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Monday, June 20, 2011

Selling out the community with dubious ploys and machinations


All of San Francisco and its many constituents have always participated and deliberated in unity - that was until some Blacks in the Bayview mainly but from all over - joined forces with LENNAR, a Rogue Developer to destroy the unity in the Bayview Hunters Point, Potrero Hill and Dog Patch, Little Hollywood, Alice Griffith Public Housing, Visitation Valley, Portola District and other areas all connected with Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point.

There is a past history that many are NOT fully aware of.

When the Shipyard was operational under the United States Navy it employed in its hey day over 10,000 people.

Not all the 10,000 people came from Bayview Hunters Point - they came from all over and so these people and their kin - have a stake in Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

This must be understood by those with parochial attitudes that do no good - when one wants to have a meaningful - dialog.

Proposition P was Citywide - it involved all San Franciscans - we all must understand that. Proposition P which went before all San Franciscans in the year 2000 - mandated the entire Shipyard to be cleaned to residential standards.

Another important point to comprehend is the role of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - which is a quasi-State agency,

The SF Redevelopment Agency - has done more harm then good all over San Francisco. The glaring example; is the Western Addition and the removal of thousands of middle-class Blacks that were forced out of their homes - using Eminent Domain laws.

Most of them suffered - living in despicable Single Residential Occupational Hotels - caught up with drinking, drugs, and so on - destroying so many decent families - mostly Blacks.

Some years ago - the SF Redevelopment Agency chose to defy the constituents of San Francisco - when the SF Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) without any notice - created a large Survey Area.

The first step leading to a Project Area - that gives this dubious entity - the right to do as it pleases - with the land now coming under the jurisdiction - of the SF Redevelopment Agency.

We, the people from all over San Francisco collected over 33,000 signatures to put a Ballot Measure that would stop the SF Redevelopment Agency from developing a large area - some over 2568 acres - including Visitation Valley and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Initially, the 33,000 signature were accepted by the San Francisco Election Department and its Director John Arntz.

However - Dennis Herrera the City Attorney - after we got the certification that the signatures were good - decided to declare the signatures null and void. Many decent San Franciscans were pissed of and continue to be pissed of to this day.

The City Attorney, Dennis Herrera - stated that the entire 4000 pages plus - and some pertinent maps should have accompanied the petition that allowed us to collect the signatures.

This was totally uncalled for - 33,000 people simply would not sign such a petition without some understanding and knowing that it was a just cause - for all San Franciscans.

Then we had Proposition F - where Jim Queen and I were the proponents. We demanded the Shipyard be cleaned to residential standards and that fifty percent of the entire homes built on the land be affordable.

The rest market value. We were joined by all the leading advocates and the respected environmental groups that knew the issues at hand.

We had no money but managed to spend at the most $10,000.

Lennar, Mayor Gavin Newsom, Sophie Maxwell, Aurelious Walker, Lola Little and a host of sell outs - people who with intent harmed the community at large - joined Lennar, the Rogue Developer to put Proposition G on the ballot.

Lennar spent over $5 million and at the last moment made a deal with ACORN, the San Francisco Organizing Project, and the San Francisco Labor Union - and cut a deal.

These parties would get some money - under the pretext that is would be - community benefits. Some $30 million or so. And Lennar, upped the affordable housing to 33% prior to that it was 15%.

The Television stations bombarded the homes in San Francisco. We could not afford one single advertisement be it on the Television or in any newspaper. This is how Lennar loves to take advantage of the people.

Prior to that in the year 2004 - Lennar in grading large areas on Parcel A - bombarded the community and all of San Francisco - with toxic dirt, radioactive materials, Asbestos dust from the grinding and crushing of Serpentine Rock, and dangerous particulates.

Our children, our Elders, our women, our men all suffered from bloody eyes, irritation in the throat, headaches, and other ailments all documented - which our RACIST city, our SF Health Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Toxic and Substances Control, and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, and the Mayor of San Francisco at that time - Mayor Gavin Newsom - failed to do anything, about.

Every convoluted ploy was used at all levels - even using the then Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, Senator Barbara Boxer, Senator Diane Feinstein and other politicians to undermine all San Franciscans and the process of sound planning - leading to good jobs, sound housing, and healthy parks.

It makes no sense to build 10,550 homes on land that is contaminated. No one wants to live in the middle of Chernobyl.

In recent days other machinations have been used to employ our youth some 6o youth - using the pretext that some of the money set aside now, so called Community Benefits - some $500,000 - is being used to help the youth.

There was no SUFFICIENT notice given - and the youth who were approached by me knew nothing about this so called Summer Jobs.

The same crooks linked to Proposition G - are now going around pretending to do good when they with intent - have been doing harm.

We have over 5000 chronic youth truants in San Francisco who are living in and around Bayview Hunters Point.

We have 10,000 truants in San Francisco - that is youth. Of this amount over 6000 are chronic truants. As you see - most of the chronic truants live in the Bayview and no one truly cares what happens to our youth.

At the meetings before the SF Board of Supervisor at City Hall - outsiders, come and speak for the community. Outsiders, that have a hidden agenda and this is not the way it should be.

We have crooks mostly blacks and Poverty Pimp Pastors leading the charge -taking money, from Big Developers to do the devil work.

No pastor worth his or her salt must serve - mammon but this happens all the time - in the Bayview Hunters Point.

No one has a detail plan that spells out in detail the Community Benefits. Community Benefits in the Bayview really means and has meant - money that goes in the pocket of the crooks - bragging, shouting, and barking - Community Benefits - but being egoistical - fostering a hidden, agenda.

The time has come to reveal the TRUTH and more to rid of those that with intent are harming our community - the community at large - all of San Francisco.

Joining ranks, with these corrupt forces - our SF Board of Supervisor and or course the District 10 Supervisor - who grins a lot; has no clue what so ever - what is happen in District 10 - or for that matter in San Francisco.

Chinese constituents pandering to Big Developers in San Francisco.


It is simply wrong for anyone that is not educated on issues to pander to Big Developers who have been working - against the better interests of the informed constituents in San Francisco.

We have seen this in the past and tried to persuade those that are adverse impacting the advocacy of educated advocates and experts - with no result. People are paid to say stuff that they do not believe in and less comprehend.

Some, I repeat some Chinese constituents are enticed with offers of money and other favors and attend meetings at City Hall and in other places - repeating that the Big Developer will build them good homes, offer Park facilities and the promise of Jobs.

While most of us see nothing wrong with Jobs, Parks, and Housing.

What we do see, as a problem, is that prior to delivering the Jobs, Homes, and Parks and land on which these facilities are planned to be built must be abated, cleaned - because they are very contaminated.

Now, if some of the constituents of San Francisco are not astute enough to comprehend that contaminants, more radioactive, dangerous particulates, methane gas and other toxic dirt - all very dangerous to any life. If they cannot understand these issues, these factors, then something is wrong with them.

Chinese leaders must step up and so must the SF Board of Supervisors and say something that will being progress and stop blatant corruption.

Missing in the discussing is the Precautionary Principle that the constituents who back the Big Developers - do not want to discuss.

For the past one year and a half - the Big Developers have recruited Chinese constituents who do not live in Alice Griffith and Hunters Point - to claim that they are interested in living at Candlestick Point and Hunters Point - in homes that Lennar, a rogue developer has promised to build. There has been no movement what so ever - and no one is talking about Lennar, and why it promises so much but is so far behind - and gives no quarterly report on its many nefarious activities.

Now, Lennar a Rogue Developer promised to do the same at Mare Island.

Lennar promised to build 10,000 homes. After 10 years Lennar has nothing to show. Lennar declared bankruptcy - cut off its losses and left - Lennar will do the same at Treasure Island and Hunters Point and Candlestick Point.

The City of Vallejo has jurisdiction over Mare Island and was looking forward to the tax increment from Lennar and the 10,000 homes. When this was not delivered after ten years - Vallejo declared bankruptcy.

Today, Vallejo cannot collect trash, has a skeleton Fire Department and Police Department, in the City of Vallejo and by its City Hall - all sorts of vandalism and rampant prostitution - all this in a City that once had pride. Once a long time ago the Capitol of California.

On another important issue - the issue of cleanup, mitigation, and abatement - the United States Navy polluted the area at Treasure Island and at Hunters Point. If the Navy did that - they are obligated to do the cleanup.

The point the advocates are making is simple - the United States Navy polluted the area - and it is the responsibility of the U.S. Navy to clean the entire area they polluted Treasure Island and Hunters Point - to residential standards.

We, the people of San Francisco - in a Ballot Measure stated this in the year 2000 by a margin of 87% - we, the people mandated that Hunters Point be mitigated, abated, cleaned to residential standards.

The Proposition P was clear and stands as proof - to the foresight and fortitude of the constituents of all of San Francisco. For sure the Chinese constituents at that time did not participate in the voting in large measure - but, now they are participating without any understanding to undermine what we all fought - to win.

Initially, the Black constituents were bused to City Hall - fed cheap, cold pizza and drab cool aid drinks, given money and told to say the same as the Chinese constituents are now repeating - " we want jobs, homes, and parks". The Blacks now realize the well is empty and most of them have turned against one another. They have also been instrumental in being about the speedy gentrification - impacting most Black - because, of lack of unity.

Well, dumb folks and those behind these machinations and ploys - folks like Angelo King, Dwayne Jones, others all dubious in nature and I have named them before - do not have a clue that Lennar is DEAD - they have no money; and more no intention of doing anything on the Shipyard.

The facts are simple; the present economy is telling on the housing industry. All over the Nation - housing prices are falling, and foreclosure in on the rise. No one will buy a home that is built on contaminated soil - and any stupid homeowner who buys such a home - if ever - will have to sign a multitudes of waivers.

You cannot plant in in your backyard. You cannot do by the beach which is polluted. The many restriction that will drive anyone crazy. Who really wants to live in the middle of Chernobyl?

Only an idiot would build homes on very toxic ground. The same holds good for the John Stewart Company that recently was given $40 million and previously got $150 million and spent it on something else - to build homes at Hunters View.

No one is their right mind; will live anywhere near Hunters Point and Candlestick Point - that is polluted and more radioactive. Depleted uranium was first tested at Hunters Point. Other experiments took place too:

Also, there is no sound Public Transportation going to Hunters Views. No Super Market, and basically there are no amenities.

The area, in and around Hunters View is like any Third World Country - if not worse - because it is situated in one of the richest cities in America but has nothing that the other District enjoy and have. One has to physically go distances to go one's shopping, to a good restaurant, to the hospital, to fix your car.

Add to that crime and other adverse impacts like the environment.

No sound Environmental Impact Report (EIR) has been done in and around Hunters Point and Candlestick Point.

The EIR that was done was pushed in haste and has many loopholes - on Hunters Point and Candlestick Point - resulting that it is in court and will be in court for some time. The same with Treasure Island.

The SF Planning Department is becoming like a cookie factory - churning out EIR's like fortune cookies.

This fact has been stated to the SF Board of Supervisors - but again and again, the very corrupt SF Board of Supervisors - whose campaign coffers have been filled by Big Developers - vote for these bogus - EIRs.

If it were not for the present economy - the development would have gone faster.

If the SF Redevelopment Agency were not stopped in their evil tracks by Governor Jerry Brown - it too would have been worse.

The SF Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) gave Lennar millions of dollars and today using corrupt fiscal measures - SFRA is making financial deals with banks - continues to adversely impact - all of San Francisco and the hard working, tax paying, decent San Franciscans.

Never mind; that those making these decision do not live in San Francisco were brought in and hired by former Mayor Gavin Newsom and are now embracing by Ed Lee.

Ed Lee - who talks the talk but cannot walk the walk.

SF Redevelopment is history and that quasi-State agency - must go - be shut down.

It is the SF Redevelopment Agency and the many corrupt folks like Veronica Hunnicutt, Angelo King, Doris Vincent, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Aurelious Walker, Lola Whittle - all Black, that continue to harm the constituents of San Francisco.

All of the above parties have got money from SF Redevelopment Agency to foster corruption - bringing in the Chinese constituents to say something; that they do not comprehend - promising them the world - and in the end - they get NOTHING. This nonsense must stop.

It does not help that we now have some Chinese Supervisors entering the fray and openly supporting the Big Developers. Other trying to become the Mayor of San Francisco for all the wrong - reasons.

Most of them; have no clear understanding of the Precautionary Principle that is law and on the books of San Francisco.

Others, work for consultants like the Platinum Consultants, and cater to corrupt forces - those that put Ed Lee in place as Interim Mayor.

Nothing much has changed from the days of Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Except, that the seeds of corruption have been planted. The base laid down during these interim period to carry out - further adverse impacts.

Many think it is wrong to speak the Truth - but, the matter of fact is that most Chinese constituents try to play it safe - they sit on the fence and see which side is green - than opt to jump on that side.

Just numbers do not count - the value of each constituent counts - the more educated on issues the better the government - this is not some dictatorial government or some drab government from a region far across the ocean blue. No way, this is America, we are a Republic and we have genuine democratic - rights.

If have just a handful Chinese Constituents - that have joined our cause - even though there has been an invasion in say the Portola Distict, Visitation Valley, and Bayview in the last ten years.

In the Portola District for example; the Chinese constituents - now form over sixty percent of the home owner population - but the consequences have been - that the standard of living has been lowered.

On campaigns - you knock at their door and request them to take the material or sign something and all you get is a "NO".

No one, can tolerate this when in a row of say forty houses - one could tolerate - three or four saying - No.

But, when all say No - all the time - something is wrong with this segment of the population.

In past years at least sixty percent cooperated - when we had Maltese, Italian, French, Latino, Blacks and so on. It was a pleasure to do any campaign - we even had the San Bruno Fair, all decked up and a real parade - not the recent mickey mouse one put up by City Hall - that is spiraling year after year.

The Chinese constituents even after living here for years - love to take their orders from the higher ups - much like what is done in China Town.

They only want your support when they are in trouble or when they are being targeted.

It is time the Chinese constituents join the main stream and fight for what is right.

It is time the Main Chinese newspapers - make the readers understand that the Chinese constituents must understand the issues and stand united with what is right.

It is wrong to take money from Big Developers and say things that they do not believe in and less understand.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Fall of Powers Throughout History


History is not kind to many Powers that thought they reigned supreme only to realize that is thinking so and wallowing in their false pride - they were sinking and in sinking brought about their down fall - we see this throughout history - with the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, Alexander the Great, and even with Genghis Khan and his vast empire.

For the last sixty years or so the United States of America thinks it has reigned Supreme and it is this folly, this false pride, this fake empirical data of sorts - that has recently made it realize - that it is at a cross roads of losing all and its title as a Super Power - be it fake.

The United States is vast and has a small population compared to say China, India, Indonesia, and many other small countries.

The United States has a little over 300 million constituents and among them many are here in the United States without legal documentation.

We have a vast expanse and our land and its resources are many - all belonged to the Native American, was stolen from them by force - misused and we still think as a Nation all is well - not so. Aho.

The United States is a young country and the influence of the European or White has been engraved in some form for the last three hundred years or so.

Prior to that for thousands of years; the First People the Native American and the various tribes - lived, worked, procreated and took care of what is known today, as the United States of America.

Today, the United States still calls itself a Super Power.

It also bears the shame of having its indigenous people - the many noble tribes of the United States in the hundreds - segregated and kept on so called Reservations.

Most of them living in very poor conditions and on land that is difficult to cultivate, polluted by outsiders; practicing strip mining, polluting the watershed by adverse impacts - uranium mines, coal mining, and so on and so forth.

Before and after World War II - which was not too long ago - the United States of America was poised to lead.

It did so because it went to the aid of Great Britain and joined forces with Russian, France, and other like minded nations to fight Hitler and Germany and Hitler's allies.

Two atomic bombs fell over Hiroshima and Nagasaki - many forget to remember the consequences of this "dirty deed" - but, those in power, say it had to be done to curtail the Germany forces and send a strong signal to the Emperor of Japan and his fighting forces.

The two bombs leveled the ground, killed millions, and further left millions to suffer for years.

Some of us know about this sordid history and others pretend that our contemporary materialism, good way of living in the richer countries - just happened like that.

The human being is funny like that - she or he; like to remember what is nice and cozy and shun from that - that is bad and ugly.

Perhaps a design element in our way of thinking and behaving that has made us survive - all throughout history, the many phases, the long journey from the land of "being" Africa to where we are today - this Earth of ours; and the many - so many diverse and great human beings, their culture, tradition, wisdom and destiny.

We really do not need Super Powers and we really do not need wars.

Every war is initiated carefully in recent times. Do not think for a moment a Super Power goes into any country just to make war. There are evil forces that will bring about war; so that certain entities can make money - using war and the many components of warring to enrich the coffers and pockets - of those that have no conscience. Money and Greed is their god.

We really did not have to go and fight Iraq.

Prior to that the United States helped Iraq and gave it all it wanted to fight Iran. After the Iraq-Iran ended - with millions losing their lives on both sides - we in the United States - a Super Power did not give a hoot. We despised Iran as we do today and at that time went to bed with Iraq and Saddam and knew all the time - how evil he was - but, we used him to the hilt.

We gave a hoot when the Shah of Iran that we the United States propped up - who treated his subjects with disdain and was over thrown by the clergy and those that did not approve of his vast spending and also torture of thousands of Iranians - that we the United States - did not say any thing about. Because we want his air space and we have his oil.

When our satellite intelligence showed us Iraq amassing huge troops and heading towards Kuwait for days we did nothing. Then under pressure from Saudi Arabia we acted. Few know this but the fact of the matter is that such ploys and machinations - were known and kept under the rug.

Any one can do the research today as they could have done yesterday - but, many are not educated on issues and even if they wanted to do the research - most folks prefer to stay silent, sit on the fence, and jump on that side that helps them and is green.

We helped Kuwait by forcing the Iraqis to flee and killed thousands of Iraqis - we could have gone all the way and captured Saddam Hussein.

We chose to leave him alone. Thus ended Desert Shield/ Desert Storm. I played a role in this war.

It was only when the President George Bush Sr. went to Kuwait after some years; during peace time - and an Iraqi spy was found to have been sent to kill the President George Bush Sr and captured that we the United States - kept that grudge.

Then when 9/11 happened we just decided to take our revenge on Iraq - rather then Saudi Arabia - judging from those we captured and those involved with 9/11 and the Blue Ribbon Commission revealed a lot - but, came out with NO clear adjudication. YES no clear adjudication.

Hardly anyone has read the report of the Blue Commission created to study the 9/11 episode. The reason most people are into gossip and the Main Media and not into facts and the ploys and machinations created and followed by those that seek Money and foster Greed.

We bombed the living hell of Iraq, " Shock and Awe" haunts us today and has been instrumental in bringing down our Economy.

Billions of dollars that could have been spent at home, here in America - have been wasted in Iraq. Once known as Babylon - the land of the Father of all Nations - Abraham!

President George W. Bush Jr. is a loser, a good for nothing man - with inferior leadership - and a mere mortal who with help from his corrupt Republican Party - stole the Presidential Honor from Al Gore. We seem to forget such small details and remember what the Media and Spin favors.

We really have no right to be in Afghanistan too.

We aid the Mujahadeen to fight the Russians.

We really created the Taliban anyway you look at it.

We went after Al Queda who have fled Afghanistan and are now after the Taliban. The Taliban are from Afghanistan and feel that foreigners must not be bossing anyone in their own country.

No foreign Nation has subdued the Afghan people - ask the British - an entire Regiment was killed by the Afghans - then one last British Officer bloodied and sent across the Kyber Pass - to India to tell the real truth.

That is not to say the Taliban are decent, that they treat women with respect, that some of them are evil. As with every society - nothing is prefect. We have NO right to invade any sovereign country without justification and bomb the living hell and kill their citizens.

Given the facts we have a right to invade Saudi Arabia but for some strange reason we are good friends with the Saudis - makes no sense - but money and oil make sense to those in authority.

Saudis treat their women with disdain, keep women as slaves from other countries, and yet we, the United States of America - treated the Saudis with respect. Why?

Most Americans do not know the difference - and have this idea - if someone; is a Muslim then it does not matter - if we kill a Muslim - because all Muslims are terrorists.

Never mind; there are billions of Muslims in the world - we beg and buy our oil from Muslim countries foremost Saudi Arabia and that we cannot behave in the way we have in the past, the present, and the future - without discerning.

We must learn to fight our wars at home.

Our infrastructure is pathetic, our health programs lagging, our education faltering, our Elders suffering, our economy stagnated, and we can go on - but, it would be better - if we changed our leadership, did not listen much to the Main Media, and took control of our destiny and country.

America is not a Super Power any more - no Nation has survived and lived to brag that it is a Super Power based on killing and warring - no Nation.

There have been a couple of Nations that have brought about PEACE and this fact; the world remembers - PEACE brings about - progress and fosters - civility.

Come August2, 2011 - a decision must be made on our debt ceiling. If we raise it a bit - we can get back on track. If we fail and target the benefits that so many, hard working, decent Americans deserve - we will fail and our failure - will be drastic.

So far; we have encouraged spending for our Defense Industry without any caps - we have done the same - funding certain clandestine operations without any checks and balances.

We have failed to serve those that need our help and bit the hand that fed us the First People - the Native Americans.

Our Presidents pride themselves falsely in being a Super Power.

This Nation, that is a Republic and a Democracy - has failed to cater to its own citizens and failed in recent times to acknowledge and foster the wisdom and pride - stated in Our Constitution.

Most people do not know that our Founding Fathers - learned much from the Six Nations and the Iroquois Nation - language incorporated from these First People - that practiced Democracy for thousands of years. The Long Cabin - the women elders that were in charge - the many good things we could have learned.

Instead we have chosen warring. Stealing from the First People, biting the hand that fed us - feeling good by honoring ourselves with the title Super Power - when in reality we are not.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The First People of the United States of America

The First People of the United States of America are called the Native Americans.

Indigenous people the world over must fully understand - that the First People of America, the United States of America are suffering and in many cases treated like second class citizens.

For example the United States government has signed treaties with many Native American Tribes, in some case they have kept the treaties but in the majority of the cases - they have not.

If the United States government recognizes a tribe -then they are put on a Federal Register and get benefits.

If the tribe in not recognized they are not put on a Federal Register - and treated worst then second class citizens.

It is only recently that the United States gave some tacit acknowledgment to the Native Americans who I will refer to as the First People - I prefer that term - at a United Nations Indigenous Treaty Convention.

The United States has NOT apologized for all the atrocities committed upon the First People for well over three hundred - years. Much as it has not apologized to the people of Hawaii and many of the Pacific Island people that it controls and ruled badly often with very adverse impacts. The Bikini Island and Guam come to mind.

The governments of Australia recently apologized to the Aboriginals and the government of Canada were first to apologize to the First Nations.

An apology is the first start - more because the First People were here for thousands of years - then came the strangers and mess all things up. We suffer the consequences to this day.

America known to First People as Turtle Island - has many resources and the Great Spirit the one that knows everything, watches everything, and is still watching - led the First People to a better place for thousands of years.

Many tribes - the HOPI tribe for example came to a place of deep understanding and knowledge. The Shamans revealed much before certain adverse happening came to pass - even today, they have wisdom and concrete knowledge what will come to pass. Much as the Mayan and other highly advanced cultures - barring the so called Western Culture that has failed.

As with other indigenous tribes all over the world the First People of the United States of America were close to Mother Earth and practiced sustainable principles for thousands of years.

Had other people done the same - there would be no need for being concerned about the Carbon foot print and other factors such as climate change.

Recent studies speak of about 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide that is going to impact the Earth and trigger Climate Change - as most of us; in the know - know about and can do little about.

The pollution of the Earth is triggered by " homo sapience" - the human kind - supposedly intelligent but foolish enough to waste, take more then he should take, and act like a fool.

Here is the United States of America blatant LIES are told, linked to the environment - these LIES are repeated so many times that people begin to state them as facts.

Here in the Bay Area and San Francisco - vast wet lands that helped the eco-system for thousands of years were filled with garbage and other fill; such as construction material from homes that were demolished and other inferior material.

Initially, much of it polluted until the Environmental Protect Agency - laid some rules in the late 1970s. It took the laws until the early 1980s to be implemented.

It is the same with the Carbon Foot Print about which much is made about.

Here in San Francisco some entities will tell you that we have rolled back our Carbon Foot Print to 1999 levels. But, that is not true - today in San Francisco in certain areas; a combined total of over 200,000 tons of Methane Gas spews into the air - annually.

These is mostly from areas that are former Department of Defense bases, other large areas that were wet lands but were filled in with inferior material - causing bio-masses to break down and release Methane Gas.

One ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide that affects our Carbon Foot Print. So, today in San Francisco we are worse off then before.

Add to that dangerous particulates, Asbestos friables, radiological elements at very high levels, and we have a mess.

It is the same in all the areas where indigenous people took care of the land. Then came the White Man and polluted everything.

Today, using fancy terms as Carbon Foot Print, Sustainable Practices, Conservation - he wants to tell us something - which means - nothing at all.

Those that polluted our Earth, killed the Buffalo in the millions, cut down the giant Redwood trees in the thousands, fished by using nets that kill young fish, strip mined, commit other atrocities that are unspeakable - such people must first change their lives - they first need a total - spiritual change - of mind, body, and spirit. That is if they comprehend what I am saying.

Mother Earth will always recover and heal.

We must not think too much about Mother Earth - when most of us human beings did not think about her - when we should have and when the indigenous people were leading us to do right.

The evil ones used their might to kill and subdue. Take what was not their by illegal wars, theft, and usurping the powers and jurisdiction of those entities and people that were in place for thousands of years.

Some adore the Magna Carta but there were civilizations much more important and much more civilized then the so called Western Civilization that was primitive. When other civilization reigned supreme most people in Europe lived like barbarians.

The first sailors that landed in Japan for example did not bathe - stunk to high heaven, and were shocked how clean, neat, well mannered, and civilized the Japanese were.

It may surprise the ignorant to know that the Chinese were powerful for the last 1800 years - only to find others calling themselves powerful in the last 300 years.

Some Nations vying for the title of Superpower in the last 100 years have caused harm to many. It is not at all relevant but what is important - is that the indigenous people kept most of our Earth pristine for thousands of years and it just 300 years - human beings of today - screwed it all up. Go figure!

The Earth has been in existence for millions of human years - we can go into the details but it will not help - what I want to state clearly in this article and the link to the First People of America - the United States of America.

Trade, Economics, the survival of people on this Earth is all about power and greed.

The United States have made a trade agreement with Mexico in the South and Canada in the North - and these trade deals have not worked.

We tried making some trade deals with China - and China keeps dumping inferior goods on the United States and more has control of billions of dollars of our U.S. Treasury Bonds. The balance is out sided.

Our Federal Reserve Bank in the United States in a private bank and has got nothing to go with the Government - the U.S. Government. The real value of the U.S. dollar is about 4 cents.

Come August 2, 2011 the U.S. Government must decide to raise the debt ceiling.

If it does; there will be some small time to recoup - we have a large deficit and it keeps growing in the trillions of dollars in the United States. The entire U.S. economy will be adversely impacted. We see daily for the last two weeks with Wall Street and the spiraling Stock Market.

The Banks that were bailed out making rules of their own - that impact innocent customers - and so on and so forth.

Greece is bankrupt and the entire European Market is worried. It will impact the U.S. Market. a

The world in shrinking and so every little place on this Earth is affected. Some, treaties are good but most are bad.

Mostly, the people in power - dictate the terms - and then those in real power control the circumstances.

The people in the majority and poor are left out.

The indigenous people all over the world - disrespected. We must stand for what is right and use cyber space, the internet, our spiritual strength, the wisdom and knowledge of our culture and tradition - to reveal the hidden agenda - of those that sign treaties to cater to their own selfish - needs and aspirations. Aho.

Film, Music, Song, the Spoken Word and Action.


I have lived long enough to have participated and witnessed the powerful talents prevailing among the Polynesian Community when it comes to film, music, song, dancing, the spoken word and action.

In the Polynesian tradition the best comes out when there is a dialog, unique to the indigenous Polynesian - the talking Matia and the Singing Matia comes to mind - the talent in the field of singing, the spoken word, music, dancing, fruit and flower arrangement, costumes - have impressed many audiences the world over.

Here is the Bay Area and San Francisco is particular - many attempts have been made to give opportunities to our youth and with success.

Many years ago I was instrumental to plant the seed linked to the Aloha Festival at the Presidio of San Francisco. I was also instrumental in forming All Islanders Gather As One (AIGA1) in San Francisco. And there is more.

The talent we have in the Bay Area - is something we all are proud of.

I remember once I had this thought of introducing our Haka Dance to a United Nation's Conference held at the University of San Francisco. The delegates were impressed by the dance and a tone was set. Throughout the day the delegates could not get over the intensity of the Hake Dance.

Now, true the Maori dance it best at home, danced by the Maori warriors well renowned; with much intensity and valor - but, our youth given opportunity can use the Haka as a rallying call and set the tone at many occasions - and they do.

It is the same with the Spoken Word and I am proud of one young man Andrew Vai that I admire. He makes it a point to speak on topics that embrace the world and reveals injustices and other pertinent topics - to make a difference.

We all know about Polynesian dancing - second to none among the many indigenous dances. The grace, the harmony, the calmness can take anyone to a better - place.

I have incorporated dancing, music, the spoken word to set the tone at many meetings with great success.

Here is the Bay Area we have a big enough Polynesian population to figure out what is best.

At Balboa High School - once we performed dances from all the Islands - complete with costumes and the unique mode of dancing. Each and every time we held these dances - it was a pleasure to watch but also to see first hand the richness of the entire Pacific Region. From New Zealand to Cook Islands all the way to Hawaii.

In recent times we have had Polynesian artists come and display their paintings and contemporary art - including film at the De Young Museum here in San Francisco. The De Young Museum is proud to have a big Polynesian Exhibit - good enough to be visited and admired by many who love art, the artifacts, tradition, cultures and the many values connected to the Polynesian way of living.

We have also witnessed talent in the film industry from many Polynesian Film Makers.

We look forward to many documentaries more in the region of adverse impacts on the many islands, atrocities that have been committed on human beings by dictatorial regimes.

Blatant disregard of Mother Earth when it comes to raping the land of its natural resources - linked to greed and money.

There is nothing more revealing, unfolding, impressive then a good film, a documentary that show it all with pictures, sound, a great story, short and to the point may be - that affects the senses and spurs one to action.

Trade can be good but it also can have adverse impacts.

So, can tourism - if one is not careful to take care of the pristine and stop pollution, wear and tear, and other mundane stuff to interfere with Mother Nature for the worst.

A gathering can bring the best of any indigenous people - at any upcoming Summit - and other meetings this Summer - must challenge especially Polynesian Youth - to come forward and share the love.


Francisco Da Costa

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Moana Nui Summit and input from around the Earth


One excellent way to get input to any Summit is to have unofficial groups in every country - who are allied to the Moana Nui Summit to meet and focus on a couple of main issues or factors that they feel will contribute to the Moana Nui Summit.

There are many topics to choose from Trade, the Economy, Jobs, Health, Transportation, Health, Environmental Issue, Culture, Tradition, Spirituality, Sports, Contribution of Polynesians worldwide in other areas and so on.

The topics can be chosen by some facilitators or left to the local or national group to discuss, formulate and submit.

Normally, people meet at the Summits and however well it is organized - there is no time to have in dept discussion on any topic.

However, it is possible for the various groups to meet - contribute in detail on one or two topics - and also prepare a "gist" of what they have to announce - a one page clarion call to all Polynesians and be proud that they have contributed to any Summit - in this case the Moana Nui Summit - that is if this method is used.

Trade for example means different things to different Polynesian Islands.

One may not get to comprehend these issues if one Key Note Speaker or even two speak on the topic. But, if you give an opportunity to all the Polynesians from - all the Pacific Islands, that can be reached - some comprehensive document can be sent to the organizers.

An easy way is to contact the Universities for example - in California; we could try University of California Los Angeles in the South and U.C. Berkeley in Northern California - allowing these Universities to reach out to other Polynesians experts and supporters.

If this method is used in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, other countries, other States in the United States - we can delve into the issues facing the Polynesians when it comes to Trade, Jobs, Health, Education, Immigration, Business Opportunities, and so on and so forth.

Health is an important factor facing many Polynesians.

It is linked to many factors - fast food, change in life style, climate, lack of exercise, lack of access to hospitals and clinics, preventive care measures -and so on and so forth. This topic is one that most would love to give their input.

Housing is another - the difference between living in State and Public Housing and making it into the general public - has always been one discussion that no one wants to discuss - and if it discussed - it is discussed superficially.

With education; participating and contributing to the various Nations where immigrants have migrated - but, also at home where one can languish in poverty or rise up and seek upward mobility to make a difference. Education has its place but do we have to offer or suggest in this realm?

The role of the Churches - and if the Churches have moved with the time and understand the plight of the poor? Is it all about money or is it about a better understanding be it spirituality and good living? Contributing as good Christians or any other faith - with sound principles, a good understanding of the faith, theology, ethics, morality, and so on.

If we know a way to help our people, if we know a method that works and addresses Quality of Life issues, if we are caring and compassionate - this Moana Nui Summit should contribute something in whatever small or greater measure; to bring solace, understanding, unity to all those that love anything - Polynesian and the loving people and compassionate people that they are.

We are still in June and the reports can begin now and be completed by end of September, 2011.

October 15, 2011 the latest. They have to be complied; some University can lend a helping hand, but this has to be done quickly.

There is only so much that can be done online and in cyber space.

Conference calls within an area can speed things up - some.

It should not be difficult to try something that has worked before.

I say this because I have observed and see time and again - those that really should contribute their thoughts, their experiences, are left out. Women and youth play an important role - but, if we really do not hear their voices and experiences there is a void.

Mothers at home with children have much to say - but, no one contact them. Even, if a few mothers contribute from every Nation or place of interest - a huge difference will have been made. Empirical data collected - and referenced - for a long, long, time.

Blue collar workers, our Polynesian women men in the Armed Forces, our workers in government all over the world who are Polynesian - have a voice.

You will be surprised if for example some contact in made and the Polynesian Marines in the United States Army are contacted.

The information they provide - will be invaluable. Most Marines in the U.S. Army - keep in contact with one another - active and retired and are an immense source of pertinent - information to the islands - be it safety and security operations, trade, transportation and logistics, health and emergency operations and services, communication and media and so on.

There is nothing like trying - it has to begin somewhere - and here is my clarion call - my observation and working for the Polynesian Community for over thirty five years.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Health, Safety, Education - in SF and Quality of Life Issues.


The San Francisco Budget and Finance is headed by Carmen Chu who represents District 4 and is a paper pusher and one that is deeply tied to corrupt forces and especially Big Developers.

Anointed by Mayor Gavin Newsom, to replace Ed Jew; who was removed from office - Carmen Chu is an opportunist and does NOT serve the better interest of San Francisco and it diligent and astute constituents.

Today, at the Budget Hearing I was present and did not stay for a prolong period - because I saw the tone of the deliberation early on.

I knew that if I stayed longer - I would have to call a spade a spade and what I would have said would be emotionally challenging to an inept, drab, shallow person - Carmen Chu - who is the Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee.

In the last two years health, safety, education, transportation, and a host of other factors and elements linked to Quality of Life issues in San Francisco have long gone - down the drain; and into the cesspool that has been created by some inept so called Representatives - who deem themselves - Supervisors and represent the Eleven districts that we have in San Francisco.

The present deficit to hit San Francisco is not as large as was predicted about $350 million.

Our hospitality industry, very large conventions, our small businesses that pay a hefty tax, our property tax payers - all have contributed to a stalling a rampant deficit and and severe adverse impacts.

But, all the same - we do have a deficit and we have to be very careful about the future of our great City of San Francisco.

We have fast training heading in our direction that deals with unfunded expenses - tied to benefits such as pensions - and this drain could crash and adversely impact many of of so called well planned projects and goals.

In the last five years our Safety in all our District without exception has gone up with crime.

Most of the crimes are theft, assaults, home and car break ins, the elderly and the disabled are being preyed upon. The authorities in charge - say they are doing some - but, what we really see happening on the streets is another.

At today's Budget and Finance plans are adrift not to have new classes or recruits linked to the San Francisco Police Department and its Police Academy.

Many of the present SF Police Department - the higher ranking ones make good money. They will make more money when they retire especially those that have years of service.

Doubling dipping and other ploys and machinations that were know but the authorities that be permitted to go on - now, will come to haunt the City. These mostly favor the SF Fire Department and the SF Police Department.

The large pensions and the benefits must be doled out - the numbers are staggering and this money will curtail critical services to the constituents of San Francisco.

I have written some about Education before and about truancy - linked to our students. In the past the City and County of San Francisco has dipped into the General Fund and the Rainy Day Fund set aside for Education and helped our San Francisco Unified School District.

Some legal language is afoot that states if the City and County of San Francisco, itself - has a deficit of $100 million - then our City can longer dip into the Rainy Fund and carry out the process that we have done before. Saving the jobs of hundreds of teachers, helping thousands of students - and making do less; on the City's side and that includes critical services.

For years our City spent money that was set aside for the maintenance and upkeep of our roads.

Now, if have so many potholes and the infrastructure is so bad - that they is only one way out - issue Bonds - and if that measure goes on the ballot this November - the likely hood of the Bond Measure passing - is remote.

The constituents of San Francisco are simply fed up - with our SF Board of Supervisors - who always choose the easy way out and have no clue about deferred expenses.

The SF Supervisors, did this with SF General Hospital, they did this will our sewer and clean water infrastructure, and now they are doing it with the deferred maintenance linked with the actions of the Department of Public Works and our roads.

At today hearing there were some Health Workers - trying to convince the SF Board of Supervisors that people, mostly poor people are hurting. They pleaded as best they could but it all fell on deaf years.

It all depends on the Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee - and as I said Carmen Chu is inept but more has no compassion.

San Francisco has a budget greater then many countries of the world. We have a budget of over $6.8 billion - yes Billion. Some say $6.9 billion - whatever it is - it is in the billions.

We in the past did not have abject poverty in San Francisco.

However, in the last five years we have abject poverty and too many homeless on the streets adversely impacting our tourist industry, our tourist for sure, cannot comprehend this factor.

One factor that permits homelessness is the weather.

Many can survive of the streets because of the mild weather - sometimes it is cold but we get NO snow.

Chicago, New York, and many other cities on the East Coast would not permit the homeless - to survive on the streets for a prolonged period of time. The elements are severe and most of them would die as a consequence.

November 2011 - our Mayoral Elections will be held in San Francisco and there are many candidates vying for the seat of Mayor.

Among them the City Attorney Dennis Herrera and David Chu who is no relative of Carmen Chu - but, just like her is a paper pusher and egoistic. Time will tell.

The Mayoral Elections will be held for sure - but this time - no one will be able to fool the constituents. No one can fool - all the people - all the time.

We the people know who really listens and serves the people and who does not.

The poor and those in need should get HEALTH services in SF.


San Francisco is one of the richest cities in the world.

We have a budget of over $6.9 billion, yes, BILLION with a capital B.

Yet, we have the very poor that go to bed hungry, we have homeless folks increasingly sleep on the streets and under the bushes, and we have serious problems with our poor, disabled, AIDS victims, the elderly - getting health services.

Go to the San Francisco Health Hospital on any given day in the Emergency Room and witness the pathetic conditions linked to intake.

The room where the suffering patients have to wait, observe how the patients are treated - and find out for yourselves - if what I say is true or not.

Then make a trip to say Saint Mary's, Kaiser Hospital, and Saint Francis and see for yourself - the difference.

The San Francisco General Hospital - at one time had some standard no more.

I said they have a budget of 1 Billion plus - so, it is not about the money - it is about the willingness to serve and the mentality prevalent among Upper Management - who do not give a damn about the poor and those that need help - most.

One person that messed up things at SF General Hospital was Dr. Mitch Katz. He is no longer there but the consequences of his actions - live today and adverse affect - thousands.

The new Director has not got a grip on things. History is there for all to read, comment, and act - but, some one must read it. Some one must have the ability to discern and do something - now.

It does not help that we have a paper pusher, cold and calculated politician Supervisor in Carmen Chu who is the Chair of the Budget Committee.

I will appear before the Budget Committee soon - and will voice my opinion, complete with empirical data - on SFGOVTV 26 or 78 - which ever channel - carries the message.

Every single year - come budget time - hundreds must come to Room 250 at City Hall in San Francisco to testify. They have to wait for hours to speak for two or one minute. That is how the San Francisco Supervisors and the SF Clerk of the Board - treat the people the constituents.

The testimony is horrific, the service provided to those that need it most - the basic and poor, those that need help but keep suffering. Longing for the day - year after year - for services to improve.

What makes this trip to the hospital traumatic are the long lines, the long wait, the poor service and the nonchalant manner is which human beings are being - treated.

If you visit the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) - the animals are treated better in San Francisco.

The reason is simple - we are a compassionate people but now our compassion is more towards animals - and less towards poor and indigent human beings. Why?

It does not help when our San Francisco Supervisors are immune to feeling with their heart, are cold, hear but to not pay attention, talk when people are giving testimony, and thinking all will be well with their careers. To hell with those that come to testify and have to be heard. Such a prevalent attitude that we advocates have been monitoring for many years - has now reached saturation point.

We need a candidate to run for Mayor who is independent.

A Mayoral candidate that is connected to the baggage that the DEMOCRATIC MACHINE has been pushing a corrupt agenda and a crooked slate - for years.

The times are changing and we need to open the windows, clean the cobwebs, sanitize the entire place, bring in a vision with short and long time goals - and make things - happen.

Those candidates that have joined the Mayoral Race - better have an attitude to serve the people - more be educated on issues.

Judging from what I see - David Chiu and Dennis Herrera do NOT meet the standard and are there to better themselves and their pockets. The will NOT serve the people.

We need a candidate that has proven track record.

No one can initiate Gang Injunctions and think for a moment that he has done well - when the results were detrimental to thousands.

We don not want a Mayor who deprives - astute constituents - from speaking at Public Comment and giving them one or two minutes. What is this idiot going to say to us - when he does not want to hear from us, now - in the first place.

The other inept candidates - are there using Ranked Choice Voting - to divide the votes and backed by ulterior, devious consultants most of whom work for Big Developers. This time we will expose them, reveal the facts in detail, and the voters will be able to choose the right - candidate.

At this time - the purpose of this article - is to help those that need help most with health care. I know we can do better - time is running out.

In San Francisco - we can do better and do it with class.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Do SF Board of Supervisors truly represent San Franciscans.


There has never been a group of San Francisco Supervisors so remotely disconnected from the constituents of San Francisco then the present San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

What is more - many of them are fake - and leading the group the Representatives from District 2, 3, 4, 8, and 10.

These are the same Supervisors that have taken an oath to serve the constituents but prefer to fill their campaign coffers - raking it in from Big Developers.

It is fun to watch these inept SF Board of Supervisors -more; when we can watch them on Television at home and see how they vote.

Most of their votes are directly linked to Big Developers and how much they contribute to their campaign - kitty. There is too much pussyfooting going around. Time to call out the slackers and those that pander to the corrupt.

On another level and just to focus on one District.

District 10 has some serious problems and crime is on the increase. It will be hectic, now that Summer is here and we have not seen much from the District 10 Supervisor except that she loves to grin. Summer jobs are in short demand - and excuses are made - dime a dozen.

The Potrero Hill has a newspaper and there was an article praising Sophie Maxwell and her relationship to the Supervisor from District 10.

We, all know about these relationships and the backers of these relationship. The local folks that backed the Ranked Choice Voting and how the votes were directed to the worst - candidates. The result of course is a blend - product.

Thousands are leaving District 10 - many evicted from Public Housing and more because they have no jobs. No one can go hungry for days on end and all this in San Francisco - one of the richest cities in the world.

On Hunters Point and on Parcel A there is no movement. The daily reports that we get on Asbestos readings - show how polluted the area is. But, not a word from the District 10 Supervisor.

She, however loves posting some drab photographs of some Polynesian dancing - not even labeling it correctly - all to pander to a small group in the Visitation Valley. Dancing is good - but, what about Quality of Life issues that are lacking - where ever you go.

We, the constituents of San Francisco must get a report - as to what is happening on Parcel A.

Lennar is dead - so when is the funeral?

There are back room deals to use Parcel A as a Land Banking - ploy, is this correct? Where is the District 10 Supervisor with here grin and her coach Sophie Maxwell on this one?

Recently we had the shooting of a well known football player David Henderson - aka Doom.

His record pointed in one direction, leading to the National Foot League. This young man was shot May 26 and recently his mother chose to remove her son from life support. Tomorrow is the wake and the following day his funeral.

Not a word about this young man from our District 10 Supervisor.

Who ever is advising her as far as Public Relations is concerned better do a good job. And all that coming from a person, this Supervisor who has a degree in Public Policy. Just goes to show you - how shallow some folks that enter politics can be.

I was on Third Street on Sunday for a hour or so. The Arts Commission seems to want to put on a show - but there were not too many people from the community. A lot of folks from other Districts and a lot of political canvassing going on.

We have a slew of candidates for Mayor and one is Dennis Herrera. He lives at Dog Patch which is in District 10.

This is the same guy who chose to take on the community and declare the 33,000 null and void. The ballot were certified by the Director of Election - but when it came to put the measure on the Ballot - Dennis Herrera deemed it fit to play his famous card. Today, this man is backed by Sophie Maxwell - he will never be Mayor.

That Ballot would have called out SF Redevelopment and all its ploys and machinations. But, SF Redevelopment is DEAD - its funding soon will come to a dead - halt.

Dennis Herrera who with the blessing of Sophie Maxwell and Gavin Newsom initiated the Gang Injunction that has divided the community.

Grandmothers wait to see their grand sons and sometimes other relatives and cannot. The gang injunction -brought about by drab polices that do not work - adversely impacted thousands. No good Mayor would side with Gang Injunctions that have NOT worked anywhere.

The demographics of District 10 have changed drastically - with Asians in the majority, followed by Latinos, the Whites, Blacks and folks like Native Americans adding to the diversity of District 10.

Do all of them get heard? Not by the reporting done to me - who is this District 10 Supervisor many ask ? Does she have a open door policy? No one knows where she lives - some say Executive Park but others say some where else!

Sophie Maxwell is on the America's Cup committee - she has a report in the Potrero Hill newspaper article; that she loves sailing. Wow! That hull better is strong and intact - some bottoms up could cause a catastrophe of monumental - proportions. Some sailor she!

District 10 is wide and big and has some serious problems need attention.

It is easy to make promises but difficult to keep them - and I do not pander to anyone - especially to those who are supported by devious characters - among them the usual suspects who have made their abode in Room 250 at City Hall.

Nefarious activities by evil forces in and around the Pacific Islands

Nefarious activities by evil forces in and around the Pacific Islands

It has been some years now that some countries have used the Pacific Islands to conduct their nefarious activities. Terrorists.

The layperson is slow to comprehend the ploys and machinations by these "cells" well known by the Intelligence Community. These "cells" are seeking safe havens where they can blend with the community and work for those that pay their keep.

We saw this clearly with Timor and the bully Nation that again and again killed, maimed, and tried to destroy what was good. Nefarious activities impact a larger area.

Today, Timor is independent but not after having suffered the consequences and now we see the same happening on other Islands where the people cannot defend themselves and are at the mercy of countries such as Indonesia. This time seasoned terrorist are being sheltered and conducting raids and hurting innocent people that have nothing to do with the "terrorists" per se - but, are used by a rogue Nation - to harm Christians.

There are many ways to check this out; and if one can gather the information - it should be sent to an International body such as the United Nations. Instructions could be given to send the information to other entities that can check out and inform others of such nefarious activities.

The better the documentation the faster the results. Social networking can work miracles and no one entity should assume that they cannot bring about change. I have tried it again and again and have won - big time.

We must not be silent while "terrorists" - more fanatics; who are NOT accepted by any civilized nation - try to make in roads and settle " in cognito " in countries and are used to adversely innocent people in some of the Islands - innocent people who cannot defend themselves.

No where in Islam the religion of the Muslims - does it call to kill innocent people, take money to create disorder, or hide like cowards to bomb, kill, and create havoc.

Those who think and act as terrorist and use the Koran - the holy book of the Muslims - to purport that they can carry out such deadly and nefarious activities are far from the TRUTH - they are liars and cowards.

If Christians were commanded to do the same using the Bible that too would be demeaning and uncalled for. Most of the civilized world gets it - but not Iran, Syria, Indonesia, and a very few countries that have despots and think that some god is talking to them -daily.

This serious issue is now becoming a common thread - terrorist are seeking refuge in places where as I said they can blend. Some Nations are permitting them to carry out such activities - because the Nations themselves have a hidden agenda.

The Islands have many Christians - and if a Nation wants to stand for being Muslim - they have no right to kill, rape, maim, and destroy what the Christians have by their own right. What is abhorring is kidnapping children who are Christians and selling them as slaves. All this in the year 2011.

Seen is another light the United States and President George W. Bush Jr. entered a war in Iraq and Afghanistan for all the wrong reasons.

When light was shed - many intelligent folks saw the folly. However, since then - the United States and its allies are too deep in this mess. Now this mess and the connection to fanatics has spread all over the world.

We saw what happened to India in the city of Bombai. We read and see what is happening all over the world. However, for this mess to spread to the Islands is something that must be nipped in the bud. That is why - without wasting time any Nation that supports "terrorists" must be called out.

Again no sound religion be it Christian, Muslim, Jainism, Hinduism and so on - calls for the killing, raping, bombing, maiming, and so on of innocent people.

Worse using "terrorists" and demeaning polys to undermine another religion and its people in the name of God. This is utter nonsense that the terrorists must be called out.

Most terrorist are cowards - that is why when they encounter the "drones" and get a dose of their own medication they are at a loss of words.

Well, fire must be fought with fire - and this is true where the terrorist - germinate - in their own countries. This virus must not spread to decent countries.

And there is also another form of invasion, subtle but all the same an invasion. China is flexing its muscle, power has gone to its head, it thinks it is a Super Power but does not - it is not respected in the International World - not as long as it has NOT won any respect.

China is well know for producing inferior products and dumping them all over the world. Using terrorism in "cyber space" and denying the attacks - every time they are got with their hand in the cookie jar. Invading countries by building "soccer stadiums" then raping the resources as they have done all over Africa.

In the Pacific Rim - China is flexing its muscle - prying into the affair of those Nations that must stand at bay. Japan and South Korea can stand up to China and so can the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization - allies. Time will tell.

Any International Meet that addresses the concerns of the Pacific Islands and the areas around it - must have on its agenda the consequences of War - at every level - the sacrifices of Island people and the consequences of the impeding - terrorist and invasion.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Pacific Islands - the Signs of the times.

Most of us who are somebody and caring for this Earth; those that have traveled have met the indigenous people of the Pacific Islands and have been won over by their warmth, hospitality, and all round goodness.

For thousands of years the Polynesians have shared their culture and traditions among the Islands. Travelling for thousands of miles using the stars, the shade of the deep ocean water, the landmarks that they noted in their own way, and the many other lost techniques that came to be lost with conquests - local and colonial.

Indigenous people are spiritually strong, so strong that the strangers feared them and fear them today. In my travels I have encountered the shamans and I have spoken to the Elders - those that should have followed the traditions but chose to follow the ways of the strangers.

In recent years many young Polynesians, mostly students have woken up from their slumber - some willingly but most unwillingly. Their DNA tells them clearly that they can excel and given the opportunities have. The problem is that some want to keep them down, domesticate them and treat them like slaves.

In recent times we have seen belligerent attacks on innocent Pacific Islanders and one Nation comes to mind - Rapa Nui. The world has been silent and even the United States and President Barrack Hussein Obama who visited Chile could have brought out the topic - but chose to be diplomatic. Not so when, be it from another Nation but Polynesian all the same - Samoa and its constituents shed their blood and have been killed in number far out numbering that killed linked to any State in the United States.

We all know that the Pacific Islands played an important role during World War II. We Americans, those that participated and are still alive have fond memories of the Pacific Islanders. Not so the United States Government who have consciously chosen not to address the follies of Bikini Islands with the Atomic Bomb experiments. The adverse impacts on other Pacific Islands too many to enumerate.

The time has come to recognize the worthiness of the tradition and spirituality of the Polynesian people. There are Shamans today that are powerful and Elders, Mathais that have preserved the tradition and more. In yester years; there were the warriors who with their cries could make one's hair curl and and send fright into the very bones of the invaders. We get a glimpse of the Maori Warriors but know well there were others; far more capable in war and other activities linked with survival.

International meetings opine, and those that suggest far fetched plans must be checked. The indigenous people must be in the cockpit at the table - not those that suggest and take you for a ride - for reasons best known to themselves and egoistic. I have been reading the comments and listening to some that fully comprehend the issues at hand, are indigenous - the time has come to act.

World governments are at a loss for words and do not know what is in store at the corner. The economy here in the United States is faltering, Greece is bleeding, and many other countries - the so called poor countries have no one to lend them a hand.

The blessings of the Pacific Islands have been the pristine resources that those with power have stolen, reaped and paid little for it, even failed to pay the locals the right minimum wage as have the fruit canning and fish canning industries.

The many Pacific Islands have been polluted with waste and the bombardment of fast food restaurants and other mundane habits that have; continue to adversely impact the people of the islands that we generally speak so well of - but fail to respect them. Aho.