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Sunday, August 31, 2014


Veronica Hunnicutt who purports to represent the Bayview Hunters Point - more as the Chair of the Citizens Advisory Committee - to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard clean up - is not respect by anyone worth the salt - from the Bayview Hunters Point .

Veronica Hunnicutt -  is a sell out - who lives in the Western Addition far away from the Bayview Hunters Point - and must stop representing our people. She is a disgrace to the human race - stop speak for our people - more when you are ignorant, arrogant, and have no morals, less ethics - and absolutely no standards.

It is the same Vernonica Hunnicutt who was fired when she ran the operations at the Southeast Community Facility Commission building - at 1800 Oakdale - purporting to be the Dean - and working for City College.

For the longest time folks like Veronica Hunnicutt have got a pass - but not anymore.

In all of the Bayview Hunters Point there is not one decent person, a respected leader - who respects Veronica Hunnicutt - I have watched her for the last 25 years - selling out the community - raking in money to fill her own - pocket.

The recent ploy that Lennar a Rogue Developer - is pushing for is doling out EB-5 Visa - permitting the Chinese from mainland China - to get a visa and live here in San Francisco.

At $500,000 a pop - the filthy rich Chinese - do not mind - to receive this bargain - ticket to live in America. They will pay for the Visa - but choose to live in the Napa Valley, Santa Barbara, the better places.

Their assets at Hunter Point Naval Shipyard they will rent out.
Much like the brand new cities built in China - where the units are bought by the rich - as investments - of course it is not working in China - and the "bubble" - will burst and with it - will come the spiraling of the Chinese economy.

Elsewhere in the United States - where the land is not contaminated - the Chinese have to pay $1,000,000 - that is one million dollars.

they pay less for a unit at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - because the land is contaminated.

The only purpose the demonic Lennar Urban is interested in - is getting the Chinese to dole the money - never mind the Quality of Life issues - Greed knows no bounds.

Leaders in San Francisco - more the Chinese leaders Pius Lee, Calvin Louie, Bill Lee, others too many to mention - must speak up - and do not allow innocent people to invest and harm innocent lives. The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is contaminated - it is designated as a - Superfund Site.

San Francisco and good San Franciscans are about being holistic, we embrace people with kindness - we do not sell toxic and contaminated land - and promise that all well be well. It will NOT.

Come on America - this land belongs to the Native Americans - here in San Francisco the Ohlone - the people from the west. 

To be precise the Muwekma Ohlone - who I represent - more on issues of Base Closure, Infrastructure, Housing, Transportation, Health, Education,Childcare, Recreation Facilities, Safety - in short Quality of Life Issues. 

Dr Espanola Jackson and a host of people have spoken about the contamination and the the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard must be cleaned. There a hundreds of articles - and it is wrong for Willie L. Brown Jr - a former "thug mayor" - to push for the development of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - with proper clean up.

Again and again the United States Navy has failed in the clean up - and is now fast tracking its nefarious activities. Recently the sordid activities were disclosed - by MNBC a local television station.

Contaminated Class I soil - was moved to other sites - when the U.S. Navy was suppose to send it to landfill sites - that only accept Class I contaminated soil. In this case - contaminated soil - was send to landfill where only Class II and Class III less contaminated soil - are accepted - for secondary treatment and cure.

The Citizens Advisory Committee to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard are  a bunch of sellouts.

Mostly Blacks have sold out the community - and when Veronica Hunnicutt speaks for the community - she must be careful - to state where she lives - for she does not live nor works in the Bayview - the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - and therefore has no right - to represent us.

As i mentioned she was fired from the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - for her nefarious activities.

She sneaks into our community from the Western Addition - does her dirty work and sneaks out. She must be ashamed of herself.

In the past we have had some stellar Blacks who would not participate in selling out of the community.

Sadly - today only the Blacks are mainly selling out the community - Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Veronica Hunnicutt, Dr Churchwell, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Doris Vincent, Sophie Maxwell, Malia Cohen, Angelo King, Derf Butler, Lolla Whittle, Tiffany Bohee, Christine Johnson - others too many to mention - and they know who they are.

We know the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is contaminated. 

We know it is a Superfund Site.

We know that the U.S. Navy is mandated to clean up the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The United States Navy is mandated to clean up the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.  Again and again the U.S. Navy has been pressured to convey parcels to the City and County of San Francisco - without a through clean up.

The U.S. Navy is responsible and must be held accountable for this action.

It is NOT for the sellouts to make the determination - and the day will come - when one incident - will expose the corrupt and they will fall on their face. Ashamed but it will be too - late.

The crooks, the sellouts - those that have no conscience, no ethics, no morals, no standards  - the sellouts have adversely impacted our children.

More, our seniors, those who have compromised health issues - Lennar Urban continue to pollute and bombard a large areas - spewing Asbestos Friables in the area. 

This action on the part of Lennar Urban is plain wrong - and we who are the advocates - must speak up and do the the right thing.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is not doing its job.

Barbara Gracia the Director of the San Francisco Health Department  - is not doing her job.

The Environmental Protect Agency must step up and monitor what is going on - at Parcel A. So far the EPA has let down the constituents of San Francisco.

What are our San Francisco Board of Supervisor doing?

They talk the talk but fail to walk the walk. Time will tell.

We should NOT be selling EB-5 to innocent people and not reveal to them the true facts - the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is polluted - and no human beings must live there.

Not until the United States Navy the tested "depleted Uranium"  - conducted thousands of experiments - contaminated the most landfill land - with high level radioactive elements - hundreds over the years have died from cancer - and no one cares.

The San Francisco Police Department moved out of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - the SWAT TEAM - the SF Police Department Laboratory - close to Parcel E - because of cases of cancer - adversely impact many SF Police Officer and employees.

Speak to the TRUTH and do the right thing.

The Chinese are people too - and we must NOT hoodwink them.

Where are our Chinese Leaders in San Francisco on this one?

I know all of you - and I will question you all in person.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Never trust the politician - more folks like Senator Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi. One a Senator and the other a Congress person - both have failed San Franciscans - miserably.

The same holds good for our local buffoons - more politicians - not worth the salt - District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen. Jane Kim, Scott Wiener and David Chiu.

None of the above have done anything viable and sustainable - and when confronted with situations that need fixing - they make shallow promises - while spewing diatribe - every opportunity they get.

Many of them have curtailed - "public comment" they fear hearing the truth.

We have advocates that are astute, stellar, far more knowledgeable than these political buffoons - who cannot and must not be trusted.

Now is the time for action - and the best action is our vote.

Register to vote - if you have not - and vote these charlatans out - we must stop these buffoons - from making any headway.

Jane Kim has awoken up after all these years - and now wants to address - so called "affordable housing".

What was she doing when again and again the "Housing Element" called for affordable housing - and housing for "low income" and "no income" - and she made not efforts - when the time was right?.

Jane Kim did what she could to give "TWITTER" tax breaks.

TWITTER has NOT given opportunities to people of color - accept give some bread crumbs - in some quarters - making a mockery of the extensive tax breaks - given to TWITTER - by the City and County of San Francisco.

Our City and County of San Francisco - both the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch have given unfettered license to the San Francisco Planning Department to work hand in hand with some - very corrupt - developers.

Developers who have free rein to build - market rate units - many being sold for over $1.5 million and some for as high as $5 million.

It  is a shame that - such blatant corruption in going on - in our City and County of San Francisco.

Our neighborhood are being destroyed. Some funny zombies invading our neighborhood, The have nothing to offer the to culture - they bring their ill gotten - blood money - touting the money from the digital world - that plays some role but is not worth the salt.

The "techies" have no soul - and if you have no "soul" - that is nothing the "techies" can offer viable and sustainable. Time will tell.

In the interim 3 Housing Elements - one each created every 5 years - have gone to the Courts.

Each of these Housing Elements -  with intent - our San Francisco Planning Department has helped inundate and incorporate - misinformation.

Information that has NOT been vetted - and information that adversely impacts the constituents of San Francisco.

This information trigger many factors that adversely impacts - people who work hard - live pay check to pay check - they increase rents - where many pay as much as 60% of what they make.

The foundation for the worst type of gentrification has been laid in our City and County of San Francisco. Shame on the politicians and those who encourage such - morbid and sordid - actions.

Blessed are the poor - for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

In recent years the San Francisco Planning Commission has become a joke. 

Now more with the appointment of Christine Johnson - who is propped up - by someone who is every corrupt and in this case it is not the Mayor - but one from whom he takes his instructions -he is a former mayor - and I call him the "thug" mayor.

It does not help - to place and anoint - any person - who is NOT qualified and less who rubber stamps - actions -  adversely impacting the constituents of San Francisco.

More those who are seniors, those that are mentally and physically challenged - those that need help - the many single mothers - and the many grandmothers raising children - stepping up and doing what is right.

The recent Earth Quakes some close up and others in all parts of the World - is a wake up call to us in San Francisco. 

The many skyscrapers - the dot our skyline - are the signs of the times. Many of them will come toppling down.

Many will come toppling down - if the Big One strikes - more because most of the tallest buildings - are built on land that is prone to liquefaction and severe flooding.

The voters were right - when they voted against - the Washington 8 in close proximity to the Ferry Building.

Those in favor of this project - were sent a very strong message by the tax payers and legal voters of San Francisco. We vote you in - your promise us - to do this and that. All we see and witness - is the worst type of buffoonery.

It is the same with what is going on in and around Pier 70 - that project has not done the needful - when it comes to abatement and mitigation.

Over a millions tons of coal tar, three contaminated sites linked ammonia spills, other very toxic contamination - from the activities when the ships were built - as part of the World War II efforts.

Of course Joe Boss would not know that - and less the San Francisco Port Commission that rubber stamps - most everything.

Politicians like Willie L. Brown jr - the former "thug mayor" of San Francisco - does not help. 

He has his dens - all over the place - fully paid for and given to him on a platter. The Saint Regis, the Four Seasons - other dens that will be kept - confidential - for now.

Investments in Macao with the gambling operations - partnering with WYNN and others - that most do not know about - and there is more.

It does not help when Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul Pelosi - rake in millions - and own huge mansions closer to San Francisco - and more in the Napa Valley and else where.

It is the same with Diane Feinstein and Richard Blum - who have so much money - that power had gone up their head.

Richard Blum trying to acquire City College, the many Post Offices - his wife facilitating " a sole bid in his favor" using undue influence.

Our Post Offices are unique and many of them Land Mark buildings. Who ever thought that Richard a scum bag - could facilitate something good and viable and take us to a better place?

Our politicians stink - and both in the Congress and the Senate - their poll ratings - are the lowest ever.

It is the same - right here in San Francisco - the likes of Scott Wiener, Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, David Chiu - they all must be booted off.

Fake politicians we have them - dime a dozen in San Francisco.

This land is Ohlone Land - more Muwekma Ohlone land - and I represent the Mukwekma Ohlone on matters linked to Base Closure, Land Use, Infrastructure and government.

I paid my dues working for the Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco. I know a crook and can smell a crook - from a far - the likes of Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, Scott Wiener, and David Chiu.

Our City and County of San Francisco has failed us miserably - and I have brought several issues - with solutions - to their attention. 

Now is the time for those in the Mission, the Western Addition, the Bayview Hunters Point, the Excelsior, other decent areas with decent constituents.

More - all constituents of San Francisco - all registered voters - to boot the fake politicians - who have been selling us out.

We can do it and we must do it - that time has come - and this is the final - clarion call.

Friday, August 29, 2014


The San Francisco Office of Emergency Services - the  San Francisco Department of Emergency Management  - talk the talk - but when the next Big One - the earthquake hits San Francisco - we San Franciscans will be left to fend for ourselves.

At a recent meeting the "buffoons" were busy patting each other on their "behinds".

Praising the Mayor of San Francisco for saying this and that. Visiting Napa - bringing in some so called experts - to give presentations - none of which speaks to a plan we have in place if and when the Big One - strikes.

Tons of talk and most of it  - "fluff".

In the year 1989 - the City and County of San Francisco had no Emergency Center with a sound communication center.

No Emergency HUB worth the salt, nothing at all that has anything at all that deals with the earthquake.

Some of us who were trained by the Army.

The Corps of Engineers, and some City Building inspectors - did what needed to be done - when the Earthquake struck San Francisco and the neighboring areas - in 1989.

Today, 25 years later we are worse off.

First and foremost if you ask these "buffoons" - if they have a radio system that works well - the answer will be they are working on it. 

Yes working on it - more after the pandemonium at 9/11 and several other major incidents - here in San Francisco.

After all these years - we are still working on it - and when the matter came before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - Jane Kim and other - instead of endorsing and voting for the improvement of our radio and communication system - all monies given by the Federal Government - were stalling the project.

We are now in the year 2014 and we are still working on our communication system.

Chuck Swanson and I had a state of art Communication System installed at the Presidio of San Francisco - with Lucent Technologies and Motorola as two of many Primes that helped us - when Pacific Bell controlled the telephone system.

So, I know what I am talk about - and even today the Community System the City and County has - with a $9 Billion dollar budget - is primitive.

The Dispatchers treated with disdain - the burnt out rate among them never taken into account - and those in charge - pathetic to say the least. I have been watching the Department of Emergency, the Office of Emergency Services - they keep changing their names - much like a chameleon.

We have 37,000 City Employees and few of them are certified to address Emergency Duties in a stellar manner. None of them have on year or two year experience - in providing and training duties - linked to Emergency Services.

They have no "standard" training - and the head of Human Services - was talking from both side of her mouth. In the past they hired personnel who worked for the Federal Emergency Management Agency - so I know what I am talk about. Having spoken to these individuals from FEMA working for the City and County of San Francisco - how well prepared our City was prepared.

It is not the Identification Cards that matters - but what practical training any City Employee has - more certified to serve our City and County - which has a population of about 805,000.

We must learn quickly to address the situation at hand by evaluating the empirical data. We continue at these so called Emergency Meetings - where the public is kept out - and the recent meeting was held - with a 72 hours notice.

Buffoons patting their behinds - talking about issues that are mundane - and not practical.

It is true that we can have a system that informs us of an impending Earthquake - but it is not fully in place.

The entity wants money - and has been trying to raise money for the last 10 years - without any viable or sustainable - results.

Right now we do not even have many sites in place - with heavy duty machinery - that can be brought to remove obstacles - and create pathways.

We do not even have the people to operate these heavy duty machines - we talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

We do not have a helicopter. We could have some drones to bring the much needed information - surfing the landmass and providing much needed - digital information. We talk the talk but fail to have the basic tools in place. Shame of these fools who waste tax payers money.

Basically we have these buffoons who cannot understand the fundamental - they know little about logistics, have no common sense, less experience in these matters - and are quick when it comes to diatribe and spewing hot air.

The entire City and County of San Francisco must be divided in quadrants. Each quadrant must have a Chain of Command that can address the basic things required - with those who specialize in logistics and proven implementation models - to execute and bring about law and order.

When it come to electricity and water - linked to our reservoirs - further sub-division - with higher command individuals in charge of such operations. The same with hospitals, shelter, food and water distribution - and so on.

Right now we can train such folks - and must incorporate the Army, Navy, and Air Force personnel already in our community - to help contribute their talents and experience. We cannot count of the SF Human Resources, the Controller Office, the Mayor's Office, and other others - who do not have the long and much need experience and knowledge - to provide succor to the population of San Francisco - when the Big One - strikes.

God have Mercy of Us - if the BUFFOONS - are in charge.

Funny looking people talk at these meetings - you really to not get any feeling - that these folks can achieve much - talking in circles - what they purport and pretend they are capable of doing - all fluff - and not in any way practical to any emergency - small and less - bigger.

We have had this situation before with the same "idiots" who now talk - and are in place.

There was a  major oil spill off Crissy Field - and no one could take control of the situation. The United States Coast Guard - had to take the lead. Mayor Gavin Newsom was pussyfooting in Hawaii.

Again and when we have some traffic jams - if two major accidents - on two main arteries where heavy heavy plies - everything - comes to a standstill. More if there are three accidents - I love to observe - how the situation is handled.

The empirical data is there - but the "buffoons" will never, ever get it. Simply because they have no training, less access to the real empirical data - and even less be able to analyse the data. You need to be educated on issues.

The Neighborhood Emergency Response Tranining (NERT) is just basic training.

The websites mention linked with the Department of Emergency are shallow and can be improved - more in this growing - digital world.

Twitter and FaceBook - is about something - not about empirical data - and have no ability to give a clear situation when the Big One strikes. For sure there are some Application in place that can be used - but they are NOT - for free.

For examples each quadrant must be assigned some doctors and Registered Nurses, some engineers, some folks who have military experience - nothing of that sort is in place today. In the year 2014.

Our Neighborhoods in San Francisco are promised something - and most of it is fluff. I have a plan for my neighborhood - and will take care about the situation at hand. 

I know what happen in 1989 and have a Commander's Award to prove what I did to serve this City and County of San Francisco from the General who was in command of Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco - General Harrison - a great General and well respected. The Mayor then in 1989 - was Mayor Art Agnos.

Thousands of units that are going to be built at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Park - all prone to liquefaction and flooding.

The City Engineers know that - so is there a plan in palace today to come to the rescue of those living - right now in that area?

The answer is NO. Does anyone have the balls to meet with me - when it comes to the Southeast Sector? This the land of the Muwekma Ohlone - that I represent! Come one make your way - toward our domain and let us pow wow.

If there is plan - you can get a big reward - just provide the plan in detail - with the Chain of Command and the assigned duties - complete with names and addresses and telephone numbers in place - to Dr Espanola Jackson.

I bet you for all your talk - you are not worth the salt.

Pacific Gas and Electric who has robbed us all - we who pay our Electric and Gas bills - must have a similar plan.

PGE - must put this plan in place at their own - expense.

We must have storage building - that are seismically sound - that have generators, waters, medicine, and other essential commodities in place - none of which today is in place - today.

The Department of Building Inspection must carry on exercises - and the maps and other required tools - must be stored and kept in a sound building.

That was NOT the case some years ago. I asked the question and there was "dead" silence - from the then Building Inspection Commission.

Today - all our important landmark buildings - must have an emergency plan in place - and twice a year - a drill or exercise - must take place.

Much, like we had - when the Sixth U.S. Army was present at the Presidio of San Francisco. 

The Naval Air Station in the East Bay - such exercise were conducted regularly at the many Army, Navy, and Air Force bases - with proven - results.

We do have some screwed up exercises - and they look good - but they are no where close to reality.

 I have watched these exercises, taken notes - and shared them with the so called - experts.

Start with your radio operations - where communication is improved to standards - that are acceptable.

The City that has 11 Supervisorial Districts and 10 Police Precincts - poor representation and over lapping of services.

This must be fixed. Today the Captains if asked certain questions about certain areas - certain issues - cannot give you a direct - answer.

Our City and County is famous for talking the talk and not walking the walk.

Ask the San Francisco Police Department - what truly has happened to the PERF report?

Ask the SF Police Department when is the last time they had a " large emergency exercise" with the "SF Fire Department" - in the Southeast Sector - the answer will be NO.

We all remember a SF Police Officer who did a good job in the year 1989 - helping to evacuate the people at the Candlestick Stadium - where the Baseball World Series final was being played.

After that the Police Officer - left on his motorcycle - rode it on a freeway - that was not yet open to the public - his bike encountered some hurdle - and he died. I often think about this accident - because I knew this Police Officer and his sister too - who is alive today.

With all my experience I would not trust the present "buffoons" at all - who are in charge of the Emergency Services.

I have my own stash and I will take care of my people.

I am not about to give you "buffoons" are real plans - figure out - how best you can save your - asses.

Right now you are drowning in the "cesspool" of your own - creation.

God have mercy on you poor so called representatives - not worth the salt.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Earthquakes and tremors are not very popular - especially if the epicenter is close to where you live.

Right now there are so many tremors - that each time there is a tremor - those in the Napa County area - are getting stressed. 

Constantly reminding them of the 6.2 earthquake - and nothing prevents Mother Earth from announcing another big Earthquake - I hope and pray not.

The Calavares Dam is in close proximity to Hayward fault - and the experts from the United States Geological Survey - other experts who study earthquakes - and rightly so - sound the clarion call - the Hayward fault is next - they say.

Our San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has been too slow to comprehend its critical infrastructure, its valid assets - more Mountain Tunnel close to the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir and of course the Calavares Dam - which right now is standing - with its old earthen dam - very vulnerable to an earthquake.

The new Calavares dam has been ripe with problems and issues - and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - nonchalant mentality - does not help.

If  the Calavares Dam is compromised - the entire Fremont Area will be flooded.

So far the SF Public Utilities Commission has not taken both the Mountain Tunnel upgrade or building a brand new tunnel serious - it will cost the SF Public Utilities Commission - in excess of $60 million.

No one really had a check list - the Mountain Tunnel closest to the Hetch Hetchy Resevoir or dam - should have been attended first - but know the SF Public Utilities Commission - they chose to attend to it - last. Therein lies the crux of the problem - buffoons - one blind buffoon leading the other.

I will be address these issues today at the August 26, 2014 at 1:30 pm at the SF Public Utilities Commission Meeting - in Room 400 at City Hall.

In the interim a deep crevice and several fissures were detected at the Calavares Dam - and over 2 millions tons of dirt had to be removed - to strengthen the wall - with concrete.

All this costing the SF Public Utilities Commission - millions of dollars - as much as $100 million plus - tax payer money.

Had the Prime who is doing the work URS done a better job - we would not have had this problem.

 But, few will get back to URS and confront them - URS is closely connected in many ways - with Richard Blum - who just happens to be Senator Diane Feinstein's husband. One worse than the other.

It does not help that even now in the year 2014 - we still have to work with corrupt politicians - who plant consultants at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - 525 Golden Gate Avenue.
Tax payers pay their salaries and politicians make hay while the sun shines.

AECOM has Abraham Leamons, there are other corrupt individuals all consultants - who the drab, inept, shallow SF Public Utilities Commission - depends on.

Guy Hollings, Al Williams, and others who get paid - just for blowing some hot air - up you know what.

In the meantime we have folks like Ivy Fine and Juliet Ellis - corrupt to the core - creating problems and hurdles when it comes to payment.

Juliet Ellis the Assistant General Manager for External Affairs - what ever that means - now wants to create a for-profit - Friends of the Southeast Community Facility Commission - that the Federal Bureau of Investigation - must investigate.

Enough is enough - tax payers - hard earned money - going to pay these consultant and folks like Juliet Ellis who admitted to breaking the law.

Juliet Ellis needs to fill out her Form 700 and so do the many consultants - as now mandated by the Ethics Commission and the City Attorney.

We have San Francisco City and County employees - who hold two jobs - some several and earn money on the side. Now they all have to provide their Form 700 - duly filled and signed.

 It is also known to me - how some City Officials - will take bribes - and that includes many San Francisco Supervisors. This is totally uncalled for - and the sooner these vermin are investigated the better.

The bribes often allow these City Officials to look the other way - when it comes to standards linked to projects - like the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) and the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP).

It has been some time now those of us following the United States Geological Survey website - and the many maps they post on their site - pointing to the Hayward Fault - which last had an Earthquake in 1868 - that is long, long time ago.

Time for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to go to work and more represent the people. The tax payers, constituents - who pay their salaries and their very expensive - benefits.

Hydrologic regime shifts for the North Pacific Landscape:


Most of us here in San Francisco remember the Earthquake in 1989 which was a 5.9. This one Earthquake left a lasting memory on most of us present - me more.

This recent one with its epicenter in the Napa County - to be precise American Canyon - was 6.2. Any quake - which is technically, a prolonged tremor - an earthquake - over 6.0 is of serious concern.

Recently all over the world there were a series of earthquakes over 6.0. Mother Earth is telling us something. Even if the Earth causes the most horrendous thing to happen - as far as the Earth is concerned - it will go on.

Much as it has in the past. In less than 300 years we have contaminated, polluted, tap our water resources - our streams, our rivers, but more than that the watershed.

There is a relationship with water and the land mass - two thirds of our Earth - believe it or not - is water.

They say one way the Earth announces - the stress - it releases the stress - from the very Earth plates that move, rub, dash, clash - and do their thing.

The plates send these prolonged tremors - the bigger ones called earthquakes - they cause adverse impacts - often killing people and destroying property.

We reflect a little - go on with our work - and wait for the next episode. We have no hurricanes but when it comes to tremors and earthquakes - God keep us alive and kicking - remind us who is in charge.

From past experiences of earthquakes - there is the rolling sound - much like a train - and then you feel the Earthquake. That is what happened in 1989.

Then there is a sudden jolt - and before you know it - your senses force you say - "that's an Earthquake". That is what happened recently - and that is exactly what I said - half asleep at 3:20 in the morning.

Napa has suffered a loss - many of its landmark buildings - some seismically retrofitted, still - suffered structural damage. The many red bricks buildings - suffered the worst damage.

There were some human injuries and one death has been reported. All in all this recent Earthquake just announced and keeps announcing - that the Earth in our area - has something to say.

Billions of dollars worth of aged wine and other expensive wine - splashed to the ground.

As the barrels and wine bottles - broke on impact - "  some bottles worth thousands of dollars - you cannot cry over spilled wine" - or is it spilled milk!

This year they say was a good year - the drought has some impact on the vines and the grapes mature well.

The content and the quality of the wine - this year - they say was one of the best - but then came the "earthquake" - and had to ruin it for those that treasured their lively hood - and their precious cargo.

Californians more in the Napa Valley region are resourceful.

The United States government and the other agencies like the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) - will come look, review the situation - and promise some help.

That help will take ages - sufficient time for the wine to age - and life must go on - and it will go on.

When a major Earthquake strikes - we all have our tales to tell - what exactly we were doing - in 1989 - come to mind at once.

Once at dinner - at one table - there were two individuals - who introduced themselves - as being there when the 1906 Earthquake took place. Of course they were young in 1906 - and that  dinner took place - way back in 1991.

My long last earthquake experience was when I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco - a federal jurisdiction.

I went into action in 1989 - for which the General at the Presidio of San Francisco - deemed fit to honor me with a Commander's Award.

At first I thought little of it - but as time goes by - this award meant a lot.

We had to go into action - take control of an area - do the logistics and help the people - in San Francisco.

The Red Cross came three weeks later - we had done most of the work - and just passed on what was in place to the Red Cross.

We are a City and County of San Francisco - there was no sound, stellar, or truly workable Emergency Center in 1989.

There is an  San Francisco Emergency Office now - and the many exercises conducted by the Office of Emergency Services - an entity which is meant to be prepared - but you never know.

Last I heard there was some talk that our radios that operate on a different frequency would be strengthen  and fine tuned - to make them fully operational and useful.

The Federal government would be giving us millions - I do not know - if this new system - is in place.

More, where most of the emergency crews - can talk and communicate well - clearly hear one another and act.

Without major static and interference - as we all experience before - and even for sure a year ago.

The best preparation is to be prepared on a smaller - more intimate scale - the neighborhood block.

The San Francisco Fire Department and others conduct Neighborhood Emergency Response Training (NERT) courses - that prepare one - to address the basic needs and requirement - when the Big One strikes.

On a wider scale downtown too - there are emergency drills - trying to evacuate people from the many skyscrapers.

Mock traffic jams are created - creating some traffic hurdles - and then trying to address the mess - all these are exercises - that help some.

However, when the real thing happens - those that have nerves of steel somehow take charge and put those who are supposedly trained and know a lot - to shame.

You see things truly damaged, blood, people crying and shouting in pain, roads damaged, freeways down - with folks pinned and emergency crews and other working hard, all sorts of noises - ambulances - and so on - it is a war zone really - only without enemy fire.

In areas where the poor live - the best thing to do - is to get prepared.

Do not dream that help will come - these folks that talk a lot -  mostly from the San Francisco Office of Emergency Services - are just that - talk.

Truly speaking we should have a couple of teams from San Francisco - go to Napa - do our thing and report.

But - that is far from what you will expect - from those that talk the talk and cannot walk the walk. The first think they will think about - who will pay for the service we donate?

I have been getting calls from loved ones and others - inquiring if all of us are safe in San Francisco ? 

We are - thank God.

Some did not even wake up at 3:20  am when the quake announced itself.

They slept through - well, so much for steel nerves - and a deep sleep that rides you through a earthquake - oblivious to this fact.

I woke up  abruptly - to find out from the media that indeed it was an earthquake, centered in Napa County.

First they said it was 5.8 then within hours - 6.0 and then finally they settled for 6.2.

A memorable day in my life - this they say the largest earthquake in the last 25 years. 

I still feel the 1989 closer to San Francisco - impacted more people, caused more damage and left a truly, lasting impression.

I remember the 1989 Earthquake - jolting most everyone - including those taking a nap - it was 5:09 or so in the evening - I was on the freeway - and as I exited - to land on San Bruno Avenue - I felt the impact.

I got a call - my cell phone was working - and I was on my way - to go do what I do best.

We had the Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco - already - putting out fires in the Marina.

Other soldiers doing what they do best - I remember their stellar service - and more their lasting friendship.

Mayor Art Agnos was the Mayor - he was there at the ceremony at the Presidio of San Francisco - so was General Harrington - the Corps of Engineers.

The previous morning I was told to report to Pershing Square - that I would be honored.

" Honored for what ?" - you will find out they said. 

 I put on my best sports coat - and reported on time. Still wondering what was all the fuss about.

Then I met others - " they wanted to honor us for what we all did during the earthquake" - it still did not sink in.

When our soldiers took their position, the flags and all - the Sixth U.S. Army band - the dignitaries all lined up not far from us - about 30 individuals waiting to be honored - reality struck home.

The announcements were made - and then came the pinning of the medal - and the certificate - Commander's Award - well, we all had earned it.

Now I treasure this award more - I served well at the Presidio of San Francisco and got another Commander's Award before I retired - the first one is - memorable.

The Commander's Award 1989 was special - it was because I took charge of a situation - and helped thousands - with my Sixth Army soldiers - working shoulder to shoulder - doing what we do best.

On my FaceBook I still have that photograph - of course I had a full head of jet black hair - and people - still recognize me from that photograph.

You see those standing in attention to receive their award, the Corps of Engineers - most important the Sixth U.S. Army in all its regalia. Memories of an earthquake and all that it brought out - in so many of us that love this City and County of San Francisco.

Of course today no more Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco - today - we have other entities that have yet to prove their worth - one of them the Office of Emergency Services - too much talk and no walk.

God Bless America and God bless the United States of  America.