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Monday, October 31, 2016


Sitting Bull - this one singular Chief -
united the Chiefs of the Plains -
you uttered his name - and sent shills down the
spines of the " place faces " and those who
feared to encounter him and the warriors he led - in battle.

Life is for the living - not the living dead.

Today for all practically purposes of understanding and meaningful comprehension - of  the real and factual  and needed - " situation " - we lack leaders - who are educated on issues and can make a big difference.

The issues at hand -  be it the Dakota Access Pipeline - the "greed" of the " palefaces " - depriving those that must receive the benefits - the stolen Indian Trust Funds - in the Billions.

The many on going deceptions coming from the politicians -  Sitting Bull and his deep followers - would do - what they felt strongly in their heart - and deal with the issues - without wasting any time.

His name " Tatanka-Iyotanka " - translated  - " Sitting Bull " is known today - as it was yesterday - all over this Earth.

In the year 1872 the whole incident  - I am about to describe - is spelled out for all the world to read and know. Much like the present Dakota Access Pipeline - fiasco.

The North Pacific Railroad was being built in 1872 - the Sioux Tribe clashed with the United States Army - in an attempt to block the construction of the Northern Pacific Railroad - on land that was theirs - the Lakota Sioux land.

Chief Sitting Bull approached the United States Army -  strolling in defiance - joined by his warriors - sat down and lit his tobacco pipe and passed it around.

No one at that time - saw anything like this happen - and yet the scene was unfolding for those times - and times as we have seen today. We have no faith - and of course if you have NO faith - how can you have HOPE.

All the while the U.S. Army taking pot shots at the warriors and Chief Sitting Bull - none of the bullets hit anyone - while all heard and saw the bullets - whizzing by them all.

Upon finishing this act of defiance - Chief Sitting Bull cleaned his pipe and left  with his ardent warriors - oblivious to the gunfire around him and his warriors.

Such open defiance and acts of bravery were bestowed on a few - Chief Sitting Bull but also another great warrior Geronimo.

Chief Sitting Bull united the tribes and other smaller tribes joined him in the pursuit of  " true freedom ".

The United States soldiers and so called Government entities the likes of the Bureau of Land Management - shuddered when they heard his name.

Chief Sitting Bull was bestowed with the unique and singular  title - of " Wichita Wakan ".

Only those that are spiritual know the power of such individuals - they do not fear any entity - and they do not submit to any mundane power.

 Not the U.S. Government, the Christian Church - or any dubious entity not worth the salt.

Chief Sitting Bull -
given the title of " Wichita Wakan ".

We are living in very difficult times - and we cannot have leaders and spokespersons - who are NOT educated on issues. 

Leaders who are not " spiritual " - and more who do not care for their people. Those who do not have their heart in the right place - cause more harm than good.

Stop pussyfooting with politicians - charlatans - and with " informers " who speak with a " forked tongue " - be slow to part with knowledge - that should be earned.

People say that " Chief Sitting Bull " had something to do with the victory over the U.S. Army in 1872 - the Seventh Calvary and Lt. COL George A. Custer's  - shameful defeat.

Obliterating the over 200 U.S. soldiers and defeating George A. Custer - sending shills all over the Nation and more the U.S. Army.

Chief Sitting Bull had the power of " vision " - given to a select few - unknown to many - the battle of Little Bighorn was led by by Chief Sitting Bull's nephew White Bull and the Ogala Lakota warrior Crazy Horse.

Chief Sitting Bull -
a man of wisdom, great fortitude, and untold tenacity.

We need him today - more than ever - to stem the 
foolishness, unite the people - and deliver the enemy 
a scathing defeat - without touching them -
time to bring in the Center of Disease Control -
the days of the paleface are over - it is written everywhere.

After the battle of Little Bighorn - the U.S. Army strengthened their efforts - all recorded - put immense pressure - and forced Chief Sitting Bull to head north to Canada - with his followers.

The Tribes were scattered without a " stellar and fierce leader more spiritual ". 

Today's Reservations - affectionately called REZ - are the footprints - that leave tell tales of those sordid events - that today most fail to comprehend and less understand. 

What befell the Sioux next was starvation - and Chief Sitting Bull pleaded with Queen Victoria - he called her " Grandmother " for help.

Chief Sitting Bull and his people returned in July, 1881 -  back from Canada and surrendered to the American Authorities - for the sake of this people.

Chief Sitting Bull spent two years in jail - and then was assigned to the Standing Rock Agency - which remained his home for the rest of his life.

Chief Sitting Bull was hired by William " Buffalo Bill " Cody - and performed his famous " Wild West" show -  for $50 a week - traveling from place to place.

Chief Sitting Bull signed author graphs for $2 and in the end was fed up of this life - saying " the wigwam is a better place for the red man " or words to this affect.

Around 1889 many reservations were honored by the "Ghost Dance " - that brought HOPE to the Native American Tribes - those that led these " spiritual dance ".

Spoke of a messiah who would bury the white man's world under a layer of soil and return the Indians to their old ways. 

Monument - Standing Rock

Chief Two Bears

Chief Running Antelope

Today there is a lot of " noise " - and less of " silence " - less of the true heart beat - that reveals - to those that are cleansed - what this Earth - really means.

The Earth will heal - Mother Earth - can take the abuse - and the silly ones - will learn the lesson the hard way.

Today government - be it on any level - lacks spirituality - and therein lies the crux of the problem - deceit, lying, cheating - how can the ones that stole the land - be trusted.

You cannot sit down with the " devil " - and dream of making - peace and bring about solutions.

The PLAINS must be left untouched - for therein lies the Buffalo - hence the words " Tatanka Oyate " the people and the Buffalo must sync - and this lesson has been repeated before - many time before.

Where are leaders - who can go to the front lines - and defy the very evil " enemy " - with touching them.

When you are strong- spiritually strong - you do not have to say anything. When you are strong - you can neutralize many force - however - evil.

Take your clue from Chief Sitting Bull - be humble - protect your people - have wisdom - do not fear - reserve and preserve our resources.

 Be independent - do not waste you life with alcohol and other drugs - and defy the norm of our ancestors  - do not disrespect Mother Earth and be the scourge of the Earth.

The Muwekma Ohlone

This is Ohlone land - and here in San Francisco and the extended Bay Area - many Tribes from the plains were sent forcefully - in the 1950s and later - the sister to Los Angeles the Bother to San Francisco.

 A sister to Portland, Oregon,  - a Bother to Oakland, California - the families divided and many died a slow death.

This genocide must be investigated - and those agencies and entities behind these atrocities - exposed - this is the right time.
More because it took place on Turtle Island - and these crime were committed with intent to do harm.

United States Attorney - Loretta Lynch

Shame on the United States Government - and more the Department of Justice - and U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch.

For the last 35 years I have been helping the Native American Indians from the plains - and many of them confide in me.

 More those that joined the United States Army - and have yet to be treated well - earning the honorable discharge - and yet not receiving their benefits.

The Dakota Access Pipeline must be STOPPED.

If we all are united - we can shut down the shopping sales - weeks before Christmas and teach the " greed" a lesson - all over the United States. Time is on our side.

This is our moment Brown and Black - we can do it - and we must do it.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

Here in San Francisco - where the politicians - come to the fore - with resolutions and what have you - they, have FAILED to protect our Shell Mounds - and respect the OHLONE -  they are all worthless - and must NOT be trusted - at all.

Tribal Chair Rosemary Cambra -
Francisco Da Costa - have addressed 
the SF Board of Supervisors - 
tons of talk - no action - you all are put on notice.

All over the United States - nothing good will happen - unless there is an " apology " for all the wrongs done to all of the Native Americans - from Turtle Island - all these many years.

From the time Christopher Columbus a pirate, a murderer, a scoundrel, a good for nothing piece of shit - landed on the Eastern shores of Turtle Island. 

Those who believe Christopher Columbus was something - must get a brain transplant - the history has been documented - and it all there to read and more comprehend.

The time to apologize - for all the atrocities committed to Native Americans - has long passed - and we are still awaiting - and our patience has reached - saturation point.

Canada has done it - and so has Australia - our President Barack Hussein Obama - has a golden opportunity to do something - but is acting like a jerk.

More - a House Negro - this Dakota Access Pipeline crap - is just that - it must NOT - happen.

Do we have a Chief Sitting Bull present amongst us?

Let us not stray aside - by just vain talk - and not truly supporting those that are laying their lives - on the front lines. 

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone here in San Francisco - and support the Lakota Sioux land and Tribes - and other connections - to bring this victory - home.

Not a whimper from Senator Dianne Feinstein, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

 Other spineless and inept so called Representative that you call continue to Vote for - send them packing where they belong - hell. Aho.

Sunday, October 30, 2016


The Buffalo are revered by the Native Americans -
while those that cannot respect anything -
who are blind - and less lack - spirituality -
fail to see the harm they are doing to Mother Earth.

You must know your history - for they say history repeats itself.

If you have no clue about your past - it will be difficult for you -
to see your future - clearly.

You must have your heart in the right place - because if you do - you will be able to shed light - where there is abject darkness.

If you follow the ways of those that worship " greed " - you will fail - for those that worship " greed ' have no fortitude and less spirituality. No good comes from them - they are - worthless.

Read the history of the Tatanka Oyate Native American Nations  -
and you will quickly find out - how the United States government - to this day - does not treat the Native Americans - in this case the Native Americans from the plains - the Lakota Sioux Tribes - wth respect.

The Great Spirit is watching you my Sisters and Brothers - and I know what I speak off - the day is coming when the Great Spirit will deal - with those that mess with you all - with a very heavy hand. Aho.

The following decisions that are mentioned in this one article and there is more - you must start somewhere and the sooner you do it the better. You must be educated on issues to stand your ground:

The United States government is famous for creating so called treaties - purporting to place something on the table - but always having ulterior motives.

Working behind the scenes with the Bureau of Land Management, the Department of Interior, the National Park Service, the Corps of Engineers - these diabolical entities - have no respect for themselves - so how can the respect, anyone - expect NO good - coming from these diabolical - entities.

Again and again in the United States it is about land. Mother land was given to cared for - not to be stolen and abused - contaminated - and all was pristine - is now - polluted.

Once called Turtle Island - some 3, 717, 812. 08 square miles - today having a population of about 320 million - China, India, have a population of over one billion - and there are many other smaller nations - with a population of over 400 million.

Many of these Nations have less land - and less resources - we have all the land - and all the resources - but the prevail factor - that mess it all - is GREED.

The Great Spirit deemed it fit - that those who cared for Mother Earth - would take little from the Earth.

 Not waste much - and always keep the Earth pristine - keep the Earth for our future generation - who could embrace - their valuable and holistic - prosperity.

Then came the strangers and named Turtle Island - America.

Who names some entity - some place - that already has a name?

All hell broke loose.

Demonic and evil - with greed embedded in their DNA -  this so called " devil people " - have now decided to fight the Native Americans - and think that we will sit down - and abide by their sordid - decisions.

Indigenous people are patient - but today the clarion call - has gone world wide - to all indigenous people - rally behind the Native Americans Tribes in their hundreds - linked to this issue - the Dakota Access Pipeline - that will contaminate and pollute the - precious drinking - water.

For starters the land was stolen - and there is NOT one legal document that is valid today - that clearly demarcates that the route chosen by the Dakota Access Pipeline owners - meets the smelt test.

As I have stated before - this " Dakota Access Pipeline " is really not needed.

Today the United States produces more petroleum than we need - and for our future - we need to focus on less pollution and contamination - less particulates, mercury, lead - and other elements - that keep neutralizing the OZONE - layer.

Petroleum emissions are bad - and indigenous people all over the world know that - and the automobile industry using petroleum - may have served some purpose - but most of it for the worse.

Those that do not care for Mother cannot be convinced to do right.  One can try - and we have tried for centuries.

 It seems the "devil" and "evil " is embedded in the DNA of those that stole the land, raped the women, took the children to brain wash them - and committed untold - atrocities - the " pale faces ".

Today - President Barack Hussein Obama -
could have done more -
he has chosen to favor the developers -
who are behind the Dakota Access Pipeline.
He will go down - as a House Negro that was no good.

The United States Attorney General -
has been pussyfooting around -
she needs to send a team to STOP -
the crooks using attack dogs to attack the protestors -
para-military police - armed machine guns -
shooting and intimidating - those that are not armed.
She will go down in history - as having no back bone - mostly 
pussyfooting around - talking the talk but failing to walk the walk.

The above two House Negroes should be ashamed of themselves.

The above two House Negroes should at least know that thousands of Black slaves that escaped - were protected by the Native Americans.

Many Black are deep indebted - and many still African Americans - now called Blacks - still are proud of the Native American heritage and blood - and more the hospitality afforded - their lives spared - now living and proof of the favor granted in year long gone - but never - forgotten.

Let not these strangers in the 2016 - try to divide us - this land - all of it belongs to the Native Americans.

The land was stolen, the women raped, the children taken and brain washed - the mess we have today - is rooted in " greed " - and greed will beget - " greed ".

Brown and Black must stand united - united with our Native American Sisters and Brothers - and then only - can we turn this mess - around. Aho.

This is a clarion call to the United States Government -  STOP -
this Dakota Access Pipeline. Stop dragging all citizens of the United States - into this mess - STOP this project in its tracks - now.

Our God given  duty today - is to STOP the contamination and pollution of the watershed, the rivers, the lakes - and the entire - environment - all over this Nation - once called Turtle Island - not only in the plains where the " devil " - is busy polluting and contaminating - Mother Earth.

The precious natural drinking water - is God's gift to us.

The  "crude oil " - is just that - dirty that must be filtered and for every one gallon obtained - hundreds of gallons of water are contaminated - in the process.

This same water - contaminated is then pumped back into the ground - what type of madness is this?

Those seeking this crude oil - are so greedy - that they think less and have no idea that  polluting the land,  the air,  and the water - where the Native Americans and the Buffalo have lived for thousands of years - the Tatanka Oyate - matters. Their reality check - will be delivered slow and determinedly - by the Great Spirit.

October 28, 2016 the Buffalo came from nowhere - in the thousands - and baffled the " greedy ".

The armed  " pale faces " - clearly show this unique sign from the Great Spirit.

This is a clear message to the United States Government - which is a Corporation of sorts - much like the Mafia.

Stop messing with the indigenous people of the land - the least you thieves can do - is stay put.  Aho.

Saturday, October 29, 2016



The Native Americans have been very patient -
this one final sign - when thousands of Buffalo
appeared from no where - is a sign to the 
"devil " - be gone - or you will suffer the consequences -
diseases not seen that will affect only those - who are greedy.

The United States of American and our President - a House Negro - who could have done something - but chooses to side with the prospectors - who want to build this pipe-line - that can pollute the drinking water - but more - cause - " divisiveness ".

This land belong to the Native Americans - here in the United Staes of America - the government has failed to apologize to the Native Americans - for all the atrocities committed.

The United States government - has a proven track record - scalping Native Americans, raping women, taking children to boarding schools, stealing the land, breaking the treaties - and disrespecting Native American symbols -  desecrating Sacred Sites and more.

The " greed strangers " who landed here - from elsewhere - are immigrants.

Most -  from day one - have not learned to respect the host nations - the thousands of Native American tribes - that have had it with the strangers - greedy bastards - that want all they see - everything.

Today in the year 2016 - thousands of Native Americans are treated with disdain in their own land - and other are NOT put on the Federal Register - only some scum bag government - acts in this manner.

This oil pipe-line is not wanted.

We are on the verge of a " bubble burst ".

A bubble burst - a thousand times worse - than the 2008 economic spiraling of the economy.

Yet - these scoundrels - defy norms - again and again - desecrated Native American Sacred Sites - these acts cry to heaven for justice:

I have sat down with the Elders - and had long discourses - and all that we see today - where mentioned - in the discourses.

The Chiefs from the many Tribes - have spoken - many have given up their spirit - fed up - with the actions of the United States government.

The Dakota Access Pipeline - affects the people - the Takanka Oyate people - the people who for thousands of years - preserved and protected Mother Earth - not the scum bags - who today want to contaminate, pollute, and leave nothing much for future - generations.

The least the United States government can do - is respect the Native Americans.

This is their land - and they maintain it for thousands of years - in less than 400 years - the corrupt and the greedy - have ruined this land - Turtle Island.

The least the United States Government - that is corrupt - can do is respect the sign - from Mother Earth - even the Sacred Buffalo has spoken - may be for the last time.

Thousands of Buffalo appeared from no where - and when those protesting saw the Buffalo they responded with shouts of joy - their hearts filled with hope:

The Buffalo is a Sacred animal - of course those that are not spiritual  - " greedy bastards " - will wake up from their slumber.

Diseases never seen before - will take them down - and the economy that we see today - will spiral - worse that what happened during the depression - and a thousands times worse - that 2008.

Sometimes we pray for a sign - we all knew that the Great Spirit was one our side - I wrote a couple of articles - I have been involved in protests - but always - avoid - putting innocent  human beings - in harms way.

The United States Government - provokes the innocent people - using para-military forces. Attack dogs, and creating loud noises - as if experimenting - when you fall prey to diseases - and die a slow death - no one entity - no one power will come to your aid.

The thousands who gathered to protect the " drinking water " on land that belongs to the Lakota Sioux and other Native American Tribes  - has long been disputed  -  the crooks - who sign treaties - and then with a "  forked tongue " - break the treaties - much like a snake that cannot be trusted.

The map above is one of many - that gives the reader
some idea of what is happening - those in the region. 
For thousands of years - the owners known what belongs to them. 
If you are Native American - you respect Mother Earth -
not so those with forked tongues - those that imitate the snake.

There is an alternate route that can be taken - the Dakota Access Pipeline - those that are behind this plot - this " evil project " - want to defy the Native Americans.

 More those that have patrimonial jurisdiction - over all Lakota Sioux land. Land where the Buffalo roamed - freely.

Native Americans now at a crossroads - and we must join them all - Brown and Black people - others of good faith.

More - to show our United States Government - that having attacked foreign lands - without justification - Libya,  Iraq,  Syria,  Afghanistan and more.

 Having taken the foreign Nations down the drain - we have a 30 trillion debt.

 What else is there to learn - from those that continue to bring about harm - on millions of innocent people - in Libya, in Iraq, in Syria, in Afghanistan - all over the world.

I played a role in Desert Shield / Storm - and know first hand about war - and the unfortunate things that happen to human beings - including our soldiers women and men who are suffering to this day.


We in the United States have put so much faith in our corrupt Government - that is acting more like the Mafia.

The United States is  much like a Corporation - you pay to play.

Can you imagine if Hillary Clinton get into the White House what will happen?

Can you imagine if Donald Trump - with his loud mouth - if this idiot gets into the White House - what will happen?

Can you imagine the confusion most young adults have when it comes to our politicians?

Can you imagine the trauma and suffering caused all over the Nation - among our Sisters and Bothers - our beloved - Native Americans - that I feel comfortable calling the - First People.

The Muwekma Ohlone
the First People of San Francisco.

In San Francisco the Muwekma Ohlone support our Sisters and Brothers - our Elders from all the Nations bordering the Dakota Access Pipeline - on Lakota Sioux land and beyond.

We stand together with you all - and have been in many ways - all these many months.

We must stand tall and represent -  more we must stand and fight for our rights.

Shame on you - President Barack Hussein Obama -
you talk the talk - have failed to walk the walk.

Loretta Lynch - the U.S. Attorney General -
immediately - you are mandated to send -
a team to investigate the Racial Discrimination -
meted-out to the " Tatanka Oyate "  people -
send a strong message to the para-military force -
to have failed abroad that they must not 
harm their own people - we  who pay the taxes -
cowards to intimate the innocent with attack dogs -
cowards who stand their ground armed with arms and ammunition - war weapons that will bring their down fall.

 The Great Spirit has sent a signal - and the sign is clear - when the Buffalo came out in the thousands - as a show of support.

 There can be no other greater, sign -  more spiritual,  clearer and more nourishing than drinking water,  most significant. 

Take away clean drinking water - the life of all nourishment - and most everything goes away. For the corrupt not to understand this one singular fact - point to how devious they are - in their thinking and more in their - sordid, actions.

I know what I speak off.  Aho.