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Monday, July 30, 2018


Turtle Island - protected and preserved -
for over 15,000 years - 
no mention made today - by those that are GREEDY -
 more corrupt to the core.

Turtle Island - now called America - by those that landed here by mistake.

Since their early arrival - the strangers were found famished and begging to live - helped by the Native Americans - only, to bite the hand that fed them. 

As some few years went by - the values that were preserved and protected for thousands of years - were thrown asunder.
In less than 300 years - what was protected and preserved for over 15,000 years - has been destroyed.

The strangers - and we know who they are - disrespected  Mother Earth.

These strangers -  take anything and want everything - wasting and acting nonchalant  - steeped with GREED of the highest order.

Chief Sitting Bull said if " these strangers - had double the land that they have access to - today - they still  would not be satisfied " - as I have so many times -  " these strangers worship GREED ".

Chief Sitting Bull - 
a wise leader, a healer - he united 
the Lokata Nation - 
he still is a force to be reckoned with.

Chief Joseph - loved his people -
his people treated with disdain -
even today as we look at his photograph -
we see the compassion and the deep respect -
he had for his people. Indigenous people.
Majestic and a Chief with Wisdom.

Our Nation as we know today - does not respect the indigenous people.

The indigenous people have been treated with disrespect - but, not for long.

Those that are GREEDY are already experiencing all sorts of inherent diseases - tumors, cancer, respiratory diseases - many prefer dying than living on this Earth.

Further the million - dying from over doses of Opioids.

Other types of drugs - we call them " addicts " and we see them shoot in front of children - they have no respect for themselves. 

They mostly perish on the streets, in areas that are filthy, they die and no one seems to care.  Such is the sad state of affairs - prevailing here in San Francisco - more with the current Mayor - who talks from both sides of her dirty - mouth.

Even here in San Francisco.

 All over the Nation - we see - flooding and fires - one of a kind - today - Firefighters - from all over the Nation - are here in California.

Here in California over 140 million dead trees - in our forest - the authorities know about it - but cannot do anything much - today - these " dead trees " - burst into deadly flames - much like mini-atomic bombs - taking everything in its path - incinerating - and taking most everything in its path - ashes.

Once the indigenous people - cleared the over growth - until the U.S. Forest Department debarred those that took care of our Forest - from acting and doing those things that they learned and knew best.

Today, the under-growth is so thick - that on single spark - can fuel a fire so intense - that with the high winds - the intense fire - explodes and sends cinders a quarter of a mile away. Recently in the Redding Fire - across the Sacramento River - better know as the Carr Fire and there is more.

Indigenous people - have seen San Francisco - and the neighboring area - the Bay Area - contaminated and polluted.

Congestion on our streets, human beings in the thousands - living under bushes, the freeways, in tents on the streets. We have over 12,000 homeless - here in San Francisco.

Now - and then an encampment of homeless removed - and those that lived in the encampment - treated with disdain.

I know what I speak off - and the time has come to treat human beings - more seniors with deep - respect.

If you do not - you will fall flat on your face - much like others who thought they were pompous and did not listen - some of them are no more.

Andrew Jackson

Donald Trump 

The above two - one worse than the other - have no respect for anything on this Earth - both contributed to harming Mother Earth - and left imprints - that to this day - hurt and harm - so many.

Climate change is here to stay.

Using fossil fuel to pollute the ozone and deplete the ozone level.

Continuing  - having - disdain for human beings.

 Even infants and children who are immigrants - plucked from their parents and segregated - treated with disdain - and all this and more - is disgraceful - and the White House should be ashamed of themselves.

Stupid Executive Order - that have No teeth - causing untold divisiveness - other discriminatory actions - more against people of color - being the forte of the above two.

One worse than the other.

There is a Force that sees it all - and the time has come - to remove the " egoistical maniac " - deranged - a man who has lost his mind - a laughing stock of the world.

Sunday, July 29, 2018


Corruption of the worst order -
prevails in San Francisco -
Community Benefits meant to uplift the community -
doled out to unsavory characters -
one worse than the other - this must STOP.

Corruption of the worst order -reigns supreme in San Francisco - and Blacks - more outsiders - unfortunately are caught in a web of corruption - their hands in the cookie jar  -
their  pants down.

City officials and Law Enforcement have failed to monitor the chronic on going corruption  - those embedded in some Enterprise Departments - foremost the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Millions of dollars of Community Benefits are being diverted to corrupt entities foremost Young Community Developers, Girls 2000, Baycat, and a host of minions on the pay roll of Dwayne Jones and Juliet Ellis.

When you follow the money - complete with a flow chart that points what everyone connected to the " plot " - has amassed.

Who is doing what, when, and why  to amass illegal wealth - even a fifth grader can see the prevailing nonsense.

However, when it comes to enforcement - the on going so called accountability entities - move at a snail's pace.  Time will tell.

This is totally uncalled for - more since - we the lay persons - are doing the heavy lifting.

The Bayview Opera has 6 Board members -
and all the 6 Board members has been termed out -
those wheeling and dealing - 
cannot answer to the Internal Revenue Service -
and cannot account for the missing $3 million. Go figure!

In the Bayview Hunters Point area - it has been close to 11 months - and though we have a clear verdict from the Sunshine Task Force - we still cannot trace over $3 million missing - and not accounted for - the Bayview Opera House.

Malia Cohen the District 10 Supervisor - has hired her aunt and sister to join forces against the community that has been held hostage. Malia' aunt and sister - and Malia think - that the Bayview Opera House - is their fiefdom. 

When decent Blacks ask to rent the Bayview Opera House - they are told the rent is as high as $6000 an event and as low as $4000 for a single event. 

That they need liability insurance, and a host of hurdles and obstacles - that make you wonder - what has happened to the welcoming and kindness - that prevailed before these monsters - took over.

Barbara Ockel who once was on the Board of Directors - and now is the Director or Manager of the Bayview Opera House - is having a field day. 

Barbara Ockel has committed so many illegal activities - and while all this is going on - raking in over $200,000 for herself.

It is a crying shame - when outsiders come and say things - as if they are factual. 

Shamann Walton will say - he is from Middle Point up on the hill. That he has served the Bayview Hunters Point area - his whole career - none of which are factual.

Shamman Walton is an outsider from Vallejo and I have done more for Vallejo fighting Lennar who promised to build 10,000 homes at Mare Island.

Lennar - did not keep their promise - and forced Vallejo to declare bankruptcy - Vallejo, relied on that promised money that would come in - that never did materialize.

Here comes Shamann Walton - takes money from Lennar Urban aka 5 Points Holdings LLP - and endorses hight limits and worked against the Bayview Hunters Point advocates - and stands and fosters divisiveness - thinking he can pull wool over our eyes in broad daylight.

Shamman Walton will say things that are NOT true about me - if he has anything to say about me - he should talk to me face to face - much as I do when I see him.

Here is his bio - and I challenge him to say that it is not true :

Dwayne Jone a consumate liar -
had a long run pitying one against the other -
the time for him to leave us alone in now -
this man - amasses millions - while doling out -
stale bread crumbs to others - to placate them.

Dwayne Jones who came to this community - to work for Young Community Developers - in the early 2002 - to this day has created divisiveness - never seen him with a woman - and never know him to keep his word.

Dwayne Jones has positioned himself to receive thousands of dollars - embedding himself in a contract that will allow him to have cash flow - for the next 15 years. The EMERSON contract - his team with all outsiders - will conduct the outreach.

Dwayne Jones has long been alone as the lone wolf - who says sweet nothings - and then preys on those that trust him - he must leave our community alone - and stop aiding abetting this strange folks - all dressed up in suits - who are not trusted by the community at large.

Dwayne Jones has been doling out hundreds of people - who are on his payroll - demanding $50,000 whenever he wants and demands - from some stash - that he can ask for and gets it on a platter.

This is besides the millions that flow into his company - RDJ Enterprises LLC.

Dion-Jay Brookter

My good friend Derrick Toliver has taken credit for recruiting Dion-Jay Brookter from Fresno.

 Bringing him to Young Community Developers (YCD) - where he assisted Shamann Walton who is the Director of YCD - and thereby positioning himself for other positions -
and has continued to do so - paying NO attention to certain
rules and regulation - coming under the SF Human Resources Department.

When Toye Moses retired - as Director of the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building at 1800 Oakdale - I saw Dion-jay appointed to the position that Toye Moses - occupied. I wondered how did that happen. Wow!

After that I heard and verified the Dion-Jay Brookter went back to his old position at Young Community Developers - and also was appointed on the Southeast Community Facility Commission - he missed the last meeting  - though. Wow!

The position that was vacant was filled by Shakirah Simley - she is not from the community - the same position held by Toye Moses - left vacant and filled by Dion-Jay Brookter - and now suddenly filled by Sharirah Simley who hails from  - New York.


We have several young adults capable of holding the above mentioned positions - at Young Community Developers - where wheeling and dealings go on daily. 

Outsiders with links to those at Young Community Developers are backed to the hilt - to fill positions - that can be easily filled by young adults from the Bayview and San Francisco - who have lived in San Francisco - but if you apply for the position - you will be plainly told - you are not qualified.

Shakira Simley -
has no clue what is happening all over San Francisco -
an implant from New York.

Now, once again Toye Moses old position is vacant - this woman who just arrived from New York  - is leaving to help the newly announced Vallie Brown - as her aide - the seat that London Breed left open - in District 5.  WOW!

The San Francisco Human Services - has been fast asleep at the cockpit - the UNION has been complicit - working on Dion-Jay Brookter's pay scale - according to reliable sources.

Now suddenly a woman from New York - has the blessing of Harlan Kelly - who played a key part - in giving Shakirah Simley a job  - filling the empty seat left by Dion-Jay Brookter - and now working for the anointed Supervisor of District 5.

Let us see how this seat at Southeast Community Facility Commission Building is filled - by whom and how the salary is negotiated.

Harlan Kelly - 
General Manager of the SF Public Utilities Commission -
an Enterprise Department -
that generates millions - and doles out million too -
tax payers money to nefarious - activities.

The corruption within SF Public Utilities Commission - knows no bounds - Harlan Kelly is in charge of the Southeast Community Facility Commission - and has failed San Francisco.

Saturday, July 28, 2018


Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr., Gavin Newsom -
and the late Edwin Mah Lee -
they all share in failing to represent San Franciscans -
more Quality of Life issues.

Starting more with the " thug " Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr., - the Gavin Newsom - the late Edwin Mah Lee and now the worst of them all - London Breed - all of them have failed to address Quality of Life issues - all over San Francisco.

What the above chracters have achieved is filled their campaign coffers - with "bequest dollars in the millions ".

They all have failed to represent the constituents of San Francisco - and have earned that singular distinction - they all have " Blood on their hands ".

These steps all lead to the various 
"dens" at City Hall - where most the Board of Supervisors
are well know for - wheeling and dealing -
corruption has reached saturation point.

It is a crying shame - we have NO accountability and transparency in San Francisco. We have a $11 Billion budget and " idiots "  managing our City and County of San Francisco - pulling wool over our eyes - who is fooling whom?

Right now we do have a qualified City Engineer, our Department of Building Inspection is a mess.

 We still have issues with the Millennium Building - sinking 22" and tilting to the Northeast 9" - all this in the middle of the Financial District.

To this day no one has asked the SF Public Utilities Commission - a detail hearing on dewatering - that most probably led to the sinking of the Millennium Building.

These skyscrapers - created more
adverse impacts - increase the Carbon Footprint -
and for sure create congestion -
these rich folks who have created this mess -
should pay more for their clean drinking water, 
energy, sewage, and pay an extra tax for creating 
all the adverse impacts.

The lack of standards and poor planning emitting from the SF Planing Department - when it comes to skyscrapers - has adversely impacted thousands.

We have a population of over 12 thousand homeless -  hundreds dying slowly.

No one is paying attention to the brand new morgue - where the remains of unclaimed dead individuals - lie unclaimed for months on end.

Our San Francisco Health Department has been mandated to do better - by the Grand Jury - but those at the SF Health Commission - have been there too long - and cannot come out with concepts and solutions - worth the salt.

Our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors, those with compromised health - more the mentally and physically challenged are suffering.

Puppet on a string -
London Breed - on the street -
we call such individuals - House Negros -
another one of the same caliber - Malia Cohen.
3 Million dollars missing - from the Bayview Opera
House where Malia Cohen, her aunt, and sisters -
operate as stooges adversely impacting the Bayview 
Hunters Point community and there is more.

London can talk the talk -  London Breed spews - more, very hot air - she cannot act because she has NO clout and more lacks the leadership - needed to discern and carry out any task - worth the salt.

Recently she issued a Press Release - most of those that surround her and  advise her - belong to the MACHINE.

Those evil to the core - who control most everything at City Hall - Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Willie L. Brown, others too many to mention - we call it the " devils " on the street.

London Breed is a puppet on the string - and she has just realized this fact - she does not have the guts to appoint individuals who have the guts to speak - truth to power. 

She could have appointed Shannel Williams - to the vacant seat linked to District 5 - she choose a white lackey - who is neither here or there. Such are the ways of those - puppet on a string.

Trying to use Shannel Williams like a dirty rag - this one singular act and the many more to follow - are typical of those - that do not have their heart in the right place. This whoring will come to a halt - sooner not latter.

London Breed is not to be trusted - on the streets - that is the word " do not trust the bitch " - at first I was surprised but not any more.

So what do the many Black sell outs have to say about the true facts that count  - nothing.

Most of the Blacks that backed London Breed - want something on a platter for FREE - they will get nothing.

London Breed is nothing but the image of Barack Hussein Obama.

When Blacks come to power - they mostly pander to the Whites - they suffer from what I call - " inferiority complex ".

The situation becomes even worse - when they are not educated on issues - have no experience working on large projects that address and solve - Quality of Life issues.

These Blacks who are useless - love to pander - more, who lack  - empathy and compassion - must get out of the way - the House Negro is worse than the " Masta " believe you me.

With the lack of leadership, having no education how to run a large City - more the City and County of San Francisco.

Taking orders from those that want favors  accepting bribes, bequest money, worshipping MANNON as do London Breed and Malia Cohen - nothing good will happen for the next two years for sure.

Hence the congestion on our roads, the poor health services, the failing education in our SF Public Schools - more, when it comes to our Black students. Empirical data proves my point.

Once Blacks made up 25% of the population of San Francisco - now it is down to 3% and dwindling.

Homelessness - has plagued our City and County of San Francisco.

The Affordable Care Act - is really not helping us - California stepped up and created innovative health plans - brought some relief - more to our infants and children - even those immigrants who do not have their papers.

Given this situation most folks cannot pay the increased premiums - those working for the City and County of San Francisco - many making over $250,000 and some over $300,000 - all being paid - by the tax payers.

We pay them and get NO - true, representation.

Now London Breed - with Malia Cohen another political whore - are busy ribbon cutting and revealing a brand new garbage can - in the Fillmore aka Western Addition.

Roll up your sleeves and take a broom and clean the fucking garbage on the street. Do not bring your whore mentally to the street - all dressed - ready for the highest bid - you too are ugly as they come - and more worn out and used.

In reality - the Intercept. Predict, and Organize (IPO) entity - created by Edwin Mah Lee - has been doing the job - trying their best to keep the streets clean - in the Western Addition.

The youth are paid minimum wage - and treated with disdain. 

Amere Jackson - he was killed -
he worked for IPO - 
few remember him today - and this 
has been the sad - state of affair -
the other who worked for the IPO and were killed.

5 youth from this project - the IPO project - have been killed. 

I reported on these killings - nothing much coming from the City and County of San Francisco - and nothing what so ever - from the Mayor's Office past and present.

Malia Cohen and London Breed keep hoodwinking - something - thugs are good at - always taking their hustle to the streets and pocketing the money. 

What we the citizens that count can do - is speak truth to power.

The truth always wins - it may take some time - but those that stand tall and represent - those that have their heart - in the right place - never, ever - loose.

Case in point Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - not even animals should be living on that land -  Parcel A and the rest of the parcels.

For the ignorant - Depleted Uranium - was tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - some information that has to be taken into account. 

Check this article where SF police officers - were exposed to high levels of radioactive elements - with intent - building 606 at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard :

Over the years - many have been exposed to the high levels of radioactive elements and continue to this day. 

As I have said before and say again - those not educated on issues - the likes of London Breed and Malia Cohen - cannot and should  be leaders - embedded in their DNA - is pandering and whoring to the highest bidder.

Our City leaders have been talking from both sides of their mouth.

Now, that Whites are suffering the ball game has changed - now the  Whites are suing - and all those with deep pockets - are ready to fork out the money.

What about the thousands of " people of color " who have died - exposed to plutonium, cesium, heavy metals registering high levels mercury, lead - asbestos structures - and more - thousands have been exposed, have suffered, and died.


Folks like Christy Coleman are needed in San Francisco - we have too many Blacks pandering to the Whites - and failing to claim the true contribution to San Francisco. Unlike other cities - Blacks contributed to San Francisco - on day one.

Christy Coleman -
she travels around the Nation -
educating folks on the Civil War -
the true contributions of Blacks then know as Negros -
the Black sellout Negros - ought to learn some from her
work - and stellar education.

Few recollect the valor of all Black soldiers - from the days of the Nation's Civil War  - the wars after the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement - to today's mess and abject divisiveness - emitting from the White House - with Donald Trump at the cockpit - reminiscent of Andrew Jackson - who Donald Trump imitates :