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Monday, July 4, 2011

The San Francisco Arts Commission its ploys and machinations.


The San Francisco Arts Commission in San Francisco has not been transparent - especially, in the last ten years.

When San Franciscans voted that two percent be set aside from any large City projects - so that we could sponsor some artists and celebrate with San Franciscans and give them some of the best Art Works to view and appreciate - no one anticipated - corruption.

No one anticipated; the high jacking of the Bayview Opera house and its operations by folks that no one knows about - but, pretend they are working for the better interests of the neighborhood.

No one, anticipated that local constituents for the neighborhood would be ignored - and the Arts Commissions would do as its pleases.

For the last 30 years - the Bayview District the Portola District has been ignored - by the SF Art Commission and before that the City and County of San Francisco.

Now suddenly; that the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has a large project some 3 billion dollars - the SF Art Commission is all excited.

The SF Art Commission already got a lot of money from the first round with the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) two percent of the over $4.4 billion.

None of the deliberation; in detail - were given and no meaningful dialog linked to the public at large. No printed materials, no explanation, that the public at large could review - it is disgusting how these ploys and machinations are executed.

Recently, in fact a couple of days before the SFPUC met at 18000 Oakdale, at its meeting - some of us learned about Luis Cancel - a crony of Mayor Gavin Newsom - who has been having a gay time - spending and wasting money that is meant for art. Shame on him - he ruined something good that he could have taken to a better - place.

The less said the better - artists and art stands for something noble and good - and Cities and Countries are judged by their artists and the art they present.

I like to say; that the Artists are the soul of any civilization and throughout my life - I have supported artists. Did what I could in a big way - when I was at the Presidio of San Francisco.

It is a shame that the SF Public Utilities Commission - has NOT first consulted the community.
And when the issue linked to spending large amounts of money on Art - was brought before the meeting held on June 28, 2011 at 4 pm at 1800 Oakdale a number of constituents - commented - that this agenda should be brought again - for meaningful - discussion.

I would like to see - money set aside to document the "gentrification" of the community. The lack of respect shown by the City and County of San Francisco to thousands of innocent people who were bombarded by Toxic Dust, Dangerous Particulates, and Radioactive elements and more.

Billions of dollars - tax payer dollars over the years - taken by the City and County of San Francisco and very little given back. We have over 10,000 small industries and they all pay taxes in the zip code 94124, 94134, and 94107.

The main produce market, the concrete and aggregate companies, the recycling company, the many lumber companies, the many electrical and plumbing companies, the U Haul company, the Internet Service Hotels, the many places you can repair your vehicles, the many places that do welding on large and small pieces of iron, steel, and whatever is need. The many construction companies and the list goes on and on.

The Department of Public Works has its large Maintenance Facility in zip code 94124, there are big and small restaurants, Bio-diesel refueling hubs, dry cleaning facilities ( most of them are in 94134) and not in other areas - you get the picture.

Huge Ship Building Repairs, the University of California San Francisco has its campus, huge trucks are parked in zip code 94134 and 94124 and 94107. We have the two largest Post Offices - one on Evans and one on Old Bay Shore by Visitation Valley. There is no amount of business that do not pay taxes. The problems is that no money is put back in proportion that zip codes 94107, 94124, 94134 pays taxes - to the City and County of San Francisco.

Sees Candy has their large factory on Old Bayshore, other famous companies that cater to catering for large parties and so on and so forth.

Where is all our taxes going - why are the zip codes 94107, 94134, 94124 not treated with respect.

Then you have Lowe's and similar businesses and the many business that repair cars and replace car windows - plain and tainted. And there is more - and I could name them all - can if you want - but, think I have made my point.

The City and County plants trees and does not maintain them.

The trees on San Bruno Avenue have not been pruned in years.

Recently, some one was using a " tree saw " - to prune the flowers plants and one type resembles the lilies and they are in bloom - and I could not understand this madness.

The trees must be pruned from time to time and the plants treated with care.

The weeds removed and there is way to clean around the plants and I did that once from Silver Avenue all the way to Wayland. I could not imagine this joker - using a tree saw to remove the weeds around the trees.

Now; how many art objects do we have on San Bruno? How much in taxes does the City collect from San Bruno Avenue - even now when the economic is not doing well - San Bruno Avenue is bustling.

The same in other areas.

One of my offices is situated on Third and Palou - the building 4909 - and some one has done some art work - drab art work. When I tried to find out - who was behind it - the SF Arts Commission.

This is what happens - City Hall appoints mostly Whites - who take care of their own - represent their own - and act snobbish and now have invaded our community. Case in point - the Bayview Opera House.

I donated furniture to the Bayview Opera House and have prove that I donated a lot of furniture - this, when no one was helping the Bayview Opera House.

Now, suddenly for ulterior motives - every one is interested in the Bayview Opera House - zip code 94124 to fill their pockets.

The San Francisco Arts Commission is CORRUPT.

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy