San Francisco Planning Department has let the people down. For years working to build Market Rate housing - while ignoring - housing for those making $80,000 and below.

The SF Planning Department have created three documents - brought forth every 5 years - to better address Housing issues - more for those that need urgent housing.

Those making below $40,000 a year.

Those making below $80,000 a year.

Those making below $120,000 a year.

Those making below $150,000 a year.

As things stand today - only those making over $ 400,000 a year - can afford a decent two or three bed room unit.

Our SF Planning Department has wasted thousands of hours - dealing with mundane issues.

Failing to follow the General Management Plan linked to our City and County of San Francisco.

Focusing - on Zoning and changing Zoning and other standards - using "Spot Zoning" -  dubious variances - " Condition Uses" - in short - selling out the community at large - and compromising Quality of Life issues.

The Great Master said - " blessed are the poor for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven".

Our City is named after Saint Francisco Assisi - it is NOT befitting today - with all that we see - to associate this Saint and his works - we see and witness daily - how our poor and those that need help most - are treated with disgust - treated with - disdain.

As an ardent advocate - I have faced all the devils I have mentioned them by name - and I am not afraid of them - never have and never will.

We have a singular opportunity to topple the those that have NOT represented well.

We have much to do in our own back yard. So called leaders of our community - are barking up the wrong tree - failing to lift up the poor and failing to stand up for what is right.

April 14, 2015 - some of us - "shut down City Hall" and we did it with - class. That was just the first salvo - and there will be another one - done in the same - manner.

This time City Hall will shut down from outside - and those that - think they know - know little.

They wallow - in the "cesspool" of their own making - and will drown - even as they "stink" to high - heaven - today.

Time is running out - there are no excuses left - the scum bags are many - and they have no shame what so ever.

Redeem yourselves - or forever hold your peace - that is if you care to be the " salt of the Earth" Aho. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015


The White Missionaries -
who in the name of King and Pope - committed atrocities -
to heinous to describe.

Some of the best minds who comprehend land use, planning, economics, transportation, education, health, safety, anything that matters - are are pertinent - are not White but indigenous

The Pyramids of Egypt are there for all the
world to see and behold.

The Taj Mahal - still stands tall - and confounds Whites - who are challenged to replicate such a marvel - there is a lot of intelligence that goes - into building such a marvel - and none of it is fake.

A Native American basket that 
reveals the artistic excellence
simple - yet so profound - that the ignorant - still cannot comprehend - and life goes on.

One has to discern to understand what I am saying. And once you come to that adjudication - most, everything falls in place.

We have just to pause to find out who invented the "numerals" and improved so much in trade and other things. Two thousands plus years - ago.

Just read about the silk trade, the spice trade - any trade tat the Whites screwed up - including the present day Stock and Shares - that are about to tumble - much like Humpty Dumpty.

Who were the first "doctors" - mathematicians, who built the pyramids of Egypt, when indigenous people were truly civilized.

Whites lived in caves - with animals and chickens. Find out more about - small pox and plagues - and it might baffle your - ignorance.

All of San Francisco is Ohlone land - that 200 years was pristine. Today - the "greedy" Whites - have created a concrete jungle.

So many homeless on our streets - that the tourists and those that have visited me recently - cannot understand. The filth, the stench, the true beauty that once was San Francisco - tarnished.

The Ohlone and how they were forced to live.

These Whites do not have their roots here on Turtle Island - they immigrated here from Europe.

400 years ago - they did not "bathe" - did not have "manners" - etiquette - today in their foolishness - they are ruining - what once was - pristine. Check out the facts.

It is a paradox that today those that understand economics - have come to the conclusion  - using a model - that those who live in San Francisco - have a very wide gap - as far as their income is concerned - on par with Rwanda.

Yes - Rwanda. For those of you - who do not know where Rwanda is - pick up your atlas - that is - if you have one.

Here in San Francisco - you hear Mayor Edwin M. Lee - talk from both sides of his mouth. That San Francisco is a world renown City - I ask for what?

The congestion on our streets?

The homeless - grown by leaps and bounds?

The increase in the Carbon Foot Print - as hight as 400%

As I have pointed out above - the wide gap in income - a one bed room unit - going for $3500 a month?

Infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors on fixed income - sleeping on the streets of San Francisco?

70% of those homeless - are San Franciscans - they once had a roof over their heads - either rented or were home owners.

Our SF Planning Department has lost their mind - approving plans using " spot zoning ".

Taking their cues from - those political connections - the likes of Wille L. Brown Jr - a former "thug" mayor of San Francisco.

The dynamics of the increase Market Price Housing - are baffling - a full 40% of these units - condominiums - price range $2 million to $6 million - some as high as $10 million - belong to folks - absentee owners - from around the United States - also from Mainland China, and other countries.

So really who has created this mess - that our Mayor who original hails from China - his  roots in Oregon - does not purport to comprehend?

This is Ohlone land - and your time has come.

In proportion to the " evil deeds " - committed - you will reap your rewards - soon.

You too the evil Zionists - who are found in key positions - and think we are not monitoring you.

There are good Jews who do not aspire to the philosophy of the evil - Zionists.

Scott Wiener - the smiling
jackass - that is ruining
San Francisco.

There are the Zionist - the likes of Scott Wiener, above - who say they are Jews- but are evil. 

Again this is Ohlone Land - and I have the credentials on Land Use, Planning, Transportation, Safety, Education and so on - have proved my worth - over many years.

You politicians who are destroying - what good has been created by the Great Spirit - are put on notice. Aho.


In San Francisco the homeless situation has reached saturation point.

Today, it is common to find the homeless living on the streets of San Francisco - we now are used to the homeless.

Used to the filth - the strong stench of urine - and the blatant defecation - that tarnishes the image of our City and County of San Francisco.

Senator Diane Feinstein, Congress person Nancy Pelosi, other who say they represent - are political pimps and whores - are pandering - amassing wealth - for ulterior motives.

It has been an on going saga - that has baffled us - but folks like Mayor Edwin M. Lee - thinks nothing of it.

The Zionists continue to harm our City and our Nation. The will bring down our Nation -just like they did in the year 2008 - with our Nation facing the worst spiraling of our economy. Time will tell.

All over the city of San Francisco - for the last 5 years - the homeless population grows bigger and bigger.

Yet, our City and County of San Francisco - with a $9 Billion plus budget - cannot - come out with a viable and sustainable - plan - to address homelessness.

For the last ten years -  every single year over $100 million have been wasted - on programs that defy - logic.  Think about it. 

From the year 1996 to today - from Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr, to the metrosexual Mayor Gavin Newsom - to the "clown" Mayor - Edwin M. Lee - the situation - now has reached - desperate levels.

All we here are excuses - we have not housing, we have no services - we have no money - yet those who utter these words - make in access of $250,000 with benefits. Check it out for yourselves.

At City Hall we have mostly Whites - who are paid to creates - statistics - that defy logic - make no sense - and a disgrace to the human race.

These White lack cultural competency. Many of them have no real sense of what it means to have a real woman - as a wife - children - family life - and think about concept - in a convoluted manner.

It is a business - corralling the homeless - in shelters - treating them with disdain - the poor cry for help - but, all they get - is more stress.

Today hundreds are suffering from stress - as deep stress - that leads to - " D E A T H ".

We have thousands of homeless - living on the streets, under bushes, under bridges, anywhere they can rest their head.

Among them hundreds of youth and young adults. Young girls and women - thrown to the streets - to live and let live.

Others the "living dead" - on drugs - stealing, ripping off anyone they can - we see them - but the City does not have a viable plan - they do have a plan to fill their pocket - with tax payers - money.

Filthy, failing to take a bathe - we now see such persons - boarding the MUNI bus - and forcing others to vacate the bus - holding their noses - the stench is so unbearable.

In certain parts of Mid-Market - in the Tenderloin, on Sixth Street, in front of City Hall - by the Costco on 11th and Bryant, by 16th and Potrero - in other places - all over the City -  tents are now a permanent fixture - with the homeless conducting their mundane, business.

The Single Residency Occupancy (RSOs) are filthy - infested with rats, mice, bugs, roaches, and other vermin.

Filthy is an understatement - the Mayor should go and visit the SROs in cognito. Live there for a week - and he will be a changed man.

San Francisco is NO - first class City - and cannot be under leaders - like Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who listens to those that know little - and he himself has no spine, no ethics, and " stupid" to the core.

Go to the shelters - and see things for yourself - that offer the indigent a " chair " to sleep.

If, you fall off your chair - the orderlies drag the people out - and there is always - some one to occupy the chair.

Animals in San Francisco get better care - at 16th of Potrero - at the SPCA.

Such inhumane behavior is being meted out to those that are ill, mentally ill, physically ill, sick to the core - and no one really cares.

Single mothers with babies.Senior on fixed income. Others who have fallen on bad times - the filthy rich - spending over $5000 on lunches and dinners - here in San Francisco. Fine wine and gourmet dishes - half of which are left to be discard in the trash.

Barbara Gracia - from the San Francisco General Hospital - who is the Director of Health - has a $2 billion plus budget.

No one really - has addressed the " growing homeless situation " - with their heart in the right  - place.

The presentations given at the SF Health Commission - are shallow, clueless people gather fake statistics - and promises made that will never, ever be fulfilled. 

Health services are becoming expensive - and Obama Care is a JOKE.

Yet, you have folks - speaking from both sides of their mouth - when the truth be told - Obama Care - is destroying many - when it comes to spending large sums of money - for poor   health care.

Sutter Health Care Services has destroyed our hospitals - Saint Luke's one took care of thousands - no more.

The California Pacific Medical Center - a brand new facility - will only care for the - "filthy rich".

Sutter Hospitals are being taken to Court - for charging people an arm and a leg. Has been for many years.

Sutter Hospitals - wants to settle out of court - but Sutter Hospitals - needs to learn a lesson - once an for all.

Sutter hospitals has failed to serve the clients - and has embraced "greed" and its "god".
Mayor Edwin M. Lee - simply does not get it - he and those that surround him - will fall flat on their faces.

The greatest Master of all time said:
"Blessed are the poor for theirs in the kingdom of heaven". Aho.