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Sunday, September 30, 2018


Brett Kavanough -
at the Senate Hearing.

Brett Kavanaugh -
he created his own cesspool -
and now has to dealing with his own drowning.

The entire Nation is in an " uproar " -  in these days of tribalism - Brett Kavanaugh could have helped to bring the Nation together - he choose to side with - Donald Trump - had long meetings -behind close doors - and brought about his own down fall.

Brett Kavanaugh at age 53 - should have known better - but, this was NOT possible - because much as he tried to keep a straight face - he was suffering from " qualms of a wicked conscience ". The many demons that he tried to suppress - had to surface -  and when they did - the man himself - implode.

Educated at Yale University  - Yale School of Law with a JD - Counsel to the President - George W. Bush, and as an Associate Counsel and then as an Assistant to the President and Staff Secretary - to President George W. Bush - before being appointed by George W. Bush as a judge to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit Court.

Brett Kavanaugh -
has held many positions -
he failed to learn in all these years -
lying is not good - and lying has brought 
about his downfall.

Brett Kavanaugh has had many years - to better himself - however, in al the years he has acted as a Judge - he has failed to make himself a better man.

We must not pooh pooh the many diabolical actions he committed with his good friend from his fraternity - Mark Judge and others. Judge Brett Judge kept a calendar - and reading the calendar -makes interesting reading. He dabbles with heavy drinking - leading to many sordid actions. 

One of these action lead Brett Kavanauhg to violate Dr Ford - who was only 15 years.

I said she was only 15 years - and being 15 years - does not mean - that trauma cannot leave a deep impression - more etched deeply - trauma that can be suppressed.

Dr. Ford a psychologist - Judge Kavanough -
college mates - an inter-action -
Judge Brett Kavanought violated Dr Ford -
she was 15 years - he a little older 17 years - wild.

Let us not for a moment - think this incident did not happen - with Brett Kavanaugh - making statements - that are NOT - true. Brett has demons that will haunt him for the rest of his life. 

How about another woman friend of Brett Kavanaugh - Lynne Brookes - revealing to us - how Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge - saw one of his male companions and another woman go into  a room.

Only for Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge to follow the young man and the woman - into this room and invaded their privacy.

This one incident for me says a lot - this man will stoop so low - that he should not be a judge - we seem to think - that what he did when he was a young man - has nothing to do - and that he should be given a second - chance. 

What made Judge Brett Kavanaugh -
lose his cool - freak out - 
 get so "angry " - he blew it -
he knows - he is wrong - could not hide 
the dark cloud - over his head - consuming his entire being.

Again and again when asked a question by some Senators - Brett Kavanaugh - skirted the question. Then when pressed he would ask the Senator - the same question - and this and more revealed much more - about this man - who is very arrogant.

We must remember that this uproar - that, much is made about - is not some case -held in the Court of Law - be it a civil, criminal, corporate, military - Court of Law.

Brett Kavanaugh chose to be a candidate - for the Supreme Court - a Life Long position - as stated in our Constitution - and here is Brett Kavanaugh - acting like a Brat.

The man is a disgrace to women - often he side stepped the question - and stated how he had so many women friends.

The many women friends that have vouched for him - these facts all may be true - there is more to this story - there is more light to be shed - in many areas - where there is abject darkness.

The facts remain - many of his women friends  from his college days - speak Truth to Power. They are very courageous women and must be commended.

There are too many cases of Brett  Kavanaugh - who was found drunk and out of control. 

The witnesses - his college women friends - stating his profanity for drinking too much alcohol  -  getting out of control.

We men must stand in unity - shoulder to shoulder to support - women who have been sexually violated.

These cowards - who are men without any decency, less morals, having no standards -  even here in San Francisco - are given a pass. 

The time has come to addressed this hidden plague - men who prey on women - and laugh all the way to the bank.

The many women - from his college days - have been very frank with their comments - compelling facts that can be proved today - as other too - in the same room witnessed the same happenings - that are now bothering us all - who have standards, morals, follow ethics and have a conscience.

We must NOT down play - these women who so courageously - have put their best foot forward - after pondering for long - before deciding - that they had more to loose - and less to gain.

After all the empirical data shows - one in three women today get sexually violated at some point in their life. One in six meant and this data - is astounding and shocking - and we must do something about this rampant problem on a War Footing.

Brett Kavanaugh is shady - and he must not be appointed to the Supreme Court.


Brett Kavanough

President Donald Trump -
shares some time with the 
Brett Kavanaugh family -
and we must be sensitive to his wife 
and children - who are now brought in this mess.

Friday, September 28, 2018


This is San Francisco - not Manhattan -
the congestion, the homelessness, the 
pollution and contamination - lack of
Quality of Life issues all over San Francisco.

Once again some powerful " greedy " bastards have used their sordid influence - " GREED "  - to destroy the good we have in San Francisco - compromising Quality of Life issues.

More - to influence our SF City Planning, other City Departments - these nefarious entities - for sure do not have the best interests of San Franciscans - in particular - and humanity in general. Billions of dollars are funneled - this nonsense is worse than the Mafia - right here in San Francisco.

It is simply wrong at this time to continue to build thousands of units on land - that is contaminated and polluted. These developers the likes of Forest City, Lennar Urban, 5 Points Holdings LLP., Webcor, Obayashi - other so called Primes one worse than the other.

Forums, including the just concluded Conference held in San Francisco - on Climate Change  - boasted that Health Issues come first.

What do we see daily - the increase in our Carbon Footing - the increase in pollution and contamination - congestion - an increase in homelessness - and no one in authority seems to give a damn.

More and more in San Francisco - the empirical data shows our infants, children, youth, young adults, Seniors.

Those with compromised health - more our mentally and physically challenged - suffer from chronic respiratory diseases, tumors, heart problems - and an entire host of ailments and diseases - never seen in such large numbers.

We have the Millennium Building sinking 22 inches and titling 17 inches Northwest. 

The San Francisco Transbay Terminal -
compromised with inferior standards -
steel beams leaving cracks -
and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

We have learned in the last few days - cracks on critical steel beams - on a over priced  SF Transbay Terminal - to which SalesForce - has lent its name - for all the wrong reasons.

What  a crying shame - hundreds of millions - spent beyond the original price - for the Transbay Center and now the project compromised. According to reliable sources over $2.6 billion - plus. Who is handling this money - and where is the transparency and accountability.

It was the same with the Central Subway Project - started with $600 million and now is past over $1.5 Billion - all tax payers money.  Why this waste of tax payers money ? Who are the players - the pimps and whores - who have access to the money - tax payers money - and why do we not charge them ?

The missionaries - the soldiers - the
Ohlone - mural at the Chapel -
Presidio of San Francisco.

This is Ohlone Land that was pristine for thousands of years.

The Muwekma Ohlone have lived in this area we call San Francisco - the adjoining area - surrounded, by Shell Mounds - Sacred Burial grounds.

The newly arrived " strangers  " - all came from across the Ocean Blue - they all chose to demolish to build their concrete jungle - that we see today.

What was pristine has became a toxic, contaminated - ground - today we have a population of 830,000.

The towers that stand tall -
but will fall low -
even as we expect the Big One -
expected to visit us before 20 years.

Things got worse - when Edwin Mah Lee -
was the Mayor and it will get even worse -
because the worse type of crooks -
control things behind the scene -
the wine, dine, and frolic - these corrupt entities -
political whores and pimps - do not give a damn.

The last three Mayors Gavin Newsom, Edwin Mah Lee, and the present jackass - London Breed - one worse than the other.

Our skyline has changed - and is a far cry from the early 1970s.

Today - the skyscrapers remind us of Manhattan - and we San Franciscans - have been trapped by Big Developers - who have invited the worst type of congestion, harmful particulates, pollution and contamination - mercury, lead, asbestos particulates and more - destroying health living as we new in some decades - ago.

It is a given that the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - last frontier has been invaded by Rogue Developers - the likes of Lennar Urban - aka 5 Points Holdings LLP - same snake -different head. Other Primes that all work in collusion. 

Time will tell. 

No one should be living at Candlestick Point - and for sure at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Depleted Uranium was first tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

That entire area has been plagued with chronic respiratory diseases - heart problems - women giving birth to still born babies, tumors one of a kind - and the list goes on.

Human and humanity call for LIFE - and this City and County of San Francisco has become a City of DEATH.

Today - anyway you look at it - the land is contaminated such as Hunters Point Naval Shipyard -  and the surrounding area -  will require billions of dollars, more - to bring about some baseline - abatement.

In past years -  International Technologies (IT) and following them Tetra Tech - have spent millions - together over 900 million - with nothing much to show.

 Other smaller sub-contractors and Primes - have dipped into the millions - with nothing much to show.

This is the attitude 
this jackass has always exhibited -
the former " thug " Mayor of San Francisco -
Willie L. Brown Jr.

What is important to note - the politicians - Willie L Brown Jr., Gavin Newsom, Edwin Mah Lee, Sophina Maxwell, Malia Cohen, Shamann Walton - hundreds of minions Dwayne Jones, Linda Richardson, Veronica Hunnicutt, Doris Vincent, 
Toye Moses, Young Community Developers, Girls 2000, BayCat - heads of Departments - foremost our City Administrator Naomi Kelly - has not said much - on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - she has a 10 year job - and makes over $350,000 with benefits. 

These corrupt entities and individuals - use tax payers money - for their own personal benefit.

This nonsense has been going on for a long, long time. Most of the crooks deeply connected to Willie L. Brown Jr - who has minted billions.

He has assest in Hong Kong - linked to Casinos - he has assets in off shore accounts - he has access to million here in San Francisco - and no one can follow the money - because Willie L. Brown Jr., - knows best how to cover his trail. Time will tell.

Jose Cisneros, Carmen Chu, Kathy Tang, London Breed, Malia Cohen, Valerie Brown -  others too - are puppets who have BLOOD on their hands - all involved with corruption.

We have done the heavy lifting - and provided on leading SF City Department with all the evidence we can provide.

Remember - these are professional " thugs " - and getting information - and providing the salient and pertinent - to save our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our Seniors - in our only motive.

We must do - all in our power - to help those - that need help most.

Endeavor - to help those - more importantly - with compromised health - those mentally and physically challenged. God sees it all.

As I said - we have NO one worth the salt - to defend the Bayview Hunters Point - people want money up front - and the sellouts were given money - foremost the Poverty Pimp Pastors - who all were in favor - developing Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Today these scoundrels are silent - God sees it all - and most of them are already suffering here on Earth.

Millions of dollars - having been given to the sellouts - many of these Blacks and not from the Southeast Sector - and for sure not Bayview Hunters Point - they are outsiders.

Out siders - who will do the bidding of the corrupt - folks like London Breed, Malia Cohen, Joaquim Torres, others that I will mention - when it is appropriate.

Millions of dollars - all tax payers money - spent by those that do not have the best interest of San Franciscans - those that harm San Franciscans - will be dealt with - we are a Nation of laws - and must always - comprehend this - San Franciscans are fed up with the current rampant corruption of the highest order.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


The many Filipino families that immigrated
to San Francisco starting in the early 1920s
continue today - have contributed to the progress of 
San Francisco - and will not be treated with disdain.

It is criminal to notice the public to come to a meeting - and those in authority - treat the public as if they are " buffoons " .

The title above suits and fits well the San Francisco Board of Supervisors ( SF BOS ) and the San Francisco Planning Department.

These stupid appeals that come before the SF BOS are meant to circumvent the issues - sound housing, transportation, education, safety, health, childcare, open space, and a host of other Quality of Life issues - that are non-existent and less have NO standards that count.

Plans are afoot to build skyscrapers on land prone to liquefaction and severe flooding. 

The Millennium Building at 301 Mission.
Right in the Middle of the Financial District -
not far away from the Central - and
South of Market Area - an area prone to
severe liquefaction and flooding - the 
Millennium Building has sunk 22 inches -
one window cracked - what are we to say - more ?

Suffice to say the Millennium Building at 301 Mission - has sunk 22 inches and is tilting Northwest 17 inches - and the SF Planning, the SF Board of Supervisors, and the Department of Building Inspection - the former SF Mayors, the present Mayor - London Breed - continue to behave as did the past Mayor with abject - ignorance and arrogance. 

Land that has several areas that are known " hot spots " - infants, children, youth, young adults, Seniors - those with comprised health - more the mentally and physically challenged - are all seriously - adversely impacts.

Slowly dying and these jerks are making a mockery of the situation.

The " toxic hotspots "  register high level of mercury, lead, dangerous particulates - more PM 2.5 and these idiots who open their mouth and spew diatribe - think - they can fool all the people all the time.

Read a little to known, more - about the Filipino immigration - and their contribution to San Francisco - the Filipino indigenous people - embraced by the First People of San Francisco the Muwekma Ohlone :

The  empirical data points to the Central South of Market Area and the surrounding area - having high levels and cases - human beings suffering chronic respiratory problems, adults suffering from heart attacks - and slowly, dying.

What other proof do these idiots need to know and more to realize the folly of their evil - deed and actions. They have blood on their hands.

South of Market Community Action Network -
Kudos on the organizing -
bringing out the warriors - to speak Truth to Power.

Others suffering from cancer and tumors - and as human beings - we must focus on LIFE and not put innocent people in harms way - and encourage DEATH.

We would not act like fools - if our heart was in the right place - if we not adversely harm anyone - if only we had some empathy and more compassion.

Recently the Global Climate Action Summit took place in San Francisco - held September 12-14, 2018. 

Again and again the mantra that was heard - is that we have to put Health before Jobs.  Health before Jobs. Health before anything and that includes poor housing on contaminated land.

We San Franciscans demand -
that we protect the Filipino families -
that have been evicted several times - 
all over the City and County of San Francisco -
this time around - evictions will NOT happen -
we will shut down City Hall -  we have the numbers to do it.

In this case two projects the Central SOMA plan and the India Basin Mixed Use Project - both have a common denominator - pollution and the implementation to foster  high density - innocent people told to live - in conditions - that impact their health and bring about slow - death.

More community events could be held 
at community centers - 
today there are some - and if you want a bigger place -
accommodating hundreds - you pay more -
it is all about money  - less of Community Benefits.

The SF Planning Department with intent - incapable of producing empirical data.

SF Planning now - projects scenarios that have faulty models and less empirical data - putting innocent people in harms way. 

Fake Environmental Impact Report - studies -begging the question. 

No logic to the end conclusion - worth the salt.

I have read hundreds of Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) and Environmental Impact Studies - and have never, ever seen the utter disdain shown to the public - gather as was on September 25, 2018 at SF City Hall.

The EIR linked to Central - South of Market Area was explained in the most convoluted manner.  Go Figure.

Here is a SF Planning document that sheds light on the various immigrations into this area :

I am requesting John Rahaim the Director of the SF Planning - to arrange a meeting with the key entities - and of course the Filipino Community Leaders - who came in force - and did San Francisco - proud.

This is the last frontier as far as the Filipino community is concerned - and housing and other facilities can be built - going forward - build the homes, the facilities - child care facilities, recreation facilities, quality schools, clinics - in short - this is a golden opportunity to address Quality of Life issues - before any major development takes place.

As I stated very clearly at the meeting - held September 25, 2018 - I represent the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone. My name is Francisco Da Costa.

The Muwekma Ohlone embrace the indigenous Filipino Community -  and will NOT tolerate discrimination and utter disdain - adversely, impacting the Filipino Community and others who will fall  prey - to nefarious entities - the projected Central South of Market Area - now slated for development in a nonchalant - manner.

The plan  to build units - that do not have the guarantees that we have today - when we rent a unit - with the laws and controls protecting San Franciscans - is uncalled for.

Before we proceed in any shape and form - as decent human beings - we demand the ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - incorporate in the new language - linked to Land Use - in the Central South of Market Area - be throughly - evaluated -with full transparency and accountability.

Rent Control rules supreme in San Francisco.

We already are aware of how thousands of rent control units - were taken away - by the Academy of Art Institute and converted to dormitories. 

SF Planning John Rahaim is aware of this fiasco - which I and other fought for more than 19 years.

Concepts that are nefarious in nature - to the Central - South of Market Area - be removed.

The entire plan looked at - with sound empirical data - taking into consideration the trials and tribulations of the impact community.

The Filipino community and other decent stakeholders present at the table - given ample notice with information.

An agenda that is simple to read and more that can be comprehended by all in the language they understand. 

In this case the materials produced in the languages - as governed by the laws and regulation of this City and County of San Francisco.

I request this of John Rahaim and Lisa Chen - Senior Planner - to think seriously about empathy and compassion - the trials and tribulations of the Filipino Community - known to be kind and generous - having a good disposition - and always accommodating those that need help most.

Many of them fought for our Nation - many were promised citizenship and denied U.S. citizenship. We all know some about the famous Bataan Death March.

Read more about the Bataan Death March -  Filipino soldiers and American soldiers were marched - many were starved, beaten, and  met their death :

The Filipino Community unlike any other community - has contributed to the welfare and progress of San Francisco going back to the 1920s and earlier.

When I worked for Sixth U.S. Army it was my privilege to meet many Filipino soldiers - who served in the United States Army in the Pacific Rim - many promised U.S. Citizenship - promises NOT - delivered. I fought some - to restore the privileges promised - many died - and did not receive anything - some did but enjoyed the privilege - for U.S. Citizenship for but a few years. 

God sees it all - and we must do what is right - our heart in the right place.

Here is the presentation given by Lisa Chen :

It is ridiculous to talk about massive displacement and evictions - and have no plan to move those that have made the Central South of Market Area - their home.

Simply throw arrows in the air.

Who does the SF Planning Department think they are dealing with?

Of course Malia Cohen - the President of Board - carried herself yesterday - much as she normally does - no manners, less etiquette - an air-head - who should never, ever been in politics. 

Malia Cohen - cannot behave herself - and can less represent. As I say many times - she is a professional political whore.

Yesterday it was ridiculous to throw in a Special Order - Recognition of Commendations - Latinix History Month.

The presentations made without proper research - Supervisor Ahsha Safai - being corrected twice - two separated individuals - given kudos in areas - that they had nothing to do with.

Let us not mix things and created a mess -  a circus - in the midst of discussing issues that are life threatening - people fearing they will be displaced. Quality of Life Issues.

There was no mention providing housing first - you do not displace thousands - and then think of providing housing. It simply does not work like that.

The SF Board of Supervisors - the present set - are by large measure not respected.

The reason is simple - they cannot discern, are not educated on issues - and what must be noted - do not possess - simply and  required - " common sense ".

Each one of the SF Board of Supervisors -  must wear a dunce hat in future that many prevent them behaving like - clowns.

The many questions asked of the SF Planning was  moot - a waste of time - buffoonery of the highest order.

The very methodology uses to determine a project - as convoluted as the Central South of Market Area  - project itself  - was not taken seriously.

Many of us had to seat for 6 long hours - and watch the drab proceeding. Boring, Boring, Boring, Boring,  very Boring !

Many of those came - came to testify - many had disabilities - that the SF Board of Supervisors - do not consider - less care about.

You SF Supervisors -paid by us - our tax payers money - sit on chairs that are comfortable - some of you - swivel your chairs and your asses. 

The wooden benches - the tax payers who come to testify - are a pain in the ass.

The appellants on behalf of 5 entities - each having unique issues - further complicated the matter - when it came to public comment.

The facts presented on some critical issues - were clouded - and this and other facts - without a check list and has been vetted by the SF Planing Department - made things - worse.

San Franciscans are astute - many having two and three higher university degrees - a bunch of novices - from the SF Planning Department - were trying to hoodwink us and failed - miserably.

Many of them not mature - for sure so young not to have families of their own - which is the crux of the problem.

Steeped in life styles - where children do not matter - for sure not caring for their parents - three and four bed rooms - are out of the equation - as far as the novice SF Planner are concerned. 

Who do these novices have in mind - and who who they think they can boss around ?

Who are these people anyway - spiritually bankrupt, some immoral, most lacking empathy, for sure compassion - appearing to be steeped in - " pussy footing " charades of a kind.

What begs the question - how are families going to live in one and two bed rooms - when the units are treated like the -  "Couches available to crash ".

Human beings treated like chattel and all this and more - should shame those involved in such presentations and deliberations.

Presentations - brought before in Room 250 - at SF City Hall - the August Chambers - as if some buffoonery is pleasing to the people - the constituents, the tax payers, the citizens of the United States of America.  Despicable.

The tax payers and constituents gathered - already confused with the deliberations - the back and forth - many questions from the SF Supervisors.

The SF Planning Staff unprepared - seeking answers from their co-workers - some half-baked - other answers - as convoluted as can be.

This is a poor reflection on the City and County of San Francisco - and our City Departments - steeped in corruption.

Reflected on our roads congested, our tall building sinking, the SF Salesforce Transit Hub - closed.

Some steel beams - made in the United States - cracking - and all this and more - while the SF Board of Supervisors - and the novice SF Planning Department - making a fool of themselves - was hitting on iPhones and smart phones.

The questions deliberated and discussed with dry legalese - betraying the ignorance of the one - spewing hot air. 

It was a circus -  the SF Board of Supervisors, the SF Planning Department, and in this case - even the City Attorney Office - all did a very poor job. The all get a F-

The only saving grace - was a presentation - that had to be given - was delayed.

Then at the last moment - mentioned was made - Malia Cohen the President of the Board - appeared to be MCing - a parade of whores short on everything - right in the chambers - trying to win brownie points.

So - at last the presentation !

 Lisa Chen - the Senior SF Planner for San Francisco - came to the podium - and this astute woman - took the stand in the midst of all the confusion - and gave her presentation.

The atmosphere was charged - most people tired and fed up - after more than 5 hours.

 But since I am interested in SF Planning and all planning - I loved her presentation.

I asked Lisa Chen the Senior Citywide Planner for a copy of the presentation.

She said she could email me the presentation - I gave her my card - and when I reached home at 9 pm - she had sent the presentation.

Well, I have it and can review it and have several times - most cannot have the luxury of such assets.

The map too - that Mr  John Eberling put together - which I have for my perusal and private implementation - as and when needed. 

No planning - no authority - no immoral authority -  to make it clear - should be involved in divisiveness. 

We have Seniors living in tents - and paradoxically the South of Market Area and the Central South of of Market Area - inundated with congestion of the highest order.

Homelessness in all its aspects - the walk ways filthy - smelling of urine and people defecating on the streets of San Francisco. 

You must listen to the many now gathered - the Salesforce Convention of Sorts - the many guests - disgusted with what they  see and witness.

Most shocking the Opioids epidemic - shooting heroin - right in front of children and others vulnerable.

Such atrocities - not even seen in Third World countries - all this and more while Mayor London Breed - talks the talk and cannot walk the walk.

The other appeal linked to the India Basin Mixed-Use Project - was continued to October 2, 2018.

The project located at 700 and 900 Innes Avenue has long been know for being a landfill that is very contaminated.

The area part of the India Basin Open Space and the India Basin Shoreline Park - some make shift land - that once repaired small boats. 

The area is not meant to build four or five story buildings - but that is what is contemplated - by nefarious entities - always preying on marginalized folks - who are poor - and need a roof over their head.

The two locations - in very close proximity to the Estuary - sea level gazing at the locations - with tempting contemplation of future untimely - inundation of the highest order.

The two locations are heavily contaminated. Contaminated dirt from the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - was dumped in this area at one time.

Mikhail Brodsky the owner of Archimedes Banya SF is the appellant - on behalf of some entities who deem themselves environmentalists - they had gathered to speak - but as I said the matter was continued to October 2, 2018.

This phallic shaped Salesforce -
changes our skyline - and point to some direction -
this City and County of San Francisco is 
moving towards.

Director of SF Planning -
John Rahaim -
he has his work cut out for him -
when can we meet to parley ?

The shenanigans are many - more, when crooked Big Developers having access to millions - want to prey on those that work two and three jobs. The working - poor.

Many took time off work - only to be entertained by the the foolish SF Board of Supervisors - the circus clowns from the ill prepared SF Planning Department.

I wish a copy of the meeting is sent  - to former Directors SF Planning Mr. Dean Macris. Mr Green, other retired Senior Planers - do not send one to Baddner - the former Zoner Czar - - he is the worst.

Get back to me - perhaps just Lisa Chen, John Rahaim and I can sit for half an hour - and have a debriefing.

 Time is of essence - and the hearing - has opened many wounds - and this any more we can deliberate . 

God willing !