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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Planning and developing in the Southeast Sector - a fiasco of sorts..


San Francisco was a City planned in a hurry. Even after 1906 - thousands of homes in the Sunset are build on sand and prone to liquefaction. In other areas - large garages occupy the ground floor prone to a Big Earthquake. In other areas inferior material has been used to build inferior - homes. In more areas than are know to most - toxic hot spots are found - over 1200 all over the City of San Francisco.

The transportation GRID favors all traffic moving toward the Financial District or the Ferry Building where once all the trams and buses - gathered, before making the majority of trips towards the hilly areas - up and down and reaching the outskirts of Ocean Beach and other areas.

Today, the last frontier is the Southeast Sector - but the Racist Planners of yester years had different designs for this area.

The Southern portions of most cities are where the Raw Sewage Treatment Plant, the not so worthy, dirty operations are placed.

In this case the Power Plant, the Concrete and Aggregate operations, of course the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and worthy of noting the Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory - and the 2 million-volt Van De Graaf accelerator that produced tremendous amounts of ionizing radiation - were all in the Bayview Hunters Point Area.

We know that for example ionizing radiation increases womens' chance of getting breast cancer, but also adversely affect the general population.

Depleted Uranium was tested on this site during the World War II era - ships that took part in the Atomic Experiments in and around Bikini Islands - were brought to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and sand blasted. The sand polluted the Bay by the docks but the rest was buried anywhere and everywhere.

Large animals that were placed on the ships - with the Atomic Blasts radiating them - as an experiment - theses mostly large radiated animals - were buried all over Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and no one really wants to address this situation - today.

On Atomic Bomb left San Francisco to be dropped over Japan - killing millions of innocent people and we in American bear responsibility for this dastardly - act.

It is the responsibility of the United States Navy to do a through cleanup of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - but, again and again most Black sell outs - want to develop the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard without any meaningful abatement, mitigation and most of all standards.

None of them comprehend the Planning Rules and Regulation - most of them cannot read less comprehend the Environmental Impact Studies and Report. Less know the significant adverse impacts reading the California Environmental Quality Act and its deliberations.

Even fewer people can address Cumulative Impacts.

All we have are people that are bused from poorer neighborhood, many indigents from Public Housing - we bark: "we want jobs, homes, and parks".

In the year 2000 the voters of San Francisco by over Eighty Seven Percent - mandated the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard be cleaned to the highest standards. T his was done by a Ballot Measure - and Proposition P.

What San Franciscans really had in mind was residential standards.

Today, the United States Navy is pussyfooting with the idea of transferring large parcels - that it has decided to divide such as Parcel B, C, D, E, F, G, UCI and so on - playing games with the lives of thousands of innocent constituents.

The U.S. Navy already made a blunder by transferring Parcel A - which is contaminated today, and is the only parcel that the City and County of San Francisco took over from the U.S. Navy, put it under the jurisdiction of SF Redevelopment Agency who quickly transferred it to Lennar, a Rogue, Big Developer.

Past Mayors of San Francisco and the ones I want to mention Mayors Willie L. Brown Jr., Gavin Newsom and the Interim Mayor of San Francisco Ed Lee want the Shipyard Developed without fair abatement, mitigation, and of course the mandated clean up - through Proposition P passed in the year 2000 by eighty seven percent.

Now, every one knows about the contamination at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Most San Francisco constituents are well educated and we have a number who are highly educated and others that are highly experienced and well traveled and have qualification mostly in larger measure to understand what I am talking about .

Pollution, Dangerous Particulates, Asbestos and Asbestosis, Carbon Dioxide and its ill affects, the Carbon Foot -Print, Climate Change, Liquefaction and Floods, the impending Tsunami and of course the Big One - the Major Earthquake to Hit us within thirty years if not earlier - are well known.

We have been electing Supervisors that are supposed to be educated on issues - but again and again these mostly egotists and men and women are interested in life style issues and face a dilemma - how to speak to the TRUTH having conditioned themselves to be convoluted in all they do.

Why did these strange folks - first of all choose to represent? There was a hidden agenda to project themselves in power to safeguard themselves - and in doing so the majority of the constituents that pay taxes, are decent, have to fall prey to immoral, fuzzy, deficient, policies and fake behavior. If you speak the TRUTH - you are not diplomatic and more not politically correct.

Politics today and more politicians are despised - because they swim and live in a cesspool of corruption, deceit, lies, and other unsavory factors and deeds - not worthy mentioning.

Planning and Developing the Southeast Sector requires years of study.

I got mine at the Presidio on San Francisco helped establish the Infrastructure Group, the Maintenance Technical Support Group, and the Real Estate Property and Management Group.

Besides all my experience with the Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco and my keen role in Desert Shield and Desert Storm - more with logistics and other vital recovery operations. Working with decent men and women who had ethics and morals. Sound education and were truthful. I have always been a fighter for the truth.

The Presidio has many Historic and Landmark buildings.

A brand new Water Treatment Plant, a State of the Art Communication Center, Gyms and Olympic size swimming pool, the Officers' Club and the Golden Gate Club, 650 buildings and over 1800 housing units and more. A City within a City.

I learned to manage, and maintain these facilities with standards, and learned a lot - over the years you gain experience but with age - wisdom that helps you at the Land Use Meetings, the SF Planning Meeting, address the inept SF Board of Supervisors and if need be the Mayors of San Francisco and the State Governors. I have done it all.

With an eye to help the poor and those that need help until today - nothing much has been planned for the Southeast Sector with deliberation and future progress and development.

The plan has always been to use the SF Redevelopment Agency to gentrify and drive out what these planners perceive to be unwanted elements.

The SF Redevelopment Agency - does not really care about - thousands of Polynesians, Blacks, Native Americans, other poor folks - indigents from the Public Housing - been thrown out, evicted and sleeping on the streets of San Francisco - more the Tenderloin.

The shame of it all - mostly Blacks folks - because of some bread crumbs - and these include our past and present Representatives of District 10, especially - pandering to the corrupt - and evil folks like the Platinum Consultants - that are everywhere and want to favor - disunity, divisiveness and GENTRIFICATION.

The evil entities that want to divide the spoils.

Potrero Hill Public Housing to Bridge Developers, Hunters View to the John Stewart Company, Sunnydale to Mercy Housing. SF Redevelopment was suppose to play an important role - but Governor Jerry Brown - cut all finding to this immoral, corrupt, evil - entity.

Now the SF Redevelopment is planning to use a ploy called Infrastructure Financing Districts to stay alive - and this will not happen - more with the current dire economic situation our Nation is facing.

It is just a couple of month away - if the United States does not muster courage - we get a "D" rating. August 2, 2011 the debt ceiling must be raised - but, even as this factor is being discussed - plans are afoot to cut Medicare and Social Security Benefits. Time will tell.

Greece has got a " C " rating linked to its spiraling economy.

Vultures such as Goldman Sachs are hovering around to acquire all of Greece with Germany aiding and abetting such a ploy and world know what that means.

Portugal is known today for its Junk rating status - but imagine a Super Power - the United States of America with a Moodys - " D " rating affecting Wall Street and revisiting the Economic Tsunami that hit us - in the year 2008.

San Francisco has a unfunded train moving too fast for words - pensions and benefits, double dipping, and other ploys and machinations - that the City will have to fork up and does not have the means nor the balls and gumption to speak to the TRUTH.

So, when some one like Jeff Adachi speaks the TRUTH - the Unions, Law Enforcement, the SF Fire Department - consider him personna non grata.

Well, wake up - if most people that pay taxes are suffering and have to make do with less.

If for the longest time you were paid well and ate like a pig - and if you are being paid by the tax payers - do the right thing.

If you are being paid as I mentioned - take a small cut - if you still make over $100,000 then you are not poor. If you get a $80,000 pension and even if it is $60,000 you are not poor you are NOT an indigent.

Do not give us the crap you put your life on the line - so do millions of people - especially the military and they do not get fat salaries. This especially coming from obese guys who cannot climb the stairs not run around the block. " We put our lives on the line " well you took a oath to serve and all you did most of the time was abuse your power. Look at the tell tale signs in Law Enforcement and within the SF Fired Department. Not all are crooks but most are.

If you want it all - and dare call folks that can think straight you are the scum of the earth.

Sooner not latter you will fall on your face - and you suckers deserve it. Vallejo is on glaring example and I could give you others.

I mention the above - just like SF Planning has been pandering to Big Developers - our City and politicians have been pandering to corrupt UNIONS that want it all - lock, stock and barrel.

The time has come when corrupt UNIONS have been SHAFTED and rightly so.

The City and County of San Francisco has not taken the time to plan and give the best to those that have worked hard. The Southeast Area of San Francisco - that has over 10,000 small business and pay their taxes - gets little if nothing in return.

I have been requesting the Controller Office and the Mayor's Budget Office to give me the figure the amount of taxes - collected from zip code 94134, 94124, and 94107. No one wants to take this challenge.

At this time they are looking at the last frontier - and they want to take short cuts and give it to immoral, cheaters, liars, we call them Big Developers. Well, if this City wants to pussyfoot around - it will get it and get shafted soon - it is called KARMA.

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy