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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kudos to the Japanese women's soccer team - and may the healing begin.

Kudos to the Japanese Soccer Women's team - winning the World Cup - in the final against the United States Women's Soccer team - who played well but lost many opportunities to capture this win.

For the Nation of Japan - this could not come on a better day - and on a day where a new day and holiday - celebrates the Ocean - a Maritime Holiday - of blessings.

The destiny of the United States and Japan in recent years is deep - always after some tragic episode - we two Nations have come to a compromise - a healing of sorts. And today's day of victory for Japan - show cases our unity and destiny as two worthy Nations - destined to take our Nations to a better - place. Domo Arikato!

Soccer is my game - and goal keeping my forte - in all the years I played soccer.

Of course there is a markedly big difference between the soccer played by men and that by women.

However, any aficionado of any game will tell you - if you have strong big heart and play your best - the game will turn in your favor.

The United States team was certainly the better team, well rested for three days before this final game.

The Japanese women's soccer team - used patience and short controlled passes to their advantage. Made a few good breaks and capitalized every time.

Fifteen minutes of extra time each side - thirty minutes in all - saw the Japanese women's team first equalize in normal time - and then did it again in extra time.

In the penalty kick show of force - the Japanese goalkeeper was lucky and better - though our United States goalkeeper could have done better. She was injured during this game.

Kudos to both teams for playing fair, very little rough play, and the best traits displayed in this final on the world stage.

The Women's World Soccer Cup win meant more to Japan as a Nation and the team had to perform a herculean task to fulfill a very difficult task, they won and worked hard - to heal the Japanese Nation.

The United States Women's Soccer team played well and were magnificent - the Japanese Women's Soccer team had fortitude - in the end.

This game was the best I watched in any soccer final - men's or women's.

May the healing begin - and i thank both world class teams - for this memorable soccer game that will go down in history.

An outstanding player Homere Sawa for Japan - Hope Solo our goalkeeper for the United States of America.