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Sunday, May 31, 2015


Politicians - at least those we know today in our digital age - keep promising - to do this and that - print out sleek "slates" that spell out their "sordid platforms" - but all they do is look at you in the eye and lie.

Here is San Francisco - the likes of Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, and Nancy Pelosi - other politicians - too many to mention -  have tried their best - all these years to lie as best they can.

All the while steadily increasing their wealth - creating a nest for themselves - while, failing the constituents they represent - and the Nation as a whole - is failing to leave a legacy  - when it comes to stellar, astute, and decent politicians the few that have come our way. President Carter comes to mind.

It is the same here in San Francisco - with Mayor Edwin M. Lee who keeps spewing diatribe at the many press conferences, gathering his minions - who lack principles, lack morals, lack ethics, lack standards.

 Wasting their time at the many - press conferences - sordid ribbon cuttings - and bringing disgrace to themselves. They each have a job to perform - and they all have failed - miserably. We  pay the salaries of these minions - who as soon as Mayor Edwin M. Lee is removed from office - we agree with what I am writing. Right now, they are all pandering - stupid and lack the spine to speak to the the truth - and act with actions that count.

In the past the politicians have not had the means to meet the constituents who are much savvy - in this digital world - that was instrumental to put Barack Hussein Obama in place - for example.

 Bring about the swearing of the first Black President of the United States of America.

Barack Hussein Obama failed to ceases the opportunity - and has let down minorities - talking a lot about fair play - while looking the other way.

All over the Nation the sordid actions - pointing to rampant and blatant corruption in New York, San Francisco, Baltimore, and so on - have put our Nation on the world map - and for his Administration's vain and empty,  talk - all President Barack Hussein Obama has done - is open a can of worms. 

Today's youth and young adults - are not hypocrites - and again and again - the youth and young adults have strayed away from what the previous generations have held dear be it - on religion, fake sense of prosperity - honesty - what really matters most linked to Quality of Life issues.

The only thing going for the United States is our vast land - that can hold more - and a population of 320 million right now - that is controllable. We still have the drinking water, the clean air, the food sources - other key elements to bring about process.

Our Nation is losing its middle class - it is eroding before our eyes - the rich are growing richer for all the wrong reasons. 

The poor living - pay check to pay check - cannot make ends meet - and when one is on the verge of starvation, cannot afford a roof over one's head, cannot even afford the bare necessities  even though - we say we are a Super Power - this fake impression, the swagger that has no sway - and is nothing but hot air.

San Francisco - one of the richest cities in the world - is now a show case City - where the rich thrive and the poor are found on the streets of San Francisco.

Many - facing inclement weather, poor, living in filth, hungry, with no roof over their heads - while Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his Administration - is daily - hoodwinking the constituents of San Francisco - more the dwindling poor class - that pays - very high taxes.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who is short sighted has no plan - bragging about the many projects - building an excess of Market Price homes and condominiums in the price range - from $1.5 million to $10 million - if you care to own such units - which lies in the domain of the filthy - rich.

While the poor cannot afford the one bed room unit - going for $3500 a month. We have two and three families living in a one bed room house - compromising - our cities Quality of Life issues - our San Francisco Planning talks the talk but has failed, miserably to walk the walk.

When it comes to Market Price housing - we have an access of it - over 300% now - and growing. Mayor Edwin M. Lee has not asked himself - where is the clean drinking water going to come from? Who will have to deal with the waste water or raw sewage - in our dual system of collection in our sewer system - run off and sewage generated by a night time population of 820,000 and a day time population of over 1.5 million - more when we have conventions and a major game or two - and where will - all the raw sewage go - know as secondary effluents a fancy, name.

The Southeast Waste Water Plant takes - 80% of the City and County of San Francisco waste water - but also the waste water from Daly City, Brisbane, and South San Francisco - and no one talks about this fact - why - because this is what the City Department Heads thrive on - incompetence and lack of being educated on issues.

This includes our City Administrator - who can smile all she wants - but is a lackey of the Mayor. 

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has this canny ability  - to tell stories that do not add up - look you in the "eye" and lie.

In the Mission there is a revolution going on - and the Mayor has no clue that the people are very angry. 

This happened recently at the San Francisco County Democratic Committee meeting recently - where the Democrats paid lip service and failed to comprehend that something - drastic - has to be done - to curtail the great exodus of families who have lived in the Mission - for decades.

Today's Democratic Party in San Francisco has failed the people - the people that matter - the working class people - these "vermin" - mostly transplants - have failed San Francisco and San Franciscans - the likes of Scott Wiener - they must be booted out.

San Francisco use to lead the Nation - not anymore - we are the laughing stock - the homeless on our streets says it all.

The congestion on our streets is getting from bad to worse.

Daily our infrastructure that matters - is breaking down - there is talk about revamping our infrastructure - just talk but no walk.

In the interim Mayor Edwin M. Lee keeps spinning yarns and spewing hot air.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


San Franciscans are astute - and the people have spoken - twice in recent weeks - the people UNITED - shut down City Hall - and while that was done - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - was no where - to be found.

On all the essential fronts be it the homeless - increasing in numbers. Found more and more populating our streets. Creating a safety issue for our tourists and decent constituents of San Francisco. Giving a bad name to our once great City - named after Saint Francis Assisi.

There is NO housing for those that most need - decent and sound housing - there is nothing to be found.

All sort of accommodation made for Airbnb, other sordid corporations like Salesforce, Twitter, Google, Webcore, Obiyashi, Nibbi, the John Stewart Company, Mercy Housing - and so on and so forth.

In the last five years over 30,000 families - all San Franciscans - who have contributed so much - have left San Francisco - gone, gone, gone forever.

The congestion on our roads is unbelievable.

All it takes a game or some convention - to bring a little more traffic on the roads in the City - to create havoc.

Thousands of cars - back to back traffic - bring frustration to those that once loved our City of San Francisco. While all the time - dangerous particulates - fill the air with toxicity of the worst - kind.

When it come to Quality of Life issues - safety, education, health - on all these three fronts - Mayor Edwin M. Lee has failed.

He could have done better - but he chose - to take a short cuts - and stab the constituents of San Francisco in the back.

He should hold a forum to address the issues I have spelled out above - for the world to understand - what really he is busy doing - fluff and spewing diatribe. Looking you in the eye and lying - through his teeth.

We all remember well in the last elections - Ross Mirkarimi received more votes than Mayor Edwin M. Lee - we must remember this fact.

We also must understand that Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi has used innovative models and proven curricula - to improve the state of affairs in our jails - as the elected Sheriff who the Mayor wanted out - and we - the few stood by Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

Our City Attorney has come to the rescue of City College - and has done well by the public at large. Our City Attorney was elected by the people of San Francisco.

Our Public Defender has proven again and again - that as one of the few elected Public Defender's in the Nation - we can do better - it depends on leadership.

Good leaders show the way, know the way, and go the way.

Our Mayor follows others - much like a lap dog - and spews diatribe - full of "hot air" that makes no sense. Mayor Edwin M. Lee with intent has compromised - Quality of Life issues - and continues to make a FOOL of himself.

The many unnecessary projects - over 200% in excess of market price housing - many in the range of $2 million to 5 million.

These market range units in excess - that have increased the Carbon foot print - exacerbating - chronic respiratory and heart diseases.

This singular fact has not been addressed - and our SF Health Department - chooses to circumvent - this critical issue - and other issues linked to "hot spots" and contamination.

Our City and County of San Francisco does not have a Toxicologist on the City's payroll - and has compromised - Quality of Life issues - and brought shame on this failing - administration.

At Hunters Point we have had readings as high as 82,000 Asbestos Structures per cubic meter - and on other occasions higher readings - in the 30,000 range - and there has been NO - Notice of Violations - issued.

Amy Brownell who is on the pay roll of Lennar Urban - goes before some committees such as the Succor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - and lies. The Mayor knows about this - but looks the other way.

The Chinese from Mainland China have been hoodwinked to purchase EB-5 Visas - with the former Mayor, Willie L. Brown Jr - a "thug mayor" sell these visas for $500,000 a pop.

These Chinese mostly from Mainland China - buy the visas to get enter our Nation - then turn around and buy expensive homes in Santa Barbara, Marin County, Hillsbrough, Napa County - and the world knows about these ploys, machinations and shenanigans.

The deconstruction of Candlestick Stadium has been a nightmare. Lennar Urban the "rogue developer" has failed on many levels. Continues to be backed by Mayor Edwin M. Lee who continues to fill his campaign coffers - basking in the sun - and trying to run again as Mayor - more to adversely impacts - thousands in the future.

Wake up San Franciscans - time is running out.

Lennar defies - our laws and ordinances -using clean drinking water in a drought without permission.

Trying to circumvent the permitting process - and pushing for " implosion" of the stadium.
City Department heads ordered to look the other way. Even the Bay Area Air Quality Management is wondering - what has happened to our Mayor and those that help and abet the "rogue developer" - Lennar Urban.

In past years Lennar Urban was fined - $515,000 the largest fine - ever imposed - on any entity - for polluting Asbestos structures - and adversely impacting - thousands.

The Mayor has been briefed about this "rogue company" - Lennar Urban - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - much like Mr. Dipstick - Mayor Gavin Newsom - has been in bed with - Lennar Urban - receiving thousands to fill his campaign - coffers.

Thousands of our children go to bed hungry - two in four - in this very rich City and County of San Francisco.Shame on those that permit - this crime to happen - while wheeling and dealing with crooks - and the worst of the worst - criminals.

Time to coral the crooks and charge them with the RICO Act.

The drop out percentage of our children has increased to over 45%.

Truancy has increased - thousands of our youth and young adults - sleep on the streets, under bushes and bridges - facing, inclement weather. No one seems to care.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his minions who earn over $250,000 with benefits - chide those who speak the Truth. Grin, grimace, - look the way - are busy cutting ribbons - at events paid by our tax payers - wasting tax payers money - forcing us to see this nonsense on television - government television - Channels 26 and 78.

These minions be it the City Administrator, the SF Board of Supervisors, other City Department heads - they work for us - but they choose of their own violation - to waste time - listening to diatribe and hot air - more toxic hot air - failing to deliver.

When will this nonsense STOP?

When will these minions - most of them not educated on issues - do the the work of the people?

When will they be accountable - to the tax payers - who pay their very high - salaries?

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Nation wide - the junior colleges, colleges, universities - both private and State - are revisiting failed policies - brought about by GREED - fleecing students and failing to provide opportunities for upward - mobility.
Privatization of our Public Education Institutions.

You would think if you invested in thousands of dollars to get degree - that the entity that took your money - would provide you some minimal - guarantee - NO.

We already have the institution that incarcerate - some 10% of our population - has been affect by incarceration. There is nothing that rehabilitates one - for sure it leaves a scar for life.

Large corporations - some using farming use the prisoners and pay them 10c an hour. What is our United States Government doing about this contemporary - slavery - on going in the year 2015.

Other corporation make money - providing Security Services - complete with attach dogs - armed with para-military equipment.

Many Corporation use prisoners in the digital field - input all sorts of data - even sensitive health information. The public is kept in the dark - and we have to shed light - where there is abject - darkness.

All over this Nation - more after the spiraling of our economy in 2008 - the true colors of all our Universities, Colleges, Junior colleges, and even High Schools - was revealed - the lack of standards, grey areas - and the way the students are used as fodder.

This for all the world to see. We dare call ourselves the world best democracy - when we know that middle class is eroding before our eyes - and the very rich are ready for a - "take over" - where they have the money and control all resources - even human resources.

We can insert a Johnson Wrench into their sordid plans - but, time is running out. We must educate ourselves and we can and must in this digital world.

We know that many countries some in the Middle East - others in Denmark and Germany - some other countries - not as rich as the United States provide educational subsidies.

Always wanting their students to learn - to better their own countries and some just to allow students worldwide - contribute their talents to the Universe - as does Germany.

Well, in the United States all sorts of gimmicks are used to get the students to enroll - more to make money and less to educate the students. This shit has been going on for year - and recently the shit has hit the ceiling.

Never mind if it is a pricey University - or some private college that use to work hard to educate their students - all these so called - institutions of learning - have fallen prey to GREED.

Money is what gets you in - and grants without paying interests are few - and loans are enticing - but they take you to your grave - with high stress and even higher - interest rates.

In many States giving opportunities to foreign students - is what keeps so called - "institution of learning" afloat.

The learning institutions - charge an arm and a leg - while the local population - is left out - fending for themselves - working two and three jobs.

Now at last in the year 2015 - some have fully realized the damage caused to our students who are talented.

The students who have NO money to go to college or to some university - as part of their upward mobility - to face the world and contribute the best they have.

Their parents mostly immigrants made this country - some went to college - others sent their children for a generation or two. No one would expect this day - where the United States would use our tax payers money to fight unwanted wars - wasting Billions and shaft the student and force them to get huge loans that would stress the student and their loved ones.

The Koch Brother, Walmart, other dubious greedy corporations are now looking at taking control of all educational institutions. 

Recently, we learned a lot about City College  - right here in San Francisco - where the very Accrediting Committee that should have done right.

Went so far - with intent - lied to the Court - only, for the judge in the Court - to adjudicate in favor of City College - and throw the book at the Accrediting Committee - that continues to defy the Courts and continues to interfere with City College, the teachers, the Trustees, the operations of City College.

These thugs including the lawyers and legal staff - all placed in position - to serve the devil and evil.

The take over was planned with Mayor Edwin M. Lee, other politicians paying lip service - hiring a czar to oversee City College - living at Lake Tahoe.

An apartment paid for this czar of sorts - some $3500 a month.

A car provided - while all the time - this so called expert and czar was pandering to the Accrediting Committee -  working 4 days a week - doing, nothing much.

Pandering to the Accrediting Committee -that was charged in Court - for adversely impacting the students, City College in toto, and causing great harm to our City and County of San Francisco.

Had it not been for our elected City Attorney - Dennis Herrra, student Trustee Shannel Williams, some Trustees of City College - the public at large - City College would have closed down - and gone to the hogs.

Never mind City College has touched the lives of thousands in San Franciscans. Helped thousands of blue collared workers - offered courses - second to none in the Nation.

I know personally of hundreds of world leaders who went to City College and today influence the world.

That does not matter - when it comes to Richard Blum, Nancy Pelosi, Edwin M.Lee who is their puppet, the Koch Brother, Walmart, others who want to deprive our students of their right to a sound - education at a reasonable price - the COMMONS.

San Francisco unlike any other City is a Union City - but, it does not help with less than 7% of our City workers belonging to any Union.

It does not help with some Union leaders pandering to Mayor Edwin M. Lee who continues to talk from both sides of his mouth - spewin diatribe and toxic air.

Wake up San Franciscans - and learn about our City and those who are increasing our Carbon Footprint, adversely impacting Quality of Life issues - congestion on our roads, increase of petty and other crimes - and thousands of decent families - fleeing San Francisco. Once gone - never, ever to return - much like we saw with the era.

The students from City College and the other Colleges and Universities - comprehend some.

Some leaders from our Community Based Organization understand some.

No one has the time to comprehend the evil designs - about what is going behind the scene.

We have entities worse than the MAFIA - ready to destroy City College - and some of us know a little - there is a urgent need - for a concerted plan to counter the evil designs of those in higher places - who are against the COMMONS.

This is the time to approach the President of the United States - Barack Hussein Obama.

A very narrow window of opportunity - to put out an Executive Order - and bring about free of charge - no feed at all - to attend Junior Colleges, Colleges, and Universities, other Trade Schools - for those that are citizens of the United States of America.


If we can spend BILLIONS fight an unjust war - in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, and now want to meddle with Iran and even take China on.

We have wasted trillion of tax payers money - without the permission of the tax payers - our time is now - or we must forever hold our - peace.

Let us first fight the war against the many evil corporations and entities that want to destroy our Public Educational Institutions - and take control of all human resources.

This is a type of slavery that was present but now is showing its ugly head - has been ever increasing since - 1978.

No one can fool - all the people - all the time. Now is the time to boot those politicians who think they can take control of our life and lie to us - all the time - failing to represent while raking in the million to fill their evil campaign - coffers.

All over the Nation students are used like a dirty rag.

Thrown into the pit - their money is taken and used for ulterior purposes - and they have to pay loans, all sorts of debts for the rest of their lives.

Often adversely impacting their family life - and bringing about death and stress.

This sordid - one of kind equation - all in the name of - some fake,inferior education that does not serve the purpose and deceives most of the students - in the United States of America.

Good leaders show the way, know the way, and GO the way.

It is not too late - to united, create a working Blue Print - with goals and time-lines and make good things - happen.

The people united - can never, ever be defeated. Aho.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Recently, I appeared before the San Francisco Planning Department - the entire process was boring.

More, with the spewing of blatant non-facts, lack of empirical data - sugar coating, half truths - and failing to represent - what is right.

The SF Planning Commission was created to create policies and enforce policies - with proven standards - based on empirical data.

Tested models, always representing the best values and standards - linked to Quality of Life issues - to better the lives of decent San Franciscans - more the natives - who have contributed so much to the uniqueness of San Francisco.

Our neighborhoods and their unique character - now, gone to the dogs - more the filthy, hogs - because of poor planning. Tons of talk but NO walk.

Thousands of families - who lived in San Francisco all these years - gone, gone, gone, gone, gone far away. What a loss of talents - hard work - blood, sweat and more.

Today, the SF Planning Commission thinks nothing that it failed to produce 3 Housing Elements - brought forth every 5 years.

The Housing Elements that sets the tone for the next 5 years.

That gives the SF Planning Department and the SF Planning Commission some standard guidance.

The two above entities - have failed for the last 15 years - each product linked to the Housing Element - going before our Courts - exposing the cracks and the grey areas - proving, that the SF Planning lives in - a "cesspool" of its own - creation.

The SF Planning Commission has yet to enforce the many illegal permits - that the Academy of Art Institute - bought hundreds of units - all rental units - all under "rent control".

Went ahead - used fake permits - many times - no permits - to alter 'rental units" and build dormitories - to accommodate foreign students. Illegal activities - while those in charge of enforcement - were fast asleep.

The SF Department of Building Inspection. The SF City Attorney, the SF City Administrator, the SF Planning Department, the SF Mayor of San Francisco - busy cutting ribbons and spewing diatribe at the many Press Conference - recently,at one shedding - "crocodile tears".

Oh yes - we believe you and your fake ass attitude!

Thousands of "rental units" coming under "rental control" evaporated before our eyes - with no enforcement coming forth - from the SF Planning Department, the SF Planning Commission, the Department of Building Inspection, the SF City Administrator, the SF Controller, the SF City Attorney, the SF District Attorney, others that could have done better - but chose to take the easy route of blatant corruption, deceit, and failing to represent the decent, hard working constituents of San Francisco.

We now have a population of about 820,000 in San Francisco.

Less housing for the middle class, even less for the poor and the indigent. An abundance of housing for the filthy rich - more, those invading our Nation - from China, and other such nations that do not share our values and our Constitution.

This on going adjudication - linked to the Academy of Art Institute - has reached saturation point.

We the people united - want to know - if there is a way to restore these "rental units" in keeping with San Francisco's unique - "rent control".

To date the SF Planning Department cannot produce a list of all the rental units - and more "affordable housing" linked to "low and no income". They talk the talk but have failed to walk the walk.

At this late date some task force - to tally the so called "affordable housing" that we have in San Francisco.

This Task Force has been created - at the eleventh hour - more to pacify the "housing advocates" - time is running out - and the end result - will not be very, pretty.

The SF Planning Commission is a JOKE. Again and again the statements made by one Conservative Commissioner - borders on blatant insults.

He lives in the past - a past - where discrimination and blatant racism - was prevalent - red necks and the KKK - having a "field day" they did as they pleased. This is San Francisco - we will NOT tolerate such - in your face - insults of education, housing, ownership of units and so far.

It is shocking that the other Commissioners tolerate this nonsense.

The racist Commissioner is quick to initiate a motion - and for the other Commissioners to second his tainted - motions.

More, who have failed to represent, the hard working tax payers and decent constituents - of San Francisco.

Right now the people are fed up - the SF Planning Commission - more when Larry Badner was the Zoning Czar - and messed the SF Planning Department.

John Rahaim who took over has a difficult task ahead of him.

John Rahaim too - has failed to comprehend the "mess" with the SF Planning Department.

The history of San Francisco - that is and was - the present SF Planning Department and by osmosis - the SF Planning Commission - swims in this "cesspool" of their own making.

Some drastic changes need to take place.

The off site affordable housing ordinance and a corrupt way of addressing this element - by paying into a " pot of money " - is a matter - that needs - deep, investigation.

The "pot of money" is just that - a pot of money.

This so called "pot of money" can be used for " so called affordable housing " - is a ploy - that cries to heaven for justice. Blatant favoring vested interests - while decent, hard working San Franciscans - are treated with disdain.

Every machination, ploy, and sordid avenue has been afforded the major developers - to throw insult after insult - at the middle class of San Francisco - and more the poor and the indigent.

Why do we need so much Market Rate housing?

Over 300 percent of Market Rate housing - than the present need of Market Rate housing - already, in abundance.

The Economy of this Nation will tank within 3 years - then what?

All sorts of excuses will be made - but these Market Rate housing - will be like - "White Elephants".

We saw this in the 1980's with the Japanese - over doing it - and taking a huge fall.Kaput!

We saw this in 2008 when the Zionist involved with our Banking System - tanked our economy.

We are still trying to recover - from the many loses - " we the people suffered " more from the situation - in 2008. 

Our own hard earned savings - gone, gone.

Many Seniors losing as much as 80% of their earnings - from the follies of 2008.

Today, Seniors and others - stressed out and suffering - losing their saving to crooks that our United States Government decided to bail out.

Why did not our Federal Government allow us - presenting evidence - to write off our losses.

Of course - there is no recourse for the poor and those that do not have the money and the clout - to use undue influence.

Our Nation economy - was adverse impacted - and we know for sure - for did it to this Nation - the United States of America.

We are a Nation of laws - these the United States of America. So, it is stated in our Constitution - and in many of our laws - that must uphold the law. But is that real a fact?

Today, in San Francisco - the SF Planning Department and the SF Planning Commission has NOT represent the "TRUTH" - lies and more blatant lies - have been the order of the day.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee is playing with fire - his many press conferences and ribbon cutting - shallow - spewing diatribe and he is digging his own - grave.

 Mayor Edwin M. Lee - will not leave a legacy - he will be known - for pandering - making his bed with the crooks. Shedding "crocodile tears" as he did recently - pathetic.

Even on the important issue of education and more City College - the Mayor has failed San Francisco and more City College students.

He is in bed with vested interests - more interested in building housing - more market rate housing - on all that we know today as City College.

Our SF City Planning has never taken a bird's eye view of Quality of Life issues - they cannot. Simply, because they are not educated on issues. They cannot discern - lacking standards, morals, and ethics.

The SF Planning Department have a open record  having exposed "moral turpitude".

Their past Zoning Czar - Larry Badner was fired for this - distributing pornographic material - while at work.

Larry took down others - and the former SF Planning Department was exposed for what it was worth then and now. Larry Badner left a stench - that is embedded in the present SF Planning Department and the SF Planning Commission.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


It is amazing to watch the San Francisco Board of Supervisor - and more Mark Farrell - listen to the youth - during this Budget season - fail to hear the pleas of the youth and young adults. Fail to listen to their pangs and sufferings.

San Francisco is one of the richest cities in the world - yet, our youth in the thousands are compromised - daily thousands face the inclement weather - on the streets, under the bushes, in filthy, stinking places - worse than any Third World country.

It NOT acceptable that youth - that need help - have to sleep on the streets, under the bushes, under the bridges, in some areas that are filthy and stinking - face the inclement weather - and pretend to sleep - while all the time - being awake - fearing those that prey on them.

More, young women who are raped on our streets, others that are preyed upon by the pimps - while our SF Board of Supervisor - think this is a JOKE.

Malia Cohen and London Breed talking about the topic - with the hearts in the wrong place - talking, from both sides of their mouth. Talk is cheap.

Twice in recent weeks - the people united took over City Hall - and shut it down. The Mayor, Edwim M.Lee was no where to be found.

No where to be found - the corrupt Supervisors the likes of London Breed, Malia, Cohen, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell and Scott Wiener.One worse than the other.

The above do not represent - the fill their campaign coffers - and the time has come to boot them out - out of any deliberation - worthy the salt. These corrupt politicians are a disgrace to the human race.

We already know about the housing crises.

On another level both London Breed and Malia Cohen are in bed with developers.

Both, took their chance meeting with an Federal Bureau of Investigation informer - linked to the Keith Jackson fiasco - the hearing coming up, soon.

The very fact they met this FBI informer - says a lot. Let us not make light of this, glaring - fact.

The people in the Mission are organized and that is a very good sign.

The people in the Western Addition and the Bayview Hunters Point are not - they lag behind - thanks to the panders - the sell outs - London Breed and Malia Cohen. That is District 5 where London Breed brags she is doing something. Distict 10 where Malia Cohen is NOT - respected.

But, not for along - we have an action plan that will - "shut down" the entire City and County of San Francisco.

And when we do it - we will inform - those authorities - that know what we are capable of - we will not do anything in the dark - and we will be transparent and accountable.

This time around - as before - we will be in the trenches - we will be - " in your face - look you in the eye - and tell you the TRUTH".

The thousands of young truants in our City and County of San Francisco - all youth and young adults - need help - but all this City does - is pay - lip service.

Where is the housing for the QUEER youth?

Where is Scott Wiener on this issue?

Where is Malia Cohen on this issue? Really?

We are watching you two - like a hawk - and when that day comes - you will be shamed - for all your sordid deeds. You are put on notice.

The many Budget Committee meetings held - daily at City Hall in Room 250 once afforded the tax payers - their say at Public Comments - where the tax payers were afforded - three minutes.

The same tax payers of San Francisco - who pay the salaries of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

In former times the SF Board of Supervisors - when their salary was around $38,000 - did their best to represent - not any more. At that time - in a different era - those SF Board of Supervisors gave their best.

Today, the SF Board of Supervisors get over $120,000 plus benefits - and fail to represent - folks like Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell, Malia Cohen, London Breed and Katy Tang.

The others that I have not mentioned are turning around - we need the vigor and the determination of Eric Mar. He is on the side of the people.

John Avalos, David Campos, and Jane Kim are making some small strides - we need commitment of the highest order - we are in an Emergency. Do be lack luster - enter the fray and do what best helps those that need help most.

I really do not know the Supervisor from District 3 and so I will not comment on some non entity that I do not think - too much about. Anyone anointed be it Katy Tang from District 4 or the SF Board of Supervisor from District 3 - as I said - means little to me.

The SF Board of Supervisor from District 3 - who replace the weasel David Chu - again, gets NO respect from me.

I cannot afford to sit down on the hard benches for hours to speak for a measly two minutes - at Public comment. At one time - three minutes were afforded us advocates. Now we advocates attend the meeting - the drab, boring meetings - only to be given two measly minutes - during public comment.

Now and then I have to go to City Hall - look the crooks in the eye.

I have a blog and my articles - need some influence - what I see with my eyes and feel with my senses.

This to help my investigative reporting - focus in the right direction - laser beam focus.

It is always interesting and fun to look the CROOKS - in the eye and speak to the TRUTH.

We must address the concerns facing our youth in this City and County of San Francisco. The adversities the youth and young adults face are many - and we the advocates are few. 

This David and Goliath fight is a good fight - we need more women and men of good faith - to join our ranks.

Take over City Hall - using our Constitutional rights, doing right to rid the wrong.

Rid all those minions who work hard to put obstacles in the path of the constituents - more the tax payers of San Francisco.

Time will tell. The people united will never, ever be defeated. It may take some time - but, the VICTORY is here - I smell it!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Some of us - a little bit older - who have been around the block - many times just happen to understand - the good, the bad,and the ugly.

There is so much we have seen - nonsense - going on at San Francisco City Hall - adverse actions initiated with intent -  to shun the constituents of San Francisco. Bite the hands that feed these sordid players - for the worse.

More, the tax payers who pay so much and receive so little.

By large measure - many San Franciscans are far better educated - and understand the politics of sorts - right now - they have reached saturation point. More, on issues that really matter - Quality of Life issues - compromised - every single hour - of every single day.

So, the advisers Christine Falvey, Steve Kawa, Tony Winniker, others in the inner circle - who have witnessed the grand slides - the sweeps of a kind - and the downfall of some of those who thought no one could touch them - fall - must now step up and do right. 

Of course we are not going to touch the other so called "political pundits" - be it this guy Enrique Pearce or whatever, Ron Conway, Willie L. Brown Jr., Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, the SF County Democratic Committee - others who purport to know - but do not.

We see and witness the blind leading the blind - their downfall is eminent.

San Franciscans are NOT easy to please - we love a robust dialogue but one with solutions. So, unlike just hot air - we love action - and proven models that have worked.

This is just a way to weed off the chaff - we see a lot of it today at City Hall.

Some of us advocates are witnessing a "movement' for drastic change - the problem with this - is one can destroy - a lot of what is good - when those taking charge - may be blind sighted. We must NOT go too far left field - if we do so - we could jeopardize our future. Too much is at stake. 

On transportation, education, health, safety, congestion, the increase in our Carbon Footprint.

Our Parks lack more and better facilities, our Seniors left to themselves with little or no help.

Our clinics and hospitals lacking quality care - we who have been around are witnessing an erosion - of a standard once maintained without deferred maintenance - now going to the hogs.

Again and again we see Mayor Edwin M. Lee appearing at Press Conferences - ribbon cuttings with his minions - and spewing diatribe. City officials must be working - we pay their salaries - making in access of $250,000 with benefits.

We want them wanting, serving,delivering - not pandering and wasting their precious time - witnessing hot air - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee talking from sides of his mouth.

How long can we who know better and more matter - tolerate the on going ploys, machinations, and shenanigans?

The November elections will be "nasty". We all know that - but we must ask ourselves do we really need these types of sordid ploys and machinations - to adversely impact those that vote - the better, more decent voters - who vote - but we know are getting fewer and fewer - because they are disgusted with corrupt politicians.

The likes of Scott Wiener, London Breed, Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, and Mark Farrell.

I hope we do not deal with consultants like this Enrique Pearce guy - ever again a pedophile - who played hell with David Campos favoring the weasel David Chu.

David Chu - who is making his nest in Sacramento and causing more damage - on many levels.

Having planted evil seeds - with the AirB&B legislation - favoring the targeting of over 30% rental units - that could have been used to house those that most need - quality housing.

We now hear that the Enrique guy - had a lot to do with Jane Kim, Norman Yee and of course our favorite Mayor of all time - Edwin M. Lee. I have know Edwin M. Lee for over 35 years - plus.

God help San Francisco and more the constituents that need help - but get little - their aspirations thrown to the wind - leaving a bitter taste in their mouth.

The housing crises can be fixed but NOT with the models that favor Mercy Housing and the John Stewart Company - raking in millions - pitting one segment of the population against the other.

Our infrastructure needs fixing, our communication infrastructure must meet the challenges of the day.

Both are lagging with a model from the 1920s that has failed to address situations with - "real time" software tracking failure, leaks, and eminent damage and break-down - tracking devices now available but not used.

We are Smithsonian and not moving with the contemporary times - we talk the talk but we fail to walk the walk.

 Again, we talk the talk but fail to walk to walk.

The "lower bid" model with umpteen change orders - in most of our contracts - those who get the scoop - rake in the millions.

The lowest bid concept - has failed us - and we as a progressive City must come out with a more robust, design built model, with time tested, contemporary, proven accountability and transparency.

None of our software linked to our tracking system - with contracting - offers a sound viable and sustainable solution and result.

Our much touted  "Elation" system is a JOKE.

Contractors have to wait of over 120 days and some for over 180 days to be paid. Companies like Obiyashi, Webcor, others on purpose starve Local Business Enterprise (LBEs) - and we have to witness them die on the vine.

The Contracting Monitoring Division has no Commission - no policy making body - so it is - "free for all".

The City Administrator, the Mayor and some developer can sit down and cut a deal. Reduce entitlements for some and keep other sweating on the "back burner" for years.

It is not uncommon to waiting for entitlements for 24 months - 18 months a norm - and in some extreme cases 36 months - or 3 years.

The congestion on our roads has reached a all time high - is frustrating and very stressful - now taking 30 minutes to cross three blocks in our City.

The City's skyline is changing - and we see in parts that model Manhattan - that is embraced in New York. 

We will never be New York that has given the world a bad name - we are San Francisco by the Bay - we treasure of neighborhood - the unique character - and these vast projects are compromising.

More the invasion of "Techies" like locust - preying on anything they can lay their eyes on - suing money as a ploy and having no decency, less morals, and even less ethics.

San Francisco the City of Hills and the Fog - a City so diverse people - tourists envy us - and a climate second to none in the world.

We are a City of compassion and named after Saint Francis of Assisi.

Those responsible for the chronic congestion - on our major streets in San Francisco - should have thought better - this economy will tank in three years - if not two - for sure in 2018.

John Rahaim from the SF City Planning has failed us - and the sooner we deal with this Department the better.

The last three Housing Elements have failed us. The Association of Bay Area Governments has - laid out some direction - but SF Planning thinks they know better - abusing the system and bring about - utter confusion.

The City College crises is real, the housing crisis linked to low income and no income is real - the health issues facing those that are stressed are real. Domestic violence is on the increase - with SWAT teams called to defuse the situation.Petty crimes has increased and all we are doing is throwing arrows in the air.

No one is paying attention to Quality of Life issues. The list is long - and the attention paid to real issues - practically non existent - with a nonchalant - attitude.

All we hear resounding at City Hall are lies, lies, and more lies. Leading the pack Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang and Mark Farrell.

God save our great City of San Francisco - and those who could do better - but, have chosen with intent - to take us down this very - "sordid road".