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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SF Art Commission Director Fired - SF Art Commission dubious actions.


Luis Cancel was fired - the San Francisco Art Director who was paid over $147,000 with benefits.

Luis Cancel is going back to New York and San Francisco will have got rid of a pest - one who had good connections to Mayor Gavin Newsom - who himself had a lot to do with the ploys and machinations linked to the San Francisco Art Commission.

Some time ago there was this article in the news about Carlos Santana about wanting to place a piece of art to bring about "peace" in the mission.

Some one told me two months ago about Daniel Macchiarini a well know North Beach Artist and how there was some static between him and the SF Art Commission. I listened and shook my head - I know personally of a number of cases - with the high handedness linked to the SF Art Commission. The SF Art Commission may think they are doing a good job - but that is not the case - especially in poorer neighborhoods.

Emma Macchiarini conceived of an idea and brought it to the attention of Carlos Santana - well know artist, singer, and son of San Francisco. Knowing Carlos Santana - Carlos would assist in any project - to help the Mission and the curtailing of violence.

Carlos Santana endorsed this art work tiled "Peace Brother". Fashioned from melted guns this art work depicting a Black Angel would stand for peace and play songs like Lennon's "Imagine" and Bob Marley's "One Love". What a great symbol and what an influence knowing that Carlos Santana himself - had something to do with it.

Granted that the art piece would be place at the future Public Safety Building at Mission Bay.

Bottom line the San Francisco Art Commission could have accommodated Carlos Santana but did not. In fact more so because the San Francisco Art Commission honored Carlos Santana and rightly so - not so long ago.

The San Francisco Art Commission and Luis Cancel shafted Carlos Santana and that was wrong.

Now, we the people of San Francisco must change the rules that are incorporated in our Charter to give large amounts of money to the San Francisco Arts Commission. Two percent or so from large project costing millions and in the case of the SF Airport and SF Public Utilities Commission - billions.

We really do not need a character like Luis Cancel - who misused funds, was arrogant, and now choose to leave San Francisco. Good riddance of bad rubbish. The man got a slap on his wrist and that was because for Mayor Gavin Newsom has something to do with it.

Now, we must truly change the San Francisco Charter and bring about a amendment that controls the money we give to San Francisco Arts Commission and the power given to the San Francisco Arts Director.

Our SF Board of Supervisor are nonchalant - have not been observant - not all of them but most of them. I saw this recently at the SF Budget and Finance Committee and how they dealt with Luis Cancel - telling us lies and pretending he (Luis) did us a favor - pandering to artists outside San Francisco and trying to project that he (Luis) truly knows what he is doing.

All this time Luis Cancel was a liability - the funny sounds at City Hall - the other woeful pieces of art that only some with a weird sense could appreciate. And our City paid these weird artists to fool us all the time - with their gimmicks - that had nothing much to do with true art.

Imagine birds singing recorded and played from high above City Hall turrets - and a man getting paid to do this. Hopefully not in the sounds. Or the recording of the sound of wind and so on - go to the forest not too far from San Francisco and listen and feel the real - stuff.

Recently, I wrote about the Bayview Opera House and the role of the San Francisco Arts Commission and the Bayview Opera House - Director sponsored and paid by the SF Art Commission. What is the woman doing in a Black neighborhood? What does she really know about Black Culture? Speak up people - most of you all are the living dead and have lost your minds?

Our City has no money - but after spending and may I add wasting a lot of the $900,000 on the Bayview Opera House. We now have the Bayview Opera House - begging for another $500,000 to do some repair work on one single wall. Some one will pocket this money and this money must be audited in detail.

The San Francisco Arts Commission is given too much time on SFTV and we are blasted with false information.

All the crap with art and the waste of money on Middle Market. No one is their right mind - thinks much of those pieces of art - better suited to Burning Man - and in the middle of the desert - some where far - far away.

Now, do not get me wrong but no one gave the San Francisco Art Commission so much power - to do as they please. Do they need to take a permit? Do they have to go to the hassles - we all have to go? Who bears the liability if someone stumbles at the United Nation Plaza and gets hurt - an ugly piece of art - stark naked and in the path of the people. Worse of days - when the Farmer's Market is held. Another eye sore on the other side of road on Market Street and in the front of a Theater that has been boarded up.

In the past the San Francisco Art Commission - got millions.

The pompous San Francisco Art Commission - did not come before any entity that gave them money.

It did not matter if it was the San Francisco Airport Authority, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - both agencies that generate their own income - and right now millions of dollars are in the pipe line and most of the money it being given to artists - that are not from San Francisco.

Well, I am not stupid that all the money has to be given to San Francisco artists.

Millions of dollars going outside and our local artists who are renowned - shafted - is something we must not tolerate. Now, is the time to act - and we have to come out with a plan.

The San Francisco Arts Commission must be put on notice.

We need to revisit the art piece planned by Daniel Macchiarini - the concept by his daughter Emma Macchiarini - and revisit the many millions committed to artists - most outside San Francisco.

Does something ring a bell? Why do we get folks from New York - to tell us what to do?

We have some on the SF Board of Supervisors too - screwing things for all of us - originally from New York. Can you guess who the are?

For now, the San Francisco Arts Commission must be audited - and the best would be for the entire San Francisco Art Commission to be put on notice - half of them can step down - and new blood brought on board.

Sufficient of this nonsense - wasting and committing millions of dollars - of our tax payers money - to folks that do not have anything much to do with our neighborhoods and less for this great City and County of San Francisco.

There are well renowned good artists - and then there are those wanna bees!

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy