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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Do you see Malia Cohen next to Willie L. Brown -
it is at times like this that one must think 
about their actions - fired up to make money -
at the expense of "health " all of these corrupt 
ready to shovel - have blood on their hands.
Two among those seen above - have left this Earth 
Willie B. Kennedy and Edwin Mah Lee - RIP.

Deplete uranium was tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Hundred of radiated animals - part of the Bikini Atomic experiments were brought to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and buried - all over Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Those given the assignment to bury the large animals - were paid an entire months salary - to do the " dirty job " - I have spoken to them - and so has the United States Navy -  way back in the year 2000.

Malia Cohen has taken millions from Lennar Urban and other Developers linked to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point.

Malia Cohen  must recuse herself - from all discussion, deliberations, actions - linked to the entire area - she has BLOOD on her hands.

Today at the President of the Board of Supervisor she is breaking the law.

Before any hearing on the SF Hunters Point Naval Shipyard  - if all the parties are sworn in - for sure Malia Cohen will recuse herself - if she does not - she knows she will go to jail.
Today there is NO swearing in - and so anything goes.

This is a CRIME - Malia Cohen has BOOD on her hands.

Much before the Lawrence Livermore 
Nuclear Laboratory was established -
the National Radiological Defense Laboratory -
was established at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.
The experiments done at this building - 
adversely impacted a large area - 
in some cases - a three mile area - Go Figure.

Malia Cohen is one of the most ignorant and arrogant politician I have ever seen in my life.

Everything about her is artificial - from her face - the half-inch make up that she dubs on her face - covering, etched with dark marks on her face - to opening her dirty, filthy mouth and spewing diatribe.

Malia Cohen - circa 2004 - 
when she could not afford expensive make up -
our nick name for the dumb ass - was " lemur ".

Yesterday - October 15, 2018 - at SF City Hall - in Room 250 - Malia Cohen - held a meeting - that the public at large had no clue about. 

This is the way Malia Cohen a House Negro - behaves - she will " with intent " use ploys and machinations - to hoodwink the public at large.

Malia Cohen has BLOOD on her hands - she was told thousands of times - that the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is not fit to live - it is not even habitable for animals to live.

We have the Precautionary Principle on our books - yet not once has the Precautionary Principle being used - on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

It does not matter that Malia Cohen brings in the United States Navy that has failed to clean up the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard to " residential standards ".

Malia Cohen questions the U.S. Navy present - at the meeting held October 15, 2018 - Malia Cohen made a fool of herself - she is not educated on issues. The questions she asked were pathetic - some sent her the questions - the woman is not educated on issues.

Malia Cohen a House Negro - who is corrupt and has taken millions of dollars in bribes - questions the Department of Toxic and Substances Control - but asked them all the wrong questions. Had NO idea who really is in charge of the clean and more jurisdiction.

After Parcel A was conveyed to the SF City and County - the City and County of San Francisco - conveyed the Parcel A - to the then SF Redevelopment Agency - who transferred it to Lennar Urban.

What is it - that Malia Cohen does not comprehend - asking the Department of Toxic and Substances Control - why DTSC cannot control the situation at hand?

Stupid, fucking woman - dumber than dumb the DTSC has no jurisdiction - at District 10 Supervisor and now as President of the SF Broad of Supervisors - you bitch should understand this clearly.

The Restoration Advisory Board - did not sign on the Record of Decision linked to Parcel A. All the same - the City and County of San Francisco asked for the transfer of Parcel A - more to make money.

The AB-5 visas gave some crooks millions of dollars -money set aside to help inner city youth - this did not happen. The homes on Parcel A - where sold to mostly whites - who are now sick - that is on them.

Malia Cohen has taken money linked to Parcel A and should go to jail. The evidence is there. Now she want the Regulatory Agencies to be accountable - why?

Why not question Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Senator Diane Feinstein, Willie L. Brown Jr. and Platinum Consultants, other crooks and for sure Malia Cohen? 

All those who have their hands - on the shovels - in the photograph show above - at the beginning of this article - should be charged and sent to jail - for a long, long, long time.

What does Malia Cohen not comprehend - dumb ass woman.

Malia Cohen cares not for the homeless

Scenes like this have made National news.

Malia Cohen failed to question the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency - that failed the Bayview Hunters Point Community all documented.

Malia Cohn did not pay attention to Tetra Tech - for one simple reason - she was on the take. We know that and she knows that too - she did not want to bite the hand that fed her.

Tetra Tech changed the manifest - send toxic dirt - Class I dirty to the landfills - and now Malia Cohen pretends - she knows nothing about the sordid deals - that she participated in.

Malia Cohen questioned the SF Health Department - on October 15, 2018 at City Hall - Room 250.

Recently, its Director Barbara Garcia was fired - funneling funds and projects to her wife - worth thousands of dollars. 

In her place came Tomas Aragon a good for nothing - representative - who shot some arrows in the air. Tomas the lackey - is NO respected medical representative and has been a crooked lackey for years - he must be investigated.

Here is an article about the Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory - established at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - during World War II -  for those that care to read :

I served at the Presidio of San Francisco and was U. S. Sixth Army and Presidio of San Francisco - Congressional Liaison. 

I served the twelve states western states of the United States of America - had dealing with Senators and Congresspersons - and I am privy to a lot of information.

For those that do not have institution history - many have not followed the happenings at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard as I have for over 40 years - and more having empirical data going back to 1976 and back.

I attended the Restoration Advisory Board meetings - to the SF Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Never saw Malia Cohen or many of the House Negros selling the community at this time at these meetings.

 One of them for sure Veronica Hunnicut and all those on the present Citizens Advisory Committee to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - rubber stamping and hoodwinking the public at large -  all of whom have BLOOD on their hands.

This bomb was assembled at Hunters Point 
Naval Shipyard - loaded on a War Ship - and dropped on Japan - during World War II.

This picture gives you an idea -
of the terrain - the large crane you see by the Bay -
was the largest in on the West Coast for a long time -
used to build submarine and large ships -
Parcel E today has a raging fire - and Methane Gas wells -
spewing Methane Gas daily - 
one ton of Methane Gas equals 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide.

Malia Cohen - she is as fake comes.

This is the fake political whore -
Malia Cohen - her whole life she has been
lying, hoodwinking, saying one thing and doing another.
Those who voted for her - should know about her doings.
With intent thousands of innocent people have slowly 
died - because she chose " greed " - over health and life.
Her legacy a political whore who sold herself 
to the highest bidder - a House Negro par excellence.

Sunday, October 14, 2018


The Ohlone  -
artifacts and remains carbon dated to
 15,000 years.

Human ancestors made their appearance some 7 million years ago - on Mother Earth. 

Then came Homo Sapiens - some 130,000 years ago. Since then fire was invented, bows and arrows, the spear, the wheel and the rest is history.

We have painting in deep caves and I have seen some of the finest. We have monument that are awe inspiring. Sometimes - point to influence - from some other planet - and all this more - make life very interesting.

As a student of anthropology, sociology, philosophy, history, geography, theology, cosmology, psychology, politics, and a number of other sciences - besides being very interested in music, sports, hunting, and traveling the world. I can say I have had a good life.

It helps I have good friends all over the world - and have been close to the indigenous people - and have helped indigenous people all over the world - more, when it matters.

Closer to home here in the Bay Area - the Paleo Indians made their appearance - some 15,000 years ago. 

Latter, the Ohlone chose to live in this area - the Bay Area - one large clan choosing their winter village at Tubsinthe near Candlestick Point.

This same clan lived in  the summer - at their  village named Amuctac today better known as Visitation Valley. 

Another, second clan of Ohlone moved between their summer village called Chutchui located along the Mission Creek in the Mission - long since buried - you can hear the stream - if you are allowed to go to the basement of Mission High School - more when it rains a lot.

 A third clan settled at Crissy Field - the Yelamu/Ramai Village. Remains were found in the 1990s - very near the then  Commissary - and the Anthropologists - from San Francisco State University - have recorded this find - for those that are interested.

At Crissy Field - once a airfield where light planes landed - at one end of the Crissy Field - in the near 2000 - remains were found - and I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco - and predicted about the remains - from my own research.

The facts of the remains - were kept hidden and secret from many.

A few months latter - a fire destroyed some small garages - and in one of the garages - the National Park Service - and their then Archeologist Leo Barker - had wrapped some human remains and kept the remains - for some unknown reason - hidden in one of the five garages that were burned down. 

Protocol mandates a process to follow - but this did not happen - and the situation was perilous for those of us that - spoke truth to power. Lucky for us the then Fire Chief - was our good friend - and we just wanted the truth to be told.

The fire burned the garages -  among the findings the bones were found. This sacrilege and more were revealed again and again and again at the Presidio of San Francisco.

Our Chairperson Rosemary Cambra and her Tribal Administrator - Norma Sanchez - have know me since 1989.

My work has not been easy - what helps me are my connections - so all I have to do - is inform - the Point of Contacts.

 Sometimes I can contact them - and at other times I cannot.
However, I will always address the protocol needs - and see that the empirical data is complete for future reference and sound adjudication.

It is not uncommon for other members of some Tribe to say that they are Federally recognized - and usurp the rights of the Muwekma Ohlone.

This folks act as Monitors and make a lot of money - they do not care about protocol and more about decency - the unwritten protocol - always respect the host Tribe in this case the Muwekma Ohlone - who were Federally Recognized until 1927. Illegally removed by a Bureau of Indian Affair Agent - L. A. Dorrington.

One can visit the Muwekma website - and read the long documents - and the deliberation - at the many Courts - and the opposition brought about by the Department of Interior.

When " monitors " enter the fray - to make money - aid and abetting some agency - that wants to proceed with some project - the actions of these " monitors " is painful - but the reality of the fact - has to be borne - painful as it is.

In some cases hundreds of remains have been found - recently at Yerba Buena Island - once know as Goat Island.

 The first American William Richardson settled on Goat Island in 1835. 

He was joined by other Americans - who came to Alta California - they welcomed the arrival of James B. Montogomery - a U.S. Navy captain - who landed in San Francisco - and came ashore on July 9, 1846.

These men then raised a United State flag at Yerba Buena Plaza  now better known as Portsmouth Square in China Town - San Francisco.

One must remember that in those days - food was in abundance - fish such as herring, Abolone   - bird, deer, bear 
tons of berries - pristine rivers and streams that all flowed from the many hills down the valley - into the Bay.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors - have not taken the issue of the First People of San Francisco seriously.

The issue that matters most - is Federal Recognition.

It is all about the land - the entity that controls the land - controls everything. Today the thieves control everything. Most educated people know this - but they will not hand over what they have stolen. They will use umpteen excuses - and they do when I speak to them - and something when cornered - they will say - there is nothing they can do.

This land - all of it is Muwekma Ohlone land. Federal Recognition comes first - and with it - respect for our ancestors.

The Ohlone at the Presidio of San Francisco -
the Franciscan Friars, the Spanish soldiers -
mural as depicted at the Presidio Chapel.

The Spanish arrived at the Presido of San Francisco - in 1769 - the soldiers and the Franciscans friars. Between 1777 and 1779 four Yelamu were covered to Christianity.

The atrocities committed by the Spanish soldiers and the Franciscan Friars - is nauseating - horrify crimes - killing children, raping women, murdering the Yelamu and other clans all Ohlone.

These commendations, proclamations, removing some statues such Pioneer statue - may placate some.

However - the deeper questions more linked to the atrocities are never answered by those who talk the talk - and cannot walk the walk.

Federal recognition is key for all Tribes that lived here on Turtle Island for thousands of years - now subjected to the the Department of Interior's rules and regulation - that are a moving target.

We must always remember to honor the ancestors - those that could not defend themselves - the infants, the children, those that were innocent on their own land.

These crimes must be dealt with - and retribution is in order.

18 treaties were signed by the United States government - and the First People of California - none ratified. In the 1990 some agreement was agreed to - illegally - not following the treaty - and some paid a measly small amount.

Such are the deed of the paleface - those that speak with a forked tongue.

The ancestors that matter - will not take money, commendation, proclamations, grants, land grants, and other mundane material things - to sell their dignity and souls.

Most of the ancestors were fined tuned to the Great Spirit - and those of you that want to know more - can contact me.

The ancestors are close to me - and I have been inspired to know more - over the last 40 plus years. Do not think for a second the ancestors - are not monitoring what is happening all over Ohlone land.

Of course I am not going to waste my time with the foolish - and those that do not follow the wishes of the ancestors. I know I will witness the truth - and have so far - I have the patience - even as time is running out.

One of many maps pin-pointing -
the many Ohlone clans - none of them as tribe -
have received Federal recognition - with the
exception of the Muwekma Ohlone who were recognized
until 1927 and then illegally removed by a 
Bureau of Indian Management agent - L.A. Dorrington.

The Mayors of San Francisco - have chosen to placate the Muwekma Ohlone - teasing and doling out commendations and Proclamations - from  time to time. 

Including the San Francisco Human Right Commission that had a hearing - and misconstrued the issue at hand.

At that memorable hearing - I spoke first - to those that held the hearing at the August Chambers - Room 250 at SF City Hall.

Those present  were shocked about the information I shared about the Sacred Shell Mound, the ancestors, other pertinent and salient facts - that they heard for the first time in detail - and that and more within 3 minutes - allocated to each speaker during - public comment.

There is NO one single document - showing that the land - all the land that is San Francisco - was sold to an entity. 

The Spanish and Mexican government - always respected the Ohlone - and for years Alcaldes of Mission San Francisco de Assisi were appointed - many of them - all documented. 

Kind of Tribal leaders to act as liaisons. 

They were the San Francisco Mayors and then the Alcaldes.

Our contemporary Mayors have NO clue what I am talking about - and as much as one would like to educate them - they do not want to go there - because if they go there - they would realize the  magnitude of the crimes committed. 

They would have to accept the BLOOD they have on their hands. That is why anyone that cooperates with the political whores and pimps - have blood on their hands. 

Do not think for a second - that anyone is exempt.

If you play with fire - you will be incinerated. Aho.

The land was stolen - each and every square inch. The women raped, the children killed, the men murdered - and these crime went on - until 1927.

One could scalp a Native American and fetch $5 - all these transactions noted and documented by the authorities. 

The State of California - the Governors duly signed edicts to carry out these atrocities without any punishment. In fact one was rewarded for the many crimes committed.

The Ohlone and for that matter others that were not white - could be killed - no questions asked - not by the Mexican and Spanish authorities - but more under the United States government.

Corrupt entities placed a stake - here, there, everywhere and paid some corrupt surveyors - to fabricated maps - which were then taken to Sacramento and thousands and in some cases millions of acres - registered.

Seeing is believing - and this research can be done - by anyone who has the balls - our present day politicians - have no morals, less ethics and for sure NO standards.

Worse their heart is not in the right place - so they cannot take anyone to a better place.

They  are inept, weak in the knees,  not educated on issues, ignorant and arrogant - they have no morals, ethics, less standards.

The politicians of San Francisco by large measure - are an Anathema - a disgrace to the human race - London Breed, Malia Cohen and for sure Vallie Brown.

In 1991 the Muwekma Ohlone exercised their Right of First Refusal - on land that they chose to pin point - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Yerba Buena, Alameda, Oakland Army Base - they did not mention Treasure Island ( it is man made ).

These documents were given to the Bay Area cities - Alameda, San Francisco, other cities that matter - the properties that were claimed - under the Right of First Refusal.

The Right of First Refusal was linked to the many Base Closure Act.

The  Department of Defense duly noted the Right of First Refusal - and we chose to create the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB)

The RABs - that allowed citizens to monitor the United States Army, the Navy, Coastal Guard, the Marines, and the Air Force. 

The RABs monitored the clean up - and in the case of the Parcel A - on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard the RAB - did not agree with the Record of Decision (ROD).

Some of us including myself - were fully cognizant of the high levels of radioactive elements and the high reading registered - it was a no-brainer.

Not -  the Mayors of San Francisco - Willie L. Brown Jr. ( a rogue Black mayor). Gavin Newsom - Edwin Mah Lee and now Land Breed - one worse than the other. All this and more from 1996 to today - 2018.

No one should be living on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and the surround area. Follow the Precautionary Principle - follow the law - those that did not listen to me - will fall on their face - I predicted that many years ago - and all that and more is being revealed today.

Today there are few that understand the sordid history  linked to San Francisco - for sure the two political whores - the San Francisco  Mayor London Breed and the SF President of the Board of Supervisors - Malia Cohen.

It does not help that the District 5 Supervisor - Vallie Brown a white person who hails from Utah - too - has joined the fray - without following protocol - protocol that matters - and the authorities have in writing.

The ancestors matter - they come first - if you go against the wishes of the ancestors - you will suffer.

More - you will fall flat on your face.

Time is running out - and you know it.

None of you will have peace of mind and more none of you will enjoy good health. 

Do not disrespect the ancestors - and think for a nano second - you are smart - it simply does not work like that.

Do not wallow in your pride - the titles that you adjoin to your resume - much of the information as fake as can be - no one can fool - all the people all of the time.

May I take this opportunity - to request - all to respect the Elders.

More - the leaders of the Tribes that have sacrificed so much - with little have done more.

We  must permit our Elders to enjoy some peace of mind. Take care of their needs - more in their golden years.

Humans make mistakes - and if mistakes are made - we must forgive according to our traditions - the Elders come first - and the ancestors must always be honor - the wisdom they have left us followed. There is no better way.

I am watching the situation at hand - even as my journey to North Dakota - brought me in touch with the realities - facing the many Tribes on the Reservations.

Brought to the fore - the many trials and tribulations - the many hours spent in the Courts of the United States.

Hurdles put in the way of the innocent and those that want to do right. Many tribes that have sovereignty - the own land - with treaties signed but NOT kept by the Untied States of America.

The  truth always - prevails.

In our modern cities in the Untied States the situation is worse - and made worse by some that think " money " and " commendation and proclamations " mean a lot - when such things and means - have NO spiritual value.

The ancestors have laid a path - that path cannot be followed if one is NOT spiritually sound and more strong - to wither the storms, trials, and tribulations of our times.

We have reached that time - when sister will fight sister, brother will fight brother, daughter will fight Mother, son will fight Father - we are better than that.

The ancestors had it right - and passed the wisdom from generation to generation for over 10,000 years for sure - if not more.

Do not allow - the Living Dead - those that are spiritually bankrupt - to destroy what has been preserved for thousands of years. 

We see it all over the world - more when indigenous people are targeted - by those that are " greedy " - money is not everything - peace of mind and good health is better.


Map of San Francisco - 
there are many maps available in our archives -
that give detail accounts of the terrain -
the rivers, the steam - and the actual BAY -
as it was way back in the 1850s -
much of the actual Bay - infilled with poor infill.

The entire Bay Area - the many Shell Mounds - Sacred sites - much like acupuncture points - created a paradise -  where peace and harmony reigned for thousands of years.

Those who were greedy, evil, and consummated with materialism destroyed all that was good - destroyed the Shell Mounds and desecrated the Sacred Remains of the Muwekma Ohlone.

The skyline in San Franisco has changed for the worse.

No one - should invite the millions to come and pollute and contaminate - adversely impact the land - and more adversely impact - Quality of Life issues. 

This land was not meant for the corrupt and the evil - and that is what has come of this area.

Very - corrupt folks - have inundated the land - only those who make is access of $150,000 can live here - the rest have to leave - and this policy has been in place for years.

Where  will they go - more families and children. Some go to Oakland, then to Richmond, some as far as Modesto - and then there is no other place to go.  The live in tents, they try to survive until slowly they die.

Do not trust the politicians -  if you favor the evil and corrupt - you will taste fire at very close quarters - and that will not be pretty. Aho.