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Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Greedy human beings - have deprived the 
Salmon of sufficient water in the rivers -
where for thousands of years - the indigenous 
people and the Salmon - coincided as partners -
at that time there was NO greed - but now there is .

One has just to study the many ceremonies linked to the arrival of the Salmon - where fires were lit - and ceremonies preformed - where the Elders reminded all - about the rivers, life, and the role of Salmon - providing nourishment - for seasons on end.

The spawning of the Salmon where millions of eggs are released - and the Salmon - give up their life in favor of regeneration and life.

The healthy California rivers flowed -  on the banks of the rivers - rich nutrients made it possible for the Tule and other grass and plants to grow into healthy plants.

The birds came in the millions - migratory birds from as far as Russia - and in all this open traffic in the air and on land and on the lakes, rivers, and waters - the indigenous people clearly saw their role as keepers of the rivers, the land, the forest and all that was their - natural resources.

The land and most everything they saw was theirs - there were no walls, no staking territory, and for sure no GREED - there is no word for GREED - in the languages of the indigenous people.

There was hardly a year - when the indigenous people saw drought - and there was hardly a time anyone remembered of poison algae - killing life in the rivers - millions of fish - that we have witnessed - in recent times.

Then came the strangers - who always thinks they knows it all - took on the aged old customs of the indigenous people - and did what they thought was best.

And in all of these doings - there was NO spirituality, no ceremony, and what is important to note - no respect.

When one dams the river - for reasons known best to the strangers - one harms the rivers - water is life.

The meandering river with all its grace and beauty, the changed contours - the many changes that adversely impact the Salmon - from hurdles and man made dams.

The many  species of life - frogs, birds, fish, snakes that inherently have their own GPS - that is interfered by the two legged homo sapiens - and some care but most are filled with GREED - they want it all.

The philosophy - take little and leave more for future generations - that not ring well those that are GREEDY - they seem to know it all - and are slow to admit their mistakes - filled with pride and will bring about their demise.

There is NO way to learn more about the Salmon and the river - than speaking to an Elder - who starts with prayers - invokes on the Great Spirit and then explains the relationship between the human beings and all life.

The many bears all these many years - had it good - no more - so do you think those that dam the rivers would care. I watch them speak - about the level of water - this and that - but never about the bear and other life - that generated life and contributed to the eco-system for millions of years.

When a river is damed for ulterior purposes - not natural - the adverse impacts are many. One the river is impacted - the impacts are many - and most of the health issues - that have been undermined - cannot be restored.

Those who think they can pollute a pristine rivers - a lake - and then use their expertise to restore to river or lake to its once pristine state - know for a fact - the restoration will never, ever be the same - more, that enjoyed by the river or lake - when it was - in its pristine state.

The experts talk in general terms - and in all of the talking and so called improvements - mostly for ulterior purposes initiated by greed - the indigenous people have been kept out with intent. 

More and more the Forest Department, other agencies linked to Natural Resources - are accepting the wisdom of  the indigenous people - such as clearing undergrowth in our large forest, the removal of unhealthy trees, preventing trees from Beatles and other insects - adversely impacting native habitats - and so on and so forth.

525 Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco -
where the wheeling and dealing goes on -
entities hoodwinking the tax payer -
wasting tax payers money on mundane issues.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission was created by Willie L. Brown Jr. in 1996 - a " thug " Mayor that has played a key role - in bring about subtle changes for the worse.

Today's SF Public Utilities Commission has chosen to defy the State of California -  taking positions - that are immature - choosing to permit - Senator Diane Feinstein and others - to challenge the State of California.

A similar mistake was made by the City of Los Angeles - to this day their repent for not being careful - and failing to appreciate the waters send to them by those that control the River Colorado.

The SF PUC has failed to adhere to the Raker Act of 1913 - in the many decisions makes linked to our rivers, our waters, the control of our many dams - the Hetch Hetchy and more.

The release of waters - the many other smelt tests - that have failed - and adversely impacted the indigenous people - more.

There are tribes that are Federal Recognized - that have signed treaties and Memoranda of Understanding - yet have not been consulted - less respected - on the Klamath River for example - the fight has been going on for decades - those greed to the core - adversely impacting thousands of families -who depend on fishing and the Salmon.

The State of California has a role to play in the preservation of our water resources.

If we read our history -  close to home the Raker Act of 1913 - you will see - linked to the Raker Act and the mandates set in concrete -  the SF Public Utilities Commission has failed miserably and veered of course.

With intent making clean water drinking deals with large Corporations to rake in millions of dollars.

Adding - foul ground water - while compromising the Hetch Hetchy water - that has already been compromised before it reaches Crystal Springs. 

That continues to this day where uninformed SF Public Utilities Commission managers and others pander to the Federal entities - bowing down to their whims and fancy.

Juliet Ellis -
she has adverse impacted thousands -
charged by the Fair Political Practices Commission -
made to pay back $200,000 that she illegally 
sent to Green For All a non-profit she worked 
for in the East Bay.

Leading that charge is one Juliet Ellis - the Assistant General Manager of External Affair and supposedly in charge of Policy Making - incompetent, not educated on issues, and what is more ignorant and arrogant.

Recently - she presented a policy document - at the SF Public Utilities Commission - so many generalities in the paper - and a lot of patting one's behind.

The policy paper was read  by one of her minions - who had no real clue what she was reading.

Juliet Ellis comes from the Non-Profit world - she is not from California - she is not to be trusted - but, what is worse she is a detriment to any progress.

Some of us advocates for the last 20 years plus - have been engaged with the SF Public Utilities Commission.

The more seasoned advocates are few - but in all these years - we have witnessed the many SF PUC Managers - taking positions without consulting the public at large. Most of these Manager earn over $250,000 plus benefits. The deliver little and what little they deliver - is inferior.

The SF Board of Supervisors - pander to the SF PUC - who use money and grants to pacify the SF Board of Supervisors.

The SF BOS will mostly will cut deals - behind close doors - this nonsense has been going on for years. Tax payers money used to buy favors.

The SFPUC has failed with its Water System Improvement Program - we need a detail hearing on this project and the more than $4.6 Billion spent - on this project.

Our SF tax payers money - over $2.6 billion paid by San Franciscans - and the rest from our Regional Partners.

The SF Public Utilities Commission has failed miserably with the on going Sewer System Improvement Project that started out with a budge of $6 Billion and now has reached $10 Billion.

With added construction costs - steel, construction material in general -  up 25% and more - soon - there will be another Ballot Measure - asking for more money - the tax payers footing the bill - while these lackeys - have a field day - laughing all the way to the bank - most of them living outside San Francisco.

We have had no detail hearing allowing San Franciscans -  the public at large - to have a meaningful discussion - more San Francisco - made aware of time-line and goals - what is really happening with the Sewer System - our Bay adversely impacted.

The Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant that takes in over 80 percent of the SF City and County sewage, and added sewage by nearby counties like Brisbane and Burlingame - and no one really knows of all the entities that are involved in greater or less measure.

In the year 2018 - we have no real time gadgets that are easily available - to register - the leaks in our clean water drinking pipes - and our sewer pipes - mostly placed in close proximity - each of the thousands of miles of pipes - leeching into the ground.

I mentioned this at the last SF Public Utilities Commission meeting and saw the General Manager take notes - but one can take notes - we need to know what is really happening - how many millions of clean drinking water leeching into the ground. 

Add to that sewer water that can adversely impact the watershed.

Millions of gallons of water have been pumped out - adversely impacting our watershed - and adversely impacting buildings in and around the SalesForce building - the process is known as " de-watering ".

A permit is required to install a meter that takes count of the de-watering process - and keep real time track of the million of gallons pumped out. 

When asked for this report - the initial statement made - stated that the meter installed was not functioning.

Such ploys and machinations - are detrimental - to sound transparency and accountability.

The indigenous people have lived in San Francisco for over 15,000 years - and protected the Watershed that plays an important part.

The Micro-Climates we have here in the Bay Area - are treasured - and the United Nations - has declared parts as sensitive areas - where research is conducted - and reports not released to the public at large - by the SF City and County nor the City's Department of the Environment.

The Ohlone had their Shell Mounds - Sacred Burial Sites - more like acupuncture needles - that brought about healing to the Earth. 

Again and again the Sacred Sites have been desecrated - while some rejoice in getting Proclamations and other mundane favors handed to them - with NO mention about the desecration and less about the Federal Recognition -  linked to the land. 

Our Elders are about the Sacred Land - Mother Earth - and not about papers that wither and the ink printed on the paper - not worth the salt.

We must not have much to do with folks - who pander - and those that do not have their heart in right place. At most of these ceremonies our Elders must be present - those Elders that have wisdom - not fake ones that have no relation with the Great Spirit and more Mother Earth.

Here in San Francisco - the land was stolen - there is NO one single document - proving the Ohlone - signed off on any legal document - handing over the land to any entity.

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo signed February 2, 1848 - the indigenous people were treated fairly and women had more rights - and could own land. 

Not so with the many treaties signed by the United States Government - with the indigenous people of California.

Up until 1927 one could murder an indigenous person - and fetch a measly $5  as a reward. Thousands of children were sent to Boarding School - to be brainwashed - they could not speak their native language. 

This history is not taught and many are not educated on issues - they talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

Indigenous women were tied by their thumbs, and lead to their death - many of them had small infants and children - such atrocities happened and were recorded.

Today we see a resurrection of such attitudes - disdain show for the indigenous people from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru and so on.

 We have someone in the White House who now want to create an Executive Order to deprive non-citizens - but naturalized - allowing children born to them - of their United States citizenship by birth.

The Constitutional experts quote the 14th Amendment - but the egoistical maniac - will not paid heed to anyone. Such are the happenings of our times - and a President who is a LOCO.

The atrocities committed by those that raped, killed, murdered, stole the land - destroyed the homes of those of were indigenous - in their own land. We  must remember that.

Their relatives the countries I have mentioned above are their relatives - there were NO boundaries and No walls - but now that changed - and the relatives once held in very high esteem.

The Great Spirit being the unified force - Mother Earth respect - her children - honor the Elders - who kept the customs intact, carried on the required ceremonies - and created civilizations like the Maya - when Whites were totally uncivilized.

Anthropologists, Archeologists, Sociologist, Historians others that chronologically have documented for those that are educated to verify and discern. Talk and teach others - to be better informed. 

Stop listening to the  Main Media and the Sound Bites - more gossip and learn to do your own research and accumulate empirical data. Learn to be educated on issues - stand tall and represent. More at time such as we are enduring - with some one in the White House that has lost his mind. 

In years past - thousands of years ago - the migration by tribes was a ritual - and there were civilizations - that could travel far off place - and large distances. 

There are markings that can be seen from Space - that astonish many - and there is more -  large monuments build in place - large carved stones weighing thousands of pounds - we are just beginning to realize - that these civilizations - had mastered the season, the cycles of moon, the sun, the sky and all that it has to offer.

Sundials and other mathematical models and figures that have confounded the experts - some of them I have met and had lengthy discussions.

The Babylonian Civilization, the Mohenjo Daro  Civilization,
the Mayan Civilization, the Egyptian Civilization - these civilizations preceded us - and our Civilization will come to an end. Mother Earth will heal minus Homo Sapiens - and outlive the nonsense of the day.

Read some about the Mohenjo Daro Civilization: 

Indigenous people lived for thousands of years - thousand lost their lives - just because they were indigenous - colonization -   invasion - and in the case of Turtle Island - coming here for refuge - religions persecution - the British for recourses - divide and rule - we know who is right and wrong - what is more we all have a conscience.

The details of the death on the indigenous - and the manner how they died is unbearable and nauseating - more when it comes to infants, children, women, the Elders, and those with compromised health - details noted in many documents - and archeological findings.

The deeper one delves into these documents - the more one comprehends the heinous crimes.

Light is shed on the Strangers - despicable who had no qualms of conscience - we have some of them - today - they call them Nationalists and baptized themselves with other titles - one worse than the other.

The atrocities  and more cannot be nullified or placated by vague so called niceties - Proclamations, Commendations, Medals, and letters of recommendations, treaties signed but not kept - they all fade when the thousands of lives are recounted and the manner in which innocent people were terminated without any fair play and justice.

Water is Life - and some of us went to North Dakota to support the Lakota Nations - who were united by Chief Sitting Bull - a Sovereign Nation.

The Lakota Nation - the Treaty of Laramie - the United States has failed before and continues to defy the indigenous people. 

This nonsense must STOP - it will be STOPPED by the Great Spirit - it is just a matter of time.

Of paramount importance - we must listen and respect our Elders - never mind that we live in the digital world and think we know better - in matters of common sense - which is a rare sense - the Elders prevail. Aho.

Sunday, October 28, 2018


Who is the President of RDJ Enterprise LLC -
and now come some one that is busy doling -
community benefits - has NO accountability -
and less transparency.

San Francisco has been inundated with less than stellar, less than empathetic political candidates - running for office - their main aim - to fill their campaign - coffers.

EMERGE that was started in California - with deep roots in San Francisco - has groomed candidates like Malia Cohen, London Breed and others.

Malia Cohen - in her early days -
today she has over amassed a lot of wealth.

One cannot generalize - but the two I have named above -one worse than the others - focus on filling their campaign coffers - more with " dark money ".

Politicians must be educated on issues, have a moral compass, they should not be wheeling and dealing.

For sure - they should not be favoring a certain segment of the population - more those that do not favor families - father, mother, children - favor those Big Developers - Tech Companies - such companies want to make money - foster Greed - scum bags -  of the worst order.

Malia Cohen - today -
she has amassed a lot of wealth -
she has disdain for the poor - and for those that need help most - she voted against an increase - of those 
that help the Elderly, have health issues - In Home 
Care Workers - Go Figure !

In San Francisco our neighborhoods are what makes San Francisco - great.

Both Malia Cohen and London Breed have not contributed to the District 10 and District 5 - in a meaningful way. 

What both have encouraged is working with sell outs -pandering to a few - and both have a hidden agenda.

Wheeling and Dealing - 
Big Developers aiding and abetting House Negros.

Such House Negros - as I have mentioned above - do more damage than anyone can imagine. 

These House Negros - must remember some of us - have followed them from day one.

 At one time both London Breed and Malia Cohen were pathetic - both worked at SF City Hall as Administrative Assistants .

Both worked with the " thug " Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. - and both joined EMERGE to represent women and the general population - and by default have failed to represent the general population.

By large measure San Francisco had given many opportunities to those segments of the population that do not get such opportunity all over the Nation. Today, these segments of the population - think - that because they are in power - they can do as they please.

I have been observing these representatives cheating, stealing, hoodwinking, favor some over other who are more qualified - doing things under the table - to prove to the general population - that these political whores and pimps - can do as they please.

We know that land prone to liquefaction, flooding, sea-level rise, more contaminated - land that is listed as a Superfund Site - should NOT be used for housing.

Well, these political whores and pimps - will vote to build housing - on land prone to flooding and liquefaction - more contaminated land - without blinking an eye.

Never mind if the advocates are speaking TRUTH to POWER.

What makes the situation in San Francisco worse - is when SF City Departments heads - carte blanche - will agree and do what they are told to do.

Not once has this City and County of San Francisco - exercised - the Precautionary Principle. 

Here is the Precautionary Principle - to enlighten those on issues that must be comprehended and benefit the population at large :

Not once has the community in general - been told that large swatch of lands - South of Market Area, Central South of Market Area, Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Candlestick Point - are prone to liquefaction and severe flooding. 

SF City Department - have chosen to pass legislation - that circumvents - liquefaction, flooding, other factors - linked to liquefaction and flooding - within the South of Market Area - and surrounding area.

In general issues linked with liquefaction and flooding are just being addressed - with some half-baked document put together by some consultant - paid by the City Administrator - linked to tall tall buildings or skyscrapers.

These tall buildings - falling prey to the Big One - the large earthquake - that will announce itself - in less than 10 years - will come, suddenly - and those that are playing with Fire -  will have BLOOD on their hands.

It is a shame - that some of these SF Boards of Supervisors - for sure Malia Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang - I could name others -  who have taken money from the Big Developers - and should have recused themselves - but they do not.

I am sure if the SF Broad of Supervisors - were legally sworn in - before the SF Board of Supervisors meeting - held in at City Hall - in the August Chambers - Room 250 - half of the SF Board of Supervisors - would have to RECUSE  - themselves.

There would be NO quorum - and thus no action could be taken. Corrupt SF Broad of Supervisors - have failed us all - and should be ashamed of themselves.

Each time I have made the statement - about those SF Board of Supervisors - who have taken bribes in large amounts.

More who are deliberating an action - that comes under the purview " of conflict of interest " - I have challenged the SF Board of Supervisors - to " RECUSE " - themselves.

The SF BOS -  shudder - you witness the fright on their face - they put their heads down - but the power of money - is too much for them - they go with the flow. 

None of these SF BOS - do not have the gumption, the guts, the fortitude - to do the right thing - they fail to represent those that most need, help.

The SF BOS  vote in favor - when they should be voting against - the action being voted on -  in doing so - they are complicit - with " intent " they do wrong - and thus they have BLOOD on their hands.

This mid-term elections - has brought out from the wood work - candidates - who purport that they will attempt to solve the affordable housing situation, the congestion on our roads, the chronic homeless situation.

A gamut of other issues - none of which SF leaders now in position - nor those that will be chosen and put in place - have a BLUE PRINT.

We who study the issues - have never, ever seen them at focused meetings - where  some of us - could witness their worth - and judge their ability to represent - being educated on issues.

Some of them have been seated on Commissions -  such as the SF Planning Commission and removed. She now want to run for District 6 Supervisors - when she has failed - favor to make money - " conflict of interests " - on the SF Planning Department.

The one who worked for SPUR - was active raising money, working with Big Developers - and was removed from office - conflict of interest issues.

Another has been warned about " dark money " - again and again most of the candidates - are not respected by San Franciscans - who are well educated.

These crooked representatives - take to the media waves - Television Advertisements - to hoodwink the constituents, the decent hard working, tax payers - it will NOT work this time around.

It is a shame the SF Democratic Central Committee - has backed some of these crooked candidates - much as it has back crooked candidates in the past.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Senator Diane Feinstein, the many candidates that do not favor decent families, but favor life styles - and continue to defy the general population at large who work hard, pay their taxes, and fail to be represented. Enough is enough. 

People are talking, and soon these outsides - who have come here to San Francisco to create divisiveness - play with " dark money "  will fall - flat on their face.

Millions of dollars - set aside as " Community Benefits " have been spent in a convoluted manner - thousands given to candidates - for political purposes - some so brave they announce their actions - in the newspapers.

Open defiance - never mind " conflict of interest " issues - hovers over their heads.

Most of these corrupt folks Black - I have  mentioned their names before - some of them have been sent to jail - in recent months. There is more to come.

Friday, October 26, 2018


London Breed -
all talk and less walk -
San Francisco ranked one of the dirtiest cities -
in the world - where is the leadership?

Mayor London Breed is confused - she is NOT educated on issues - she cannot discern - she is NOT a leader - she is a panderer. 

She still talks a lot - a Mayor does not talk much - ribbon cuttings, and gathering like minded " idiots " and patting each other's behind - does not get work done.

SF City Department heads - we pay you to work - not to attend these silly gathering - and waste your time. If you make in access of $200,000 with benefits - you better work - we the tax payer pay your fucking salaries.

More and more children sleeping 
on the streets of San Francisco.

Today - in San Francisco as has been reported Nationwide and Worldwide San Francisco - among all the cities in the United States - that have chronic homelessness issues - that severely impact Quality of Life Issues.

Areas in San Francisco have been ranked worst than the dirtiest slums - worldwide. Such reports cast a shadow on our great City - and our current City leaders - are shameless - they are focused on making money - at the expense of the tax payer - and this is WRONG.

Check this video - to get a glimpse of the situation at hand - and there is more :

Mayor London Breed does not have qualified experience managing large projects - for sure she has NO idea what is take to run a City as large as San Francisco.

The little shit she brings from the Non-Profit arena - consisted pandering to those greed developers - begging for money - and that is what she does well - working the circuit of Greedy Developers - fill her campaign coffers.

Right now she has in access of $10 million - in her sordid coffers - and is gearing to make a run for the Mayor of San Francisco - for a longer time.

Frivolous and nonchalant - it  shows in many ways - the many shopping trips she takes in the City and outside.  Spending thousands on tax payer money - she makers more than $360,000 - and this salary in itself  - is a mockery - idiots running our once  great City and Count of San Francisco.

She loves having " fire-side chats " - with folks like the head of SalesForce - such chats - spewing diatribe - giving our Elders No hope.

More - our infants, children, youth, those with compromised health - the mentally and physically challenged  -  who are suffering - have been offered NO concrete help - No solace - what so ever.

Our representatives - be it the SF Board of Supervisors - the many heads of SF Departments - have NO empathy - less compassion.

You witness it at the SF Board of Supervisors, meetings  - you see it as the SF Board of Supervisors - talk in circles - spewing diatribe - when it come to Public Comment - we get a measly - two minutes.

In San Francisco - our streets are filthy - stinking with excreta - needles - and filth that could easily start a pandemic.

Since being sworn in by another corrupt Mayor and useless fool Gavin Newsom - we remember Gavin from implementing - Care not Cash.

Indigents were given about $58 and a roof over one's head. Now can anyone make sense of such - nonsense? How can one live on $58?

Today Gavin Newsom - who is running for Governor - has admitted he made a great mistake - pushing for " Care not Cash ". However this does not help - the damage has already been done.

What is important to note - is the mentality - politicians like Gavin Newsom, London Breed, Malia Cohen - exercise - they have NO empathy.

Malia Cohen -
a well know professional political whore

Malia Cohen - will put down Donald Trump - but in many respects when it comes to accumulating  " dark money ", lying and cheating ( all proven ) -  Malia Cohen, London Breed, Gavin Newsom, Congressperson Nancy Pelosi, the aged Senator, Diane Feinstein - they all belong to the same cast.

Diane Feinstien
she has a ton of " dark money " 
she and her husband Richard Blum

San Franciscans in large measure must stay away from the Democrats - and look deeper into joining the  "Independents " taking charge of the situation.

The Democrats we have in San Francisco are Smithsonian. 
The Democrats have been milking the system - notice the junkets taken by other Democrats - from States outside California coming here to San Francisco and other California cities - begging for money - most of it " dark money ".

Imagine idiots like London Breed, Malia Cohen, others one worse than they other - representing - sound knowledge, character, etiquette on the world scene. 

As days turn to weeks - weeks to months - months to years - our once great City and County of San Francisco is hurting - today " Dark Money " is every where - in the billions.